21 Best Freelance Writing Websites To Get Paid For Beginners

Are you looking for freelance writing websites for beginners?

I remember when I began my freelance writing journey, I wanted to get paid to write but I didn’t have a journalism degree, nor did I have writing experience.

Nevertheless, I still went on to become a full-time freelance writer and travel the world.

If I can do it, you can too!

In this article, I will share all the places that advertise freelance writing jobs for beginners, the 3 best FREE sites to promote your freelance writer portfolio, plus tips to increase your rates. 

Freelance Writing Websites To Get Paid (For Beginners)

best freelance writing sites for beginners
  1. Freelance Writing
  2. Blogging Pro
  3. PRO Blogger
  4. All Freelance Writing
  5. Journalism Jobs
  6. Media Bistro
  7. Morning Coffee Newsletter
  8. Upwork
  9.  Flexjobs
  10. PeoplePerHour
  11. Contena
  12. iwriter
  13. Writer Access
  14. Online Writing Jobs
  15. Writer Bay
  16. Textbroker
  17.  Verblio
  18.  Constant Content
  19.  Great Content
  20.  Hire Writers
  21.  Word Gigs

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Freelance Writing Websites To Get Paid (For Beginners)

1. Freelance Writing

freelance writing websites

Known as one of the top best freelance writing websites, especially for its ease of use and was established over 2 decades ago!

On this website, you can register as a freelance writer and also hire freelance writers.

You can refine your search to only include certain locations or job types.

Plus, this is one of the best content writing websites for beginners. 

Why? This is because you will also find written resources to succeed as a freelance blog writer, creative writer, copywriter, ghostwriter, and other types of writing!

Freelance writing jobs

It even allows you to participate in writing contests to improve your writing while earning money, and a Free E-book to become a better writer and author.


2. Blogging Pro

freelance writing websites

Also considered one of the best freelance writing sites for beginners, this website is ideal for bloggers and freelance writers looking for work.

Blogging Pro advertises blog writing jobs that are perfect for freelance writing beginners. Blog posts are easy to write and can earn you decent money. A lot of my writing income comes from blog writing.

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    3. Pro Blogger

    PRO Blogger is great. One of the best freelance writing websites out there. I have found a few jobs through them. you can filter down to the niche you are in and it has a good variety of jobs.

    The key is to apply early every morning, but having said that, I have applied and heard back from clients sometimes 2 months later.

    In addition, this is one of the best article websites to use for FREE. You just have to look for the writing jobs on your job board and voila!

    freelance writing websites

    4. All Freelance Writing

    All Freelance Writing posts fresh new writing jobs in the last 30 days. I really like how they also advertise the rate you will be paid.

    So you can scan the niche and pay and decide which freelance writing jobs for beginners best suits you, to save you time.

    Freelance writing jobs for beginners

    5. Journalism Jobs

    Journalism Jobs is a great place to find freelance writing jobs if you want to be a journalist or copywriter.

    You’ll find job posts, which describe the company, type of job, geographic location, and time commitment of the freelance article writing job.

    One of the best freelance writing websites if you are looking got journalism specific jobs.

    Freelance writing jobs for beginners

    6. Media Bistro

    Media Bistro curates online writing jobs and there is a big range of jobs on there.

    It is one of the best content writing websites to find jobs on online magazines, news sites, and big content publications. 

    For example, I just looked and it is advertising for a sports writer, women’s lifestyle writer, and gossip column writer. Random eh?

    Freelance writing jobs for beginners

    7. Morning Coffee Newsletter

    Morning Coffee Newsletter is great because you can subscribe for free and writing jobs are sent to your inbox every morning.

    I have secured a few jobs using this newsletter.

    Freelance writing jobs for beginners

    8. Upwork

    Considered one of the most widely known freelance platforms, Upwork is a site where you can find different types of freelance jobs including writing.

    It is free to register as a freelance and you can filter jobs based on:

    • Client rating
    • Clients spent
    • Verified payment
    • Level of expertise
    • Skill category
    • Job Type (Fixed or hourly paid)

    For example, you can see here different types of entry-level freelance writing jobs, including an interesting gig about creating funny slogans for t-shirts for $200. 

    online writing jobs

    9. Flexjobs

    Freelance writing jobs

    Flexjobs stands out as a freelance job site that offers verified jobs to prevent scams, this gives freelancers the confidence to apply for legit jobs.

    Registration is paid, it is a membership-based job site starting from $14.95 per month. 

    However, Flexjobs is labelled as an excellent site to get freelance scam-free jobs and has membership benefits such as discounts for Career Coaching or a Resume Review. 

    10. PeoplePerHour

    online writing jobs

    Peopleperhour is a similar website to Upwork to get freelance jobs for beginners, so it is a good site to check out for article writing jobs or other types of writing. 

    You can find jobs from proofreading, to investigative writer, cool for a beginner writing gig, right? 

    11. Contena

    online writing jobs

    Among the best article websites is Contena. It is a paid membership site starting at $497 for a 1-year membership and $997 for a 2-year membership

    So, though it is not cheap, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and offers good paid freelance article writing jobs, even for beginners. 

    Freelance Writing Content Mills To Get Paid For Beginners

    article writing jobs

    So above are 11 freelance writing websites that advertise freelance writing jobs for beginners.

    But let’s say, you tried applying and received no response or you want to get some experience and you are sick of writing for free?

    As a last resort, it might be worth looking into content mills.

    Writing content mills don’t pay that well but the level of expertise required won’t be high. Also, if you are writing for free anyway, you might as well get paid and get some experience.

    Having said that, make sure you move on to better-paying jobs once you have experience writing for content mills. Don’t get stuck on lower-paid jobs, but instead, use content mills to get some writing experience.

    Sometimes content mills will advertise, â€˜freelance writing jobs no experience’

    Here is a list of freelance writing websites which are content mills you can apply to:

    12. iwriter

    Freelance writing websites

    This is one of the essential sites you have to head to if you want to land article writing jobs in content mills.

    You can register for free, then you need to complete a form and a 250-word writing test. Based on these results, you will be accepted to work on article writing jobs in iwriter.

    How much you will earn will be based on the level you are, starting from Standard, then Premium, Elite, and the highest rank Elite Plus. 

    All of this will depend on the writing skills in each job and your rating as a writer.

    Rates start from approx. $3 for 500 words at the starter level and $30 for 500 words at the Elite plus level. 

    13. Writer Access

    Writer Access is another one of the sought-after online writing websites for business owners that want to hire content writers.

    So, this is a great content mill if you want to grab some writing experience and get paid for it! 

    Plus, they offer benefits for their writers such as:

    • Access to 250M stock images
    • Content strategy certification
    • Content marketing tools
    • Portfolio gallery promotion
    • A ticket to their annual content marketing conference and the recordings from the last 4 years.

    You can apply for free, however, some things Writer Access will ask you to do is:

    • Choose a niche you want to write about or consider yourself an expert in that field 
    • Provide at least 2 public web pages to analyse your work experience and skills. Can be your Linkedin profile, blog, or portfolio site. 

    Also, it is worth mentioning they have a web page where you can look for the different types of freelancers Writer Access are looking for

    Freelance writing websites

    These gigs are high paying, as they are looking for people with experience in that field. So even if you are a beginner but have experience in comedy or type fast and accurately you could have a chance to get hired! 

    14. Online Writing Jobs

    best content writing websites

    Online Writing Jobs is a content mill that only offers freelance writing jobs for United States of America residents and you get paid weekly, through PayPal 

    To apply as a freelance writer you need to:

    • Complete the writer application form
    • Submit a custom writing sample 
    • Submit a completed W9 tax form
    • Submit a copy of a valid government-issued photo ID as proof of U.S. residency (e.g. driver’s license, passport, non-driver ID card, etc.)

    15. WriterBay

    Freelance writing websites

    Among the best freelance writing sites is Writer Bay. 

    Here you will find a wide variety of freelance writing fields of interest such as:

    • Accounting
    • Law
    • Psychology
    • Sports 
    • Music 
    • Tourism

    One of the most important requirements to work in this content mill is to have a bachelor’s degree. 

    To apply you just need to follow 4 simple steps, which are:

    • Fill out the application form
    • Pass their grammar test 
    • Write a short prompt and upload an essay sample
    • Upload a photo of your CV as well as your academic certificate.

    Here is a current example of what they are paying and looking for:

    Freelance writing jobs

    16. Textbroker

    best content writing websites

    Textbroker is a content mill that accepts writers from different countries, it is one of the best freelance writing websites for beginners.

    To sign up you need to submit a 200-word writing sample, which will determine your writing skills. 

    As for how the platform works, it is rating-based, from 2 stars to 5 stars. You can request payment any time of the week, as long as your earnings are equal to or more than $10. 

    Here is an example of how much you can earn based on your rating:

    best freelance writing sites for beginners

    Other freelance content mill websites to consider are:

    17. Verblio

    18. Constant Content 

    19. Great Content 

    20. Hire Writers

    21. Word Gigs 

    What Do You Charge?

    Sometimes when you go on freelance writing websites and apply for freelance writing jobs, the client will ask you ‘what is your rate?’

    When I was a freelance writing beginner, I didn’t know what to charge, but I took that online writing course and it guided me on what the going rate was.

    The writing course recommends at last USD0.10 per word but at the beginning, I think I charged USD0.05 per word and increased it with every new client and as I became more confident.

    How Do You Increase Your Rate?

    best freelance writing sites for beginners

    Want to increase your rate as a freelance writer?  Check the following tips:

    1. Niche Down 

    To get the best paying freelance writing jobs, the best tactic is to upskill and niche down. For example, you can be an expert in a type of writing such as email writing or in a topic like SAAS.

    By being an expert you will know the ins and outs of a topic. 

    So, your writing will be of better quality which your audience and clients will immediately notice and therefore be more valuable!

    2. Go The Extra Mile!

    By going the extra mile, your client will notice that you care for their business and value their success, this will make you a valuable asset for them and keep coming back for your writing services.

    3. Writing Testimonials 

    Showing your writing clients testimonials on your website will increase your credibility and authority, this helps you demand a higher paying rate because clients see you are trustworthy. 

    4. Offer Free Photos 

    Speaking from personal experience, you can increase your rate by mentioning that you can include some free photos to accommodate the article.

    You can source FREE images from these websites:

    5. Offer SEO Services 

    Also, I recently learned about SEO, Search Engine Optimization.

    I read some free articles and bought a book on it and straight away my rate increased when I went on freelance writing websites and said:

    ‘I can offer SEO optimized articles.’

    This just means I can use a free keyword tool (Ubersuggest) to find good keywords and place them in the appropriate places in the article.

    If you are looking for a list of best SEO practices to include in your article, get in touch and I will send it to you.

    I use it every time I write SEO optimized articles for a client.

    Plus, SEO is not as difficult as some gurus make it sound, and you don’t have to pay TONS of money to learn it. 

    I have extensive SEO experience managing 4 blogs, and with this knowledge, I have created this affordable SEO Masterclass where you will learn the foundations of SEO to skyrocket your blog or client’s blog traffic!


    Freelance Portfolio Sites For Freelance Writers 

    If you don’t have a website, or would like to increase the exposure of your writing expertise, creating a portfolio is key to displaying your writing abilities and skills. 

    Some of the best FREE writing portfolio websites to show your writing work are:

    Want to get inspired? Here are some examples of freelance writing profiles on each site:

    Freelance Writing Websites FAQs

    best content writing websites

    1.What Is The Best Website For Freelance Writers?

    One of the online writing websites for freelance writers is Freelance Writing, in this website you can find jobs with rates and divided by level of expertise. 

    However, other good alternatives are:

    All those mentioned above are ideal for you to look for a freelance writer job for beginners!

    2. How Do I Start Freelance Writing If I Have No Experience? 

    If you don’t have writing experience, some pro tips to get online writing jobs are: 

    • Decide on the type of writing you want to offer.
    • Create writing samples 
    • Create a portfolio and ask for recommendations.
    • Create a professional profile on LinkedIn
    • Take writing courses to upskill and learn the best tactics to attract clients. 

    3. What Types Of Freelance Writing Jobs Are There?

    There are different types of freelance writing jobs, some examples are:

    • Blog writer
    • Email writer
    • Copywriters
    •  Sales page writer
    •  Ghostwriter
    •  E-book writer
    • Social media content creation
    •  Article writing
    •  SEO writing

    If you want to find out the most profitable types of freelance writing niches, check out my article: 21 Most Profitable Freelance Writing Niches (In 2021)

    4. What Are The Best Freelance Writing Websites That Don’t Charge A Subscription? 

    The best freelance writing sites for beginners that don’t charge a subscription are:

    5. How Do I Get Clients To Visit My Site And Place Orders?

    To attract clients to your freelance writer website one of the most important things to master is:

    1. SEO
    2. Content promotion 
    3. Having client testimonials on your site
    4. A clear package of services 

    Note: If you are eager to start your freelance writing career or are looking to find a freelance job as a beginner check out my masterclasses: 

    1. How To Become A Freelance Writer (In 60 Days)
    2. Finding Freelance Jobs (For Beginners)

    Plus, you will get FREE bonuses such as pitch templates and pro tips to land jobs in Upwork from an expert!


    Well there, you go. 17 freelance writing websites for beginners that you can apply to right now!

    If you found this article useful, save it and pin it!

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