freelance writing online for beginners

Freelance Writing For Beginners-8 Steps to Get Hired in 2023

Freelance writing for beginners is tough. 

But if you’re looking for freelance jobs online from home for beginners, this is honestly a great one! 

You don’t know where to start, what to charge, and how to find clients, don’t worry, I’m here to help. 

Hi, I’m Aisha Preece founder of Out and Beyond, and I was in the same boat! 

But, I finally figured it out and want to show you an 8-step process alongside some great tips that I followed that helped me go from clueless, to a healthy pipeline of paid writing clients.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have experience or a degree.In this guide, you will know how to get paid for articles, how to start freelance writing and the best freelance writing jobs for beginners’ websites today to get paid!

freelance writing jobs for beginners

Freelance Writing for Beginners: 8 Steps

  1. Decide on the TYPE of writing you want to write about
  2. Choose a niche
  3. Create 3-4 Samples
  4. Create a writers website
  5. How to find paid clients
  6. Decide what to charge
  7. Get paid
  8. Get recurring work

Note-When I was a freelance writing beginner, I felt super overwhelmed and also had SERIOUS imposter syndrome.

I took this freelance writing course which taught me everything I know, trained me up from writing noob with no experience to securing paying clients.

The course leader Elna, is so patient and helpful and I am so very grateful I took this course as it changed my life (an income). Thanks Elna!

She teaches you article writing for beginners, the best freelance writing niches, and where all the best freelance writing websites are.

If you want to know how to start writing for beginners, this is perfect course for you.


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    1. Decide On The Type Of Writing  You Want To Write About

    Surely when you decided to search for freelance writing for beginners, a lot of questions came to your mind, including the type of writing you could do.

    There are many types of content you can write about. Think about all the things you read online, e-books, blogs, websites, magazines.. someone was paid to write this stuff!

    Here are some examples of writing you can do :

    1. Blog Freelance Writing 

    These are typically 800-1200 words long, although I’ve noticed that companies are now favoring ‘long-form’ content. This is content that exceeds 2000 words.


    Because it makes them rank higher and easier to find on Google.

    The style of the content is normally conversational and written for a specific blog audience.

    Blogs consistently need to be updated, so it’s a great opportunity to get recurring work.

    Examples :

    freelance writing for beginners

    2. Online Magazines Freelance Writing

    Magazines require more in-depth articles with more research, but they pay better. So if you like to investigate, this is an ideal job for you.

    But keep in mind that some magazines publish monthly or quarterly, rather than weekly, some work won’t be as consistent and recurring like blog posts.

    3. E-books Freelance Writing

    It seems everyone and their dog has an autobiography, and often, they will hire someone to write it for them as they are busy.

    Ghost-writing e-books is a popular writing career, because you can charge more.


    The Art of the Deal- Donald Trump– written by Tony Schwartz

    4. Websites Freelance Writing

    Every company should have a website so they can advertise their products and services to their existing and potential customers.

    Someone needs to write product descriptions, update the website content and the company home page.

    With this type of writing, the company’s website attracts leads and expands their brand awareness. This is an incredibly valuable service to offer as a writer!

    Making this one of the most profitable types of writing, so if you love sales, this is definitely a type of freelance writing you should look into.


    A healthy drinks company

    freelance writing for beginners

    2. Choose A Niche

    It is possible that when deciding to start in this freelance writing online world, you jumped between different topics of interest to write about.

    But, you need to decide on a specific area you are going to write about.


    Because it allows you to build authority and become an expert. This will increase your chances of getting hired and help you increase your rate.

    For example:

    If you have a chronic back issue, do you go to a general doctor or a back specialist to fix it? Who would you pay more?

    You go to the back specialist because they have the skills and expertise to fix your specific problem.

    Same with writing, if a client needs someone to write about a finance topic.

    They will hire a finance writer, who has the skills and expertise to write about finance topics properly.

    So how do you decide your niche?

    1. Education

    You could write about topics related to your educational background. 

    For example, I know a girl who writes for agriculture magazines because she has a degree in agriculture.

    2. Work Experience

    You could also write on topics related to your work experience.

    For example, I worked in banking for over 8 years, so I am a personal finance writer 🙂

    3. Passion and Personal Experience

    You could also write about things that interest you. Your hobbies or your passion.

    I have a friend who writes about health and wellness and another who writes specifically about sports.

    4. Follow The Money

    If you’re looking at becoming a well-paid writer fast, consider freelance writing for profitable niches

    It may also be a good idea to not tie yourself down to one niche based on your expertise, and rather learn to write for industries that need writers and are willing to pay.

    freelance writing for beginners

    3- Create 3-4 Samples

    When you apply for writing jobs, they will want to see examples of your writing.

    But how can you show examples if no one has hired you yet? It’s like the chicken and egg argument.

    There are a few solutions :

    1. Guest Posting

    Several websites are open to receiving guest posts. These are normally unpaid but it’s a great way to start freelance writing for beginners and get your writing on a platform.

    A really easy way to find guest posts is to google your niche + guest posts.

    So for me :

    Personal finance + guest posts

    Write for us + personal finance

    Here are some sites that accept guest posts :

    Buzzfeed-Entertainment and Viral content

    TODAY– Parenting and Food niche

    Red Tricycle– Parenting niche

    GoMadNomad– Travel niche (Paid!)

    guest post on gomadnomad

    2. Google Docs

    You can just fire up google and start to write samples!

    Create 3-4 well-researched, easy-to-read writing samples and you can send the Google Docs link on as your portfolio when you apply for a job.

    This is a simple way to share your freelance content writer portfolio and at the same time keep all your articles organized, even by categories.

    3. Linkedin

    Linkedin allows you to write an article and display a portfolio on it.

    The added benefit of this is, your potential clients can have a look at your writing and hire you.

    It’s a great platform for getting freelance writing jobs for beginners.

    4. Medium

    Medium is also a platform that allows you to submit and display your writing. If your post is popular, you can get paid for your writing!

    Click here for more platforms linked to Medium you can write for

    5. Contently

    You can upload your portfolio of writing on Contently. You can add images and it looks professional. Here is an example of mine here:

    how to start freelance writing

    6. Start Your Own Blog

    You could set up your own blog and display some of your writing here. Just like Out n Beyond is doing!

    Now I have my own writers’ website, but when I began, I just had this blog and used the writing here as my portfolio 🙂

    7. Social Media Platforms – Twitter, Instagram 

    Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and even TikTok are an excellent way to give your work exposure and find freelance jobs online for beginners.

    You can extract key points, post up valuable snippets from your articles and share the links to your articles. 

    By sharing your work on social media, you can build a community of customers and get your work shared with others easily. 

    P.S. Don’t forget to create a professional account separate from your personal account and start posting! 

    8. Pinterest 

    Pinterest is a great platform for lifestyle content, therefore if you’re a lifestyle writer, it may benefit you to share your content here. 

    Lifestyle content usually revolves around food & recipes, DIY, arts, fashion & styling, and home & living.

    Display your portfolio with pins of your content, you get brownie points if it is organized neatly. 

    Who knows, bloggers looking for writers or even big publishers may come across your work. 

    4-Create A Writers Website

    Like any business, once you invest time, money, and effort into it…. it is more likely to succeed.

    You can read my Step-by- step Guide on How To Create A Writer’s Website and then set one up yourself if you follow the 8 steps!

    It is important to make your life as simple as possible when you are a beginner freelance writer, so reading a guide or doing a course will be immensely helpful.

    These are the pages you should have on your writer’s website:

    • Homepage
    • Services/Hire Me Page
    • Portfolio
    • Blog
    • Contact Page
    freelance writing for beginners
    Freelance writing for beginners

    5-How To Find Paid Clients

    Now let’s get to the real question. HOW to get writing freelancing jobs for beginners?

    That was the biggest question I had when I started because let’s be honest, we all have bills to pay and things to save for!

    (I am saving for a hike up Mount Kilimanjaro… any sponsors?!)

    Also, I am all for chasing your passions but there is nothing glamorous about sleeping at a bus stop!

    You can find beginner freelance jobs for writers on Job Boards, FB groups, Content Marketing Agencies, or by cold pitching.

    1. Job Boards

    2. FB Groups

    3. Follow Writing Leads on Twitter 

    If you haven’t used Twitter’s advanced search engine, it’s a goldmine for finding freelance job opportunities.

    In the search box, just type out  “writer jobs” or “freelance writing” and you’ll be flooded with tweets offering writing jobs. 

    You’ll also notice some frequent Twitter handles posting up jobs, here are a few to get you started: 

    4. Content Marketing Agencies

    4. Cold Pitching

    If you want to know more about sites that hire freelance writers online check my article about the best freelance writing websites today to get paid today. 

    There you will find job sites that look for different types of writers like freelance email writers or freelance e-book writers!

    What is cold pitching?

    Cold pitching involves finding potential writing clients and pitching a writing opportunity to them. It is a great way to find freelance writing jobs online for beginners free

    But if they haven’t advertised it, they don’t need you right?


    Sometimes they may need you, but they have had the time or budget to advertise a writing opportunity.


    They may not need you now, but they will contact you in the future when an opportunity arises

    This has happened to me many times.

    The best part is, you aren’t competing with hundreds of other writers applying to the job boards.

    How do I pitch? 

    Quite simply, you find the company you want to write for (like I did with this company ) and send them a prospect email!

    Here is an example :

    freelance writing guide

    To be quite honest, the only way I managed to create my own writer’s website, learn how to pitch and build a pipeline of clients was because I took that amazing freelance writing course I mentioned at the beginning.

    She also teaches you how to get your $1,000 writing by sharing her pitches and tips.

    Within one month of taking her course, I had three new clients. I am only suggesting this as I took the course myself.

    That is somehow you would spend on a nice meal! Spend it instead, on building a platform for your future savings 🙂

    She shows you step by step using videos on how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and land high paying clients.

    I think it is essential for anyone looking to start a freelance writing career, secure writing jobs from home and get paid well for it.

    5. Content Mills

    Content mills advertise online article writing jobs for beginners.

    But, I would like to add a word of caution, these don’t pay well and I have never written for any of them.

    Your best bet is to try the alternatives above HOWEVER, I also understand the fear of having no money.

    If you are writing for free to get experience, then you may as well get paid.

    So your last option is content mills.

    freelance writing for beginners

    6-What Do I Charge?

    Freelance writing is one of the best freelance jobs for beginners as once you establish yourself, you’ll be making a steady stream of income!

    You don’t want to undervalue yourself but you also don’t want to scare the client away

    I get it. I was the same

    My advice is to start on the lower end when you are beginning to build value and reputation.

    You can quickly increase your rate once you have written for a few clients,

    I started by charging less but now my rate is no less than $0.10 per word, for new clients.

    I try to stick with this minimum rate, UNLESS there is a potential for a lot of future work, it’s an area that is easy for me to write on and I genuinely enjoy writing about it.

    7-How Do I Get Paid?

    1. Paypal

    Paypal is widely used by freelancers as it is quick and easy for clients.

    Generally, most of my clients pay me via Paypal. Although, some prefer bank account details as it is used worldwide.

    freelance writing for beginners

    2. Transferwise

    So, I set up a TransferWise account, which provides me with bank details for different parts of the world.

    3. Bank Transfers

    A bank transfer is probably the easiest way to get payments done, and many freelancers still use this traditional banking method.

    You can probably start of with bank transfers, however, you need to use other avenues especially if your clientele is global.

    Should I expect an upfront payment?

    This is a hard one. Generally, I get paid at the end of each month once I submit an invoice.

    When you take on freelance jobs for beginners, ask these questions before you start taking on jobs.

    Do you need to clarify the terms of payment i.e. payment upon invoice submitted? Payment upon publication?

    freelance writing for beginners

    8-How To Get Recurring Work

    Ideally, you want to try and get as much recurring work as possible so you don’t spend all your time pitching for work.

    The best way to get recurring freelance writing jobs online as a freelance article writer is to do this:

    1. Deliver On Time or Ahead Of Schedule

    Deliver a well-researched article ahead of schedule, with images, grammar checked and sources quoted. Go above and beyond and spend extra time trying to wow the new client.

    2. Ask For Feedback

    Once they receive it, ask them for feedback

    If they give good feedback, ask them:

     ‘Would you like me to send a list of other potential headlines for you to review?’


     ‘What areas is your content thin? Would you like me to fill those gaps by sending a list of potential headlines?’

    3. Offer Referral Deals

    Most clients will be more than happy to refer you to other businesses especially if you’ve done a good job. 

    A great way to get referred is to offer something in return to your clients to give them a nudge. 

    Maybe you can offer to write them an article for free if their referrals turn into jobs for you.

    Lastly, have a dance-off with your laptop when you discover you have a robust pipeline of freelance work!



    Freelance Writing for Beginners Business Tips:

    1.Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile And Twitter

    Once you approach a company, 9/10 times they will check your LinkedIn to see what you are about.

    I know this because I have seen editors check my LinkedIn profile after I send them a new pitch.

    Make your profile look legitimate and professional

    You can copy mine here and while you are at it, ADD ME on LinkedIn!

    freelance writing guide

    2.Email Signature

    I only realized how professional this looked until I received an email from a reputable well-known freelance writer and noticed she had a sleek email signature.

    You have an email signature for an office job, this is no different.

    Once you start treating your freelance writing like a business, you will start earning money like a business.

    You can copy mine here :

    freelance writing guide


    3.Have A Pitch Spreadsheet And Follow Up

    It’s always good to keep track of your pitches, email addresses, titles and most importantly, ALWAYS follow up.

    I have received numerous writing opportunities after following up. However, leave a week before you follow up.

    Example follow up email :

    freelance writing guide


    4. Scams

    Unfortunately, there are scammers out there looking to take advantage of writers.

    Some companies will ask you to write a free sample of 1,200 words and then you never hear from them again.

    When I was starting out, I was naive and wrote a 1,200 ‘Test sample’. I saw my article on their website but I never received any recognition or payment from them. Grrrr!

    A rule of thumb is, don’t write anything more than 300-500 words as an unpaid test sample.

    5. Learn About SEO

    For freelance content writers, learning about SEO is essential. 

    To make it easier for you to understand, you must learn about SEO so that your articles are the first ones that appear when someone types “freelance writing for beginners”.

    The reason you clicked on my article is because this freelance writing for beginners post is SEO optimized, making it easier for it to appear on Dr. Google’s first results page!

    This helps me receive more traffic which in return helps me get more passive income or attract potential content writing clients, isn’t that amazing?! 

    That is the power of SEO and the importance of why you should learn it as a freelance content writer. 

    Plus, SEO traffic is one of the best traffics to get as it is free to get, contrary to paid traffic, like Facebook Ads.

    If you are curious about Mastering SEO, whether it is to offer this service to your content clients OR for your own blog, I invite you to check my SEO Masterclass


    There you will learn the exact strategy I did to get nearly 100,000 pageviews a month from Google, in 7 months.

    Learning SEO will not only help you raise your rates but also help you drive traffic, and in the long run help you monetize your own blog to have passive income, #financialfreedom!

    6. You Don’t Have To Quit Your Full-Time Job

    One of the top freelance writing tips for beginners is that you don’t have to quit your full-time job. 

    This is because when you start as a freelance writer you must have a backup savings account to support yourself.

    In the beginning, you may not have many clients, or don’t earn enough to pay your debts and bills.

    If you still having your full-time job you can focus on what really matters:

    • Upskilling;
    • Learning how to have a freelance business

    This may seem difficult at first, you may think you don’t have even a minute to spare. 

    But the reality is, you probably can invest at least 1 hour in your freelance writing side hustle each week or day. 

    For example, if you are one of those who love to watch Netflix daily, substitute one of those hours and start writing instead, remember that only then will your career as a freelance writer start. 

    You will see that as time passes your efforts will be worth it and you could have a greater monthly income than you had with your full-time job!

    Note: I am not saying it will be easy to have a full-time job and build a freelance business,  I speak from experience, and know it is not. BUT, it is a process that requires sacrifices and patience, it is not a sprint but a marathon 😉

    7. Let Go Of Perfectionism

    Have you ever heard of the saying: write drunk, edit sober?

    This means that when you start writing as a beginner, it is fine that your writing is kind of crappy, but the good news? 

    The only way you can improve is by writing again! 

    Keep making mistakes and, after writing your drafts, take time and use tools like Grammarly to help you edit your content. 

    Let go of perfectionism, this will only make your success process slower.

    Instead, if you want to have success as a freelance content writer focus on:

    8. Have A Lot Of Patience And Perseverance

    Yes, for you to be successful as a freelance writer or freelance in general, you have to be very patient and dedicated on a daily basis.

    To be able to stick to your freelance writing journey, you should:

    1. Choose a niche not only for the money but also because you have some interest in it, this will make the writing process easier.  
    1. Don’t compare your journey to others. Instead, get inspired, learn from them, and focus on building your writing and freelance empire.
    1. Get a writing buddy or freelance buddy, someone to talk to to get inspired and motivated. It is always nice to have a friend that is on the same or similar journey to mutually cheer for each other.
    Freelance writing for beginners

    Best Freelance Writing Tips For Beginners 

    1. Write A Good Headline

    A headline that hooks a reader and draws them in to read an article is almost as important as the article itself.

    Here are some tools to help you came up with a good headline:

    headline helper to help you with your writing career

    2. Grammarly

    ALWAYS use Grammarly to check the grammar, it’s free and easy to use.

    3. Bullets Or Numbered Lists

    Bullets or numbered lists make an article easy to read.

    Make sure you break your text up into easy to read points and numbers (like I did for you in  this article !)

    4. Keep Your Paragraphs Short

    Keep your paragraphs short and sweet. I know I violate this rule sometimes, but try and keep it no more than 3-4 sentences per paragraph.

    5. Use Sources And Statistics

    Always try and use external sources to back up any statements, it makes your writing more credible and professional.

    Example, in this article,I quote The Huffington Post to back up my statement

    6. Use Images

    Have you ever read an article and its block of text after text?

    I don’t know about you , but I have a short attention span and I like to be entertained when I read.

    So, bullet points and images are great to keep readers interested.

    You can source FREE images from these websites:

    how to start freelance writing

    7. Plan Your Outline And Collect Content Ideas

    If you are a blog freelance content writer, it is best you first build an article outline and dedicate some hours to research BEFORE writing.

    Afterward, start writing! This process will help you avoid writer’s block as you already have a  structure and information to work on.

    Also, if you work as a freelance fiction writer or blogger, it is possible that many ideas for your content arise, or the opposite happens, you don’t come up with anything new!

    But don’t worry, this can be solved by always writing down your ideas. 

    To do this, have a writer’s notebook or a Note App like Evernote where you can write down what comes to mind at any time. 

    Other apps you can consider to keep your annotations organized are:

    Note: this tip also works for other types of writers, always take notes if a new content idea arises, and then check it later with more time.

    8. Write Consistently

    As you get started in freelance writing, you need to build your own habit of writing daily. 

    Each person has their own adaptation and learning process, you just have to find yours.

    Set your writing schedule and start writing articles that you are comfortable with. You can start with very short articles until you can write more words without compromising quality.

    Also, remember you can also take  writing for beginners courses, as well as lookup  examples of freelance writing  and freelance writing tips articles such as my blog post: 

    Where you will learn tons of free writing tips to create and how to format content your readers and clients will LOVE!

    Freelance Writing For Beginners FAQS

    freelance writing jobs for beginners

    What Is Freelance Writing For Beginners?

    Freelance writing for beginners is freelance work that involves some type of writing. 

    If you’re wondering which freelancing job is best for beginners, this is it!

    There are different types of examples of freelance writing jobs such as:

    • Freelance email writer
    • Freelance blog writer
    • Freelance copywriter
    • Freelance ads writer.

    And many more! It is honestly one of the easy freelance jobs for beginners. Curious to know which ones are the most profitable types of writing? Check my article: 21 Most Profitable Freelance Writing Niches (In 2021).

    How To Start Freelance Writing For Beginners (No Experience)?

    There are many ways to start writing freelance for beginners if you do not have writing experience, some of them are:

    • Read articles related to the topic or niche of your interest.
    • Write daily, even for an hour.
    • Have your own blog and start publishing articles, use them as samples to attract new clients.
    • Write for your family or friends and use those articles as writing samples.
    • Pitch for guest post opportunities, where you can use the post as a proof of your writing abilities.
    • Take a writing course, upskill and learn the best ways of cold pitching for writers and freelancers.

    Do I Need A Degree To Do Freelance Writing?

    No. You don’t need a degree to get into freelance writing as a beginner. 

    But it is essential that you train yourself, and upskill constantly to raise your rates and deliver high-quality work.

    Also, it is very important to be consistent and disciplined with your work in order to be trusted by clients but also to be able to develop your freelance writing career.

    What Skills Do I Need For Freelance Writing?

    The essential skills freelance writers need to have to be successful are: 

    • Time management, to deliver work on time
    • Good communication to have good relationships with your clients, and have the expectations and deliveries clear.
    • Know how to structure an article for good readability.
    • Be good at research 
    • Be disciplined, instead of excuses bring solutions to your clients, this will always set you apart.
    • Be good at grammar and punctuation, if you need help you can also use free grammar apps or even pay a proofreader

    What Is The Average Pay For Freelance Writers?

    According to ziprecruiter the average monthly pay of a freelance writer in the United States is $5,268 a month.

    BUT, this pay varies depending on the country you are in, the type of writing you do, your skill writing level, number of words, and many more things.

    If you want to learn how to thrive as a freelance writing beginner, check out:

    how to become a freelance writer

    There you will learn the exact strategy to: 

    1. Create a writing portfolio as a beginner
    2. Write a good article that clients like
    3. What to charge for your writing?
    4. Where are all the best-paid writing jobs?
    5. How to increase your rate?

    And many more tips, plus pitching templates and SEO training to thrive as a freelance writer!!

    Can I Make $1000 A Month Freelance Writing?

    You can definitely make $1000 a month freelance writing, you can actually start making this much with the right skillset and little to no experience. 

    It is one of the most  well paying freelancer jobs for beginners. 

    Once you have gathered a good amount of experience, and have further enhanced your skill set, you will be earning way more! 

    On average, freelance writers in the USA make up to $165000 a year. 

    Which Freelancing Writing Site Is Best For Beginners?

    Here are the 8 best freelance writing sites for beginners to start with. 

    1. Upwork
    2. Fiverr
    3. Flexjobs
    4. Freelancer
    5. Writer In Charge 
    6. The Write Life 
    7. All Freelance Writing
    8. Media Bistro
    9. Problogger
    10. Clearvoice

    There are also an abundance of writing freelance jobs from home for beginners that are available in various Facebook Groups, and job boards on Twitter. 

    Is It Easy To Start Freelance Writing?

    It is easy to start freelance writing, in fact it is one of the easiest freelance jobs out there that pay extremely well

    There are so many possibilities with freelance writing as there are so many writing styles and hundreds of niches to write in. 

    There is sure to be a style or niche that you will excel in. All you have to know how to do is write clearly and well, and it is a skill that can be continuously polished. 

    Starting off may not be that easy, but once you’ve got your footing, it’s definitely one of the easy freelance jobs to make money. 

    How Hard Is Freelance Writing?

    It is not that hard to start freelance writing, however, it does take hard work to grow and establish yourself as a sough-after freelance writer. 

    To create a freelance writing career that is fulfilling, you need to be able dedicate your time and effort to enhancing your writing skills, managing your time well, gaining experience and applying for jobs. 

    Check out my e-book How To Become A Freelance Writer for tips and guidance on becoming a successful freelance writer with a full roaster of clients. 

    How Can I Teach Myself To Write?

    You can teach yourself to write well with these 8 tried and true tips.

    1. Write consistently, daily if possible
    2. Keep an idea log to list out ideas
    3. Create an outline before writing anything – an article, book etc. 
    4. Have a writing structure 
    5. Use Grammarly to correct any grammar mistakes 
    6. Start your own blog
    7. Write guest posts
    8. Let go of perfectionism  

    How Can I Write Online And Get Paid?

    You can write online and get paid with these 8 freelance jobs from home for beginners

    1. Write articles for online magazines 
    2. Do freelancing paragraph writing for blog posts for bloggers 
    3. Start your own blog and monetize it 
    4. Create an e-book 
    5. Ghostwrite articles or a book
    6. Write website copy
    7. Write social media content 
    8. Write scripts for podcasters and video creators 

    How Do I Get My First Writing Job On Upwork?

    Follow these steps to get your first writing job on Upwork: 

    1. Sign up with your work email address and add in your personal information
    2. Fill out your education and past work experience
    3. Highlight the writing work you’ve done previously
    4. Create 3 to 4 samples for potential clients to view
    5. Apply for 2 to 3 jobs every day 
    6. Lower your hourly rates (you can always increase them later) 
    7. Work on improving your proposals 
    8. Market your Upwork profile on social media or your website 
    freelance writing for beginners


    Freelance writing for beginners is entirely possible. It is one of the most lucrative online freelance jobs for beginners.

    You don’t need a fancy journalism degree or contacts (although that helps!). But I had neither and I still earn a full-time income that helps me pay my bills and save.

    Do you have any other tips, please share them with us!

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