beauty side hustles

61 Beauty Side Hustles That Pay Well In 2024!

Looking for all the best beauty side hustles? 

I’ve met some skincare enthusiasts who enjoy sharing advice on how to maintain healthy skin and enhance your appearance. I wondered how they could monetize their passion and looked into it. I decided to provide some ideas for earning extra money if you are also passionate about the beauty industry.

Beauty side hustles

In this article, I will cover 61 of the most profitable beauty side hustles that suit your skills and interests! 

61 Beauty Side Hustles You Can Start Right Now

  1. Laser Hair Removal
  2. Hairdressing
  3. Special Events Makeup
  4. Nails
  5. Tanning
  6. Hair Extensions
  7. Semi-Permanent Makeup
  8. Reiki
  9. Eyebrow Design
  10. Dermal Filler
  11. Waxing
  12. Eyelash Extensions
  13. Facial Treatments 
  14. Chemical Peels 
  15. Facial Massage Therapist 
  16. Beauty Consultant 
  17. Colorist 
  18. Body Wraps 
  19. Beauty Influencer 
  20. Beauty Product Tester 
  21. Beauty & Cosmetics Virtual Assistant
  22. Cosmetic Organizer
  23. Beauty E-book Writer
  24. DIY Beauty Kits
  25. Beauty Event Planner
  26. Aromatherapy
  27. Henna Artist
  28. Cruelty-Free Beauty Artist
  29. Organic Hair Stylist
  30. Beauty Copywriting
  31. Spa Party Planner
  32. Men’s Skincare Expert
  33. Holistic Skincare And Beauty
  34. Beauty Podcaster
  35. Perfumer
  36. Beauty Product Reseller
  37. Wig Maker
  38. Handmade Cosmetics
  39. Beauty Blogger
  40. Children’s Spa Planner
  41. Beauty Affiliate
  42. Scalp Treatments
  43. Beauty Photography
  44. Beauty App Developer
  45. Hair Accessories
  46. Beauty Soap Creator
  47. Beauty Tool Creator
  48. Personal Shopper
  49. Personalized Lipstick Creator
  50. Beauty Surprise Box
  51. Beauty Box Reviewer
  52. Face Mask Creator
  53. Beauty Baskets Maker
  54. Beauty Content Writer
  55. Bath Bomb Maker
  56. Sell Beauty Printables
  57. Beauty Model
  58. Personal Image Consultant
  59. Beauty Business Consultants
  60. Home Based Salon
  61. Cosmetic Packaging Designer


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beauty side hustles

1. Laser Hair Removal

Most modern women want a hair-free existence. 

Laser hair removal is still a highly sought-after beauty trend. Start-up costs include an IPL course and paying for the hair removal machine. Your main costs are going to be the machine and the ongoing maintenance of it which can cost upwards of $250,000 with $12,000 annually to maintain the machine. 

Another way to do it is to reach out to your local beauty salons and ask if you can train with them on your weekends if you’re doing this as a side hustle. Some run training alongside their services, so you may be able to get experience and training simultaneously. 

Look for courses run by your local beauty school, and there are so many available that you can get qualified and start getting clients in no time. 

Once you have experience and training, you’ll be able to start getting clients in no time. 

Many people will pay good money to get their hair removed permanently and you’ll be able to create quite a lucrative career from this side hustle

For example, this beauty side hustler started from a “tiny, windowless room,” but has now expanded to have multiple clinics across the United Kingdom.

She moved her machine from client to client at first but then expanded into having a storefront.

If you’re wondering about what beauty treatments make the most money, laser hair removal is at the top!!

Laser hair removal is lucrative in that you can charge at least $350 per person, just for a bikini hair removal.

If you calculate that against all the other parts of the body that can start adding up quite quickly.

If you need convincing, the global laser hair removal market size was valued at USD 443.84 million in 2020

Beauty side hustles

2. Hairdressing

This is one for the girls (or boys) who used to trim their doll’s hair when they were little.

If you’ve tried one of the hair tutorials that have taken Tik Tok by storm, why not make some easy side hustle money from it?

Hairdressing isn’t just about cutting hair.

There’s styling, blow drying, coloring, and even a perfect wash is sought after.

Time-poor women always need someone who can wash and style their hair at a moment’s notice.

In the United States, the hair industry is expected to grow to 102 billion dollars by 2024, and is expected to keep growing. 

With a few tools, you can set up from home and make some big bank in no time. 

Some freelance hair stylists earn between $200 – $300 a week. As long as you have some hours in your evenings and weekends you’ll be able to block off time to see clients between other obligations. 

Beauty side hustles
Special Events Makeup

3. Special Events Makeup

Is Halloween your favorite time of year? If you love unleashing your creativity with makeup, you can turn this into a great beauty side hustle. 

It’s not just about turning people into zombies. There is a vast need for special events makeup.

Think weddings, proms, or gender reveals. Everyone wants someone to help make their eyes pop and look like an Instagram filter. 

You can even throw in special events hair, and you’ll be a one-stop-shop. 

Most makeup artists can charge from $100 per client for special hair and makeup. 

If you’re doing a wedding, you’ll be able to charge around $300 per person.

The best thing about weddings is that you’ll most likely be working on the bridal party as well. More people equals more money. 

Source makeup and accessories online at a reasonable price, and you’ll be able to keep your start-up costs lean.

As you get more clients, you can expand your repertoire, adding more colors and skills, which will help you build a great portfolio. 

beauty side hustles
Nails artist

4. Nails

A fresh mani-pedi is something that every woman loves. 

What about nail art? 

That takes it to the next level. If you’re the type of person who always has their nails looking top dollar, why not consider doing nails as a side hustle?

Nails is an excellent beauty side hustle as you won’t need too much to start up, and it’s always in high demand. 

This is a crafty design side hustle, and you can hone your design and drawing skills to create some beautiful and innovative nail art

Add an at-home service, and you’ll be able to tap into a market that needs pampering but without the added stress of having to find car parks.

At home, mani-pedi services are also highly sought after for bachelorette parties. 

This nail side hustler charges $85 for just manicures and $165 for a nail package (including manicure and pedicure).

This is more than if you head into a nail salon, but people are willing to pay for the convenience of having the service in the comfort of their homes. 

A nail tech side hustle is excellent if you can offer a service list that taps into different needs. 

5. Tanning

Everyone loves a sunkissed look. 

That great sun glow that looks like you’ve been on a beach vacation without needing to leave your city.

 A tanning business is a great side hustle because it’s lucrative all year around. 

With a couple of start-up costs, you’ll need to get the spray tan machine and a repertoire of shades so that you’re able to offer a complete service that is competitive with bigger brands.

Your start-up costs could work out to upwards of $2000, which includes the applicators, marketing, and training.

But once you’ve invested the money at the start you’ll be able to earn a return in no time. 

Once you develop the skill and have a steady client base, you’ll be able to charge $20-$35 per client.

Soon enough, you’ll have no issues gaining a steady stream of customers all year long. 

6. Hair Extensions

Long luscious model-worthy hair. That’s the dream. 

This is one of the easiest side hustles for hair stylist to get into. Hair extensions are another lucrative beauty side hustle because it is highly in demand. 

You don’t even need to be a qualified hairdresser to offer this service.

However, this is the kind of side hustle for hairstylist who wants to offer more than just haircuts.

Your start-up costs will include sourcing the hair extensions and having enough experience to put in the extensions to create a seamless look for your clients. 

The first thing you need to decide is what kind of hair extensions you will offer, and then take the time to master your skills.

If you need a course to learn some skills, you’ll earn money back from a handful of clients. 

easy side hustle
Semi-Permanent Makeup

7. Semi-Permanent Makeup

Dark bushy eyebrows are trending, and this is a trend that’s here to stay.

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique that is going to earn you big bucks.

Depending on where you live, you can charge between $500 to $2000 per client.

As microblading requires several sessions and touch-ups over time, you’ll have repeat clients on your books. 

The best thing? You won’t need any prior qualifications, just ambition and good training. 

You can opt to learn in person at your nearest salon or try an online course. 

Once you’re trained up, you’ll have paid off what you invested in no time.

Go beyond eyebrows and look at doing permanent eye or lip liner. You’ll have a menu of services for your ever-growing client list in no time. 

8. Reiki

If you haven’t heard of Reiki, don’t turn your mind away from it yet. Reiki is one of the great side hustles in health and wellness.  

This is from Japan and is an alternative medicine that involves the transfer of universal energy from the practitioner’s palms to their patient.

Reiki practitioners use “energy healing” to move energy in and out of their client’s bodies.

 Your clients will feel rejuvenated, and so will you. 

Reiki is the cheapest and easiest side hustle to train in, and you’ll be able to bring so much calm and peace to your customers.

There are many courses online for you to learn the technique. 

With low start-up costs (approximately $5000) and easy training, once you know what you’re doing, you’ll be able to hit the ground running while also feeling at peace in no time.

Reiki practitioners can charge between $25 – $100 per session, based on how long the session is. You’ll be earning your money back within months.


easy side hustle
Eyebrow Design

9. Eyebrow Design

If you’re a star at creating a beautiful eyebrow arch, without microblading, you can head down the eyebrow design route.

Create impressive eyebrow designs for your clients and you’ll have repeat clients needing their brows done every two weeks. 

Learn to shape, tint, and thread. Start-up costs are low because you’re main cost will be the course (which can cost approximately $95).

Once you know what to do you can start up from home or a mobile service which will keep your overheads low.

If you’re doing threading, you’ll just need some thread and some steady hands. 

Create a client base by word of mouth, and you’ll be able to grow your expertise and client book in no time. 

easy side hustle
Dermal Filler

10. Dermal Filler

This is also known as Cosmetology. This is a good beauty side hustle if you’ve got enough for your start-up costs which can cost upwards of $10,000

This beauty therapist side hustle will involve more of an investment, unlike some of the options above.

This can be a great beauty side hustle, but it needs a lot of training and involves high start-up costs. 

This is because it involves using needles and injecting chemicals into people’s faces. 

You must be trained up and understand physiology before you can start working with clients. To start up you’ll need to make sure you’re doing a few things. 

  1. Partner with a doctor – if you don’t have a medical degree you’ll need to partner with one to get your business off the ground. 
  2. Pay for the filler and injectables. 
  3. Rent a space to perform the procedure. It isn’t hygienic to perform this at home as you’ll need to make sure that your space is 100% sterile. 

Once you’ve started up, you need to do treatments to earn back your start-up costs regularly.

 The first thing you need to do is find a course near you so that you understand what the procedure involves.

Once you’ve started, you’ll be able to charge between $530 – $930 per syringe. 

Each client is different so your charges will vary. Don’t expect to earn a profit in your first year because of the high startup costs. 

But over time, with the right amount of clients, you may be able to turn a profit, if you put in enough time and effort.

If you’re thinking about doing this a beauty side hustle, think about how much time you have and whether the time you can put in will give you the right return. 

11. Waxing

Laser hair removal might be picking up, but people are still not ready for the multiple sessions and money needed for the permanent hair removal that comes with laser hair removal. 

Waxing is still very much a need in the beauty game, and with low start-up costs (upwards of $8000). Waxing isn’t just for the legs or women. 

You can expand to every part of the body, and a highly sought-after industry is men’s waxing

You need to have perfect eyes to find those niggly tiny hairs that fail to come out with one rip.

Specialize in creating an experience by offering different types of wax and after wax treatments.

To learn how to create the perfect wax experience, you can do a course online.  

Recent reports show that a waxing business can turn an annual profit of $50,000. You’ll be able to charge between $45 – $100 for a full leg wax and with each body part, you can create packages for your clients. 

You can turn a pretty painful treatment into a relaxing spa-like experience, which can mean charging more.

People pay for experiences so this is a great time to capitalize on that. 

beauty side hustles

12. Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are hot right now, and the best part, it’s one of the best beauty side hustles to do from home! 

Yes, all you need to do is set up a cozy, relaxing vanity room for your customers. 

The first step to making this dream come true is to take a recognized training course that will allow you to perform treatments. 

Becoming a lash technician offers excellent flexibility. 

Set your own rates and work hours. 

This is one of the most profitable beauty services. You can earn up to $104,000 a year as a lash technician. Who knows, this could become a full-time gig once you’ve mastered it! 

beauty side hustles

13. Facial Treatments 

Do you enjoy making others look and feel good? 

If you do, a side hustle as a facialist is for you! 

A facialist performs simple skin care procedures such as blackhead removal, skin hydration, and more.

You can earn up to $48,000 as a facialist depending on who you work for, your experience, and the hours you work. 

14. Chemical Peels 

A chemical peel is a skincare procedure that is to remove dead skin cells from the face to encourage the growth of new skin cells. 

This is a great esthetician side hustle, as light and moderate chemical peels can only be done if you’ve done training in advanced skin therapies. 

There is big money in chemical peels, it can make up to 25% of total revenue with high profits! 

beauty side hustles

15. Face Massage Therapist 

If you are already a facial therapist, adding other complimenting services such as face massages may be a good idea. 

Face massage therapists or practitioners massage the muscles and tissues around the face and neck area to stimulate lymphatic drainage and lift the muscles. 

There are many certification courses online that’ll qualify you to work at spas and treatment centers. 

You can earn up to $90,000 a year as a facial-massage practitioner, and you get to set your own hours. 

16. Beauty Consultant 

If you are wondering how to make money while in cosmetology school, here is a makeup side hustle for you! 

Beauty consultants usually work behind the counters of beauty brands in a retail setting. 

They know their products well, and provide customers with recommendations, or answer any questions they may have. 

Beauty consultants make $40,000 to $50,000 on average in a year. 

Nowadays, you can become an online beauty consultant and work behind a virtual counter too, and make more than $20 an hour. 

17. Colorist 

Here is one of the side jobs for hairstylists that can pay extremely well if you’re good at the job! 

Hair colorists provide their customers with hair color recommendations and treatments based on their hair type and hair dye sensitivities. 

They also style the hair once the treatment is done. 

Hair colorists earn anywhere between $10,000 to $100,000 a year. 

This depends on the amount of time and effort that you put into the job and the experience you have. 

18. Body Wraps 

Body wrap treatment is an up-and-coming spa treatment that removes toxins and tones the body, providing the skin with a smoother look. 

This is one of the beauty services that make money and that should be carried out by a trained body wrap technician. 

Body wrap specialists can earn up to $29 an hour and $60,000 annually. 

beauty side hustles

19. Beauty Influencers 

If you’re looking for side hustles for hairstylists, side hustles for estheticians, or basically, for anyone with a thriving beauty side to their personality, this is it! 

Beauty influencers are making it big on platforms like Instagram and TikTok by creating content like how-to videos and paid product reviews. 

By becoming a beauty influencer, you can make fun tutorial videos (more on this below) and collaborate with your favorite brands, all while you get paid

beauty side hustles

20. Beauty Product Tester 

Wondering how to make money in the beauty industry from your couch?

Here is the easiest of all beauty side hustles to start from home.

Become a beauty product tester, and all you have to do is test out products and provide feedback in your free time. 

This is one of the fun cosmetic side hustles that allow you to try out and experiment with different brands’ products.

21. Beauty & Cosmetics Virtual Assistant 

One of the latest beauty industry jobs that you can do online is to become a beauty & cosmetics virtual assistant. 

This is one of the few beauty industry side hustles that you can do from home! 

Your responsibilities may entail brand management, creating content, and engaging with customers. 
Earn $18 to $35 an hour by being a Virtual Assistant with a side hustle beauty industry.

22. Cosmetic Organizer

People interested in beauty may have a lot of cosmetic products but not know how to arrange them or keep them organized.

This is where you can help them by being a cosmetic organizer. You can let them know how to sort and and where to keep the products.

23. Beauty E-book Writer

Beauty enthusiasts are always looking to gain more information and insights on beauty-related topics and you can make the most of it by writing and selling e-books about your experience with the beauty industry, tips and tricks, and recommendations.

E-book writers can expect to earn around $39 per hour in the USA.

24. DIY Beauty Kits

DIY is the hottest trend nowadays and you can cash in on it by providing DIY beauty kits for those interested in homemade remedies and beauty tips.

Just for an idea, beauty kits range between $15-$60 and you can charge similarly for your beauty kits too!

If you’re knowledgeable about the beauty industry and have experimented with herbal beauty options, then this is perfect for you.

25. Beauty Event Planner

This is a great side hustle for those who are into event planner and are enthusiastic about the beauty and cosmetics industry. Beauty pageants, product launches or beauty store launches are some amazing things you could cover as a beauty event planner.

Even planners earn between $55k-60k a year on an average. You can associate yourself with an event planning company or start one of your own! Beauty event planning is one of the highest paying job beauty industry.

You’ll have to coordinate with the vendors and organize everything to make the event successful.

26. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy, which uses essential oils to improve emotional and physical well-being, falls under the umbrella of both the health and beauty industries.

Essential oil-infused beauty products are popular right now, and if you know your way around them, you can offer aromatherapy facials or skincare treatments.

You can check out this website if you want to learn more about aromatherapy or become a certified aromatherapist.

Among the beauty certifications that pay well, aromatherapy is definitely one. On an average, aromatherapists earn around $101k a year, with the highest ones earning around $475k a year. Aromatherapy is one of the most profitable beauty treatments.

Beauty side hustles

27. Henna Artist

In many cultures, henna art is an integral part and is popular during weddings. If you try this as a side gig, you might have less competition because it’s a niche market.

In addition to being used for weddings, henna can also be used for temporary tattoos, so you can showcase your artistic abilities at birthday parties or other events too!

Henna artists earn around $58,381 per year in USA. You can learn the art and then join one of the established henna artists or start as a freelancer.

28. Cruelty-Free Beauty Artist

Demand for ethical beauty products is increasing, with more people choosing cosmetics that are cruelty-free and environmentally friendly.

As a side hustle, you could work as a cruelty-free makeup artist or raise awareness about ethical beauty products.

29. Organic Hair Stylist

Some people prefer using natural haircare products and methods because they are sensitive to the chemicals found in most shampoos and conditioners or are looking for sustainable options.

You can train to become an organic hair stylist and offer organic products and natural haircare advice for healthy hair.

30. Beauty Copywriting

For those looking for online beauty jobs, you can try copywriting.

There are many different niches and sub-niches within the vast beauty industry. Many cosmetic product brands are constantly searching for individuals who can best represent their brand and increase its visibility.

If you have a talent for writing compelling copy and are passionate about the beauty industry, you can approach small businesses or brands to offer your expertise as a professional copywriter.

The average salary for copywriters is $73,424 per year in USA. You can start working as a freelance beauty copywriter or work with a content agency that hires copywriters for beauty brands.

31. Spa Party Planner

Have you ever taken a girls’ spa day? Spas are a favorite hangout for women, and for most of us, whether it’s for a relaxing weekend party or an occasion, it’s a completely rejuvenating time.

I think this is a fantastic side gig. Depending on the preferences of your clientele, you can design unique event spas for birthdays, anniversaries, and bachelorette parties.

You can work with a spa as a party planner to make the clients’ experience extra memorable!

Beauty side hustles

32. Men’s Skincare Expert

You’ll notice that men and women alike are investing on skincare products to enhance their appearance. Men are the target market for a huge number of hair, skin, and cosmetic products.

Since this is a specialized market, you can establish yourself as an expert on men’s skincare and grooming, providing them with grooming services and on how to keep their skin healthy.

33. Holistic Skincare And Beauty

Holistic skincare and beauty are in high demand, and why not? I would definitely prefer to use products that promote my overall health or do not negatively affect me.

Focusing on natural and health-focused skincare can be a side hustle for you, allowing you to inform your clients about which natural remedies and products will suit their skin while also benefiting their health!

You can complete some easy beauty certifications on holistic skincare and then proceed with this side business.

34. Beauty Podcaster

In my spare time, I enjoy listening to podcasts, and I’m sure beauty enthusiasts do as well. Podcasts are an excellent way to learn about new products or topics that interest you.

You can start your own beauty podcast as a side hustle and share information that others may find useful.

Podcaster usually make around $90,047 per year with the highest earnings being up to $134,000. If you want some inspiration, you can check out this beauty podcast.

35. Perfumer

A well-chosen scent can give a person a distinct personality, to the extent that individuals have signature scents that symbolize them.

As a side gig, you can launch a perfume business where you can make one-of-a-kind scents or custom fragrances for customers.

Perfumers earn $99,836 a year on an average in USA but you can earn more or less depending your clientele.

Beauty side hustles

36. Beauty Product Reseller

One profitable way to make money is to resell beauty products. Certain cosmetics aren’t sold everywhere, so you can profit from this by purchasing the goods in large quantities and reselling them to interested parties.

37. Wig Maker

Wigs can be helpful for those who want to try out new hairstyles but are hesitant to color or alter their natural hair. Wigs can also help people who are experiencing unexpected hair loss.

As a wig maker, you can make and sell wigs to customers in a variety of sizes, colors, and custom styles.

You can make between $17 -$23 per hour as a wig maker and work with an established wig making brand or as a freelancer.

38. Handmade Cosmetics

Some customers prefer to use handmade cosmetic and beauty products that are tailored to their specific needs rather than branded products.

You can utilize your artistic abilities and cosmetics expertise to develop one-of-a-kind beauty solutions for those in need of such items. Additionally, you could get them customized beauty products.

Etsy has a huge target base interested in handmade products so it may be more profitable if you market your products there. This article can help if you’re wondering how to start selling on etsy.

39. Beauty Blogger

Starting a beauty blog is another successful beauty side hustles. If you search on Google, you’ll find plenty of beauty blogs. Because there are so many different topics and niches, you can choose one, become an expert in it, and make money from it.

You can bet that I’ll visit one of the beauty blogs to learn how to take care of my hair or to get an easy 10-step skincare routine.

You can start creating user-focused content by researching niches with low competition. If you’re interested in starting one you can go through this article on how to make money blogging

40. Children’s Spa Planner

Another option for those who work in event planning, enjoy working with children, and are interested in the beauty industry. Kids’ spas are a growing trend in which children can relax while getting manicures and pedicures or trying out new hairstyles. After all, why should adults have all of the fun?

You can start this beauty side hustles and earn money by hosting children’s parties at spas.

41. Beauty Affiliate

Almost all beauty brands use affiliate programs to promote their products. This makes it an easy and profitable way for you to make money.

You must register as an affiliate on the brand’s website, and if you meet their requirements, they will provide you with a unique affiliate link through which you will earn commission each time your link is used to make a purchase.

Beauty bloggers and influencers with a large following will particularly benefit from this, as they can make a substantial income from their affiliates through these beauty side hustles.

This course can be helpful if you’re a beginner and want to start learning about affiliate marketing from scratch.

42. Scalp Treatments

Taking good care of your scalp is just as important as hairstyles and haircare. If you have a degree in cosmetology and trichology, this could be the ideal side gig for you.

You can advise your clients on lifestyle modifications that will promote healthy hair and scalp, as well as the causes and symptoms of these conditions. Additionally, you could provide them with treatments that will improve the health of both their hair and scalp.

Beauty side hustles

43. Beauty Photography

The exquisite photos of lipstick, mascara and jewelry that you see on Instagram are taken by professional beauty photographers that work for brands.

Beauty photography is a lucrative field, and both small, independently owned businesses and well-known beauty agencies are searching for talented photographers who can capture the essence of their brands.

As a beauty photographer, you will need to capture eye-catching images and videos that will boost brand awareness and support advertising campaigns!

Beauty photographers earn around $74,593 per year on an average and this is one of the jobs in the beauty industry that pay well.

44. Beauty App Developer

Who said you couldn’t be a web developer and work in the beauty industry? You do you, queen (or king!). Apps make it easier for users to browse the catalog, place orders, track the status of their orders, and receive updates on new releases!

You can apply your creative skills by developing and modifying apps for brands, allowing you to pursue your dream of working for a beauty brand.

High paying beauty industry jobs includes beauty app developers so in case you’re a developer, you can try this out.

The average salary of app developers is $115,410 per year in USA so this can be a lucrative beauty side hustles for you.

45. Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are a crucial component of hairstyling and go very well with certain hairstyles, so it’s important to curate them carefully considering customer preferences.

This is a great side hustle for hair stylist as a hair stylist will know what type of accessories suits which hairstyle.

Creating unique and fashionable hair accessories such as headbands, scrunchies, hair pins, vintage-style hair bodkins, and more can help you establish yourself in the beauty industry if you have creative ideas!

Beauty side hustles

46. Beauty Soap Creator

Like makeup, many beauty soaps are ineffective for certain skin types, and consumers prefer products that don’t irritate their skin. Some customers also find the scent of soaps made of chemicals intolerable.

You can get started with this beauty side hustles by creating soaps that are tailored to the needs of various skin types using natural ingredients and essential oils. Moreover, you could provide sustainable soap choices.

47. Beauty Tool Creator

Most of us use eyelash curlers, makeup sponges, and makeup brushes to get ready, but have you ever considered what would happen if these tools did not exist?

You can conduct research and brainstorming sessions to develop new innovative tools that make skincare and makeup usage easier and more convenient for all consumers.

This type of product may require a significant amount of time and effort, but the end result will be rewarding because you will have created a new tool that can be profitable.

48. Personal Shopper

Frequently, buyers are clueless about the kind or color of makeup that works best for them. How are people supposed to know if burgundy wine is a better color for them than deep plum red? Or if their preferred look is gloss or matte?

You can give them brand recommendations, help them choose what primer, lipstick, eyeshadow, or tint best suits their look and personality and provide shopping assistance by serving as their personal shopper.

This side hustle pays around $16 per hour and is a flexible way for you to make money off your passion.

49. Personalized Lipstick Creator

Another side business you can pursue is making custom lipsticks with color combinations that fit the needs of your clientele.

To make the ideal customized version for every consumer, you’ll need to be an expert in cosmetics with a thorough understanding of colors and shades. 

50. Beauty Surprise Box

I am aware that some women love receiving mystery boxes from their favorite brands or influencers, so this could a fantastic side gig for you.

You could put together mystery subscription boxes every month that mix and match various beauty products for your target audience and also inform them about the newest releases!

Beauty side hustles

51. Beauty Box Reviewer

I check online reviews of any product I’m considering purchasing, and I think most women do the same before signing up for beauty box subscriptions. They can determine whether or not the products are tailored to their interests by reading reviews.

You can turn your hobby into a side gig by reviewing beauty boxes. Numerous companies offer to send beauty boxes to influencers, or even pay them to review their products. If you work in the beauty industry, this can be a genuine way of earning money.

52. Face Mask Creator

Spending time with my sisters for self-care, complete with facial masks, is what I consider a relaxing day! And for most women, I’m sure it’s the same. Certain clients may value having options when it comes to the kinds of sheet masks they wear.

You could use it to your advantage by creating some creative face masks for different age groups, with essential oils, or with specific fragrances, for your target audience and making money from them.

53. Beauty Baskets Maker

Do you know what women love? A gift basket with their favorite beauty products. Imagine receiving a gift basket which has the eyeliner and mascara you’ve been eyeing for a week (ooh!), your favorite fragrance, and all of the lip tints you desired.

You can start creating these kinds of beauty baskets and even accept orders for customized ones. In addition, you can provide beauty baskets for milestone events like anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays.

54. Beauty Content Writer

Because of the high demand for beauty content writers in the beauty industry, this could be one of the most profitable beauty side hustles. Established brands, small businesses, influencers, and bloggers all require content writers for their blogs, social media channels, and websites.

Copywriting requires you to write sales copy; content writing does not. Writing content for a target audience entails using SEO strategies to raise brand awareness while producing informative content.

If you’re looking for beauty jobs from home, being a beauty content writer is one of the best ideas.

On an average, content writer earn around $62,608 per year.

55. Bath Bomb Maker

Taking a soothing bath with your preferred bath bombs is a must for a self-care day, isn’t it? Bath bombs moisturize and calm the senses, energizing the body and mind.

You can create the perfect bath bombs for your target audience by experimenting with different fragrances and essential oils. You can also sell DIY bath bomb kits!

Beauty side hustles

56. Sell Beauty Printables

Beauty services to offer from home includes selling printables online.

Since downloading a file online is more convenient and affordable than visiting a physical store to purchase a product, there is an increasing demand for printables. Many printables, including stickers, labels, decals, planners, visiting cards, and more, are used in the beauty industry!

The best thing about printables is that they don’t require a big investment, so if you have creative flair, you can easily make money from this beauty side hustles.

Printables are one of the top selling products on Etsy and you can make a lot of money from this beauty side hustles.

57. Beauty Model

Do you know that all brands and small businesses search for models to use as product ambassadors for photos or other visual content on their websites and social media channels?

You have the potential to succeed greatly in the beauty industry with this opportunity. You might exhibit how to apply a specific beauty product or serve as a face or hand model. What’s the best part? You’re paid for it.

Hand model make an average of $32 per hour while face models make even more.

58. Personal Image Consultant

I’ve come across women who have impeccable style in their clothing and demeanor that makes them appear flawless.

However, many people are unsure of which outfits, hairstyles, footwear, or makeup complement their face and body type, which has an impact on their appearance and confidence.

If you believe you have an eye for this, you could pursue it as a side hustle. This is one of the beauty jobs that pay well. People will pay you to be their personal image consultant, advising them on what looks good on them and how to improve their appearance and confidence.

Personal image consultants earn quite well, approximately $112,497 per year, making this one of the most profitable beauty side hustle ideas.

59. Beauty Video Editor

As more and more beauty brands emerge, they require video editors who can assist them in defining their goals with their visual content, .and edit their videos accordingly, so that they could reach their target audience.

If you are looking for a creative side hustle in the beauty industry, this is an excellent option.

Video editors earn around $23.39 per hour in USA.

60. Home Based Salon

If you’re looking for starting a beauty business from home, you can open a home based salon.

By opening a home salon, you can cater to women who might prefer a more comfortable and cozy environment when getting their hair or makeup done.

Customers will feel more at ease and the services will be more tailored if you set up a salon at home. You can also avoid the additional costs associated with studio maintenance.

61. Cosmetic Packaging Designer

Brands use cute and visually packaging that is both distinctive to their brand and consistent with their brand identity to appeal to their target audience.

For those with an interest in design, this might be an interesting beauty side hustles. You can create packaging for the brand’s various products.

Average salary of packaging designer in USA is $62,528 per year.

Beauty side hustles

Is Cosmetology A Good Side Hustle?

The short answer to this is no.

While cosmetology is a growing industry, you will have high start-up costs and the need to partner with a doctor, which eats into your profits.

 You also need to find and keep clients to make any profit. 

Jobs for cosmetologists are expected to increase by 8 percent between 2018 and 2028, meaning though there will be jobs, there will be a lot of competition.

Cosmetology courses can also be expensive.

Wondering how much is beauty school? Attending a school with accredited programs can cost from about $5,000 to $15,000

That may be affordable if you can work while studying.

However, do you get paid in cosmetology school? Well, the answer to that is also no as you will most likely need to be certified first.

If this is an area that you really want to go into as a side hustle, make sure you do some research to understand all that’s required. 

Additional Beauty Side Hustles If You’re Already In The Beauty Game 

Sell Your Beauty Products

Do you like mixing your oils with your creams? 

If you love experimenting with your skin products, why not create your beauty product line and start a skincare side hustle. 

There are so many options available to you. You can opt to make small batches of your products.

If you’re needing some inspiration, there are plenty of courses online that teach you how to create beauty products. 

You can also partner with a company that will turn your products into a line that they can market for you.

With the eCommerce world that we live in, you’ll be able to get your products in front of the customers you need in no time. 

Teach Beauty Skills

Most people learn the next new makeup technique from a video online. 

Whether it’s a TikTok, Youtube, or Instagram video, social media is a platform with great possibilities. 

Teaching beauty skills is highly sought after. 

Beauty Youtubers have also been able to turn their makeup tutorials into full-blown beauty lines. Some beauty Youtubers to note: 

If you want to go the extra mile, you can even set up your makeup or beauty course on a platform like Udemy

Out of all the other beauty side hustles, this one will simply allow you to turn your daily beauty tricks into an entire learning course.

If you’d like more of a one-on-one relationship, you can set up workshops online through Zoom. 

Again, you don’t need a qualification for this. You need a bit of creativity and perseverance. 

Become A Stylist

Capsule wardrobes are all the rage right now on Instagram.

People are constantly looking for ways to look stylish but without the effort of figuring out what to buy and from where. 

If you’re the fashionable friend in your group, why not become a stylist?

It is one of the most lucrative fashion and beauty industry jobs that pay well. 

Again, take to social media and showcase your style to build a portfolio and following. 

Soon enough, you’ll have people asking you for help with styling. There are so many ways you can take this, and the best part is all you need is to wear your clothes well. 

If you need some inspiration, try an online course that will walk you through the steps needed to become a fashion stylist. 

Alternatively, this article talks you through the first few steps needed to become a fashion stylist. 

Being a stylist means that you recommend clothes that your clients will buy. 

The plus side to this is a big part of this job is shopping. So if this is something you love doing, start showcasing your style today. 

Mystery Shopping

If you like shopping and free swag, sign up to be a mystery shopper

Big brands are constantly looking for ways to test their customer service by enlisting shoppers who pretend to be real customers.

 You get to try clothes, products, and services, all while getting paid—an excellent idea for a fashion side hustle. 

The only downside to this easy side hustle is that the pay isn’t consistent, and you won’t raise your rates over time. 

Companies set the rate and the tasks, so it’s up to you to apply and show up. 

The more experience you have, the more complex the job, which means you will get more money. 

Think going into a car dealership and pretending to buy a car. 

It’s quite a different experience from buying a shirt at a regular department store. This does take more time compared to other beauty side hustles though.

So make sure that you do the math before you sign up to make sure that you’re not wasting time. 

Most Profitable Side Hustle

Anything to do with eyebrows will make you the most money in the beauty side hustles game. 

Eyebrows are the facial features that most of the population is focused on—even men. So if you’re looking for the most profitable side hustle, focus on the eyebrows. 

Threading, microblading, laminating. There are so many options available just for eyebrows you’ll be earning back your start-up costs in no time. 

what makes the most money in the beauty industry?

Cosmetic Surgeon

In the beauty industry, cosmetic surgeons make the highest salary. This is primarily due to the fact that a large number of people wish to alter their appearance and are willing to pay for surgery if it will improve both their appearance and personality.

On an average, cosmetic surgeons earn $221,646 per year in USA.

Cosmetic Dentist

A career as a cosmetic dentist is the next most profitable path in the beauty industry. In order to enhance the aesthetics of your smile, cosmetic dentists perform everything from small adjustments to extensive surgical procedures.

In order to improve their appearance, many people visit cosmetic dentists for treatment of tooth discoloration, chipped or cracked teeth, or gaps between teeth.

Cosmetic dentists earn $179,135 per year on an average in USA.


Expert in the kinds of chemicals and naturally occurring compounds that release notes and scents, a perfumer is someone who can expertly blend these ingredients to create perfumes.

Major fashion brands hire perfumers to develop distinctive and inventive scents that will appeal to their target audience.

Perfumers get paid $99901 per year on an average in USA.

Beauty Blogger

Due to the large target market interested in skincare, makeup, and beauty, beauty bloggers are among the highest paid professionals in the beauty industry. The beauty niche has many subniches, and if you know your audience well and provide content that speaks to their needs, you can make good money.

Beauty bloggers earn $98,360 per year on an average in USA.

You can start a blog as beauty side hustles or as a full time business. You can learn more on how to make money blogging here.

Image Consultant

Through the recommendation of appropriate clothing and accessories, image consultants and personal stylists seek to elevate their client’s overall look while also enhancing their personality. In order to enhance their image, they also offer training in communication techniques.

Image consultants make $87,580 per year in USA on an average.

FAQs on Beauty Side Hustles 

What Side Hustles Pay The Most?

The top 10 side hustle ideas that pay the most include: 

1. Freelancing on Upwork 

2. Personal Training

3. Party Planning 

4. Photography

5. Social Media Management 

6. Driving for Uber 

7. Online Tutoring 

8. Creating Content On Youtube

9. Selling Art Online  

10. Blogging 

What Beauty Services Make The Most Money?

The 5 beauty services that make the most money are: 

1. Microshading ($3132 a week)

2. Ombre brows ($3,630 a week)

3. Semi-permanent eyeliner ($4,000 a week)

4. Semi-permanent lip-liner ($4,337 a week)

5. Semi-permanent brows ($5,325 a week)

How To Make Money With Beauty?

7 ways to make money with beauty include: 

  1. Become a certified  esthetician – carry out beauty treatments like chemical peels 
  2. Become certified in semi-permanent makeup – semi-permanent brows, lipliner, etc.
  3. Start a home-based or online beauty services business 
  4. Become a skilled freelancer – freelance makeup artist, or nail technician 
  5. Become a beauty consultant – provide makeup tutorials, recommend products
  6. Become a beauty writer – write for beauty brands or magazines
  7. Become a beauty content creator – start a beauty blog or vlog on Youtube 

What Is The Best Beauty Business To Start?

The 7 best beauty businesses to start: 

  1. Start a home-based salon providing beauty services
  2. Become a trained or experienced freelance hair or makeup artist
  3. Get certified as an esthetician and open up your own spa business
  4. Create your own Etsy store and sell beauty products and sell them online
  5. Start a beauty blog or Youtube channel 
  6. Get certified in semi-permanent makeup 
  7. Become a nail technician

What sells the most in the beauty industry?

According to Statista, skincare products sell the most in the beauty industry. They account for up to 41% of the market share. Followed by haircare products, makeup, perfumes, toiletries and deodorants, and lastly oral cosmetics.  

How Can I Start A Beauty Business With No Money?

Here’s how you can start a beauty business with no money: 

  1. Choose your beauty niche
  2. Attend training and become certified 
  3. Start freelancing and gaining experience
  4. Create a business plan 
  5. Apply for licenses and permits 
  6. Keep costs low – lease expensive equipment, set up business at home, etc. 
  7. Create promotional packages for services
  8. Apply for a business loan or approach investors 

Can I Run A Beauty Business From Home?

You can run a beauty business from home. You’ll save on travel costs and you will be able to work flexible hours. 

However, opening your home to clients may not be the same as being a salon therapist. There are many factors to consider before making this decision. 

Is Beauty Business Profitable?

Being in the beauty business is definitely profitable. 

The beauty industry has always been a booming one, as beauty and skincare products are always making it to the top of the list for online shopping categories globally. 

What is the number 1 side hustle?

The number one side hustle is to deliver food and groceries. It is one of the rapidly booming side hustle industries in 2024.

how to make good money as a cosmetologist?

If you know how to retain your current clientele, draw in new ones, and keep operating costs down, you can become a successful cosmetologist.

You must be effective at closing deals, have a thorough understanding of your customers’ needs, and deliver top-notch service to earn their loyalty if you want to maximize your earnings.

How many years does take to study cosmetology in USA?

In the United States, cosmetology studies last one to two years. This would also depend on whether you’re studying full-time or part-time, as well as the degree or certification you decide to pursue.

While specializations require more time, certain short-term courses can be finished in as little as six to nine months.

Is makeup artist a stressful job?

Yes, the competitive nature of the industry and lack of financial security make makeup artistry a stressful profession.

There might be periods of the year when you receive a lot of projects and times when you receive none at all. There are also fewer jobs and variable budgets. You might have more opportunities if you specialize.


And that’s a wrap! We’ve given you the rundown of 61 beauty side hustles.

I know you may feel a bit overwhelmed, but I’m sure you can definitely start and excel at one of these beauty side hustles. Just trust yourself, and be persistent.

Do you feel inspired? With a bit of creativity and dedication, one of these side hustles will be one you’ll be able to grow with over the years. 

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