selling plants on etsy

Selling Plants On Etsy in 2024 (6 Simple Steps!)

Have you been thinking about selling plants on Etsy as a side hustle in 2024?

Are you a passionate plant lady yourself and wanting to share your love of plants with the world?

Or do you recognize this amazing business opportunity that allows you to work from home and make money selling plants on Etsy? Plants in fact are some of the highest selling items on Etsy.

Perhaps both! Either way, I can help you:)

Here I am, getting my hands dirty in my brother’s garden, trying to figure out how to keep these plants alive and healthy.

Don’t worry; no plants were harmed here (I can’t say the same for my apartment plants O_O). My brother is the main caretaker of these luscious green arugula clippings in his humble countryside garden.

selling plants on etsy

We might fall short on how to keep all the different species of plants alive but we do know the ins and outs of how to sell plants on Etsy.

This guide will help you learn about Etsy, list your plants, sell your plants and ship your plants! So let’s get started. 

Selling Plants On Etsy in 6 Steps!

So now you’ve decided to start selling plants from home.

Here are the steps you need to take to start your online Etsy plant store.

STEP 1 – Decide what type of plants you’d like to focus on. This could be succulents, indoor house plants, rare bulbs or seedings, or even air plants!

STEP 2- Check out your competition. You’ll want to find out everything that the best Etsy plant sellers are already doing. This means doing some thorough market research. Are their listings attractive? What price are they selling the plants for? What tags are they using?

STEP 3- Now you just need to set up an Etsy account and open your store. This is very simple and quick to do. You’re nearly ready to sell plants on Etsy!

STEP 4 -Just click on ‘create shop’ and follow the prompts. It couldn’t be easier.

STEP 5- Once your shop is created you’ll need to consider your policies. This refers to your processing times, shipping policy, delivery charges, returns and exchanges policy. You’ll want these to be as clear as possible to avoid any customer queries or disputes.

Step 6- Don’t underestimate the power of your ‘bio’ . We recommend updating this as soon as your shop is created so that buyers can learn a little bit about you. 

Part of what makes Etsy so special is that it’s a treasure trove of individual sellers and small businesses. 

By sharing a little bit about you and why you are the plant guru to buy from, you are attracting people to your store and creating loyalty in your customers.

  • You’ll also need to put your billing terms and payment information so that you can get that income rolling in.

Bonus Tip Incoming!

We recommend using a separate bank account for all your Etsy transactions in and out, just to make things easier and more streamlined for your tax information.

Affiliate Link Disclosure

This article contains some affiliate links which means that I may earn a small commission when you click on them, at no additional cost to you. I do hope you find the information in this article helpful!

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selling plants on etsy

Which Plants Can You Sell On Etsy?

You might be thinking, can I sell plants on Etsy? Is it legal to sell plants from home? And do I need a license to sell plants on Etsy?

A quick answer is yes for the first two questions, and no license is required to sell plants on Etsy.

To go into more detail, generally it is legal to sell most plants on Etsy. It is also legal the majority of times to be selling seeds on Etsy.

However different laws and regulations can apply depending on your country, state or territory. It’s always important to be aware of your market and the rules that apply to it.

It is best to check for the following information

  • Your country’s biosecurity laws and regulations.
  • The recipient country’s biosecurity laws and regulations.
  • Your courier company’s rules and regulations specifically in regards to transit and delivery of plants or seeds.

In the US for example, some plants and seeds are prohibited to sell and post. These include herbal drugs, and hazardous plant materials such as noxious weeds. 

You can find more detailed information on the US Department of Agriculture Website

If you are intending to send plants or seeds to Australia we recommend checking BICON.

If you are buying or selling plants or seeds to or from Canada you should refer to The Canadian Food Inspections website.

And for Europe, Etsy recommends checking the EU Commissions website.

Even if you have checked a plant species or seed type previously. It’s important to check again as biosecurity rules and regulations can change. 

selling plants on etsy

How To List Your Plants For Sale 

Etsy makes it easy for you to list your plants for sale. We recommend having about 12 plants to start with but of course more or less is fine!

These are the elements you’ll need for each listing

  • Title: This is an important way to attract buyers to your store! Use as many relevant search terms in your title as possible.
  • Photos: Make sure your photos are high quality, clear images with a blank background wherever possible. Analyze your competition and make sure your images stand out. You can add up to ten photos so please do, we recommend including
    • Close up of the foliage
    • Further back picture showing the whole plant
    • Close up of the pot and packaging

You might like to also wipe all your leaves down first, all they need is a damp cloth. This gives them a nice, clean, dust-free sheen to them and will really capture them in their best light.

  • Category: It is important to have an accurate category for your listings because buyers can filter their search by category. Etsy will offer category prompts so just select the most relevant. Easy as that!
  • Description: This is your opportunity to set yourself apart from your competition and include as much information as possible on your plant.

    Some buyers can be nervous buying online so they’ll want detailed measurements, description on color and condition and care instructions.

If you’re including a pot and soil please also include these in your description.

  • Tags: Tags are really important in driving traffic to your page. You can use up to 13 tags relevant to your item. Such as ‘indoor plant’ ‘plant mom’ ‘succulent’ choose popular tags that are relevant to your listing.

  • Learn about SEO for Etsy. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is the most helpful tool you can learn for your Etsy Store. Think of Etsy as one big search engine so you really want traffic to be able to find YOUR LISTINGS.

This means putting popular plant search terms in your title and in your listing.

Etsy also allows the use of tags and this can help bring traffic to your store, a great strategy used by the best Etsy stores for houseplants.

selling plants on etsy

How To Ensure Buyers Find YOUR Plants

There are a number of ways to help buyers find YOUR plants and YOUR listings. We’ve touched on a few helpful ways to generate traffic to your store above but here’s some more.

  • Use tags, this is a simple way to connect buyers with your store. 
  • Fit as many search terms in your listing title as you can.
  • Ensure your photos stand out
  • Make your description as detailed and as accurate as possible.
  • Update your inventory regularly and add more plants
  • You can use other social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook to promote your store
  • Start a blog

These are all ways to increase traffic to your Etsy plant store! They are fantastic ways to connect you to new customers however you DO NOT need to do them all if you don’t want to! It’s totally up to you.

selling plants on etsy

Packaging And Shipping Your Plants

How do you package a living plant safely? 

This is a very important part of your business when you want to buy and sell plants online. You want to ensure your plant will arrive in the same condition you send it so packaging is absolutely crucial.

Most plant sellers will have several layers of protection to their packaging. This can start with newspaper or tissue paper as this will also help absorb any moisture.

Then it is a good idea to do another layer of protection with bubble wrap around the base and pot and then crinkle paper to prop the plant upright in its box and around the leaves. 

Remember not to suffocate your plant as it will still need to breathe in transit. A cardboard box with some air ventilation is a good way to keep your plant breathing while traveling. 

It is very important to double check any shipping regulations before you send your plant to ensure you are compliant with up to date laws and regulations.

It is also important to have a complaints resolution process clearly stated on your site with a disclaimer.

If your plant arrives in a condition that differs from how you sent it you will want your buyer to get in touch quickly so you can help resolve it. 

Bonus Helpful Tips and Tricks To Increase Sales

We trust our guide has already helped you with some fantastic ideas to increase traffic to your site and therefore increase your sales but we aren’t done yet! Lucky you!

Another helpful tip on how to sell plants from home on Etsy and increase sales is to research what is popular and trending so you can get into that market while it’s hot! 

We’ve done the hard work for you and are happy to share with you plants that will sell well

  • Variegated Plants
  • Snake Plant
  • Jade
  • Wisteria 
  • Orchids
  • Osmanthus
  • Fuschia

Utilize other social media channels to drive traffic to your store. I mean why not? You’ve already taken the beautiful images of your plants so why not share them everywhere you can. 

Platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook can be a great way to link new buyers to your Etsy store.

Start a Blog. Why not, you’re a plant guru! By sharing your knowledge and care tips you’re providing value to your buyers and reaching a wider audience to send to your Etsy store.

Types Of Best Selling Plants On Etsy

I’ve shared what the popular plants are selling on Etsy, but here are some broader categories and types of plants that are the best selling plants on Etsy.

selling plants on etsy

Air Plants

Air plants are popular to sell as they are easy to grow, ship, and care for. 

You do not need to pot them in soil; you just need to ensure they have enough water, light, and nutrients.

selling plants on etsy

Bonsai Trees

Bonsai tree has become a popular hobby for many enthusiasts. 

Contrary to the air plant, the Bonsai tree needs meticulous care and attention; ironically, that is where the fascination comes from. 

These tiny miniature bonsai trees can live for hundreds of years when well taken care of. 

Hobiest appreciates the patience and effort needed to care for a bonsai tree, which can create a zen feeling for the carer.

selling plants on etsy


Another popular ‘Etsy live plants’ to sell are cacti. These cute house plants are great as they are easy to take care of, making them a good beginner plant. 

If they can survive a barren desert, they can practically survive any other space.

selling plants on etsy


Another popular type of ‘Etsy plants for sale’ is succulents. These small plants are aesthetically pleasing to have in your house.

Most of the best Etsy houseplant shops have succulents in stock, as they are easy to propagate. 

These plants are great for first-time owners due to their resilient properties and can be grown indoors or outdoors.

selling plants on etsy

Selling Plants On Etsy FAQs

Can I Sell My Plants On Etsy? 

So, can I sell my plants on Etsy? Some plants or seeds may be prohibited but generally it is ok to sell your plants on Etsy. Be sure to check current regulations in your area.

Do You Need A License To Sell Plants UK?

No, you do not need a license in most cases to sell plants in the UK. Small business owners generally will not need a license to sell plants however be sure to check up to date laws and regulations in your area.

Is It Legal To Sell Plants On Etsy?

Are you checking if it is legal to sell plants on Etsy? As mentioned, it is generally okay to sell your plants on Etsy. 

However, restrictions are based on the country of origin and the receiving country.

If you plan to sell plants online, especially imported plants, be sure that it is by all legal requirements.

Do You Need A License To Sell On Etsy?

Looking to see if you need a license to sell on Etsy? According to Etsy’s seller policies, you do not require a business license to sell on their platform. 

However, if you reside in the US, you need a business license or permit if you are running your Etsy account as a business.

Do I Need A License To Sell Plants Online On Etsy?

It is legal to sell plants on Etsy, but if you are checking, do I need a license to sell plants online on Etsy? For the importation of most plants, you do require a permit.

So, before selling plants online on Etsy, you need to know the import requirements for plants.

Is Selling Plants On Etsy Profitable?

Want to start an online plant business, but ‘is selling plants on Etsy profitable? ‘

Selling plants on Etsy is a fun and creative way to earn extra cash. The profit margins could be as high as over 300–500%, depending on the type of plants you sell.

The monstera houseplant species can be very profitable to sell.

Can I Make Money Selling Seeds On Etsy?

YES, you can sell seeds on Etsy! 

Just ensure that the seeds you sell comply with Etsy’s guidelines. Here are some things to know when selling seeds on Etsy:

  • Research the right type of seed
  • Ensure that seeds are high-quality
  • Proper packaging
  • Well-priced

Where Is The Best Place To Sell Plants Online?

The best place to sell plants online is:

How To Sell Live Plants On Amazon?

Want to know how to sell live plants on Amazon? 

The major thing to think about when selling live plants is how to package them and keep them alive throughout the shipping journey of the plant.

You won’t be able to store your live plants in the Amazon FBA warehouse. So, you need to self-ship your plants.

How To Sell Plants Online?

Want to learn how to sell plants online? Here are steps on how to start an online plant business:

  • Find your plant niche
  • Decide where to sell plants
  • Decide if you are growing your plants or sourcing them
  • Curate a brand for your business
  • Price your plants well
  • Have quality product photography
  • Market your Business

There you have it! Our complete guide to selling plants on Etsy in 2024. We hope you have found this information helpful.

It can seem overwhelming starting a new business and we understand that. We hope our guide has helped you learn about Etsy, understand what plants you can sell on Etsy and how to set up your shop.

Now you know how to start a plant business on Etsy, how to list your plants, draw buyers to your store, and increase sales.

There’s nothing standing in your way! Your new business awaits you. You can work from home and make some money selling plants on Etsy!

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