7 Form Filling Online Jobs without Investment

7 Form Filling Online Jobs without Investment

Are you looking for form filling online jobs without investment? Then you’ve landed on the right blog post! The internet is filled with online form filling jobs but there’s always that pesky fine print; hidden costs, ridiculous tax cuts, or unreliable payment.

If you’ve scoured the internet looking for trusted form filling online jobs without investment but have yet to find legitimate job opportunities to do so, then today is your lucky day because I have compiled a list especially for you. 

This post will dive into the basic requirements, earnings, and various platforms where you can find genuine form filling jobs.


Some of the links on here are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. Hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

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What are Form Filling Online Jobs without Investment?

So before we get started what are form filling online jobs without investment?

As the title would suggest, you’d be spending your time filling forms online for companies and they would pay you for it.

Now, why did I add ‘without investment’ at the end of that title? 

Although there may be hundreds and thousands (I’m not sure of the exact number but you catch my drift -there are plenty of them to go around) of online form filling jobs out there, not all of them are free.

This means you’ll have to pay a registration fee of some sort -an investment on your part.

One word. Scam. 

Some companies will charge you a fee in return for giving you the forms to fill in but I’ve heard that a lot of those tend to be scams. I’m sure there are legitimate companies that will ask you to pay a membership fee but the internet is swimming with plenty of form filling online jobs without investment, so why pay when you can do it for free?

Form filling is pretty easy and straightforward. You receive the forms from your client or company and fill it in. 

It’s essentially a data entry job and it takes less than a minute to do. Each form should be one page, something similar to what you fill on the internet.

Some companies will even give you free software to work with so you cut time and maximize productivity. Think of all the forms you could fill and all the money you could make. 


Quick note – If you are interested in form filling jobs, it’s likely you have good attention to detail, you are analytical and you want the flexibility of working online.

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What Do you Need to Start Filling Forms Online?

Most of you reading this will meet the basic requirements to start this job because all you need is:

  • A computer 
  • Internet connection
  • Basic knowledge of operating computers
  • Surfing the internet
  • Opening websites

Does that sound like you? If yes, then you’re already one step closer to embarking on your journey of form filling jobs from home.

Hang on …do I need to know how to use software?

Guilty -I did mention software up there but do not fret. These softwares are typically easy to work with and come with their own set of instructions. 

In most cases, the companies will supply you with the software they use to make your form filling job easier. 

Why Should You Do Online Form Filling Jobs?

But why am I telling you about this job? Online form filling jobs are one of the easiest work from home jobs one can have. 

Companies are willing to pay good money to have you fill in forms because there’s so many of them to fill. The internet is saturated with content and I bet that you’ve filled out a form or two in a day. 

Registering emails, taking surveys, signing up for the newsletter; those are all some form of forms. Big companies need data and for that they need forms; that’s where you come in.

It’s not just companies out there that need people to do data entry work. Small business owners and even regular average Joe’s need help filling forms. You could be filling medical forms, legal forms, IRS tax forms, and so on.

You save them time, and time= money, so they are willing to pay you for the privilege of having more time.

So, not only is the task easy but it’s also a great way to earn money fast. When I say fast, did you know that there are form filling jobs with daily payments? 

Yes, you read that right, there are online form filling jobs without investment and daily payments. 

How Much Can You Make with Form Filling Jobs?

This depends entirely on the company you work with or the rate you set.

Let me break it down for you.

Every company will have a base price on how much they will pay you. This can be dictated by:

  • the number of forms you complete in a period of time or
  • if they hire you as a freelancer (then your hourly rates apply)

When you search for form filling online jobs without investment on job boards, you may get paid based:

  • on your hourly rate,
  • the budget the client has for the project,
  • or the number of forms you are able to complete

I know that’s pretty vague, so after combing the internet and cross referencing numerous websites, I am here to tell you that you can make anywhere from $0.20 on the lower end or $6 on the higher end per form. 

Further details on companies that are hiring and their rates are provided below. Read on. 🙂

That’s another great thing about this job. Complete and total freedom. You can turn this into a full-time job or a side hustle as you please. 

The work you do and the project you choose will determine the time you spend and the paycheck you receive at the end of the day.  

Best Form Filling Online Jobs without Investment

Okay, enough jibber-jabber, let’s get into the heart of this article. Where can you find genuine form filling jobs?

Look no further, here is a list form filling online jobs without investment:


What is it 

LinkedIn is more than just a virtual CV. It’s become one of the leading employment-oriented online services out there. 

Almost every professional has a LinkedIn account and why not? It’s a great way to connect with other businesses, potential employers, and keep in touch with old colleagues without having to give them your personal social networking profiles. 

Note how I said, potential employers? 

Not a lot of people are aware that LinkedIn has included job postings on their website. 

That’s right, you can now browse a company’s profile and see if they’re looking to hire at the same time. 

What do you do 

How do you find form filling online jobs without investment on LinkedIn? 

Head over to the website and log in or create a profile if you haven’t. There’s a search bar for job postings. 

Type in ‘online form filling jobs’ and there you have it: a list of companies will show up that are in need of your form-filling services.

How much can you earn?

This depends on the company you choose to work with but from what I’ve seen, there are companies that have posted listings from $95 up to $500. 

To see the rates, you’ll need to press the “apply on company website,” button.

For example, I saw one Linkedin job vacancy that advertised a salary of $180-$350 per month.

And another one that said they will pay anywhere from $470-$1200 per month.

The pay can vary based on the company you choose to work with, their rates, and the number of forms you fill in or even the terms of your contract. The prices mentioned above are a ball-park estimate of what I’ve seen on LinkedIn.

2.People Per Hour

What is it ?

People Per Hour is a platform for freelancers, a job board if you will. The client or company posts a project and anyone interested in the job can apply to the listing. 

What do you do?

Like any job board, you can do almost anything and find any job on People per hour. This includes online form filling jobs. 

All you have to do is:

  • Create your profile
  • Bring your profile to life
  • Showcase your portfolio
  • Get some references
  • Set your rate

Once you’ve done all of the above, you can move on to the final step:

Apply, apply, apply

A quick search on the website shows there are over 200+ online form filling jobs available on People Per Hour. Everything from legal form filling jobs to medical form filling jobs without investment.

How much can you earn?

How much you make on People Per Hour will depend on the job you choose. Bear in mind the client’s budget and compare it to your rate to see if it’s worth your time. 

Some rates will be hourly, in which case you can charge your hourly rate or see what the client is willing to pay per project or hourly. 

For example:

3.Webpay Online

What is it ?

Webpay Online is a company that provides online form filling jobs with free registration. Free accounts without a registration fee are only available for individual workers. 

At Webpay Online, they make the companies pay the service charge -that’s great news for freelancers out there.

They boast a minimum of 1500+ requests from companies that need forms filled and at present have more than 2500+ jobs in queue. They’re always looking for people to help fill out forms. 

The only extra requirement you’ll need is that you have to be 18 years old in order to be able to work with them.

What do you do?

They receive a lot of form filling orders from different companies and will allocate forms to you to complete. 

Webpay Online will give the list of all forms and include details that you will have to input in those forms. You can fill as many forms as you like. 

How much can you earn?

Earnings are based on the service plan you register to. When you register with Webpay Online they assign different packages and each package will include a quota of articles and the price you will be paid. 

Within 24 hours of your registration, you will receive your job details along with full instructions on how to proceed on with the job, forms, and their contents.

To ensure you get paid, every month a minimum of 100 forms has to be filled. If you submit less than 100 forms that month, then you won’t be paid for that particular month. 


What is it ?

Surprise, surprise. Did you know there were Google form filling jobs without investment online? 

Google needs no introduction. We all know google, heck I’m using their browser right now! 

But in case you don’t, Google is a multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products. 

They’re the number one search engine and their company makes money from online advertising technologies, a search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware. 

It’s no wonder they need outsourcing and are looking for people to fill in forms.

What do you do ?

Google is well established and therefore you can rest assured that there are no scams going on here. 

You’ll be happy to know that it only takes less than two minutes to complete these Google form filling jobs, which means you can complete so many per day and rake in more money.

Another plus, you’re allowed to complete as many forms an unlimited number of forms daily. And because they’re a large and reputable company, you will never be without a task or form to complete.

How much can you earn?

Filling in Google online forms will pay anywhere from $2 on the lower end and up to $50 on the higher-end per task or job.

Ok let’s try some Math, even though Math makes my brain hurt. O_O

Even if you take the $2 pay and completely 10 forms a day, that’s an extra $20 in your pocket. 

And seeing as one form takes up to 2 minutes to complete, that’s a lot of money in an hour -and that’s the minimum. 

Imagine how much you could make if you complete more forms or choose higher-paying tasks.?


What is it ?

If you’re a freelancer then I’m sure you’ve come across Upwork and if you haven’t then here’s a breakdown of what it is.

 Upwork is a job board for freelancers, the platform connects enterprises and individuals so they can conduct business.

If you’re looking for a job, any job, Upwork has it.  And that bodes similarly for online form filling jobs with free registration. 

Upwork is reputable and you can rest assured that there are plenty of trusted form filling jobs on the platform. And if anything goes sideways, the support team is there to mediate any issue that may arise.

What do you do ?

How do you get started on Upwork, you ask? It’s easy, all you have to do is:

  • Register with your email for free (they do have a paid membership option but I don’t think it’s necessary to go that route.)
  • Set up a profile
  • Fill in your particulars
  • Verify your identity
  • Set up a payment method 
  • Search for jobs

How much can you earn?

With Upwork, you can set your own hourly rates but ultimately, how much you get paid will depend on the project you choose and the budget the client has. For example:

This Upwork job listing pays $5-$7 hourly to extract information from physical forms and fill them in on Excel.


What is it ?

Fiverr is another job board and essentially an online marketplace for freelance services. Fiverr allows freelancers to create packages and market their services to a buyer. Think Etsy but for freelancers.

What do you do ?

Like you would any other website, all you have to do is:

  • Set up a profile
  • Make packages to market your services

You can either search through the database for clients or sit and wait to be contacted by potential customers that are interested in your form-filling services.

How much can you earn?

This will be based on rate and package price unless you approach a client, in which case you would be meeting their asking price.

If you’re not sure how to price your packages, here are a few freelancers who offer form filling packages at various price ranges: 


What is it ?

You probably can’t tell from the name but Guru is another freelancing website. 

Alas, it is not a spiritual Hindu teacher -it is a freelance marketplace that allows companies to find freelance workers for commissioned work, much like Upwork or Fiverr.

What do you do?

If you’re looking to start form filling online jobs without investment on Guru, you need to:

  • Sign up
  • Create a profile
  • Fill in your particulars
  • Search ‘online form filling jobs’
  • Take your pick and choose your projects

How much can you earn?

Much like Upwork and Fiverr, how much you earn will be dependent on your client, their rate, possibly your hourly rate, or the budget allocated to the project of your choice. Here’s an example of a job post: 

  • A vacancy on Guru.com advertised a salary of $500-$1000 for a data entry job
  • Whereas another one advertised a wage of $1k-$2.5k for a data entry job plus admin assistant duties.


There you have it, folks, form filling online jobs without investment.

Before you leave, here are some words of advice: if you found an online form filling job that asks you to pay some money upfront, I say leave the site. 

There is no lack of good and free online form filling jobs worldwide on the internet, so why pay for something that you can do without dipping into your wallet? That’s all from me today!

7 Form Filling Online Jobs without Investment

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