200+ Best Catchy Lifestyle Blog Names List

You are not alone if you are racking your brain, trying to come up with a great list of lifestyle blog names. 

I was in the same boat when I tried to come up with a catchy lifestyle blog names ideas list when I was just starting out, so I got you friend! Hopefully, this article will serve you as an inspiration, or you can simply choose any of the examples shown below. 

Starting a lifestyle blog is a great way to express your passion for all things food, travel, or hobbies related and if done right, this blog could very well turn into a full-fledged money-making machine. Imagine that, writing about all the things you love, AND earning money on top of it.

What a dream! 

Okay, enough daydreaming about the possibilities of making this work and start taking action with naming a lifestyle blog with all the best lifestyle blog names in this article!

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    200+ Best Lifestyle Blog Names

    Catchy Lifestyle Blog Names

    lifestyle blog names list

    1. Internet Bound

    2. Blogging City

    3. Internet Craze

    4. The Easygoing Blogger

    5. Daily Snippets

    6. Journey As We Go

    7. Everyday Lessons

    8. Passion Blogging

    9. Style Today

    10. Good Going Gone

    11. Thinking Of Life

    12. A Steady Life

    13. Relaxed Venture

    14. Bettering The Batter

    15. Zen Today

    16. Money In Money Out

    17. Idle Everyday

    18. Mommy Its Okay

    19. Healthy Choice

    20. Savvy Satiating Life

    21. Chick Going Away

    22. Totally Out There

    23. Gym Rat

    24. Mirror Selfies

    25. Pretty Passion

    26. Life On The Beach

    27. City Wanderer

    28. Fabulously On The Road

    29. Millennial Myths

    30. Local Delights

    31. Space On A Budget

    32. Guide To Living

    33. Mary Ann Rescues

    34. Gin O Clock

    35. Changelings

    36. Humpty Goes On A Ride

    37. Adventure Time

    38. Paradise Lost

    39. Deliciously Kimmy

    40. Diet Culture Ban

    41. Just Eat It

    42. Atomic Lifestyle

    43. Quiet Mindspace

    44. Hippie On A Roll

    45. What Are Rules

    46. Fashion Devils

    47. Devil Wears Thrifted Clothes

    48. Keep Up The Ambition

    49. Pink Glitters

    50. Fit Habits

    Creative Lifestyle Blogs Names

    lifestyle blog names list

    51. Daydreaming Today

    52. Homeware Galore

    53. Cozy Couch Bug

    54. Hustling Entrepreneur

    55. Smart Navigator

    56. Positive Outcomes

    57. Eat Drink Laugh

    58. Blooming Betty

    59. Buzzed And Busy

    60. Glam Today

    61. Charming You

    62. Savers Everywhere

    63. Clotted Dreams

    64. Strawberries And Cream

    65. Wardrobe Made Easy

    66. Rescuing Moms

    67. Parenting Tricks

    68. Daddy The Builder

    69. Funny Feels

    70. Only Weekends

    71. Happy Hour

    72. Happiness Is Free

    73. Locale Blog

    74. Addicted To Living

    75. Urban Travels

    76. Princess Blogger

    77. The Blog King

    78. Tech Nerd

    79. Deliciously Simple

    80. Logging Dreams

    81. Made It Possible

    82. Blog It Yourself

    83. Uncomplicated Life

    84. Demonstrating Life

    85. Loading Lifestyle

    86. Beach Books Bum

    87. Little Traveler

    88. Furniture Fiend

    89. Millennial Living In Style

    90. The Wonder Life Addict

    91. Pursuit Of Freedom

    92. Shackle Free Living

    93. Unapologetically Living

    94. Queen Of Finance

    95. The Real Deal

    96. Earning And Being

    97. Inside Scoops Of Fun

    98. Open Diary To All

    99. Millennial On The Run

    100. Protected Space

    Unique Blog Names For Lifestyle Blogs

    lifestyle blog names list

    101. Sunsets And Screams

    102. Fantastic Deals For You

    103. Crazy Not-Rich Asian

    104. Big Thinking Brings Magic

    105. Temptation Temptress

    106. Passionate And Healthy Living

    107. Singing Through Life

    108. Dance To The Beat Of Life

    109. Reset Daily

    110. Begin Everyday

    111. Red Streaks

    112. Yellow Field Day Out

    113. Life Loved

    114. Boundary Goals

    115. Take It Easy Moms

    116. Shine Bright

    117. Soul Searcher

    118. Shining Soul

    119. Crazy About Life

    120. Cool Cucumbers

    121. Uptown Hippie Chick

    122. Deep Into The Waters

    123. Praying For Bliss

    124. Heels And Champagne

    125. Pajamas Not Dresses

    126. Trending For A Reason

    127. Bills Sorted

    128. Chocolate Syndicate

    129. Challenging Orange

    130. Scattered Clothes

    131. Kitchen Construction

    132. Bright Orange

    133. White And Upright

    134. Running On Coffee

    135. Ambivert On The Go

    136. Living As An Introvert

    137. Right On Time

    138. No Sarcasm Here

    139. Special Pearls

    140. Trending Forward

    141. Couch Tomato

    142. Zapping Through Life

    143. Confidence In Universe

    144. Sleeping Chocolate Beauty

    145. Living Vicariously

    146. Dating Apparently

    147. Fueled And Go

    148. Battling Toddlers

    149. Tooth Fairy Is Here

    150. Crazy Happy Home

    Fun Names For Lifestyle Blogs

    lifestyle page name ideas

    151.  Fun Family Dynamics

    152. Finding Meaning

    153. Finances On the Go

    154. Marching To Holidays

    155. Festivities Daily

    156. Planning That Pregnancy

    157. Growing Up In Luxury

    158. Pain No More

    159. Anxious No More

    160. DIY Dreams

    161. Scraping It Clean

    162. Gluten-Free Ventures

    163. Unicorns In The House

    164. Conquering Life

    165. Splashed Confettis

    166. The Laughing Introvert

    167. Roaring Hippie

    168. Walking Foxes

    169. Kicking To The Curb

    170. Voyage With Me

    171. Globe-Trotter

    172. Droning Together

    173. Stranger Dreams

    174. Reviewing Life

    175. Lifestyle Audit

    176. Encoding Happiness

    177. Decoding Fashion

    178. Unboxing Finances

    179. Troubleshooting Life

    180. Edgy Chic Traveller

    181. Finance Simplified

    182. Hot Spicy Kimchi

    183. Pinch Of Glitter

    184. A Freckled Field

    185. Living Motherhood

    186. One Hustling Dad

    187. Waves Of Fashion

    188. Limitless Living

    189. Happy Space

    190. DIY Your Space

    One-Word Lifestyle Blog Name Idea

    lifestyle page name ideas

    191. Thumbelina

    192. Serene

    193. Bliss

    194. Eunoia

    195. Yinyang

    196. Perspective

    197. Inspire

    198. Laugh

    199. Optimism

    200. Vivacious

    201. Ikigai

    202. Querencia

    203. Coruscate

    204. Selcouth

    205. Fika

    What Is A Personal Lifestyle Blog?

    A personal lifestyle blog can be defined as a digital content representation of its author’s everyday life and interests, with the intention of providing value to their readers. This is done to connect with like-minded readers across the globe or simply to share snippets of their life and perhaps even inspire others. 

    Now, do not get a personal blog and a personal lifestyle blog mixed up. The former is a narration of the personal life of a blogger, a digital diary of some sort. There is often little to no value in these blogs as the blogger typically narrates about the ongoing activities in his or her life without hints of inspiration for their readers. 

    The latter, however, is a depiction of the interests and day-to-day activities of a blogger. 

    Informational and inspirational content in the latter is what differentiates these two blogs. 

    Do you keep up with the newest trends in travel, food, finance, or fashion? Do you like to tell others about your adventures? If you answered yes to these questions with an excited glee plastered on your face, then being a lifestyle blogger is perfect for you!

    Now, a lifestyle blog is a competitive niche. However, if you keep producing quality, SEO-backed content, you will draw in a steady stream of income. Having SEO content is where you create content that will help your web pages to rank high in the search engines, and who does not want that?

    To get you inspired, here are some of the best lifestyle blogs for you to browse through. Note how these blogs are not confined to one particular topic like travel or finance but they are collective posts on various topics based on the interest of the blogger. 

    1. Outandbeyond

    catchy lifestyle blog name suggestions
    Picture credits: outandbeyond.com

    A lifestyle blog on saving money, various ways of making money, focusing on helping readers to be able to work remotely and live a location-independent lifestyle!

    2. Bright Bazaar

    catchy lifestyle blog name suggestions
    Picture credits: brightbazaar.com

    The blogger shares his passion for beautiful design, cozy homes, daily style, inspirational travel, and pretty much anything else in between.

    3. The Financial Diet

    Lifestyle Blogger Names
    Picture credits: thefinancialdiet.com

    What started as a personal blog to track her monthly budgets, founder Chelsea Fagan has turned this blog into a multi-platform media firm and the leading digital site for young women interested in discussing what considers to be a taboo topic – money.

    4. A Taste Of Koko

    Lifestyle Blogger Names
    Picture credits: atasteofkoko.com

    A food and travel blog referred to as the restaurant expert for visiting Austin, Texas,  and highlights the trendiest restaurants and weekend getaways in that area.

    5. Wit And Delight

    Lifestyle Blogger Names
    Picture credits: withanddelight.com

    A lifestyle blog dedicated to those who want to feel less alone when life throws a curveball at them. It’s a location where readers may get recommendations from someone they’ve grown to know as a friend for places to visit, dine, or shop.

    6. Cup Of Jo

    Lifestyle Blogger Names
    Picture credits: acupofjo.com

    Cup of Jo is a lifestyle blog that focuses on fashion, cuisine, culture, travel, relationships, and motherhood.

    7. Jess Ann Kirby

    lifestyle website name ideas
    Picture credits: jessannkirby.com

    Blogger Jess Ann thinks that women can be as enthusiastic about the finer things as they are about improving the world and that keeping educated empowers us in all parts of our lives.

    Tips To Name My Lifestyle Blog

    You will need to come up with a blog name before you can start generating excellent content. I know you are excited and want to dive straight into coming up with different blog posts, but coming up with a lifestyle blog names list should be sorted first. 

    So, how can you come up with a blog name that symbolizes your personality, your passion, and your business? Here are some tips to get you going.

    1. Niche Down

    We know that lifestyle blogging is a niche on its own but what I am advising is to niche down even further. Within the world of lifestyle, you have subcategories like personal finance, motherhood, food, traveling, etc. 

    You do not want a blog that is cluttered with all aspects of lifestyle. If you are passionate about personal finance, about helping others to discover ways to make money, save money, or invest, dedicate all your blog content to this topic. 

    In the eyes of the readers, you will appear as an expert on personal finance because all your posts are packed with pieces of information that benefit your readers. This applies regardless of which topic you decide to niche down on. 

    Conduct some research on your specific niche and take a look at your competitions to collect some data. Ask yourself questions such as:

    • How do they brand themselves?
    • Are their blog names personal?
    • Are there any similar patterns to these blog names?

    Pondering over questions like these during your research will help you notice how and why these blogs stand out within the niche of your choice. Put your findings into use when you are naming your blog. 

    2. Identify Your Purpose

    Why do you want to start a blog? 

    You could see it as a way to increase your passive income or you often bubble with excitement when you share your passion with others and you think it is time to put all the stories to tell in one designated space. 

    Perhaps you have a unique skill set and knowledge to impart that might prove to be beneficial to others interested in the same field?

    You will have an excellent basis for coming up with lifestyle blog name ideas that link back to your blogging goals if you can figure out why you started a blog in the first place.

    However, do not fret if you do not have a deep meaning as to why you are starting a blog. If this is something you are venturing into as a hobby, by all means, go ahead, and start that way. 

    As much as a blog with a more serious goal, you can conjure up lifestyle page name ideas that will reflect this new hobby.

    3. Readers Matter

    When you are creating lifestyle blogger name ideas, they should be relatable to your readers, and hence why your potential readers matter. Your blog name and the blog itself is not going to appeal to youngsters if it is dedicated to parenting, and vice versa.

    In order to create long-lasting relationships with your blog readers, you should constantly strive to produce quality content that is relatable to them and at the same time keep it enjoyable for you to write about. There is a fine line between those two and so it would be good to take some time to figure it out. 

    Do remember to relate it back to your readers when coming up with lifestyle website name ideas. When your readers can connect to the content you produce, they will come back for more. It works just the same with other social media platforms.

    For example, say you are a food lover and love watching cooking videos, you will surely have one or two favorite food content creators on Instagram or TikTok where you go back to for unique recipe videos. 

    So, relate to your readers, and you will have a loyal audience in no time!

    4. Use Blog Name Generators

    If you feel like you have hit a wall trying to come up with blog name ideas then visit various blog name generator sites to help you come up with one. These sites are free to use, so you do not have to worry about the piling blogging costs. 

    Here are some blog name generators you can use to create good lifestyle blog names.

    lifestyle website name ideas
    Picture credits: domainwheel.com
    lifestyle website name ideas
    Picture credits: panabee.com
    lifestyle website name ideas
    Picture credits: smartwp.com
    lifestyle page name ideas
    Picture credits: nameboy.com
    lifestyle page name ideas
    Picture credits: zyro.com

    What Are Some Catchy Blog Names?

    In order to come up with a list of catchy lifestyle blog names, keep these simple tips in mind:

    • Add in some humor
    • Make them personal
    • The blog name should roll of readers tongue easily

    For example, do you realize how Disney world has associated itself with the phrase “happiest place on earth”?  


    Despite the exorbitant price tag on their entry fee, the team has made it personal by allowing their visitors to believe that they will experience nothing but happiness when they enter the park. All childhood dreams and thoughts will come true, igniting nothing but happiness in every visitor. 

    This technique is used by marketers all across the globe. The catchy phrase of KFC is “Finger Lickin’ Good” and all of us can remember the saying for as long as we know because it is personal. We have all licked our fingers after a good dose of fried chicken and KFC saw the opportunity. 

    This same principle applies to catchy name ideas for the lifestyle blog. You can choose from the catchy lifestyle blog name suggestions given above or create one of your own by applying the three simple rules mentioned earlier. 

    Are Lifestyle Blogs Successful?

    Yes, lifestyle bloggers are successful as niche bloggers as long as their blog is well defined. The best thing about lifestyle blogs is that you can write about a multitude of categories from food, parenting, finances, career, beauty, health, and fitness – the list is virtually endless and you have plenty of options to choose from!

    It is understandable if you are skeptical about the success rate of lifestyle blogs. After all, when you decide to create a lifestyle blog, all you have to do is be honest about who you are and what you want to do with it. 

    Seems too good to be true right?

    However, what makes this blog uniquely you? This differentiates your blog from other lifestyle bloggers. 

    Lifestyle blogs can most definitely be successful, just take a look at Chelsea Fagan, founder of The Financial Diet. I’ve read this blog and shared their posts on Instagram more times than I can count. 

    The blog started off as an avenue to track their monthly expenses, and years later, they are empowering women across the globe to talk about and take control of their finances. What makes this blog unique is the individual stories shared by women, which makes the blog posts personal and relatable. 

    Now, bear in mind that you do not need to write about finance in order to succeed with your lifestyle blog. Any topic that falls under the ‘life’ umbrella can be the focus of your blog. Some areas of focus are:

    • Parenting
    • Cooking
    • Traveling
    • Fashion
    • Home Decor
    • Organization
    • Productivity
    • Fitness

    In order to build a successful lifestyle blog, regardless of the topic of focus, you need to be consistent. Treat this as a small start-up business and nurture it intensely. 

    If you are wondering if people still read blogs when there are thousands of other forms of entertainment out there, the answer is yes! According to some blogging statistics, 77% of people who browse the internet visit blogs regularly. 

    Decide if blogging is going to be a hobby or if you are keen on turning this venture into a money-making machine because if you are wondering how to start a blog, you can learn them with this detailed step-by-step guide. 


    And there you have it! Over 200 of the best lifestyle blog names for you to experiment with before choosing the perfect one for you!

    This lifestyle blog name ideas list can give you a rough idea on naming your blog but as mentioned above, match these suggestions with words that relate to you, your personality, or your passion. That way, the lifestyle blog name is more personal and unique to you. 

    As a lifestyle blogger, you create blog posts that are inspired by your daily experiences or hobbies. Lifestyle bloggers are popular for a reason, those bloggers clearly identify their sites with their voice. 

    So, figure out your voice and give this a go. All the best!

    200+ Best Catchy Lifestyle Blog Names List

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