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21 Best Places To Sell Your Photos Online

Did you know you earn an extra income and sell your photos online?

There is an array of companies that will pay you to sell your photos online. You don’t even need a professional camera.

You can take photos with your phone, upload the pictures on the below sites and you are on your way to earning a nice little side hustle for yourself 🙂

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Now you may be thinking:

But I am not a professional.

Don’t worry

I used to think selling photos online was only for professional photographers toom but after a lot of research, I discovered a list of 21 best places to sell your photos online.

All you need to do it take beautiful pictures and then you are good to go!


21 best places to sell your photos online

Sell photos online with FOAP

  1. FOAP
  • 50% of the commission and payments are made via PayPal.

FOAP is a FREE app (if it is free it’s for me ! :))  You don’t even need a laptop to sell your photos! You just download the app, set up your profile and upload a few pictures.

The great thing about FOAP is they have ‘missions’ where clients request specific photos.

If you win the mission, you get bonus payments, like more than $500, kind of bonus payments J


  1. Alamy
  • You get 50% of your sales

Alamy has a simple and quick sign up process and also, quite a lot of traffic to their site.

Great way to get your photos in front of lots of potential buyers.

  1. Shuttershock
  • You can earn up to ‘30% of the sale price of your content’

Shuttershock is one of the more well-known sites that pay for online photos.

They pay you per photo download and because they are so well known, they get lots of traffic.

In fact, I buy photos from Shutterstock too! So, its legitimate and people genuinely earn money from selling their photos on this site.

  1. Istockphoto
  • Royalty rates start at 15% for Photos and 20% for Videos and Illustrations

 iStock Photos and Getty Images are two different websites but they fall under one company – Getty Images, Inc.

I mention this because you will see Getty images when you click on the link above.

You will be paid every time someone licenses your content and payment is via Paypal


  1. Snapwire
  • Earn 50% from portfolio and marketplace sales and up to 70% on Exclusivity Licenses for Custom Requests & Challenges

Snapwire is an app that allows you to sell your photos online.

They pay a lot better than other photography sites. You can earn money two ways, via a ‘Portfolio Marketplace’and through ‘Requests and Challenges’.

The second one is great because you get great paid exposure to big brands and businesses who could hire you again in the future.


  1. Clashot
  •        You can sell your photos for $.50 to $80.00

Clashot is another FREE app. You can upload your photos at whatever price you choose and anyone can buy them, so you #getpaid!

  1. Markedshot
  •        Pays 50% of royalties earned

Markedshot is a popular FREE photography app that is available on both Apple and Android.

8.     Dreamstime

  • Get up to 60% of your earnings

Dreamstime is a well-established photography site that has opportunities for photography professionals as well as newbies.

You can sell your photos on their app as well as their website.


  1. Animals Animals
  • 50% commission

Am I the only person that takes 1 million photos of their cats?

Just me. Ok then O_O

Anyway, if you are prone to a bit of animal stalking then Animals Animals is perfect for you!

They also pay for earth scenes and nature photos, a perfect way to earn money from your travel photos too.

  1. Scoopshot

Scoopshot has an app and a website that allows you to take on photography and video assignments (if you want).

Scoopshot will specify what a buyer wants and then once it is uploaded and sold, the photographer gets paid!

  1. Stockimo
  • Earn 20% commission per sale

Stockimo links big business and marketing agencies with photographers.

It is an app that allows you to upload your work and get paid for every picture sold.


It appears that Eyeem also has a website and app, where you can upload pictures on.

They have pictures selling between $20 to $250 and also allows you to store your photos on the app if you don’t have an internet connection.

You just sync your photos later.


  • Earn $2 for each photo you sell but you can sell it again and again

You can also take on photo challenges that can earn you additional money in cash prizes and if a brand likes you, you can work with them 100% commission-free.

    14. BYLINED

BYLINED is a platform that connects brands and businesses with photographers.

You just need to download the app, take pictures and get paid!

  1. Stockfresh
  • Earn between 50% to 62.5% commission

You just need to apply and upload your photos to start earning.

  • Contributors can earn 70% revenue of the sale.

You need to fill in an application form and upload 8 of your best images.

Then they will ask you for photo identification and to agree to their Terms and Conditions.

If you are accepted, you can decide on a selling price for your images, but it must be between US$10 and $50.

After 3 months, the maximum price you can charge will be reviewed depending on the overall quality of your portfolio.

Once your earning reaches $10, you are paid via Paypal.


  • Earn 15% commission on each sale

Payments are made via Direct Deposit.


  • Maximum photo price is $20

You can sell any event photos you have on Snapped4U. There is no upload, registration or posting fee.

Snapped4U will take a commission on any of your photos that sell: $0.50 on photos priced $5 or less and 10% on all others.


  • Contributor earns 20-63% of the sale price, on a pay as you go basis and 30-33% of the sales price. on a subscription basis,

Fotolia is now owned by Adobe Stock.

Fotolia is essentially an online marketplace for photos and videos.

The standard price for a picture is 5 credits (1 credit=$1).


  • Earn 85% of the revenue from selling photos.

21. 123RF

  • Earn up to 60 % commission on your photos

They also have a commission structure you can read here.

Note- AGES ago, in another lifetime when I worked in the corporate world, they were a client of mine. They were incredibly professional and well run.

I have no idea who runs the company now ad whether things are still the same, but they left. A good impression on me J

Well, there you have it.

21 of the best places to sell your photos online.

Some will pay higher than others, and some have stricter requirements, but the key is to keep trying and see what happens!

Eventually, you will find one which suits you best.

Sell Your Photos Online

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Once you have amazing photos you can earn extra money by :

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