types of blogs that make money

21 Types of Blogs That Make Money [From Personal Experience 2023]

Knowing the types of blogs that make money is crucial if you want to be successful as a blogger. 

It’s a common question that both newbie and veteran bloggers ask (in fact, I asked it myself when I started as a blogger), and it’s an important one to answer before you go about starting any blog. 

While you can make money blogging about almost anything – armed with the right tools and strategies – some blogging niches are simply more profitable than others. 

After testing and trying various niches and now running 6 profitable blogs, I can say from personal experince, what works and what doesn’t in the blogging world!

Broadly, there are three categories of types of blogs that can be quite lucrative and make money:

  • business-related,
  •  self-help-related, and
  •  hobby-related. 

So if you are serious about making it as a blogger, this post takes you through: what types of blogs make money, how blogs make money, how to get started blogging, and some useful tips for your journey. 

types of blogs that make money

In this post, we will cover:

  • 21 Types of Blogs that Make Money
    • Business Related Blogs
    • Self-help Related Blogs
    • Hobby Related Blogs
  • How Do Blogs Make Money
  • How Do Beginner Blogs Make Money? 
  • Things to Consider When Picking a Blog Type 
  • How to Be a Smart Blogger – Best Practices 
  • How to Start a Blog?  


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21 Types of Blogs that Make Money

The options are practically endless when trying to figure out what you want to blog about. 

To make it easier, I’ve split the different types of blogs into three main categories: business, self-help, and hobbies. 

They’re not ranked from most to least money-making, but in general, the first category of blogs can make a lot of money if done right. 

Let’s jump in!

Business Related Blogs That Make Money

types of blogs that make money

The thing that you should know about getting into this category of blogs is that it falls under the “Your Money, Your Life” (YMYL) niche which is notoriously harder to succeed in. 

The YMYL niche includes topics that affect money and life decisions such as investments, law, medical and mental health. 

The reason this niche is more difficult to succeed in is that search engines (like Google) will pay close attention to whether you are an expert or qualified to be talking about these topics. 

Search engines have a higher standard of authority for bloggers in this niche, preferring qualified professionals, because they want readers to get quality, reliable, and credible information.

New sites will find it difficult to make money from these topics, but it’s not impossible. You just need to make sure you have the right authority and qualifications to prove to Google that you are providing credible information. 

1. Marketing

Marketing is an age-old challenge that businesses constantly face, particularly in the ever-changing digital landscape.

 So marketing is actually a high-demand blog topic, making it one of the best types of blogs that make money. 

Creators, business owners, and marketers can use marketing blogs to assist them in better understanding the marketing landscape, therefore increasing their reach, conversion, and returns. 

This can be both offline and online. 

You can further narrow down a marketing blog into a sub-niche such as social media marketing or copywriting. Another way could be to cover all aspects of marketing with a focus on a specific industry instead. 

With the latter, you have the option to include industry trends, strategies on how to master certain industry-specific networks and platforms, and talk about frameworks that would be useful to marketers in that industry. 

You’ll also stand to benefit from this by increasing your own reach and reputation within an industry, expanding your reach from just a website to an email list, social media following, and traditional marketing channels. 

Examples of types of marketing blogs that make money:

2. Finance

Among the types of blogs that make the most money are finance blogs. If you’re good with money, or even if you’re a qualified money person (accountant, auditor, etc), this could be your goldmine. 

This is something I know from personal experience, in fact. I was working a corporate job in the finance industry before deciding to become a blogger.

 I took all my years of professional experience and poured it into this blog, Out and Beyond!

Finance blogs give insights into financial matters to just about anyone, from young adults trying to manage their finances for the first time to people with extra money who want to invest smartly. 

Generally, finance blogs have the potential of earning a lot of money via ads since advertisers are likely to pay a lot more than most other niches .

Financial products tend to generate higher revenue for companies and it is a highly competitive industry. 

This is great news for bloggers. 

A finance blog can make money not just from advertising but from affiliate income as well (more on that later!). Since products in this particular niche generally have a higher value, selling financial products can rake in some good money. 

Like any broad topic, you can narrow down your finance blog to very specific niches such as:

  • Budgeting and saving
  • Investing
  • Personal finance management
  • Debt management
  • Side hustles
  • Passive income generation
  • Financial hygiene
  • Taxes

Examples of the types of finance blogs that make money:

3. Legal

Google is the first stop for most people these days when they have a problem to solve or a question that needs answering. Legal matters are no different. 

Given how expensive lawyers can be, many people would prefer to try and solve their own legal problems on their own, regardless of whether it’s something as simple as referring to tax-related regulations or other more complex matters. 

There are plenty of opportunities for you to provide solutions online for more common or basic legal issues that don’t require a personal consultation with a pricey legal professional. 

From legal templates like rental agreements to guides on tax filings, applying for visas, immigration processes, understanding the latest legal updates, or even providing simple explanations on various laws of the land – the options are numerous. 

If you’re a legal professional, the blog can also serve as a lead-generation tool, which is a way for you to meet new people and make connections that can turn into business opportunities. 

It’s a great way to expand your network of lawyers from around the globe, earning yourself a commission from legal matchmaking to getting yourself some new clients. 

Examples of types of legal blogs that make money:

4. Business

Business blogs may overlap with marketing blogs, mostly because a successful business relies on marketing. 

However, business blogs can be more expansive in covering the technical aspects of running a business. 

Whether it’s a how-to guide on writing a business plan or scaling an existing operation, you can provide practical business-related advice catered to various industries, business models, and specific circumstances. 

Some high-demand blog topics on the business niche can include:

  • How to make money online
  • Home-based business ideas
  • How to market your business
  • Industry trends
  • Pitching advice
  • Tips in securing funding
  • Entrepreneurial strategies
  • Business management insights
  • Business planning
  • Team management

Basically, anything at all that relates to running a business can be covered by a business blog. You’ll find there may be a significant overlap with finance and marketing topics as well. 

Examples of types of business blogs that make money:

Self-help Blogs That Make Money

types of blogs that make money

Now we move on to self-help blogs. These are the types of blogs that cater to more personal topics that have the potential to make bloggers a lot of money. 

Unlike business-related blogs, the reason self-help blogs have high-income potential is that people are willing to invest a lot of their disposable income in improving their quality of life

With the increasing interest in self-improvement, according to research, this is an area that is not likely to fade away anytime soon. 

5. Personal Development

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when you hear self-help is personal development. 

Blogs in this niche are usually focused on helping their audience on a more personal level such as emotional understanding and management, goal setting, and strategies to achieve their aspirations. 

Personal development blogs can be narrowed down to specific topics like:

  • Life coaching
  • Dating and relationships
  • Mental health
  • Meditation
  • Emotional understanding
  • Workplace relationship management. 

Examples of types of personal development blogs that make money:

6. Health & Fitness

While the previous type of blog is more focused on mind over matter, there are also self-help blogs that cater to physical health. 

People are always looking to improve appearance and health, which is why there is a lot of potential for bloggers to earn significantly from this niche. 

Health and fitness blogs can help their audiences achieve a healthier lifestyle by improving their physical health. It doesn’t just have to be about exercising and breaking a sweat, though. 

You can cover topics like:

  • Healthy or clean eating
  • Nutritional advice
  • Mindfulness
  • Body positivity. 

If you do want to cover exercise, the options are varied as well from niche exercises such as:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Weightlifting
  • High Impact Interval Training (HIIT).

Examples of health and fitness blogs that make money:

7. Parenting

Parenting blogs usually involve parents sharing their first-hand experiences with parenthood. While it was initially dominated by mothers, fathers have joined in as well.

These blogs are about everything to do with raising children, including family-related topics.

 It’s a wonderful way of sharing your own experiences as a parent and providing a space for other parents who are going through similar things. 

What you’ve learned could end up being useful and insightful to other parents who are searching for specific solutions and insights to their own journey.

This can include:

  • Tips for raising teenagers
  • Homeschooling ideas
  • Meal planning
  • Balancing work and kids
  • Traveling with children
  • Family budgeting and affordable parenting
  • Creative parenting ideas
  • Parenting technology 

It’s also a niche that offers plenty of affiliate opportunities – which means you can make that passive income and spend more time with your own kids!

Examples of parenting blogs that make money:

8. Sustainability

Sustainability and being eco-friendly is a topic that has been gaining plenty of traction lately. It’s also a topic that can actually overlap with any other type of blog that’s been mentioned here. 

However, a sustainability blog will tend to focus on their sub-niche in this area – a more focused approach. 

Some sub-niches in sustainability include:

  • Home-grown produce
  • Eco-friendly vehicles
  • Zero-waste living
  • Repairing instead of replacing

This type of blog is essentially about conserving and preserving the earth and natural resources, helping people live more environmentally conscious lifestyles.

This can include topics such as:

  • Off-grid living
  • Self-sustainable gardening
  • Zero-waste cooking
  • Slow fashion
  • Minimalism
  • Green alternatives to popular product
  • Learning to spot sustainable companies

Examples of sustainability blogs that make money:

9. Frugal Living

In a similar vein, there are also frugal living blogs that are tailored to living life on a budget and limiting financial waste. 

These are tailored for readers who are more focused on spending less instead of making more. 

It’s not simply a finance blog because frugal living isn’t just about money decisions but lifestyle choices. 

General topics that frugal living blogs may cover include:

  • Budgeting inspiration
  • Debt-free lifestyle
  • Shopping with a frugal mindset
  • Making the most out of sales and discounts
  • Meal planning

The idea is to provide solutions that would give you the most bang for your buck in just about all aspects of life from food to fitness, clothing, entertainment, and financial decisions. 

Examples of frugal living blogs that make money:

Hobby Related Blogs That Make Money

types of blogs that make money

These types of blogs are often what most newbie bloggers would think of as a starting point in the world of blogging. 

These are your fun, passion-focused blogs. They’re often referred to as lifestyle blogs

But you may wonder about how to monetize a lifestyle blog? 

Well, the potential here is massive given that people are happy to invest in their hobbies that bring them joy. That means affiliate income. That is music to any blogger’s ears!

Let’s look at some lifestyle blogs that make money.

10. Fashion

One of the niches that are top-of-mind for most people is fashion.

If you’re into styling clothes, keeping up with the world of fashion and what’s in season – this could be your specialty. 

Fashion blogs have a myriad of affiliate marketing opportunities as well as the potential to market your own products and services – for example, if you make accessories or provide styling and makeup tutorials. 

The sub-niches in this area are nearly endless as well, including:

  • Affordable fashion
  • DIY fashion
  • Capsule wardrobes
  • Seasonal styles
  • Occasion-focused attire like weddings and workplaces
  • Clothing brand reviews
  • Latest trends

Slow fashion can overlap here as well, which focuses on fashion with the mindset of sustainability across the supply chain. 

Basically, slow fashion considers the environmental impact and ethical practices of clothing manufacturers.

Examples of fashion blogs that make money:

11. Travel

Traveling is possibly one of the most popular lifestyle blog niches out there.

 Google is usually the first stop for most travelers and if you have a passion for visiting new places and sharing great finds with other travelers, you may want to consider starting a travel blog.

Travel blogs can showcase either specific regions or locations, providing readers with inspiration and useful information for planning their next getaway. 

This can include hotel reviews and an overview of the foods to try and attractions to see. 

Other high demand blog topics include lists, guides, local insights, up-to-date promotions

Travel blog niches you may consider:

  • Budget trips
  • Ideal itineraries
  • Guides on local favorites
  • Lists of attractions and promotions
  • Backpacking tips and insights
  • Regions by food
  • Work & travel opportunities

Examples of travel blogs that make money:

12. DIY/Crafts

Crafts and DIY blogs show people how to make things themselves – from building furniture to decorating your bedroom and making your own toys, your imagination is your limit. 

If you are a crafter with a knack for designing things yourself, a craft blog could be a wonderful way of sharing your skills and knowledge with other like-minded creatives while earning an income from your hobbies. 

You can share everything from tutorials on how to make different things to sharing your personal crafting journey. 

This way, you’re making money doing what you would do for free anyway

A DIY or craft blog can be just about any creative thing. Some of the more popular ones include:

  • Woodworking
  • Simple home renovation
  • Knitting, crocheting
  • Arts and crafts
  • DIY fashion
  • Gardening
  • DIY life hacks
  • Festive or themed decorations
  • Mending clothes and repairing furniture/appliances 

A DIY and craft blog could even be accompanied by a YouTube channel where you host video tutorials for visual learners – yet another potential revenue stream.

Examples of DIY crafts blogs that make money:

13. Pets

I think it’s safe to say that most people love their pets like they love their own family members. 

If you’re one of those people, you could easily start a pet blog sharing your own experiences and insights. 

It may not surprise you to know that people would be willing to invest a lot to keep their pets happy and healthy, making pet blogs a lucrative avenue for bloggers via ads as well as affiliate marketing of pet-care products. 

Pet blogs that make money can be focused on specific pet-related topics such as:

  • Training
  • Traveling with pets
  • Breed information
  • Exotic animal care
  • Nutrition
  • Pet well-being
  • Types of animals (dogs, cats, reptiles, rodents)
  • Breed-specific blogs 

Examples of pet blogs that make money:

14. Food

Do you love cooking, baking, or experimenting in the kitchen?

Maybe you prefer to just eat all different kinds of food? Think about starting a food blog!

Food blogs can be recipe-focused – sharing your own recipes with detailed instructions and tips, recipes for small-batch cooking or meal planning, dessert-specific recipes, clean eating recipes, and allergen-focused recipes like gluten or dairy-free cooking. 

They can also be about growing your own produce and using them in the kitchen, coming up with affordable menus, budget meals, cooking with limited equipment, cocktails focused, regional cuisines, and of course restaurant reviews.

Food is also a very visual thing, so you could even incorporate Pinterest and Instagram to help grow a food blog. 

In fact, there are some excellent steps you can take to start driving traffic to your food blog from Pinterest quickly.

Examples of food blogs that make money:

15. Gaming

Gaming is quite a lucrative industry in its own right. It’s quite popular on YouTube and streaming services like Twitch

However, the value of a gaming blog cannot be underestimated. 

A gaming blog can provide readers with specific information from game and gaming technology reviews, gaming tutorials, video game comparisons, and serve as a complement to a YouTube or Twitch focused on gameplay videos.

This can be a highly competitive niche given the growing popularity of the industry and the already well-established names within it.

However, with more people getting into it, you can easily find your sub-niche that works – whether it’s about a specific game like FIFA or providing insightful information about gaming tools and technology. 

Examples of gaming blogs that make money:

16. Sports

Sports is a major thing for millions of people around the world, active people who want a place to find useful information for beginners and experts alike. 

As a blogger, here’s where you come in with content that your readers will find helpful in their own sporting journey. 

Everything from futsal to basketball, bouldering, cycling, gymnastics, horse-riding, archery, mixed martial arts, and much more – your sports blog can be a wealth of knowledge for readers. 

Some topics you can cover in a sports blog include but aren’t limited to:

  • Sporting equipment
  • Techniques and tutorials
  • Lists of local venues and resources,
  • Sporting updates and new
  • Your own personal journey with the sport 

Examples of sports blogs that make money:

17. Gardening

Another hobby-related blog type with the potential for growing your blogging income is gardening. 

There has been an uptick in interest in gardening and plant care as more people adopt houseplants or try to grow their own produce. 

If this is where your interest lies as well, you could document your gardening journey complete with tips, lessons learned, and product reviews.

You can also niche down your gardening blog to urban gardens, hydroponics, aeroponics, or specific types of plant care such as succulents or evergreens. 

There is a great opportunity for affiliate marketing with a gardening blog as well. Avid gardeners, including newbies, are happy to invest in the best tools, fertilizers, and composting equipment. 

Examples of gardening blogs that make money:

18. Technology/Gadgets

Are you excited by every new tech gadget release? 

Do you scour the internet for every review you can find and read up on every single function and feature of this new toy? 

A tech blog just might be your calling!

Tech or gadget blogs provide in-depth, useful information on the latest gear out there to help buyers decide on whether to fork out a lot of money on a cool new piece of technology. 

As these tend to be high-value items, affiliate returns can add up to a lot.

The influence a tech blog has on a buyer’s decision making-process also provides an excellent way to earn affiliate income.

 After all, the fact that they’re looking for reviews means they’re already considering a purchase. 

Your authentic and enthusiastic review may just convince them to make a purchase, earning you an affiliate commission. 

A tech blog can be quite general but you can also choose to focus on specific types of gadgets like:

  • Phones and accessories
  • Tutorials
  • Reviews and rankings
  • Product comparisons
  • Affordable tech
  • Latest news and developments

Examples of technology/gadget blogs that make money:

19. Organization

If there’s one thing that will always be in demand, it’s a helpful tutorial on how best to organize your home.

 If you’re into the different ways to stay organized in life, and you’re keen to share your life-changing knowledge with the world, try a home organization blog.

There’s plenty of room to explore. Topics include:

  • Kitchen organization 
  • Bathroom storage hacks
  • Tips on the best way to declutter
  • Document organization
  • Clothes folding techniques 

You could also consider a blog for organizing time such as a bullet journaling blog. Like many other hobby-related blogs, this one offers affiliate opportunities galore. 

Examples of organization blogs that make money:

20. Event Planning

Another excellent type of blog that can make a lot of money is one that is centered around event planning.

 While some people may choose to hire an event planner for special occasions, many prefer to do it themselves. 

In that case, they could come to your event planning blog for:

  • Thematic ideas and inspiration
  • Guides on how to plan different kinds of events for different budget levels
  • Tips and tricks for running a successful event 

You could also offer downloadable content such as checklists and place cards – another revenue stream!

Check out my guide, Selling Printables On Etsy: An Epic Guide To Make You Passive Income 2022. The tips in that guide can be applied to selling printables on your own site as well!

Examples of event planning blogs that make money:

21. Beauty

Beauty is a topic that never goes out of style.

 Everyone wants to look great and there is a thriving beauty community online, perfect for a blogger to tap into. 

Have you ever wanted to try a new shampoo, but decided to read reviews about it first before you made a purchase? You are not alone!

Beauty blogs can provide helpful content such as:

  • Product reviews
  • Product comparisons
  • Skincare guides
  • Make-up tutorials
  • Natural skincare solutions 

This is also another blog niche that presents plenty of affiliate opportunities. 

Beauty bloggers have a lot of influence on a consumer’s purchasing decision and you can guide them towards products that you think are great, and will also earn you a little commission.

Examples of beauty blogs that make money:

How Do Blogs Make Money?

types of blogs that make money

Now that we’ve looked at different types of blogs that make money, the question is: how do bloggers get paid? Who pays bloggers?

There are several ways that a blog can make money. Ultimately, it all depends on your creativity. 

Some of the most popular ways to make money with a blog are by:

  • Running ads on your blog
  • Including affiliate links in your posts
  • Sell advertising space on your blog
  • Create and sell digital products – like ebooks, lists, printables
  • Create and sell a course, workshop, or tutorial
  • Promote your services – like writing, coaching, consulting
  • Do brand deals via sponsored posts
  • Sell products that you’ve made – like jewelry
  • Sell your blog (the extreme option, but can be extremely lucrative)

How Do Beginner Blogs Make Money? 

When you’re just starting a new blog, it may be overwhelming to try and aim for every single revenue stream mentioned above. It’s too much. It’s also not all going to as equally effective on a new blog.

But the first thing you definitely should focus on is building up the traffic to your site. A surefire way to do that is to focus on organic traffic from search engines. You can do this by creating good-quality posts that have been optimized to do just that. 


First, look to do some keyword research for topics in your chosen niche. Using sites like Keysearch, you should look for keywords that have low competition and high search volume. 

By targeting low competition keywords, you’re giving your quality content a better chance of being noticed by search engines.

 Once you have one good SEO post, make another. Rinse and repeat the process until you start noticing an uptick in traffic.

If you’re keen to learn more about SEO and how it can drive traffic to your blog, check out my course on SEO Blog Post Training

This is where I teach you all about my exact strategies to create SEO optimized blog posts that get thousands of pageviews from Google.

After that, you can start looking into signing up for ad networks and affiliate marketing programs unique to your niche.

At this point, you might be wondering: what even is affiliate marketing? 

My guide on How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners explains it in detail along with five other ways newbies can monetize their blogs. 

But in essence, affiliate marketing is when you get paid a commission when someone purchases a product using your special link at no extra cost to the customer. 

Your reader would be paying the same price for an item as they would without your affiliate link, but with it, you get a commission from the seller. 

It’s one of the best ways for beginner blogs to make money blogging, because you can get into affiliate programs with very low traffic and give yourself the opportunity to earn passive income.

Things to Consider When Picking a Blog Type 

At this point you’re probably thinking, but how do I even choose a blog type?

It can seem like the hardest thing to do but there’s an easy formula to use. Think about your personal interests – do you like baking? Knitting? Video games? Bullet journaling?

Cross-reference that list with a list of your professional skills and expertise. 

And yes, you do have professional skills and expertise that can translate into blogging. Maybe you work in finance? Or marketing? Maybe you’ve planned a lot of company events?

Once you’ve narrowed down your options of things you’re interested in and have professional expertise on, you can start to do a bit of keyword research to see which one gives you the most hits of great keywords. 

At this point, also think about whether there is a potential for affiliate marketing and whether or not there is a large audience for this niche. 

You know gaming is popular, but you’ll want to avoid a blog that focuses on the least popular video games out there. 

How to Be a Smart Blogger – Best Practices 

Once you’ve decided on a blog, there are several things that can help you get ahead as a blogger. 

Some things you should keep in mind when you start to create content for your blog are to:

  • Create evergreen content: Think about how you can make your content relevant for a long time. This means avoiding mentions of current events and possibly updating your post from time to time to ensure the information is accurate.
  • Provide solutions: Readers are visiting blogs for a solution to the problem they have. Whether it’s how to bake a vegan lemon bar or how to plan a 50th birthday party for less than $500, you’re there to present informative and helpful information to your readers.
  • Work in batches: It can be daunting to even think about writing a hundred quality posts when you first start out. It’s a lot for one person to handle. However, if you break down your work in batches, that makes it easier.
  • Get curious: If you’re always asking questions about your niche, you’re always coming up with creative and exciting content for your readers. Get curious and stay curious about your niche, and you’ll always have post ideas.

How to Start a Blog? 

With all that in mind, you’re just about ready to set up your blog! But how?

Here’s are the main steps:

  • Choose a blog name
  • Set up your blog hosting
  • Install a website builder
  • Pick a theme
  • Design a simple logo
  • Install some essential plugins
  • Start publishing!

You can find a more detailed explanation of how to do this in my post How To Get Paid For Blogging On WordPress: 8 Steps.


What Types of Blogs Make The Most Money?

The top 10 blogs that make money are:

  • DIY
  • Lifestyle
  • Pet
  • Blogs with a unique selling proposition
  • Blogs with valuable content
  • Online stores
  • Blogs that use Google Adsense
  • Blogs that use affiliate marketing
  • Lifestyle blogs
  • Personal Finance blogs

Which Blogging Topic Is Best For Making Money?

Examples of Blogs that Make The Most Money:

  • Lifestyle – it is one of the top blogging niches for making money
  • Interior design
  • Arts and crafts or DIY
  • Personal finance
  • Fashion and beauty
  • Travel
  • Gaming
  • Technology

Final Takeaways

With all the different types of blogs that make money and the infinite size of the internet, you have plenty of options to choose from when starting yours.

Just remember that a successful blog is a delicate balance of three things: an engaged audience, quality content that provides solutions, and consistent methods of monetizing your blog from ads to affiliate marketing and sales.

It may take a little trial and error at first to find the right balance that works for you, but once you do, it’ll be worth it.

The first step, of course, is picking a niche. So go on, get picking!

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