Apps Like Sweatcoin

31 Apps Like Sweatcoin (Get Paid to Walk in 2023)

As much as I love my daily walks and runs, I cannot deny that apps like sweatcoin which literally pays you to walk never fails to sweeten the deal.

Are you in disbelief over the existence of apps that reward you for running? Or apps that reward you for walking?

Don’t scoff at the idea of an app that pays you to walk, because these exist! 

Have you heard of an app called Sweatcoin? Well, you’re going to want to know about it and other apps like sweatcoin after I tell you that they basically pay you to walk. 

That’s right, you read that correctly. 

You can get paid to exercise and earn some sweet prizes and rewards with apps like sweatcoin.

Looking for an incentive to start working out? Or do you enjoy going on long walks? 

Whether you like stretching your legs or you’re looking for some motivation to start living that fit and healthy lifestyle, stick around to find out how you can make money walking with apps like sweatcoin and sweatcoin alternatives.


Some of the links on here are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. Hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

Summary of Apps like Sweatcoin :

  1. HealthyWage
  2. Lympo
  3. Charity Miles
  4. Carrot 2.0
  5. Runtopia
  6. WellCoin
  7. LifeCoin
  8. Achievement
  9. StepBet
  10. PK Rewards
  11. FitPotato
  12. Step Younger
  13. Higi
  14. FitFetti
  15. WinWalk
  16. Earth Miles
  17. Fit For Bucks
  18. Fitcoin
  19. Rover
  20. Delivery Gigs
  21. Better Points
  22. DietBet
  23. Evidation
  24. Gigwalk
  25. MapMyFitness
  26. Miles
  27. One Million Steps
  28. Shopkick
  29. Walgreens Balance Rewards
  30. Whealthy
  31. Yodo

What is Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin basically allows you to get paid to exercise. It’s a fitness app that works with cryptocurrency -similar to Bitcoin. For every 1000 steps you make, you earn 1 “coin” or sweatcoin (SWC). 

You can spend your newly earned “coins” on products in their marketplace. Items range from 5 SWC to 20,000 SWC and can be anything from gift cards to iPhones.

How does it work you ask? 

The app works like a pedometer and tracks your steps using the accelerometer and GPS in smartphones. 

There are plenty of apps like sweatcoin but not all of them are great or worth your time. 

Sweatcoin is one of the top-ranking fitness apps in the Google Play Store and App Store -the reviews of sweatcoin have been phenomenal especially since some changes have been made.

Originally, the app only counted steps that users took outdoors, which meant that running on treadmills and walking around your house didn’t count but since December 2019, sweatcoin has allowed users to earn sweatcoins when they walk indoors too. 

Great timing for the year we all had in 2020 if you ask me.

How Does Sweatcoin Make money?

“How does sweatcoin work  and why would anyone pay me to walk?”

Good question.

The founders of the company wanted to create an innovative and fun way to help people and make them more fit, active, and happy (with rewards). The rest was history and sweatcoin was created.

“But how does sweatcoin make money?” “Where are they getting this money to pay me?” 

Another good question 

Sweatcoin makes its money through brand partnerships. 

Because SWC is a cryptocurrency, you can spend your hard-earned “money” on products that are featured in their marketplace -those products and deals change regularly. 

Sweatcoin also earns by placing advertisements on the app.

Another way sweatcoin earns money is with its users. The app itself is free but this means there’s a limit on the number of SWC you can earn in a day -that number is 5 SWC.

 If you want to generate more SWC, you need to upgrade your free membership to a ‘paid’ membership and pay them in SWC.

They have 5 tiers:

  1. Tier 1: Mover

Cost: Free

SWC Limit: 5 SWC a day or 150 SWC per month

  1. Tier 2: Shaker

Cost: 4.75 Sweatcoin a month

SWC Limit: 10 SWC a day or up to 300 SWC a month

  1. Tier 3: Quaker

Cost: 20 SWC per month

SWC Limit: 15 SWC a day or 450 SWC a month 

  1. Tier 4: Breaker

Cost: 30 SWC a month

SWC Limit: 20 SWC a day or 600 SWC a month 

  1. Tier 5: Trouble Maker

Cost: This tier does cost real money, $1.49 per month

SWC Limit: 50 Sweatcoins per day or 1500 SWC per month,

apps like sweatcoin

Does Sweatcoin Actually Give You Real Money?

Does Sweatcoin give you real money? Yes and no.

Yes, because SWC is a cryptocurrency much like Bitcoin -so the term “real” is subjective to what you think real money is.

Sweatcoin rewards its users with SWC or digital currency and you can use your coins on the platform to purchase real-life items, that counts as money right? 

They offer everything from workout gear, yoga classes, sports watches, Amazon credits, music downloads, e-Books, airline miles, or gift certificates to various retailers -the offers change often and vary depending on the partnerships Sweatcoin has made.

If you don’t think cryptocurrency is real money then the answer is a no but fret not, the ultimate goal is to able to swap SWC for real cash. Maybe sit tight for a bit, keep earning sweatcoins, and trading them for cool things until they make this feature available.

Are you looking for more apps that pay you to walk?

I’ve got you covered. Sit back, relax (for now) and have a look at the extensive list I’ve created with 20 apps that will make money when you so much as break a sweat.

apps like sweatcoin

Here are Some Apps Like Sweatcoin That Pay You To Exercise

We were all taught time is precious, there’s even a saying, “time is money.”

Every second will cost you something, so why not combine fitness activities with money-making ventures by signing up for Sweatcoin or apps like sweatcoin?

Use your time wisely and kill two birds with one stone by getting fit and making money with other apps like sweatcoin:

  1. HealthyWage
  2. Lympo
  3. Charity Miles
  4. Carrot 2.0
  5. Runtopia
  6. WellCoin
  7. LifeCoin
  8. Achievement
  9. StepBet
  10. PK Rewards
  11. FitPotato
  12. Step Younger
  13. Higi
  14. FitFetti
  15. WinWalk
  16. Earth Miles
  17. Fit For Bucks
  18. Fitcoin
  19. Rover
  20. Delivery Gigs
  21. Better Points
  22. DietBet
  23. Evidation
  24. Gigwalk
  25. MapMyFitness
  26. Miles
  27. One Million Steps
  28. Shopkick
  29. Walgreens Balance Rewards
  30. Whealthy
  31. Yodo


Whether it’s your new year’s resolution or your doctor has asked you to cut back on the chips, we’ve all set fitness goals but how many of us achieve it? 

If you’re someone who needs incentive and motivation to get things done, HealthyWage is just the app for you.

It uses financial incentives to get people to lose weight. I know it sounds too good to be true but it’s really straightforward. You have to set a weight loss goal and place a bet on yourself to reach that goal. 

You can use their HealthyWage Prize Calculator to see how much you stand to win based on the bet you placed. If you stick to your goal and achieve it, you win money. 


Lympo is an app similar to Sweatcoin in that you earn coins or in this case LYM Tokens -another form of cryptocurrency- when you exercise and you can redeem for various rewards.  

What’s nice about Lympo is that you can participate in any fitness challenge, inside or outside and you can sync the app and monitor your progress with other apps like Google Fit and iHealth to get a cleared overview of all of your physical activities.

Bonus: Earn an additional 50 LYM tokens when you send a friend a referral link and they sign up!

3.Charity Miles

If you’re looking for apps that will pay you, then maybe skip this one.

But if you’re looking to get fit and lend a helping hand, then Charity Miles is for you. 

This charity walking app helps you donate money to your favorite charity when you go for a run, walk, or cycle. Imagine that, every step you take earns money and helps the less fortunate. 

Charity Miles has generated over $2.5 million to date with the help of users all over the world. They get their funding from 8 companies that are repurposing their earnings by investing in charities you’re walking for. 

How does it work?

 You choose one charity you would like to earn for and strat walking -that’s it. 

The more steps and ground you cover, the more money you generate. 

apps like sweatcoin

4.Carrot 2.0

Carrot Rewards 2.0 was formerly known as Carrot. They launched in 2015 and closed down in 2019 but now they’re back and better than ever. Meet Carrot 2.0.

When you sign-up with Carrot Rewards 2.0, the app takes a week to analyze your steps and designs a specialized step goal just for you. Carrot focuses on steps and if you reach the goal they’ve set for you, you’ll earn points.

You can earn points by completing the daily step goals or part-taking and completing a step-up challenge. A step up challenge is when you challenge a friend to achieve step goals with you. 


Remember how we spoke about what constitutes real money? If you think cryptocurrency isn’t real money and you’re looking for apps like sweatcoin to get paid to exercise, then Runtopia is the app for you.

Runtopia focuses on helping you improve your fitness and offering rewards. Users are able to set goals for various exercises and even have an audio coach to motivate them during workouts. 

The app is free but they do have a premium version that offers more bonuses. 

With Runtopia, you’ll earn Sport Coins and they can be redeemed for coupons, prizes, products, upgraded memberships and that’s right -Paypal withdrawal.

One important thing to note is that Sports Coins expire every year on March 1st. Make sure to use them up before then!


Looking for apps like sweatcoin for android? Wellcoin rewards its users for more than exercise, it rewards them for being healthy. 

If you exercise and lead a healthy diet, you can log your healthy habits throughout the day on the app and Wellcoin will award you with coins. 

Coins can be redeemed for items and discount vouchers at retailers like Whole Foods and Reebok to name a few.


Another example of apps similar to sweat coin is LifeCoin.

Similar to Sweatcoin, you can earn LifeCoins with outdoor steps and redeem them for prizes, gift cards, physical products like AirPods, headphones, and other rewards. 

The app functions like Sweatcoin in that a free membership allows you to earn 5 LifeCoins a day and no more than that.

If you want to generate more coins, you’ll need to upgrade your membership but this comes with a price tag of  $4.33 a month. 


Another sweatcoin like app is Achievement. Get paid to walk and do all sorts of other physical activities by earning points. 

Achievement allows you to link any health-related apps you use to it and once you link an app, you earn points. That way you can earn points for future activities and past activities that you’ve already done.

How much is a point worth? Well according to the website, once you’ve earned 10,000 points you can redeem it for $10. 


Do you believe in yourself? Do you want to bet on it? StepBet allows you to bet on yourself and hit the step goal you set in order to win.

When you sign up for StepBet, you need to connect your fitness tracker to the app.

By doing so, you allow StepBet to calculate your step goals. The app will then challenge you to beat your previous milestones and after you hit these goals, you can join a game and make a bet.

This makes StepBet a little different compared to the sweat coin app.

How much can you bet? The average bet is around $40. If you reach your goal six times a week for every week of the game you joined, you win. If you don’t, you lose and miss out on the cash. 

10.PK Rewards

Get paid to move. That’s what PK Rewards is selling -any form of physical activity is rewarded with coins that can be redeemed for items from brands like Nike and Amazon.

How do you earn with PK Rewards? 

Let’s say you’re going for a hike or a bicycle ride, one must simply remember to log onto the app (on your phone or Apple watch) and hit the button, “Start Earning.” 

At the end of your workout, you need to end your progress by hitting the button again and that’s it. 

From there, they’ll calculate your “Effort Score,” and award you coins based on the time and effort taken to complete the activity. 


Apps like sweatcoin, charity miles, or PK Rewards allow you to walk around freely and get paid for it but FitPotato is not one of them. 

Much like StepBet, FitPotato works on a betting system. You have to place a bet on yourself in order to win rewards. 

It’s minimal risk, you have to bet $5 on yourself weekly in order to stand a chance at winning a cash prize pool that’s worth around $1000. 

12.Step Younger

Step Younger or Step Young+ is one of the apps that pay you to walk and more. It works like sweatcoin and is a pedometer app that tracks step counts.

Aside from the rewards you stand to gain from Step Younger (free amazon gift cards worth $100 being among them) you can also use the app to keep track of your activity levels, blood pressure, heart rate, and water in take.

There are loads of extravagant prizes up for grabs on the platform but much like Sweatcoin, there is a daily limit set to the amount of points you can earn. 

As long as you’re realistic, keep this in mind and keep trucking along, you’ll be able to save up all those points and eventually rake up enough points to “buy” whatever item you’ve had your eye on. 


Working out never sounded so good with Higi. More than just an app, the company that developed this app has health tracking stations at pharmacies. 

When completing various exercises and visiting  health stations, you’re able to measure your weight, body fat, blood pressure, and you get rewarded for it!

The app can be connected to fitness trackers and other health related apps to reward your activities. There are challenges on the app that can be completed weekly or months and users are able to earn points for up to a mile of walking.

Points earned can be swapped out for rewards but sadly, not cash. But if you’re looking for deals on sports’ gears or rewards or wanting to give to a good cause, stick with Higi. They allow points to be donated to charity.


Maybe you want to get fit but you don’t feel like you can do it alone. Try out FitFetti, it’s more than an app that rewards you for reaching your fitness goals. 

FitFetti offers free products, discounts and works with people that can help you achieve your fitness goals. 

The more goals you reach weekly, the more sponsorships you can unlock and free items you stand to receive.

If you’ve got an Apple and you’re looking for Apps like sweatcoin for iphone, then look no further. Unfortunately, FItFetti is only available for iOSat this moment but don’t worry android users, they are currently working on an app for you, 


Among one of the apps that pay you to walk, Winwalk is a free app that works as a pedometer and tracks your steps which will help you earn points. 

I like this app because instead of 1 SWC per 1000 steps, Winwalk awards you with coins after every 100 steps. That’s less steps for more coins! 

Similarly to most of the apps listed above, points can be redeemed for rewards, in this case you can get gift cards from popular retailers like Starbucks, Walmart and Amazon to name a few. 

But I should mention that Winwalk also places a limit on the points you can earn by setting a 10,000 step limit a day.


EarthMiles is an app that will reward you with when you walk, run, or cycle. 

You can earn Earthmiles and spend those hard earned Earthmiles on rewards like supplements, classes, discounts on health products and services.

I say hard earned because harder activities will earn you more Earthmiles. 

Here’s what I’m talking about:

  • if you walk 0.6 miles, you earn 1 Earthmile but 
  • if you cycle 0.6 miles, you earn 3 Earthmiles 

And if you run for 0.6 miles, you stand to earn 5 Earthmiles.

17.Fit For Bucks

Fit For Bucks is another paid to walk app that keeps it really simple. Whether you’re walking, running, hiking, or doing something else that gets you moving, you’ll be earning.

As you rack up more steps, you can redeem them for various rewards. Here are some examples of rewards you might see:

  • Free 30-min massage (cost: 30,000 steps)
  • Free 16oz. Smoothie (50,000 steps)
  • Free cup of coffee (35,000 steps)


FitCoin is exactly like it sounds like. Get fit, get coins. You can partake in activities like running, walking, hitting the gym, or cycling and earn coins doing it. 

The FitCoin app allows you to track your progress and sync it with other devices such as your FitBit, Google Fit, or any other health tracking application you may use.

 All you have to do is burn those calories and collect coins in the form of cryptocurrency -you can exchange your earnings for special offers. 


If you think about it, dog walkers get paid to walk and play with dogs. That doesn’t sound bad at all. If you’re an animal lover and you love to walk, why not combine the two and make money from it? 

Rover is a website that allows you to get paid to walk. Unlike the walking apps above, with Rover you’re able to set your own prices and work on your own schedule. 

You can also offer other services like dog sitting but if you’re only interested in getting paid to walk, then I’d say stick with the walking service.  

20.Delivery Gigs

The common misconception with delivery services is that you need to have a fancy set of wheels; a car, a scooter, a bike, but in reality that is not the case with all delivery companies.

 If you live somewhere small or in an area that’s easy to get around by foot, you can work as an on-foot delivery person.

Uber is out of the question but companies like Postmates and Doordash have openings for on-foot delivery people. If you want to make deliveries quickly, then strap on a pair of rollerblades or hop on a bike (if you have one).

apps like sweatcoin

21.Better Points

This one is especially for folks living in the UK. 

The BetterPoints app rewards you with points for walking and running, and these points can then be exchanged for rewards. 

If you’re feeling generous, you can also donate points earned to charity!

Signing up for this app is free, and you will need to be at least 14 years old and a UK resident to use this app.


DietBet, as its name suggests, works by placing a bet to achieve a specific goal. 

The goals are in the form of challenges. 

These are very much achievable, in case you’re wondering. So definitely give this a shot!


Evidation is an app that rewards you for fitness-related activities. 

The app needs to be linked to other fitness apps like Google fit and Apple Health to track your activities in exchange for points. 

Signing up is free, and you can earn up to $10 once you accumulate 10,000 points. 

These can then be redeemed for gift cards, PayPal cash, direct deposit, or you can even choose to donate them to charity.


While Gigwalk isn’t a fitness app, its still an app that pays you for walking. 

Gigwalk works by partnering with brands and companies wanting feedback from real people. 

You will be required to complete gigs such as obtaining contact information for a business manager, photographing specific buildings, being a mystery shopper, and verifying details on apartment complexes. 

Gigs pay between $3 – $ 100, so be sure not to write this off! 


Owned by Under Armor, MapMyFitness is a collection of apps that rewards you for fitness-related activities. 

The app provides many challenges as well that allow you to increase your earnings! Besides that, you can also create challenges and invite your family and friends to join you.  

One thing to note is that the app does not provide you with cash, you get to win Under Armor products.

apps like sweatcoin


Another app like sweatcoin is Miles, a cool app that rewards you for every form of transportation. 

Not only is this an app that pay you to walk, but it’s also an app that pays you to drive and fly!

Redemption can be done for things like merchandise discounts and gift cards, but the amount you’re looking at can be pretty low – around $1 a month. 

27.One Million Steps

As its name suggests, Million Steps pays you for taking one million steps! 

There is a 1,000-step cap on your daily steps tracked by the app though. 

To increase your daily count, you can watch ads in the app that can increase your base by 200 steps per ad. 

So what happens once you achieve a million steps? 

$10, either in cash or gift cards. It may not be much, but it’s a cool way to earn from your walks! 


Sidekick is an app that isn’t exactly like the sweatcoin app.

But if you’re looking for a get paid app for walking into stores, purchasing items, and scanning items, this one’s for you!

29.Walgreens Balance Rewards

If you already shop at Walgreens, then this is the app for you! 

While it is not exactly a sweatcoin alternative, this app does reward you for walking, running, and even cycling. The Walgreens Balance Rewards app allows you to redeem points for discounts on their products. Every 1,000 points give you a cool discount of $10 off your purchases!


Another example of apps similar to sweatcoin is Whealthy. 

This free app tracks your steps during your walks and runs, allowing you to earn coins that can be exchanged for gift cards. 

Other ways to earn coins include performing tasks like meditating and drinking water. 

However, Whealthy is only available for iOS devices at the moment. 


The Yodo app rewards you with points as you walk. 

You will need to reach a minimum of 1,500 steps daily in return for 300 points. And the best part? There is no cap on your daily steps!

You will also be rewarded with additional points when you invite family and friends, and this in turn earns you more cash!

FAQs For Sweatcoin Similar Apps

How To Transfer Sweatcoin Money?

To transfer Sweatcoin money to Paypal cash, you can sell it. 

Many people will be willing to buy Sweatcoin. 

All you have to do is advertise it online on platforms such as Discord chat rooms and Reddit.

Apps Who Pay For Walking?

Here is a summary of the best apps that pay you for walking: 

  • Sweatcoin
  • Winwalk
  • BetterPoints
  • Charity Miles
  • WeWard

How Do Sweatcoin Make Money?

Sweatcoin makes money from advertising as well as partnering with brands who pay a fee to be featured in the app’s marketplace. 

There is a large number of brands doing this, including large organizations such as Starbucks, Apple, and Amazon. 

It is free to download and use the Sweatcoin app.

How Can I Get Paid For Walking?

You can use apps that pay you for walking to earn money during your walks. These apps trace your steps and reward you for walking. 

Examples of apps that pay you for walking are: 

  • Sweatcoin
  • BetterPoints
  • One Million Steps
  • Runtopia
  • LifeCoin
  • Achievement
  • StepBet
  • FitPotato
  • PK Rewards
  • Fit For Bucks

What Crypto Is Similar To Sweatcoin?

Other cryptos that are similar to Sweatcoin include Rainbow, TeraWulf, FlyCoin, and Cryptology Asset Group.

Unlike the other sweatcoin competitors which are mainly companies, Sweatcoin is a digital currency that is backed by physical movement. 

Are apps like Sweatcoin legit? 

Yes, apps like Sweatcoin are legit mobile apps that pay you to be involved in physical activities such as walking and running. 

It isn’t the best option if you’re looking to earn a large sum of money, but the app allows you to be paid while doing activities that you most probably already do regularly. 

Apps That Pay When You Walk?

Here is a list of apps that pay you when you walk: 

  • Charity Miles
  • HealthyWage
  • PK Rewards
  • StepBet
  • Evidation
  • FitPotato
  • Sweatcoin
  • LifeCoin
  • BetterPoints
  • Achievement

How To Sign Up For Sweatcoin?

To sign up for Sweatcoin, you will need to create a Sweatcoin account using these easy steps:

  1. Download the Sweatcoin app 
  2. Create a new Sweatcoin account with your email address.
  3. Download the Sweat Wallet 
  4. Create an account using the same email address.
  5. Both apps will sync, and your Sweatcoin will reflect in your Sweat wallet.

How Can Sweatcoin Pay You?

You can withdraw your Sweatcoin earnings as cash via Amazon credit or PayPal once you have accumulated a certain amount of Sweatcoins. 

These can also be used in the in-app shop. Besides that, you can choose to donate your Sweatcoin to charity.

How Do You Get Paid On Sweatcoin?

The Sweatcoin app tracks your exercise and steps, and rewards you with Sweatcoins. 

To cash out your coins on the Sweatcoin app, you will have to redeem rewards. 

There are various rewards available to be cashed out, but cashing out money via Amazon and PayPal is rather uncommon. 

How Do Sweatcoins Work?

The Sweatcoin app is very simple to use. Upon downloading the app and signing up, make sure you allow the app permissions to track your movement. The app then collects this data and rewards you with the equivalent amount of SWEAT, which is the cryptocurrency of Sweatcoin. 

App That Donates To Charity When You Walk?

An app that donates to charity when you walk is Charity Miles. This free app rewards you whenever you run, bike, or walk.

Your earnings will be donated to the charity of your choice, which can be selected from a list in the app.

Apps like Sweat Coin or apps better than sweatcoin exist!

Whew, there you have it folks, not five, not fifteen but 31 apps like sweatcoin. There’s no room for, “I have no talent, I can’t make money.” 

If you’ve got legs, you can get off that couch, walk around and make some money with apps like sweatcoin. 

Usually, I tell you how to make money without breaking a sweat. In this case, I’m telling you to break a sweat and rake in the cash. Happy sweating!

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