8 Virtual Assistant Courses That Will Skyrocket Your Income [2022 Update]

If you landed on this article, it is likely that you are searching for the best Virtual Assistant courses around.

I was in your position a few years ago and I did the exact same thing. It was one of the best investments I have ever made.

Investing in a virtual assistant course helped me cut through all the useless information floating around online and learn all I needed to know within 30 days.

I actually booked my first client halfway through the course by just implementing a few things I learned from it!

Once you invest in your brain, you have the knowledge for life and it is a skill no one can take away from you.

And, if you are wondering, what is a virtual assistant?, “How to get the best virtual assistant jobs?”, “Are there any FREE virtual assistant training courses?”.

All those questions and many more will be answered in this article, keep reading, your journey as a VA has just begun!

Disclosure- Some of the links here are affiliate links, and I may earn if you click on them AT NO EXTRA cost to you. I hope you find the information here helpful! Thank you so much for your support.

If money is a bit tight now, but you really want to upskill, why don’t you take either of these FREE VA trainings that will help you become a booked out Virtual Assistant!

  1. Become a Booked Out Virtual Assistant
  2. 5 Clear Steps To Becoming A Virtual Assistant

What Are The Best Virtual Assistant Courses For You? 

Check this table to quickly find out what virtual assistant training program better suits your needs!

CoursesBest ForPrice
$10K VAThe overall best course to learn how to launch a VA business (TOP RECOMMENDATION)$497
The Virtual Savvy’s Virtual Assistant ProgramThe best course to scale a VA business and have LOTS of support to know how to do it. (RUNNER UP!)$1497 full price or payment options of $147 for 12 months.
The VA HandbookBest Lifetime access VA course for UK assistants looking to launch their business.$887.70
Fully Booked VABest for a VA certification and to niche down, with valuable skills.$497 full price or payment options of $199 for 3 months.
Work From Home as a Virtual Assistant Best for amateurs who don’t know what is a VA and if it’s a good fit for them$49.99
Must-Have Tools for Virtual AssistantsBest to learn the tools you need to have as a virtual assistant$39.99
Grow Your Virtual Assistant Business | Long Term SuccessVery affordable course to learn the basics to grow your VA business$19.99
Social Media Management: The Complete Manager’s BootcampBest for VAs who want to specialize in social media management$89.99

8 Best Virtual Assistant Courses

Here is a list of the best virtual assistant courses online. They are legit, trusted, and proven with so many success stories of the students. I have also done most of them myself. 

1.$10K VA

best virtual assistant courses 10kVA

The $10k VA course was created by Kayla Sloan, a Virtual Assistant who successfully scaled up her business and earns more than $10,000 per month.

Her virtual assistant class will enable you to learn what a VA is and does, and what VAs shouldn’t be expected to do, too.

Price :$497

The course has 7 modules that train you on:

  •  How to get your first and next client
  •  How to pitch
  •  How to overcome client objections
  •  How to increase your rate, and so on. 

One of the best things about Kayla’s Virtual Assistant course is that it goes over things many haven’t really thought of.

For instance, she teaches you:

  •  How to create systems for to work faster and more efficiently 
  •  How to create schedules to get a lot done in a little amount of time. 

This invaluable lesson will require so many hours of trial and error for you to master, and can be cut short via the $10k VA Course. 


You also get access to a private Facebook group where you can network with other VAs. You also get preferential pricing for one-on-one coaching calls with Kayla.

2.The Virtual Savvy’s Virtual Assistant Program 

The SavvySystem is a step-by-step blueprint for launching and growing your own profitable at-home business from scratch.

The online course helps teach you what services to offer? How to set up your VA website, what price to charge, how to find your first client, how to get recurring clients, and SO MUCH MORE.

  • Price : $1497 full price or payment options of $147 for 12 months.

The course is run by Abbey, who was a newly married, newly pregnant and completely broke. She stumbled into the virtual assistant world and never looked back.

She ended up with so much work, she started paying my friends to do some of the extra work that she had.

Now she wants to help others monetise their skills and earn from home, without having to choose between being a mom and a career.

In the Virtual Savvy System, you will learn :

  • How to discover your skillset and which ones can be monetised RIGHT NOW
  • How to build your Virtual Assistant business foundation including setting the right mindset, choosing your target market, and writing your VA resume.
  • How to market your business including establishing your online presence, understanding social media and networking best practices, and acquiring testimonials.
  • How to attain clients including learning how to interview and pitch with templates given.
  • Also how to manage your virtual assistant business including setting your rates, learning about contracts and onboarding new clients

In addition, you get :

  • LIFETIME access to the course including all updates
  • The VA Toolbox and Mock Portfolio Template 
  • Your Business Included in our Virtual Assistant Database to get exposure to new clients
  • Proposal Reviews (get feedback on your client pitches!)
  • Bonus Access to the Mastermind Community
  • Monthly Deep Dive Coaching Calls
  • Exclusive Job Opportunities not found anywhere else!
  • LinkedIn Training with Brandi Watts
  • Website development training

I really liked how the course set me up with a good solid foundation quickly and then connected me with growth-minded peers who helped me break through my doubts and challenges. 

It also sets you with LOTS of support and help in case you feel overwhelmed and need a bit of hand-holding at the beginning. It is one of the best online virtual assistant courses out there!

Also, here is some FREE TRAINING where you will learn:

  • How you can quickly earn 100k+ working as a virtual assistant
  • What paying clients are REALLY looking for in a VA
  • How to find thousands of clients who are waiting for your services


3. The VA Handbook

If you ever fantasize about living your dream, you know there’s more to life and you don’t want to sheepwalk through it – then check out Joanne Munro, the creator of The VA Handbook.

Joanne escaped from her daily job in hospitality to become her own boss. 

The VA Handbook is a virtual assistant course online initiated to support other VAs with a variety of free and paid resources.

Price: $887.70

 Her DIY VA course guides you through:

  •  A myriad of resources 
  •  Lifetime access 
  • A trainee-only Facebook group where you can receive one-to-one support 


What’s best is she opens a Society of Virtual Assistants (SVA) membership which gives members access to the public areas of the forum, the SVA newsletter, and the blog – for FREE with a suggested donation of £10!

She has a FREE (Yippee!) ebook:

 Tools You Need (And Don’t Need) to Set Up Your Virtual Assistant Business

This is all derived from her own experience running Munro PA Services, her VA business that she kicked off sometime in 2008. 

Her best advice for those who are still on the fence trying to decide whether to try the path as Virtual Assistant or not; 

“You might think you need to wait until everything is ‘perfect’ before you start your Virtual Assistant business, but if you do that you’ll NEVER get going.”

4. Fully Booked VA 

virtual assistant jobs

The Fully Booked VA is an online virtual assistant course membership created by Gina Horkey who created a successful VA business and helps others achieve the same.

These virtual assistant classes thoroughly cover different aspects you need to know to have success as a VA, such as:

  • How to craft your business plan
  • How to pitch and find clients
  • What services to offer
  • How to grow your income

And many more aspects to run a VA biz! 

On the other hand, one of the most liked assets of this personal assistant course is the specialization tracks it offers: 

Best Virtual Assistant Courses

These specialization tracks provide in-depth training, tutorials, and resources to help you specialize in a skill and therefore be able to grow as a business and raise your rates.

Also, this specialization track is only available after you complete the VA Foundations course and finish your final exam.

virtual assistant training courses

This certification will immediately give you access to the #FBVA Client Leads pool to increase your chances of getting hired as soon as you finish the course training!

  • Price: $497  full price, or payment options of $199 for 3 months.

Now, something very important to bear in mind is that this course has 2 big sections:

  • The VA Foundations Course
  • The #FullyBookedVA System

When you pay the $497 you’ll have lifetime access to the VA foundation course, and have your certification.


You’ll only have 90 days of access to The #FullyBookedVA System, which includes:

  • Live Weekly Group Coaching
  • Over 18 customizable templates, scripts workbooks, and trackers
  • Access to The #FullyBookedVA Community
  • Client Leads (after certification)
  • Specialization Tracks
  • Bi-Weekly Deep Dive Training with Guest Experts
  • 6+ Skills Courses

So, if you want to still be part of the community after those days you would need to pay $1,194 for one year or $199 each month.

Suggestion: This is a course with really good reviews. But, it is not entirely necessary that you stay in the community.

You can just focus on learning, practicing, and using the resources provided to you in those 3 months to gain clients.

If everything goes well with your VA business, you can, later on, be part of the life community if you wish so 🙂

Udemy Virtual Assistant Training Courses

If you are searching for training to become a virtual assistant but you have a limited budget and moolah is your main concern, then Udemy might be the perfect solution.

Udemy is an online learning platform aimed at professional adults and students. They offer many courses for upskilling – including virtual training courses. 

Most of the time, the course fees offered are affordable and they have discounts all the time.

There are plenty of VA courses within Udemy but to save you time, I will only review the top-rated ones. (You are kind of important and I truly appreciate you taking the time to read this article 🙂 )

5.Work From Home As A Virtual Assistant 

Price: $49.99

The instructor Tina Marie – an expert in the virtual assistant industry, will explain in-depth:

  • Whether or not a VA job is truly for you
  • How to set up the business from scratch and 
  • How to create processes for the day to day running of your home-based business. 

The course includes :

  • 3 hours on-demand video
  • 1-hour on-demand audio
  • 18 downloadable resources, and 
  • full lifetime access

6. Must-Have Tools For Virtual Assistants

Price: $39.99

This is essential training run by Erin Booth and here is feedback from one of the participants of this course.

“I spent so many years in school and sat through so many business classes and none of them even came close to the preparation I got from these 3hrs with you.” – Nicole Ragsdale 

By enrolling in the course, Erin will teach you:

  •  How to create legally binding contracts for VAs
  •  Project management tools
  •  How to time track (because you now work on your own), and
  •  Self-care which many of us tend to forget 

7. Grow Your Virtual Assistant Business | Long Term Success

Price: $19.99

If you are looking for more advanced training, this is curated for Virtual Assistants with experience who plan to keep your business in business. This course is NOT for beginners. 

This virtual assistant course covers crucial skills to ensure long-term success, like:

  • How to prioritize your highest-earning tasks or clients
  • Productivity and energy hacks
  • How to market yourself
  • Importance and how to build your own VA network
  • How to fire a client without burning a bridge

I like the price ( $19.99 -equal to the price of your daily meal, boom!), and it’s a worthwhile investment to ensure your business remains sustainable. 

So, there you have it. The best virtual assistant courses on the market to help you skyrocket your income. 

Before taking any course, remember it is an investment in your self-development, and that nobody can take away education from you. 

We now live in a world where we can create income and opportunities from the comfort of our own homes. The only thing that is in the way are a few skills you need to learn, so what are you waiting for? Start learning! 

8. Social Media Management: The Complete Manager’s Bootcamp

virtual assistant training courses

Price: $89.99 

Now, what if you know exactly what you would like to offer? 

And, what if you are really organized and are ok with not having a VA coach or community?

In that case, and/or if you are also on a budget, you can focus on investing your money in courses that will help you specialize in a valuable skill. 

For example, if you like social media management, you can offer services for managing social media profiles of platforms like:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest 
  • Instagram 
  • TikTok 

As for VA training courses for social media management, this is an affordable course for you:

There you will learn:

  • How to set social media goals, and how to achieve them.
  • Find clients and set up their own social media goals
  • Recognise which social media platforms are best for each client.
  • Create blog posts, images, and videos for social media
  • Create monthly reports to show clients in detail the results of your work.

But, wait…what if you are on the fence trying to figure out which freelance job is best suited for you? I have created a pocket-friendly resource for this situation!


It costs $27, and you will learn:

  • How to find the right freelance job that suits my skills?
  • WHERE do I find freelance clients?
  • What rate do I charge?
  • What are common freelance mistakes to avoid?
  • How do I succeed on Upwork?

Plus, resources, such as pitching templates to secure clients online and an exclusive insight from an Upwork expert on secret strategies to succeed and get jobs!

What Is A Virtual Assistant ?

Best Virtual Assistant Courses

A virtual assistant is a person who provides support services to a business, but virtually. So the assistant could provide the services from home or if you are like me, from Bali or Bosnia. (no point doing remote work if you can’t travel eh!)

A virtual assistant job  is ideal if you:

  • would like to start your own small business, or
  • work with a business and learn their best practices (and propel it to your own business!)
  • would like to work from a home office, have the flexibility to set your work hours
  • wants to skip the traditional career path, create your future and spending time doing what you love doing
  • want to accomplish your dream to be a Digital Nomad – using technology to earn a living while traveling elsewhere around the world

Sounds great, right?!

Why Do Business Owners Hire Virtual Assistants? 

Try to look at it from an entrepreneur’s point of view. A Virtual Assistant helps to:

  • Reduce overhead costs.

Did you know that overhead costs are one of the most critical expenses for businesses and most entrepreneurs are grasping at straws to keep it minimum? 

If business owners aren’t careful, overhead costs can quickly become a drain on business revenues. 

So, small business owners hire freelance Virtual Assistants to optimize their expenses. They don’t need to pay for office overheads. 

  • To save them time

Time= Money. If an entrepreneur wants to quickly scale up his/her business, they need to free up time for strategic thinking and outsourcing other non-core tasks.

This is where hiring a Virtual Assistant comes in, *wink*!

How Much Does A Virtual Assistant Make?

A Virtual Assistant working for a company can earn up to $16.00 an hour. 

This is based on data of salary estimates for nearly 700 employees, users of Virtual Assistant Services, and job advertisements.

HOWEVER, a freelance Virtual Assistant can make more than double that salary, reasonably earning over $40.00 an hour. This was indicated by the average hourly charge of top-rated freelance VA’s quoted by Upwork.com.

By working 20 hours per week, a VA can earn $3,200.00 per month. With the advantage of working from the comfort of your home.

P/S: Hot tips from a successful VA who was regularly booked by clients (Ahem, ME).

It is critical to maintain a good relationship with your clients and keep them happy by doing excellent above-average work.

Get to a place where their business can’t live without your services. Gradually you increase your rates, let them know your worth, and they will pay accordingly.

Best Virtual Assistant Services You Can Offer

what is a virtual assistant

A VA can offer any service to a client for money.

 You might be surprised to know that there is a huge spectrum of VA services such as :

  • Social Media Management – replying customer queries and comments, posting status updates, uploading contents
  • Uploading and creating product descriptions for online shops like Shopify or Etsy
  • Email Marketing and client relation
  • Bookkeeping – updating daily sales and expenses, extracting business data, receipt filing
  • Research, editing, and writing
  • Website and sales page copywriting
  • Pinterest Manager VA – Managing, tracking metrics, and creating Pins for brands.

And a lot more! 

Now, before you start panicking and start worrying that you don’t know any of the services above, fret not. 

Here are a few Virtual Assistant courses that can get you upskilled, trained, and earning ASAP. 

Another positive you get by enrolling in Virtual Assistant training is that you get to learn from successful VAs instead of racking your brain trying to find ways to thrive as one, they will show you their roadmap to win.

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Virtual Assistant Courses FAQS

what is a virtual assistant

How Do I Become A Certified Virtual Assistant?

To get a virtual assistant certification the easiest way to do so is by taking a VA course such as the Fully Booked VA.

However, most jobs and clients don’t require a certification to work as a VA! 

You can take any VA training or course you like and can afford to learn the foundations of a VA business. 

The important thing is to learn the skills and know how to create productive work systems to deliver high-quality VA work to your clients! 

What Are The Best Virtual Assistant Courses?

The best virtual assistant courses today are:

All of these courses offer extensive VA training to build the essential skills and work systems to build a VA business, attract clients, raise rates, and scale your business.

How To Become A Virtual Assistant Fast?

To become a virtual assistant fast you have to take a free or paid training course. 

In case you don’t have a big budget or are curious if VA work is for you, Abbey from The Virtual Savvy offers a FREE VA training where you will learn:

  • How you can quickly earn 100k+ working as a VA
  • What clients are really looking for in a Virtual assistant
  • How to find thousands of clients who are waiting for your VA services

On the other hand, you can also take her paid virtual Savvy’s Virtual Assistant Program , and start earning big bucks thanks to her guidance and resources that will help you build a solid VA business!

Is There An Amazon Virtual Assistant Course?

There isn’t a trustworthy or specific Amazon Virtual Assistant training in 2021. 

But, you could offer VA services for Amazon FBA owners that need assistance with managing their store. 

If you are curious about what is Amazon FBA, here is a course of Udemy:  Amazon FBA Mastery 2021 | Udemy, you could learn about it, and then pitch clients that could need your assistance.

Note: Would you like to work in Amazon Customer service? Or maybe begin a side hustle related to Amazon? Here are some articles about jobs in Amazon and Amazon side hustles:

What Qualifications Do I Need To Be A Virtual Assistant?

Good news! Being a virtual assistant doesn’t require specific qualifications or training.

However, if you are looking to start your own virtual assistant business, it is best to lay some groundwork before diving in headfirst without knowing the ins and outs of an online business. The best way to do this is to take a virtual assistant course!

When it comes to transitioning into virtual assistance, having some sort of background in administrative support is quite beneficial since it provides you with many transferable abilities.

However, whether you are already employed or have recently graduated from high school, you may still learn what it takes to become a successful virtual assistant by taking the right virtual assistant course.

As long as you have mastered the basic virtual assistant skills, you may look into a variety of job opportunities. You can try out any one of these options to embark on your virtual assistant career.

  • Start a successful virtual assistant business from home and network through your family, friends, or social media to find new clients.
  • Join any virtual assistant agency to gain experience.
  • Set up your own online business.

Do You Need A Course To Be A Virtual Assistant?

No you don’t need a course to become a virtual assistant BUT a virtual assistant course will help you succeed faster and earn more money!

Since you know that there are no specific qualifications to be virtual assistants , you may be wondering, “Do I really need virtual assistant training Aisha? Why can’t I just read the articles you have on being a virtual assistant?”

While it is not compulsory to attend any virtual assistant training or VA courses, the courses recommended in this article can help you tremendously in becoming an excellent VA.

I say so because I have taken these course personally and have benifitted from them.

To start your own business is no walk in the park and if you wish to find paying clients then these va courses will be an added bonus to your existing skills.

You will learn how to monetize your skills, how to pitch to your clients, how to handle objections, and how to increase your rate once you have done this for a while now.

The 10k VA and Virtual Savvy VA course are some of the best virtual assistant courses I have come across that really sets the foundation for virtual assistants.

These virtual assistant training programs can help boost the skills you already have and turn them into monetizing skills. I mean who does not want to earn money from skills they already have?

You know what I say, more money, more honey.

It is possible to work as a virtual assistant without any prior experience or qualifications. You can also work as a virtual assistant without having to go to school or have any prior experience or certifications. Some duties, such as proofreading, may not require any formal schooling.

However, by signing up for a virtual assistant training program, you are showing that you are willing to go the extra mile to further enhance your skills.

If you are wondering where to find a virtual assistant job, this article shows you all the places you can find virtual assistant jobs for beginners.


So, there you have it. The best virtual assistant courses on the market to help you skyrocket your income. 

Before taking any course, remember it is an investment in your self-development, and that nobody can take away education from you. 

We now live in a world where we can create income and opportunities from the comfort of our own homes. The only thing that is in the way are a few skills you need to learn, so what are you waiting for? Start learning! 

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8 Virtual Assistant Courses That Will Skyrocket Your Income [2022 Update]

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