advantages and disadvantages of blogging

33 Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogging in 2023! [Personal Experience]

Wondering about the advantages and disadvantages of blogging? You’ve come to the right place! 

When you first begin to blog or even consider starting a blog, things may seem a little scary.

Or perhaps you’re a real Positive Patty, and you think it’s all upwards.

Either way, it’s always good to know what you’re getting into so you can manage your expectations. 

I’ve been in the blogging industry long enough to see both sides of the fence, and I’m here to tell you all about it.

Be it from personal development, income, time, productivity, or other areas, I will cover all the bases in this article for you. 

Read on to learn more about the blogging industry and the advantages and disadvantages of blogging.  You will get to know blogging advantages and disadvantages.

Ps;Get to know the actual reality of running a blog in my training on “How To Make Money Blogging”!

33 advantages and disadvantages of blogging:

Advantages of Blogging

1. Be Your Own Boss

2. Build A Community 

3. Find Clients From Anywhere 

4. Flexible Time

5. Gain Influence 

6. Help Others

7. Improve Your Language And Writing Skills

8. Income Source

9. Instant Feedback 

10. Learn A New Skill

11. Quick And Easy To Set Up

12. Quick And Easy To Update

13. Sell Products Easier

14. Share Your Interest 

15. Small Investment

16. Start A New Business 

17. Work From Anywhere

18. Expand Your Influence

19. Financial Safety Net

20. Make My Family And Loved Ones Happy

Disadvantages Of Blogging 

1. Being In The Public Eye

2. Heavy Workload 

3. Highly Competitive 

4. Hours On The Internet 

5. It Can Get Lonely 

6. Need To Maintain Consistency 

7. Need To Maintain High Discipline

8. No Fixed Income

9. No Physical Interaction 

10. No Rest

11. Open To Criticism 

12. Takes Time To Grow 

13. Time-Consuming

Let’s not waste anymore time and dive into the advantages and disadvantages of blogging. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Blogging

Advantages Of Blogging

1. Be Your Own Boss

I used to have a grumpy ol’ boss that I didn’t enjoy working with. I suppose he’s part of why I left my 9 to 5 to pursue other means. 

Unlike other jobs, blogging gives you the ultimate freedom of being your own boss. Now you have a nice, kind boss (that’s YOU in case that didn’t track) and give yourself lots of perks 🙂 

Photo by Unsplash

In all seriousness, being your own boss is a huge pro when you’re comparing blogger pros and cons.  Your blog is not tied to anyone else, and you can set it up any way you like. 

You don’t have to wait for anyone to give you the go-ahead for anything, and you don’t have to manage someone else’s expectations. 

For me, my blog is my responsibility solely, and that sense of ownership is empowering. It is very easy to look past the advantages and disadvantages of blogging, therefore never underestimate them.

2. Build A Community

One of the beauties of blogging is building relationships with readers everywhere. One blogging business advantage is that it lets you easily build a community of people who share the same interests as you.

Photo by Unsplash

You can allow readers to comment on your blog posts for you to interact and engage with them. The more you engage with your readers, the more they will be attracted to your content and become a part of your community. 

This is great whether you just want people to share with or are trying to build a network for your business. 

3. Find Clients From Anywhere 

Speaking of businesses, blogging is a great way to find clients. As long as you are writing the right content for your audience, your blog will help you attract the target audience’s attention. 

Your content can help you establish your position as an authority in your space. 

One of the advantages of blogging is the ability to find clients all over the world.

This improves your ranking, putting you in front of your prospective clients when they search for services or solutions to their problems. The best part is they can be from anywhere in the world as you don’t have location constrictions with blogs. 

4. Flexible Time

Blogging can be done anytime, seeing that the platform is available 24 hours a day. 

You can publish, edit, and access your posts anytime you want. This gives you absolute flexibility regarding the times you want to work. 

This is also great if you are just starting out and not working on your blog full-time, as you can manage your time with your current job. 

advantages and disadvantages of blogging gain influence

5. Gain Influence 

If you post well-researched, well-thought-out content consistently, you will definitely gain your own following of people who appreciate and respect your views. You get to become a thought leader within your topic and bring about an influence on your followers. 

Having significant influence goes a long way in helping you grow your blog. 

6. Help Others

A good blog can inspire and help your readers in ways you know or don’t realise. It’s definitely a feel-good factor knowing you’re sprinkling some good into the world. 

Nothing is more satisfying to me than when a reader comes to me and tells me that they found my content, courses, and advice helpful, especially when they say that it changed their lives for the better! 🙂 

7. Improve Your Language And Writing Skills

As you keep on writing, your writing skills will eventually improve. You will find that you automatically correct things that had to be edited previously, spell things correctly the first time, and even have improved grammar. 

Continuously blogging in a specific language will also make you more proficient in that language. You get practice through your blog posts and from interaction with your readers in the comment section. 

These are a great added advantage, especially when you are weighing the advantages and disadvantages for blogging students and learners should consider. 

8. Income Source

There are several ways you can make money from your blog

One of the easiest ways is to do affiliate marketing on your blog. Whether you want to make money from travel affiliates, food affiliates, finance affiliates, or any other affiliate for that matter – there are always plenty of opportunities!

You can also add banner adverts, write advertorials and sponsored content, sell digital products on your blog, and find clients through your blog. 

Combining some or all of these will create a supplemental income source for you. As you grow your blog, it’s possible that your blogging income source can surpass your day job, and you get the luxury to decide if you want to blog full time!

9. Instant Feedback 

While some may see instant feedback as part of blogging disadvantages, I genuinely see it as an advantage. The immediate feedback you get from being on the internet can be a powerful source in bettering yourself and your blog.

Wouldn’t you rather, if you made a mistake, be told about it and be able to correct it instantly? I say that’s much better than having it up there for all the world to see until you notice it on your own months later or maybe even never. 

10. Learn A New Skill

Blogging is a great avenue to pick up a new skill. If you didn’t already have these skills, some of the most common skills bloggers pick up are graphic design (so easy with Canva) and HTML. 

Additionally, as you learn to format your posts and change your templates, you pick up invaluable skills.

At the same time, as you have to research your content to provide accurate, informative content, you will always be discovering new things. Constant learning and being aware of the advantages and disadvantages of blogging is a massive plus in my books! 

Get to know the actual reality of running a blog in my e-book on “How To Make Money Blogging”.

Before I become a successful SEO expert-blogger with thousands of followers and a dedicated team to back me up, these were among the books that I read to sharpen my mind:

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Blogging

11. Quick And Easy To Set Up

Another best part of blog advantages is how easy it is to set blogs up. 

Not counting the time you need to write your blog content, your blog’s actual setup can take a very short period to do. You can get paid blogging really quickly and easily! 

12. Quick And Easy To Update

Just as it’s easy to set up, blogs are easy to update

Remember how I spoke about having edited, updated content? 

When you need to do this, say, for example, change the year of your content or add in more cool information, it takes you mere minutes, or perhaps a few hours if you have more info, but then that’s that – you’re done! 

If you aren’t quite sure how to go about updating old content, check out my Triple Your Traffic course. Here, I will teach you my exact strategies on how to get thousands more pageviews from Google just by updating your old content!  

13. Sell Products Easily

There are opportunities to sell your products easier through your blog. 

Perhaps you have an existing site selling products; you could blog about the products you have, do an introduction, or have someone review your products on their blog.

Or you could also have products on your blog directly like I have digital products on mine. Your products will have to be related to your blog content to drive interest and gain influence to make your readers want to purchase your products. 

14. Share Your Interests 

A blog is a way to share your interests with the world. You will meet other bloggers writing about the same topic, enthusiastic readers, and join a community of people who share the same interests as you.

You will also be learning more about your niche, which will help you become more knowledgeable about the topic and eventually become an expert. This helps you create more content to share and teach your newfound community.  

15. Small Investment

Blogs are relatively inexpensive to start. I say relatively because you can choose to make it more expensive if you want, but my advice when you’re starting is to just go with the cheapest/ free options and work on paid ones later when you start making money.  

You can start a blog with less than $100 a year using this guide.

As your blog grows, you will want to invest more tools, services, or resources into your blog. This is fine and great to keep your blog evolving. But the initial investment is minimal enough for almost anyone to start and try out blogging if they wish. 

16. Start A New Business 

knowing the advantages and disadvantages to blogging can help you anticipate. A blog is a business. Keep this in mind and manage your blog with a monetary goal in sight. A good quality, successful blog brings good income. You can make thousands of dollars from one blog (imagine more!).  

Blogging can also be an avenue to start a new business. Aside from digital products, which I’ve already mentioned earlier, you could also set up a consulting business on your niche topic once you’ve gained influence and become an expert on the topic. 

advantages and disadvantages of blogging work from anywhere

17. Work From Anywhere

Blogging is easy to manage as you can literally blog from anywhere. I’ve blogged from moving vehicles, hostel room floors, coworking spaces, cute little cafes, the comfort of my own home, and more.

You don’t need much space either, so if you are setting up a cozy little office at home, it won’t be difficult or expensive to do.

The best part about this is that you can also travel the world while blogging if you wish to. 

Being a digital nomad is more popular these days, hence more convenient too, with plenty of resources to help you. If you’re up for it, it’s definitely a lifestyle that’s great to have. 

18. Expand Your Influence

Once you have built your community and created trust among your readers by proving yourself to be an authority in certain matters, people will want to learn from you. 

For example, just from reading my blog, people have asked me to be on their podcasts and speak and exclusive conferences to share my experience about SEO and how it has helped me to earn money while working less. 

Building up your portfolio at events like these will allow you gain credibility and will enhance your reputation in your chosen niche! 

19. Financial Safety Net

Financial safety net is a set of measure that helps to reduce your risks and lighten your financial burden. In the events of catastrophe or emergency, it acts as a backup plan.

Blogging is a financial safety net because it provides you with passive income for a long term despite the earning is at an irregular figure depending on your web traffic.

If you fall ill and have to be hospitalized, you cannot go to your day-to-day physical office jobs. Therefore, you take the leave.

Blogging helps you to pay the unexpected expenses. For example when your car break down or your house has plumbing issue or when some of your gadgets are damaged, you to buy a new one.

When you suddenly got fired from your primary job, you can always depend on your blog passive income.

Blogging, which is your secondary job, is a comfort cushion to protect your financial stability from crashing too hard on the ground.

20. Make My Family And Loved Ones Happy

Whoever is happy will make others happy, too.” – Anne Frank

If you have been following me on social media for a while, you would know that I prioritize my family and loved ones.

All of our siblings are globetrotters. My siblings reside in several countries in this world. My brother is in France.

I celebrate my blogging successes with my family be it physically or remotely. I always honor them in any way that I could as they are precious to me.

Now, my blogs have earned me enough to treat my family and loved ones, and make them happy.Aisha Preece, OutandBeyond Founder

We can book flight tickets at a heart beat, whenever we want to take a day off or when we feel like working from Bali or Thailand. Or maybe Ireland!

When my brother was sick and alone in his apartment in France, I gave him personal care package by ordering daily healthy meals for him to last one whole week. I did that despite at that time, I was residing in Malaysia.

I am proud to say that my kind husband always helps me with my blog without complains and without getting any money rewarded.

So, when we travel, I purchase Business Class seat for him because he deserves the best as he cares about my blog as much as me.

Disadvantages Of Blogging 

1. Being In The Public Eye

When people ask what are the disadvantages of blogging, being public is one of the first that comes to mind.

Everything you publish is up for the world to see. And with screenshots and cameras everywhere, even if you take down a post in regret, someone may already have a copy of your post.

Although exposure might be a great thing for some people, some others may be put off by it, especially when you feel like you’re under scrutiny with everything you do. 

It’s always a good idea to keep in mind the advantages and disadvantages of blogging before pursuing further.

2. Heavy Workload 

Photo by Pixabay

To have a good successful blog, you need at least 100 posts, to begin with. Think of how long it takes you to churn out one article post and multiply that by 100

And that does not include the time it takes to format your posts. Yeah, blogging is not as easy as it appears to be. 

Although the end result is worthwhile, you have to bear the brunt of the heavy workload until you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

3. Highly Competitive 

Plenty of people say that the blogosphere is oversaturated – I disagree as I have started a few niche blogs that have begun to make me money, i.e., people are reading my blogs. There is still demand for blogs now.

This is probably the most frustrating disadvantage of blogging.

However, I will agree that the blogging space is highly competitive. You have to be able to find a great niche and maximize your SEO to compete in the space. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Blogging

4. Hours On The Internet 

To produce great content, you will need to do plenty of research. This will translate to hours and hours on the internet. And then you have to publish which is also online-based.

One of the big disadvantages of the blogging business is the amount of time spent in front of the computer screen.
You will find that your eyes get tired, your body gets sore, and sometimes, you’re just completely bogged down from the hours on the computer. 

5. It Can Get Lonely 

A lot of bloggers who blog full-time feel a little lonely. Bloggers who work alone do not have coworkers to chat with when they want a short break or someone to vent about work, especially if they live on their own. 

Photo by Unsplash

When you start out blogging, you generally are working alone, and sometimes this adds to the stress and exhaustion you already feel from trying to build up your blog. 

6. Need To Maintain Consistency 

One of the most challenging parts of blogging is maintaining consistency. Consistency comes in the form of the number of posts and your blog’s tone. 

To build a good blog, you need plenty of posts to engage with people. Thus, you must be consistently posting and/ or updating to keep your posts fresh

You also have to pay attention to how you write to ensure consistency in all your posts.

Imagine if someone were to read 3 of your articles, and they all have different tones and styles of writing – they would lose interest as they feel like 3 different people are talking to them.

7. Need To Maintain High Discipline

Most bloggers do not have a schedule when it comes to blogging. This could be one of the reasons blogs fail. With no set time to “work,” it’s easy to put blogging on the back-burner as life happens around you.  

I’ll admit it is not easy to maintain a high level of discipline. Especially if you work at home, you’re tired, and your bed is a few steps away. Or you’re just having a bad day and don’t feel like working. 

But if you want your blog to succeed, you have to force yourself to reset and get to work on your blog no matter how you’re feeling.

8. No Fixed Income

When you try to balance the pros and cons of blogging, the income issue comes as a big con considering its instability. If you are not yet full-time blogging, it might not be as big a concern since you might still have other sources of income to support you.

However, once you start to rely on your blog/s for your income, it does get stressful, seeing that you never know exactly how much you will be making from your blogs. 

One of the worst disadvantages of a blog is that the income is not fixed. It can be more in one month and less in the other month.

Unless you have multiple blogs to supplement you or you already have a minimum average your blog is making, you could end up disappointed month after month. 

Drafting up a list of advantages and disadvantages of blogging financial forecast could be your best option to anticipate your financial income.

9. No Physical Interaction 

This might even be an advantage for the non-social creatures or introverts who do not enjoy physical interaction anyway. But for many people, the lack of physical interaction creates a void in their lives and blogging work. 

Even when you enjoy blogging, the lack of physical interaction with others can get you down sometimes. 

There is no alternative for physical interaction, so if this feels like a big no-no for you, you have to ensure you go out and interact with people, which might feel like another chore to add to your already hectic schedule. 

Thus, this may be an advantage and disadvantage of blogging simultaneously.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Blogging

10. No Rest

You don’t really get a rest day per se as a blogger, especially in your early days. If you are sick or have to take a few days off, you are also directly affecting your blog. 

You also constantly have to be on your toes with new updates and features; while it is a learning advantage, as I talked about earlier, it can sometimes get overwhelming not being able to let your guard down. 

11. Open To Criticism 

The internet is full of “gatekeepers” that are constantly on the lookout to prove someone wrong for some reason. 

No matter how great your content is, there will always be some people who do not like it, and some are not shy to state their opinions strongly and publicly.

You have to handle criticism as they are part and parcel of writing publicly. As long as you are not giving out wrong information, it’s best to ignore the haters or even delete their comments and move on. 

If you cannot deal with criticism, it will affect your mental health and you will become an unhappy blogger. 

12. Takes Time To Grow 

By now, you will understand that blogs take time to grow. The initial stages of growing a blog are full of hard work, discipline, and consistency – and you might not see any results for some time.

Considering all the existing content, it will take some time before any of your posts shows up on Google’s first page.

If you are writing for fun, you might not feel as affected by growing your blog. But if you are trying to earn money from blogging, you must be patient and understand that it will be a long time before you start making any gains from your blog. 

13. Time-Consuming

Blogging is very time-consuming. You need a considerable amount of time to plan and write a blog post. Before you can start posting, you have to spend time setting up your blog and coming up with your content. 

The writing process itself takes time, and after writing the post, there are other things to be done like proofreading, designing graphics, and selecting photos. 

You have to be prepared to spend multiple hours a week to pump out content and keep your blog fresh. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Blogging

What Is Blogging?

Blogging is the process where bloggers publish a post through a blogging platform. As a blogger myself, we write about our interests, passion, expertise, or any topics that we think can draw attention.

According to the Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries, a blog is a website where an individual person, or people representing an organization, writes regularly about events or topics with photos and links to other websites.

Information on the blog is then shared with an audience, usually, a voluntary audience who comes and visits the blog posts. Bloggers can choose to make their blogs more interactive by allowing readers to leave comments. 

What Is The Purpose Of A Blog?

Blogging can inform, educate, entertain, or sell and build a network. As your blog grows, people are likely to feel more connected to you and be influenced or persuaded to make a decision. 

I blog at to share ways to make and save money and explore different location-independent lifestyles that you can earn money from.

 Being able to earn and save from anywhere in the world transformed my life, and I want to help you do the same. 

I personally find writing about your passions and profiting from them to be the best of both worlds. Still, you don’t necessarily need to have a personal interest in what you blog about if you’re doing it to generate an income, just keep in mind the advantages and disadvantages of blogging, and you’re on track to sucess.

What Is A Good Blog Length?

I’d say this is one of the most common questions I get. I recommend a length of 2000 words upwards. When you begin at 2000 words, your articles have more chances to rank higher on search engines. You could also get more social media shares and backlinks. 

Another guide you could use is to look at posts on the same topic and see their word count. Whatever the word count is, top that! 

Why Do Blogs Fail?

Blogging is made to look very liberating, easy, and flexible these days, and well, it is. But trust me, you don’t get there easily. It’s definitely not an overnight success, therefore knowing the advantages and disadvantages of blogging is key.

Many blogs fail because bloggers don’t realize the amount of time and work they have to put in to make their blogs successful. 

Another reason blogs fail is the lack of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is important to drive traffic to your blog.

While it might seem daunting for a beginner to pick up a new skill that seemingly is very technical, you can actually pick up a beginner’s course and learn it fairly easily. 

If you are keen to take on this challenge, you can check out my SEO Blog Post Training course. Here, I will teach you the exact strategies that have worked for me to create SEO optimized content to drive organic traffic from Google to your blog. 

Once you do the right SEO practices for your blog, it will definitely pick up. But drawing back to my point earlier, it will take time.

It’s part of balancing the pros and cons of having a blog. If you are willing to put in the work, you can nurse a failing blog back to health. 

How Do I Make My Blog Successful? 

First of all, you need to pick a niche. Streamlining your blog posts to one niche helps both with the search engines and your readers.

For example, if you choose to write a travel blog, people interested in traveling will stay on your site reading all your travel content. If you write about travel, makeup, and fashion, you will lose their interest. 

When you write your content, optimize for search engine traffic. As mentioned earlier, SEO is important for your blog. 

SEO is the process of optimizing your content for particular keywords and phrases so that search engines can find them. Again, it’s not as scary as it sounds once you get the hang of it. 

Speaking of content, make sure your content is continually edited and updated. Nobody wants to read what the “must-visit places in 2018” are – ensure your content is fresh so people will be interested to read them.

And you can easily edit for grammar and spelling with tools like Grammarly, which is available for free. 

You also need to make sure that you have plenty of content surrounding the topic you want to talk about. If your blog only has 5 posts, well, you can imagine the kind of traffic 5 posts would bring. 

You can either choose to grow your content gradually, or you can focus on writing and publishing multiple posts in bulk. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Blogging

FAQs on Advantages And Disadvantages Of Blogging

What Are The Advantages Of Blogging?

Here Are The Advantages Of Blogging:

  • Blogging helps in converting website traffic into leads, which could generate product or course sales.
  • Producing informative, and quality contents drive traffic to your website, for which you earn through pay per view advertisements.
  • Link building between articles in your blogs makes people stay longer to view your posts.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Blogging?

Here are the disadvantages of blogging:

What Is The Benefit Of Blogging To Students?

Blogging is beneficial to students as it helps in developing analytical thinking and increases learning to a higher thinking level. The students must analyze the topics first and clarify their thoughts before they can write down their thoughts into blog posts. Regular writing sharpens the brain performance of the students, exercises creativity, and boosts confidence.

What Is The Problem Of Blogging?

The problem with blogging is that it can be due to not getting enough website traffic to your blogs. The search engines hide your blogs from potential readers despite you producing informative and quality contents, so you have to self-promote. Sometimes, your website UX is too slow in loading and not user-friendly. Hence, no visitors.

Why Do People Fail In Blogging?

Some people fail in blogging because they produce lack of purposeful contents, lack of content strategy and lack of discipline to execute their plans and stay focused on their long-term plans. According to Google, for 58% digital marketers, producing original written content that provides meaningful values to the readers with additional information is very important. 

What Is The Most Difficult Part Of Blogging?

The most difficult part of blogging is designing the blog contents. Content designing is the most challenging unless you produce quality content. Sometimes, you get an idea and start writing, then suddenly, you lose focus, and you do not feel like continuing. You must have comprehensive knowledge about the content topics to complete writing it.

How Do I Start A Successful Blog?

Here is how to start a successful blog:

  • Choose your niche.
  • Decide on domain name, topics and objectives.
  • Purchase the domain name and host your blog.
  • Customize your blog theme.
  • Determine the frequency of your blog posts.
  • Write engaging, compelling, and valuable contents that would solve the readers’ issues.
  • Include the call to actions.
  • Launch your blog.

What Are The Most Common Mistakes Bloggers Make?

One of the most common mistakes that bloggers make is abandoning your blogs. Other common mistakes are:

  • Quality contents are not published on a consistent basis.
  • Wrong names are used for your blogs.
  • No variety of content.
  • Not linking to other contents in your blogs to create topic clusters.
  • Not mastering the best SEO practices.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Pinterest?

The main disadvantage of Pinterest is its main advantage. Pinterest is a platform, which relies on images. The images that you post will attract and retain followers if they are appealing. Poor pictures will make people uninterested with your feed. Another disadvantage is that people can easily steal your images since there is no copyright.

What Are The Different Types Of Blogging?

The different types of blogging are:

Food recipe blogs.

Traveling blogs.

Health and fitness blogs.

Lifestyle blogs.

Beauty and fashion blogs.

Photography blogs.

Personal blogs.

DIY craft blogs.

Make money online through blogs.

Entertainment like movies blogs.

Educational blogs for students.

Language teaching blogs.

What Is The Main Purpose Of A Blog?

The main purpose of a blog is to show thought leadership and expertise on a topic. 

They are an excellent approach to providing new material for websites and act as a catalyst for email marketing and social media promotion to increase search traffic.

People create blogs for income generation and branding purposes as well.

What’s The Issue With Blogging?

The issue with blogging is: not enough traffic

One of the most upsetting issues is about to arise: despite your hard work and relevant and engaging content, your site receives no traffic. Potential readers can’t access your blog because of the search engines. Solution: In order to succeed as a blogger, you must market yourself and your blog.

Which Topic Is Most Searched For Blogging?

Topics that are most searched for in blogging are:

  • Digital marketing.
  • Making money online.
  • Health and fitness.
  • Personal finance and investing.
  • Recipes and food.
  • Personal development and self-care.
  • Travel blogs
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Relationships

There are plenty advantages and disadvantages of blogging, but ultimately the good outweighs that bad!

So there you have it, all the advantages and disadvantages of blogging for you to consider. You would think I am biased, but truly, the good outweighs the bad. 

Blogging changed my life, and it can change yours too. And again, it’s easy enough to start if you put your mind to it. If anything, I wished I had started blogging sooner!

Did I manage to convince you of the advantages of blogging? Or did the disadvantages throw you off? Perhaps you’re already a  blogger yourself, and you have more to add to the list? 

Do let me know in the comments. I would love to hear from you! 


This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. 

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