48 Craft Hobbies That Make Money ( Low Cost Too!)

Hey there you creative cat! Looking for all the best craft hobbies that make money ? 

For some people, hobbies are just something enjoyable they do to pass time or destress, but did you know they can also earn you money too? 

There are plenty of craft hobbies that make money, and the best part is you don’t have to be super artsy or skilled to get started.

 If you’re looking to boost your income or simply want to try something new, here’s our pick of 48 crafts that make money.

Here’s a quick glance at our top craft hobbies that make the most money. Read on to know more! 

  1. Charm bracelets and collectable trinkets
  2. Polymer clay earrings
  3. Engraved bangles
  4. Necklace pendants
  5. Bath bombs
  6. Organic lip balm
  7. Body scrubs
  8. Organic skincare
  9. Natural makeup
  10. Clay or ceramic Vases
  11. Lamps
  12. Home textiles such as pillows, rugs and throws
  13. Wall decor (art prints, decals, signs)
  14. Furniture such as ottomans, coffee tables, stools
  15. Candles
  16. Canvas paintings/ Framed art prints
  17. Paint-by-number kits
  18. Postcards
  19. Posters
  20. Mugs
  21. Tshirts and other clothing items
  22. Tote Bags
  23. Personalised bibs, rompers, and towels 
  24. Pacifier straps
  25. Activity kits for kids
  26. Hats
  27. Pet toys
  28. Customised pet Collars
  29. Homemade pet treats
  30. Pet beds/pillows
  31. Personalised place name cards
  32. Wedding signboard
  33. Custom Guestbook
  34. Party favours
  35. Headbands
  36. Handkerchiefs
  37. Swaddles
  38. Cushion covers
  39. Sticker packs
  40. Personalised coasters
  41. Cake toppers
  42. Mask/glasses chains
  43. Custom notebooks
  44. Macrame crafts
  45. Placemats
  46. Enamel pins
  47. Resin Bookmarks
  48. Upcycled goods

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Craft Hobbies That Make Money (The most profitable options)

craft hobbies that make money


Nothing screams ‘I Love You’ quite like unique, handcrafted jewellery. 

Whether it’s gifting a delicate trinket to someone special or treating yourself to a beautiful piece of bling, handmade jewellery is distinctly prized and highly in demand for the fine craftsmanship and skill needed to handle the precious metals and gems.

Jewellery crafting doesn’t have to be expensive – working with cheaper materials such as glass beads, wire, and clay will still enable you to craft beautiful pieces that are also affordable.

Working your way up to more precious metals and gems allows you to command a higher price for your skills and product quality

Some jewellery crafts you can try:

  • Charm bracelets and collectable trinkets
  • Polymer clay earrings
  • Engraved bangles
  • Necklace pendants

2.Bath and Body products

craft hobbies that make money

Bath and body products are the holy grail of handmade crafts that make the most money. 

They are relatively easy and cheap to produce, and people love trying new products whether it’s a fresh scent, a new recipe, or simply pampering themself with a bit of TLC. 

The beauty industry might be dominated by mega brands, but that doesn’t mean small, independent craft businesses are left out.

The demand for organic, homemade, and all-natural products is higher than ever due to more knowledgeable consumers who want healthy alternatives that make them feel good inside and out.

Because they run out and can expire, they are always in demand, although there is usually a cap on how much customers are willing to pay for a fairly simple product. 

Making large batches of bath and body products by bulk buying raw ingredients at wholesale prices and refining your crafting process can significantly reduce labour time and increase your profits.

Selling large volumes of products through wholesale markets or retailers is a great way to get your brand out and guarantees good cash flow for your business. 

The key to locking down retailers is having a unique product and a strong brand.

Think artisanal, organic, and all-natural.

Some popular bath and body product crafts are:

  • Bath bombs
  • Organic lip balm
  • Body scrubs
  • Organic skincare
  • Natural makeup

3.Home Decor

craft hobbies that make money

While Ikea may be the home furnishing mecca, nobody wants their home to feel like an Ikea showroom. 

Mixing it up with unique decor items carefully sourced from small crafting businesses can add warmth and personality to a space.

The great thing about home decor crafts is there is no limit on how much customers are willing to spend. 

While smaller items such as candles and vases might sell for cheaper, custom rugs, wall hangings, and other furniture can easily fetch hundreds to thousands of dollars.

The key to maximising your profitable craft hobby is to keep overhead costs low and opt for crafts that don’t require expensive equipment to produce. Producing items in bulk can also significantly reduce costs and give you higher profit margins.

The home decor business is a huge industry, and crafts that make money from this category include:

  • Clay or ceramic Vases
  • Lamps
  • Home textiles such as pillows, rugs and throws
  • Wall décor (art, decals, signs, clocks)
  • Furniture such as ottomans, coffee tables, stools
  • Candles

4.Art Products

For crafters with a serious artistic side, creating art products is a great way to showcase your talent and style. 

It is also a very versatile way to make money crafting. 

Art supplies can be pricey and making art can be a long process, however, a lot of art can also be sold at more premium prices especially for unique, one-off pieces.

Another way of making money from art crafts is to use the artwork on various products or merchandise. 

You can either source suppliers on your own or use print-on-demand services such as Society6 and RedBubble. This allows you to repurpose the same artwork over and over without adding to the initial production cost.

Some arts and crafts that make money:

  • Canvas paintings/ Framed art prints
  • Paint-by-number kits
  • Postcards
  • Posters
  • Mugs
  • Tshirts and other clothing items
  • Tote Bags

5.Baby and Kid Products

craft hobbies that make money

No one can resist cute babies – especially not parents and close aunts and uncles! 

Baby and kid craft items are a goldmine for any aspiring crafter, but keep in mind that these products have a stricter quality standard (eg, non-toxic materials).

Babies and kids go through clothing and other products very quickly, so the demand is always high. Cater to baby showers, births, and other milestones with these baby and kids craft products:

  • Personalised bibs, rompers, and towels 
  • Pacifier straps
  • Activity kits for kids
  • Hats

6.Pet Products

Similar to the demand for baby products, pet owners are often willing to splurge on unique items for their fur babies. Pet products are part of a growing multi-billion dollar industry that is still relatively young so competition is relatively low.

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These pet products are some of the craft hobbies that make money :

  • Pet toys
  • Customised Collars
  • Homemade pet treats
  • Pet beds/pillows

7.Wedding Products

craft hobbies that make money

Weddings are one of the best categories for crafters to venture into. 

Personalised touches starting from engagement announcements, bachelorette party items, party favours, and wedding decor really help make a wedding unique to each couple and set the stage for a truly memorable occasion.

Some wedding related money making crafts include:

  • Personalised place name cards
  • Wedding signboard
  • Custom Guestbook
  • Party favours

8.Sewn Products

craft hobbies that make money

Sewing is one of those life skills that, if used creatively, can produce great hobby crafts to sell. 

Sewn products can range widely from simple to very complicated to make. 

If you’re looking to maximise sales and profits, focus a large percentage of your time and capital on easy to sell and profitable craft hobbies that don’t take too much time to produce.

Here are some sewn money making hobby ideas:

  • Headbands
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Swaddles
  • Cushion covers

Easy Craft Hobbies That Make Money

If you’re new to crafting and want to start out a crafting hobby business, these easy craft hobbies are a great place to start honing your creative side.

 They require minimal skills and are basically fail-proof!

  • Sticker packs
  • Personalised coasters
  • Cake toppers
  • Mask/glasses chains

Cheap Craft Hobbies

Crafting can be expensive, especially if you’re using high-quality premium supplies.

For crafters just starting out, it’s advisable to start with something that doesn’t cost too much to produce.

Once you are more established and have the hang of running a craft hobby business, you can opt to level up to more premium supplies. 

Here are some cheap hobbies that make money:

  • Custom notebooks
  • Macrame crafts
  • Placemats
craft hobbies that make money

Unique Craft Hobbies

Venturing into unique craft hobbies as a business can be a double-edged sword.

 On the one hand, it is easier to stand out with unique products. On the other hand, the market for your product might be very small. 

Finding the right balance between being too niche and being just another craft business is key to a successful profitable craft hobby.

For those who want a bigger creative challenge or if you’re just looking for a unique niche to start your crafting hobby, why not try one of these unique craft hobbies that make money:

  • Enamel pins
  • Resin Bookmarks
  • Upcycled goods
craft hobbies that make money

Why Selling Crafts Is A Great Way To Make Money

Arts and crafts are part of a growing $40b market – and for good reason too! 

More and more people are spending time at home and are discovering the benefits of having a creative outlet. 

People also want to add unique touches to their personal space, and crafts are one of the best ways to accessorize spaces without bursting their budgets. 

With the rise of more discerning consumers who look for quality, authenticity, and care put into a product, they also don’t mind spending a bit more for something uniquely handcrafted with a high level of attention to detail. 

Who Can Make Money From Crafting

Everyone! If you enjoy creating things with your hands, or love putting your unique touch on everything around you, or if working from home is something you enjoy, selling crafts is a perfect way to start a profitable side hustle

Selling crafts is a great way to make money from the comforts of your home. There are plenty of money making crafts for men and women alike to get their hands into.

Crafting is a very general term – basically if you’re making something with your hands, it can be turned into craft hobbies that make money! 

For example, if you love baking, why not try selling personalised designed sugar cookies?

 Or if you’re a carpenter, there are plenty of woodworking projects to make money from

How about selling wooden coasters made from discarded offcuts and scraps?

Stay at home moms (or dads!), students, freelance workers, and retirees are some of the people who can benefit from crafting hobbies. Hobbies that make money for stay at home moms and dads include art prints, eco-friendly homeware, or even decorative sculptures.

If DIY is your middle name, then selling your DIY hobbies or projects might be the perfect side hustle or online business for you to venture into. 

Age is also no limit to crafting hobbies. Senior citizens can benefit hugely from retirement hobbies that make money – it keeps their minds sharp and hands moving and avoids them falling into inactivity and boredom.

What Crafts Are Most Profitable?

People who buy crafts are usually looking for one of the following things: uniqueness, practicality, and aesthetics. Tap into these, and your money making hobbies will be on course for getting a good share of the crafting market. 

Generally, crafts that can make the most money are those that have a short production lead time and are relatively cheap to produce. 

For example, while knitting and crocheting might be cheap, they also take a while to make, which reduces the number of products you can put out regularly. 

Some of the most profitable craft hobbies are in the following categories:

Seasonal related crafts

Similarly, catering to the increased spending during seasonal holidays is a great strategy to sell crafts that make the most profit. 

It’s also a great way to boost your businesses visibility and awareness by keeping your products fresh and relevant to the current season.

Personalized goods

Having the ability to personalise your crafts increases their value significantly. 

If you already have a solid product line, adding a ‘personalisation’ option will expand your market and allow you to price your products at a more premium price. You get better business, and your customers are happier because they get something unique. It’s a win-win!

craft hobbies that make money

Can You Make Money From Crafting? 


Crafting is one of the hobbies that make good money. Crafting takes a certain amount of creative skill, an eye for aesthetics, and an entrepreneurial spirit to market your crafted goods. 

That said, it’s definitely something anybody can learn to do with the right mindset. 

The best part is, making money through crafting doesn’t have to stop at you selling your crafted products. Why not make courses or workshops teaching people about your craft passion? 

As someone who would have access to a lot of raw crafting materials, you could also start selling DIY craft kits or even raw materials themselves.

You can also use your crafting to create social media content to boost your following, which in turn, will lead to more sales. Above all, it’s important to be authentic and connect with your audience – after all, if they wanted something generic they could always just buy from chain stores. 

People buy crafts for that human factor.

Best Places To Sell Your Crafts And Make Money

There are so many ways you can sell your crafts these days, with relatively low startup costs – some are even free. Test the waters and know your market so you can choose to focus your sales on one channel or diversify.

Social Media

Utilizing social media is a great way to start selling your craft hobby products. 

It is easy and free to join and use, and allows you to build up your brand by engaging with your customers and followers through informative and entertaining content. 

A downside to using social media as your main sales channel is that they are normally not purpose-made as a dedicated sales interface so your customers might find it harder to browse your products and follow through to checkout.

Some inspiring social media crafters to follow:

Personal Website/Blog

Setting up a store on your personal website is a great way to have control over your business’ branding and a more personalised customer experience

Some popular options are Woo Commerce and Shopify. However, it takes some tech-savvy skills to set up your own e-commerce store and you might need additional ways to channel traffic to your online store. 

Depending on your payment options you may also get a certain percentage cut taken by the payment gateway provider.

Some cool crafting blogs and websites to check out:

Online Marketplaces 

One of the most popular places to sell your crafts is an online marketplace such as Etsy or  Artfire. It is fairly simple to set up an online store and the customer base is huge. 

That said, you will be up against a lot of competition and might need specific SEO and marketing skills to boost your products’ visibility. Additionally, online marketplaces usually take a larger cut of your sales.

Here are some popular online marketplace to sell your craft hobbies:

Also, here is a FREE Etsy Ebook that will share a list of best-selling products by month and teach you how to capitalize on seasonal trends to make sales.

Physical Marketplaces 

A more traditional (but still very effective) place to sell your craft products is a physical marketplace, such as a craft fair, farmers market, street bazaar and so on. 

While setting up a market stall might take a lot of effort, manpower, and even cost, it’s one of the best ways to sell your crafts especially if your craft product is something unique. 

Physical marketplaces allow customers to see and feel the products in real life and it’s a great opportunity to build authentic engagement between yourself and your customers.

Tips On How To Make Money From Your Craft Hobby

  • Offer personalisation Services.

A huge percentage of people buying craft items love the ability to personalise their items. That way, it truly is uniquely theirs! Consider offering personalisation services to your products – this can be either through add-on features like painted on calligraphy, stickers, or even engraving. 

  • Mix and match

If personalisation is out of your scope, perhaps you could consider having a “mix and match” approach. For instance, allowing your customer to choose the colour combination and arrangement or composition of their desired product. People like the idea of being in control and having options. 

  • Marketing and promotion

Good marketing is crucial for your craft hobby to turn a profit. Word of mouth recommendations, reviews, good photographs and accurate descriptions of your craft product are all important components to a strong product and brand.

  • Do your research 

Find out the market of your craft hobby, or if you are still deciding on what craft to attempt, a simple google search of “most profitable crafts to sell 2021” will give you insight into the best crafts that make money.

  • Take it easy!

Hobby jobs that make money can sometimes take the fun out of your passion – make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself to the point that your craft hobby no longer brings you joy.

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While most people don’t usually pick up a hobby to make money from it, it’s not surprising that more and more people are transforming their hobbies into money-making businesses as a way to boost their income streams. 

Discover your creative side and why not try one of these craft hobbies that make money? You might just discover a hidden talent and a new passion, and earn a pretty penny while doing it too!

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