evergreen blogging niches

23 Profitable Evergreen Blogging Niches in 2024

Are you searching for evergreen blogging niches that will give you timeless content ideas and also profitable?

Here’s the ultimate list of the best evergreen blogging niches including evergreen blogging sub-niches that will always be in demand and make you money! 

One of the most critical factors to consider (that honestly outweighs all other factors) when starting a blog is picking a niche.

Why, you ask? 

Well, the niche you choose will determine the long-term success of your blog. 

I know this because I run 6 blogs and some niches are harder and faster to monetise than others!

Once you’ve chosen a niche, that is mainly what you’ll be writing about on your blog. And if your goal is for your blog to be ‘always profitable’, you have to create content that is ‘always’ relevant. 

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evergreen blogging niches

In this post, we will be sharing with you the most sought-after, highly profitable evergreen blogging niches that will never go out of style. 

If you are in a rush, here is a quick list of evergreen niches in blogging:

23 Evergreen Blogging Niches

1. Health & Fitness Niche 

2. Personal Finance Niche

3. Blogging Niche 

4. Technology Niche 

5. Making Money Niche

6. Digital Marketing Niche

7. Career Niche

8. Food Niche 

9. Self Help Niche 

10. Travel Niche 

11. Gardening Niche

12. Product Review Niche

13. Startup Niche

14. Fashion Niche

15. Lifestyle Niche

16. Home Decor Niche

17. Parenting Niche

18. Relationship Niche

19. Online Learning Niche

20. Pet Niche

21. DIY & Craft Niche

22. Real Estate Niche

23. Entertainment Niche

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evergreen blogging niches

1. Health & Fitness Niche 

The health and fitness niche is really great for you if you’ve got a medical or health background, and are certified or accredited in the areas that you will be blogging about as Health and Fitness fall under the YMYL niche

A YMYL niche requires a site to have authority to rank and compete in them. 

That aside, did you know that health topics are one of the most searched for topics across the internet? 

From common aches and diseases to home remedies for colds, and weight loss, people are constantly searching for solutions to their personal health. 

Health and fitness blogs usually educate or help solve a problem such as how to sleep better or how to lose weight effectively. 

As health and fitness is such a broad niche, it’ll be easier to build authority if you niche down. There are tons of sub-niches under this topic such as healthy eating, diets, workouts for weight loss, and pregnancy and postpartum care. 

For example, one of my personal favorites in the health niche is Health Nut Nutrition by nutritionist Nicole Goncalves, where she shares healthy recipes and her family’s health journey. 

evergreen blogging niches

2. Personal Finance Niche

The personal finance niche also falls under the YMYL niche and is great for you if you have experience in the finance industry. 

Personal finance is essentially financial management practices that are crucial in everyday life and it is one of the most profitable evergreen niches.

Personal finance management involves planning, budgeting, saving, and investing in different stages of our lives.

Each individual has to have an understanding of their financial situation and have some amount of financial literacy so that they can manage their money responsibly. 

Some of the personal finance sub-niches include managing debt, improving credit scores, budgets for different stages in life, and saving money. 

An example of a personal finance blog with a focus on budgeting is Budgets Are Sexy founded by J.Money, personal finance enthusiasts who documented his journey of growing his net worth to $1 million. 

evergreen blogging niches

3. Blogging Niche 

You may be wondering why blog about blogging? 

There are over 600 million blogs on the internet, and there are over 31 million active bloggers in the United States alone, making blogging one of the popular evergreen blogging niche.

I hope these numbers are convincing enough to get you to start a blog about blogs. If you’ve been blogging for a while now, share your own journey on starting a blog. 

Whether it’s about increasing traffic, making digital ad revenue, affiliate marketing, or tips on how to write blog posts, I’m sure there is someone out there who’ll want to learn from you! 

Just use my journey and blog as inspiration to start your own blog, even better if it is in one of the evergreen blogging niches! Head on over here to check out my content on blogging. 

evergreen niches list

4. Technology Niche 

Technology is ever-present in our lives, and there are technological advancements taking place every day. 

So, it’s safe to say that technology is here to stay and it is one of the top evergreen niches.

Even a person with no interest in technology looks up technology sites to learn about day-to-day technology like the devices they use, mobile applications, and software. 

If you’ve got a passion for technology and consider yourself a tech aficionado, this niche is perfect for you. As this niche is broad and highly competitive, it is best to niche down. 

A great way to make money with a tech blog is by reviewing and rating products and applications. 

You can provide tips on the best ways to use or fix technology, or areas like photography technology, artificial intelligence, and security technology. 

An example of a successful tech blog niche list is End Gadget, a blog that reviews technology, and shares current tech news. 

evergreen blogging niches

5. Making Money Niche

People are always trying to find ways to create another stream of income, whether it’s through a side hustle, starting a blog or business, or an online job from home. 

Making money also known as wealth creation is also a fairly broad area, there are a million things you can do online and offline to make some cash. 

So I suggest you niche down further to a target audience. Examples of some sub-niches include 

A great way to earn in this niche is by selling online courses or providing coaching services within your focus area. 

Have a look at these posts on how to make money! 

evergreen niches list

6. Digital Marketing Niche

The global digital marketing market size is projected to grow to an astounding $786.2 billion dollars by 2026

It is hard to overlook the importance of digital marketing in today’s world. It is a valuable commodity essential to business growth and brand presence. 

Every business, big and small is using digital marketing to reach and grow its target audience. 

Digital marketing encompasses a huge range of strategies, from social media and influencer marketing to digital advertising, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and email marketing

If you’ve got any experience with digital marketing, whether you’ve got a marketing degree or you’ve had personal experience growing your brand on social media, now is the time to share your favorite strategies with the world. 

Niche down to one of the many areas such as social media growth, SEO and keywords, how to market products or services with digital marketing, or the latest digital marketing trends. 

An example of a resourceful and profitable digital marketing niches blog by popular marketer and blogger Neil Patel

evergreen blogging niches

7. Career Niche

There is invariably a market for career guidance.

 Career guidance is useful to people at any point in their lives, whether they’re deciding on a college major, looking to make a career change, or accomplishing their career aspirations. 

There are many areas of focus within this topic that are worth writing about such as CV and resume writing & job hunting, upskilling, career development, and inclusivity and diversity in the workplace. 

You may also pick a niche related to your work experience, for example, if you’re a writer, you can share tips on how to write better, how to grow a writing business, and what skills are necessary for someone to become a writer. 

An example of a resourceful blog in this niche is The Bubble Blog, what is great about this blog is that the passion bounces off the words in every post. 

It’s obvious that the writers are sharing their personal experiences and they give readers exactly what they want in terms of advice, guidance, and realness. 

evergreen blogging niches

8. Food Niche 

Everyone shares a common love for food, thus it is your ideal evergreen topic and also one of the most profitable. 

There are plenty of evergreen food blogging niches to explore, from tasty, elaborate dinners, to simple 5-minute meals, or reviews of local cuisine. 

From the evergreen niche list, this niche is highly saturated, there are thousands of blogs providing recipes, cooking tips, meal plans, and diet plans. 

Get ideas on profitable food niches for your blog here

One of the latest trending niches in food that has caught on over the last few years is ‘home cooking’.

More and more people are subscribing to online cooking classes. 

However, if you have it in you to get creative and add your own unique spin to it with your own recipes, meal plans, or cooking style, you’ll do well. 

A great way to promote your food blog is to do so on visually-focused marketing platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram. You can also host online cooking classes and sell e-books with recipes. 

One of the most popular food blogs in the world, Deliciously Ella is a personal blog that transformed into a successful business. 

Ella, the author of the blog, started by sharing her plant-based recipes, and now she’s written several cookbooks, has a product line, and her very own cafe based in London. What an inspiration! 

evergreen blogging niches

9. Self Help Niche 

Personal growth may not be a linear process but it definitely is a lifelong journey that everyone partakes in. 

Self-improvement is important at any age and helps us improve the quality of our lives

Whether it’s about managing time or being more mindful, there are bloggers giving out great advice on how to tackle personal growth and development. 

The self-help niche is amazing as the goal is to ‘help’ someone with their life problems, you can do so by sharing your own journey, practices, and remedies. 

It is also a huge niche with thousands of sub-niches. I’m pretty sure there is something for everyone in this niche. 

The self-help niche also includes different coaching niches like life coaching, mindset coaching, emotional intelligence coaching, and so on.  If you’re into some form of coaching, this will be a great niche for you. 

One of my favorite self-help blogs is by blogger turned New York Best Selling Author, James Clear whose area of focus is habit development and productivity.  

evergreen niches list

10. Travel Niche 

Literally, anyone and everyone wants to travel for a myriad of reasons. 

Some of us love spending big bucks on luxury vacations at exotic destinations. 

Whilst some of us spend most of the year with our backpacks slung on, exploring every nook and corner of the earth. And for many, traveling somewhere is a family tradition. 

Travel is a ultimate niche blogging for anyone with a passion for adventure can write about.

There are also many interesting travel blog niches such as travel tips, traveling gear, traveling alone, best places to visit, being a digital nomad, and oh my god the list can go on! 

Women Wandering Beyond is a female travel and adventure blog sharing tips on travel and gear, travel activities, and great travel destinations for women. Alternatively you can create an Irish destination site like this or a location specific.

evergreen blogging niches

11. Gardening Niche

Gardening is a home-friendly hobby that has become increasingly popular and is here to stay

And you can absolutely make your love of gardening into a full-time blogging career. People are getting their hands dirty for a great many reasons. 

People want to learn about the basics of gardening, how to grow their own vegetables, how to make their gardens look more vibrant, and how to design their gardens. 

This niche is growing so rapidly alongside the consumption of organic produce. 

An example of a great gardening blog to follow is A Way To Garden by Margaret Roach who left New York City to start a farm upstate. 

The blog covers a wide range of vegetables and vines, perennials, and plant-to-table recipes amongst other things.

evergreen blog niches

12. Product Review Niche

Definitely high on the list of top earning blog niches, product review blogs typically make money through sponsored posts and affiliate marketing. 

If you’re particularly interested in testing out various kinds of products in a specific industry or for your home, for example, you should jump on the ‘product reviewer’ bandwagon. 

Product review sub-niches include technology and devices, makeup and skincare, cool or weird things, and literally any area that you love purchasing products from. 

The Wire Cutter is a product review blog with the goal of reviewing the best products in any given category. It is really impressive, the articles are thorough and read well, nothing seems sales pitchy.  

evergreen blogging niches

13. Startup Niche

Did you know that there are more than 500 million entrepreneurs worldwide and that in 2021 there were 5.4 million startups registered in the US alone? 

More and more people see a benefit in becoming their own bosses and are opting to start their own ventures. 

Are you a new business owner or have experience working with startups, here’s your opportunity to monetize all that knowledge. 

Startup bloggers write and create other content forms such as videos and podcasts, on some elements of starting and sustaining a business and how to avoid failing. 

You can share about your own entrepreneurial journey, educate others on the best tools or marketing for startups, or even share the stories of many entrepreneurs. 

There is honestly so much great content you can come up with in this area. 

A noteworthy startup blog that focuses on SaaS startups by software entrepreneur Dharmesh Shah, is On Startups. On Startups is about all things how to start and succeed as a software startup. 

14. Fashion Niche

It is one of the top evergreen blogging niches but for fashion, you need passion! 

Blogging about apparel or fashion and style has been bountiful for bloggers who truly know fashion.  

If you love fashion and are always keeping up with fashion trends, this may just be the thing for you. There are plenty of areas within fashion that one can explore. 

Some of the best fashion blog niches are categorized by season, style, fashion outfits for certain events, design, and shoes and accessories. Other great fashion sub-niches include plus-size fashion and capsule wardrobes. 

Fashion blog is also one of the best evergreen niches for affiliate marketing as you can suggest where to purpose the outfits with an affiliate partner.

Here are some fashion blog post ideas for you! 

One of my favorite fashion bloggers is Audrey Coyne of Audrey A La Mode who is also a YouTuber with 715K subscribers. Her fashion style is very minimalistic providing tips on how to find your personal style in simplicity. 

evergreen blogging niches

15. Lifestyle Niche

Lifestyle blogs are one of the most popular blogging niches you will find on the internet. What sets aside a lifestyle blogger from other types of bloggers is that their content is inspired by their personal lives. 

Each lifestyle blog is highly personalized, oftentimes with a distinctive blend of the author’s interests, location, and stage in life. 

Lifestyle blog niches cover a wide range of content that you can pick and choose from such as home, family, recipes, parenting, travel, fashion, beauty, and more. 

The lifestyle topic is also an evergreen affiliate niche as it is a great way to promote products and services. You can also make money through digital ads. 

A great example of a lifestyle blog is Wit & Delight by self-taught writer Kate Arends who started this blog for those who wanted to learn about creating a life of joy. 

evergreen blogging niches

16. Home Decor Niche

The home decor niche is huge, and as long as people are living in a space they call home, you’ll be making money off your blog! 

A lot of people look to interior design, and home decor blogs for inspiration on how to do up their own homes. 

Just take a look at the number of vision boards on Pinterest that are on home decor.

When choosing this niche, you can niche down further to home decor specific to style, region, ways of living, and expertise. 

Some of my favorite areas of home decor are budget-friendly home decor, DIY home decor, minimalist home decor, and home organization

evergreen blogging niches

17. Parenting Niche 

Parents are ‘the’ evergreen market, there is never going to be a shortage of moms and dads that need help with something, parenting isn’t easy. 

While there is no standardized way to parent, parents do like being able to relate to one another and learn from experiences. 

You’ll find that there are parents out there who want to know what you have to say. 

Whether you’re writing about a frequently asked parenting question, products that you and your toddler absolutely love, or your journey as a first-time mom. 

A parenting blog that I just absolutely love is Parenting From The Heart, it has a lot of relatable real-life examples and research-based positive parenting tips. 

For ideas on catchy names for mom blogs, read this post

evergreen blogging niches

18. Relationship Niche

The relationship niche is one of the most profitable high paying blog niches that’s been around for a long time. 

As love and connection are basic human needs, there is always going to be a demand for content on relationships and dating. 

There are various sub-niches to sink your teeth into, some blog niche ideas from offering relationship and intimacy advice and marriage inspiration to providing dating tips and reviewing dating websites.  

A great way to niche down is also by choosing a target demographic, like writing dating advice for busy professional women. 

An example of a great blog in this niche is Two Drifters by Amy and Nathan Hartle, a couple in their 30s who share their journey as two adventurers. 

This blog is a romantic travel and relationship blog that shares date ideas for romantic getaways and couple adventures. 

evergreen blogging niches

19. Online Learning Niche 

The fastest way to learn things these days is through the internet. 87% of adult internet users have said that the internet has allowed them to learn new things regularly. 

E-learning blogs are picking up speed, with more people choosing to learn from online resources

As education is a very vast area, it covers anything from lesson plans for English as a foreign language to learning how to do your taxes to the latest educational tools and platforms. 

There are plenty of different niches to choose from, you don’t necessarily have to be an expert or a teacher to write in education. 

However, if you’re starting an e-learning blog, it’s best to have clarity on your target audience. 

For example, teaching accounting to students can very well be different from teaching accounting to a small business owner in real life. 

An insightful and educational blog that you have to check out is The College Investor, by Robert Farrington. 

His writing shows college students how to get out of student loan debts and how to start building a strong financial foundation. 

evergreen blogging niches

20. Pet Niche 

Were you aware that 68% of U.S. families own a pet? Every year Americans spend roughly $99 billion on pets and pet products

The numbers speak for themselves, people want to know how best to care for their pets! The most prevalent category of pets is of course cats and dogs.

There is a multitude of sub-topics you can branch out to such as pet grooming, pet living, pet health, and pet products like toys, equipment, and food. 

There is great potential for pet blogs to be highly profitable with affiliate marketing.

An example of a pet blog is The Conscious Cat, great for feline owners like myself. The blog owner Ingrid, shares her personal experiences with her cat Buckley and how to best care for cats. 

evergreen blogging niches

21. DIY & Craft Niche 

Are you passionate about a craft, hobby, or DIY crafts and activities? 

If you are, this is an amazing niche to explore and monetize. When you enjoy a certain craft or hobby, writing about it takes less effort. 

Plus you get to refine your craft when you do research for your blog! 

This is one of the best evergreen blogging niches to be in as you’ll be sure to enjoy the process. 

Additionally, being in this niche allows you to explore more opportunities like starting a YouTube channel for your hobby, creating digital products, and more. 

If your hobby or DIY activity requires expensive tools and raw materials, you’ll also be able to make good money with affiliate marketing. 

A lovely successful blog in this niche is The Spruce Crafts, a DIY craft and hobby site that shares helpful tips and step-by-step tutorials by passionate makers from around the world. 

Thinking of starting a DIY craft blog? Check out these art blog names

evergreen blog niches

22.Real Estate Niche

Real estate is a multibillion-dollar industry and is a topic that is always relevant as people are interested in learning different perspectives about real estate, such as for first-time home buyers, property investors, real estate developers, property owners, and others. 

If you are a real estate agent or a property developer, this is one of the best evergreen niches to start blogging as you can provide useful information to your potential clients. 

As real estate is a broad niche, it is best if you niche down to build higher authority. The sub-niches can focus on real estate in a city or country, rental niche, property developing niche, home renovation niche, commercial estate and more!

For example, HomeLight blog offers helpful guides, tools, and advice from real estate agents, bound to be resourceful if you have any real estate related questions. The RealtyMogul blog is another great example, where you can learn about real estate investment.

evergreen blog niches

23. Entertainment Niche 

Last but not least, how can I leave out the entertainment niche? 

Whether it’s a tv show, concert, sports, or nightlife, entertainment is a hot conversation piece with anyone. 

If you do it right, an entertainment blog can make you serious money.  If you’re someone who loves watching movies, tv shows, or you keep up with celebrity news, you already have a lot of material on hand. It’s honestly that simple.

To attract readers, niche down and serve a target audience. For example, you can write about live entertainment throughout the world and your target audience will be travelers. 

Most entertainment blogs earn from ad revenue, and gated content. Here is an entertainment blog that you might know, Perez Hilton, which keeps readers engaged with the latest celebrity news and gossip. 

What are Evergreen Blogging Niches?

An evergreen niche is one with timeless appeal, it stays useful and valuable to readers throughout. While starting a blog on one of the top trending niches may drive traffic in the moment, once the fad dies down, your blog will stop being relevant.

For example, if your niche was ‘fidget spinners’ and you wrote about it all year long, readers would stop visiting your blog once the fad ends.

Where else if you wrote about ‘gift ideas’, that is something there will always be readers for. 

Hence why it is important to make sure your blog’s niche and its content are evergreen. 

Evergreen niches and content are highly valuable as they provide high search engine rankings, increase traffic, and will continue to generate leads. 

​​Now that you understand what are evergreen niches in blogging, there are some evergreen, profitable blogging niches that are in demand, with more people searching for them.

Let’s take a look at these blogging niches list right now! 

FAQs On Evergreen Blogging Niches

What Are The Best Blogging Niches?

Here are evergreen niches list for blogging:

  • Health & Fitness Niche 
  • Personal Finance Niche
  • Blogging Niche 
  • Technology Niche 
  • Making Money Niche
  • Digital Marketing Niche
  • Career Niche
  • Food Niche 
  • Self Help Niche 
  • Travel Niche 
  • Gardening Niche
  • Startup Niche
  • Product Review Niche
  • Fashion Niche
  • Lifestyle Niche
  • Parenting Niche
  • Relationship Niche
  • Online Learning Niche
  • Pet Niche
  • DIY & Craft Niche
  • Entertainment Niche
  • Real Estate Niche

Check out the post above to learn more the list of niches and why they are evergreen.

What Blog Niches Are Most Profitable?

Here are the 11 most profitable evergreen blogging niches to start your blog

  • Food Niche 
  • Self Help Niche 
  • Travel Niche 
  • Making Money Niche
  • Digital Marketing Niche
  • Personal Finance Niche
  • Blogging Niche 
  • Technology Niche 
  • Lifestyle Niche
  • Relationship Niche
  • Parenting Niche

What does it Mean to Niche Down?

Niching down means focusing your blog content on a specific topic from a broader industry or market. It involves narrowing down your area of expertise with the very specific topic of your interest, as it helps your blog to target specific readers and build a high authority. 

For example, if you are interested in the food niche, you can consider narrowing down to sub niches such as, restaurant reviews, specific type of cuisine recipe blog, baking niche or even a vegan niche. 

What is the Benefit of Narrowing Down Your Blog Topic?

1. Establish your position as the expert

As you are focused on your specific niche, readers will value you as the expert in that niche and stand out amongst other competitors who are in the same niche but providing a more generalized content. 

You become an expert as you dive deep in researching niche content ideas and provide information that readers may not find anywhere else. 

2. Hyper-relevant to targeted audience

Once you position yourself as an expert in a particular niche, readers are more likely to trust your content as it is relevant to their interest. This also helps you to better connect with the readers as you can help to answer any specific questions or concerns. 

3. Build high authority site

If your site has a high authority, it means your website is more likely to rank higher in organic search results. This helps to boost more organic traffic to your blog and increase your blog RPM.

What Type of Blogs are the Most Successful?

The most successful list of blog niches:

Food blogs

In this digital era, food bloggers are replacing the classic recipe cookbooks, making it easier for home cooks to access recipes from any of their devices. 

Food bloggers range from home cooking blogs, vegan blogs, South-east Asian cooking blogs and more. 

Travel blogs

Everyone has a strong desire to travel and travel blogs offer useful insights and tips when planning holiday destinations. 

Travel blogs have a diverse range of sub-niches, such as women traveling blogs, cruise ship blogs, family traveling blogs and many more! 

Travel blogs are also one of the best evergreen niches for affiliate marketing as you can recommend the best deals and places to stay through an affiliate partnership. 

Health and Fitness blogs

Besides food, health and fitness blogs are also increasingly popular. Health and fitness is a broad niche, for example the health niche, such as diabetes blogs or other chronic diseases blogs.

Whereby the fitness focus niches are such as yoga, home workouts, weightlifting or pilates. A successful fitness blog is all about creating a community, it is important to engage with your target audience and support throughout their fitness journey.  

Lifestyle blogs

Lifestyle blogs are one of the evergreen niches and have a wide range of sub-niches, from minimal lifestyle blogs, tiny home living blogs to mental health blogs.

These blogs are very target audience oriented as it is highly personalized. Each blog dive deep into specific lifestyle experiences and interests, as each content is inspired by the blogger’s personal lives. 

Fashion and Beauty blogs

Fashion and beauty are the most rapidly changing industries, as trends always come and go. 

Nowadays, fashion blogs are more than just about apparel, but also updates on the latest fashion trends and news. 

Many of the fashion icon influencers we know today begin their fashion journey through blogging and slowly attract millions of followers and now becoming a trend setter. 

Same goes with the beauty niche, some of the popular beauty niche such as korean skincare bloggers end up releasing their own skincare product lines. 

Parenting blogs

Parenting blogs are one of the evergreen blog niches and are increasingly popular as they serve as a support system for parents with helpful tips and personal experience in particular subjects. 

There are a wide range of sub-niches you can dive into for blogging, from mommy blogs, baby blogs, toddler activities blogs and many more!

Are Blogs Worth It in 2023? 

Yes, blogging is very much worth your time in 2023. About 77% of internet users like reading blogs and users are reading roughly 20 billion blog pages a month

Blogging has also steadily grown by 12% from 2015. Which is why blogging is still more than 50% marketers number one choice for content marketing. 

To be a successful blogger and start earning income from your blog, we recommend that you choose one of the evergreen blogging niches on this profitable niches list.

What’s great is that within each niche, there are tons of sub-niche topics to explore and build your authority with. 

We hope that this article has given you insight into choosing the best niche evergreen for you. 

If you’re wondering how to get started on your blog, check out this post, what matters is that you start today! 

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