Frugal Living Tips For Seniors

47 Frugal Living Tips For Seniors (Retire Wealthy In 2023!)

Are you newly retired and are on the search for the best frugal living tips for seniors? Do you want to save money, so you can enjoy your retirement without thinking about running out of money?

These golden years should be a time to unwind and take it all in.

Unfortunately, many seniors are stressed about money due to a reduction of income and rising living costs. Fret not, these frugal tips for seniors are here to the rescue!

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47 Best Frugal Living Tips For Seniors

  1. Health Above All
  2. Eat Simple
  3. Budget It All
  4. Seniors Discount
  5. Comb Through Your Bills
  6. Declutter Often
  7. Prioritize
  8. Carpool
  9. Driving Habits
  10. Avoid Toll Roads
  11. Keep Up With Technology
  12. Limit Dining Out
  13. Lounge In Underwear
  14. Safe Driving Course
  15. Travel On A Budget
  16. Become Fix-It-Felix
  17. Save On Utilities
  18. Simplify Your Finances
  19. Revise Phone Plan
  20. Shop Secondhand
  21. Get Involved In The Community
  22. Grow Your PrioritizeFood
  23. Get Baking
  24. Sell Things You Own
  25. Breeze Through The Clearance Section
  26. Buy In Bulk
  27. Freeze Your Food
  28. Revise Insurance Policy
  29. Downsize Your Home
  30. Amenity-Filled Area
  31. Senior Subsidies
  32. Hold The Redecorating
  33. Library
  34. Public Transport
  35. Free Entertainment
  36. Ease Up On The Celebration
  37. Cable Tv
  38. 72 Hour Rule
  39. Coupons Are Your Best Friend
  40. DIY Cleaning Products
  41. Wear Your Clothes Inside Out
  42. Move To A Cheaper Area
  43. Cut Your Subscriptions
  44. Read News Online
  45. Reduce The Number Of Cars
  46. Prioritize Off-Peak Deals
  47. Property Taxes


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Frugal Living Tips For Seniors

Frugal Living Tips For Seniors

1.Health Above All

Focusing on your health will save you money in the long run.

Whether its eating a bit healthier, doing light exercises everyday, or taking supplements- it all adds up! You don’t want to be paying thousands of dollars worth of medical bills now do you?

You can only save money and practice these tips on frugal living for senior citizens if you’re in good health. 

If you treat your body well and it is in good shape, you are less likely to be admitted to the hospital in the future due to a fall, muscle pain, or joint problems. 

Being healthy is your responsibility because health isn’t something that can be outsourced. So when health is compromised, money will have to follow suit, trying to replenish it. 

2.Eat Simple

Have a minimalist approach to food and don’t complicate each meal. 

This is one of the best tips for living poor as well. Eating meals with few fresh ingredients that nourish your body will save you time, money, and keep you healthy for the long run. 

Here are some recipes that require 5 ingredients or less for you to fix up a simple meal. 

3.Budget It All

It is not necessary to crowd your head with all the complicated budget systems. Create a simple budget that serves as an outline of the way you will be spending your money.

Frugal Living Tips For Seniors

4.Seniors Discount

One of these frugal living tips for seniors will without a doubt help you save money. Most senior discounts are not widely published, so you may not have heard of them prior to this. 

I’m here to tell you that there are senior discounts almost everywhere!

 Do not be shy when it comes to these discounts, be sure to ask for them everywhere you go. You’ll be able to get both advertised and hidden discounts this way. 

5.Comb Through Your Bills

Everyone is usually on their autopilot mode when it comes to monthly bills. 

You’re used to paying a set amount of money but when was the last time you checked your bills to see if you’re being overcharged or if there might be any discrepancies?

Go through your bills and try calling the companies and see if you can squeeze in some discount from them and save on your bills!

6.Declutter Often

Take your pick, Marie Kondo’s Kon Mari method or the Swedish cleaning method, Döstädning, or any other decluttering method that you prefer as long as you get to it. 

You’ve had your time with all the possessions you can get your hands on, time to only keep the essentials that make your heart full and keep your mind clutter-free. 


These frugal living tips for seniors should be applied to all areas of your life, especially your finances. 

Be mindful about what you’re spending on and prioritize your expenses. 

With retirement, money is now scarce so spend it on necessary things. Forget purchasing ostentatious items to please others and put the money to good use. Like a low risk investment fund or government bonds. 


Get into the habits of carpooling. The amount spent on gas can be saved significantly if it’s split among others. 

Frugal Living Tips For Seniors

9.Driving Habits

It’s no longer appropriate to assume you’re in Fast and Furious folks because all the accelerating and stomping on the brakes are causing the car damage which then turns to expensive maintenance fees for your car. 

Observe your driving habits and try to reduce fuel consumption to save some extra cash. 

10.Avoid Toll Roads

Roads with tolls are the worst. Not only are you spending money on gas, but you’ve also got to fork out the cash to pay toll fees on top of that. 

Whip out the GPS and set the route to avoid toll roads. You may spend some extra time on the road but hey, if you’re not in a hurry, then why not. 

11.Keep Up With Technology

You don’t have to be the next tech geek or stress about how you’re going to master social media. No, that’s not what this is about. 

Technology isn’t something you think about when it comes to frugal living for senior citizens but thinks about it, how many online sales and coupons have you missed out on because you’re not familiar with your smartphone?

All the apps and subscription fees paid should be put to good use so learn how to use your smartphone to get yourself on cheap deals online. 

12.Limit Dining Out

All the time spent attending functions, corporate events, and dining out at fancy restaurants should come to a halt. 

You’re going to drain your savings if this lifestyle is continued. Cook at home and eat those meals and try to only dine out on special occasions. 

 13.Lounge In Underwear

Fewer clothes worn = less washing = save utility bills.

If you’re going to be spending your time at home watching TV alone or with your partner, what’s the use of putting on layers of clothing? Lounging in your underwear is probably more comfortable anyway. 

Ps; Try not to flash your neighbours but if you do, roll with it and do the helicopter dance! 🙂

14.Safe Driving Course

Get a discount on your car insurance by taking up a safe driving course. 

Although the main aim for most senior drivers participating in these courses is to drive safely, completing the course has an added advantage: substantial insurance premium discounts!

Give your insurance company a call and check which courses do they accept. 

Once you’ve got the information from them, check out AAA or AARP for driving courses that would help you save money on your insurance premium. 

Frugal Living Tips For Seniors when traveling

15.Travel On A Budget

Now that time is in your hands, travel during off-peak season. You’ll save money on airfare, hotels, and entertainment activities. 

Take advantage of the seniors discount and make it a habit to inquire whether there is a discount wherever you go. 

Doing this will help you to have frugal retirement living.

16.Become Fix-It-Felix

Just like the cartoon character from Wreck-It Ralph, try to fix an item if it’s broken. During times like The Great Depression, the thought of replacing an item instead of fixing it wouldn’t even cross the minds of those living a frugal life. 

Not only is this one of the useful frugal living tips for seniors, but it is also a great habit to build on. 

17.Save On Utilities

Frugal living for seniors would not be complete without this tip. Hit up your electric provider and see if they can offer a discount based on income level and age. 

Besides, you can save the bill by simply being mindful of the usage of electrical appliances around your home. 

Basic habits like turning off the lights once you’re leaving, regulating your thermostat, or unplugging the appliances when not in use contribute to a lower utility bill. 

Frugal Living Tips For Seniors

18. Simplify Your Finances

Do you need three different credit cards Norman? 

Go through all your savings accounts and consolidate them. Read through all the investment reports and only keep your money invested in funds that are bringing you profits. 

Pay cash whenever possible and just keep it simple.  Have a frugal retirement budget.

19.Revise Your Phone Plan

Downgrade your mobile phone and internet subscription to the one within your frugal retirement budget. There’s no need to make a bee-line for the latest phone when Apple announces a new launch. 

It will help you for living frugally in retirement.

20.Shop SecondHand

From furniture, cook utensils, to gardening supplies, every item you could ever want can probably be found online for a cheaper price. 

Take a trip to the next yard sale and snag yourself some valuable goodies at a fraction of the price. 

saving hacks for seniors

21. Get Involved In The Community

Getting involved with the community and volunteering can help fill your time up without costing you a dime. 

Now that you’re no longer going to work daily to meet your coworkers and having a laugh about the day with them, it may get lonely to sit around all day doing nothing. 

Being involved in the community can change that. 

You will meet new people and participate in activities that will fill your time and even bring you joy. 

22.Grow Your Food

Even though the convenience of grocery stores nowadays is unparalleled, growing your food comes with its benefits. 

Fruits and vegetables that are grown locally tend to be more nutritious and there are no harmful chemicals and pesticides sprayed all over them. You get to stay active by tending to them, keeping a healthy body. 

You can start with trying to plant your herbs and move your way up from there!

23.Get Baking

The cost of a loaf of bread may seem small but if you’re going to practice eating simply, you’ll be running through multiple loaves of bread before you know it. 

Baking your bread will cost less in the long run, taste better, and you can customize the flavors as you wish!

24. Sell Things You Own

Not only will you be making money, can you imagine how tidy and organized your house will look with only the essentials?

Fewer dusting, fewer knick-knacks to tuck away, fewer furniture to arrange, your cleaning time will be reduced significantly! 

Frugal Living Tips For Seniors

25.Breeze Through The Clearance Section

One thing to consider with this particular information is that when it comes to food items in the clearance section, pay close attention to the viability of the food. 

Even if the price markdown is great, you don’t want to be eating cakes with mold or canned tomato soup that has expired. 

As long as you pay attention to these details, you’ll be saving tons of cash when shopping at the clearance section. 

26. Buy In Bulk

Buying in bulk helps you to save money, reduce packaging, and reduce food waste. 

When you’re buying produce in bulk and proceed to cook them in bulk, you’ll have meals sorted for days. 

It saves you the hassle of thinking about what to eat, you save time by making less frequent trips to the grocery store, and buying in bulk forces you to stick to only the essential items. 

27.Freeze Your Food

Now that you’ve honed the skills of buying in bulk and meal planning, time to make them last longer and keep them fresh for continuous consumption. 

Freeze fresh produce and meals that are prepped to stretch their lifespan. Frozen food tends to preserve its nutritional values for a longer period. 

How to Save 3000 in 3 Months

28. Revise Insurance Policy

 You’ve been paying your insurance premium for years now, but it is about time to revise all the policies under your name and surrender all unwanted policies. 

Note- Please maintain your home and car insurance.

Besides, if you are no longer working, your disability benefits can be dropped. Examine your insurance to make sure it suits your new way of life.

29.Downsize Your Home

Are you still living in the 4200 sqft house that your kids grew up in? Time to consider a new place to call home. 

If you’re living alone now or it’s just you and your partner, living in a large space just leads to excessive electricity and water consumption. Downsizing your home means less cleaning and when it is closer to more amenities, you will save money in the long run. 

30.Amenity-Filled Area

Being in your retirement means you should be able to relax. Move to an area that is filled with all necessary amenities like the grocery store, bus or train station, library, or the doctors. 

You do not want to endure long hours of traffic just to get your teeth checked do you? 

Having the convenience of visiting these places will not only save your time but save money as well.  

Frugal Living Tips For Seniors

31. Senior Subsidies

Making use of senior subsidies and discounts can be truly advantageous. 

Read up on all the benefits that the government and private organizations offer and discover ways you can increase your savings and reduce expenses. 

32.Hold The Redecorating

As much as it is tempting to break down the wall between your living area and the kitchen, try to hold off on the idea. 

Redecorating and renovation take up a significant amount of money. 

Try maintaining your home as it is and if you’re truly keen on changing the scenery, try shopping second-hand for furniture or any additional pieces you’d like to add to the house.

Frugal Living Tips For Seniors

33. Library

Time to catch up on the reading folks. All your time of being a youth has ripped you off of quality reading time. 

Get yourself a library card and get in some reading for free entertainment that is both good for your mental health and wallet. 

34. Public Transport

It’s understandable if you’re no longer fit as a fiddle and can’t walk or bike everywhere, instead of taking your car around, spending money on gas toll, and getting stuck in traffic, make use of public transport!

Be sure to check if the public transportation services in your country offer senior transportation pass, so that  you can save yourself the extra cash and move around freely!

35.Free Entertainment

Hit the parks, museums, or local events for a fun-filled day without reducing your bank balance!

A stroll in the park, picnic by the beach, or taking dorky selfies in front of a 200-year-old painting. The national parks and federal recreational lands have senior passes that you can take advantage of so put on your most comfortable pair of shoes and get going!

36. Ease Up On The Celebrations

Hey look, I’m all for having a good time with close friends and family, but have you realized how expensive some celebrations can get?

The food, drinks, and gifts purchased can leave a huge hole in your pocket if done frequently. Organize potlucks and thrift presents to help you on your journey of frugal living for seniors.

37.Cable TV

You don’t want to be wasting your retirement glued in front of the TV, watching Jeopardy with a bottle of wine in your hand, do you?

Get rid of the cable service, save yourself some money, and start exploring the world. There are so many things to do in your spare time, and traveling on a budget is possible!

38.The 72 Hour Rule

Of course, I’ve got to include this as one of the frugal living tips for seniors. 

You see that nice silverware and your hands are itching to purchase it. Wait for 72 hours. 

Most people impulsively purchase items and then regret them after. You don’t want to be one of them. When you’re feeling an impulse rise, wait for 72 hours, if you still feel like buying the item, then go ahead and make the purchase. 

Within 72 hours, your brain tends to rationalize your purchase and you will know if the purchase is worth it or otherwise. 

39.Coupons Are Your Best Friend

It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping online or in a store, make coupons your best friend! You will save tremendously if you can get your hands on the best coupons. 

From discounts to free merchandise, coupons have got you covered. 

saving hacks for seniors

40. DIY Cleaning Products

Time to get creative with homemade cleaning products!

Get your hands on some vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, lemon, baking soda, and castile soap and you will never need to purchase another cleaning product. 

41. Wear Your Clothes Inside Out

I’ve got to include this as one of the frugal living tips for seniors. When you’re spending most of your days indoors, you don’t have to do your laundry as frequently as you used to. 

Wear your clothes inside out and you’re good to go. 

42.Move To A Cheaper Area

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that living in prime areas and big cities inevitably increase your cost of living. Move to a cheaper and save your money on groceries, transportation, and simple day-to-day transactions.

43. Cut Your Subscriptions

You don’t need the premium subscription across Netflix, Youtube, and Hulu. Review your subscriptions and cut them down. 

Chances are, you’re barely using most of the facilities you’re paying for. So, go through them with a fine comb and only pay for the services you’re using. 

44. Read News Online

Hey, you can read grandma’s frugal days blog or politics online, as long as you’re reading them online, you’re saving money on buying a physical newspaper. 

Even though it’s not the same as reading the original newspaper, you will still be getting the same amount of information if not more by reading them online. 

Besides, do you honestly read every section of the newspaper? I don’t think so.

Read the news on topics that interest you online and keep up with everything that is going on around the world. 

45. Reduce The Number Of Cars

You’re probably not on the road as frequently as you used to be now that you’re retired.

 Reducing the number of cars will not only reduce the cost of fuel spent but you will be saving on the overall maintenance cost of the car. 

Besides, you’ll be making money by selling one of your cars. 

46. Prioritize Off-Peak Deals

Try to plan your days and activities around the off-peak season. 

This is the time when you can make the most of eating out, airfare deals and traveling. These types of bargains are a win-win situation because they save you money while still allowing you to avoid the crowds. 

47. Property Taxes

Freeze them. By freezing your property taxes at their current level, you will put a stop to the constant hike of taxes. To find out whether you’re registered and what you need to do to apply, contact your state’s department of taxation.

Frugal Living Tips For Seniors

How Do I Live Frugally In Retirement?

You can be living a frugal life and enjoy your retirement. 

It comes down to making financial decisions that don’t compromise your comfort. The key is to focus on spending money on things and experiences that are of quality for less. 

Be clear of a fixed amount of money you need to sustain your lifestyle during retirement and perform an audit check for everything else. For you to live frugally in retirement, cutting costs is inevitable. 

It would be easy for you to spend the bills during retirement because now you have the one thing you probably did not have while you were working – time. The only difference now is that even if the income stream has reduced or stopped, essential expenses such as getting groceries, paying the rent, or paying utilities still occur.

So practice these frugal living tips to ensure that you’re not drowning in money-related stress after working for many years. Keep your expenses in check, cut down where you can, and enjoy your retirement. 

How Do You Live Like The Great Depression?

What started as an economic recession, the Great Depression is one of the longest and relentless economic downfalls the world has faced. 

Those who had to live through the great depression practiced being frugal as a means of survival. 

Your grandparents will tell you that even though times were tough beyond measure, frugal living became an art, practiced by people across the globe, trying to save money to the best of their abilities. 

No, we’re not living in the great depression anymore but there’s no harm in practicing some of these sustainable habits to save you some extra cash. 

Some of the habits are :

  • Eat simple meals
  • Try foraging
  • Practice barter systems
  • Recycle
  • Layer clothes to stay warm
  • Walk or cycle
  • Grow a garden
  • Learn sewing
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Reduce electricity consumption
Frugal Living Tips For Seniors

Best Frugal Senior Blogs To Follow

In this age and time, who isn’t on social media? These statistics show that 69% of adults aged between 50 – 64 are on social media, and 41% of Facebook users are adults aged 65 and above.

Frugal living blogs for seniors are in trend now and many seniors are jumping on the bandwagon!

There are several frugal retirement blogs that you can read and learn from these precious people. These living frugal websites for seniors will help you to plan your budget in a strategic way.

With plenty of time in their hand, seniors are turning to social media, primarily blogs, as a means of communication. Plenty of seniors are turning to blogs to seek advice, make new friends, or learn new skills.

The frugal blogs for seniors have great value to live within our means. They have valuable budgeting tips for senior citizens.

Topics such as food, fashion, travel, and health care are covered by these seniors, blogging their way in retirement. These frugal seniors blogs are inspirational and motivating. They have many frugal retirement tips for seniors.

FAQs About Frugal Living Tips For Seniors

How To Live Frugally In Retirement?

Here are a few ways how to live frugally in retirement:

  • Get your finances in order. Organize your money so you can work out what you’ll have to live on.
  • Wind down gently. Ensure a smoother transition by retiring in stages.
  • Prepare for ups and downs.
  • Eat well.
  • Develop a routine.
  • Exercise your mind.
  • Keep physically active.
  • Make a list.

How To Live Frugal?

Here are some tips about how to live frugal:

  • Start budgeting. Creating and sticking to a budget is fundamental to your financial success. 
  • Meal plan. 
  • Cook in bulk. 
  • Take a look in your pantry. 
  • Check out coupons. 
  • Sell things you don’t need. 
  • Buy used things. 
  • Return things you don’t need.

How To Become Frugal?

Given below are a few tips on how to become frugal:

  • Create a budget. 
  • Use coupons when you can. 
  • Save on groceries. 
  • Lower your monthly bills. 
  • Cut down on subscriptions. 
  • Meal prep at home. 
  • Find free activities. 
  • Buy used clothes, furniture, or sporting goods.

How To Live A Frugal Lifestyle?

How to live a frugal lifestyle is probably a question in your mind.

The principle of the Frugal Living lifestyle is value for money, where you have to live a life with minimal living costs.

Some people who live this lifestyle will think more about future finances such as insurance and deposits rather than living lavishly. Buy only what is needed. Use things for a longer time and avoid lavish spending.

How To Live Frugally On Social Security?

Given here are tips about how to live frugally on social security:

  • Stick to a budget. 
  • Plan for healthcare costs. 
  • Cut your housing costs. 
  • Pay yourself. 
  • Move to a lower-cost area. 
  • Forgo eating out. 
  • Hire a financial advisor. 
  • Reassess your insurance needs.

How Do Seniors Live Frugally?

Is it possible for seniors to live frugally? Yes, surely.

Slashing your grocery spending is a high-impact way to help you have a frugal retirement. Clip coupons, find ways to reduce food waste, buy generic products, start a garden, and shop at stores that boast low prices, like Aldi or Trader Joe’s.

What Is A Good Monthly Retirement Income?

A good monthly retirement income is about 80% of your pre-retirement income before leaving the workforce. For example, if your pre-retirement income is $5,000 you should aim to have a $4,000 retirement income. You must have enough income to not only survive but also have some money to spare for sudden emergencies.

What Are Five Sources Of Retirement Income?

Five of your sources of retirement income could be:

  • Guaranteed Income (i.e. Social Security, Annuities)
  • Pension plans (i.e., defined benefit plans)
  • Individual Retirement Accounts.
  • Retirement savings, including 401(k), 403(b), and 457 plans.
  • Other non-retirement savings, including brokerage accounts, savings accounts, and certificates of deposit (CDs)

How To Save Money As A Senior Citizen?

You can save money as a senior citizen by following the tips given below:

  • Downsize to a smaller living place. 
  • Pruning non-essential expenses like eating outside. 
  • Starting a side hustle. This will keep the cash flow coming.
  • Finding free fun. Going for a walk in the woods rather than a club.
  • Make annual payments when applicable. This will give you a discount.

How Can I Live As Cheap As Possible?

Here is how you can live as cheap as possible:

  • Have just one car for the whole family. Many families have two or more cars. 
  • Live in a smaller house that will cater to your needs and also the maintenance cost will be less.
  • Prefer a small car to reduce fuel and maintenance costs.
  • Renting sometimes works out cheaper than owning a house.
  • Look for used things first. 
  • Eat out less. 

Extreme frugality for seniors is entirely possible!

You’re now well into the realm of retirement but these frugal living tips for seniors are here to keep the stress out and the money in. You want these golden years to be fun and light, filled with laughter and fun. 

The last thing that should be on your plate is the burden and hassle of sorting out your finances. Frugal living and frugal tips for seniors can ensure you never run out of funds and enjoy your retirement!

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