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Monumetric Requirements Guide to Make Money Blogging in 2023

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Are you looking to earn a passive income blogging with display advertising? I want to introduce you to Monumetric and break down the Monumetric requirements that you will need to be eligible for an application. 

As overwhelming as it sounds for a newbie, it turns out that joining Monumetric is super easy and could be a better alternative to other ad networks. 

I will break down the Monumetric requirements and take you through some essential points to consider before your application. 

At a glance, some of the things we will dive deep into include:

  • What exactly Monumetric is
  • How Monumetric is different from others
  • Key Monumetric Requirements, including:
    • 1. Minimum Traffic Requirement
    • 2. Initial Setup Fee
    • 3. Technical Requirements
  • Types Of Programs Under Monumetric
  • Is Monumetric A Good Fit For Your Blog
monumetric requirement what is it

What is Monumetric?

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Monumetric is a premium ad network for bloggers to earn passive income by monetizing their blogs with display advertisements. Like other ad networks such as Mediavine, Adsense, Monumetric acts as a middleman between advertisers and bloggers.

Founded in 2012, Monumetric was known as The Blogger Network. The company then rebranded for several reasons, one of them being to remove the term “blogger”  so as to attract publishers of all profiles. 

Monumetric Requirements

In summary, you must have the following in order to be accepted to Monumetric:

1. Minumum 10,000 page views per month

2. Pay a one-time setup fee of $99

3. Have A WordPress Site

4. Have a sidebar on most pages of your website

5. Must be approved by ad providers

6. 50% of website traffic must be from UK, USA, Australia, Canada

1. Minimum Traffic Requirement

In order to qualify for Monumetric, your blog needs to have at least 10,000 page views per month. In contrast to Mediavine, one of the Mediavine requirements is to have 50,000 monthly page views in order to be qualified. 

Well, it is better to monetize your blog at the soonest, even with just 10,000 pageviews! 

The more traffic your blog has, the more earnings you could expect from Monumetric.

If you’re keen to learn how to increase your traffic, check out my Triple Your Traffic course to learn my exact strategies to update your contact to get thousands of pageviews from Google! 

2. Initial Setup Fee

Any blogger who joins the Monumetric Propel program – which is Monumetric’s first blogger plan, has to pay a $99 initial setup fee.

There are two payment methods –  using a credit card or deducting this initial fee from your first Monumetric earnings. To give you a rough idea, it takes approximately 10 days to pay off the setup fee if your blog has around 1,000 – 1,500 monthly pageviews.

3. Have A WordPress Site

Monumetric needs to use a few standardized solutions to set up the Propel Program. If you want to switch to WordPress, consider using Bluehost, where you can get a free domain for a year! Bluehost even offers services to migrate your current sites over to WordPress on your behalf! 

4. Consider A Sidebar On Your Website

I have a great tip to share with you all, which is to have a sidebar on your blog! This allows some of their highest-performing ad units to be displayed, especially on desktops.

The sidebar on your blog should be at least 300 pixels wide to maximize the space and increase your earnings. 

5. Must Get Approved By Major Advertisers

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Your blog must be approved by Monumetric’s ad providers. These ad providers will conduct a review on your blog prior to the approval. This process usually takes around 2 to 6 weeks.

 With the approval of major advertisers, you must agree to display a minimum of 6 ads on the pages and posts to display the ads. 

6. Traffic From Major Countries

Your blog must have at least 50% website traffic must be from the UK, USA, Australia, Canada. Why? Because these are the countries with high consumerism and big spenders! So, make sure you tailor your content to these countries. 

Types Of Programs Under Monumetric

Monumetric has four different publisher programs: Propel, Ascend, Stratos, and Apollo.

monumetric requirements propel


Monumetric Propel is for beginner bloggers with around 10,000-80,000 page views per month. This is the only plan that Monumetric will charge a one-time initial setup cost of $99

The Propel program allows the blogger to use their customer reporting dashboard, receive professional advertising implements and take advantage of mobile optimization.


The next level program is Ascend. This program is reserved for bloggers with 80,000-500,000 monthly pageviews. The good thing is – there are no implementation fees here. 

Ascent program allows you to enjoy all the benefits mentioned in Propel program with an addition of the assigned ad team, where you can reach out to a real human via email, phone, or chat for any technical queries that you have.

You will also be given access to more customization options, such as a custom reporting dashboard that allows you to achieve daily metrics like key traffic insights. 


The Stratos program is a great ad network designed for bloggers with high traffic of between 500,000 to 1 million monthly page views. 

This program can accommodate sites that utilize a custom ad setup or server or that have any direct sales activity.


The last program is called Apollo and is for bloggers with over 10 million page views per month.

With this high website traffic, Monumetric is readily available to serve by providing all the necessary technical support, such as a personal ad ops support team and priority testing & data team that equips you with advanced analytics and insights for profitable traffic acquisitions by geographical areas and devices.

This will increase the performance and maximize the Monumetric earnings for bloggers.

monumetric requirements How is Monumetric Different From Others

How is Monumetric Different From Others?

Monumetric is a high-performing display ad network that gives you little to no hassle as a blogger. They take care of all the technical aspects for you. All you need to do is to give them access to your WordPress dashboard. 

Here are some reasons to consider Monumetric: 

1. Personal Support

A representative of Monumetric will contact you to discuss an initial ad strategy. This is essentially a personalized plan to resonate with your earning goals. 

2. Fast Loading Ads

When a blog has multiple ads featured on a blog, the loading speed of that blog slows down. 

Now, why is your site speed so important? 

This is because a fast site speed will result in a better user experience!

If you can retain your readers to stay longer on your site, it will bounce less and increase the impressions, which means more display ads earnings.

For those reasons, Google will also rank your site higher on the first page.

But with Monumetric, this issue will not arise – which is great for SEO!

3. Easy Ads Implementation

Monumetric representatives will take care of all the ad placement and ad code embedding on your blog. You can expect a call with your account manager on the vision you have for your blog.

For example, you can mention that you prefer not to have video advertisements or you want to have a more aggressive advertisement layout for desktop or mobile. 

4. Simple Onboarding Process

You can expect your on-boarding process to be as such:

  • Apply for Monumetric through their website
  • You will receive an email from an account manager the following day
  • Your website will then be submitted for their advertisers’ approval which would take 1-2 weeks.
  • Your account manager will schedule a call with you to discuss strategies, goals, and ad unit placements.
  • Upon approval, your website is ready to go, and you can expect to make your first earnings in 1-to 2 weeks.

5. Multiple Ad Unit Options:

Did you know that you can choose from a variety of ad units and positions to place on your blog? This step is equally important because it determines the earnings you make from display advertising by maximizing the space on the blog and putting the right ads. 

They support a bunch of different ad units and placement options to maximize your blog traffic:

  • Desktop display ads
  • Native ads
  • Mobile-optimized ad units
  • Inline video ads
  • In-image ads
  • Rich media ads

Not sure how to implement them? Don’t stress. Their team will take care of everything for you. During the onboarding process, they will discuss with you the best ad combination for your blog.

If your site generates a lot of mobile traffic, Monumetric’s team will optimize your ads for smaller screen sizes. 

Monumetric Requirements After Your Application

Once you have submitted your Monumetric application, there are a few key Monumetric requirements you should be aware of once you’ve sent in your application. These are:

1. Advertiser Approval

Upon the submission of the application, Monumetric will first review your blog and proceed to find the most suitable advertisers to maximize the ad revenue on your blog.

The whole approval process usually takes about 2-6 weeks. If you are lucky to receive a quick response from their advertisers, then your approval process will be shortened. Be patient here!

2. Build Your Ad Strategy

After the advertiser has approved your blog and deemed it to be suitable to display their ads, you will be contacted by a Monumetric representative via a call or any communication platform that is easier for you.

The representative will assist you in planning your ad strategy in order to maximize your ad revenue and increase your earnings. 

Take this opportunity to really soak in their expertise and advice. This step is important because it will help to find out the types of ad units that will perform best on your blog. 

If you do not have any ideas, worry not! The representatives are always ready to come up with suggestions for optimal ad placements on your blog.

3. Placing The Ads

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Once you and the representative have come to a finalized ad strategy, it is time to build and implement the individual ad units on your blog. 

With Monumetric, there is a minimum number of ads per page – 6 ad units. 

Ad units are basically containers you place in your apps to show ads to users. 

To ensure the ads are positioned at the right places in your blog, the representative will suggest displaying not more than 3 ad units on the screen at one time.

Usually, your representative will embed the ads on your blog directly. If you are using WordPress, you will need to provide your credentials to install and configure a plugin for this.

4. Working With Other Brands

If you are keen to increase your earnings from your blog, you can consider doing sponsorship by publishing sponsored posts. 

However, I would say be careful about only relying on sponsorship income because it is not a sustainable business model. The reason for this is, its active income.

You only earn if you actively work, as opposed to more passive income streams like affiliate marketing and ad income. 

If you are keen to work on sponsorships, you can still join Monumetric. They allow you to work with other brands or sponsors for a blog post on your website!

5. Ending Your Contract

If you think that your pageview has increased and want to move on to a higher-paying ad network, you can easily switch to other ad network providers.

Monumetric does not tie you down in a long-term contract. The only requirement is to terminate your service with a 30-day notice period. 

Prior to changing your network, you should contact Monumetric with any inquiries or issues you may have. They will be happy to assist you with optimizing your ad strategy and boosting your earnings. 

Is Monumetric Right For Your Blog?

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Ok, so now you have gone through the requirements of Monumetric. With all the different ad networks available in the market, you may be wondering if Monumetric is worth joining. 

I would say Monumetric is easy to work with, and they are very helpful when you have inquiries. Since Monumetric is not as big as Mediavine or AdThrive, they usually will give more personal support to their publishers.

However, you should read up on more Monumetric reviews before deciding on this ad network partner. 

If you ask me to make a comparison of Monumetric requirements vs Mediavine, you can expect to increase your ad income faster with Monumetric and spend less time optimizing the ads.  

Here are some comparisons between Monumetric and Mediavine:

1. Implementation Fees

While Monumetric requires a $99 one-time implementation fee, you do not need to pay a set-up fee with Mediavine.

2. Ad Installation Process

With Monumetric, you have the option to manually place the ads where you will be sent an ad tag code to place the ads or allow a Monumetric representative to optimize the ad placement for you.

While for Mediavine, you need to install their script, and their tech team will handle all the ads on your website.

3. Number of Pageviews

To join the basic Propel program of Monumetric, you need a minimum of 10,000 page views and show 30 days of Google Analytics as a part of their application process.

However, Mediavine has a higher requirement. They require a minimum number of 60,000 pageviews to be eligible for their program. In addition, Mediavine requires access to your Google Analytics.

4. Getting Paid

Both display ad networks run on a revenue-per-mile basis, that is, ad earnings per 1,000 pageviews. 

Monumetric takes about 15-30% commission on the ad revenue earned based on your site’s pageview. 

While for Mediavine, 25% of the ad revenue earned goes to Mediavine and the remaining 75% is for the publishers.


Is Monumetric Legit?

Yes, Monumetric is completely legit! If your blog achieves a minimum of 10k page views per month and aspires to continue growing your website traffic, then Monumetric is a great ad network for bloggers. 

How Much Do You Make With Monumetric?

You could earn around $10-$16 per day if you have pageviews of 2,500-3,000. Just to give you an idea, the RPM or revenue per 1,000 pageviews is $5-$8.

To make a comparison between Monumetric vs Adsense, you would expect to make $1-$2 per 1,000 pageview with Adsense. For Monumetric vs Ezoic, you can make as little as $3 per 1,000 pageviews with Ezoic.

To conclude, the Monumetric requirements are not very much different from other major ad networks. I highly recommend Monumetric to bloggers with a 10k monthly pageview. 

As a new blogger, the main obstacle is to achieve a minimum Monumetric requirements traffic by creating good quality SEO-optimized content. This allows your site to rank on Google’s first page, thus, exposing your site to a wider audience.  

To learn more about SEO, check out my SEO Blog Post Training Course! In this course, I will teach you exactly how to get more than 100,000 page views a month from Google! 

If you have not heard from the relevant Monumetric personnel within a week, I would suggest you send them a follow-up email. It may take at least 6 weeks to get ads live on your website. 

Monumetric is a good platform to start off with. Take some time off to do the necessary research on Monumetric, but also give your site 60-90 days to see how the performance plays out. Eventually, your site will generate 10,000 pageviews.



Some of the links on here are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. I hope you find the information here helpful! Thanks

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