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161+ Most Profitable Blogging Niches (I’ve Tested Many!)

Are you serious about discovering the most profitable blogging niches?

Then listen up! One, if not, the most critical thing you need to do BEFORE starting a blog is to learn what the most profitable blogging niches are and pick one.

I am going to share profitable blogging niches based on my experience testing, running , and growing my own profitable blogs!

You’ve seen me go on and on about the benefits of blogging and how it can help you achieve financial freedom like it is doing for me – but how do you decide what to blog about? What are the profitable niches for blogging?

I have 5 niche blogs in various stages and together they have overtaken what I earned in my corporate banking job and are taking care of me and my sassy cat, Sandy, so you know I know what I’m talking about!

Here is a quick glance at the niches which are best for blogging in 2023.

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161+ Most Profitable Blogging Niches

1.Recipes and Food



4.Personal Finance


6.Crafts And DIY

7.Health, Fitness And Wellness


9.Business And Digital Marketing

10.Online Side Hustles


12.Beauty & Fashion


14.Gaming And Technology








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161+ Most Profitable Blogging Niches

Read on for some of the most profitable blog niches with low competition in 2023.

most profitable blogging niches

1. Recipes And Food

Recipes And Food Most Profitable Niches

1. Wine Flavors

2. Vegan Cooking

3. Frugal Recipes

4. Recipes For Travels

5. Food For Gut Health

6. Anti-Inflammatory Diet

7. Asian Food

8. PCOS-Friendly Recipes

9. Meal Planning

10. Baking

11. Gluten-Free Recipes

12. Lactose- Free Recipes

13. Kitchen Appliances Review

14. Air-Fryer Recipes

15. Food For Toddlers

16. Budget-Friendly Meals

17. Senior Citizens Meals

18. Seafood Meals

19. Recipes For College Students

20. Halal Meals

Raise your hand if you’ve visited a food-related blog in the last year, if not, week or day!  If you’re anything like me, you definitely have.

The food niche is undoubtedly one of the top earning blog niches.

Is that not the perfect proof that food blogging is one of the most lucrative blog niches alive?  You may think the niche is saturated but if you’re creative you can absolutely kill it in this niche, thanks to the many ways to make money, which include:


  • So many niches to choose from
  • A lot of different ways to make passive and active income.


  • A lot of competition but there are still a lot of great low-competition keywords out there if you know how to find them.

Micro Blog Niche Ideas: veganism, gluten-free, specialized health diet (low FODMAPS, paleo), high altitude baking.

So if you want one of the most profitable blogging niches on the market, food blogging is high up there!

Food Blog Income Reports (per month).

most profitable blogging niches

2. Coffee

Coffee Niche Blogging Ideas

21. Variety Of Coffee Beans

22. Sustainable Coffee

23. Home Brews

24. Coffee Pods Review

25. Coffee Machine Reviews

Do you love coffee?  Well, if you do, you are like millions, or who knows maybe even billions of humans on Earth. 

This means there are a lot of products to recommend!  

Hello, affiliate marketing moolah and one of the best blog ideas that make money!

If you are passionate about coffee or want to learn more, then sharing your knowledge in this niche could make you a pretty penny or two.

most profitable blogging niches

Check out the image above for Amazon search results!  A clear indication that its one of the most profitable blogging niches on the market,

Look at all those different products.  You’re not just selling bags of coffee but expensive coffee machines, mocha pots, grinders, the list goes on – there are over 5000 search results just on Amazon!


  • A large and enthusiastic audience who like to buy coffee and other coffee-related products


  • Potentially lower-cost products, so less money per affiliate sale, but there are more buyers of those products than expensive products! See an example of how I made $350 in one hit from a $2.50 per item affiliate program, under the below section about how to know if a niche is profitable.

Micro Blog Niche Ideas: manual coffee brewing, cold brew, coffee machine and products reviews, how to make cafe-quality coffee at home.

Coffee Blog Income Report (per month)

3. Travel

Travel Best Blogging Niches

26. Backpackers

27. Camping 

28. Budget Travels

29. Luxury Travels

30. RV Travels

31. Hiking

32. Travel Essentials 

33. Nomad Travelling

34. Coliving

35. AirBnB Reviews

36. Home Exchange Programs

37. Disney World Travels

38. Family Adventures

39. Cultures Discovery

40. Cruise Reviews

Travel is another hard-hitting and profitable niche and has been for a long time. I personally think its one of one of the most profitable blogging niches on the market!

This is one of the most profitable niches for blogging if you are a travel connoisseur and are currently traveling and plan to for a while.  

There are also some fantastic microniches to profit off.

Travel blogging is great for affiliate programs and there are a lot of options; tour, insurance, hotels, travel paraphernalia, and travel credit cards.  

You can also go into vlogging on YouTube and write sponsored posts. 


  • If you love to travel, write about what you love and get paid for it
  • A lot of money-making options with affiliates, sponsored posts etc.


  • Travel blogging can be impacted by external circumstances like a pandemic, but pandemics don’t last forever, and people’s passion for travel returns as soon as it’s possible to get on a plane again.

Micro Blog Niche Ideas: travel guides, being a digital nomad, traveling on a shoestring, luxury travel.

Travel Blog Income Reports (per month)

most profitable blogging niches

4.Personal Finance

Personal Finance Niche Ideas 2023

41. Debt Reduction

42. Budgeting

43. Tax

44. Retirement Planning

45. Insurance

46. Banking Services Review

47. Trading

48. Finance Sites And Apps Review

49. Finance For Students

50. Bankruptcy

Personal finance blogs are killing it and have been for a long time.  Why?  

Well, because money makes money…  On a personal finance blog, your affiliates will be banks, insurance companies, mortgage brokers, credit card companies and more.

One of my favorite personal finance blogs, the Financial Samurai, talks about the average RPM in different quarters.  In Q1 (the low season), he makes $15-18 RPM.  By the fourth quarter, he is making $25 to $28 RPM on average. Cha-ching!

Another one Up The Gains shares average savings amount and pension pots people have.

You will be surprised to read how little it is O_O… which indicates how many people NEED personal finance blogs nowadays!

Just in case you were wondering, RPM means “revenue per thousand impressions” or rather, what the blogger earns from the advertiser in ad revenue per 1000 impressions.

Also speaking from personal experience, affiliate commissions and payouts are much higher in the finance niche compared to other niches. 

One of my blogs is in the finance niche and I need less traffic to make the same amount of money from a blogger in the travel niche.


  • A very popular subject with readers
  • Amazing affiliate earnings potential


  • Competition:

You will have competition from people who have been around for a while (think Mr Money Mustache and The Root Of All Good). 

Having said that, if you look at their blog posts – they are not SEO optimized and a lot of them haven’t been updated, so well, if you follow me, you know what to do to take advantage of this situation! 

  • YMYL niche: There are ways to get around this – a robust about me page with an interesting backstory to talk about why Google should listen to you. See my Insta post for more info on this.

What Is YMYL?

YMYL stands for: “Your Money, Your Life”. For example, topics such as; law, finance and investments, medicine, and mental health.  

Google has stricter requirements for YMYL niches and requires you to be a qualified professional and have experience in order to write about these subjects. 

Why does Google have stricter guidelines for YMYL niches? Because Google cares about its readers and doesn’t want grifters and crackpots to be feeding the unsuspecting public, dodgy advice.  Check out my Insta post on the topic for more details.

Micro Blog Niche Ideas: getting out of debt, improving your credit score, early retirement, being frugal

Personal Finance Blog Income Reports (per month)


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    Best Profitable Niche For Blogging On Parenting

    51. Kids Arts And Crafts

    52. Life Of A New Mom

    53. Children And Discipline

    54. Autistic Children

    55. Caring for Down-Syndrome Children

    56. Single Parenting

    57. Pregnancy

    58. Kids’ Fashion

    59. Foster Parents

    60. Home-Schooling

    Parenting blogs are one of the earliest types of blogs to have existed that is lucrative, making it to the list of one of the most profitable blogging niches. 

    They have been around since the early 2000s and the first mommy blogger to make over 6 figures was in 2008.

    To this day, parenting blogs are a popular and very well-paid niche.  It definitely pays to be a parent though, as this is key in the eyes of Google.

    Something else you must do, of course, is to be helpful to your readers. 

     So if you have some secret parenting sauce to help get little monsters to turn into the apples’ of their parent’s eyes, you could be onto a winning formula.

    Parents are willing to spend money to solve their parenting issues so there are lots of ways to make money in this niche including through the usual suspects of display advertising and affiliate marketing.

    But also, if you have your own products or services to sell, you could be onto something.


    • A lot of niches within the parenting world to choose from
    • Parenting is hard, so any SEO optimized useful help you can provide is bound to rank


    • As mentioned above – you need to have some sort of authority in this niche – aka be a parent.  Although if you’re an aunt, uncle or teacher, it may be worth investigating keyword opportunities in those niches

    Micro Blog Niche Ideas: pre-pregnancy care and pregnancy, breastfeeding, newborn phase, family traveling, healthy food for kids, kids’ entertainment, homeschooling.

    Parenting Blog Income Reports (per month)

    6. Crafts And DIY

    Crafts And DIY Most Profitable Niche For Blogging

    61. Knitting

    62. Painting

    63. Wood Carving

    64. Paper Carving

    65. 5-Minute Crafts

    66. Art Supplies

    67. Paper Mache Crafts

    68. Cross Stitch

    69. Crochet

    70. Embroidery

    If you have a passion for any hobby, craft, or DIY, this is an amazing niche to be in.  Think of expensive hobbies. 

     Why?  High-ticket items make great affiliate income.

    If you love your hobby, it makes writing about it easily and you hit two birds with one stone. You get to learn more about your own craft and make money by helping others learn too! Making this one of the most profitable blogging niches which you can enjoy doing while earning an income.


    • A lot of opportunities to expand from blogging, for example, starting a YouTube channel, creating printables and digital product guides
    • Expensive and profitable hobbies mean amazing affiliate marketing income potential.  Check out discoverahobby to find some you could write about
    • Craft and DIY do really well on Pinterest, so you will have another traffic source besides Google, especially as you get started and are stuck in the Google sandbox.


    • Lower RPM than other niches like personal finance but they are still very good and it is easier to get people to buy several lower priced items than sign up for an insurance plan or new credit card.

    Micro Blog Niche Ideas: laser engraving, woodworking, refurbishing old furniture, resin art, watercolor or oil painting.

    Crafts And DIY Blog Income Reports (per month)

    most profitable blogging niches

    7.Health, Fitness And Wellness 

    Health, Fitness, And Wellness Blog Niche Ideas 2022

    71. Yoga

    72. Pilates

    73. Strength Training

    74. Cross-Fit

    75. Gut Health

    76. Nervous System Regulation

    77. Skin Care

    78. Dental Hygiene

    79. Weight Loss

    80. Hair Care

    Like parenting, the health, fitness and wellness blogging niche has been around since the start of blogging gathering a large audience for the most profitable blogging niches.  

    It used to be an incredibly lucrative niche for pretty much anyone, especially if you wanted to sell supplements.  If you’ve read the Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about…

    Due to this niche being overrun with snake oil salesmen and grifters, Google finally started to crack down on this niche in 2018 and like personal finance, it’s now classed as a YMYL niche.

    This is actually good news for you if you are qualified in this area as you now have way less competition and a high chance of Google ranking you.


    • Amazing niche to get into if you have legitimate credentials or a compelling backstory


    • You must have legitimate credentials or a compelling backstory. Make sure your about me page is perfection and if you have a business, ensure all your contact details are consistent across all your online spaces.

    Micro Blog Niche Ideas: life coaching, personal training, specific health concerns or conditions.

    Health, Fitness And Wellness Blog Income Reports (per month)


    Education Most Profitable Blog Niches 2022

    81. Learning Online

    82. Study Tips

    83. Graduation

    84. Special Needs Education

    85. Dyslexic Education

    86. Children’s Psychology

    87. Journalism

    88. Literature

    89. Lesson plans

    90. Blogs For Teachers

    There are a lot of different niches within education, such as getting into college tips and advice, online education sites, teaching materials and so on.

    Getting a good education, especially in the United States is an expensive business and this translates to the most profitable blogging niches as affiliate marketing programs and display ads bring in amazing revenue. 

    For example, selecting an online education platform, refinancing student debt, opening college bank accounts. 

    If you are a teacher you can also offer tips and tricks to both other teachers and students, and sell your own products to them, like lesson plans and study guides.


    • Affiliate income is amazing
    • A lot of niches
    • You can sell your own educational digital products


    • To do well in this niche selling products you will need experience to gain the trust of your readers and customers but if you are suggesting online courses and financial services you don’t need so much experience
    • Blog income can go up and down throughout the year, especially when kids, college students and teachers are on holiday.

    Micro Blog Niche Ideas: Review online courses and universities, how to make it through college alive, resources and ideas for exhausted teachers and tutors

    Education Blog Income Report (per month)

    9.Business And Digital Marketing

    Business And Digital Marketing Profitable Niches List

    91. Social Media Marketing

    92. SEO

    93. Content Marketing

    94. Email Marketing

    95. Video Marketing

    96. Facebook Ads

    97. Affiliate Marketing

    98. Podcasting

    Business and digital marketing blogging are great niches to be in, as just like the personal finance niche, advertisers are happy to pay up and affiliate programs also pay well.


    • You’ll be well-paid for both ads and affiliate sales


    • SEO can be competitive but if you have the right strategy and knowledge, get in there like swimwear!

    What is SEO?

    A very important question! What exactly is SEO?

    Back to basics: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. 

    When you look up something on Google, it’s likely you’ll get the result you were looking for on page 1 of the results. 

    How often have you had to go to page 2?

    The main aim of SEO is to make sure your blog gets to the first page of Google or in other words, in the top 10 listings.

     This exponentially increases your chances of getting traffic to your blog. 

    To get to page 1 of Google, you must make sure Google loves your blog. And how do you do that? With SEO!

    If you want to learn how to create the perfect SEO optimized blog post, learn my exact strategies that:

    • Got me into Mediavine within 4 months of implementing them!
    • Took me from 7,000 views to over 100,000 in 7 months and continue to get me thousands and thousands of page views from Google.

    Click here for my SEO course for beginners

    most profitable blogging niches

    Click here for my course on how to audit your blog and triple your traffic from old posts!

    Micro Blog Niche Ideas: online entrepreneurship, affiliate marketing, online business, SEO and digital marketing guidelines, email marketing.

    Business And Digital Marketing Blog Income Reports (per year)

    • incomeschool: $505,813.50 (please note this is per year)
    • adamenfroy: $812,718 (please note this is per year)

    10.Online Side Hustles 

    Best Blog Niches On Online Side Hustles

    99. Blogs On Being A Translator

    100. Blogs On Being A Voice-Over Artist

    101. Blogs On Being A Graphic Designer

    102. Blogs On Being A Virtual Assistant

    103. Blogs On Being A Freelance Writing

    104. Blogs On Being A Text Chat Operator

    105. Blogs On Being A Tutor

    106. Blogs On Being A Proofreader

    107. Blogs On Being An Etsy Seller

    I have a soft spot for this lovely niche as this is what my first blog evolved into, along with a few other things, but let me tell you about that in the lifestyle niche section.

    This niche is self-explanatory, you help people get online and work, so they can quit their miserable corporate jobs and take control of their own lives!


    • There is so much to write about in this niche!
    • There are a lot of ways to make good money with both display ads and affiliate income and the options are kind of limitless IMHO.
      • For example: recommending products to help you work better online, recommending online courses to help you upskill and learn about online side hustles.


    • Niching down could be an issue as you can go so many ways with online side hustles.  To help with analysis paralysis choose one thing, start there and then spread your wings to other areas when you’re ready gearing you up for the most profitbale blogging niches.

    Micro Blog Niche Ideas: how to become a proofreader, how to be a digital nomad, how to become a Pinterest VA, online teaching

    Online Side Hustles Blog Income Reports (per month)


    Blogging is another favorite niche of mine and is so enjoyable to write about.  

    You get to empower people to start writing about their passions and you can make amazing money along the way.  
    There is great affiliate income in this niche, for example recommending web hosting.  

    There is also a lot to write about; from how to set up your blog over a weekend to how to update blog posts to get more love from google.  You can also create your own products to sell directly to your audience. Once I started doing that, I haven’t looked back! And you could be well on your way to making the most profitable blogging niches.


    • Great income
    • A lot of topics to write about
    • You can expand into vlogging and social media


    • There is competition in this niche but again, if you can master SEO and use your own unique voice, people will come.

    Micro Blog Niche Ideas: SEO, blogging tips, product recommendations.

    Blogging Blog Income Reports (per year)

    most profitable blogging niches

    12.Beauty & Fashion

    Untapped Blog Niches On Beauty And Fashion

    108. Makeup Product Reviews

    109. Skincare

    110. Plus Size Fashion

    111. Luxury Clothes

    112. Budget Clothes

    113. Thrifted Clothes

    114. Sustainable Makeup And Fashion

    115. Petite Fashion

    116. Sports Fashion

    117. Students Fashion

    118. Maternity Fashion

    If I loved beauty and fashion and I was getting into blogging today, this would be the niche I would choose… Why?

    There are sooo many amazing low-competition keywords in this niche, that it makes me want to grab my little kitty Sandy and dance around my apartment (but she would bite me, so I won’t try it).


    • A lot of untapped potential
    • Good money to be made in a number of ways; display ads, affiliate income, sponsored posts
    • A lot of room to grow, for example, vlogging and influencing on social media, if that floats your boat.


    • I literally can’t think of any cons! What’s not to love about trying on the latest fashions and slathering your face in different types of skincare and getting paid for it!  Bring on the Snail Mucin.
    • Actually no, I thought of one. This is an extremely visual niche, so if you’re not fashionable or you don’t know how to present yourself well, you may face harsh critique and comments. Plus, social media and sponsorships play a big role in this niche which can be quite tiring if you don’t set clear boundaries.

    Micro Blog Niche Ideas: skincare for normal skin, skincare for acne-prone skin, capsule wardrobes.

    Beauty & Fashion Blog Income Reports (per month)


    All the cool kids are journaling these days and no doubt you’ve heard of bullet journaling? 

     This is a really interesting niche with a lot of products to link to for people of all ages, for example; the journals themselves but also, washi tape, markers, highlighters, paints and the list goes on.


    • A lot of products to sell


    • Although there are a lot of products, most of them are low cost, but to get around this, the answer is an amazing SEO strategy to get you to page one and get lots of people buying those products through your blog.

    Micro Blog Niche Ideas: reflective journaling, daily journaling, art journaling, bullet journaling, travel journaling, gratitude journaling.

    Journalling Blog Income Reports (per month)

    14.Gaming And Technology

    Gaming And Technology Best Blogging Niches 2022

    119. Gaming Tutorials

    120. New Gadget Reviews

    121. Gaming Reactions

    122. Review Other Channels On Games

    123. How To Install Games

    124. Outdoor games

    125. Live Streaming Games

    According to this article from the BBC “millions of gamers [are] joining the ranks every year, females have been a huge catalyst for growth”. And unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know how expensive gaming can be…

    There are expensive computers to buy, gaming chairs, graphics cards, noise-canceling headphones, top-quality mics for people on Twitch, not to mention the video games themselves!

    Sounds like an affiliate marketing goldmine to me!


    • If you already have an online presence in the gaming or tech arena, you can definitely leverage this
    • Possibilities to expand into vlogging or using twitch to grow your own audience to monetize.


    • Gaming and tech is definitely a male-dominated arena but if you’re a woman gamer or techie, you can surely turn this to your advantage and niche down to other women geeks
    • You probably really need to enjoy this niche to be successful at it as real gamers will know pretty quickly if you’re legit or not.
    • RPMS are low for advertising but you can make up for it with affiliate income 

    Micro Blog Niche Ideas: gaming for girls, gaming chairs and other equipment, best of Twitch gaming channels to follow, gaming for kids, staying safe as a woman in the gaming world.

    Successful Gaming and Tech Blogs Lists


    Best Blog Niches On Cars

    126. Vintage Cars

    127. Race Cars

    128. Car Installations

    129. Car Reviews

    130. Car Parts

    131. Car Financing

    132. Luxury Cars

    133. Sports Car

    The car niche is an amazingly underserved niche and surprisingly not a YMYL niche!  So, you don’t need to be a car mechanic to dominate the Google rankings.

    If you have an interest in a particular car niche, or even if you don’t, this is a very interesting niche to look into and if done well, it can be one of the most profitable blogging niches.  


    • Not YMYL, so you don’t need to be a car expert (aka a mechanic) to get love from Google


    • It may be a pretty boring topic if you’re not into cars.  If this is the case for you, then it’s not a big deal if you’re open to outsourcing your content creation.
    most profitable blogging niches

    Micro Blog Niche Ideas: car repair and maintenance, classic cars, electric cars

    Car Blog Income Report (per month)


    Roof Profitable Niches With Low Competition

    134. Windows

    135. Gutters

    136. Fences

    137. Decks

    138. Solar

    139. Insulation

    I would look at the roof niche in a similar way to the way I see the car niche.  It’s an interesting niche, especially if you already know about them or are willing to learn.

    If you can apply SEO strategies to this niche, you could be away laughing with your most profitable blogging niches (all the way to the bank!)


    • Noone seems to be monetizing this niche so lots of room to rank


    • If you don’t know about roofs, you may need to outsource

    Micro Blog Niche Ideas: Metal roofs, commercial roofing, timbre roofing, thatched roofing, fiber tile roofing

    Roofing Blog Examples

    • There were no income reports available for this niche but I found several roofing blogs that seem to be setting up roofing blogs to make money eventually. Including a blog suggesting topics to write about!  Sounds like an untapped niche to me!


    Sustainable Blog Niches

    140. Sustainable Fashion

    141. Sustainable Skin Care

    142. Sustainable Makeup

    143. Sustainable Living

    144. Zero Waste

    145. Waste Reduction

    146. Recycling

    147. Water Conservation

    When I started trying to reduce my plastic use and do other sustainable things, over a decade ago, I felt like an outcast but now everyone is talking about sustainability and how to be a more responsible human on earth.


    • A very popular subject with pretty much anyone these days and a lot of people want to learn how to be more sustainable in different areas of their life (which is one of the key reasons to why it has become one of the most profitable blogging niches)
    • This is only going to grow in popularity and demand
    • Affiliate income is lucrative 


    • Obviously, a big part of being sustainable is not buying products but everyone needs to buy products to live and a lot of them can be turned into affiliate sales. It’s a win-win

    Micro Blog Niche Ideas: sustainable beauty, sustainable homes, sustainable transport, recycling, composting.

    Sustainability Blog Income Reports (per month)


    What is a lifestyle blog anyway?

    A lifestyle blog is the digital representation of blog owner’s life and interests. The aim is to add value to your readers’ lives.

    They connect bloggers with like-minded readers around the world or just simply share the parts of their life that they want to.

    To be clear a personal blog and a lifestyle blog are NOT the same! 

    A personal blog is the story of the blogger’s personal- basically an online journal. They usually don’t offer any value to the reader as there is nothing inspirational or helpful. 

    In contrast, the lifestyle blogger offers helpful and/or inspirational Information.

    I have a whole post dedicated to this topic, so if you’re curious to learn more, check it out!

    Although I often tell people not to start a lifestyle blog, and that its better to niche down at the beginning if you want success faster.

    Having said that, my first blog is a lifestyle blog. But I initially niched down and only later did I branch out to more topics.

    This is a profitable niche if you take the time to do it properly.

    What does it mean to do it properly?  Well, create silos on your site and don’t mix them!  

    For example, if your blog is like mine, a lifestyle blog about different ways to make and save money, plus a strong focus on assisting my audience to work from anywhere and become digital nomads. 

     Have different menus for each of those different subjects and interlink the articles within those silos but never between silos – if not you will confuse Google.


    • It makes life as a blogger more exciting as you can write about a wider range of topics
    • If done successfully it can be very lucrative 


    • It’s very easy to go wrong if you don’t have clear silos

    Micro Blog Niche Ideas: parenting, personal finance, travel

    Lifestyle Blog Income Report (per month)

    most profitable blogging niches


    Outdoors Blogging Niche

    148. Gardening

    149. Traveling

    150. Hiking

    151. Camping

    152. Trail Discoveries

    153. Treasure Hunts

    154. Biking

    The great wide outdoors holds lots of potential for both niches and income options.

    You could talk about outdoor sports, cooking gear, i.e. grills, camping great and so on.

    This is one of those most profitable blogging niches that has a lot of evergreen content.  Although the gear may get updated and fundamentals stay the same.


    • So many options to write about, you could focus on one specific niche like grills or create an “outdoor lifestyle” blog to allow you to cover more areas (although be prepared for Google to take longer to send you some love)


    • This could be considered a seasonal blog, with more interest in the North American summer months, but you will still get traffic from the southern hemisphere in those North American downtimes.

    Micro Blog Niche Ideas: camping, equipment, sports, gear, grills.

    Outdoors Blog Income Report (per month)


    47% of adults in the U.S say they are part of a religious organization such as a church, mosque or Synagogue, that is over 160 million people!  

    Do you not think this would make it one of the most profitable blog topics out there? I do, talk about an amazing, large and diverse potential audience! 

    I would say that you would need to be part of the religion you would like to speak to through your blog, as this will give you credibility in the eyes of your audience, so if you are religious and want to share, why not give this niche a go?


    • Huge potential for a large and engaged group of people


    • Probably not the best niche for blogging, for someone who is not part of the religious group they are blogging about, as your audience would want to know you understood them.

    Micro Blog Niche Ideas: Different religious denominations, youth, LGTBQ+

    Religion Blog Income Reports (per month)

    • This religious blog doesn’t let us know their income BUT they are in Mediavine – cha-ching!
    • Sarah writes about a few things, faith included, she went from making $10,000 per month in her first year of blogging to now over $7 million per year. What? This definitely qualifies on the most profitable blogging niches list!


    Gardening Blogging Niches

    155. Fruit Gardening

    156. Hydroponic Gardening

    157. Vertical Gardening

    158. Green House

    159. Herbs And Veggies Gardening

    160. Flower Gardening

    Gardening has such a wide range of niches to cover and there is still room in this niche, especially if you are passionate about a certain niche, for example; succulents, permaculture, biodynamics etc.

    I have a blog in this niche and it’s been a really great experience. 

    One word of caution though, you will get emails asking for help. So either make sure you know what you are talking about so you can really help your audience, or be prepared to do some thorough research.


    • A lot of potential niches
    • Great products available to use through affiliate marketing 


    • Ideally you would have insider knowledge to answer some tricky questions from your readers

    Micro Blog Niche Ideas: succulents, winder gardening, greenhouse gardening, biodynamics, 1 square meter gardening, apartment gardening…

    Gardening Blog Income Reports (per month)

    • owntheyard: $5,210.27
    • The frugal farm girl made over $300 after just a few months of blogging (that was a few years ago now).  She doesn’t post income reports anymore but she’s in Mediavine – hello honey, that means money!
    most profitable blogging niches

    FAQ on Most Profitable Blogging Niches

    Which Blogging Niche Makes The Most Money?

    From personal experience and research, they are; travel, saving and making money, food, DIY,home improvement, gardening, lifestyle and craft projects.  I could go on and on.

    While it’s true there is a lot of competition in these niches, there is always room for new bloggers.  


    Because there are a lot of readers looking for high-quality, well-written articles and if you can commit to creating this type of content, using SEO and the other strategies I suggest, you will succeed.

    Check out this article on top blogging niches as well. You will see they are in agreement with my thoughts:

    1. Food and recipes 
    2. Mommy blogs 
    3.  Lifestyle
    4. Parenting
    5. Traveling 
    6. Arts and crafts
    7. Outdoors
    8. Beauty and Fashion
    9. Personal finance 
    10. Homeschool
    11. Pets 
    12. Gardening 
    13. Health and Fitness
    14. Tech 
    15. DIY, home improvement 

    Why Picking A Blog Niche Is Key

    If your aim is to make money blogging, then the most important thing you will do on your blogging journey is to pick the right niche for you in the most profitable blogging niches list.  

    If you don’t, you are dead in the water and may as well sit on your couch and watch Netflix rather than waste your time sweating over a blog.

    The reason for this is that if you pick a blog niche that no one cares about, no one will read your blog, you won’t get Google traffic and you won’t make money from ads or affiliates. 

    Another trap people fall into is choosing a YMYL topic….  

    Again, you may as well go outside and smell some flowers or pet your cat, as it would be time better spent than spending hours sitting at your desk staring at your computer screen pouring your heart out on your blog.  


    Well, YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) topics are like plutonium for Google. Unless you are a bonafide expert in your area, steer clear.  

    For example, if you want to talk about mental health, you better be a psychologist.  If you want to talk about your medical condition, you better also be a doctor.  

    If you’re not an expert in your niche, Google won’t give you any love and you’ll end up on page 1 trillion of Google search.  There are some exceptions – if you want to know more about this, check out my Instagram videos on this subject.

     What Is A Blog?

    My definition of a blog is that it’s a website that provides high-quality content on a specific topic, that answers questions people are googling.  

    A blog also provides useful recommendations using affiliate links and shows ads to readers to make money for the blogger.

    most profitable blogging niches

    How To Set Up A Blog in 8 Steps

    Here are the exact steps I followed to set up my 5 niche blogs…  

    Don’t worry if you’re not tech-savvy, I promise, neither am I, and like I mentioned above, I’ve now set up 5 niche sites that make me more money than my fancy pants corporate job in finance!

    1. Choose a name
    2. Set up hosting with Bluehost
    3. Install website builder WordPress
    4. Pick a theme
    5. Design a logo
    6. Install essential plugins
    7. Learn how to get paid
    8. Start driving traffic to your site

    For the full details check out this post on how to set up your blog in one weekend.

    most profitable blogging niches

    Is Blogging A Waste Of Time?

    It depends!  On what?  On you!  If you are going to give up after 10 articles and 6 months, then yes, it would have been a complete waste of time.

     Although, even blogs with just a few articles can probably be sold for a few hundred dollars on blog trading sites like Flippa.

    Blogging is definitely not a waste of time if you are prepared to choose niche blogs that make money and put in the hours. 

     Put in the hours doing what?  Well, into what will make you money blogging, which is HIGH-QUALITY CONTENT and lots of it.  

    If you can commit and get 100 quality blog posts onto your blog, within a few years you will be sitting on a small gold mine.

     How do I know this? I’ve now set up 5 niche sites.  My firstborn is leading me to early retirement and my newest babies are starting to pull their weight too!  

    Niche site number 2 at just over 12 months is dollars away from bringing me $1,000 per month through affiliate marketing and display advertising.  Check it out:

    most profitable blogging niches
    most profitable blogging niches

    What Is The Most Successful Type Of Blog?

    • Food Blogs
    • Travel Blogs
    • Fitness Blogs
    • Fashion Blogs

    Food Blogs

    Food blogs are among the most searched niches on google 2022. This is a huge playground with an abundance of opportunities should you decide to choose food blogging. 

    Food blogs include those about baking, veganism, and even food for kids. You can probably find a blog on any food-related topic you can think of. 

    Gluten-free food blog? There are Elana’s Pantry and Gluten-Free Goddess.

    most profitable blogging niches

    Vegan food blog? There are The Full Helping and Wallflower Kitchen.

    most profitable blogging niches

    Asian food blog? There are Tiffy Cooks and Ministry Of Curry.

    most profitable blogging niches

    These are not even a fraction of the number of food blogs out there. Now, do not panic thinking that the competition is too high and you will not be able to get your blog seen. 

    The thing about food blogs is that they are ever versatile and creative. Cooking is an art; you can always add your flair to the dishes and present it to your readers. 

    If you have been wondering which blog niche makes the most money, then it is undoubtedly food blogs.

    Do not think that food bloggers can only earn through sponsorships, though that is relatively common out there. You may have come across food content creators using a certain brand of ingredients or condiments because of their partnership. 

    In fact, there are 21 different ways food bloggers can earn an income!

    Here are some resources to get you started on your food blog!

    Travel Blogs

    Travel blogs provide users with insight regarding the best ways to travel in other nations or locally.

    They aim to showcase the beauty of exotic destinations through images, videos, and words on their blog.

    Travel bloggers operate in a similar way to food bloggers.

    These are among the content ideas for travel bloggers:

    • How to enhance each trip
    • Making trips simpler to manage and more enjoyable
    • Travel safety tips
    • How to handle last-minute changes to travel plans.

    You can niche down when it comes to travel blogs to cater to a specific group of readers.

    I created Women Wandering Beyond because I am committed to assisting women in expanding their travel, stepping outside of their familiar surroundings, and seeing world treasures beyond their wildest expectations!  

    most profitable blogging niches

    Here are some resources to get you started on your travel blog!

    Fitness Blogs

    Numerous demographics have grown to enjoy reading health and fitness blogs, and each one targets a certain group of readers. Others concentrate on diseases like diabetes or heart disease.

    However, remember that this falls under the YMYL niche.

    The “Your Money or Your Life” (YMYL) pages discuss issues that may have an effect on a person’s long-term fulfillment, wellness, financial well-being, or safety.

    There are many different subtopics in the extremely large field of health and fitness that health bloggers can research.

    If you would like to launch your blog under the fitness niche, make sure you are qualified to do so. Like Dr. Emilia Thompson, who has a Ph.D. in nutrition and offers an empathetic, evidence-based method for dealing with nutrition.

    most profitable blogging niches

    It’s critical to understand your audience and their areas of interest. When you notice which themes receive the most traffic and clicks, you can then provide them with health and wellness advice.

    Fashion Blogs

    Blogs discussing these subjects never run out of material to discuss because beauty and clothing trends change so frequently.

    Hence why these are one of the best niche for blogging with low competition

    These blogs tend to focus on specific niches. One example is a blog that focuses on stylish wardrobe modifications from findings at thrift stores.

    Having a niched-down theme for the fashion blog attracts readers who are interested in these trends and eliminates the need to contend with big businesses.

    For example, the curvy girl fashion trend is on the rise and if you are someone who resonates with it like Tanesha, owner of Girls With Curves, you are bound to draw in readers real quickly. 

    most profitable blogging niches

    Here are some resources for you to start your fashion blog today!

    What Is The Best Low Competition Niche For Blogging?

    • Solar Power
    • Home Gardening
    • Self Care Goods
    • Sustainable Living
    • Home Organization

    Solar Power

    Solar technology is generating more interest as people become more concerned about climate change. As prices of solar tech decline, more people are eager to discover clever solutions related to solar possibilities.

    The technical details of solar panels and constructions and the societal advantages of solar energy make solar power an excellent subject matter for blogging. Additionally, it is a market niche that will always be relevant.

    Sub-Niches On Solar Power
    Solar Systems On Heating And Cooling
    Solar Energy Renewal
    Solar Panels
    Lighting With Solar Energy
    Solar Roads

    Home Gardening

    As more and more work-from-home individuals focus on their environment, interest in and home gardening is making a strong comeback. 

    More and more people are paying attention to their surroundings.

    Studies have found that indoor plants can make us feel better, so hey, why not create a blog out of it?

    With that being said, home gardening ideas and hacks are some topics that are experiencing increased interest.

    This market segment has fewer competitors because it demands gardening expertise and knowledge of gardening.

    Home Gardening Profitable Blog Niches With Low Competition 2022
    Sustainable Gardening
    DIY Gardening Tips
    Gardening Equipment Reviews
    Gardening Under 10 Minutes
    Balcony Gardening

    Self Care Goods

    Self-care night and morning routines, as well as products, is becoming an industry that is growing lately. 

    Many individuals are prioritizing their mental health and businesses are creating services and products that are tailored to their niche customers.

    Your blog can now be one that caters to these readers as well!

    Sub-Niches On Self Care Goods
    Soothing Candles
    Book Recommendations For Self Care
    Goal Setting And Productivity
    How To Create Routines
    Habits Development

    Here are 111+ Profitable Personal Development Sub Niches In 2023! that you could look into as self-care goods are among the blogging niches with low competition.

    Sustainable Living

    Sustainable living or a green niche is a subject that relates to the environment.

    It can involve waste disposal, landscaping, or even things as straightforward as improving the energy efficiency of your home.

    The beautiful thing about the sustainable niche is that it is growing as more people become aware of how traditional products affect the planet and the climate.

    Sub-Niches On Sustainability
    Zero Waste
    Sustainable Fashion
    Sustainable Food
    Conscious Shopping

    Home Organization

    If you are wondering what blog niches are most profitable, the home organization niche is among them. 

    As it provides a lot of potential themes and the possibility to cover a variety of distinct micro-niches, home organization is among low competition niches for blog 2022. 

    Decluttering, storage options, cleaning advice, decorating suggestions, and other topics are all included in the category of home organization.

    Sub-Niches On Home Organization
    Closet Organization
    Kitchen Organization
    Garage Reorganizing

    Things You Must Consider When Choosing Your Blog Niche

    The number one thing you must think about when choosing from your blogging niche ideas, or determining one of the most profitable blogging niches, drum roll, please….  

    Does it get Google traffic?

    Other critical things to consider:

    • What type of blogs are in demand? Don’t choose something no one will look at, for example, a daily log of your tasks!
    • Does it get Pinterest traffic?
    • Is there high competition?
    • Is it in the YMYL niche? – don’t go there unless you are an expert in that niche, even then, think very carefully about it….
    • Is the niche profitable?
      • Expensive hobby – tick
      • Personal finance – tick
      • Your struggle with your neighbors – NO
    • Can the niche be monetized?
      • History and book blogs have low monetization potential as book commissions are low and the history niche has no products
      • Personal finance and software affiliates in digital marketing give you a really high commission 
    • What are the RPMs? For example:
      • RPMs in the tech niche are low!
      • RPMs in the crafting niche can be high
      • RPMs for non-US traffic is low
    • It’s also worth asking yourself: what is your niche or passion? But don’t make this the main criteria.
    most profitable blogging niches

    How Do You Know If A Niche Is Profitable?

    By asking yourself: are there high ticket /valuable products and services to buy in this niche ?

    So you need to find out the RPM and think about what products are sold in that niche, and also how much do the products cost?  The more they cost, the more money for you, honey!

    Having said that, the other day I received a nice $350 payout from a new affiliate.  It was from a small affiliate that pays out $2.50

    $2.50 doesn’t sound like much but it all adds up and this is how. 

    I added that affiliate link to an SEO-optimized post, which started ranking on page 1 of Google, so thousands of people read that post and 140 of those readers decided to buy the cheap product I mentioned. 

    The math is simple!: 140 x $2.50 = $350.  

    If you want to know how to replicate this, go ahead and sign up for my blogging newsletter, as I give all the info on how I achieve this and how I plan on replicating it!

    7 Common Blogging Mistakes That Will Cost You Time And Money

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      How To Find A Profitable Niche Using Ahrefs

      Here are some tips on how to find out the answer to the question,  using AHREFS: What are the best niches?

      1. Sign up to AHREFS
      2. Go to the Ahrefs Keywords Explorer
      3. Select the country you want to find out about
      4. Leave the search box empty and press enter
      5. You will now see the most searched keywords from the country you selected.
        1. My suggestion would be to choose the USA as that’s where you get the best blog income from
      6. Play around with the filters. For example:
        1. Volume: higher than 70
        2. Make the word count higher than 500 words
      7. Grab a cup of tea and spend an hour or more looking through all the results to see if something interesting and relevant that pops out to you

      There you have it! All the most profitable blogging niches for you start and earn from!

      I truly hope that this article has helped you learn about blog niches that make money and that you have found one which piques your interest.

      If you take away just one thing, remember, do not do anything to do with starting a blog until you work out which blog niche is profitable and interesting to you. With this list of profitable blogging niches you should be set up for success!

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