Get paid to move to georgia

How to Get Paid To Move To Georgia?

Wondering if you can get paid to move to Georgia? You absolutely can! 

If you’ve been looking to relocate and are looking for reasons to move to Georgia, what better than getting paid to move to Georgia for free?

Obviously, not every city in Georgia is offering this, but I’ve already done the legwork and I’ll tell you how to move to Georgia and the best places to move in Georgia. 

You might also wonder if you can get paid to move to Georgia without a job.

Short answer: No, you cannot — if you want to get paid to move to Georgia, you need to have a job on hand already. 

Aside from all these details, I’ll also delve into things you’ll need to know like potential reasons not to move to Georgia.

Get paid to move to georgia

Ready? Head right on for the down low! 

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Can You Get Paid To Move To Georgia?

Yes, you can get paid to move to Georgia.

There are several programs around the state of Georgia that would pay you to move there. 

The most prominent and most recent of all programs is Columbus 2025, which will pay you to move to Columbus, the second-largest city in Georgia. 

It is a program where the city of Columbus, Georgia has paired up with MakeMyMove, an online directory that connects remote workers with places to work around the US.  

However, to qualify for this program and get paid to move to Georgia, you’ll need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Have full-time employment with the ability to relocate from your current role
  • Earn at least $75,000 in a year 
  • Be living at least 75 miles outside of Columbus when you are applying
  • Have the ability to relocate to Muscogee County, Georgia within six months of acceptance into the program
  • Be at least 18 years old 
  • Be a US citizen or have the right to work and live in the US legally 

How Much Can You Get Paid To Move To Georgia?

Curious as to how much can you get paid to move to Georgia? It’s a tidy $5,000 in solid cash along with $2,400 in benefits. 

These benefits are meant to help you settle into your life in Columbus, Georgia. Items in the Columbus, Georgia relocation package include:

In order to receive your full $5,000 payout, you will need to move to Columbus within six months of receiving the offer and stay for a year. 

Get paid to move to georgia

Where Should You Move To In Georgia To Get Paid?

1. Columbus 

You can move to Columbus, Georgia under the Columbus 2025 program and get paid up to $5,000 in cash and receive $2,400 in benefits if you stay there for at least a year. 

The catch is that you’ll need to have a full-time role that allows you to work remotely and bring in at least $75,000 annually. 

2. Savannah 

Savannah, Georgia previously had a relocation reimbursement of $2,000 for tech professionals if they chose to move to this city. 

The criteria were that: You had to have had three years of working experience, work in Savannah for two years, and be self-employed or be able to work remotely with a tech firm.

This Savannah relocation program on MakeMyMove seems to be on hold for now, but bookmark the page or subscribe to their mailing list, so you’ll be the first to be informed if things change. 

Types Of Jobs You Can Find In Georgia

There are many types of jobs you can find in Georgia. Here are the popular roles that are often looking for people:

  • Sales Associates
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Lab Technicians
  • Casino Dealers
  • Cashiers
  • Cook 

Some industries you can keep an eye out for, for jobs in Georgia include transport, healthcare, and retail. 

However, if you want to get paid to move to Georgia under the Columbus 2025 program, you should already be holding onto a full-time job that allows you to work remotely.

If you’re a spouse or a family member of someone who’s in the program and keen on job opportunities in Georgia, then apply away! ‘

Get paid to move to georgia

How Much Can You Make Working In Georgia?

Wondering how much can you make working in Georgia? 

The average salary isn’t too shabby, standing at close to $47,000 a year. The average hourly pay is $22.50 per hour. 

This is a pretty decent salary considering that the cost of living in Georgia is 10% lower than the national average in the US.

Key components such as housing, utilities, and necessities are all lower in Georgia compared to the national average.

So you can be sure you’ll be able to stretch that dollar no matter how much you make in Georgia. 

Pros Of Moving To Georgia 

1. Great Weather

Georgia has a humid subtropical climate, which means that it has relatively long, hot summers and milder winters. 

To translate it means that the weather is generally quite fair in Georgia, with many days of sunshine

Get paid to move to georgia

2. Friendly Community

If you’ve never lived in Georgia or the US, you’ll be glad to know that people in Georgia are incredibly friendly — what they say about Southern hospitality is true!

Get paid to move to georgia

3. Abundance of Nature Spots

Georgia has many national parks, and state parks, and is even the start of the Appalachian Trail that many serious hikers have on their bucket list. 

Cons Of Moving To Georgia 

1. Slightly High Crime Rate

While Georgia on the whole has a crime rate that is close to the national average, Columbus, Georgia’s crime rate, however, is a tad higher. 

Columbus, Georgia has a higher-than-average violent crime rate of 36.8 compared to the national average of 22.7

While such statistics may sound alarming, residents say it is generally safe day-to-day. But it’s still worth being cautious and keeping an eye out when out and about.

2. Poor Public Transport Infrastructure

Beyond the central Atlanta area, there are limited public transportation options. 

While cities like Columbus have public bus routes, it remains a solid fact that the city is extremely car-centric. 

Your Checklist For Moving To Georgia 

Convinced that you want to get paid to move to Georgia? 

You’ll want to make sure you’re all prepared for the move then! Here’s a quick checklist to have on hand to make sure you’re okay! 

  • Secure housing in Georgia through a realtor, whether you’re looking to rent or purchase
  • Get in touch with a moving company to move your furniture if you intend to move them to your new spot 
  • Check if you need to convert your driver’s licence, as many cities in Georgia don’t have great public transportation
  • If you have kids, start researching schools and get in touch with them to see how to transfer your kids over
  • Arrange to forward your mail to your new address in sunny Georgia

Lastly, remember to keep your loved ones informed of your move to Georgia. 

Or not, you decide! 

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Get paid to move to georgia

FAQs on Get Paid To Move To Georgia

Who Will Pay You To Move To Georgia?

If you’re wondering who will pay you to move to Georgia, it’s the city of Columbus, which will pay you up to $5,000 in cash and $2,400 in benefits to move to Georgia. 

The Columbus 2025 program, which is run together with MakeMyMove, a remote working directory for relocation opportunities in the US. 

Columbus will pay individuals a total of $7,400 in cash and benefits to move to the city for a year. 

However, they will need to have a full-time role that allows them to work remotely, have an annual income of at least $75,000, and have the legal right to work and live in the US. 

Is It Easy To Migrate To Georgia?

Wondering if it is easy to migrate to Georgia, the country? 

For starters, if you’re planning to head there, you’ll likely have visa-free entry to Georgia for up to a year — if you’re from any of these 90 countries

It is not difficult to migrate to this small country that’s located between Europe and Asia — there’s already a thriving expatriate community there. 

But if you’re looking to migrate to Georgia the state in the US, you’ll also be glad to know that it is not at all difficult to migrate to Georgia, especially if you’re Canadian.

Anywhere in the US is easy to immigrate to — the process can be quite fast, fuss-free, and affordable, as long as you meet the requirements. 

Is Georgia A Good State To Relocate?

If you’re on the fence about whether Georgia is a good state to relocate to, it is definitely one of the best states to be in, especially for retirement.

With great weather, a fair standard of living, and an amazing local community, more and more people are moving to Georgia — even the younger ones! 

Those who move there love that Georgia’s got all the conveniences of a big city, but is more laidback, and has great food and fresh air. 

What Is A Livable Salary in Georgia?

Curious as to what is a livable salary in Georgia, given that you might be moving there. It averages about $93,240 a year

It means that as long as you make about $93,240 a year, you can be quite comfortable and happy living in Georgia.

However, this doesn’t mean that you need to be earning this sum to live comfortably in Georgia. 

The survey by Purdue University and GoBankingRates also says that as long as you make between $53,280 and $66,660, you can maintain your emotional well-being.  

What Is The Downside Living In Georgia? 

Not sure what is the downside of living in Georgia? There are a few, but the main one is that there are a lot of pests in Georgia due to the climate and that it is located in the South. 

You can use bug spray, of course, but needing to always use it can get annoying and inconvenient after a while. 

Another downside is that the state has extremely hot summers. 

So once you double that with the bug situation, it can make for a pretty unbearable spot, especially if you are not a fan of both. 

How Much Does It Cost To Move To Georgia?

Not sure how much does it cost to move to Georgia? The average cost of living in Georgia for a year is around $43,500

This cost includes housing, utilities, healthcare, food, gas, and miscellaneous personal expenditures.

In general housing in Georgia costs about $1,000 to $2,000 a month, so you can be sure a bulk of the cost of living in a year goes into that, alongside healthcare.

The costs of healthcare can be reduced if you’re generally healthy and if you have robust health insurance coverage.

Get paid to move to georgia

As you can see, it’s entirely possible to get paid to move to Georgia.

Georgia, on the whole, is also a very liveable state, with plenty of great cities, especially the one you can get paid to move to — Columbus.

Sure there might be cons if you want to move to Georgia, but given that there are plenty more pros, and that there is the opportunity to get paid to move to Georgia, you can do the math.

I personally have considered hiking the Appalachian Trail and the fact that Georgia is one of the states that this amazing trail passes through makes my heart skip a beat thinking of it. 

As you weigh the pros and cons of whether it’s worth it to get paid to move to Georgia, I hope my article has helped you in some way.

Let me know how the decision goes and if you want to know anything more! 

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