Freelance writing jobs for beginners

Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners- 9 Unique Ways to Find Jobs

9 Unique Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners

Are you a new freelance writer and you are trying to find freelance writing jobs for beginners?

There are actually a range of creative ways you can land freelance writing jobs, I have tried a few myself, so I know they work 🙂

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Before I begin, I need to disclose the fact that when I began my freelance writing career, I googled lots of free training and tried to learn as much as I could for free. (to save money)

I was learning but really slowly and useful information was in different places and some weren’t useful at all! So I took this online writing course and it blew my mind. Within 3 weeks I had 3 new paid writing clients.

The freelance writing course teaches you:

The best part about this course is the 30-day template you just need to follow exactly, and by the end of it, I guarantee you will have at least one writing client, (I came out with 3)

There is no way you will finish the 30-days and not win a new client. Her training is THAT good. And I am not making this up, because I took the course myself.

If you are ever going to invest in one writing course – please let it be this one. It’s the most useful thing you can do if you want to know how to be a freelance writer with no experience.

freelance writing jobs for beginners with elna cain course

Ok, so how do you get freelance writing jobs for beginners?

Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners

1.Job Boards

The great thing about job boards is they advertise freelance writing jobs for beginners in different niches and locations and you can just filter them according to your industry or interest.

Here are some job boards with freelance writing jobs for beginners:

  1. FB Groups

Interestingly, you can find freelance writing jobs for beginners in Facebook groups and also learn from other freelance writers on there.

They talk about everything from common client queries to how to deal with difficult clients and also, sometimes they advertise freelance writing jobs for beginners on there too.

I have secured a few jobs this way.

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    1. Content Marketing Agencies

    Content marketing agencies normally have big clients and provide writers the opportunity to write for big brands and receive a steady stream of writing work.

    You normally have to fill in an application and sometimes do a writing test, but once you are in, you are in!

    And then they will continue to send writing work your way, so it’s a great place to find online article writing jobs for beginners.

    Note- You can’t actively search for jobs on Contently, but you can showcase your portfolio, if some of the big brands like Walmart, Google or Microsoft see your work, they may choose you and the pay will be very good.

    This is a passive approach to finding freelance work but it’s a great way to showcase your portfolio for free.

    1. Cold Pitching

    The word cold pitching used to make me want to run for the hills. But after I took this freelance writing course, it made perfect sense.

    Rather than compete with hundreds of other applicants, if you pitch to a potential client, there will be less to zero competition.

    This is my favorite way to securing freelance writing jobs for beginners and I get the best-paid jobs this way too!

    How do I pitch? 

    Quite simply, you find the company you want to write for and send them a prospect email!

    Here is an example of a pitch I wrote at the beginning of my writing career which resulted in me to get a freelance writing job in travel. It is a bit long winded and I have improved my pitch since then, but my point is… it got me a writing job!

    writing pitch for online writing jobs

    To be quite honest, and I know I keep going on about this but it’s because I found it so useful.

    The only way I managed to create my own writer’s website, learn how to pitch and build a pipeline of clients was because I took this amazing freelance writing course.

    It is called Write Your Way to Your First $1k, by Elna Cain.

    1. Linkedin

    LinkedIn is a great way to find freelance writing jobs online for beginners. Make sure you  ‘keyword optimize’ your Linkedin profile and make it look professional.

    I have been messaged on LinkedIn by HR recruiters looking for writers many times.

    The great thing about Linkedin is, it also allows you to upload writing samples on your LinkedIn profile for potential clients to view.

    And finally, MAKE SURE you sign up to LinkedIn in job notifications. I get writing jobs sent to me every week and so many of my friends have secured jobs through Linkedin job notifications.

    1. Start a blog

    Starting a blog is going to help you. build your online presence and land freelance writing gig for beginners.

    I know this as I have a blog and clients find me through my blog.

    You can set up a blog for as little as $3.95 per month, here is a simple step by step guide on how to set up a blog.

    You don’t need to write lots of blog content, just make sure to update it once a week and your blog posts can be used as writing samples too.

    So it’s a win-win.

    Also – here are 6 easy ways you can earn money from your blog too

    So my blog :

    • Helps me win writing jobs when clients find me online
    • Helps me apply for new jobs as I use the blog posts as samples
    • It helps me earn passive income from some of the ways mentioned in the article above.
    1. Paid Guest Posting

    Guest posting is normally a way to get your work published on sites to improve your credibility as a writer.

    Normally guest posts are unpaid BUT I’ve discovered there are some that do pay! So guest posts are a great way to find freelance writing jobs from home for beginners.

    A really easy way to find guest posts is to google your niche + guest posts.

    So for me :

    • Personal finance + guest posts
    • Write for us + personal finance

    Here are some examples of paid guest posts but there are hundreds more if you google ‘ paid guest posts’.

    • GoMadNomad– Travel niche ($25 per article)
    • Cosmopolitan – women’s magazine- $100 for an 800-word essay
    • Motherly– family and parenthood-$50-$100 per post
    • MoneyPantry-personal finance – Up to $150 for 700-2,000 words
    • Her View from Home-lifestyle site for women and moms-Up to $100 for 600-800 words
    1. Medium

    Medium is also a platform that allows you to submit and display your writing. If your post is popular, you can get paid for your writing!

    Medium has this ‘Partner Program’ which allows you to be paid for popular articles that their readers enjoyed. Click here for more platforms linked to Medium you can write for and find more freelance writing jobs for beginners

    1. Remote Working Sites

    There are a range of freelance sites that advertise online jobs and sometimes they have freelance writing jobs too.

    You just need to input ‘ writer’ or ‘writing’ in the search bar and a list of jobs will come up.

    Well, there you have it, 9 unique ways to get freelance writing jobs for beginners.

    I have tried most of them myself, so I know they work. If you have tried any other ways that worked for you, please mention them in the comments below!

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