15 Virtual Assistant Jobs For Beginners (Hiring In 2022)

If you have been on the hunt for virtual assistant jobs for beginners, then you have come to the right place indeed.

With more companies recognizing that certain administrative and office-related tasks can be done from home, the demand for virtual assistants has skyrocketed in recent years. 

This has led to a surge of virtual assistant courses and virtual assistant companies or agencies. These companies specialize in matching virtual assistants with businesses that require virtual assistant services.

Read on as we take a look at:

  • What a virtual assistant is
  • What a virtual assistant actually does
  • The best virtual assistant jobs for beginners
  • How to become a virtual assistant with no experience
  • The core skills you need to become a virtual assistant

15 Best Virtual Assistant Jobs for Beginners

No.VA JobsEstimated Pay RangeNeed to be based in the USA?
99 Dollar Social$12/hourNo
24/7 Virtual Assistant$10-$15/hourNo
VaVa Virtual Assistants$15/ hourYes
Zirtual$224.50-$749.50 per month depending on the selected packageYes
Fancy Hands$3-$7/taskYes
Byron$13- $17/hourYes
Contemporary VA$10-$15/hourNo
People Per Hour$10-$50/hourNo
Virtual Office Temps$8-$75/hourNo
Remote OK$10-$15/hourNo


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virtual assistant jobs for beginners

What Is A Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is essentially someone who carries out tasks for companies or businesses online. 

Virtual assistants are independent contractors who may have multiple clients at the same time. 

One of the main advantages of being a virtual assistant is the flexibility that it brings. You can work from anywhere that you want.

Some virtual assistant jobs also allow you to work whenever you want. However, some require you to carry out your tasks during certain times of the day for a fixed number of days a week. 

That is the beautiful thing about being a virtual assistant though. You get to choose your model of work, depending on your skills and availability. 

What Does A Virtual Assistant Do?

The tasks that a virtual assistant can do will depend very much on the type of business or company that they are a part of. However, the possibilities for a virtual assistant are truly endless. 

Some of the more popular tasks, especially if you are a virtual assistant beginner can include:

  • Social media management

This involves planning and posting content for the social media pages of a business or a company. If you are creative and spend plenty of time on social media, this one of the best virtual assistant jobs for beginners. 

If you want to monetize your social media skills, check out how to become a social media manager!

  • Content Creation

If you are a photographer, graphic designer, or writer, then you will find yourself in high demand if you are looking at becoming a virtual assistant!

Content creation is probably one of the most popular beginner virtual assistant jobs. 

A quick Google search will show you that companies and businesses are constantly on the lookout for someone to write their blog posts, take photographs of their products or services, and create social media posts for their pages. 

  • Office Administration

This can include tasks that are usually done in and around the office. 

If you are familiar with clerical or secretarial tasks, you can now do these tasks online as a beginner virtual assistant. 

These tasks can include:

  • Answering phone calls
  • Managing calendars and scheduling appointments
  • Making arrangements for catering services 
  • Booking travel arrangements
  • Typing out memos or letters
  • Being a personal assistant to the CEO or business owner
  • Accounting/Bookkeeping

This is also another great virtual assistant job for beginners if you have the relevant skills. 

Small businesses, especially sole proprietors, constantly need help with bookkeeping such as tracking income, claims, and expenses. 

Accounting and tax services are also an ideal virtual assistant niche to look into if you are looking for work as an online virtual assistant for beginners. 

If you are looking to provide such virtual assistant services, check out how to become a virtual bookkeeper

15 Best Virtual Assistant Jobs For Beginners

There are plenty of virtual assistant jobs that may require a few years of experience as a prerequisite to applying. 

However, don’t let that discourage you.

There are tons of jobs for virtual assistants for beginners who are just starting to dip their toes in the virtual assistant waters!

Read on to check out our list of the best virtual assistant jobs for beginners. 

virtual assistant jobs for beginners on fiverr


Fiverr is a freelance marketplace and is a great source for virtual assistant beginner jobs. 

Pay: Starts at $5 per task. A quick search shows that most virtual assistants set their starting prices at about $14.

Tasks: You can set up your profile and identify exactly what tasks you can take on. The range is unlimited from data entry to cold calling, to general administrative tasks

Points To Note: this is a highly professional global platform so it can get incredibly competitive. Make sure your profile stands out. The higher your ratings are, the more your earning potential. 

virtual assistant jobs for beginners on Freelancer


This is another popular platform to boost your search for beginner virtual assistant jobs with many companies and businesses advertising their freelance needs.

Pay: You can earn between $7 and $15 an hour as a beginner virtual assistant and you can increase your rates to up to $40 an hour once you have become more experienced.

Tasks: This will depend entirely on the skills that you have and what type of virtual assistant job you want to take on. You can indicate this in your profile. 

Points To Note: This is another global platform where you can set up your unique profile. It is competitive and you will need to bid for work. It also helps to research the companies or businesses that you bid for as some of them have been discovered to be scams.

virtual assistant jobs for beginners on 99 Social

3.99 Dollar Social

99 Dollar Social is a specialist social media company that maintains the social media presence of companies and businesses for a fixed fee every month. 

They are constantly on the lookout for part-time content creators so this is one of the best beginner virtual assistant jobs to look into. 

Pay: A flat rate per month that can average to about $12 per hour. However, you are likely to be managing social media accounts for multiple companies and so this can add up to a substantial amount. 

Tasks: Creating social media content for clients where each client requires at least 7 pieces of social media content each week until they cancel.

Points To Note: This is one of the best platforms if you are looking for virtual assistant jobs from home with no experience.

99 Dollar Social provides you with about 7-8 hours of mandatory training. You will also be guided in detail before you are given your first few accounts to handle on your own. 

They are extremely strict with timing and deadlines so if you are taking this on, make sure you are super organized with your time and tasks. 

virtual assistant jobs for beginners on Belay


If you are looking for a close-knit community as a virtual assistant beginner, then Belay is a great place to start. 

Belay is a virtual assistant agency that matches virtual assistants with businesses. 

Pay: About $15 an hour as a beginner virtual assistant

Tasks: Belay specializes in providing virtual assistant, bookkeeping, web specialists, and social media strategist services.

Points To Note: Belay appears to only cover those who are located within the USA. Even then, some states are explicitly excluded. So make sure to check the locations before you put in your application. 

5.24/7 Virtual Assistant

24/7 Virtual Assistant is based in the USA but it is one of the few virtual assistant companies that provide beginner virtual assistant jobs to those outside the USA.

Pay: If you are based in the US, you can expect to earn about $10-$15 per hour depending on your range of skills. If you are based outside the US, you may earn slightly less than this.

Tasks: When you become a part of the 24/7 Virtual Assistant team, you can expect to have to carry out general administrative tasks, record-keeping, customer service, and even human resources services if you have the capability. They do have a wide range of services that they offer. Some of them, like data mining, are quite unique as well.

Points To Note: They are extremely stringent in their hiring process. You can submit your application and if they think you are a good fit, they will get back to you. Otherwise, they will keep your application on their records to contact you in the future. 

jobs for virtual assistants on VAVA

6.VaVa Virtual Assistants

Vava Virtual Assistants is another virtual assistant agency that matches virtual assistants with those who require their services. 

Pay: You can expect to earn about $15 per hour depending on your skills and experience levels. This can total between $200 and $1500 a month.

Tasks: Social media and digital marketing, executive virtual assistance, web design, graphic design.

Points To Note: VaVa virtual assistants provide only part-time positions. They also only hire US residents. 

virtual assistant jobs for beginners on Zirtual


Zirtual is an extremely popular virtual assistant agency that is based in the US. With their years of experience, they can match skills with needs effectively.

Pay: Zirtual charges their clients a monthly rate for a fixed number of hours. They pay the virtual assistant assigned to a particular client 50% of the option chosen by that client. This can range from $224.50 to $749.50 per month depending on the chosen package. 

Tasks: Among other beginner virtual assistant jobs, Zirtual matches virtual assistants with professionals or business owners who require services such as research, inbox management, bookkeeping, website maintenance, and event planning.

Points To Note: Zirtual only hires virtual assistants who are based in the USA and who are college-educated. They are strict on quality control so you have to be on top of your tasks at all times. Additionally, you have to work quickly as you only have 2 hours to respond to clients. 

Virtual assistant jobs for beginners on Fancy hands

8.Fancy Hands

If you are keen to take on a variety of short tasks instead of being tied down to the same client, then Fancy Hands is for you. Most of the tasks requested take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. 

Pay: Payment is calculated per task which can range from $3 to $7 per task. You are also paid every week.

Tasks: Fancy Hands appears to run on the policy that no task is too small. From looking for an Apple outlet that has stock of the latest iPad to booking a restaurant to planning a holiday, Fancy Hands virtual assistants are marketed as being able to do it all. 

Points To Note: They only hire virtual assistants who are based in the USA. If you are good at what you do, you can be promoted to managerial level to supervise other virtual assistants. Alternatively, you can also work as a dedicated assistant to one or two clients and handle all their tasks for them.

Virtual assistant jobs for beginners on Byron


Byron is another virtual assistant matching agency that connects virtual assistants with businesses, entrepreneurs, and any of their clients who may require virtual assistant services. 

Pay: Depending on your level of experience, you can earn between $13 to $17 an hour.

Tasks: You can choose to provide short-term or long-term virtual assistant services. These can range from translation, making travel arrangements, customer service, web development and so much more.

Points To Note: You can choose how many hours you want to work and work on projects that you want to. 

You will have to undergo some training in client communications and there will be a test based on that. 

Payment is done via Paypal every 2 weeks. Byron also requires proof of US residency. 

Beginner jobs for virtual assistants

10.Contemporary VA

You can join this virtual assistant company regardless of where you are located in the world. They also provide some unique services to their clientele. So if your beginner virtual assistant skills include e-commerce development and specialist software, then this is a great place to start. 

Pay: Between $10 and $15 per hour.

Tasks: Administrative tasks, social media marketing, tele-summit planning, online business management.

Points To Note: To be accepted by Contemporary VA as one of their virtual assistants, you must commit to at least 4 hours of work every weekday. Additionally, you have to agree that you will not work for anyone else other than Contemporary VA.

virtual assistant jobs for beginners on Upward


Upwork is another freelance marketplace where you can advertise your virtual assistant services. It is not a matching service so you will have to source for your own clients.

Pay: $7 to $15 per hour. This can increase to up to $40 per hour once you get a good reputation on the platform.

Tasks: This will depend on your individual skillset. You can set the tasks that you can do out in your profile and if there are clients who require your services, they will contact you on the platform.

Points To Note: Like most freelance marketplaces, it can get extremely competitive. You should price your services at an average to lower rate first and then increase your rate as you get more experience. 

Make sure you get your clients to rate your services as this will be reflected on your profile as well. 

You can also check out the many tips and tricks for getting hired as a beginner virtual assistant on their website. 

virtual assistant jobs for beginners on People per Hour

12.People Per Hour

This freelance platform was helping to connect freelancers with work even before freelancing was cool! From all the way back in 2007!

Pay: Between $10 and $50 per hour depending on the kind of virtual assistant services that you provide.

Tasks: The platform is your oyster here. Create your profile and make sure it is complete. Then you can search for “virtual assistant jobs beginner” on the platform and you will be given a list of all their clients who require virtual assistant services. Click and apply!

Points To Note: They have some pretty unique virtual assistant jobs and take on virtual assistants from anywhere in the world.

They also automatically generate invoices for the virtual assistant tasks you have completed so you don’t have to worry about additional paperwork. 

virtual office temps

13.Virtual Office Temps

If virtual assistant administrative tasks are your thing, then this is your ultimate resource for virtual assistant jobs for beginners.

Pay: Between $8 to $75 per hour depending on the type of task and your level of experience

Tasks: Any and all kinds of admin-related tasks. Some that stand out are legal assistants, medical filing assistants, customer care – the list is never-ending.

Points To Note: You can apply to them from wherever you are in the world and choose various flexible options. If it is a specialized field such as law or medicine then ideally, you should have a degree in that field. 

virtual assistant jobs for beginners on Click worker


If you like words, research, and editing, then Clickworker is the place for you to search for your next virtual assistant job. 

Pay: About $9 per hour.

Tasks: Research, proofreading, editing, data processing, writing.

Points To Note: They have a great support system and you can choose how much work you want to get done at any point in time. You can also apply with them from anywhere in the world as the jobs are not location-specific.

virtual assistant jobs for beginners on Remote OK

15.Remote OK

The range of virtual assistant jobs available on this platform is truly mind-blowing. You can search for virtual assistant jobs. There are also various specializations to choose from. 

Pay: $10 to $15 per hour.

Tasks: Web design and development, customer support, accounting, and bookkeeping are just some of the virtual assistant tasks that are available on this platform.

Points To Note: There are jobs available to those residing anywhere in the world. Some are confined to the USA and Canada so keep a lookout for the relevant requirements before you apply. 

As you can see, there are plenty of places where you can find virtual assistant jobs for beginners. You  just need to know where to get started and you will be well on your way to establishing your virtual assistant career.

Some other great places to look for beginner virtual assistant jobs are:

  1. Linkedin
  2. Facebook Groups
  3. Flexjobs
  4. Glassdoor
  5. Indeed

How Do I Become A Virtual Assistant With No Experience

If looking at all the virtual assistant jobs for beginners is getting you motivated but you don’t really have experience in being a virtual assistant, don’t worry! I’ve got you. 

Essentially, these are the things you need to figure out to get you started:

  • Settle on your niche and the type of services you want to offer
  • Decide what your rates are going to be
  • Create a website for your virtual assistant services
  • Shout it out from the rooftops!

Check out my detailed guide on how to become a virtual experience with no experience to make you stand out!

You can also check out this list of the best virtual assistant courses that are available online to get you started on your virtual assistant journey. 

How Do Virtual Assistants Get Paid?

This will depend very much on the type of virtual assistant services that you provide, as well as the structure of your virtual assistant business. 

Generally, most virtual assistants get paid by the hour, per task, or on a project basis

If you are running your own virtual assistant business, you can create certain packages where your client pays you a monthly retainer fee

Additionally, you may be wondering how you would actually get your money, especially when plenty of virtual assistant jobs are done from all around the world. 

Virtual assistants usually get paid through online banks such as Paypal or Wise (previously known as Transferwise).

The great thing about these services is that you can get paid no matter which country you are located in. 

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What Skills Do I Need To Become A Virtual Assistant

While you may not require any formal qualifications to become a virtual assistant, there are some core skills that you should have to stand out and succeed as a beginner virtual assistant. These include:

  • Knowledge of how to work and operate common software and collaboration tools such as Google office tools like Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc.
  • Organizational skills to ensure that you are constantly on top of your tasks. You don’t want to give clients a bad impression by overlooking what is required of you.
  • The ability to work independently and sometimes under pressure, especially when the turnaround times are a couple of hours or so.
  • Great negotiation and communication skills are a huge plus when dealing with clients. This helps to ensure that everything is clearly set out and that there are no misunderstandings

So if you are looking for virtual assistant jobs for beginners, you can tell by now that the possibilities are truly endless. 

The demand for virtual assistants is soaring all around the world. So if you have the necessary skills, you are more than ready to embark on your virtual assistant career. 

With the right attitude and resources, you can be an expert virtual assistant in no time at all!

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