239 Profitable Micro Niche Blog Ideas [2022 Update]

Look at you searching for micro niche blog niche ideas! First of all, congratulations! You’ve taken the right step towards building a profitable blog!

I don’t know if you already know this, but micro niche blogs usually have more authority and better reach. They’re also more low competition and easier to rank *yay*

Maybe you weren’t specifically looking for micro niche blog niche ideas and now you’re wondering: “What is a micro niche blog?”.

Simply put, micro niche blogs are zero-ed into one specific topic, say, “Best Chocolate Cake Recipes In The World Blog”. 

In this example, this site is specifically about chocolate cakes and no other cakes, or recipes. I’d be a regular on this blog for sure!

Let’s dive into what micro niche blogs are about and best of all, a list of 239 micro niche blog ideas!

At a glance, we will be looking at:

  • What Is A Micro Niche
  • Affiliate Marketing Micro Blog Niches That Make Money
  • Amazon Affiliate Micro Niche Blog Ideas
  • Beauty  Micro Niche Blog Niche Ideas
  • Business Micro Niche Ideas For Blogging
  • Entertainment Micro Niche Site Ideas
  • Finance Micro Niche Blog Ideas 
  • Best Micro Niche Blog Ideas For Fitness 
  • Food Micro Niche Blogging Ideas
  • Health Micro Niche Blog Ideas
  • Home Décor Micro Niche Topics
  • Social Media Micro Niche Blog Ideas 
  • Sports Micro Niche Blog Ideas 
  • Best Micro Niche Ideas For Technology 
  • Travel Micro Niche Blogging Topics
  • How To Find Your List Of Niche Ideas
  • Pros and Cons Of A Micro Niche Site
  • Do’s and Don’ts Of A Micro Niche Site

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you.

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micro niche blog ideas
Image by Peter Olexa

What Is A Micro Niche

A micro niche is a very specific and well-defined subcategory within a larger market or industry. It is a market that is often overlooked or underserved by the major players in that industry. 

Micro niches define specifically the type of content that is being offered. People looking for them will definitely be at the right place when they come across your micro niche blog. 

Micro niches can be determined by various factors, including interests, geography, demographics, and needs. For example, instead of winter fashion, a micro niche would be winter boots.

Micro niches usually get less traffic due to the specificity, but at the same time, you get a quality audience as they know what they want from your blog content. 

While micro niches may be small, they can be extremely profitable. By definition, a micro niche is a smaller market, which means there is less competition. This gives micro niche blogs the opportunity to be the go-to source for that particular need or interest.

Affiliate Marketing Micro Blog Niches That Make Money

1. Airlines And Hotel Booking

2. Digital Marketing 

3. Finance And Insurance

4. Finances And Investments 

5. Gaming

6. Online Course

7. Organic Products

8. Pet Care 

9. Relationship Advice/ Counselling

10. Saas

11. Software

12. Travel Accommodation 

13. Vpn

14. Web Hosting

15. Weight Loss

Amazon Affiliate Micro Niche Blog Ideas

micro niche blog ideas
Image by Tumisu

16. Books

17. Car Parts/Accessories

18. Clothing

19. Drones

20. Eco-Friendly Products

21. Fishing Equipment

22. Fitness Equipment

23. Fitness Supplements

24. Hair Care Products

25. Home Security

26. Makeup And Beauty Products

27. Pet Food

28. Photography Equipment

29. Skincare Products

30. Solar Energy Products

31. Sports Equipment

32. Tech Gadgets

Beauty Micro Niche Blog Niche Ideas

33. Beauty Product Reviews

34. Beauty Products For Men

35. Beauty Tips For Different Skin Tones

36. Celerity Makeup Looks

37. Curly Hair Care

38. DIY Beauty

39. Eyelashes Extensions

40. Face Brushes

41. Hair Care For Men 

42. Hair Care For Specific Ethnicity

43. Hair Care For Specific Location/ Climate

44. Hair Extensions

45. Homemade Beauty Treatment

46. Korean Skin Care 

47. Mature Women Skincare Products

48. Nail Art 

49. Organic Makeup 

50. Starting A Beauty Line

Business Micro Niche Ideas For Blogging

51. Business Automation

52. Consultancy Business

53. Crowdfunding For Small Businesses

54. Dropshipping Business

55. Email Marketing

56. Freelancing Sites

57. Gig Economy

58. Growing Your E-commerce Business

59. Home Business Ideas

60. Influencer Marketing Tips

61. Instagram Marketing Agency Tips

62. Marketing Consulting

63. Offline Tutoring Business

64. Online Tutoring Business

65. Outsourcing Services

66. Product Sourcing Business

67. Sell On Amazon FBA

68. Selling Digital Products

69. Selling On eBay

70. Selling On Etsy – you can share tips like this

71. Side Hustle For Moms   

72. Small Business Management 

Entertainment Micro Niche Site Ideas

micro niche blog ideas
Image by Jan Vašek

73. Celebrities

74. Comedy Shows

75. Gaming And Entertainment Gadgets

76. Horoscopes

77. Memes

78. Movie Reviews

79. New Web Series Info & Review

80. Online Entertainment Micro Niche

81. Video Game Tutorials

Finance Micro Niche Blogging Ideas

micro niche blog ideas
Image by Jan Vašek

82. Becoming Debt Free

83. Budgeting Expenses

84. Budgeting The Income

85. Budgeting Tips For Freelancers

86. Couponing Tips

87. Creating A New Income Stream

88. Credit Cards

89. Credit Score Repair

90. Cryptocurrency

91. Curbing Your Spending Habits

92. Digital Nomadism

93. Earning Money Through Side Hustles

94. Financial Independence

95. Financial Planning

96. Getting Out Of Debt

97. Insurance

98. Money Management Tips

99. Passive Income Ideas

100. Personal Finance

101. Retirements Plans

102. Savings

103. The 3 Bucket System

Best Micro Niche Blog Ideas For Fitness 

micro niche blog ideas
Image by StockSnap

104. Beginner Workouts And Fitness 

105. Best Sports Wear

106. Fitness Diets

107. Fitness Equipment

108. Fitness Gyms

109. Healthy Meal Charts

110. Healthy Meal Plans

111. High Protein Diet

112. Keto Diet

113. Low-Calorie Diet

114. Daily Rituals

115. Supplements

116. Vegan Diet

117. Weight Loss Supplements

118. Women Workouts And Fitness

119. Workouts At Home

120. Yoga

Food Micro Niche Blogging Ideas

micro niche blog ideas
Image by Oldmermaid

121. 3-Ingredients Recipes

122. BBQ Meals

123. Breakfast Recipes

124. Cake Recipes

125. Chicken Recipes

126. Chinese Food

127. Cocktails

128. Coffee

129. Desserts

130. Halal Meals

131. Kitchen Appliances 

132. Pets Food

133. Prepacked Meals

134. Seafood Blog

135. Vegan Meals

Health Micro Niche Blog Ideas

micro niche blog ideas
Image by silviarita

136. Acne Treatment

137. Allergies Relief Methods

138. Alternative Medicine

139. Anti Inflammatory Diet

140. Anti-Aging

141. Aromatherapy

142. Cleansing Diets  

143. Detoxification Diet  

144. Digestion Tips And Methods  

145. Health Supplements

146. Healthy Diets

147. Healthy Eating Tips 

148. Healthy Mindset

149. Healthy Sleep

150. Herbal Remedies 

151. Keto Diet

152. Meditation Techniques  

153. Nutritional Foods

154. Pregnancy Nutrition Advice And Meal Planning 

155. Psychological Health

156. Traditional Medicines

157. Vegan Diet

158. Vitamin Supplements Reviews

159. Weight Loss Tips 

160. Yoga Tutorials

Home Décor Micro Niche Topics

161. Bathroom Decor

162. Bedroom Designing

163. DIY Home Repair

164. Eco-Friendly Homes

165. Floor Design

166. Home DIY

167. Home Gadgets And Equipment

168. Home Gardening

169. Home Improvement Gadgets And Equipment

170. Home Organisation

171. Home Theatre Rooms

172. House Backyard

173. House Cleaning

174. House Safety

175. Interior Design

176. Living Room Decor

177. Modern Kitchen

178. Outdoor Patio Designs

179. Tiny Houses Design

180. Wallpapers Decor

Social Media Niche Blogging Ideas

micro niche blog ideas
Image by Thomas Ulrich

181. Social Media Best Practices

182. Instagram Influencers

183. Guide To Social Media

184. Social Network Content Creation

185. Social Media Management – an article like this would help

186. Social Media Advertising & Marketing

187. Social Minimalism

188. Start A Business On Social Media

189. Content Curation Services  (Business, Social Media)

190. Influencer Marketing Strategies

191. Social Media Marketing Tips 

Sports Micro Niche Blog Ideas 

192. Basketball Sneakers Blog

193. Blog About Your Favorite Players

194. Boxing Coaching Blog

195. Competitive Archery

196. Customize Your Own Bikes

197. Fan Blog Of Your Favorite Team

198. Favorite Football Team Blog

199. Fishing

200. Games For The Disabled

201. Golf Swing Coach

202. Mountain Climbing

203. Online Free Games

204. Specific Sports Equipment And Apparel Reviews

205. Stationary Cycling And Fitness

206. Tabletennis

207. Target Archery

Best Micro Niche Ideas For Technology 

208. 3D Printers

209. Digital Cameras 

210. Digital Planners

211. Drones Micro Niche

212. Electric Vehicles

213. Gadgets

214. Home Automation Micro Niche

215. Online Softwares

216. Outdoor Gear

217. Phone Covers

218. Phone Covers For iPhone

219. Processor And Ram

220. Smart Phones

221. Smart Tech Gadgets

222. Smartphone Photography

Travel Micro Niche Blogging Topics

micro niche blog ideas
Image by Jan Vašek

221. Backpacking For Traveling

222. Beach Guides

223. Budget Traveling

224. City Guides

225. Flight Miles

226. Hotel Bookings

227. Hotel Loyalty Memberships

228. Local Travel Tips In A Country

229. Luxury Travel

230. Travel Destinations

231. Travel Equipment And Gadgets

232. Travel Gadgets

233. Travel In *Specific City*

234. Travel Packages

235. Traveling By Train

236. Traveling In An Eco-Friendly Way

237. Travel Photography

238. Traveling By Road 

239. Travel For Family

How To Find Your List Of Niche Ideas

First of all, it’s best to start with a broad topic that you’re passionate about, and then narrow it down to a specific niche. You can then identify what unique perspective or knowledge you have to offer. 

Importantly, you need to look at what people are searching for and the problems that people in your chosen niche are facing. 

There are plenty of sources where you can find the best micro niche for blogging that is suitable and relevant for you. 

You just need to set aside time and did into some research! 

Here are places you can scour for micro niche ideas or learn more about the niche you’re exploring:

  • Google Autosuggest – When you type something in Google and it auto-suggests the next few words, these are what people are looking for. For example, if you type “can my rabbit”, you will get a host of other suggestions at the bottom and you get an idea of how popular rabbit questions are
  • Google Trends – Google Trends provides access to an unfiltered sample of search requests on Google
  • Quora – Quora is a user-generated question and answer site where people go to get their curiosity satisfied or questions answered
  • Reddit  – Reddit is another platform where people ask questions, share stories, knowledge, and more
  • Keyword search tools – You can identify what are the keywords being searched for

Pros and Cons Of A Micro Niche Site


  • Able to quickly rank on Google
  • Don’t have to wait a long time to build authority
  • Easily increase website conversion rates 
  • Highly targeted visitors from search sites
  • High-paying affiliates and product opportunity
  • Make money with less traffic (compared to non-niche sites)
  • Less competition (depending on your niche)
  • Less effort to have a successful blog


  • Low traffic volume due to likely low search volume
  • Fewer affiliate opportunities
  • Building backlinks can be difficult due to fewer similar sites (and they probably want to keep the audience to themselves!)

Do’s and Don’ts Of A Micro Niche Site


  • Stick to your niche to keep your audience. Straying away will make them lose interest as they specifically come to you for the particular topic
  • Stay consistent in your content and frequency
  • Engage with relevant affiliates and ensure you understand all the affiliate marketing rules 
  • Stay updated on the latest information, technology, and news about your niche


  • Don’t create generic content that doesn’t relate to your niche. Remember, people are on your site specifically for that niche.
  • Don’t worry about your lack of expertise. As long as you do proper research, people will consider you an expert
  • Don’t worry about competition. Just because others are also writing about the same thing, it doesn’t mean that it will be hard for you. If anything, it shows you that people are interested in the niche.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are The Most Profitable Blogging Niches?

If you want to pick the perfect topic for a new blog to make money, these 6 great niches are the right place to start.

  • Blogging and making money online
  • Digital marketing
  • Food and recipes
  • Health and fitness
  • Personal finance and investing
  • Personal development and self-care

What Is A Good Blogging Niche?

Industry-based, such as a cryptocurrency or freelancing, audience-based, by targeting audiences like small business owners or newlyweds, and subject-based, like news content and movie reviews, are some of the good blogging niches you can consider when starting a new blog.

What Are The Most Profitable Blogging Niches 2021?

Given below is a list of the 12 most followed and profitable blog niches that can be excellent options for beginners to explore:

  • DIY (Do-It-Yourself)
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • Parenting
  • Photography
  • Recipes And Food
  • Travel
  • Writing

Niche Down And Write!

I’m certain by now you have some ideas on what you’d like your blog to be based on the micro niche blog niche ideas shared.

The best micro niche sites all have quality content that actually helps their audience. 

As usual, I preach research, research, and research as part of a good writer’s skill. Do the work, put in the time and your micro niche blog is bound to bring in passive income for you.

If you’re new at this, taking a beginner course will help skyrocket your progress = earn faster!

Let me know what your micro niche is. And if you have any more ideas, I’d love to hear from you!

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