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Living Without Internet At Home In 2023: Improve Your Life

Living Without Internet At Home In 2023: Improve Your Life

Have you ever thought about living without internet at home? I can hear the chorus of screams as I type out that sentence.

 It may seem like an impossible feat but here’s the truth dear reader: living without wifi at home is doable and not a prison sentence of any kind.

In fact- it can actually improve your life! 

If you feel like you have been spending a lot of time online, and feeling drained from all the screen time, you are not alone! 

It will be beneficial for you to take digital breaks once in a while and reset your priorities.

Sometimes, it is good to ask, “why do we need internet? Or, can you live without the internet?”

Have you wondered, “will people ever be able to live without the internet?”

Does it seem hard to imagine?

Did you know that the world wide web is only 30 years old? Our parents, their parents, and most of humanity has survived without the internet and if you’re reading this, you probably want to know how to do it too. 

So, how to survive without internet at home, you ask? Let’s have a look.


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Living Without Internet at Home: Why Should You Do It?

Before we get into the benefits of living without internet at home, I first want you to consider these statistics:

More than that, our need to remain connected means that nearly half of the people who own smartphones sleep with their phone next to their bed because they are afraid of “missing something.”

The fact of the matter is, the more connected we are to the net, the more we’re disconnecting from reality. 

Cutting Wi-fi from your home doesn’t mean you’ll be dying of boredom, in fact, there are plenty of benefits to living with no internet at home.

Benefits of Living Without Internet At Home

Are you ready to cut unplug and go wireless? You’ll be surprised at how much a person stands to gain from cutting the invisible chord and disconnecting.

1.You Can Save Money

How much do you spend on the internet for a month? 

The average cost for internet at home can cost anywhere from $60 for an okay internet connection or $100 for super high-speed internet. 

That’s about $720-$1200 a year, you could be putting into your piggy bank.

2.You are More Present 

The best thing about living without wifi at home is that you have to find other things to do. It forces you to be in the present and explore a world beyond the screen.

3.Get Can Get More Done

Think about it, all those hours spent watching cat videos (although very cute) are not necessary. 

Whatever time you spent scrolling aimlessly through the web can now be utilized more effectively. 

Suddenly, you have time for all those house chores you were putting off. That assignment that was due get’s done faster without all the distraction and procrastination.

 Living without internet at home means that you’re able to focus on a task without your attention being diverted to your phone when you get a notification. 

You are in control of your time, instead of wifi being in control of your time.

4.You Can Be More Organized

You benefit by restricting your use of Wi-fi because it forces you to be more organized. No longer do you have the luxury of 24/hour access to the internet, instead, you’ll have to plan your time accordingly when you do have access to an internet connection. 

5.You Can Relax Better 

Disconnecting from the internet can mean less stress. We all get a little impatient when someone doesn’t reply in the next millisecond.

How often are we wrapped up in a task and then get pulled away from it by our phones? This then causes us to waste time, leading to less time for said task and somewhat of a panicky and stressful race to get things done.

Unplugging can help you:

  • Be more focused
  • Have less stress
  • Have clearer and less fragmented thoughts
  • Prioritize important things

And you have one less bill to pay at the end of the month.

But “what if I work from home? I can’t possibly do it without the internet” 

Solution: We live in a world where Wi-fi is readily available in almost every public space. Why not switch it up and work in a cafe, the library, or your university if you’re a student?

Before you go off canceling home internet, let’s have a look at how you can survive living without internet at home.

Living Without Internet at Home
Living Without Internet at Home

Living Without Internet at Home: Is it Possible?

“I’m a student, I need the internet to study,” “I’m a blogger, I need to surf the web to research posts,” “I can’t miss Beyonce’s album drop,” whatever the excuse, there’s always a way to do what you need to do without having internet at home.

Living with no internet is indeed a possibility and a reality for many. 

We’re pretty lucky to have limitless internet connection and if you’re thinking of living with no internet at home, I’m going to show you how to survive without wifi.

Plan your Time

You can absolutely work from home without the internet, but you need to plan your time accordingly. I recommend compiling a list of activities that require Wi-Fi and getting those done when you have access to the internet.

Get internet elsewhere

Because it is 2020, we are spoiled with Wi-fi wherever we go, sometimes it’s free and sometimes it comes with a price.

 If you’re a university student, you can get free Wi-fi on campus. There are plenty of co-working places that have internet, cafes, libraries, and restaurants that have free Wi-fi. 

Alternatively, use your mobile internet as a hotspot. This way if something pressing needs to be addressed, you can do it but you’re limited to a certain amount of internet.

Take Advantage of Downloadable Resources 

Take advantage of downloadable resources and even videos. If you want to watch a movie, download it via Youtube or Netflix to watch later on when you’re offline.

I do this for plane rides all the time!

If there’s an article you need to read, keep the tab open or screenshot the article.

Do a Test Run First

Not sure if living without the internet is for you? Don’t go tossing your router out the window just yet. 

For one, littering is rude and secondly, you can always do a trial run.

 Embark on a trial month; unplug your router and store it somewhere hard to reach. 

Better yet, get it out of the house, leave it at work, give it to your mom to lock away, bury it in the garden, whatever you need to do to get it out of the house for a month -as long as you don’t have access to it.

You will be frustrated at first— I’m not going to lie, very, very frustrated —but you will live, and newsflash, your life will be better without it.

What can I do if I don’t have internet at home?

Forget about, “how to live without internet at home,” Can you live without internet in general? 

Why yes, you can. Living without the internet opens up more time to do a plethora of things. If you’re wondering what you can do at home without internet, here’s a list of activities just for you:


Books, books, books! Remember the encyclopedia? Or novels? 

Why not pick up a book, something you’ve been itching to read but never made the time for or get a book about your city and find new spots you never knew existed.

Learn something new

Have you ever wanted to learn how to crochet, or build something?

I found that by disconnecting, the time I spent on the internet was used more effectively as I learned how to do things I’ve always wanted to learn.

Here is how you can take advantage of your creative skills and make money from them.

Pick up a new language

This is a great time to buy a book and learn a new language with all your new-found time. Bonus points if you find a book that has language activities and tests in it.

Do puzzles or a sudoku

I love puzzles and I can spend hours trying to piece one together. 

You can even pick up a copy of a newspaper and do crossword puzzles, sudoku or any activity on the entertainment page. Don’t miss out on the comics -I love those.

Play board games or card games

Uno, Monopoly, Rummikub, Scrabble, Cluedo, Pictionary, anything you like. 

This way you spend time with your loved ones and there’s something about these games that are nostalgic. What better way to spend an evening than being glued to a screen?

Learn new recipes

Become a chef or a master baker -challenge yourself to learn a new recipe and explore the world by cooking and sampling various cuisines.


You don’t have to be creative to do this, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, no?

 Buy a canvas, get some paintbrushes, tubes of paint and start creating your masterpiece. If you don’t like painting, try crayons or colored pencils.

Make pottery

Buy some air dry clay and make your own pottery. Re-enact that scene from Ghost if you like 🙂


I love gardening and seeing things grow, why not take this time to learn about horticulture and grow your own food?

Here is how you can grow herbs indoors.

Living Without Internet at Home


They say the pen is mightier than the sword. You could use this time to delve into your inner thoughts and put pen to paper.

Ps; If you want to become a freelance writer, I took this course which helped train me up and earn from my writing skills! 

Also, here are some useful articles to help you with writing. 

Go for a walk

Without the internet, you’re less likely to stay cooped up in the house.

 Why not go for a walk in your neighborhood? Find a forest and explore nature or take some time to get lost in your city and find new things to do. 


Meditation is a great way to utilize your time and it brings a lot of peace. You can spend 15-20 minutes daily meditating without distraction now that you don’t have internet at home.


Stay in and stretch those legs! Do some yoga or dancercise.

Maybe even pick up a new sport -you could skateboard, rollerblade, play basketball, badminton, anything your heart desires.

Connect with friends

It’s ironic how disconnecting can actually lead to a deeper connection. Social media can be deceiving, pick up the phone, and connect with someone -hear them out. 

You’ll find that you may have more genuine conversations without since you’ve eliminated browsing through social media and seeing what your friends are up to.

Buy some DVDs

I don’t watch a lot of TV but if you do and you want to pass the time, you could buy or rent DVDs to watch.

Arts and Crafts

I’m all for getting crafty. Growing up, I had this book with 101 crafts (the ultimate old school DIY projects) and I absolutely loved creating new things every day. 

A lot of them were for decoration but there are a plethora of books out there with useful DIY projects you can make yourself.

Watch the Videos you Downloaded

If you downloaded videos while you had access to the internet, you could pass the time by watching those. 

Want to combine watching those videos and doing arts and crafts? I one time built a fort, made a projector out of a box and a magnifying glass, and had an awesome time watching a classic.


I usually clean when I have the time, if I’m bored, or I’m procrastinating. 

Since I’m often at home, my house is cleaner a lot of the time.

Go to bed early

This is probably my favorite thing to do and without all those pesky WhatsApp messages being the cause of distraction or aimless scrolling through social media, you can get to bed earlier.

Sleep can have a huge positive impact on your health and well being. I know when I am tired, I am more likely to get sick and feel down. 

Living without internet at home

How Can I Live Without Internet At Home?

There are many things you can do without the internet at home such as:

  • Reading newspapers
  • Accessing your offline courses or articles such as LinkedIn Learning which you can view in offline mode if you downloaded it earlier.
  • Write articles or stories.
  • Speak face-to-face with other humans
  • Play with animals or pets
  • Cook a delicious and healthy meal
  • Engage in creative activities such as painting or drawing
  • Speak on the telephone
  • Relax
  • Meditate or do yoga
  • Gardening
  • Build new furniture or crafts

If you are wondering how you can survive a month without wifi, don’t worry! The opportunities are endless.

What Are The Advantages Of Life Without Internet?

The benefits of living without the internet are:

  • Gives you more time to do interesting and creative activities during the day.
  • It helps keep you away from negative energy and news which you may constantly see in your feeds.
  • It helps to relieve the pressure in your mind to keep completing online tasks and staying in touch online with others.
  • It can give you a sharper mind because you are focusing on gaining knowledge from sources such as books, face-to-face interactions, or physical activities.
Living without internet at home

Why Is It Difficult To Live Without The Internet?

There are many difficulties with living without the internet such as:

  • Fear of losing connection with the outside world
  • Loss of instant access to information
  • Inability to complete so many tasks which we rely on the internet to function
  • Loss of entertainment such as movies, serials, and games
  • Inability to fulfill our professional duties such as working from home
  • Not being able to ask Google for help when we need to find out something.

Hence, if one were to lose access to the internet, it may lead to loss of income, social network, employment, mind, or sanity as well!

Living without internet at home

Will People Live Without The Internet?

It is very hard to imagine living without the internet as Google is there to save our lives several times a day! 

You must be thinking, what to do without internet at home? Alternatively, you could be thinking, “do you need internet?

However, you should not let yourself become too reliant on needing the internet. You should not wake up and ask, what to do without internet.

It is just like going camping. Suddenly, you find yourself without electricity to keep you warm and give you lighting, then you need to survive by lighting a fire!

You would be surprised to know that there are many people who can live without the internet, as they have not yet been exposed to this. 

So, can we live without internet? Yes, it is possible! yes, it is true! People can live without the internet, depending on their level of reliance and dependence on the internet.

What Did People Do Before The Internet?

Before the internet came along, people did activities like:

  • Read Newspapers and Magazines
  • Called their friends on the telephone
  • Watched Cable Television and endured the advertisements
  • Played games outside their house
  • Took risks by being more adventurous in their type of games
  • Paid bills in cash at government buildings
  • Attended more physical social gatherings

A world without internet. It seems impossible to imagine, but it did exist before.

What Percentage Of People Live With Internet?

An estimated 37 percent of the world’s population is still living without access to the internet. This roughly equals about 2.9 billion people. 

The reasons for these could be:

  • Being part of indigenous tribes which do not have the technology and are still thriving in their traditions
  • Poverty has led to unequal distribution of wealth and technology

How Different Is Life Without the Internet?

While the internet has numerous benefits that can help you gain wealth, friends, and knowledge, it appears that more and more people are trying to take digital breaks!

This means they are intentionally looking for some time without the internet.

The reasons for these are:

  • Increase your natural creativity as you let your own creative juices flow rather than taking ideas from the internet.
  • Increase your mental health by focusing on things that matter to you such as faith and family.
  • Enhance your brain power by reducing access to distractions and building focus.
  • Chasing inner peace as you shut off from the outside world and remove negative news and energy from your life.
Living without internet at home

What Will Happen If The Internet Shuts Down?

If the internet shuts down, your phones and computers will be essentially rendered useless! In fact, even your smart television will not survive without the internet. You must be wondering then, what is life without the internet?

The objects that will still work are land-based telephones which use telephone connection to transfer calls, as well as the old cable televisions which do not connect to the internet to function.

You can rest assured that if your work or communication with customers relies on the internet, then you will have to pause your business activities.

You may even lose access to your important data if it is saved in the cloud. 

This is why it is advisable that you save important data in a physical hard drive that does not rely on the internet and also a cloud-based storage app that does need the internet to function.

Living without internet at home

Can You Live Without Wifi?

Is it possible to live without internet? This depends on the nature of your work and your lifestyle. You must ask yourself, “do I need internet?”

Do kindly take note that there is no such thing as wifi without internet. They are referred to as the same thing.

If you are an IT professional or a teacher who heavily relies on the internet and WiFi to carry out your professional duties, you will struggle.

However, if you are a car mechanic, a cleaner, or a gardener, you can still easily do your professional duties even if there is no internet. 

Though having the internet will make your job easier, such as creating cleaning trackers or car servicing tips online, it is absolutely not necessary!

Hence, if you are wondering how to live without the internet or what to do without wifi, then you can consider jobs that do not require wifi!

It IS possible to live without the internet!

Maybe you started out reading this article thinking living without internet at home was impossible but I say, don’t knock it till you try it.

This doesn’t mean I’m asking you to toss your wireless routers out the window.

We covered that that is considered littering and quite rude.

The internet is a great tool and is not an evil thing.

Lots of people upskill and better themselves with the internet but our society has grown accustomed to limitless wifi and that’s taken away some important things from us.

So give it a test run, try unplugging and living without internet at home.

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