15 Best Online Moderator Jobs (Hiring In 2022)

15 Best Online Moderator Jobs (Hiring In 2021)

Let’s talk about online moderator jobs. What are they? Who does them? How much can you get paid? 

And where the heck are you supposed to find these jobs? So many questions and all of them will be answered in today’s post.

The online world is massive and at times it can be wild; someone needs to tame it (this could be you:) ). 

If you enjoy spending time on social media, you understand how message boards and forum sites work and you’re looking for a really easy way to make some extra money then maybe you should consider online moderator jobs.

Summary of Online Moderator Companies:

Some of the links on here are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. Hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

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What Is An Online Moderator job?

Before we get into where to find online moderator jobs, what exactly does an online moderator do? 

The title online moderator is also known as a community moderator, “mod”,CM” (chat moderator), or moderating agent. 

But regardless of the title given, the job scope is the same.

An online moderator is someone who is hired to monitor a client’s chat room, message board, forum, blog, and or social media accounts.

Here’s some good news for anyone who is unenthusiastic about jobs that require making phone calls. 

Home based chat moderator jobs fall under non-phone telecommuting opportunities which means you will work solely through the company’s website and communicate through the screen. Introverts rejoice! 

Another perk about online moderator jobs is that companies often offer flexible hours or shifts but more on that a little later on.

Quick note – If you are interested in online moderator jobs, it’s likely you have good attention to detail you are analytical and you want the flexibility of working online.

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What Does An Online Moderator Do?

You know when you see something offensive or inaccurate on social media and the post gets taken down? 

Someone had to monitor these posts, comments, videos, etc., and follow a set of guidelines to establish if the content was in violation of those guidelines. 

Online moderators ensure visitors or members on that particular site follow the rules and guidelines set by its owners. 

Sometimes you may even have to settle disputes in chat rooms, forums, and message boards in the online community. People can get rowdy online and fearless behind a screen.

With online community forums on the rise, the need for online moderators is increasing steadily too. 

Think of yourself as a peacemaker that also polices the mean virtual streets of the companies page in order to protect the client’s reputation and brand image.

Companies will ask you to issue warnings to users who break the rules on a regular basis.

 You will be in charge of issuing warnings to users who often break the rules of the site, and users that don’t adhere to the companies guidelines. 

In some cases, you may need to ban users, delete their accounts, or place a temporary hold on their account if they are misbehaving, or have zero disregard for the rules and community guidelines.  

But with that being said, moderators do more than step in when things get out of hand. Here are some of the tasks that also fall under the responsibility of online moderators:

  • Respond To Comments

Interaction is important. People take the time out of their day to post comments and they deserve a response. 

As a moderator, one of your tasks will be to reply to those comments.

  • Answer Emails Or Queries

Occasionally, you may have to reply to emails about items or brand promotions. There may be confusion about a brand promotion or a question regarding items.

 Some companies offer live chat assistance on their website but others employ moderators to reply to emails. Don’t worry too much about the responses because companies often provide a script for queries.

  • Address Complaints

Complaints are part and parcel when it comes to business. 

There will always be one out there and your job is to address these complaints quickly, resolve the problem and keep the customers happy. Good customer service equals good brand image.

  • De-escalate Situations

One comment, that’s all it takes to create a hostile environment. 

Sometimes there will be an insensitive or derogatory comment made by members of the community and this can cause a virtual tussle. A moderator swoops in, de-escalates the situation and removes any offensive content.

More advanced tasks include:

  • Engage In Search Engine Marketing

If you’re a seasoned moderator, you may be familiar with matching social media content to current events to improve the website’s SEO and search rank.

  • Conduct Metrics Analysis

Another task seasoned moderators do is conduct metrics analysis. 

This is a fancy term that basically means that software tools are used to measure and report on the statistics of the post or offer. Things like popularity, views, conversions, trending topics in forums and message boards, etc. 

What Does It Take To Apply For Chat Room Moderator Jobs? 

Experience aside (some companies may require experience) someone who wants to apply for online moderator jobs should have:

  • Excellent written language skills
  • Basic knowledge of how social media pages, chat rooms, message boards, and forum sites work
  • Basic computer skills
  • A working computer
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Sound judgment
  • Ability to keep calm and remain level headed in tense situations

How Much Do Moderators Get Paid?

Sure, there are plenty of online moderator jobs from home to be had but do they pay well? 

That depends on who you work for and what company employs you. The rates for wages can vary depending on your employer. 

I’ve compiled a list of companies below that hire people for online moderator jobs and the pay scale ranges from as low as $9 an hour to $20 an hour on the higher end. 

Which is decent money if you think about it. 

Of course, it goes without saying that if you have experience and you’re able to conduct more advanced tasks, you’ll earn more.

According to this article, working full time as an online moderator or online community manager can allow you to earn anywhere from $31k to $70k annually. 

15 Best Online Moderator Jobs 

Do you like Bingo? Did you know that there are actually Bingo chat moderator jobs from home?

Yes, you heard that right. 

Companies like Bingo Port hire people to be bingo chat moderators. They even have a whole article dedicated to being a bingo chat moderator.

Some other companies that advertise Bingo chat moderator jobs are:


Tombola are a company based in Sunderland which have online moderator jobs that let you work from home in the UK.

 Although their moderators work from home, they recruit from the North East area of the UK so that employees can come to headquarters for training.

 If you’re interested in online moderator jobs uk, have a look at their websites. 

  1. Jackpotjoy
  2. Virtue Fusion

But I digress, enough about Bingo chat moderator jobs, here’s a list of the companies that hire people for online moderator jobs:

  1. Yelp
  2. Khoros
  3. Mod Squad
  4. Crisp Thinking
  5. Quiip
  6. Baby Center
  7. The Social Element
  8. Live World
  9. Ask.com
  10. Zynga
  11. Upwork


Experience needed: Unknown

Requirements: Jobs are based on various locations and occasional attendance at local events

How much you’ll get paid: Unknown

We all know Yelp as the platform that rates businesses but Yelp also hires community managers for moderation services. 

The catch is that positions are often offered based on situational circumstances or applicants from select cities. 

To apply for moderation vacancies on the website, applicants need to visit the “jobs” page and search for a vacancy in their area. on the site to know if their area has a vacancy. 

Occasional attendance at local events is a requirement for these positions.


Experience needed: Yes

Requirements: 1-3 years of experience in social media management or community engagement

How much you’ll get paid: The salary ranges from $16 to $21 per hour

Khoros is the result of the merging of two companies by the name of Spredfast and Lithium.

The aim was to create a powerful customer engagement platform that caters to customer care, community engagement, and social media management solutions.

Mod Squad

Experience needed: Yes

Requirements: Applicants are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement before they are allowed to sign up with the site

How much you’ll get paid: Mod Squad moderators make at least $9 per hour

Mod Squad was known as Metaverse Mod Squad back in the day. The company was founded in 2007 and works with quite a few big-name brands. 

The application process is pretty straight forward too -all you have to do is fill in a form and attach your resume. 

Crisp Thinking

Experience needed: Yes

Requirements: Access to a speedy internet connection and good knowledge of social media

How much you’ll get paid: Social media moderators can earn £10 per hour, which roughly  equates to $14 per hour

Founded in 2005, Crisp Thinking has become a leader in providing home based online moderator jobs. 

They offer companies on social media online harm detection services through community moderators. 

If you’re interested in working with Crisp Thinking,  you can apply online by submitting your resume through their website.


Experience needed: Yes

Requirements: Must be Australian or have a deep understanding of Australian culture

How much you’ll get paid: Unknown

Good news for all you Aussies living in Australia or abroad, Quiip is an Australian company that monitors social media platforms for their clients. They hire online community managers that are called ‘Quiipees’. 

If you’re an international applicant, you can still apply, as long as you have the right skills and  have a deep understanding of Australian culture. 

The application process is like any other, you submit a resume and cover letter. 

But if you really want to stand out, then you could include an optional (and highly recommended) introduction video.

Online Chat Moderator Jobs

As an online chat moderator, your job is to keep the peace and make sure the forums and platform are squeaky clean -free from malicious behavior and inappropriate comments. 

Baby Center

Experience needed: Yes

Requirements: Knowledgeable in the field

How much you’ll get paid: Unknown

Are you a parent, health-care professional or have experience or valuable knowledge in this field? 

If yes, you can become an online chat moderator for Baby Center.

Baby Center’s mission is to provide the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. Their website reaches over 51 million mothers and fathers at every corner of the globe. 

The Social Element (Formerly known as EModeration)

Experience needed: Yes

Requirements: Experience in community management or social customer care

How much you’ll get paid: A starting pay of around $15 to $16 per hour

Another company that advertises online chat moderator jobs is The Social Element

Formerly known as EModeration, the company goes by the name The Social Element now and focuses on the online social media presence of companies. 

The company was established in 2002 and have worked with brands like HBO, Smirnoff, Lego, Toyota and even the TV show Game of Thrones.

Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend
Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend

Online Moderator Jobs No Experience 

Some companies may require you to have knowledge in a particular industry or experience  working as an online moderator, but there are a few that don’t require you to have either or any experience at all. 

Here are a few companies that hire online moderators without any experience.

Live World

Experience: No

Requirements: Must be a resident of the United States

How much you’ll get paid: Between $7.50 and $20 per hour

If you live in the United States and you’re on the hunt for chat moderator jobs from home, Live World is your go-to.

Live World is a company that offers many services and online moderation is one of them. It’s a great place to start if you’re dipping your feet in the field and have no prior experience. 

They often advertise part-time remote vacancies to represent their clients as online chat moderators. This is great for someone looking to start a lucrative side hustle without giving up their full-time job.

The pay does vary depending on your level.

 Applicants with social media moderation experience and those that are multilingual are preferred but these aren’t requirements you need to fulfil to apply for a job at Live World.


Experience: No

Requirements: Excellent verbal and written communication skills

How much you’ll get paid: Unknown

Ask.com or JobVite is known for its online moderator jobs that include social media management for their clients’. 

As long as you have excellent verbal and written communication skills, you can apply to be a moderator with Ask.com.


Experience: No

Requirements: Must be based in the United States

How much you’ll get paid: Unknown

Another company that works with applicants based in the United States is Zynga. They provide chat room moderator jobs from home for job seekers in search of community moderation jobs.  

It is a requirement but applicants that have knowledge about online games and have good communication skills are preferred.

Online Content Moderator Jobs

As an online content moderator your job is to monitor user content based on rules and guidelines specific to that platform. Essentially, you makes sure if that content can be published on the platform, or not.

ICUC Moderation Services 

Experience needed: Yes

Requirements: Unknown

How much you’ll get paid: The starting salary of online moderators is $11 per hour

ICUC focuses on participation in forums and experiments through various social media platforms.

They are a social media agency that is all about management and engagement . They provide social media moderation, content moderation, and other customer services. 

They offer remote work and anyone from anywhere in the world can apply to work for ICUC.

 If you speak more than one language, you should consider applying for a job with them as they prefer applicants who can speak more than one language.

Alternatively, if you’re a frequent visitor on job boards, websites like Upwork often have online content moderation jobs. 


Experience: Entry-level

Requirements: The candidate should be fluent in English

Hours: Mondays to Sundays

Shift 1: 10 AM-4 PM EST

Shift 2: 4 PM-10 PM EST

Shift 3: 10 PM-4 AM EST

Shift 4: 4 AM-10 PM EST

What are they looking for?

They’re looking for someone that is committed to excellence and responsibility. A candidate that knows how to work from home and stays on top of daily hours and objectives.

What are your tasks?

You will be moderating all types of content such as comments, live streams, videos, photos, and more.

If you’re interest in more content moderation jobs, browse through these job boards for more options:

How Can I Be A Good Online Moderator?

Anyone can become an online moderator but what separates the average moderator from the good ones? Here are a few tips to help you succeed:

Be Friendly

You are the person users turn to for help. 

Whether it be helping them through navigating the site or answering their queries, being friendly and approachable is important because it also affects the company’s image.

Be Patient

As an online moderator, you may have to deal with some short-tempered people, de-escalate situations, handle offensive comments, etc. 

These situations can get out of hand and you need to be prepared to help with any issue or issue no matter how annoying or time-consuming it may be.

Be Vigilant

Online moderators need to be aware of everything that’s going on.

 You are the eyes and ears of that community and you have to make sure that everyone is adhering to the rules. 

Increase Your Typing Speed

No one likes to see that speech bubble only to get a short response. Practice daily to increase your word per minute and answer queries or mediate situations with speed.

Not sure what your speed is or how to increase it? 

You can take an online typing test (for free) through 10fastfingers.com and see what your typing rate is.

Be Objective

Guidelines are there to help keep things as clear as possible; it’s either white or black but occasionally, there will be grey areas and this is where you come in. 

It’s important to remain as  objective as possible and not let your feelings or opinions lead the discussion. 


Well, there you have it folks, online moderator jobs and more! 

If you like being online, working from home, and you feel like you’re someone that can deal with heated online situations diplomatically, then maybe you should consider a job as an online moderator. 

Who knows, with the experience you gain in the field, you may even turn it into a career path.

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15 Best Online Moderator Jobs (Hiring In 2021)

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