61 Best Side Hustles For Teenagers

61 Best Side Hustles For Teenagers

Are you actively looking for the best side hustles for teenagers or are you an excited parent, trying to teach your kids to embrace responsibilities and the significance of earning an income? 

Finding a job as a teenager can prove to be tedious sometimes. Employers hold back from hiring teens due to lack of experience and as a teen, trying to grapple with the adults for a job can be exhausting.

The jobs listed in this article are catered to teenagers with a variety of interests, so don’t fret if you’re looking at finding the perfect job for your child.

I’m here to tell you that it is possible to earn through all the best side hustles for teenagers and this article has 61 different jobs for you to try! 

Let’s get straight to it. 

Summary Of 61 Best Side Hustles For Teenagers

  1. Sell Old Clothes
  2. Sell Stock Photos
  3. Sell Handicrafts
  4. Sell Templates
  5. Sell Baked Goods
  6. Sell Makeup
  7. Sell Used Books
  8. Sell Print-On-Demand-T-Shirts
  9. Sell Stickers
  10. Sell Electronics/Old Gadgets
  11. Proofreader
  12. Writing
  13. Data Entry
  14. Blogging
  15. Virtual Assistant
  16. Social Media Manager
  17. Youtube
  18. Transcribe
  19. Translator
  20. Tutoring
  21. Do Homework For Other Kids
  22. Graphic Design
  23. Video Editing
  24. Pet Walking
  25. Pet Sitting
  26. Babysitting
  27. House Sitting
  28. Laundry Services
  29. Cleaning Services
  30. Yard Upkeep 
  31. Trainer
  32. Gardening
  33. Snow Service
  34. Christmas Tree Preparation
  35.  Take Care Of Elderlies
  36. Gold Caddy
  37. Lifeguard
  38. Referee
  39.  Music Lessons
  40. Event Organizer
  41.  Customer Service
  42. Complete Tasks On Amazon
  43.  Read Emails 
  44.  Complete Surveys
  45.  Dropshipping
  46.  Click On Ads
  47.  Human Billboard
  48.  Get Paid To Search On The Internet
  49.  Get Groceries
  50.  Upwork/Fiverr
  51.  Makeup Artist
  52.  Model
  53.  Photography
  54.  Bookscouter
  55.  Toluna 
  56.  Humanatics
  57.  Sweatcoin
  58.  Shopkicks
  59. Qmee
  60. Work In Retail 
  61.  Work In Restaurants

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61 Best Side Hustles For Teenagers

1. Sell Old Clothes

best side hustle for teens
The picture was taken from poshmark.com

Why are you still holding on to the “I LOVE BARNEY” t-shirt that you know you can’t fit into?

 Sell your old clothes online and make some extra cash. 

Gather all the clothes that are stuck at the bottom of your closet collecting dust and sort them according to their conditions. 

Clothes that are still in good shape without any signs of wear and tear can be sold on these platforms :

Check out this article for a guide on selling old clothes.

2. Sell Stock Photos

how to make extra money as a teenager
The picture was taken from shutterstock.com

Stock photos are pictures taken and edited by photographers. 

They’re then sold to stock photography sites like the one below for a fee. 

Here are the 21 best places to sell photos online!

3. Sell Handicrafts

One of the successful online best side hustles for teenagers is to sell handicrafts online. 

The demand for dainty things made by hand is only increasing as the handicrafts market managed to reach an astonishing value of USD 718 billion in 2020

Sites to sell handicrafts :

For further information on Etsy, here’s a guide on the 21 best things to sell on Etsy and 10 tips for a profitable side hustle selling handicrafts.

Also, here is a FREE Etsy Ebook that will share a list of best-selling products by month and teach you how to capitalize on seasonal trends to make sales.

how to make extra money as a teenager

4. Sell Templates

If you’re a stationery and planner enthusiast like me, then one of the good side hustles for teens is to sell templates! 

I’m always on the lookout for daily planner templates, meal prep templates, WordPress templates, etc. 

There are probably many of them like me out there. If you can design a template, try selling them on:

If you’re looking for a guide to selling printables on Etsy, check out this article.

Also, here is a FREE Etsy Ebook that will share a list of best-selling products by month and teach you how to capitalize on seasonal trends to make sales.

5. Sell Baked Goods

The power of social media should be utilized to the maximum when it comes to selling baked goods online. 

If you’re a talented baker and have received compliments over your baked goods, then start getting creative with social media for exposure.

Let people know you’re starting a baking business as a side hustle and let the orders flow in!

Here’s a guide on how to start a baking business online!

6. Sell Makeup

What better way to share your love for beauty products than to sell them so that others can benefit from the quality of these products? If you’ve got some makeup skills, show them on your social media to convince your audience why they should purchase the products you’re marketing. 

Here’s a list of 15 places to sell makeup online.

7. Sell Used Books

best side hustle for teens
The picture was taken from powells.com

You may be an avid reader, you may not be. 

Coming from an avid reader, you’re bound to develop an unhealthy attachment to your books, I know I do. With that said, I know I am no longer reading the same genre of books I used to read when I was 10. 

Sell your books online at these places below so that others can benefit from them :

Did you know you could get paid to read books? It is possible and here’s a detailed article on all the avenues you could do that!

8. Sell Print-On-Demand-T-Shirts

how to make extra money as a teenager
The picture was taken from printify.com

Got any cool designs up your sleeve that you can print on t-shirts? 

Custom T-shirts have always sold well. Anytime a brand launches a limited edition piece, it sells out in a blink of an eye. 

If you’re on the creative side, the come up with unique designs and engage with these platforms to make money off it :

To get started, here’s how you can start selling prints on Etsy. 

9. Sell Stickers

I’m typing this on a laptop that is covered with custom Harry Potter stickers. 

I wish I was kidding but I’m not. Stickers are still loved to this date and if you can create unique designs, or put your spin on existing characters, giving it a creative spark, this could be one of the best side hustles for teenagers for 15 year olds.

If you’d like further information on selling stickers, read these articles on selling stickers:

10. Sell Electronics/Old Gadgets

side jobs for teens
The picture was taken from itsworthmore.com

We’re constantly upgrading our electronics and gadgets to the latest model, how about selling those old ones for some extra cash? 

Here are some platforms to visit:

Here are the best places to sell your electronics and old gadgets!

11. Proofreader

side hustles for teenagers
The picture was taken from kibin.com

As a proofreader, you will need to identify grammatical and spelling errors, observe the format and punctuations of a text or article. 

Some freelance sites that offer this job are:

These articles below have all the information you need on proofreading:

Also, here is a FREE workshop that will teach you how to become an online proofreader!

12. Writing

Freelance writing can just be the side hustle for you if you have a way with words. You can write virtually about anything with freelance writing if you find the right clients. 

Check out these freelancing sites below to land a gig :

These articles below have all the information you need on freelance writing:

If you are having trouble knowing how to apply to freelance writing websites and how to come across as more experienced, so you can get paid higher.

I can recommend a super-duper freelance writing course I took, which helped me land 3 new clients in 3 weeks.


I spent ages googling FREE information and googling articles (like you are doing now). I needed to keep my costs down as I wasn’t being paid for my writing just yet.

But I got sick of reading conflicting or confusing information and took the freelance writing course. It taught me how to pitch to new clients and come across as experienced. Just look at this review:

WriteTo1k-Write-Your-Way-to-Your-First-1k-Elna Cain review

I also learned how to set up a freelance writing website, where to find jobs, and what to charge.

The Write to $1k course has a 30-day template you just need to follow to get to your first $1k from writing.

If you are ever going to invest in one writing course please let it be this one. It’s the most useful thing you can do if you want to know how to be a freelance writer with no experience.

There is no way you will finish the 30 days and not win a new client. Her training is THAT good. And I am not making this up, because I took the course myself.

13. Data Entry

A data entry job is one of the easy side hustles for teens as all you probably need is a good internet connection and basic Microsoft Excel skills. 

Your job scope would be receiving data from a source and having to input them into the computer system to be processed. 

These articles below have all the information you need on data-related jobs :

14. Blogging

You can make money from blogging through affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, ads, etc. Read through this article to see how much bloggers earn and be prepared to get your mind blown.

These articles below have all the information you need on blogging :

15. Virtual Assistant

Think you can handle doing all the admin work that an assistant does but remotely? Then give being a virtual assistant a shot for a side hustle.

These articles below have all the information you need on being a virtual assistant:

16. Social Media Manager

You shouldn’t be surprised that this job is on this list. Social media is taking over the world by storm and businesses are using social media now more than ever for marketing and promotion. 

If you’re already scrolling on your phone, switching back and forth through the different social media apps, might as well make some money out of it. 

Here’s a guide on how to become a freelance social media manager

17. Youtube

I mean, you know I have to include this side hustle idea in this list. Start a Youtube channel! The highest-paid Youtuber is a 9-year old kid from Texas, Ryan Kanji. Highest paid, meaning, he beat every celebrity and Youtube influencer. 

18. Transcribe

best side hustles for teenagers
The picture was taken from transcribeme.com

Got some stellar typing and sharp listening skills? Instead of wondering how to make good money as a teenager, get on freelancing or transcribing sites and start transcribing. 

A transcriber’s job is to convert any audio he or she is listening to into text. These sites offer a job for transcribers :

These articles below have all the information you need on being a transcriptionist:

19. Translator

Are you bilingual or a polyglot? Offer translation services at one of these 30 different places.

This article on how to become a freelance translator has all you need to know on how to excel as a translator. 

20. Tutoring

If you’re good at certain subjects, if not all the subjects, how about sharing the knowledge with others for a fee? 

You’ve spent your time mastering a subject, and now you can help and teach others to be able to do the same. 

These articles below have all the information you need on being a tutor:

21. Do Homework For Other Kids

side hustle jobs for teens
The picture was taken from essayshark.com

Do other kids turn to you for homework answers?

If the answer is yes, then this is how to hustle in high school. Instead of completing homework for free, turn them into paid services! 

Now as a parent, if you’re worried your child is going to start accepting money from other children for their homework, keep the worries at bay as these sites below are verified. 

No hanky panky funny dealing goes on these sites and all the work has a professional oversight. To the teenagers, have a word with your parents about this side hustle to avoid any conflict from arising. 

Write quality essays for others at one of these sites :

However, if you’re leaning towards other subjects like physics or math, check out these platforms to earn extra money doing homework online :

22. Graphic Design

One of the best side hustles for teenagers that are creative is graphic design.

If you have a way of expressing a message through designs, give graphic designing a shot as a side hustle. These sites offer graphic designing jobs for teens :

The courses below from Udemy can guide you on becoming an excellent graphic designer :

23. Video Editing

No specific college degree or certification is needed to be a freelance video editor. Are you the one your classmates turn to edit their presentation videos? 

Tune in to these platforms to land a freelance video editor gig :

The courses below from Udemy can guide you on how to upskill yourself as a video editor:

24. Pet Walking 

best side hustles for teenagers
The picture was taken from wagwalker.com

Want to increase your step count and earn money and be around animals at the same time? 

You know pet walking is one of the best side hustle for teens. 

What’s better than taking a walk at the park, dealing with animal tantrums, and being compensated in cash at the end of the day? 

Just kidding, there won’t be animal tantrums. 

Pet walking services are popular because pet owners simply can’t find the time to bring their animals out. If you’ve got extra time in your hands, then give this side hustle a shot. 

Pet walking apps :

Stewart, who runs a dog walking business, brings in about USD110,000 per year! You could turn this into a business in the future if you’d like to! Here’s a complete guide on how to be a dog walker.  

25. Pet Sitting

best side hustle for teens
The picture was taken from pawshake.com

Pet sitting is a one of the best side hustles for teenagers if you’re an animal lover. 

A pet sitter has to be first and foremost an animal lover, someone who cares about a pet’s wellbeing. Pet sitters across the USA make anywhere from USD 30,000 to USD 57,000 per year. 

Sounds like you? Then look at these pet sitting sites for job opportunities :

Want to know what it’s like being a pet sitter? Check out this article by Lauren Dunkle for a glimpse into the life of a petsitter. Here are some tips that parents can implement to help set up a pet sitting business for their kids!

26. Baby Sitting

best side hustles for teenagers
The picture was taken from bambinositter.com

The demand for babysitters has always been there. Here are some sites to look into if you enjoy the company of children :

27. House Sitting

side hustles for teenagers
The picture was taken from mindmyhouse.com

House sitters generally look over the homeowner’s house when he or she isn’t present. 

Some of the responsibilities are maintaining the upkeep of the house, keeping it tidy, light cleaning, looking after their pets, etc. Here’s a great article on house sitting in Christchurch for you to look into.

House sitting sites:

28. Laundry Services

how to make extra money as a teenager
The picture was taken from sudshare.com

This is one of the easiest best side hustles for teenagers.

If you’ve got a washing machine, can press and fold clothes neatly, try providing laundry services to those who’re too busy to get their laundry done. 

Laundry sites:

29. Cleaning Services

You can offer a variety of cleaning services for easy side hustles for teens. 

Cleaning services can comprise car washes, porch cleaning, or window washing. Print out a couple of flyers and drop them at the doors of your neighbors to get the word around about your new venture!

30. Yard Upkeep

The upkeep of a yard takes up more time than people admit.

 Start cleaning yards to make some extra cash. Post up your services on social media, tell your family and friends to get the word out there. 

You’d be surprised as to how many people find it a chore to mow the lawn and will be more than happy to pay a teenager for that service. 

31. Trainer

Are you an athlete? Or are you particularly skilled? Teach and train kids younger than you, your skill. If you’re good at soccer, then pass the word around to your family and friends that you’re now offering coaching services. 

32. Gardening

It is not easy to keep up with a garden, trust me I would know. 

I’ve managed to butcher every little greenery that I’ve touched. So if you’re blessed with green thumbs, then give gardening a go. 

Find out who cares for their plants, loves their fresh flowers blooming, and offer them the service of grooming those plants. Start with people you know and post on your little gardening side hustle all over social media to get the exposure. 

Here’s a useful article on turning landscaping into a side hustle.

33. Snow Service

If you live in an area where it snows heavily, why not clean up and shovel snow away for a price? I can only imagine the frustration of finding my car buried deep in snow when I’m off to work. 

If only there was a teen somewhere willing to clean it up for me. Go get the money kid. Here’s a guide on starting a snow-shoveling business!

34. Christmas Tree Preparation

Everyone gets excited when it comes to putting up Christmas trees. 

But when it comes to taking it down? You won’t see any hand up in the air volunteering to do so. This is why some trees only get taken down in February. 

Start telling people that you will help take down Christmas tree decorations and store them away for a price and you’ve got a neat side hustle for teens after the holidays. Want to know how to make money taking Christmas, read this article!

35. Take Care Of Elderlies

best side hustles for teenagers

Do you enjoy being around senior citizens? Perhaps you enjoy keeping them company or listening to the stories of the life they’ve lived. Regardless of the reason, you can make money taking care of elderlies

Just head on over to the nearest healthcare aid home or retirement home and ask for a job. Alternatively, here are 14 ways to get paid to talk to lonely people.

36. Golf Caddy

Head on over to the nearest golf club and scout for a golf caddy position to make some extra cash.

 You don’t have to work 40 hours a week to earn money, you will most likely be surrounded by influential or wealthy guests, and you’ll get plenty of exercise in doing this hustle for teens.

Here’s a great article on how much you can earn as a golf caddy.

37. Lifeguard

Are you good at swimming and want to earn extra cash? 

Try being a lifeguard

You will need to supervise to ensure everyone within the pool follows the rules to ensure a smooth sailing swimming session. 

38. Referee

Try being a sports referee if you’ve got a sharp eye, quick feet, and an unbiased judgment.

The world of sports officiating does not get much attention. However, without referees or umpires, you can’t get much going on, can you?

 There would be no one to point out the faults or calm the situation. 

Join any sports club that interests you as a referee as this is one of the best side hustle ideas for teens. It’s fun and you get to earn cash, win-win!

39. Music Lessons

side hustles for teenagers

Are you particularly good at music? Do you play the guitar like Prince or do your fingers glide effortlessly on the piano keys like Mitsuko Uchida

Being able to play an instrument is a gift that should not be taken for granted. Use this gift and give music lessons to anyone eager to learn. If you’re unsure how much to charge for music lessons, this is a great guide for you to get started on. 

40. Event Organizer

The word “event manager” sounds a little much when it comes to teenagers but that doesn’t mean you can’t play your role by making sure an event runs smoothly. 

You can assist the adults in organizing events, some paperwork, contribute ideas and games that could take place in an event, etc. 

Start by assisting other parents to organize the birthday party of their children.

 Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, all you need is one review from an amazingly organized party for you to get started in this side hustle jobs for teens.

41. Customer Service

If you’re a chatterbox and you like helping people, try out customer service! 

It is an easy way to earn extra money with one of the teens’ easiest online side hustles. All you need is a good internet connection and a strong spirit and you’ll ace this. 

Customer service job sites :

42. Complete Tasks On Amazon

best side hustles for teenagers
The picture was taken from mturk.com

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing marketplace where you can complete simple tasks to earn money. The tasks include taking surveys, translating content, answering questions, etc. 

You do need to be at least 18 years old to participate in this. 

For further information on jobs with Amazon, have a look at these articles:

43. Read Emails

Sounds bonkers, doesn’t it? How can you get paid for reading emails?

You can though. Here’s a detailed article on how to get paid to read emails.

44. Complete Surveys

Collecting data is crucial in the decision-making process of any business. Surveys are often carried out to gather data and here are 18 different places to get paid taking surveys online

45. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is the process of selling products directly from a supplier to customers without the need for inventory.

 It’s one of the most interesting best side hustles for teenagers to start with. 

As a teen, you probably don’t have the finance to buy and stock up an inventory, learn how to drop ship for a decent side income. 

46. Click On Ads

best side hustles for teenagers

There’s something for everyone on the internet these days. 

You can sit in the comfort of your homes and get paid to click unlimited ads. Now, I’m not saying you will be earning USD 10 per click, but over time, if you stick at it, you could make decent money from this side hustle for teenagers.

47. Human Billboard

Being a human billboard is essentially marketing a product on your body. 

It could be as simple as wearing a shirt with the brand’s logo and walking around, or it could be as intense as tattooing the brand on you as a marketing strategy. 

Just know that you can make real money walking around as a human billboard

48. Get Paid To Search On The Internet

You’re already spending hours online, how about allocating some time to search on the internet for extra cash? 

Check out this complete guide on how to get paid to search on the web

49. Get Groceries

side hustle jobs for teens
The picture was taken from ibotta.com

You get paid to do grocery shopping for individuals.

 Depending on the customer, you may be required to deliver the goods to them. Here are some avenues to try out these fun easy side hustles for teens :

50. Upwork/Fiverr

These two freelance job sites are some of the best avenues for you to find side hustles for teens. Small companies to large corporations post jobs in search of freelancers to help them with day-to-day tasks. 

In fact, a job vacancy for almost all side hustles for teenagers mentioned in this article can be found on these two sites. 

51. Makeup Artist 

Have you perfected the cut-crease eyeshadow look, the winged eye-liner, and the cheekbone contour? 

If you’re passionate about makeup, then being a freelance makeup artist is one of the best side hustles for teenagers!

52. Model

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a model, then why not give it a shot? Modeling agencies are constantly on the search for fresh talents and you might be just the person they’re looking for!

Here’s an article on how to become a freelance model for you to get started.

53. Photography

side hustle jobs for teens
The picture was taken from borrowlenses.com

When it comes to the photography business, it only takes one client to get it going.

 Do you have a family event coming up? Or are you invited to a party this weekend? Offer to take quality photographs to build a portfolio. 

When your work is good and people like your work, the referrals will start coming in and word will spread around. If you’re not in possession of a professional camera, try renting a camera to start this venture, and here are some sites to consider :

Here is 21 places to sell photos online for you to check out once you’ve started out being a photographer!

54. Bookscouter

Bookscouter is an app for you to sell any old books that are collecting dusts at home. You need to be at least 13 years old to participate on this platform. You can sell past textbooks or storybooks that are not of use anymore to other children like yourself who are looking for them. 

55. Toluna

Toluna allows you to accumulate points that can be redeemed when you answer surveys, similar to My Points except on this app, you get to answer surveys on categories of your choice, say sports or food. 

You need to be at least 16 years old to participate in this app.

56. Humanatic

If you’re at least 17 years old, then try being a call reviewer with Humanatic! You know those automated voice recording you hear that goes something like “Your call is being recorded for quality improvement and training purposes”? 

Yeah, you can do that and earn money!

57. Sweatcoin

Interested in getting paid to walk? Sweatcoin does just that! 

With this app, you can earn cool prizes and rewards by getting some exercise done. If you’re a fitness junkie or someone who’s trying to get healthy, look at this app to make money while you’re at it. As long as you’re above 13 years old, you’re good to go.

As an alternative, here are 20 apps like Sweatcoin for you to make the most out of your sweat sessions. 

58. Shopkick

Shopkick is a website and app that will reward you with points for scanning barcodes, visiting a store, or shopping! You need to be at least 14 years old to participate in this program. 

If you like to shop then this is the perfect app for you!

59. Qmee

Want to get paid for sharing your opinions? If you’re at least 16 years old, then Qmee is perfect for you!

This app pays you real cash for sharing your opinions,and complete surveys. Choose between cash, cashback offers, or great deals with some of the biggest brands!

60. Work In Retail

Working in retail is beneficial for teens as you can learn how to provide efficient customer service when you’re interacting with customers. 

You will learn how to have insights on different types of products and services and learn how to resolve and iron out complaints. 

You can build sales and marketing skills that will be helpful in the future and here are some job vacancies for you to look into!

61. Work At Restaurants

Even though working at a restaurant can be daunting, especially if you’re not experienced, you’ll be surprised at the skills you pick up.

I worked at a couple of restaurants right after high school and here are some of the things I learned from my experience :

  • Multi-tasking will be a natural talent
  • Sharpens your memory, remembering the orders of your customers in the right order
  • Improved communication skills
  • Enhanced customer service skills

There are different positions to be considered when you want to work in a restaurant, however, as a teen, you can start off by waiting tables or being a busboy (someone who cleans tables at a restaurant or cafe)

61 Best Side Hustles For Teenagers FAQs

How Can A Teenager Make $1000 A Month?

An extra $1000 a month can go a long way, especially if you’re a teenager. You may want to save it for a big purchase, create a travel fund, or save for college.

As a teen, you might not be able to ask your parents for extra cash or you feel like it’s time to start earning your own. 

There are 61 different ways you can make an extra $1000 a month but here are side jobs for teens that you can start today to earn your first $1,000.

What Is A Good Hustle For Teens?

A good hustle for teens is any job that can teach them to be better people. 

When you work on a side hustle, you will cultivate and implement good time-management to juggle between your school and side hustle. 

A side hustle will teach you the importance of having balance and managing money. 

Your interpersonal skills such as active listening, responsibility, motivation, and patience, will be sharpened when you work for other people or even when you start a venture of your own. 

Side hustle for teenagers doesn’t have to be a complicated, over-the-top mess, all that is needed is the curiosity to learn something new, the desire to sharpen existing skills, and the drive to work hard. 


All you need to know about side hustles for teenagers is wrapped up and presented to you. 

This article provides you with the 61 best side hustle for teens so you can stop worrying about how to make extra money as a teenager and start putting together a plan to make it happen. 

Do not be discouraged quickly when you hit a bump in the road with a side hustle, keep at it and you’ll soon be able to reap the rewards!

61 Best Side Hustles For Teenagers

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