11 Digital Nomad Jobs (No Experience Required)

You got tired of your day job, so you turned on your laptop and typed ‘Digital Nomad Jobs (No Experience)?

You are not alone. So what’s stopping you from becoming a digital nomad? 

It’s very simple. You don’t know where to start.

Or maybe you do know where to start, but it feels too daunting. Don’t worry, I was in the same boat.

A couple of years ago, after doing my research, I wanted to try so many things and I ended up being frustrated and not knowing how to move forward. I finally figured it out so now I want to make it easier for you.

If you want to take your life on the road, you CAN do it!

 YES…even if you have no experience! Why? Because if you have no experience, it doesn’t mean that you can’t upskill fast and get experience.

In this article, I’m going to show the different paths you can take to accelerate your journey to become a digital nomad.

At the end of the day, you need to set your priorities right and be open to a mindset shift.Once you do, it is all a matter of finding the right actionable information and implementing it consistently.

That’s why you are here. So, without further ado here is a list of the best digital nomad jobs ideas for 2021.

11 Digital Nomad Jobs (No Experience Required!)

  1. Search Engine Evaluator
  2. Transcriptionist
  3. Translator
  4. House-sitter
  5. English Teacher
  6. Executive Virtual Assistant
  7. Content Writer
  8. Pinterest Manager
  9. Web Analyst
  10. Digital Marketing specialist
  11. Blogger


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Digital Nomad Jobs (No Experience)

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What Is a Digital Nomad?

A digital nomad is simply someone who can work and make a living while travelling. Albeit, there are some technicalities involved, that is the main idea.

These days there are more options than ever for earning a living online. 

If you want to find a way to work and travel this article is for you.

11 Digital Nomad Jobs (No Experience Required) 

If you’re thinking of becoming a digital nomad, here is a list of 11 jobs that will help you get started, especially if you have no experience.

I have already created a guide about the best digital nomad jobs for beginners.

In this article, I want to focus on two types of remote jobs for digital nomads::

Non tech digital nomad jobs with no skills

Entry-level digital nomad jobs that require skills you can develop

1.Search Engine Evaluator

‘A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step’.

The beginning for many successful digital nomads was not glamorous. As a beginner digital nomad, you might want to find the right job that can give you enough comfort and flexibility to start creating life on your own terms.

This is a remote job that anyone can apply for, regardless of their background or experience. The core of the job is to rate the quality of web pages and search results for companies like Google or Bing.

Although it may get repetitive and uninspiring it is legit work and you could make up to 1K+USD per month, by working 20 hours a week with companies like Appen.

Not bad at all!

You can find many part-time remote jobs on a number of online platforms, such as Flexjobs.It is a relatively steady income and you could easily combine this option with one or two listed below.


Transcription is another good work-from-home job if you have no experience. Flexible and easy to start.

Depending on the niche you pick, you will get paid to transcribe videos or audio files into text. You will need good typing skills, as the pay depends on how fast you can submit your work. 

  • The pay is around $9-$15 per hour, but it could go up as you get faster and specialize. 

For instance, medical transcriptionists are in good demand, although you will need more specific education in this field.

If you want to get your hands dirty, check out companies like TranscribeMe or Daily Transcription. Be patient and don’t expect the jobs to come pouring in all at once. 

Start small and slowly build your skills and expertise. Money will follow!

TIP: If you want to boost your productivity and get more work done in less time, you can read my guide on how to become a transcriptionist and check out these tools that will save you time and money.

Tip 2. Here is a transcriptionist course that will teach you how to find transcription jobs that pay well.


Do you speak more than one language fluently?

Awesome! Then you can make some money by becoming a translator. You don’t need experience for the lower-end tasks and as your skills grow, so will your paycheck.

You will receive a file with translations to be made or, in some cases, a more sophisticated app, where translations can be entered. 

At the beginning, you will make around $20 and it will probably take you longer to finish, as the clients that look for low rates might also provide bad text. 

However, if you manage to push through, you will start earning more and maybe you might even specialize and become a professional translator. 

Medical and Technical translations require more than just knowing the target language, thus they pay much better.

Also, if you translate into languages such as Japanese or Korean, you will have no trouble finding more work.

If you want to know where you can get started, head over to sites like Gengo or Proz.

4.House Sitter

Well, this is not a remote job. True!

However, it is on the list, because it is the ideal option for career-changers, gap yearers or people who want to change things up without breaking the bank.

So, if you have enough money and all you need is time and a stable base far away from home (or not!), then this is the ideal option for you.

The idea is pretty simple. You get to look after someone else’s place, while they are not at home. It could be a short stay (just a few weeks) or a longer stay (up to 1 year or longer). 

The best part is that wealthy people need this service,too. Therefore, you might end up spending 6 months in a luxurious apartment in the Caribbean.



On top of that, you will have plenty of time to explore remote work options and carve out the best path for yourself.

If you are somehow intrigued by the idea, head over to one of these websites and apply for it now:

Alternatively you can check out these top house sitting sites in Australia.

There is a lot of competition for great house-sitting assignments, so you could start applying for a place in your town or city and think of spending a few weeks there. Some people save up on rent while working in big cities like London and house-sitting on a regular basis.

You’ll never know. You might become one of them.

digital nomad jobs for beginners

5.Online English Teacher

Teaching English online has been labeled as ‘the fast track to a digital nomad life’ and for a reason.

If you want to start a business, become a freelancer or secure a remote job position, it takes time and a certain level of skills and luck. However, the demand for online English teachers is huge and in some cases, you don’t even need a degree.

You could easily set yourself up and earn up to 2,000 USD a month in a few months, without working yourself to the bone in your spare time.

There is a CAVEAT, though. You must be an English native speaker.

If you are, you can easily apply for companies like VipKid or Qkids and earn a decent amount of money very quickly (the base salary is around 20USD per hour). These companies will find students for you and even provide you with lesson plans and all you have to do is show up and teach. 

There is a learning curve, but it is doable and pretty straightforward, as long as you have good people and communications skills.

You will soon have enough time, money and energy to start a side business on the side while hedging your bets or simply travelling for a while.

‘I am a non-native speaker, so this is NOT relevant to me’.


If you are a non-native speaker and you have no teaching experience you can still apply to some online companies like Itutor and get paid less (the base salary is around 8-10 USD per hour).

Or you could apply to online teaching marketplaces like ‘Tutorid’, ‘Cambly’ or ‘Preply’ and set your own rate (successful non-native teachers earn 35-40USD per hour or more).

It is harder. Sure! But you could set your own rate, be your own boss and earn more. 

When I left the bank, I was doing this full-time and I earned just over USD6000 per month as an IELTS and Business English Teacher.

The demand for non-native speakers on these platforms is currently on the rise, because these companies have noticed that students want to hire teachers that can also speak their own language.

TIP: Alternatively, you could start your own teaching business, even if you have no teaching experience.For example, if you have worked in the finance industry you could leverage that experience and become a Math teacher.

It is not an easy journey, but many people are doing it and taking James’ online challenge will give you the confidence and the resources to upskill quickly and get started.

The higher the effort, the higher the rewards.

6. Executive Virtual Assistant

A digital nomad virtual assistant is someone who provides support and assistance for clients via the internet. 

They usually are hired to:

  • Be a bookkeeper
  • Do online research
  • Do admin tasks
  • Help entrepreneurs with social media, emails or other tasks.

If you are open to learning new things and have a knack for problem-solving you should be able to get the job done. It is a great digital nomad job to learn new skills and get your foot in the door, especially if you have no experience.

If you want to know more about what a Virtual Executive Assistant does, you can read this article.

The pay usually starts at $10 an hour, but it goes way up with skills and experience. 

According to TimeDoctor, a popular remote work tool, there is no standard rate and highly skilled VAs can charge USD100 per hour or more.

After getting some experience, you may start thinking of niching down and offering a specific service, like becoming a Pinterest VA or Project management VA.

If you can’t wait to get started, don’t waste time and take an online course to upskill quickly. Then, you can explore lots of VA job listings here.

Alternatively, here is a FREE virtual assistant workshop that teaches you all the skills you need to start!

7.Content Writer

A ‘Content Writer’ is one of the most in-demand online job titles. Every business has a blog that needs to publish content regularly and that is why the demand for skilled content writers is soaring.

If you have a talent for the written word and you want to make money from it check out my article on the 21 most profitable niches for freelance writing in 2021.

The basic requirements to get started are:

  • A high level of creativity
  • A love for language
  • A good sense of humor that helps you connect with readers
  • Good research skills and a willingness to dive into unfamiliar topics

The pay rate ranges from $3 up to 100$ for a 2000+word-article, although some successful bloggers and copywriters can make north of 1K for a single piece.

You can find entry-level jobs on ProBlogger, Blogging Pro and Linkedin.

TIP: Freelance writing is one of the best ways to start your remote work journey and learn transferable skills that you can leverage further ahead.

Many (including myself) have become freelance writers to earn extra income. Some of them turned this profitable side hustle into their main income stream.

It takes time, persistence and hard work but trust me, you can make a good living with your writing online and love your Mondays like I do.

To cut your learning curve in half you can get my ebook on how to become a freelance writer in 60 days.

how to become a freelance writer

8.Pinterest Manager

Pinterest’s primary audience is mostly women (80%) in their 20s or 30s and it has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. 

Business owners and bloggers who want to tap into that audience and drive traffic to their blog can’t do without Pinterest in 2021.

There is only one problem.

Getting to grips with pins is not an easy feat, not to mention generating consistent business results.

‘Solopreneurs’ (=online entrepreneurs, creators and bloggers) are realizing that they need to outsource more tasks if they want to scale their business and enjoy the freedom that comes with running a successful business. 

There are a whole lot of tasks required to win on Pinterest, that’s why people hire Pinterest Managers!

If you have a knack for design, start using it to create pins or pin templates for others and earn $15-$20 per hour. As you progress, you can charge up to USD100 per hour

The best way to land good clients and increase your rate quickly is to do your research, market yourself and send out cold pitches.

It can be daunting at first, I know!

Been there, done that. I landed a few gigs in the past myself.

But, once I got the hang of it, I started throwing a cold pitch like I dance on Instagram (if you have been following my Instagram posts you know what I am talking about. Otherwise, you can start following me here.)

Anyway, I put together this guide to chase your fear away.

TIP: If you want to get fast results, you must find an online mentor and take an online course to upskill. 

In the article I mentioned the only course you need to become a Pinterest manager in 2021, but if you are on the cheap end and can’t afford it right now you can consider taking this course instead.

 It is an awesome budget-friendly course that will get you started on your road to success as a Pinterest Manager.

9. Web Analyst

The demand for web analysts is skyrocketing.  Most companies know that ‘data-driven’ is not just a fancy tag to squeeze into ta company mission.

And there is a shortage of analytics talent.

This is by far, not for everyone, but if you have a quantitative mind and have enough money and/or time to invest in getting new skills, you can land a job with no experience, even if you are working or studying in a totally unrelated field.

Other than hefty left-brain power and a decent knowledge of statistics, you also need good communication and people skills to convey the story behind the data to your colleagues.

This is the perfect job if you are looking for a slow, but steady career shift that will allow you to transition into a high-paying remote job. Web analysts make around $50K+ in the US and you can find many jobs on Linkedin.

TIP: This job rests on solid quantitative skills. Although you can learn all you need for free on the Internet and find a gig and get some experience, it is best to get structured training through a recognized online institution and leverage their network to find an entry-level job. 

The CXL Web Analytics Training is priced at $899 and it is one of the most respected online certifications. You could get your certificate in 3-6 months, become a full-fledged digital analyst and make your money back within a couple of months.

The best thing about taking a comprehensive online course is that you usually have access to a great social media community that will help you set your foot in the door. In some cases, people find work through these communities.

10. Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital marketing specialists are very much in demand these days.

A common entry-level digital marketing specialist job requires that you help with:

  •  SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  •  content marketing, 
  • conversion rate optimization,
  •  social media and advertising

To land your first entry-level job you need to prove that you can generate business results, regardless of your professional and academic background.

After picking up the skills on your own, you can land a freelance gig on sites like Upwork and Flexjobs and gain some hands-on experience to add to your portfolio. Then, you just need to leverage that experience and apply for full-time remote jobs.

It may take some time and commitment, but if you make the right moves you could secure your dream remote job in a few months and earn a decent steady income. In the US digital marketing specialists earn USD50K+.

TIP: If you feel stuck and feel unsure where to begin with getting your first entry-level digital marketing job, take a marketing course.

Do your own research, upskill and once you are comfortable enough with the skills you will need to succeed, you can start applying for remote freelance gigs or full-time jobs on platforms like Remoteok, Justremote and Weworkremotely.

11. Blogger 

I used to think blogging was dead and people could no longer make money blogging.

Boy, I was so wrong! 

This blog alone earns me more than $6,000 a month and I now earn 4 blogs.

My blogs make money from : 

  • Display advertising 
  • Sponsorships 
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling my digital products (like my ebooks and webinars)

If you are interested in learning how to do the same, here is a guide for you: 

Digital Nomad Jobs (No Experience)

What Kind of Jobs Do Successful Digital Nomads Do?

You may be asking yourself, “What kind of jobs do successful digital nomads do?” 

There is an abundance of choice when it comes to digital nomads today — from freelance writing to building an eCommerce business to working for startups or as a small business consultant.

That being said, loads of digital nomad jobs fall into one of these 4 categories.

Tech Jobs

These people usually have a strong technical background. They usually work full-time for a company, although more and more are becoming freelancers.

  • Programmer
  • Website Developer
  • App Developer
  • Data Professional

Marketing and Business Jobs

Marketers are creative and analytical and they must have great communication skills. As tech people, they can work in-house or get their own clients. Many marketers have started their online businesses.

  • SEO specialist
  • Growth marketer
  • Conversion Rate Optimization specialist
  • Media Buyer (Paid Ads)
  • Digital entrepreneur

Creative Jobs

With the rise of remote work, plenty of people have used their creative chops to work while travelling. The freelance route is more suitable to this group, although some people landed a job and gained some relevant experience before carving out their own path.

  • Freelance writer 
  • Video Creator
  • (UX and Graphic) Designer
  • Blogger

Support Jobs

Great customer service is the backbone of a solid customer experience, hence many companies need customer agents with excellent communication and problem-solving skills. 

Companies usually hire remote workers if they have some experience under their belt. Bonus points if you have a technical background.

  • Customer support representative
  • Technical support representative

Teaching Jobs

Language (or other skills) teachers can work for online companies or start their own business and become their own boss:

  • English teacher
  • Language teacher
  • Online coach
Bansko Digital Nomad

How Do I Start a Digital Nomad Career?

Each path is unique and it involves a certain degree of hustling and failing.

Being a digital nomad is not a scam and you can earn a decent living while exploring the world (well, I started in 2017 and I have never looked back!) but you have to work hard for it and if you read my emails it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

If you want to be successful and become a digital nomad in a few months, even if you have no experience you must follow these steps:

  1. Identify your skills
  2. Choose a profitable job that fits your skills (or the skills you want to develop) and passions
  3. Upskill with an online course
  4. Join a Digital Nomad community and/or reach out to a mentor
  5. Apply for an online job or gig
  6. Apply for a better online job or gig
  7. Be persistent and never stop until you get there

3 Types Of Digital Nomad Paths

There are three different paths that lead to a digital nomad lifestyle. Each category has pros and cons and it is quite common for digital nomad jobs with no experience to try different routes before doubling down on what works best for them.

Become a Remote Worker 

It usually requires some experience, but with great communication skills, certifications and some strategy it is possible to secure a great remote job, even without experience.

Become a Freelancer

To become a freelancer you must prove that you are a good fit for the gig and can get the job done faster. In some cases, you don’t need any experience at all, although the pay is usually quite low. 

However, if you are a self-starter, freelancing is the best way to get some experience and it can lead to a fulfilling remote career.

Become an Online Entrepreneur

To be successful you must hustle and grind away. Most people usually start freelancing to pay the bills and get new skills and then start their own business.

That being said, you can create your own path.

Digital Nomad Jobs (No Experience)

What Skills Can I Learn to Become a Digital Nomad?

There are a ton of skills required to be successful as a digital nomad. For instance, whether you decide to become a remote worker or a freelancer you need great organizational and time-management skills.

However, when it comes to hard skills you should strive to learn in-demand skills that can help you find lucrative work easily and also transferable skills that you can use later on to close better deals or start your own business. 

I started by hustling hard as a freelance writer and proofreader and now I run 4 monetized blogs. 

Upskill, stick at it and then branch out!

Here is a list of 5 skills that you could pick up to become a successful digital nomad quickly:

  • Copywriting
  • Web Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital marketing
  • Teaching skills

Developing Your Skills and Portfolio While Traveling or Studying Abroad

If you are itching to travel, you can definitely hit the road and make time to build relevant skills that can help you start your digital nomad jobs with no experience journey.

For example, you could:

  • Teach English abroad
  • Become a house-sitter (if you want to know more, keep reading the article)
  • Study abroad

The Downsides of Being a Digital Nomad

If you’re planning on making the leap into digital nomadism, either as a full-time employee or as a freelancer, bear in mind that there are a lot of things about this lifestyle that can be extremely rewarding and beneficial. 

Sometimes, I had nightmares of me still working in a traditional job and that made me feel so grateful for the life I have created for myself.

However, be prepared to face a number of challenges that can easily put people off.

Here is a list of all the most common challenges you will likely face at some point on your journey to find digital nomad jobs with no experience:

  • Bureaucracy
  • No Guaranteed Income
  • Hard Work
  • Self-Motivation
  • No Paid Holidays
  • No fixed Workplace
  • Communication
  • Social Life

What is The Digital Nomad Cost of Living?

There are many different ways to live as a digital nomad. So, when it comes to living costs it all depends on the type of work you want to do and whether you are travelling frequently between cities.

If you live in a studio apartment in London and work in a coworking space your monthly expenses will be much higher than working from a cheap shared apartment in Thailand.

Your accommodation alone would probably be a whopping USD2K+.

However, you can choose how much you want to spend each month and you can adjust it frequently as you can move to another place with different living costs

How Much Can You Make as a Digital Nomad?

There is no standard for this as well.

Successful digital nomads earn 6-7 figures or more, but others might struggle to make 4 figures a month. 

That said, to have a comfortable lifestyle digital nomads must earn at least USD2K a month.

Create Your Own Digital Nomad Job

If you decide to become a digital nomad, you will also take responsibility for your own life and decide to earn as much as you want, as long as you are willing to put in the work.

You can start by trying remote work and see if it works for you.

Or you could do your own research, start freelancing on the side and then quit your job. If you don’t commit to a specific path beforehand that’s fine, too.

For example, you could work as a freelance writer for a couple of years and then become a remote work coach( yep! That’s me 🙂 Although I still write and I love it!)

Take charge of your destiny and hustle hard to achieve what you want.

TIP: When you are looking for digital nomad jobs with no experience, you might think that trying many things is good for you.

At the end of the day you are more flexible and that’s what you want, right?


Don’t try too many things at once, because you will burn out very soon. I know it all too well.

Feel free to explore for a while. Then, pick one thing and stick at it. If you fail, pick another thing and start over one more time. 

Trust me! It will pay off eventually.

digital nomad course
digital nomad course

Unique Tips: Top Remote Work Tools 

If you are here for the long haul, make sure to become familiar with remote work tools to become more productive and efficient so you can succeed with Digital Nomad Jobs with no experience.

The best way to secure more clients is to make them happy by submitting quality work before the deadline.

Here is a list of the top 5 remote work tools to get more work done in less time and have more energy to get through your to-do list:

That’s it! That’s all you need to know for getting you started as with Digital Nomad Jobs with no experience.

If you are still unsure where to start, make sure to identify a skill that you can make money from. 

Pick one skill and stick to it for a while. If you realize that it was the wrong turn, start over and leverage the experience you got. 

Once you make up your mind that you can actually work from anywhere in the world and earn a good living, you will become a digital nomad in no time.

11 Digital Nomad Jobs (No Experience Required!)

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