How To Sell Feet Pics Online – Legal Extra Income! [2021 Update]

Yes, this is legit, and no you don’t have to be ashamed for typing out how to sell feet pics or how to sell feet pics without getting scammed in your search bar. 

Nowadays, there is a demand for almost anything and everything out there.

So, do not be surprised when you come across articles like how do you sell feet pics online, because this has become a genuine way to bring you more income. 

I think because this is such a rare topic that is spoken about, people might only associate selling feet pictures with feet fetishes or elements of porn and nudity. 

This is not entirely the case, because many brands are actively looking for feet models or feet pictures to help with their business. 

Whatever the case may be, selling feet pics can be a legit way of earning money online without getting scammed!

Let’s cover the necessary steps that you can take to learn how to sell feet pics online or even how to sell feet pics on Reddit. Start earning big bucks by selling feet pictures!

Summary Of All The Best Places To Sell Feet Pics

  1. TikTok
  2. Instagram
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter
  5. Snapchat
  6. Tumblr
  7. Whisper App
  8. Foap
  9. Kik
  10. Reddit
  11. OnlyFans
  12. Patreon
  13. FeetFinder
  14. Etsy
  15. Craigslist
  16. InstaFeet
  17. DollarFeet
  18. Zazzle
  19. Stock Photos

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how to sell feet pics


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All The Best Places You Can Sell Feet Pics

Selling Feet Pics Online On Social Media

1.How To Sell Feet Pics On TikTok

You have got to be living under a rock if you’ve not heard of TikTok

This short-form video sharing platform has taken over social media especially in the past year. Businesses, content creators, remote workers, doctors, teachers, and even scientists have made use of this medium.

Air hostess Deej has made thousands by selling her feet pics, and she explains all about it on her TikTok account. She has even made an ebook on how to get started!

TikTok has over 1 billion monthly active users and can you imagine a better place to start selling your feet pictures? 

Start by creating an account and then you can go ahead and create short videos, with various special effects to display your feet. The more interactive and engaging your videos are, the more likely you will appear in the TikTok users For You Page

The For You algorithm is implemented by TikTok where even though people may not be following you, your videos will still appear on their For You page if they’ve interacted with similar videos previously. 

As the engagement in a video increases, TikTok will then show it to more people, and the loop continues. A video goes viral when the engagement is positive and more visitors are interacting with it. 

In your profile’s bio, be sure to link your website and email address for potential clients to reach out to you. 

how to sell feet pics

2.How To Sell Feet Pics On Instagram

Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform that is widely used for recreational and business purposes all around the world.

Instagram is perfect for you to sell your feet pictures because it is very visual as it is solely focused on pictures and videos. Instagram has been a popular channel for those wondering how to sell pictures of your feet. 

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Create an Instagram account

Once you’ve created your account and grown a good following base, switch it to a business account. However, keep in mind that your profile should always be in private because there will be an element of mystery for those who click on your profile. 

A business account has additional features like Instagram Shopping that a personal account does not. How these features work are, when you’ve uploaded a picture of your feet, you can then add a tag to it. 

When a potential client clicks on the picture, they will see the price of the picture, and they will be redirected to your website or the shopping page on Instagram. 

  1. Hashtag it!

Now, if you consult any social media manager, they will tell you that Instagram hashtags are one of the most effective tools in gaining engagement. 

The hashtags below have got the most posts on Instagram.

  • #feet – 16.9 million post
  • #feetporn – 3.1 million post
  • #prettyfeet – 3.7 million post
  • #feetworhsip – 2.2 million post
  • #feetstagram – 1.2 million post
  1. Gaining followers

The fastest way to start gaining followers is to look for the followers other feet accounts ’ and follow them instead. Get in touch with active members of a feet profile and message them saying you’re in the business too. 

how to sell feet pics on facebook

3.How To Sell Feet Pics On Facebook

With an estimate of 2.8 billion monthly active users, Facebook is still defending its number one position of being the largest social networking online platform.  

How to sell feet pics on Facebook? Best Strategies:

  1. Facebook Business Page

As a beginner, you’re probably wondering how to sell pictures of your feet online. 

So the first and foremost thing you need to do is, set up a Facebook Business Page. You don’t want to be operating from your account as it reduces the chances of clients taking you seriously. 

Set up a business page, ensure that all necessary information is filled out like your website link and email address. Once that is sorted, get going with your content. Post pictures and short videos, making them as engaging and entertaining as possible.

An advantage to having a business page is that Facebook analyzes all information of the billions of profile users out there. This will help in terms of targeted advertisements, as users with similar interests will be navigated to your profile. 

  1. Facebook Followers

Join other Facebook feet groups and start engaging actively with the members in the group. However, be subtle when going about this because you want to remain in the group until you’ve built a good follower base. 

You wouldn’t want the admin of the group to kick you out for stealing their followers. 

how to sell feet pics on Twitter

4.How To Sell Feet Pics On Twitter

Twitter is an ever-growing social media platform with over 187 million monetizable daily active users. Unlike Facebook, this is not a visual platform but is heavily centered around words and communication.  

Think of it as a microblogging stage. 

With Twitter, you’ve got to create an account dedicated to your feet pictures selling business. Grow your followers by actively searching for users using hashtags such as #feetpics, #feetworship, #lovelyfeet, etc.

Look out for the engagement for the hashtags and interact with the followers to grow your base. Be sure to link your website and email address in your profile for further discussion with potential clients. 

how to sell feet pics on Snapchat

5.How To Sell Feet Pics On Snapchat

Snapchat is another platform that you can use to sell feet pics online. This social media platform focuses on short videos and pictures. 

One of the main reasons people use this app is that videos and pictures sent among users will only be visible for 24 hours. It also notifies the user if someone has taken a screenshot of their picture or videos. 

But, how to sell feet pics on Snapchat? Well, you’re going to need two accounts, a public account, and a private premium account. 

The reason for this is that, unlike the other social media platforms, there are no hashtags or groups in Snapchat that will direct followers to your account. So you will need to use your public account to direct your audience to the premium account. 

6. How To Sell Feet Pics On Tumblr

The idea of selling feet pics on Tumblr might seem weird at first, but there are a lot of people who would be interested in such content if you market it right. 

Let’s imagine that you’re a foot model and want to make money by showcasing your feet on Tumblr. 

Here’s what you should do:

1) Make sure to use relevant tags and keywords in the caption and post the photos using the right filters and angles that enhance the beauty of your feet.

2) Write a short post with photos about your feet or any foot care tips to connect with the readers on a more personal level. 

3) Ask for feedback from your followers and potential feet pics buyers. This is very important to improve and offer high-quality feet content that your audience loves and will buy!

You can’t sell directly on Tumblr, but you can find the people who commented on your pics and start chatting with them. 

After potential feet pic buyers show an interest in buying, lead them to your site or speak to them via email where they can see all the offers you have.

Tip: Follow accounts such as these @LoveThoseFeet, there you can have an idea of the type of poses feet lovers may love, bear in mind some are sexy poses while others are very innocent, like wearing socks. Therefore, there is a market for every taste whether you would like to offer sexy feet stuff or fun innocent feet pics!

Selling Feet Pics On Apps

how to sell feet pics

7. How To Sell Feet Pics On Whisper App

This is one of the best apps to sell feet pics if you’re looking for how to sell feet pics anonymously.

Get on this app if you’d like to keep your identity hidden. Whisper is an app that lets you post photos and videos anonymously.

Set up an account and start posting your pictures. 

The only way for you to communicate on the app is through the comment sections so if you managed to get potential clients, provide them the link to your website or give them your email address for further communications. 

8.How To Sell Feet Pics On Foap

Foap is a good app to sell feet pics, a reasonable medium to get on if you’re thinking “how do I sell feet pics”. The app is available for you to download from both Apple Store and Google Play Store.

All you have to do is set up an account and upload your photos on the app and then it will be displayed on Foap Market. This is where your potential clients can review your photo and buy them.

Generally, Foap pays about USD 10 for a photo and the earnings are split 50/50, meaning you get USD 5 each time the photo sells. The transaction can only be done via Paypal, and be sure to cash out the money before the 15th of each month or you’re going to have to wait till the next month to get your money. 

An advantage of this app is that it is partnered with credible sites such as Getty Images and will broadcast your photos to them which in return will entice more potential clients to come crawling your way.  

9.How To Sell Feet Pics On Kik

Kik is an instant messaging app, similar to Whatsapp, where all you need is a solid internet connection for you to connect with people from all around the world. 

With Kik, what you’re going to do is set up your account and do a little research on the different groups focused on selling feet pictures. 

Once you’re in these groups, you can start networking with the members, approaching them with your feet pictures. 

10.How To Sell Feet Pics On Reddit

Reddit is a social platform where your posts are determined by votes. You can gain access to Reddit from the app or through their website. With 52 million daily active users, you’re sure to gain a huge exposure should you play your cards right.

 When you post a picture, video, or statement on Reddit, it will rank in popularity based on the “upvotes” that you get from others. Similarly, you will be de-ranked if the posts have a lot of “downvotes”.

Once you’ve set up your account, be sure to post engaging content to ensure that it will lead you to future business transactions. 

how to sell feet pics on feet finder

How To Sell Feet Pics On Websites

11.How To Sell Feet Pics On Onlyfans

OnlyFans has gained its fair share of attention in the past year. It is an exclusive website dedicated to sharing photos and videos. From having 7 million registered users in 2019, the company has bloomed to having over 50 million registered users.

Now there are two types of accounts that you can set up with OnlyFans, the free account, or the paid subscription account. 

For the free account, anyone can view your profile but you have the option to tie in a price to a picture or video that you’ve uploaded for users to view them. For the paid subscription service, users will have to pay a monthly subscription fee and they will have access to all the contents in your profile.

The first option is suitable for those who are just starting and you’re not going to post regular content. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it and you’re consistent with uploading your content, you can switch to the paid subscription account. 

OnlyFans takes 20% of your revenue so keep that in mind when you’re getting started with this website. 

12. How To Sell Feet Pics On Patreon

Starting on Patreon is completely free! Making it one of the best platforms for those looking how to sell feet pics for free.

It is best to use in combination with a social media account such as Instagram or a Youtube channel, where you connect with your audience, and then direct them to your Patreon. 

As for what you can make on Patreon it can vary from $0 to $221,285+ per month (was that a typo?) 

Nop, you can check here the biggest earners on Patreon and check for yourself.

Of course, objectively speaking how much you can earn will change based on your niche, marketing efforts, quality and quantity of production.

However, if we are talking about selling feet pics online, this patreon creator: (@Stimulating Tickling) has 99 patreons, and 8 levels of membership: from $1 to $50 per month.

Let’s assume the majority of their members are in the basic tier, the $7 membership, that would mean around $699 per month!

This is totally possible for you if you study your Patreon competition, take inspiration and build a loyal audience!

Patreon only takes fees once you have started earning money on the platform. Plus, they have two types of fees; a platform fee, and a payout fee.

As for the platform fee, it varies from 5% to 12% depending on the plan you choose while the payout fee varies greatly depending on the payment method, and the amount.

13.How To Sell Feet Pics On FeetFinder

FeetFinder is probably the best virtual marketplace dedicated to feet lovers worldwide. Being scammed can be ticked off your worries because with FeetFinder, your identity is verified and you need to be at least 18 years of age.

Just like everything in life, the more effort you put into marketing yourself and coming up with great content, the more money you will make. You won’t be able to bank the cash if you simply post pictures once a week and expect the money to flow in.  

To get started, the process is similar to other websites out there. You will need to set up an account and get it verified. Once that is done and dusted, you can upload your content. 

A marketing tip to succeed on FeetFinder is to be as specific as possible.

Users of this website search for feet pictures based on keywords, so make use of this to your advantage. When you’re putting up content, caption it with the keyword that is specific and not a general caption like “nice feet”.

All payments made and received through FeetFinder are secured as the company is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant. For users in the US, you will need to set up an account with SegPay to receive your payment, whereas, for users outside of the US, you will need to set up an account with Paxum.

FeetFinder has partnered with these two companies for payment as they are reliable and secure. Sellers get to keep 80% of their revenue and once your sales have reached USD 30, you can cash them out. FeetFinder takes 20% as a fee to manage the website.

how to sell feet pics on Etsy

14.How To Sell Feet Pics On Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace to buy and sell unique and creative goods. You would have come across people selling printables. Etsy is like a home for the creatives because most of the goods sold on the platform are vintage items, homemade items, and personalized goods. 

So now you’re wondering, “how do I sell feet pics there?”. You can sell photos on Etsy and here’s how to get started if you’re not planning to set up a website for this venture.

To become an Etsy seller and run an Etsy shop, you’re going to set up a profile with all the details and information related to your feet selling business. Be sure to include the link to your website or email address so that potential clients can reach you. 

There are different types of fees that you should be aware of if you’re planning to set up an Etsy shop.

  • Listing fee USD 0.20 per item listed
  • 5% transaction fee from the price of an item listed

15.How To Sell Feet Pics On Craigslist

Craigslist is a version of the classified advertisement section you see in the newspaper. This website has over 55 million monthly visitors and the majority of them are from the US, Australia, Canada, and Japan.

 It is one of the largest online marketplaces and it is a fantastic option if you are looking at how to sell feet pics Australia or how to sell feet pics Canada.

Here is a complete guide on how to set up your account on the website. 

Once your account is sorted, check out the various forums that are available on the site and search for the ones that are most related to your field, in this case, selling feet pictures. Take advantage of the forums to interact with other users and connect with them. 

Next, build ads related to your post. With Craigslist, the results of attracting potential clients increases when they stumble upon your ads. 

how to sell feet pics on Instafeet

16.How To Sell Feet Pics On Instafeet

Instafeet is yet another e-commerce platform dedicated to feet lovers. Anyone over the age of 18 can post feet content on this site. 

For a start, the company suggests that you post 5 pictures and increase the number once you’ve gained a following base. You will need to set a monthly subscription charge for your pictures and it is recommended to start with USD 10 per month. 

The more successful you are on the website, the higher you can increase your rate. 

17.How To Sell Feet Pics On DollarFeet

DollarFeet is a website where you can sell videos and pictures of your feet. They are constantly on the lookout for feet models and all you have to do is fill in the model application form.

Provide all the necessary information about yourself and include some sample pictures of your feet so be sure to have those ready. Payment is processed and made via PayPal, Skrill, or as a Gift Card.

In DollarFeet, it is encouraged to sell videos instead of pictures. 

They pay around USD 7 – USD 10 per video (at least 5 minutes long), and once it’s approved and the payment is released within 24 hours. 

18. How To Sell Feet Pics On Zazzle

Zazzle is an online e-commerce platform where users can sell their own manufactured products and designs or by using pictures from other companies. 

The main idea with Zazzle is to use pictures of your feet onto an item, let’s say a mug or a pillow. As an example, if there are potential clients who are feet enthusiasts, they can get pictures of your feet customized onto a pillow.

Zazzle is a legit website registered under the California Secretary of State and though it might not bring you a heavy stream of income, there’s no harm trying this out. 

19. How To Sell Feet Pics On Stock Photo Sites

The process of selling your feet pics on stock photo sites starts with getting quality pictures taken. 

Lots of bloggers and businesses need stock photos to use, whether it is a beauty blogger talking about feet care or a spa business talking about pedicure.

Whatever it is, you’ve got a market there. 

The best thing to do here is taking high-quality pictures of your feet, making use of good lighting, or even hiring a professional photographer.

Once you have taken your feet pics, the next step is to upload them onto the site where you want to sell them, these are the various sites you can use:

What I would recommend is that you first upload your feet pic on free stock photo sites, such as Unsplash or Pexels, then after receiving good feedback move on to paid sites like Shutterstock or Dreamstime

As for how to attract customers, you could first offer free photos to spas or beauty bloggers, making customizable feet pics for them.

Then using social media accounts promoting your feet pic stock business, and using the clients testimonials as good referrals to gain trust in your work 🙂

How To Sell Feet Pics Successfully? 

how to sell feet pics without getting scammed

Here are a few tips and tricks you might want to practice in this field.

These tips will work whether you are looking at how to sell feet pics on craigslist, how to sell feet pics on tiktok or how to sell feet pics online.

1.Price Range

Have a wide range of price points when you’re trying out different platforms. The tools you use to take pictures and videos of your feet factor in as well. 

The quality of a picture taken from an iPhone is going to be different from a professional DSLR camera, and thus, the price for these photos will vary. Have a good range of prices to accommodate the different clients you attract. 


Build a healthy relationship with your clients. Make an effort to get to know them, and their preferences when it comes to foot pictures. Having a personal relationship with them will ensure recurring orders.

Take advantage of direct messages where you can have a longer conversation with your clients. You can offer any specific or customized paid content for them and they’re more likely to come back to you in the future because you know what they like and you deliver quality content. 


Educate yourself on all the avenues you can money from selling your feet pictures. Do not let your accounts sit idly without putting any effort to find potential clients. The money isn’t going to drop from the sky. 

Learn different poses, marketing techniques, and accessories used by those who are in the industry to start earning. Always upskill yourself with new information and improvise your content. 


Keep your content exclusive. 

Using social media is a great strategy for those looking how to sell feet pics online for free.

But, there is no point in posting your feet pictures all over social media for free and for anyone to look at them. 

An element of mystery should be stitched into your profile because that will keep clients coming back for more. Post snippets of your pictures, have fun with the blur effects on the editing app, and direct clients to your profile and email to carry on with further discussions. 

5.Take Care Of Your Feet

selling feet pics

I did a research, and here are beauty tips to have those feets healthy and good looking:

  1. Always trim your toenails straight across and keep them at least two millimeters below the toe line
  2. Trim your toenails once a week
  3. Apply a foot cream three times daily, ideally after showering or bathing
  4. Make sure your feet are always dry and clean before putting on socks or shoes
  5. Always wear cotton socks or fabrics that are kind to your feet skin
  6. Avoid tight footwear

Also, if you are wearing sandals or slippers during the summer season, apply moisturizing cream on your feet for protection from heat and sun rays.

If you are on the hunt for feet creams that will prevent dry feet skin and make your feet look stunning, check these brands on Amazon:

6. Listen To Your Audience 

If you want to know how to sell feet pics online successfully, it is crucial you listen to your audience.

You need to respect your boundaries. However, listening to your audience is helpful to know what they are looking for, and also to explore new ideas.

One example is the previously mentioned  (@Stimulating Tickling), she discovered a niche her audience really loves, and works hard to deliver that.

I would have never thought there was a market for tickling feet, but by doing market research AND asking your audience you can learn new ways of monetizing your feet.

How To Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed?

selling feet pics

Unfortunately, the world is riddled with those who are cunning beyond words. So if you’re wondering how to sell your feet pics without getting scammed, these are the things to keep in mind. 

  • Payments

This goes for any business conducted, be sure to receive payments before you send your feet pics or videos over to the client. To avoid any miscommunication, make it clear to them regarding your payment terms and ensure that it is followed through. 

Overpayments are another thing to look out for. Do not accept them. 

There might be clients out there that “pays” you more and then will ask you to transfer the “balance” back to them. So, imagine this, you charge them USD 10 for the picture and they transfer you USD 40 instead. 

These scammers will then tell you that the “extra” money paid is to cover shipping expenses, etc. They will then ask you to transfer the “extra” payment back to them because they misunderstood the terms and conditions of your agreement. 

It is simply another tactic to scam you of your money because not only have they obtained pictures of your feet, they got you to pay them unnecessarily. 

Read more about overpayment scams here.

  • Watermark

There are going to be people who will try to steal your pictures. 

Try to watermark every single picture you have so that in any event that someone is stealing your pictures, or you see your pictures circulating online without your permission, you can take the necessary measures. 

  • Boundaries

Have a set of rules that you stick to while conducting this business. If you’re certain of not showing your face in this venture, state it out there so that buyers know what to expect. 

How To Sell Feet Pics (FAQ)

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Pics Of Your Feet Online? 

On average, you can sell your feet pictures for USD5 USD25. However, if your feet are exceptionally beautiful, well-groomed, and maintained, you can garner up to USD100 per picture. For videos, you can earn around USD 10 – USD 15 per video.

This of course varies depending on your client, but you get the idea.

If your clients have a specific foot fetish, like applying food on your feet or putting on extra accessories on your feet, be sure to charge them accordingly.  

How Do You Sell Pictures Of Your Feet To Make Money?

Use any of the mediums mentioned above, play around with what suits you. If you’re not planning to do this as a full-time gig, try out some of the websites mentioned. 

However, if you’re going on with this full steam ahead, get yourself a business email and set up a website preferably. This will entice clients because you will appear professional and you can diplomatically deal with them if that makes sense. 

Can You Sell Pics of Your Feet Legally Online?

Yes, you can. It is not illegal to sell feet pics online although there are a couple of things you should bear in mind. 

Firstly, ensure that your pictures are free of anything that can deem it as ‘inappropriate’. Secondly, you have to be sound of mind and over 18 years of age.

Where Can You Sell Pictures of Feet in America?

Social media is all the rage at the moment, so if you’re new to this business, start there. Once you’ve already figured out your rhythm, explore all the different options listed in the article.

How To Sell Toe Pics?

Just like how you would sell your feet pics, find the right segment for you to market your toe pics. As mentioned above, there’s a demand for anything and everything these days. 

Get on one of the many platforms mentioned above and start marketing your toes!

How To Start Selling Feet Pictures?

I know the idea of starting might be a little scary but if this idea has been running through the back of your head for a while now, then hey, try it even though you’re skeptical. 

If you’re trying to build a steady stream of income from this hustle, dabble into a few platforms and stick out with the one that is most profitable to you. 

The tip is to just start. 

Is Selling Pictures Of Your Feet Illegal?

Disclaimer: This is not legal advice, please consult with a specialist to know if selling feet in your country is illegal.

Now, in general, selling pictures of your feet is not illegal.  

A photo of a person’s feet does not constitute a criminal offense. However, you always need to consider your country’s law. 

Also, it is totally different if you are going to sell other people’s feet pics. 

For example if you’re looking at how to sell feet pics in Canada you should know The Criminal Code of Canada does not prohibit the taking of photographs in public places, however, people do have an expectation of privacy over their own feet. 

This expectation is based on the notion that feet are considered intimate body parts. In other words, it might be illegal to take photos of someone else’s feet without their consent.

What Is Instafeet?

Instafeet is an e-commerce platform that focuses on selling foot pics.

If you are looking where to sell feet pics America? This could be a good platform to start with.

You need to be at least 18 to post content on Instafeet, all the feet pics need to be pre approved by the platform before publishing.

You need to charge a monthly subscription to your buyers, which usually starts at $10 per month.

Regarding fees Instafeet takes (10%) to pay for credit card processing, and platform maintenance.

Do I Need To Pay Tax On Feet Photo Profits?

Disclaimer: This is not legal advice, please consult with a specialist to know if you need to pay taxes for selling feets in your country.

In general, you should pay taxes on your feet ‘pics profits, as this would be considered income.

But, then again, this depends, so you should check your country’s law regarding selling photos online to better understand your situation.

What Is The Best App To Sell Feet Pics?

One of the best apps to sell feet pics (and anonymously!) is Whisper App. You can use this app to sell foot pics in America, Canada, UK and other countries.

After potential feet pic buyers comment your photos you can direct them to your website or talk to them through email for further details.

How To Sell My Feet Pics Safely?

If you’re intending to be anonymous while conducting this business, maybe use a fake name or identity when going online. Always remember never to meet up with any potential clients in person unless you know them personally. 


There you go! The article has pretty much everything you need to know on how to sell feet pics for money, the different ways to go about it, and how you can monetize each platform. 

This is not something to be looked down upon as there are many ladies and men out there bagging their cash by doing this. So, stop wondering how to sell feet pictures, and start earning from all the best places to sell feet pics. 

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