105 Blog About Holidays Ideas to Write About in 2022

Are you running out of ideas to write on your blog about holidays? If you face the same issue, you are on the right page because I am going to share some secret ideas with you. 

As a travel blogger, there are months when you have lower traffic to your sites during off-peak season. That means – less revenue from display ads, affiliate marketing, and so on. 

Now, keep reading because you would not want to miss out on some of these ideas that I will be sharing in this article.

In looking at blog about holidays, we will dive into:

  • Why You Must Write Holiday Blog Posts?
  • 105 Popular Holiday Blog Post Ideas
  • What Defines A Blog?
  • What Are 4 Common Types Of Blogs?
  • What Is the Difference Between Vlog And Blog?
  • How Do You Write A Holiday Blog?


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Why You Must Write Holiday Blog Posts?

You could be a new blogger just starting out on a holiday blog, or you could be a seasoned writer. 

But if you want to have an enjoyable holiday or want your travel blog to rank well on Google, you need to start planning and writing holiday article ideas at least 4-6 months before you hop on your holiday trips. 

Now let me quickly share with you a few reasons for this:

1. Holidays Are Usually Busy Months For Everyone

Some might be busy doing gift shopping. Others may be on the road travelling back to their hometown. 

Therefore, it is essential to plan your social media marketing plan for your holiday blog posts. 

2. Every Festive Season Is Predictable

You can easily prepare your holiday blog writing in batches and update them every year. 

You can also always add new updates to the previous year’s contents, such as changing the headings from 2021 to 2022. Keeping your content fresh and up-to-date will put you on the good side of Google too!

3. Rank Your Website

SEO takes at least 6 months to rank your content on Google’s first page. You may as well be well prepared and publish your holiday Christmas blog at least 6 months before December so that your content gets seen.

SEO is not as complicated as it seems. 

There are plenty of SEO strategies that you can implement to increase traffic to your blog.

 If you are keen to learn more about SEO, check out my SEO blog post training to learn how to write SEO optimised blog posts that get thousands of page views from Google!

4. Huge Money Opportunities

US has numerous earning potential during holidays as more people in the US will spend more money during the holidays. Including affiliate links is a huge income opportunity for your holiday blog! 

If you are wondering how affiliate marketing works, check out this article on the 31 Best Affiliate Programs For Travel Bloggers!

Imagine if you were only writing your best Christmas blogs a few days before Christmas, how many possible affiliate incomes would you have missed? 

Let us now talk about some popular holiday article ideas for your blog. 

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105 Popular Holiday Blog Post Ideas

1. Holiday Gift Guides

What is a holiday without presents and gifts for your loved ones? Most festive seasons are all about giving and receiving. Thus, gift guides are common throughout the year and are definitely the highlights for holidays. 

If you want to earn some good money during the holidays, be sure to pick this holiday blog idea. 

A gift guide is basically talking about a list of gift ideas and products without directly selling to your readers.

You want to create a gift guide with a very simple purpose, that is, to ease their buying decision by creating a gift guide based on themes. 

For example, you can name your headline “A Holiday Gift Guide For Couples” or “ A Cheap Gift Guide For Christmas”.

In order to not come off as too “salesy”, try to add in more genuine gift ideas for your audience. Prior to recommending a gift, do quick review research on the item. I am sure you wouldn’t want to be promoting a gift that receives bad reviews from others.

With your honest opinion, you are now building trust with them, and they are likely to buy from you via the affiliate program you are linked to … and tada! You make money. 

Examples of Holiday Gift Guide Ideas

  • Holiday Gift Guide for Parents
  • Christmas Ornaments Gift Guide
  • Christmas DIY and Craft Gift Guide 
  • Last-minute Gift Guide For Her
  • A Holiday Gift Guide Under $20

2. Do A Holiday Series

Creating a series on any topic you like will keep your audience piqued and interested to follow up on it. A holiday series can be a considerable traffic contributor to your site. 

In return, you can target display advertising to earn some passive income. More traffic means more money! Hooray!

An example of holiday series that you can do is a series on “7 Days Series of Christmas Music Blog”. Share one classical Christmas song every day for 7 days up until the 25th. 

More Holiday Series Content Ideas: 

  • 20 Cute Christmas Card Ideas For Kids
  • A Vintage Christmas Blog Ideas Series: 14 Days of Craft Ideas 
  • Holiday Series: 15 Christmas Dishes To Make
  • Christmas Movie Series on Netflix: 9 Days
  • 9 Day Series On How To Organize Thanksgiving At Home

3. Holiday Celebrations

You can brainstorm and write a batch of content on holiday celebrations. The ideas are endless, from festive home decor to cooking for parties. 

While everyone can get busy having a good time during the holidays or they could have run out of ideas. You can create multiple creative blog posts to give brand new perspectives or new ideas to your audience by creating step-by-step tutorials.

Some Holiday Celebration Ideas: 

  • Office Holiday Party Ideas 
  • Holiday Celebration Games At Home
  • Virtual Holiday Party With Friends
  • Holiday Activities At Home On A Budget
  • Virtual New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

4. Holiday Bucket List

Some people are organized and love coming up with a bucket list. If you think about it this way, you will realize that this could be a type of content as well. 

Write down the items to do during special events and occasions such as New Year, Easter Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and etc

Some holiday bucket list post ideas are:

  • Things to bring for a memorable beach experience blog
  • A bucket list to cook a meal for Christmas
  • Holiday bucket list for families
  • Holiday bucket for a picnic day by the beach

5. Holiday Traveling

Traveling is a common thing during the holiday season. Every year people are looking for new and refreshing blog about holidays travel content ideas. 

Since traveling can be stressful at times, you can create contents around some must spots such as shopping malls, art galleries, or restaurants that your audience can pay a visit to.

Here are a few ideas you can blog about: 

6. New Year Goals 

Every year we look for new goals and plans to achieve in the coming year. 

This should give you some exciting content ideas around this. You can write about new year goals or what are some bad habits you would like to put an end to. 

Some examples to consider: 

  • New year journaling 
  • My new year goals 
  • New year planner 
  • New year’s wishes 

7. Holiday Meal Ideas

If you are someone who loves to cook and create new recipes, then you can focus on creating new menus for your readers. 

Some ideas to write on: 

  • Vegan Christmas Dessert Recipes 
  • Dark Chocolate Thanksgiving Drinks
  • Pumpkin Desserts To Make For This Christmas

8. Annual Review

When the year ends, it is time for reflection. Write down the ultimate year-end review guide by listing down your mistakes and accomplishments, your growth as a blogger, family life, etc.

Here are a few content ideas to write: 

  • Mistakes I have learned in blogging
  • Things to improve on next year
  • My income report as a new blogger 
  • Ultimate year review: What I learned?

9. Holiday Decoration Tips

Do you have some holiday decoration tips that you can share with your readers? Perhaps you got a trick to keep the needles of your tree on your tree instead of on the floor? 

Share these ideas with your readers, and they will thank you for it!

10. Holiday Favorites

We all have our favourite moments and things around the holidays. For instance, it could be Christmas lights or ornaments. 

This is a good time to talk about your blog about holidays favourites. Make a personal connection with your followers or even follow up your blog post by sharing it on social media.

Some topics to write about are:

  • Favourite Coffee Shops To Visit During Christmas
  • Top 10 Favorite Skincare To Use For Winter
  • 20 Favorite Cookies For Christmas

The list goes on, and here are more holiday blog ideas from the ultimate list below.

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What Defines A Blog?

What defines a blog is this: a blog is basically a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts).  For example, blogging is when you write an online journal about the progress of your new home build. If you enjoy writing, blogging is a good way to express yourself!

What Are 4 Common Types Of Blogs?

Here are 4 common types of blogs – Personal blogs, Business blogs, Niche blogs, and Affiliate blogs. If you are new to the blogging world, do not panic. Just pick one of the types and focus on creating content around them. 

What Is the Difference Between Vlog And Blog?

The difference between a vlog and blog is, that while a blog is similar to a website where we can get any subject’s written content, a vlog is in the form of a video. They are common forms of generating money by producing good quality videos or writing engaging content. If done right, both can create a passive income. 

How Do You Write A Holiday Blog?

If you are wondering how do you write a blog about holidays, there are some steps to undertake before starting:

1. Decide on a holiday idea that you’re eager to do or go and you are passionate about spending time writing on it.

2. Breakdown your blog about holidays ideas into sections and begin writing

3. Come up with a good headline that will draw the reader in and make them want to read more.

4. Write about 1500-2000 words.

After reading this article, you should have gained some inspiration to write on your blog about holidays. 

A blog about holidays is a broad topic. To niche, you can choose from fashion to home decor. Some tips for you to begin writing and rank higher on Google is by selecting a blog niche and your audience interests. 

For example, if you are in the fashion niche, begin with some autumn outfit inspiration ideas, colours, styles, and even gift guides. 

What are you waiting for? Start your blog about holidays content planning using these ideas as inspiration. Play around with these topics and track your engagement along the way.

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