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Hi there. My name is Aisha Preece. Founder and owner of Outandbeyond.

Being able to earn and save from any location in the world transformed my life. I now LOVE MONDAYS. I want to help you do the same.

Join me as I discover ways to make money, save money, and explore different location-independent lifestyles.

 It’s time for you to start living life on your terms!

My Story

Hi there. My name is Aisha Preece. Welcome to my personal finance and lifestyle blog and thanks for swinging by!

OutandBeyond is a site dedicated to discover ways to make and save more money and explore different location-independent lifestyles that you can earn money from.

Being able to earn and save from any location in the world transformed my life. I now LOVE MONDAYS. I want to help you do the same.

But first things first , what was my journey to this happy place?

Past Life

I trained as a lawyer which then transitioned into a banking career.

I thought I did all the right things. I studied and worked hard, sacrificed my evenings and lunch breaks to try and get ahead and was as dedicated as I could to my job.

But after working in banking for 8 years, I caught myself looking out the window.. wishing I was somewhere else.

I wished I could work from any location in the world.

I wanted to wake up, hop on the plane to Barcelona, spend my lunch break on a sandy beach, munch on tapas and shoulder shake to salsa music after work.

I wanted to ditch the dreaded commute to work and work in my pyjamas if my heart desired.

But the issue was…. I didn’t know HOW.

All the digital nomads I heard about were IT programmers and I was hopeless at technology. 

I had so much doubt and I was scared I would end up falling for those online work scams and lose money.

The Transition

I googled ways to make an extra income and discovered I could be paid to edit documents. So, in my free time after work and during lunch, I would edit university documents for professors.

If you also want to get started as an editor, read this.

This was my first taste of working online and it was incredibly addictive.

I found the fact that I could earn from any location, in my own time and space, pretty mind blowing.

So I gathered all my savings and courage and quit my fancy corporate job. I promised myself I would return in two years, if I couldn’t replace my banking income.

I then started teaching Business English online and explored South East Asia while working and hitting my savings goals.

Living life in Barcelona!


I moved to Ireland and decided I didn’t like rain. So, I booked a one-way ticket to Spain with three words of Spanish. (Si, No and Comida = Food!)

I finally did end up spending my lunch breaks on the sandy beaches of Barcelona and yes, I did embarrass my newfound Spanish friends with my terrible salsa dancing but the point is… I DID IT!

And if I can do it, you can too.

Now I am a freelance writer, but I also run workshops and provide coaching to help people transition into their dream online job.

Update 2023

I ended up learning about Blogging and SEO and it CHANGED MY LIFE! O_O

I now run 6 monetised websites, and a team of writers and create digital courses on side hustles and blogging.

I’ve been featured in a number of Blogging and SEO summits and interviews such as :

The fact that I learned all this despite being allergic to technology is a sign that you can MOST DEFINITELY, do the same!

Anyway, guess what … I finally replaced my full-time banking income and I work less hours, where I want, when I want!

People have this perception that traveling and working online is great for the short term, but ultimately, if you want to buy that dream house, retire comfortably …. you need to be tied to a 9-5 job and make an ultimate sacrifice for the long term.

I am here to disprove that perception.

My blog will have insight into a few areas:

Making and Saving Money

I will show you ways to make extra money, so you can create more choices for yourself and live life on your terms.

Working in banking all those years would have been a bit pointless if I can’t help others make the most of their money and maximise their savings. I will explore new ways to increase savings and reduce costs, so you can take charge of your finances and strut around like a peacock with a healthy nest egg.


I graduated from the University of Birmingham, UK with a Law degree and Masters in International Business where I majored in finance.

My favourite finance courses were Corporate Tax, Accounting and Financial Planning.

I worked for a large international bank for over 8 years where I learned I how to restructure debt, loans, corporate investments and personal wealth management.

I learned about financial planning, investing, money, and banking from my education and work experience in the finance industry and I love helping other grow their wealth and achieve financial independence!

Disclaimer: Please note that this is a personal blog where I share my personal experience, tips, and tricks about money matters. All opinions are mine. You should not take anything from this blog as professional advice.

Lunch break in Morocco!

Location Independent Lifestyles

I am continuing to discover ways to earn an income online. It’s an incredibly exciting journey I want to share with you. Back when I was sitting at my office desk looking longingly out the window, I wished someone would have broken it down and practically showed me how I could work and earn …. from any part of the world.


I love hunting adventures the world has to offer. But I don’t want to bankrupt myself in the process. I will write about ways to explore the world and see exciting new things without breaking the bank.

In Bosnia!
Working from Bali

I am stoked for you to join me on this journey and if you want to see me in real time follow me below.

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Let’s get you started on making and saving more money!

Aisha Preece xx

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