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300+ Best Makeup Blog Name Ideas For Makeup Artists in 2024!

Are you ready to start brainstorming the best makeup blog name ideas?

A makeup blog is a great niche to start your blogging journey with.

This is because beauty and makeup are part of the self-improvement or self-help blogging genre.

Especially in recent times, everyone is constantly striving to look their best, to feel polished, and feel truly themselves. 

You may be an experienced makeup artist who wants to start blogging about makeup.

Or perhaps you are eager to share your tricks and tips in makeup through blogging but you struggle to find a catchy blog name.

If you are feeling stuck or simply can not conjure up makeup website name ideas, do not worry girl, this brilliant list has the most unique and captivating makeup blog name ideas for you to choose from!

The beauty business is constantly changing and expanding with each passing minute.

Your makeup and beauty blog would keep your followers informed about what’s fresh in the fashion world and have the potential to change the way people think about beauty products and makeup routines. 

Alright, enough chatting. Let’s get on with some of the best makeup blog name ideas!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. 

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makeup blog name ideas

300+ Best Makeup Blog Names Ideas

Beauty Blog Ideas

1. Alluring Athena

2. Styling Waves

3. Skin Glitter

4. Styling Your Skin

5. Beauty Inside

6. Makeup And Swatches

7. The Beauty Beans

8. College Cosmetics

9. Beauty Wave

10. Balanced Blush

11. Colours And Glitter

12. Executives In Blush

13. Makeup And Mystery

14. Cute Brushes

15. Glitter And Beyond

16. Acne Goddess

17. Skinny Glamour Life

18. Excellent Tastes

19. Fancy Contour

20. Beauty Finds

21. Skin Perfect

22. Alluring Makeup

23. Hooked On Highlight

24. Flawless Base

25. Modern Day Routine

26. Five Minute Makeup

27. Astonishing Blending

28. Layered Beauty

29. The Understated Glam

30. Goddess Of Pearl

31. Dewy Goddess

32. Paradise Recs

33. Elite Masterpiece

34. Contour And Cupcake

35. The Blush Edit

36. Cosmetic Run

37. Beautification Scenery

38. The Simple Beauty Regime

39. Fifty Shades Of Blush

40. Total Beauty

41. The Transformation Goddess

42. Cosmetics Master

43. Bounty And Brows

44. Anna’s Touch

45. Grace And Ginger

46. The Blending Artist

47. Cotton Candy Shadow

48. Divas And Glam

49. Black Rose Dolls

50. Angels Beauty

51. Alluring Diva

52. Bewitching Creations

53. Belle Blush

54. Brilliant Artist

55. Beauty Spa Everyday

56. Experimental Makeup

57. Inner Shine

58. Attracting Beauties

59. Glowing Skin

60. Perfection Complexion

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    Beauty Blog Name Ideas

    61. Gradient Attraction

    62. Appealing Parlour

    63. Esthetic Spa

    64. Angelic Boys

    65. Carepack Makeup

    66. Admirable Beauty

    67. Alluring Parlor

    68. Make Over Belle

    69. Gemstone Cosmetics

    70. Amethyst Attraction

    71. Natural Attraction

    72. The Luminous Artist

    73. Handsome And Flawless

    74. The Elevated Aesthetics

    75. Intoxicating Appeal

    76. Feminine Salon

    77. Captivating Parlor

    78. Light Yet Impactful

    79. Natural Ominous Beauty

    80. Getting Magnificent

    81. Glitter Wallet

    82. Beauty Spot

    83. Secret Grand Styling

    84. Fashion & Makeup For Days

    85. Amazingly Done Up

    86. The Eye-Catching Belle

    87. Dewy Dupes

    88. Quaint Beauty

    89. Damn Mesmerizing

    90. One-Of-A-Kind Look

    91. Inside Out Look

    92. The Sparkling Finish

    93. Intoxicating Makeover

    94. Glowing Secrets

    95. Glittery Ornaments

    96. Conscious Beauty Buys

    97. Majestic Makeup Goals

    98. Luxury Glam Looks

    99. Foundation Babe

    100. Elevated Makeup Goals

    101. Everyday Cheap Makeup Finds

    102.  Dainty Face Painter

    103. Ethereal Athena

    104. Ruby On The Rocks

    104. Bronzed Glow

    105. Natural Dewy Looks

    106. Timeless Shine

    107. Wonderful Makeup

    108. Vibrant Beauty Goals

    109. Ravishing Conscious Beauty

    110. Radiant Shine

    makeup blog name ideas

    Makeup Blog Name Ideas

    111. Timeless Glow

    112. Transformation Tips

    113. Unforgettable Beauty

    114. Modest Shine

    115. Pretty In Pink

    116. Posh Beauty

    117. Picturesque Guides

    118. Gorgeous Glow

    119. Set Light

    120. Bright Tone Glitter

    121. Ageless Shine

    122. Eternal Light

    123. Splendor And Sunscreen

    124. SPF Beauty

    125. The Core Beauty Looks

    126. Magnificent Diversity

    127. Flawless Grooming

    128. Sensuous Lookbook

    129. Diverse Ravishing Beauty

    130. Attire And Looks

    131. The Gram Life

    132. Serving Looks

    133. Intoxicating Glow

    134. The Inside Expose

    135. The Beauty Pose

    136. Secrets Of The Mysticals

    137. Bright And Bronzed

    138. Organic Blush Beauty

    139. One-Stop Foundation

    140. Miss Magical beauty

    141. The Captivating Goddess

    142. Upcoming Wonderous Looks

    143. Upcoming Unusual Looks

    144. The Radiant Beauty

    145. Manufacturing Looks

    146. Beauty And Bargains

    147. Candid Captures

    148. The Firm Glamorous Approach

    149. The Charming Mentor

    150. Shining Sultry Secrets

    makeup blog name ideas

    Beauty Page Name Ideas

    151. Trending Elevated Looks

    152. Deeper Than Makeup

    153. The Dusky Beauty

    154. Formulating Beauty

    155. Beauty Couture

    156. Mix It Up

    157. Blistering Beauty

    158. Styles In Splendor

    159. Appealing Appearance

    160. Barefoot Brunette

    161. Simple Beauty

    162. Obsessed With Shadows

    163. Blissful Makeup

    164. Cafe And Curated Looks

    165. Pampering Glow

    166. Confession Of A Beauty Guru

    167. Glossy Finish

    168. Matte Cult

    169. Rock Paper Makeup

    170. Highlight And Mascara

    171. Plumped Lip Beauty

    172. Hopeful Bliss

    173. Hypnotic Glam 

    174. From A Luminous Light

    175. Dazzling Blush

    176. Dreaming In Colors

    177. Genuine Glitters

    178. Beauty Coma

    179. The Sassy Beauty Confession

    180. Pampering Mommies

    181. Slashed Looks

    182. The Inside Glitter Snoop

    183. Modern Greek Beauty

    184. Unforgettable Beauty Finds

    185. The Sense And Solution

    186. Beauty Tips made Easy

    187. The Beauty Glossary

    188. The Beauty Line Up

    189. Pretty Touch-Ups

    190. Exotic Beauty Finds

    191. Lavenders And Looks

    192. The Pretty Wallflower

    193. The Beauty Wallpaper

    194. Beauty Edit

    195. Articles Of Looks

    196. Ominous Woman

    197. Mirrored Look

    198. Looks In Installments

    199. The Capsule Makeup

    200. Foxy Beauty

    201. Closet, Coffee, And Contour

    202. Aim Is Self-Love

    203. Midnight Makeup

    204. Beauty in Black

    205. Dreamworks Beauty

    206. Mastermind Of Contour

    207. Dr. Bronzer

    208. Infinite Charm

    209. Expressive Looks

    210. The Makeup Hotline

    makeup blog name ideas

    Beauty Products Name Ideas

    211. Makeup Scale

    212. Makeupkit

    213. Fair Products

    214. Spark Makeup

    215. Glam Glimmer

    216. Flawless Finish

    217. Bold Beauty

    218. Radiant Glow

    219. Luxe Lashes

    220. Pure Perfection

    221. Dazzling Diva

    222. Beauty Basics

    223. Chic Cosmetics

    224. Gorgeous Glamour

    225. Lavish Looks

    226. Lovely Lips

    227. Magic Makeup

    228. Seamless Skin

    229. Ravishing Rouge

    230. Perfect Pout

    231. Sensual Shades

    232. Smooth Sailing

    233. Sunkissed Skin

    234. Timeless Beauty

    235. Vibrant Visage

    236. Not Makeup Of Tea

    237. Youthful Glow

    238. Dreamy Dose

    239. Artistic Aura

    240. Effortless Elegance

    241. Captivating Cosmetics

    242, Flirty Finesse

    243. Heavenly Hue

    244. Immaculate Impressions

    245. Glittering Glamour

    246. Natural Nook

    247. Magical Makeover

    248. Luminous Lashes

    249. Kissable Kolors

    250. Jazzy Jewels

    makeup blog name ideas

    Makeup Artist Name Ideas

    251. Glam Guru

    252. Beauty Boss

    253. Chic Cosmo

    254. Fresh Face

    255. Dapper Diva

    256. Allure Artist

    257. Elite Esthetician

    258. Flawless Finisher

    259. Graceful Glamour

    260. Pristine Paints

    261. Enchanting Enhancer

    262. Makeup Maven

    263. Quality Quell

    264. Artistic Aura

    265. Creative Canvas

    266. Beautiful Blends

    267. Dazzling Designs

    268. Sophisticated Shades

    269. Exquisite Enhancements

    270. Beauty Wizard

    makeup blog name ideas

    Cosmetic Name Ideas

    271. Perfectly Polished

    272. Skin Solutions

    273. Clear Complexion

    274. Pure Perfection

    275. Fresh Face

    276. Youthful Glow

    277. Smooth Skin

    278. Glowing Goddess

    279. Dazzling Derma

    280. Trouble Free

    281. Nourishing Nectars

    282. Blemish Banishers

    283. Beauty Boosters

    284. Harmony Health

    285. Silky Shine

    286. Luminous Look

    287. Youthful Yields

    288. Truly Transparent

    289. Skin Savvy

    290. Stunningly Smooth

    291. Refreshing Results

    292. Soothing Solutions

    293. Ultimate Unblemished

    294. Clear Confidence

    295. Gentle Glow

    296. Elite Elixir

    297. Immaculate Image

    298. Juicy Joyfulness

    299. Fabulous Face

    300. Beauty Basics

    makeup blog name ideas

    Makeup Studio Name Ideas

    301. Radiant Results

    302. Artistic Aesthetics

    303. Chic Cosmetics

    304. Delightful Designs

    305. Classy Creations

    306. Glowing Goddesses

    307. Stunning Solutions

    308. Impressive Image

    309. Sleek Styles

    310. Posh Professionals

    311. Beauty Barons

    312. Elegant Ensembles

    313. Professional Perfectionists

    314. Chic Collaborators

    315. Magnificent Makeovers

    FAQs On Best Makeup Blog Name Ideas

    How To Choose A Name For My Beauty Blog?

    Skincare and makeup content creators are on the rise.

    Did you know that the watch time for beauty names content on Youtube rose over 75% in the last year? Everyone is turning to the internet to try and seek advice and tips.

    Your beauty blog could very well be the number one go-to site for readers to indulge in all things makeup-related.

    To do that, you need to put your thinking hat on and conjure up a list of makeup blog name ideas.

    They say the first impression is the last and as cliche as it sounds, to a certain extent, it is true.

    If your readers do not catch on to your blog name and remember it, you would be less likely to get loyal readers.

    Remember that your beauty blog titles are among the first things that attract your audience to read your beauty and makeup blog.

    Here are some practical tips on how to choose a name for the best beauty blogs.

    1. Load Up On Different Words

    When it comes to attracting readers, choosing a name that contains phrases connected to your topic is really beneficial.

    If a reader is seeking a beauty blog with tutorials and your beauty blog name includes the terms, they will know you have what they’re looking for.

    Don’t be scared to scribble down everything that comes to mind while you brainstorm words related to the beauty name ideas.

    The goal of this phase is to start amassing a large group of words so you will have lots to choose from when it’s time to pick some aesthetic blog names.

    Here are some examples of words you can use to name your blog.

    A : appealing, alluring, aesthetic, admirable, angelic

    B : beauty, blush, bronzer, belle, bewitching, breathtaking, brilliant

    C : charming, captivating, color, conceal, cute, cosmetic

    D : dazzling, dainty, dewy, draw, delicate, delightful, dupe, dreamy

    E : elegant, easy, elevated, enticing, ethereal, exotic

    F : foundation, flawless, feminine, foxy

    G : grand, glamorous, graceful, glitter, gradient, gorgeous

    H : hot, hopeful, handsome, hypnotic, highlight

    I : intoxication, inspirational, impeccable, impromptu

    L : love, luminous, luscious, light

    M : magnificent, mesmerizing, mystical, majestic

    N : natural

    O : ominous, one-of-a-kind

    P : pretty, peaceful, posh, puffy, perfect, poetic, pleasing, picturesque, pure

    Q : quaint, quiet

    R : radiant, ravishing

    S : sensuous, sultry, sexy, sweet, stunning, splendor, stunning, stylish

    T : tips, timeless

    U : unforgettable, unusual

    V : vibrant

    W : wonderful, wonder

    The thesaurus can be your best friend when coming up with a solid list of makeup blog names ideas.

    You can broaden your word bank with a selection of words from this single tool.

    A dictionary is another friend that can help because it provides more fascinating word options for general phrases.

    The idea is to be creative and try out a bunch of terms that are related to your makeup blog.

    Mix and combine your ideas to formulate a combination of words with a captivating ring to them.

    Remember, the secret to branding a successful makeup blog is to pick a term that makes your readers connected to you. 

    You may also want to enlist the support of your friends and family to increase the list of makeup blog name ideas you come up with.

    Similarly, taking a look at the makeup blog names from competitors would be quite useful in this aspect.

    You do not have to duplicate anyone, simply collect thoughts that you overlooked throughout your brainstorming session.

    makeup blog name ideas

    2. Keep It Simple

    When it comes to makeup names ideas, try keeping them as precise as possible.

    Your readers should have a vague idea of the blog they are about to read from the title.

    Do not overcomplicate the name and stick with simple straightforward names. Potential readers will be frustrated by a blog name that is difficult to pronounce and read.

    If your blog is recommended to a potential reader, you do not want them to be turned away because the beauty blog name is too difficult to pronounce

    When the name is too complicated, that is how you turn off potential readers and turn them away.

    To make it easy for others to remember you, use short, uncomplicated terms.

    3. Add A Touch Of Personality

    Even with the 300 makeup blog name ideas above, remember to add a unique touch to whichever name you choose to go with.

    The only thing that sets your blog apart from other beauty blogs is your personality!

    You are uniquely you, and that is your superpower. The suggestions given above are not a fixed set of rules that you have to follow and stick to.

    Customize them! Every blogger strives for individuality to stand out.

    If your blog has a similar name to other beauty blogs, this will not be feasible. You require that aspect of distinction.

    Create a beauty blog today with your unique personality!

    How Do You Create A Unique Name?

    Don’t be scared to be daring and creative with your word selections rather than sticking to something safe.

    Create a name from other words to simplify the process.

    Beauty brand name ideas often come from the type of products you use, combined with your personality.

    Who knows, your beauty blog name can be hiding in plain sight.

    Use some of the words given above to create a unique name of your own.

    Unleash your creativity while brainstorming for makeup name ideas

    To help spark some inspiration, here are some beauty bloggers who have instilled their dose of uniqueness in creating content!

    Do follow them and check out their content so you get some inspiration on beauty blogger name ideas!

    Makeup Blog Name Ideas
    Picture credits:
    Makeup Blog Name Ideas
    Picture credits:
    Beauty Blog Ideas
    Picture credits:
    Beauty Blog Ideas
    Picture credits:
    Beauty Blog Ideas
    Picture credits: @nymatang
    makeup website name ideas
    Picture credits:
    makeup website name ideas
    Picture credits: @namvo
    makeup website name ideas
    Picture credits: @glamzilla

    Researching your brand name is the simplest approach to find out if it is unique.

    Look for comparable blogs with similar-sounding names and conduct a survey to see whether your target market likes them.

    Look at some makeup blogger names and see what kind of beauty niche they are in.

    Another thing to keep in mind is the aim and vision of your beauty and makeup blog.

    Understand your core audience to come up with the best makeup page names.

    Using the core values of your mission can help come up with unique and beautiful blog names because no one is going to have the same mission for your beauty blog as you. 

    What Is A Makeup Blogger?

    A makeup blogger is someone who wants to share their joy of makeup with her readers to enhance appearance.

    A makeup blogger typically shares tips and tricks for applying makeup.

    A makeup blogger sometimes recommends and reviews the latest product with her audience so her audience can decide whether to buy the product or not.

    What’s A Beauty Blog?

    A beauty blog is a site that focuses on different aspects of beauty. 

    The beauty blog category includes blogs that talk about makeup tutorials and tips, skincare products, skincare routines, and fashion.

    To start a beauty blog, you may focus on one niche area in the beginning, and slowly expand to other beauty niches as your blog audience grows.

    makeup blog name ideas

    How Long Should A Beauty Blog Post Be?

    Ideally, they should be around 300 to 3000+ words.

    While there is no specific length to follow, longer beauty or makeup posts would be able to provide more value to the readers.

    It will allow the search engine to index the makeup blog better and hence rank the blog higher when someone is looking up a makeup keyword.

    Why Start A Beauty Blog?

    You get to connect to your audience with the same passion!

    Make money when you share your experience and knowledge about makeup and products through a beauty blog.

    If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, and you have a passion for writing and makeup, then quit your full-time job to create a career in the beauty industry.

    What Should I Post On A Beauty Blog?

    • Budget-friendly makeup that won’t break the bank.
    • High-end makeup picks for the occasional luxury splurge.
    • Travel-friendly makeup for frequent travelers.
    • Your favorite brands and their products.
    • Disappointing makeup products you’ve ever tried.
    • Makeup picks that you used to love.
    • Your favorite or current skincare routine.
    • Specific tricks and tips for makeup.
    makeup blog name ideas

    Why Is A Beauty Blog Important?

    A beauty blog increases long-term traffic on your website and positions you as an expert in the beauty industry which also increases shares and reach.

    By posting useful makeup content consistently, well-known sites will be linking to your site through backlinks, boosting your beauty blog domain authority.

    Your readers will be able to find your blog more easily.

    How A Blog Is Successful?

    Your blog should add value to its readers’ lives

    You should post great makeup content that helps to solve your readers’ problems so your readers will come back to your blog for solutions.

    By consistently posting articles that add value, you will be able to grow an online audience that resonates with and supports you.

    Do People Still Read Blogs?

    Yes, people absolutely still read blogs regularly

    Blogs are an important marketing tool that helps you to connect with your reader through long-form text content.

    By providing value to your readers consistently, you will be able to connect with your audience who will then support you by buying your products or services.

    How To Become A Beauty Blogger?

    • Select a niche in makeup tutorials, makeup products, or skincare routines.
    • Social platform: If you enjoy writing, start a makeup blog.
    • Work with other beauty influencers to expand audience reach.
    • Understand your audience’s needs and tailor your content to that.
    • Go live by sharing your blog on social media 
    • Ready a media kit to pitch to media.
    makeup blog name ideas

    There are so many makeup blog name ideas for you to choose from!

    So there you have it – over 300 of the best makeup blog names ideas for you to choose from!

    Sharing the narrative of how your brand name came to be and what motivated you to pick it is a great way to help make a name stand out and be remembered.

    If you are wondering how to start a makeup blog, look no further to pick one of the makeup page name ideas above.

    Regardless of your motivation behind starting a makeup blog.

    I hope you find a name that sparks joy and encourages you to develop your beauty blog to its fullest potential. All the best!

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