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233 High Demand Blog Topics To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Blogging is a great way to earn a consistent, passive income, and writing about high demand blog topics would undoubtedly help. There are thousands of topics out there, so how do you know if they are in high demand?

Determining what to write about can be overwhelming, of course. There will be 1001 questions in your head – would people read this? Do I even like this topic? Can I make money from this blog?

Well, friends… the only thing you need to do is to start! In this article, I’ve listed 223 high demand blog topic ideas so you can begin growing your blog into a business.

Here is a summary of what’ll you see in today’s article:


Some of the links on here are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. Hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

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    What Is A Blog Niche?

    A blog niche is a topic or area on which your blog content will be focusing. Once you’ve selected a niche, usually, it will be easier to come up with topics to write about. 

    That being said, blogging is a learning process, and it’s essential to keep reading and doing research.

    Ultimately, your blog has to have a purpose.

    Ask yourself – how can I create content that helps people solve problems or teach them something?

    Having a blog niche also means you can build a solid readership. This is because your target audience will know where to get resources – your blog. Your readers’ trust is vital if you want to monetize your blog further.

    Sure, some bloggers can write about whatever crosses their minds but strategizing your content according to the niche you choose is important if you want to generate long-term, consistent income.

    Are you ready to start? Here’s a list of 223 high demand blog topics for you to choose from.

    List Of High Demand Blog Topics

    Lifestyle Blog Topics

    Mental health blog topics
    • 1. Review/product comparison posts
    • 2. Minimalist lifestyle
    • 3. Fashion and beauty
    • 4. Organizing tips
    • 5. Cleaning hacks
    • 6. Maternity trends
    • 7. Fashion blog topics
    • 8. DIY project ideas
    • 9. Saving and investing money
    • 10. Food blog ideas
    • 11. Blogging business
    • 12. Relationship 
    • 13. Motivational posts

    Beauty Blog Topics

    trending blog topics in 2021
    • 15. Makeup and beauty reviews/tips/advice
    • 16. Hair accessories
    • 17. No-makeup makeup
    • 18. Daily beauty routine
    • 19. Beauty courses/schools
    • 20. Makeup tutorial
    • 21. Beauty for men
    • 22. Skincare routine
    • 23. Quick makeup tutorial
    • 24. Tips for sensitive skin

    Travel Blog Topics

    Travel blog ideas
    • 25. Packing light
    • 26. Travelling sustainably
    • 27. Creating a travel itinerary
    • 28. Best travel destinations
    • 29. Travel wear and outfit
    • 30. Family/couple/solo trip ideas
    • 31. Best beach vacation
    • 32. Flying with children/babies
    • 33. Travel bucket list
    • 34. Travel blog ideas

    Food & Drink Blog Topics

    trending blog topics in 2021
    • 35. Meal recipes
    • 36. Diet recipes (keto/vegan/gluten-free)
    • 37. Restaurant reviews
    • 38. Quick meals recipes
    • 39. Best coffee
    • 40. Special celebration dish ideas
    • 41. Meal planning
    • 42. Food blog topic ideas
    • 43. Healthy food to avoid
    • 44. Junk food vs comfort food
    • 45. Caffeine mythbusters 

    Mom Blog Topics

    Mommy blog topics
    • 46. Working moms’ workout routine
    • 47. Nursing your baby (tips)
    • 48. Activities for stay at home moms
    • 49. Mommy self-care
    • 50. Working from home with kids
    • 51. Gift ideas
    • 52. Planning a playdate
    • 53. Family budget planning
    • 54. Weekend activity ideas
    • 55. Parenting blogs to follow
    • 56. Date night ideas for parents
    • 57. Mommy blog topic ideas

    Health Blog Topics

    • 58. Keto/vegan/gluten-free/specific diet
    • 59. Spa and beauty centers (review)
    • 60. Essential oil
    • 61. Home remedies
    • 62. Meditation 
    • 63. How to start a health blog
    • 64. Mental health blog topics
    • 65. Therapy
    • 66. Caring for an ailing parent
    • 67. Managing stress

    Fitness Blog Topics

    high demand blog topics
    • 68. Fitness routine for ____
    • 69. Staying fit tips
    • 70. Indoor workout 
    • 71. Working out without equipment
    • 72. Fitness gear reviews
    • 73. Desk workout
    • 74. Gym review
    • 75. Workout music
    • 76. Fitness tracker review
    • 77. Yoga and pilates

    Music Blog Topics

    high demand blog topics
    • 78. Learn musical instruments
    • 79. Event/concert reviews
    • 80. Gig reviews
    • 81. Interviews with musicians
    • 82. Learn how to compose music
    • 83. Previews of albums or upcoming shows
    • 84. Stories from tours
    • 85. Music blog post ideas
    • 86. Musical legends 
    • 87. Behind the lyrics

    Movies Blog Topics

    • 88. Movie reviews and previews
    • 89. Celebrity interviews
    • 90. Behind the scenes
    • 91. 10 things you didn’t know about _______
    • 92. How to start an entertainment blog
    • 93. Movie/entertainment blog post ideas
    • 94. Classic movies
    • 95. Compare movie remakes
    • 96. Sequel review
    • 97. From book to movie (a review)

    Special Celebration Blog Topics

    blog post ideas for beginners
    • 98. Special event (birthday/farewell) ideas
    • 99. Surprise party ideas
    • 100. Gift ideas
    • 101. Photography tips
    • 102. Best florist
    • 103. Dessert ideas
    • 104. Theme party ideas
    • 105. Wedding planning

    Hobby Blog Topics

    • 106. Cheap and fun hobby ideas
    • 107. Camping trip planning
    • 108. Underwater photography
    • 109. Monetizing your hobby
    • 110. Finding a new hobby
    • 111. Book reviews or recommendation
    • 112. Knitting
    • 113. Colouring for adults
    • 114. Hobbies on fitness
    • 115. Woodworking
    • 116. Gaming chair reviews

    Technology Blog Topics

    • 117. Gadget reviews
    • 118. Best laptop writers/graphic designers/gamers
    • 119. App reviews
    • 120. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
    • 121. Virtual event
    • 122. Zoom/Google Meet/Microsoft Teams hacks
    • 123. Technology news
    • 124. Technology magazines review
    • 125. How to start a technology blog
    • 126. Digital marketing blog topics

    Home Decor Blog Topics

    blog post ideas for beginners
    • 127. Guest room/bedroom/kitchen design ideas
    • 128. Faux plants vs live plants
    • 129. Choosing color tones for your home
    • 130. How to choose a design theme
    • 131. Storage ideas for home items
    • 132. Tips on choosing the right lighting
    • 133. Converting to a minimalist
    • 134. Cleaning hacks
    • 135. DIY furniture ideas
    • 136. Table setting ideas

    DIY Projects Blog Topics

    • 137. How to build _______
    • 138. Kids’ school project ideas
    • 139. Craft magazine review
    • 140. How to use a glue gun
    • 141. Tips on perfecting your woodwork
    • 142. DIY bloggers to follow
    • 143. How to make quilted wall hangings
    • 144. Must-have craft tools
    • 145. Where to get craft supplies
    • 146. Refurbishing old furniture
    • 147. Making your own rug
    • 148. Resin art ideas
    • 149. DIY projects blog topic ideas

    Gardening Blog Topics

    high demand blog topics
    • 150. Types of plants (indoor and outdoor)
    • 151. Tips on plant repotting
    • 152. Getting to know types of soil
    • 153. Find the right pot size for your plants
    • 154. How to not kill your plant
    • 155. Tips on watering your plant correctly
    • 156. Is a humidifier good for your plants?
    • 157. Growing your own food plant
    • 158. How-to propagate plants
    • 159. Harmful plants for your pets
    • 160. Succulent 101
    • 161. Tips on building hydroponic plants
    • 162. Gardening blog topic ideas

    Finance Blog Topics

    • 163. Saving and investing tips
    • 164. How to live on a frugal budget
    • 165. Tips on planning monthly expenses
    • 166. Tips on saving funds for vacations
    • 167. Tips on paying off student loans in 3 years
    • 168. Tips on planning a retirement fund
    • 169. Tips on planning an emergency fund
    • 170. How to plan a weekly grocery budget
    • 171. Tips on creating a trust fund for your kids
    • 172. When is the best time to create a will
    • 173. Money making blog topic ideas
    • 174. Insurance blog topic ideas
    • 175. Pros and cons of having a credit card
    • 176. Mortgage

    Student Life Blog Topics

    • 177. Off-campus room or dorm?
    • 178. Choosing the right course 
    • 179. Tips on studying in a group
    • 180. Optimizing the college library
    • 181. Should you join a club?
    • 182. Creating an effective assignment schedule
    • 183. How to choose an internship place
    • 184. What’s the ideal budget for students?
    • 185. Surviving college for introverts
    • 186. Choosing a part-time job
    • 187. Should you apply for a student exchange program?
    • 189. Studying abroad for free
    • 190. Blog topics for students

    Pets Blog Topics

    high demand blog topics
    • 191. Tips on being a responsible pet parent
    • 192. Essential items for your first pet
    • 193. Suitable diet for pets 
    • 194. Tips on choosing a suitable cat litter
    • 195. Tips on cleaning after your pet
    • 196. Signs your pet is unwell
    • 197. Why is neutering cats important?
    • 198. Fish tank 101
    • 199. DIY pet furniture project
    • 200. Should you leave your pet alone?
    • 201. Reviews of pet essentials
    • 202. Pet blog topic ideas

    Art & Craft Blog Topics

    • 203. Tips on choosing the best art supplies
    • 204. Get to know the type of brushes
    • 205. Tips on deciding your art niche
    • 206. Tips on learning a (certain) art technique
    • 207. How to use household items for your art
    • 208. Art supplies recommendation
    • 209. Art supplies reviews
    • 210. Clay art
    • 211. How to knit
    • 212. The art of glass blowing
    • 213. Interviews with artists
    • 214. Art blog topic ideas

    Sports Blog Ideas

    • 215. Sports events worth watching
    • 216. History of sports
    • 217. Blogging about sports
    • 218. Training for a marathon or trail running
    • 219. Sports magazine review
    • 220. Sports outlet review
    • 221. Best online sports store
    • 222. How to play ______
    • 223. Treating a sports injury

    Why Do You Need A Blog Niche?

    Your blog needs a niche so that you can attract loyal readers.

    Let’s say you’re planning to travel somewhere next year – maybe… Florence, Italy. The very first thing you’d do is probably Google about Florence. You want to know everything about the place so you can plan your trip well. 

    So what kind of blog would you spend your time on? Travel blog – yes! If the blog gives you every answer you need, provides fantastic reviews and recommendations, you’re sold. To the blog. Not Florence yet.

    You’ll most probably return to research future trips.

    So this is why having a niche for your blog is important so that you can be the avenue for your target audience and help them in any way you can. 

    And with the right approach and strategy, ultimately, you’ll make a lot of money blogging!

    How To Choose A Blog Niche

    Choosing a blog niche is easy and challenging at the same time. 

    You might have heard people say… stick to what you’re passionate about. Or blog about what you know or what you’re familiar with.

    There is some truth to it, especially if you’re looking for blog post ideas for beginners. 

    Writing about what you’re interested in or an expert in can be a solid foundation for building your blog.

    But I understand if it’s difficult to choose a niche you like because there are so many! Just don’t spend weeks looking for it. What you can do now is start listing them down. 

    And then, ask yourself: which niche from your list is something you know most about or always do? Strike the ones you didn’t identify with, and there you have it!

    Hot tip: Do some keyword research (finding popular words people use on search engines like Google) to see if there’s an audience for the niche you’re choosing. 

    However… don’t be afraid to explore new topics. Don’t worry about your lack of expertise.

    As long as you know how to research well and that the new topic is not too alien for you – go for it!

    Now that you’ve picked a niche check out this wholesome and practical guide to start a blog

    What Are The Most Profitable Blog Topics?

    The most profitable and high demand blog topics are the ones you see all the time. Travel, food, saving money, making money, DIY projects… The list is endless!

    But why do people still write them although the competition is stiff? Because there is always an audience and, most importantly, these bloggers approach blogging with the right strategy.

    According to this article on LinkedIn, these are some of the trending high demand blog topics in 2021:

    • Personal Finance 
    • Health and Wellness 
    • Fitness
    • Parenting and Lifestyle
    • Beauty and Fashion
    • Traveling
    • Blogging

    Given the global circumstances we’re facing since 2020, many people have become more aware of personal finance and health. They want to save and make more money. They want to eat healthier, be healthier.

    Take advantage of that. Turn these threats into opportunities to write high demand blog topics that solve people’s problems. When in doubt, go back to the list above 😉

    No matter the niche, make sure you’ve checked these points to start earning steadily from your blog:

    • Create SEO content
    • Pin content on Pinterest using Pinterest SEO
    • Run ad networks running on your site
    • Join relevant affiliate programs
    • Sell merchandises/digital products (e-books, webinars, online courses)
    • Run workshops
    • Join brand partnerships 

    If you want to learn more about SEO and wish to get thousands of free organic traffic from Google to your site, I recommend this course: SEO Success for Beginners Course.


    This 3-hour course deliberates seven steps you can follow to increase pageviews significantly and also provides a guide to find easy to rank topics and create blog structure that readers and Google will like. 

    Now that you’ve discovered more than 200 high demand blog topic ideas to write about, hopefully, you won’t spend too much time thinking about it!

    If you start now, you can churn some (good) money in six to 12 months from your blog. Just make sure that you’re also learning SEO and other blogging tips at the same time.

    Don’t worry too much about not being an expert in the niche you choose. The most important thing is, you know your resources. 

    Once you’ve established a niche, everything will fall into place. I can’t wait to see your blog flourish!

    233 High Demand Blog Topics To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

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