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471 Relationship Blog Topics To Cover Every Angle [2023 Update] 

Are you looking for ideas on relationship blog topics? You’ve come to the right place!

Humans are always starting and ending relationships.

 Data from the United States’ National Center for Health Statistics show that in The U.S, approximately 4 to 5 million people get married every year. 

Out of that number, 42-53% of those marriages eventually end in divorce.

This is what makes marriage and relationship blog topics, and all related topics evergreen and lucrative; people are constantly trying to figure out the opposite sex, relationships, dating, marriage, and sadly, how to deal with it all when (if) it all falls apart.

There are numerous angles you could work with when covering relationship topics. 

Here I’ve got 471 relationship blog topics to cover every angle. Read on!

Among other things, here are some of the categories of relationship blog topics we will be looking at:

  • Dating And New Relationship Topics
  • Best Relationship Blogs Topics
  • Personal Blogs About Love
  • Funny Blogs About Relationship
  • Relationship Essay Topics
  • Relationship Debate Topics
  • Relationship Blog Topics: Marriage
  • Relationship Blog Topics: Break Up
  • Relationship Blog Topics: Divorce
  • Relationship Blog Post Ideas For Men
  • Relationship Blog Topic Ideas For Women
  • How To Start A Relationship Blog
  • How To Make Money From A Relationships Blog
  • Top Relationship Blogs You Can Refer To

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Dating And New Relationship Blog Topics

relationship blog topics
Image by Karen Warfel

1. How To Greet Someone On A First Date

2. Types Of Love: What Love Means To Different People

3. How To Get Noticed On A Dating Site

4. Best Online Dating Sites

5. Dating When You’re Too Busy To Date

6. Positive And Negative Aspects Of Online Dating

7. Online Dating Tips For People Over 40

8. How To Have A Successful Date With A Guy

9. Dating Among Colleagues

10. Self-Esteem Boosting Strategies And Tips For Men And Women

11. Where Should I Take A Girl On A Date For The First Time?

12. Free Online Dating Websites For Singles

13. Reviews Of Dating Services And Products

14. How To Prepare For A Date With A Guy

15. How To Avoid Boring Conversations

16. How To Make The Conversation Flow

17. Love Vs Infatuation: How Do You Distinguish Between The Two?

18. Dating Someone Who Has Been Single For A While

19. How To Find The Best Dating Website

20. Lgbt Dating And/Or Alternative Lifestyles

21. What Turns A Woman Off When You Start Dating

22. Date And Romance Ideas

23. What To Talk About On A Date With Your Girlfriend

24. How To Have A Good First Date?

25. Teenage Dating Advice For Guys

26. What To Give A Woman On A First Date

27. Teen Dating Violence

28. What Not To Do On A First Date For Guys

29. How To Not Get Catfished On A Dating Website

30. How To Know If It Is A Safe Site

31. Online Dating For People Over 30

32. Pros And Cons With Online Dating

33. Understanding Love At First Sight Or Instant Attraction

34. How To Create An Attractive Dating Profile

35. How To Prepare For Your First Online Date

36. Is Dating Good For A Teenager?

37. Does Love Distract You From Your Goal?

38. How To Find The Perfect Match For You

39. Dating A Partner With Kids

40. Psychology Of Teenage Relationships

41. The Difference Between Falling In Love And Committing To Someone

42. Love At First Sight Or Love After Being Friends

43. How To Have A Successful First Date With A Man

44. How To Make A Good Impression On A First Date

45. How To Act On The First Date For Teenage Guys

46. Disadvantages Of Teenage Dating

47. Advice For Ladies In A Relationship

48. What Would Make A Woman Hesitant To Begin Dating You?

49. Online Dating For Seniors

50. Stages Of Teenage Dating

51. Where To Go On A First Date With A Girl

52. What Age Should A Teenager Start Dating?

53. What Advice Would You Give A Teenager About Dating?

54. How To Use An Online Dating Website

55. What To Do When You First Begin Dating Someone?

56. Setting Boundaries For Teenage Dating

57. How To Make A Good First Date Impression?

58. Writing An Online Dating Profile

59. Things To Do When You First Start Dating

60. How To Win Them Over On The First Date

61. How To Behave On A First Date With A Man

62. How To Find A Legitimate Dating Site

63. Online Dating Sites To Avoid

64. What To Talk About On The First Date With A Girl

65. How Do I Start Dating As A Teen?

66. Relationship Advice For Teenage Girl

67. Is It Love Or Lust?

68. Discovering Your Love Language

69. What Should A Couple Talk About On A Date?

70. Relationship Advice For Young Adults

71. Types Of Commitment Phobia

72. What To Do On The First Meeting With A Girl

Best Relationship Blog Topics

relationship blog topics
Image by StockSnap

73. How To Keep Spark Alive In Long-Distance Relationship

74. Love Advice For Teens

75. Is It Possible To Have A Strong Open Relationship?

76. Love Advice In Abusive Relationships

77. Do Couples Need To Have Similar Interests To Be Compatible?

78. Is Arguing A Natural Part Of Every Relationship?

79. How Your Attitudes Can Ruin Amazing Love

80. How To Keep Your Relationship Healthy And Lasting Through The Years

81. Is It Possible To Live With A Person You Don’t Love?

82. Is It Possible To Have A Mismatch Of Intimacy Needs In A Relationship?

83. Love And Polyamory

84. Can A Relationship Continue After A Rejected Proposal?

85. Does Physical Attraction Play A Key Role In Maintaining A Strong Bond In Relationships?

86. Is It A Problem When There Is A Large Age Gap In A Relationship?

87. Questions To Consider Before Getting Serious

88. How To Say No To A Marriage Proposal

89. Lifestyle Articles About Love, Relationships, And Dating

90. How To Know You Are Ready For Marriage

91. How To Keep The Spark Alive In Long Distance Relationships

92. How Do You Keep The Spark Alive In A Long Term-Relationship?

93. How To Handle An Unstable Relationship?

94. How To Know If You Are In A Toxic Relationship Or Not

95. How Do You Tell If One Is Committed Or Not?

96. Is It Possible To Fall In love With Two People At The Same Time?

97. Family Vs Love Of Life — Whom To Choose?

Personal Blogs About Love

98. Love In College

99. Advice On Trust And Love For Couples

100. How I Kept My Relationship From Falling Apart

101. Love Poems For Men And Women

102. Finding Love After Previous Partner Death

103. Ways To Boost Self Esteem In A Relationship

104. Is Your Partner Giving You Mixed Signals? How To Handle It

105. Advice When You’re In A Relationship With A Gaslighter

106. Rebuilding A Past Relationship

107. Relationships Are Hard – But That’s Ok

108. Biggest Mistakes To Avoid In A Relationship

109. Here’s What Keeps My Relationship Strong

110. Long-Distance Relationships

Funny Blogs About Relationship

111. Did She Cut Her Hair? Ways To Get Out Of The Question

112. I Love My Partner But …

113. Things My Girlfriend Does That Makes Me Contemplate M*Rder (Joke!)

114. Funny Pranks To Play On Your Partner

115. List Of Annoying Things My Partner Does

116. At First, It Was Cute, But Now… (Boyfriend’s Quirks)

117. Jokes To Tell Your Girlfriend

118. Funny Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

Relationship Essay Topics

119. Expectations In Love VS The Reality

120. Can Failure To Meet Your Partner’s Desires Affect A Relationship?

121. What Does It Mean When You Fall Out Of Love?

122. What Must A Woman Have Before Marriage

123. Signs That Your Partner Wants You

124. Can You Love Someone Who Doesn’t Know How To Love You Back?

125. Relationship Advice For Those Who Are Not Religious

126. Types Of Love Explained By Type Experts

127. Things Your Partner Should Have Before You Marry Them

128. Some Of The Most Important Criteria That You Should Look For In A Partner

129. How To Increase Elements Of Love In A Relationship

130. Things Couples Should Talk About Before Marriage

131. Love And An Age Gap

132. Why It’s Important To Have IndivOutside Of Your Relationship

133. Same-Sex Relationships

134. How Family Affects A Relationship

135. How To Handle Disagreements In A Relationship

Relationship Debate Topics

relationship blog topics
Image by StockSnap

136. For How Long To Before Considering Settling Down?

137. Are Personal Boundaries Important In Keeping A Relationship Vibrant?

138. What Is The Most Important Factor To Be Considered Before Marriage?

139. Is Your Significant Other Entitled To Your Social Media Passwords In A Committed Relationship?

140. At What Point In A Relationship Should Couples Discuss Their Finances?

141. At What Point Should One Meet Their Partner’s Parents?

142. Can Long-Distance Relationships Work Long-Term?

143. Marriage Vs Live-In Relationship

144. What Are The 4 Things You Should Agree On Before Getting Married?

145. Should Couples Discuss Their Previous Relationship With Their Ex’s?

146. Is Kissing Cheating? On Emotional Infidelity

147. Sex Before Marriage — Right Or Wrong?

148. Should Either Gender Role Play A Major Role In Maintaining a Lively Relationship?

149. Can A Woman Propose To A Man?

Relationship Blog Topics: Marriage

relationship blog topics
Image by olcay ertem

150. Are You In An Abusive Relationship

151. Marriage Tips For Bride

152. What 3 Factors Are The Most Important In A Marital Relationship

153. Signs You’re Married To A Narcissist

154. Ways To Save Your Failing Marriage

155. Planning Your Finances Ahead For A Happy Marriage

156. Are Your Bad Spending Habits Ruining Your Marriage

157. How Love Is Different When You’re Dating VS When You’re Married

158. How To Rebuild Your Marriage After An Affair

159. Marriage Tips For Husbands

160. Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage

161. Tips For Good Relationship Between Husband And Wife

162. What Will You Do To Help Married Couples Strengthen Their Relationship

163. Marriage Advice For Newlyweds Speech

164. How Much Does Relationship Counseling Cost

165. Marrying Your First Love

166. How To Fix Sex Problems In A Marriage

167. Funny Marriage Tips For Wife

168. How You Can Improve Your Marriage With Your Spouse

169. How To Improve Your Marriage And Be A Better Spouse

170. Marriage Tips For Consentual Arranged Marriage

171. Why Men Cheat

172. Does Polyamory Ruin Marriages

173. Should You Forgive Your Spouse Who Cheated

174. What Every Married Couple Should Know

175. Is It Possible To Reignite The Lost Love You Had For Your Partners

176. Should Gay Marriage Be Legalized

177. Love And Marriage For Older Men And Women

178. Qualities Of A Good Husband List

179. Ways To Be A Better Wife

180. Why Having Similar Interests In A Marriage Is Important

181. Is It Cheating If There Was No Sex

182. The Stages Of Emotional Affairs 

183. Top Challenges In A Marriage And How To Overcome Them

184. What Makes A Husband A Good Husband

185. What A Husband Needs In A Marriage

186. How To Deal With Someone With Depression In A Relationship

187. Funny Advice For Married Couples

188. Why Women Cheat

189. Do Men And Women Have Different Roles When It Comes To Parenting

190. Things A Good Husband Should Do

191. What’s Not Important In A Marriage, Despite What Other People Say

192. Successful Marriage Tips

193. Advice For Married Couples Having Problems

194. Why Gay Marriage Rights Makes A Difference 

195. What Is The Best Marriage Advice

196. How To Be A Good Husband Guide

197. Tips For A Successful Marriage

198. Love And Marriage For Seniors

199. Things A Wife Should Do

200. How To Be A Good Married Spouse

201. Are Gay Marriages Same As Heterosexual Marriages

202. Challenges When You Move Country To Be With Your Spouse

203. Relationship Advice For Couples

204. How To Make Love Last Forever

205. Best Marriage Advice Quotes

206. The Happy Marriage Tricks Anyone Can Learn

207. What Should A Husband Do In A Marriage

208. Marriage Advice From Old Couples

209. Ways To Be A Better Husband

210. Old Fashioned Marriage Advice, Funny

211. What Are The Most Important Things For A Married Couple

212. Funny Marriage Tips For Husbands

213. Is It Possible To Fall In And Out Of Love With Your Spouse

214. How To Build A Strong Marriage Relationship

Relationship Blog Topics: Break Up

relationship blog topics
Image by 1388843

215. Is It Healthy To Start Dating After A Breakup

216. Dealing With Rejection

217. What To Do After Ending A Long Term Relationship

218. Guided Meditations To Heal Your Broken Heart

219. Why Your Ex Is Texting You

220. What To Say Before No Contact

221. How Do You Emotionally Detach From Your Ex

222. How To Break Up With Someone You Still Love

223. How To Deal With Seeing Your Ex In Family Settings

224. How To Deal With A Breakup When You Still Love Them

225. How To Break Up With Your Boyfriend When You Still Love Him

226. 100 Break Up Movies To Get Lost In

227. Why Is It So Hard To Forget Someone You Fell In Love With

228. How To Avoid Falling In Love With Your Ex Again

229. How To Break Up With Someone You Love Without Hurting Them

230. Why You Shouldn’t Be Missing Your Ex

231. What To Do During A Break In A Relationship

232. How To Find True Love When You’ve Given Up On Love

233. How Do You Break Up In A Long-Distance Relationship

234. Breakup Advice For The Dumper

235. Finding Yourself After A Break Up

236. No Contact Rule Stages

237. How To Say No To An Ex

238. How Do You Break Up With Someone You Love Without Hurting Them

239. How To Deal With A Break Up On Good Terms

240. What You Can Do Instead Of Texting Your Ex

241. What To Do After A Break Up Of A Long-Term Relationship

242. How Long Does It Take To Get Over An Ex You Still Love

243. Gifts From Ex: Keep, Return, Or Throw

244. How Do You Tell If It’s Time To Break Up

245. How To Get Over Your Ex

246. Love After Divorce Or Break Up

247. Should You Block Your Ex

248. How To Break Up With Someone You Love Over Text

249. How To Break Up With Someone You Love But Aren’t In Love With

250. Reasons To Break Up With Someone You Love

251. How To Get Over Your Ex When You Have Mutual Friends

252. How To Deal With An Ex You Work With

253. What To Say To End A Relationship On Good Terms

254. How To Give Yourself Closure

255. How To Get Over Someone And Move On With Your Life

256. How Men And Women Get Over Break Ups

257. How To Handle Your Ex Dating Someone New

258. Who To Text Instead Of Your Ex

259. How To Build Confidence After A Breakup

260. I Broke The No Contact Rule And He Replied

261. When Should You Break Up With A Long-Distance Relationship

262. Should A Person Wait To Date After A Breakup?

263. Why Is It So Hard To Forget Someone Even Though They Broke Your Heart

264. How No Contact Affects Your Ex

265. Stages Of No Contact For A Man

266. How To Stop Loving Someone Who Doesn’t Love You Back 

267. What Are The Different Stages Of A Breakup

268. Breakup Advice For A Girl

269. How To Break Up With Someone You Love Without Hurting Them Over Text

270. 5 Signs The No Contact Rule Is Working

271. No Contact Rule Female Psychology

272. Can A Relationship Work After A Breakup?

273. How To Break Up With Someone You Love

274. How To Stop Missing Your Ex

275. Should I Go No Contact With My Ex Or Stay Friends

276. How To Start Dating After A Break Up

277. How Long Does It Take For No Contact To Work

278. Why Didn’t My Ex Love Me – And Other Questions You Shouldn’t Be Asking

279. How To End A Relationship On Good Terms

280. How To Find Yourself Again

281. How To Break Up A Long-Distance Relationship

282. How Long Does It Take To Get Over An Ex Fully

283. Why Is No Contact So Powerful

284. What Effect Does No Contact Have On Ex

285. How To Break Up With Someone When They Think You’re The One

286. How To Break Up Gracefully

287. Books To Read To Deal With A Break Up – Like This Book

Relationship Blog Topics: Divorce

relationship blog topics
Image by StockSnap

288. How To Tell Your Kids You’re Seeing Someone After Divorce

289. How Long Does It Take To Get Over Divorce?

290. How To Prepare For A Divorce Mentally

291. How Do I Leave My Marriage If I Still Love My Spouse?

292. How To Cope With Separation When You’re In Love

293. Divorce Preparation Checklist

294. Smart Things To Do Before Filing For Divorce

295. How To Survive Divorce

296. What To Do When You Don’t Want A Divorce But You’re Not Happy

297. How To Deal With Ex-In-Laws After Your Divorce

298. Steps A Woman Should Take Before Divorce

299. What Are Some Strategies For Coping With Divorce

300. Disadvantages Of Filing For Divorce First

301. How Can I Control Myself After Divorce?

302. How To Get Over A Divorce In Your 60s

303. Tips For Women Going Through Divorce

304. What Are The Emotions Of Divorce

305. Inspirational Quotes To Get You Through Your Divorce

306. Things To Do Immediately When Your Husband Leaves You

307. Making A Divorce Settlement That Lasts

308. Is Divorce A Happiness

309. How To Shine After Divorce

310. How To Cope With Divorce When You Still Love Them

311. Helping Your Children Adjust After Divorce

312. What To Do Before Telling Your Spouse That You Want A Divorce

313. Tips For Finding Yourself After A Devastating Divorce

314. What Happens If You Don’t Sign The Divorce Papers

315. What If I Don’t Want The Divorce?

316. What Is The First Step To Getting A Divorce?

317. How To Deal With Divorce When You Still Love Him

318. Pre-Divorce Checklist Pdf

319. What To Do When Your Spouse Wants A Divorce But Won’t File

320. Questions To Ask Yourself Before Signing Divorce Papers

321. How To Cope With Separation From Your Wife

322. Tips For Men Going Through Divorce

323. I Don’t Want A Divorce But I Have No Choice

324. Divorce Stress Symptoms

325. Dating After Divorce

326. Tips For Dealing With A Toxic Ex-Spouse 

327. My Husband Filed For Divorce And I Don’t Want It

328. What You Should Do If Your Spouse Doesn’t Sign The Divorce Papers

329. How Much Does A Divorce Cost?

330. What To Do When You’re Separated But Don’t Want A Divorce

331. What To Do Before Going Through A Divorce?

332. How To Deal With Pre Divorce

333. How To Handle Divorce Stress

334. Ways To Prepare For The Divorce

335. Emotions Of A Man Going Through Divorce

336. How To Know If You’re Ready To Date Again After Divorce

337. Coping With Separation And Divorce

338. How To Overcome Divorce Guilt

Relationship Blog Topics Ideas For Men

relationship blog topics
Image by Pexels

338. Self-Esteem Boosting Strategies And Tips For Men 

340. Being In Love With A Woman Who Is Afraid Of Commitment

342. How To Write An Online Dating Profile For A Man

344. How Men Act When They’re In Love

346. Relationship Advice For Teenage Guys

348. What Should You Reply To Her Messages

350. Ways To Showcase Your Masculinity (In A Gentlemanly Way)

352. She’s Just Not That Into You: How To Recognize The Signs

354. What Does It Mean To Be Vulnerable In A Relationship

356. When Should You Meet The Girl You’ve Been Texting Online?

358. Men Dating Men: How To Keep Yourself Safe

360. Compatibility Vs Attraction: Which Matters Most To Find The Right Woman?

362. The Five Love Languages: Which Ones Are Yours?

364. Finding The Right Person Online

366. How To Fight For Your Relationship

368. Simple Tips To Flirting

370. What A Man Should Do In A Relationship?

372. Relationship Advice For Older Men

374. Being The Younger One In The Relationship

376. Relationship Advice Quotes

378. Qualities Of Relationship-Worthy Women Vs The Players

380. How To Get Women To Respond To Online Dating

382. Is It Safe To Use Dating Sites For Men?

384. What Can A Guy Do To Improve A Relationship?

386. Why The Term “Alpha-Male” Shouldn’t Exist In A Relationship

388. Signs She’s Into You

390. Men’s Relationship Blog

392. How Do You Know If A Gay Guy Is Into You?

394. Your Best Friend Was Cheating On Their Partner, Do You Tell On Them?

396. Expert Advice In Dating For Men

398. Life Advice For A Man

400. How To Help Someone With Relationship Problems

402. How To Find Your Ideal Partner

404. How To Meet Women Without Using A Dating Apps

406. First Date Outfits For Men – This Shirt Looks Good

408. What Is The Most Important Thing In A Relationship For A Man?

410. Relationship Advice For Couples

412. What Makes A Good Gay Relationship?

414. How Do Gay Couples Flirt?

416. Guys’ Perspective On Dating

418. What Is Commitment Love Vs Consummate

420. What Do Men Care About Most In A Relationship?

422. Signs Of Long-Term Relationship-Minded Woman

424. Feminism —Does It Favor A Relationship Or Not?

Relationship Blog Topics For Women

relationship blog topics
Image by Adina Voicu

425. Qualities Of Relationship-Worthy Men Vs The Players

426. How Do Gay Couples Conceive?

427. Signs Of Mr. Right And How To Find Him

428. Psychological Advice On Relationships

429. Expert Advice In Dating For Women

430. Book On Dating For Women – Like This One

431. Women Dating Women: Don’t Let Your Guard Down Just Because They’re Not A Man

432. What Is The Best Advice In A Relationship?

433. Important Relationship Advice For Women – Inspiring Tips

434. Why You Keep Attracting The Wrong Men

435. When A Commitment-Phobe Falls In Love With You

436. What Should You Reply To His Messages

437. Mistakes Women Make When It Comes To Online Dating

438. How To Help A Friend With Relationship Problems

439. Compatibility Vs Attraction: Which Matters Most To Find Mr. Right?

440. How To Regain Respect In A Relationship

441. How To Make A Man Afraid Of Commitment Commit To You

442. Signs Of Long-Term Relationship-Minded Men

443. Love, Sex, And Pleasure After Sexual Assault

444. Signs He’s Into You

445. Mr. Right Vs Mr. Wrong: How To Find Your Ideal Partner

446. What Is The Most Important Thing In A Relationship For A Woman?

447. How Should A Woman Act In A Relationship?

448. Men’s Relationship Advice For Women

449. How To Meet Mr. Right Without Using Dating Apps

450. Why Did He Lose Interest

451. Advice From A Wise Woman

452. Is It Safe To Use Dating Sites?

453. Why Are Men Afraid Of Intimacy And Commitment

454. How To Weed Out The Wrong Guys

455. Words Of Wisdom For Women When It Comes To Dating

456. How To Make A Guy Commit To An Exclusive Relationship

457. Relationship Advice For-Women Quotes

458. When A Commitment Phobe Is In Love

459. How To Spot A Fake Profile 

460. Advice On Relationships Problems

461. Finding Mr. Right Online

462. Ways To Raise Your Feminity 

463. Best Relationship Advice For Couples

464. First Date Outfits For Women

465. Online Dating Tips For Women Over 40

466. Older Women Dating Younger Men: How Age Plays Role In Relationships

467. Words Of Advice To A Girl

468. When Should You Meet The Guy You’ve Been Texting Online?

469. How To Establish Boundaries From The Start

470. Advice On Love And Relationships

471. How To Find The Man Of Your Dreams


How To Start A Relationship Blog

1. Establish Your Niche

First of all, you need to find your niche. Relationships are a very broad topic that you couldn’t just do a blog on relationships alone as that would be too broad.

What you need to do is narrow down the topic, for example, dating advice or teen relationships, or dating after divorce.

When you have your niche, you can then…

2. Name Your Blog

This is the fun part! There are so many variants of names that you could do, it’s almost always that people take *forever* (few weeks) to do it! 

Have fun but don’t get too caught up with finding the absolutely perfect name that you end up wasting weeks on it. As long as it is memorable, relevant, and brandable, you’re good to go!

You could also use a blog name generator to help you out. Input relevant keywords and it generates ideas for you!

Oh, and make sure your domain name is available. 

3. Pick A Webhost

As always, I recommend Bluehost they are the best blogging platform to make money and they also provide:

  • Competitive pricing
  • FREE domain – With Bluehost, you receive a free domain when you sign up using my special link. Save $15 right off the bat!
  • 24/7 Support – Anytime you need help, you can chat online with Bluehost support 
  • Automatic WordPress installation – WordPress is a website builder and you save a lot of time and headache with this automatically installed 

4. Build Your Website Using WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS and it is integrated with your Bluehost subscriptions. It is the easiest CMS to use, hence why I strongly recommend Bluehost with the automatic WordPress installation. 

WordPress has a huge library that you can use. You don’t have to know how to code and can just start designing and installing the necessary plugins. 

5. All Done!

That’s it, now you’re all set! Start writing quality content, coupled with SEO, and watch your blog grow!

Below you can see how you can make money with your relationship blog. 

How To Make Money From A Relationships Blog

While providing solutions and relief is satisfactory enough, it wouldn’t hurt to make money from your relationship blog. 

Here are some ways you can make money on your relationship blog:

1. Ads – you can run different types of ads on your site, but be careful not to overdo it so your readers won’t get too many ads and find it annoying

2. Affiliate Marketing – you can tie in with affiliate programs that will be relevant to your audience

3. Digital Products – you can write ebooks or courses on relationships

4. Direct Collaboration – you can directly collaborate with a service, a counselling centre for example

5. Coaching Services – you can coach other bloggers who would like to run relationship blogs

Top Relationship Blogs You Can Refer To

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are Some Relationship Topics?

15 Topics To Build Your Relationship

  • Vacation and weekend escape plans
  • Work
  • Sex
  • Compliments
  • Worries
  • Secrets
  • Movies and shows
  • The past and future

Are There Relationship Blogs?

Find Love in 90 Days Blog – Love in 90 Days, Repairing Relationships Blog – Love and Life Toolbox, Relationship Blog for Women Blog – Relationship Reality are some examples of relationship blogs. 

What Are 7 Types Of Relationships?

The 7 types of relationships, according to psychology, are:

  • Infatuation: passion
  • Friendship: intimacy
  • Empty love: commitment 
  • Romantic love: passion & intimacy
  • Fatuous love: passion & commitment
  • Companionate love: intimacy & commitment
  • Consummate love: passion & intimacy & commitment


There you have it, 471 relationship blog topics to guide you for your upcoming posts!

All you’ve got to do now is do a little research on what will resonate with your audience and get started on writing!

The nice part about writing relationship topics is you get to help people out in their relationship predicaments and maybe even play a little part in bringing people together 🙂

Let me know in the comments which topics you’re going with first and if you have any other ideas to add on. I’d love to hear from you!

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