37 Habits Of The Wealthy Vs Poor – Your First Step To Becoming Wealthy

Have you ever been stuck financially and wondered about the habits of the wealthy vs poor? Have you questioned your own habits and how it differs from the wealthy? 

Have you felt frustrated about your income and aspired to become wealthier?

What if you learned that becoming wealthy was not so much about the salary that you were earning, but more about the habits you practice.

Of course, earning a high salary is extremely helpful to becoming a wealthy individual, but it is not the only route to financial freedom. There are several ways to increase your wealth and most of it boils down to the habits you have.

Mind you, the methods that are discussed here are not get-rich-quick scams or anything illegal. 

Why don’t you get your pen and notebook, and get ready to transform your life by understanding rich habits vs poor habits.

Summary Of All The Habits Of The Wealthy Vs Poor

Table Of Contents
  1. Summary Of All The Habits Of The Wealthy Vs Poor
  2. What Are Wealthy Habits?
  3. What Are Poor Habits?
  4. Recommended List Of Books To Read To Learn About Habits Of Wealthy Vs Poor
  5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  6. Conclusion 
  7. A Comprehensive List Of Habits Of The Wealthy Vs Poor – Your First Step To Becoming Wealthy


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What Are Wealthy Habits?

Are you excited to learn all the rich people habits for yourself and adapt to become wealthy? 

Keep reading to find out more about the difference between the habits of the wealthy vs poor.

1. Self Awareness

Self-awareness refers to the ability to manage your thoughts during a conversation and the ability to always question your position in life.

Stephen R.Covey famously quoted, “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”

A self-aware person will aim to be a polite and sincere listener. Self-awareness is key to becoming wealthy as you control your thoughts and do your best to learn from your interactions with others.

Self-aware individuals are humble enough to ask for feedback and accept it graciously with the desire to improve and learn. 

This is one of the most important habits of the wealthy vs poor to know. Using this habit, a person can become wealthy by incorporating changes to improve their lifestyle and financial situation when things are not going well. 

2. Set Goals

This is advice that has been repeated time and time again. Unfortunately, it is still not as widely practiced. Throughout the years, it has been proven that people who set goals are almost always in a better financial position than people who do not set goals.

Setting goals is similar to going on a holiday. If you do not have a proper travel plan and just go with the flow, you will find that your holiday can be messy and probably not as fulfilling. 

Your hotel of choice may not be available or you may not be able to visit the attractions you intended to because it was closed for maintenance.

This is exactly the same as planning your life and financial goals. Without a proper goal, your dreams sound like, “I want to live in a mansion in 10 years,” or “I would like to own a Ferrari when I am 30.” 

These are good dreams to have, but without a proper strategy to achieve them, they will just remain a dream. 

To get yourself started on charting your own goals, you can download these free goal-setting worksheets

3. Aim For Productivity

Productivity refers to how efficiently something is done to create results. Meaning, the less effort or time you take to achieve the same result, the more productive you are.

Wealthy people always aim to increase their productivity levels because they understand that they only have 24 hours in a day to achieve all their goals. The more they can accomplish within the same period of time, the more productive they are.

Wealthy people will aim to outsource work that is administrative and time-consuming so that they can allocate more time to strategizing or adding value to their business.

Wealthy people will not waste time engaging in mindless activities such as binge-watching TV shows on Netflix! Wealthy people will plan their time into fixed routines so that it is easy to remain productive throughout.

If you’re looking to increase your productivity levels, download this free productivity tracker to help you improve your performance. 

4. Eat Healthily

rich people habits

One of the top habits of the wealthy vs poor to learn!

Every successful person out there has always reiterated how a healthy diet helped them in many ways. Eating clean is good for your concentration, keeping up your energy, and boosting your mental performance. 

Without good health, it is very hard to chase wealth. Wealthy people usually stick to their schedules of eating properly planned meals, portioning their food, and controlling their temptations to snack or indulge. 

Additionally, eating healthy meals provides strong protection from conditions such as diabetes, cancer, and high blood pressure. 

Feasting on a buffet or a fast food meal will leave you feeling bloated and lazy. This will make it harder to focus on achieving your goals. Check out some simple, healthy, and delicious recipes

5. Exercise Regularly

habits of the wealthy vs poor

One of the most important habits of becoming wealthy is regular exercise. Exercising regularly is not just about building a healthy body, it is also about maintaining discipline and breaking bad habits.

Regular exercise does the same thing to your body as eating healthy meals. When you start getting stronger and pushing your body to achieve more, you will gain more self-belief too

Exercising does not mean that you need to pay for expensive gym memberships. In fact, there are plenty of incredible fitness coaches who have a holistic workout plan you can follow online in the comfort of your own home. 

One of the main benefits of working out at home is that you can save money on memberships and save time traveling to the gym.

6. Positive Thinking

Ask yourself if having a negative attitude towards life has ever helped you achieve anything worthy? That would be a big fat NO

Wealthy people are passionate about their goals and feel good about them. As a result, they take a lot of effort to achieve it. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, you are more likely to perform well in your tasks if you like it and believe that it will bring you far. 

Have you ever seen negative Nancy being applauded in any professional setting? Highly doubtful. This is a common issue when discussing rich vs poor behavior.

If you need a boost, consider downloading these free wallpapers and stick them where you will frequently see them. These are wallpapers with motivational and positive quotes and will get your day started on the right note.

More importantly, they will help reinforce positive thoughts in your mind and remind you of all that you can achieve if you think positively.

7. Network Frequently

rich vs poor lifestyle

Have you ever heard the quote, ‘Your Network is Your Net Worth’ by Tim Sanders? Most wealthy people have always attributed their financial successes to good networking.

Networking makes you more creative because you learn from people who are more successful than you. If you have a new product idea that can take the market by storm, networking can help you get noticed by a potential investor.

Networking also makes you braver to speak to people you do not know and put yourself out there. You can learn how to network with this helpful guide.

8. Have A Growth Mindset

Wealthy people believe strongly in having a growth mindset. This means believing that their abilities will grow with practice, even if they face obstacles.

The wealthy are always trying to learn to become better. 

When discussing differences in rich vs poor quotes, the wealthy will say, “I can figure it out and improve.” Meanwhile, the poor will say, “I can’t do it. It is too difficult.”

The rich know they can achieve more, if they continue to work hard, educate themselves and execute ideas properly. This is a growth mindset.

Do try these activities to learn how to develop a growth mindset.

9. Always Reading

rich vs poor habits

Reading is so important for your personal development. As kids, you may have enjoyed reading fictional stories like Harry Potter. 

As adults, it is better to read educational books written by entrepreneurs, autobiographies, and books that teach you specific skills. There will be a list of recommended books shared below for your benefit.

The wealthy love to read because they learn from the mistakes and successes of other entrepreneurs. 

Reading also makes you more creative, boosts your brain, and reduces your stress levels. This is a big difference between rich and poor mentality.

10. Do Not Work For Money

The wealthy do not work for money. This is one of the most important habits of the wealthy vs poor to remember. The wealthy invest their money into making more money. They do this by spending money and time on building assets. 

That way, these assets will help them earn more money, regardless of whether they work or not. This is called passive income

If you’ve been reading my blog, OutandBeyond.com, or if you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I am passionate about teaching others how to earn passive income. 

I truly believe that passive income is one of the best ways to become financially independent! 

11. Have Mentors

habits of the wealthy vs poor

This is one of the most unknown habits of the wealthy vs poor!

Do you think Mark Zuckerberg built Facebook without having a mentor? Absolutely NOT. His mentor was the late Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple. Bill Gates, the Creator of Microsoft also has a famous mentor, the esteemed Warren Buffett

Mentors are professionals who you will look up to because you aspire to reach their level of success and experience. They are at a much higher level than you and have very likely gone through the struggles you are facing.

Most wealthy people will invest money in a mentor because they understand that mentors can give you exclusive excess and guidance to achieve their goals.

This is done in 3 key ways:

  • They will let you know if your actions will lead to progress.
  • They will help you think beyond what you already know.
  • They help make connections to the right network. 

12. Manage Their Finances

The wealthy manage their finances well enough that they do not have to rely on monthly paychecks to sustain their needs.

Living paycheck to paycheck does not mean that you are not earning enough. It means you are not making enough effort to track your expenses and portion them properly

You may think that people who are rich are automatically good at managing their finances. That is untrue. 

One of the most famous actors of our time, Nicholas Cage, was worth about $130 Million USD in 2011. He blew away most of his wealth with extravagant expenses and went knee-deep in debt. 

His experience is just one of many stories. You will find that plenty of famous and wealthy people have gone into bankruptcy due to poor financial management

To get your finances organized, you can ownload this free expenses tracker and budget planner to get your journey started.

13. Understand Sales And Marketing

A quick study shows that most of the ultra-wealthy individuals out there are experts in sales and marketing. They have held these positions when they were working and do it well.

Mark Cuban, a billionaire investor on Shark Tank has said that if he lost all his wealth, he would get a sales job because he knows it will help him become a multi-millionaire again.

Understanding sales and marketing means you are likely to pick up some essential skills such as negotiating, closing, persistence, and discipline. 

14. Invest Frequently

rich vs poor mindset

The wealthy believe very strongly in investing their money to make more money. The wealthy do not leave all their savings in a bank and hope it grows. 

This is a key difference between the spending habits of the rich vs poor.

This is because returns from bank savings are the lowest return there is. The wealthy appreciate that investing can help them reach their financial goals and beat inflation. 

Additionally, investment income is a form of passive income which was covered above.

If you are curious to learn about investing, check out this investment training by Tony Robbins.

15. Look For Opportunities

The wealthy are always on the lookout for opportunities to grow, invest, and create the next viral product or service. This does not mean that they are greedy. 

It just means that they have programmed themselves to always look for improvements. 

  • How can you make a process faster? 
  • How can you make a product or service more affordable? 
  • How can you innovate and solve a problem better?

These are questions the wealthy always ask in any situation. By asking these questions, the wealthy are able to pounce on opportunities and create the next money-making solution. 

This is a key difference in habits between the wealthy and the poor.

16. Look For Multiple Income Streams

The wealthy do not believe in having just a single income stream. They always look for ways to diversify their income sources

This is largely to get income protection if one source fails and to increase their returns overall. The Covid-19 pandemic saw an exponential rate of job loss and people becoming homeless or becoming poor.

Having multiple income streams means that you are in full control of your income. You need not be at the mercy of a terrible boss who will not give you the pay you deserve or be subject to poor market conditions.

This is a huge difference in rich vs poor habits.

17. Do Not Show Off

It is important to understand that showing off does not mean living an extravagant lifestyle. Wealthy people may live in luxury and extreme comfort. However, most of them will not show off their wealth to the public.

Showing off means wearing fancy clothes and trying to let everyone know how much money you have by flashing around your jewelry or cars. The wealthy would prefer to live quietly to protect their peace and safety.

If you are interested in a bit of self-analysis, you can read these signs of being a show-off to understand where you stand.

18. Volunteer Frequently

rich vs poor spending habits

The wealthy will volunteer at social activities or non-profit causes frequently. There are various reasons for this such as to:

  • Reduces stress
  • Stay healthy
  • Build relationships
  • Create larger networks
  • Feelings of happiness and gratitude
  • Make new friends with like-minded people

Do head on down to your local non-profit organization and ask them how you can help. Most social service organizations are always in need of volunteers. 

19. Accept Mistakes

The wealthy are not free from making mistakes. They have made a lot of mistakes before getting to where they are now. Admitting you made a mistake will help you move on, learn from it and live freely.

It also helps to build trust and credibility. If a wealthy person is managing a group of people, they are more likely to be respected by their team if they admit to their mistakes.

What Are Poor Habits?

Having read all the habits that are practiced by the wealthy, now it is time to learn what are the habits that the poor have. 

Do pay attention to them. If you find that you are practicing these habits, do not panic. Instead, list it down and try to take proactive steps to change.

1. Work For Money

Working for money means that you use all your time to just earn money. Once you earn your money, you either spend it or save it. 

This means that your money does not work for you to earn you more money. By working for money, your earning capacity may become diminished because there is only so much you can do with the time you have.

2. Complain About Life And Their Situation

Are you the type who is always complaining about your life and whatever you have been dealt with? Chances are, you are also very negative and find it hard to accomplish anything.

Complaining has more harmful effects than just making you angry or sour. Frequent complaining releases stress hormones into your body which will ultimately give you illnesses such as high blood pressure or stroke.

If you have started to focus on the habits of the wealthy shared above, you will reduce your complaining and focus on the positives.

3. Gamble Frequently

difference between rich and poor mentality

Gambling is a serious problem. You can become addicted to it and lose your family, money, and life as a result. Most poor people who pick up gambling did so out of desperation to earn a quick buck

Gambling is an emotional addiction, and it is not the way to earn money.

If you find that you have a gambling problem, you need to speak to a trusted advisor or call your local gambling hotline for advice. There is no need to feel shame by asking for help.

A life saved from gambling is far greater than a life lost due to gambling.

4. Sleep Late

rich habits vs poor habits

Once upon a time when you were a child, sleeping late may seem cool or rebellious. That is not the case as adults

If you are constantly sleeping late, you are likely to make bad choices due to fatigue and your brain will function less effectively. It will be harder to become wealthy as a result.

Sleeping late also reduces your immunity which means you are more likely to fall sick. 

5. Do Not Exercise

Similar to the points above, poor people usually will make excuses and not exercise. This will lead to poor health, lack of persistence, and discipline to achieve your goals. 

If you cannot even make the investment in your health, it is highly unlikely that you will invest time, money, and effort to become wealthy.

6. Eat Unhealthy Food

habits of the rich vs poor

The poor may not always have the habit of eating healthy food. Granted, healthy food takes more time and effort to make, unlike easy takeout options, fast food, or processed food.

However, all these unhealthy food will give you a host of problems such as:

  • Bad acne
  • Risk of diabetes and cancer
  • Weight gain
  • Depression
  • Laziness
  • Bad teeth

If you feel depressed or lazy, you may likely be less interested in pursuing any habits that make you wealthy.

Additionally, if you end up suffering from illnesses such as diabetes or cancer, you will have to spend more time taking care of your physical health, rather than pursuing wealthy habits.

7. Procrastinate

Procrastinating means that you delay taking action. The poor will usually make excuses before they choose to learn something new or engage in a side hustle to earn them more money.

The poor will procrastinate by not grabbing opportunities or they may delay embarking on their goals and projects. This means that your financial gains will also be delayed.

Try some of these tips to stop procrastinating now and take charge of your life.

8. Do Not Set Goals

Another habit of the poor is that they may choose not to set goals and rather live life as it comes. This is extremely unproductive and dangerous. Because that means you are not in control of your finances or your lifestyle.

You place yourself at increased risk of losing opportunities due to poor planning. This is a big difference in the habits of the rich vs poor.

9. Cannot Accept Change

The poor struggle to accept changes in their life. They get too emotionally connected to their situation now. They will not be able to function if they face changes.

This means that the poor cannot think rationally to solve problems which will lead to poor financial health.

10. Use Savings Account Frequently

spending habits of the rich vs poor

The poor do not maintain separate bank accounts for separate purposes. This means that their savings and expenses are all from the same bank account.

This is very dangerous as you cannot track your expenses. You may end up spending more than you can afford for that month. This will leave you with reduced or zero savings.

By separating your bank accounts for different purposes, you will be able to track your savings and expenses.

11. Do Not Invest

Similar to the point above. The poor do not believe in investing as they are not financially savvy to understand the benefits of investing.

The poor are usually not equipped with financial literacy skills which can impact their investing decisions.

This is a key difference in rich vs poor spending habits.

12. Make Impulsive Financial Decisions

habit of the poor mindset

Making impulsive financial choices means making purchases that satisfy immediate wants rather than investing in long-term financial returns.

The poor are usually tempted by words such as sales and discounts. This means they justify their purchases by claiming it is cheaper now rather than the usual price.

However, most of these purchases end up being quite mindless in their benefits which leads to regret or sadness. Unfortunately, this is a common habit of the poor mindset.

13. Do Not Understand Productivity

The poor do not understand the value of productivity as well as the wealthy. Poor people will think that as long as time is spent completing a task, it is work well done.

However, poor people fail to understand that there are ways to optimize output and improve results.

As a result, they become disappointed easily to find that even though they spent a lot of time working, their outcomes are not satisfactory.

14. Like To Show Off

habits of the wealthy vs poor

The poor like to show off to make themselves feel better. They think by showing off, their wealth and status may increase.

However, showing off does not lead to increased financial wealth. You will be making unnecessary luxury purchases to look rich which reduces your bank balance.

This is a key difference between the rich vs poor lifestyle.

15. Depend On Salaries And Employers To Improve Their Financial Position

Poor people believe that if they work more, their salaries will increase. Hence, they try to spend more time at work, hoping it impresses their bosses.

Frankly, most companies will not compensate their workers fairly and will do their best to overwork you.

If you are overworked and only depending on your salary, there is no chance for you to increase your income streams through a side hustle.

16. Live In Debt

The poor will rely on debts such as credit cards, small loans from banks or friends to sustain their life. This is extremely dangerous. 

It is easy to overspend with your credit card, which will slowly grow into a mountain of debt. 

Credit cards are not bad if they are used wisely. However, keeping a credit card to fund your necessities is a dangerous sign of poor financial health.

If you are struggling with paying off your credit card debt, check out this detailed guide on how to reduce credit card debt.

17. Waste Time On Social Media And Television

rich vs poor quotes

The poor will waste a lot of time on social media platforms and watching television. It is easy to come back home and justify your fatigue by lazing away on Netflix or scrolling on Instagram.

That time could have been easily spent on building a side hustle and increasing your income stream. Unfortunately, this is not a habit that the poor generally have.

18. Blames Others

The poor will blame others whenever there are mistakes made. This is usually done to avoid feeling guilt and to quickly move on.

However, the poor do not realize that accepting mistakes will also remove guilt and help you feel better. 

By blaming others for your problems, you will become defensive and avoid spending time looking for solutions.

Recommended List Of Books To Read To Learn About Habits Of Wealthy Vs Poor

rich vs poor behaviour

If you’re looking to change your habits, you can also purchase any of these best-selling books to learn more about how to do so. 

These will set you on the path towards having a wealthy mindset and increasing your financial literacy. 

Read these books and be on your way to getting a complete understanding of the habits of the wealthy vs poor.

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad: What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That The Poor And Middle Class Do Not! – By Robert Kiyosaki.

This is one of the best personal finance books and is heavily referenced in any conversation about personal finance.

2. Money: Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom – By Tony Robbins.

Tony Robbins has transformed the lives of over 50 million people. He is one of the most breathtaking coaches out there. This book will be your comprehensive guide to financial freedom.

3. Weekend Millionaire Mindset: How Ordinary People Can Achieve Extraordinary Success – By Mike Summey and Roger Dawson.

This book will teach you essential skills about investing in real estate.

4. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth – By T. Harv Eker.

Learn more about the millionaire mindset from this bestseller that removes all your doubts about getting rich.

5. Think and Grow Rich – By Napoleon Hill.

This is a motivational book that draws lessons from important figures from history.

6. The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth – By Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen

This book is a simplified know-how book that gives you a clear path to achieving true wealth. 

7. If You Want to Get Rich, Build a Power Niche: … and a Bundle of Other Utterly Brilliant Marketing and Sales Ideas that Actually Work – By Bruce M. Stachenfeld.

This is an easy book for any beginner to learn sales and marketing that can be implemented in their business. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


There you have it, folks. I hope this article was helpful in teaching you the difference between the habits of the wealthy vs poor. 

Please do not despair if you find that you have more poor habits compared to the wealthy. 

If you are making an effort to read this article, it is because you want to become better. Use this as an opportunity to learn and improve yourself. 

Soon, you will be heading towards financial independence and greater wealth. Sending you lots of good wishes to achieve your goals and dreams.

A Comprehensive List Of Habits Of The Wealthy Vs Poor – Your First Step To Becoming Wealthy

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