Best seo keywords for coaching

61 Best SEO Keywords For Coaching To Book Clients In 2024!

Are you a coach who is looking for the best SEO keywords for coaching? 

Look no further! You will find in this article, my personal perspective on using Search Engine Optimization aka (SEO) for coaching.

If you use the right keywords to optimize your coaching website, your website will rank high in search engines. 

I personally open coaching spots for people who want an in-depth tailored plan that includes SEO coaching and running some in-person workshops.

I don’t use paid advertising or promote my services much, YET I constantly have leads and customers wanting to book my coaching services!

How? Through my blog and the SEO coaching keywords I use 🙂

best seo keywords for coaching
best seo keywords for coaching
My recent 2024 workshop

So, here I will teach you everything you need to know about SEO for coaches and how to choose the right keywords to optimize your website.

I will also share with you the tools and tips to get ahead of your competitors so that you can get more clients using SEO.

I have a deep love for SEO and could talk and teach about SEO all day long. I own 6 websites and this one you are reading gets over 100,000 pageviews, predominantly from SEO traffic!

Ready to get lots of clients requesting your coaching services? Let’s go! 

best seo keywords for coaching

61 Best SEO Keywords For Coaching

Here are some ideas for you to start with!

Including SEO keywords for business coaches, SEO for personal coaches, SEO coaching for creatives, and more!

1enneagram business coaching
2clarity business coaching
3business clarity coaching
4soulful business coach
5photography business coach
6spiritual business coaching
7Christian business coach
8holistic business coach
9spiritual entrepreneur coach
10soul business coach
11Intuitive business coach
12Family business coaching
13Wellness business coach
14Business coach for health professionals
15Creative business coach
16Business made simple coach
17Life coach for men
18Business writing coach
19Business coaching for artists
20Coaching business plan
21Spiritual business coach
22Best website for coaching business
23Business coach for wellness coaches
24Coaching for accountability
25Certified business coaching
26Business coach for creative entrepreneurs
27Health business coach
28One on one business coaching
29Life coach for entrepreneurs
30Women business coaching
31Life coaching business plan
32Adhd business coach
33Life coach marketing
34Dietitian business coach
35Business accountability coach
36Coaching business name
37Business coach for health coaches
38Product business coach
39Women’s business coach
40Networking coach
41Naming your coaching business
42Female personal development coach
43Coaching business names
44Health coach business names
45Business coach denver
46Names for health coaching business
47Network marketing coach
48Business communication coach
49Personality development coaches
50Self improvement coach
51Self development coach
52Personal growth coach
53Best personal development coaches
54Looking for a life coach
55Womens life coaching
56Personalized coaching
57Personal development coaching
58Family Coaching
59Health coach for women
60Individual coaching
61Spiritual coach

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Best seo keywords for coaching

Understanding SEO For Coaches And How It Works

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows you to optimize your content for your specific target audience. This means, your content reaches your target market.

So it can be targeting SEO for business coaches, SEO services wellness coaches, or looking for life coach keywords.

Imagine it to be like a straw

Someone googles ‘best life coach’ and you come up on page 1 of Google (instead of page 12).

The life coach who comes up on page 1 will be the one who gets booked for coaching services.

Thus, it is important for you to establish the type of coach you want to be so that you will use the right SEO keywords.

For example, find keywords to match SEO for life coaches, or if you want to provide online coaching services, use SEO for online coaches’ keywords and phrases to draw the right customers in.

Again – think about the straw analogy 

You don’t want to suck up dirt, you want to draw good leads who will pay for your services up into that straw.

For example, if you are a Life Coach, you will need to use keywords for life coaching within your content. 

You cannot then contradict with keywords like “coaching for health professionals” in the same content.

 This will confuse Google as well as your intended audience. 

SEO is one of the best marketing tools that allows you to implement without breaking the bank. 

I mean – SEO is FREE

I know this because I get over 100,000 visitors to this humble website from Google and i didnt pay for the traffic! 

With the correct strategy used along with keywords for your coaching business which your intended readers are using, you can find yourself on the top of a search engine result in due time. 

Best seo keywords for coaching

How To Use The Best SEO Keywords for Coaching

Let’s take a step back and understand, what is a good SEO keyword?

I follow the rule, decent search volume and low competition 

If you want a specific number : 

  • Search volume more than 70 
  • Competition score less than 30

We want the search volume to be more than 70 because there is no point writing about topics no one is looking for.

And I aim for low competition scores because there is no point going up against big sites like CNN or Forbes, especially when you are a new site.

I use THIS affordable tool to find me good SEO keywords and follow those two rules above 

NOTE- It is 17$ per month but if you use my discount code and referral link, (OUTANDBEYOND, you get 30% off!

The best way to use SEO keywords on coaching is to use your website’s content along with the relevant keywords to serve the answers your intended audience are asking.

best seo keywords for coaching

How SEO Can Optimize Your Coaching Website

Best seo keywords for coaching

1. Use Keywords Strategically

When keywords are used strategically, the website with the answer to the user’s question will appear at the very top of the search engine result. 

How then, can you know the question that is being asked? 

You will need to use a keyword search tool to help you determine that question.

There are free tools like Answer The Public or paid tools like Keysearch where you can quickly find the question people are asking. 

Put your keywords strategically throughout your content without over using them. 

best seo keywords for coaching

2. Optimize For Mobile Devices

These days people are searching for answers to their questions through mobile devices. Thus, your website has to be optimized for mobile devices. 

You have to ensure that your website content is easily read through a mobile device. If you are using WordPress, the design of your mobile-friendly website can be achieved easily through their dashboard.

Not optimizing your website for mobile devices may be a downfall to your website’s success in the search engine result page. 

Best seo keywords for coaching

3. Optimize The Meta Description 

A website meta description (or Google Snippet) is the short summary in very few words that will appear on the search engine result page.

 It is like 5-seconds (or much less!) pitch you need to convince a reader to click on your link. 

Keep these in mind when writing your website’s meta description: 

  • While Google has allowed up to 320 characters, only the first 140 to 160 characters will be visible on the search results page
  • Use relevant information to pique a user’s interest in answering their question
  • Use quality description with specific search intent like, “Get everything you need to brew your next coffee”
Best seo keywords for coaching

4. Optimize Your Images

All images have “Alt Text” tagged to them. 

These are words you can input along with your images or photos within your website. These Alt Text do not need to be your keywords as these may result in “keyword stuffing”. 

Use words that describe the photo with the search intent in mind.

 For a photo of someone who is pointing to a laptop screen can be described in the Alt Text as, “coach pointing to student’s laptop screen” instead of “person pointing to laptop screen”. 

Best seo keywords for coaching

5. Limit Topic Tags 

The content in your website can have topic tags.

Most content is tagged with common words, however this may be detrimental to your website’s performance. The search engines may think that your website has duplicated content. 

The smart practice is to use your keywords as your content’s tag. This way, even your topic tags are SEO optimized. 

Best seo keywords for coaching

6. Use User-Friendly URLs 

URLs or the address of your website should be user-friendly and easy to read. 

These are determined by how you name your website’s content or sub-pages within your website. 

For example, if your website is named it will be helpful if your sub-pages have spaces or hyphens to separate their titles.

Your About page can then be and Contact page is 

This is really helpful especially when you have content that has a long title like

 It is easier to read and relate to that URL compared to this very long and hard to read URL, 

Best seo keywords for coaching

7. Include Related Posts 

Related posts are helpful for readers or users who may want to keep reading on the same topic. It is good to keep your readers within your website’s loop by providing links to relevant posts. 

For example, you may want to include links to posts that are about finding the right wellness coach within the content that is explaining the characteristics of a wellness coach. 

However, you should avoid linking posts on photography business coaches to that same content. 

8. Review Metrics 

There is a popular mindset of what you can measure you can improve. This proves to be true. 

If you are able to view metrics of your website, you are able to measure which content or posts are doing better. You can then use those better-performing content to be a guideline for your future content. 

You can also learn from the content that is not doing well. Review the keywords used in those content not doing well against the keywords in content that are doing better. 

Use Google Search Console to help you manage and review the metrics. Take my training on how to get LOTS more traffic!

Best seo keywords for coaching

9. Aim For Featured Snippet 

Have you searched for a term in Google and you see your question answered on the top of the page? 

This is called the Google Featured Snippet. 

If your content answers a specific search term, Google will show it as a Featured Snippet. These are also within the “People also ask” section in the result’s page.

Using the correct structure with an SEO optimized answer to the question will get your website the top spot. Thus it is important to understand your readers or users’ intention to the topic you are sharing.

SEO Tools To Help You

  • Keyword Search: KeySearch
    KeySearch helps to find keywords with the lowest competition. I use KeySearch as I find it to be the best keyword search tool. Use my link here and code OUTANDBEYOND, for 30% off, also a free one-month trial.
  • SEO Optimization: Yoast SEO
    Yoast SEO helps you with optimizing your website further than having the SEO keywords. It has an easy to navigate console where you will be asked to input your keywords so that Yoast can do the harder work for you.
  • Analytics: Google Analytics
    Google Analytics will help you to analyze all metrics that are tied to your website. You will be shown details of the traffic coming into your website.
  • Performance Tracking: Google Search Console
    Google Search Console helps you with tracking your content’s performance. See which keywords work better with which content. Compare this to improve your website content.
Best seo keywords for coaching

Tips On Using SEO

With all of the SEO tools, you may feel overwhelmed as to where to start or even how to utilize those tools. Here are some tips on using SEO: 

  • Research on the primary keyword using an SEO tool
  • Put in your primary keyword in all the right places 
  • Add secondary keywords 
  • Add FAQ section in each content

Before you go and get a shortlist of SEO coaches, you may start with my 11-Step Essential SEO Checklist you can get for free

Or get my SEO training course where you can learn to optimize your website. I will teach you how to use those tools and drive readers to our website. 

FAQs On SEO Keywords For Coaching

How do I promote myself as a coach?

  • Find the right keywords/topics that your potential customers are looking for 
  • Optimize your website with SEO keywords to answer your users’ intent
  • Share your content on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. 
  • Join Coaching platforms like CoachHub, UpCoach, NudgeCoach, etc.
  • Be your authentic self
  • Some example of real coaches:

What keywords should I use for SEO? 

Find relevant coach SEO keywords which are relatable to your business. Make sure there is search volume for your keyword yet the competition is low. This can be determined by the low score of below 30 in KeySearch

You should also keep in mind your user’s intent. Determine what is the solution to the problem your user is searching for. 

What are the top 3 SEO strategies? 

1. Find a keyword with a search volume yet with low competition

2. Put the keyword in the strategic places within your content

3. Build good backlinks within your content

Best seo keywords for coaching

What are the 5 important concepts of SEO? 

Google had an update in August 2022 where the focus is now on helpful content. Thus the 5 important concepts of SEO: 

1. Focus on people-first content

Use keywords strategically to match your user’s intent. Ensure that your content answers the questions your readers are asking. Use SEO to help your readers instead of creating content to fit search engines. 

2. Mobile-friendly website

Your website will be ranked if it has a mobile version instead of just for the desktop. 

This is according to Google’s Mobile First Indexing. The majority of users and readers are now using their mobile devices, it is only practical for you to have your website responsive for a mobile device.

3. Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness: The EAT concept

Google defined the EAT concept as part of its Search Quality Rater guidelines. This is based on who you are, your area of expertise or authoritativeness, and if you can be trusted. 

While there are Your Money, Your Life (YMYL) topics such as finance, medical, safety, and news.

YMYL can be shared only by relevant experts or organizations, you may write content on a certain topic you have life experience on. 

Google will then value you as an “expert” even without formal training. 

4. User experience or Google Core Web Vitals

Google has issued guidelines to Core Web Vitals where your website can impact a user experience. 

While this can be very technical, the critical focus should be:

  • Mobile friendliness experience
  • Image compression (use only .jpg images where necessary)
  • Page content that is informational
  • Speed and technical structure

5. Search accuracy based on user intent 

Circling back to point number one, Google focuses more on people-first. Thus, search results accuracy is based on what a user searches for.

Whether they are looking for a product or service, your website has to answer the question before it is listed on the search result. 

How many SEO keywords should I use? 

You should only have 1 primary keyword. This primary keyword needs to be used across your content where it makes sense.

You should not have more than 10 secondary keywords to avoid being penalized with keyword stuffing.

What Keywords Are Best For SEO?

Long tail keywords are the best for SEO.

These keywords are usually 4-word terms or more. Anyone new to SEO should target this longer keyword as their difficulty in ranking is lower.

So, if you are searching for keywords for business coaching for your articles, go for Long-tail keywords using Google Suggest/ Google Autocomplete.

How To Choose The Right Keywords For SEO

If you want to know how to choose the right keywords for SEO, here is a summary of how to choose the best keywords for SEO rankings:

  1. Utilize keyword research 
  2. Keywords have to be relevant to your business
  3. Assess SEO keyword difficulty
  4. Identify the keyword’s search volume
  5. Examine traffic potential
  6. Match user intent for the keyword

How Do I Create A Good SEO Keyword?

How do I create a good SEO keyword from the vast “SEO Land” keywords? Here is how you choose the right keywords in four simple steps:

  • Keywords must have search traffic potential
  • Content needs to match the user’s search intent
  • Go for high business potential keyword 
  • Evaluate the ranking difficulty of a keyword

What Is A Primary Keyword?

Are you trying to understand what is a Primary Keyword? Primary keywords are essentially the main terms that your target audience is searching for. 

It is the terms that drive a large amount of traffic to your site. These keywords should be used throughout your article, title, headings, and meta description.

How Do I Choose Primary Keywords For SEO?

How do I choose primary keywords for SEO, like when you are searching for SEO keywords for coaches?

Here is what you can do to find just the perfect keywords to rank for:

  • Choose keywords that are related to your business
  • Use keywords that solve the problems and needs of your readers
  • Look at the competition
  • Find related keywords 

Which Are The Main Factors That Go Into Choosing A Keyword?

Want to know which are the main factors that go into choosing a keyword? Keyword selection and conducting the research depends on these three main factors:

  • Search Volume – Target higher volume keywords 
  • Keyword Competitiveness – Pick lower-competition keywords.
  • Keyword Value – Choose keywords that have a higher value for your business.

How Many Types Of Keywords Are There In SEO?

Want to know how many types of keywords are there in SEO? There are 9 types of keywords that can contribute to optimizing your article’s SEO, and they are:

  • Short Tail Keyword
  • Longtail Keyword
  • Short-term Keyword
  • Long-term Keyword
  • Product Defining Keyword
  • Customer Defining Keyword
  • Geo-targeting Keyword
  • Related Keyword
  • Intent Targeting Keyword

How Do I Get Free SEO Keywords?

Are you trying to figure out how do I get free SEO keywords?

Say you want to find life coach SEO keywords or life coaching keywords. here are 8 free tools for SEO keyword research:

  1. AlsoAsked
  2. Google Search Console
  3. Google Trends
  4. Google Ads Keyword Planner
  5. Keyword Surfer
  6. Moz Keyword Explorer
  7. Rank Tracker
  8. Semrush

How Do You Create SEO Content?

Are you looking for tips on how do you create SEO content? Here are

12 tips for creating SEO-optimized content:

  1. Determine your primary keyword
  2. Find secondary keywords
  3. Match user intent
  4. Write quality content
  5. Sprinkle your article with keywords
  6. Organize Subheadings
  7. Easy to read
  8. Add Internal Links
  9. Make featured snippets
  10. Optimize title tag
  11. Optimize meta description
  12. Optimize URL slug

Who are the top 10 SEO Coaches?

Wondering who are the top 10 SEO coaches? Here are the top 10 SEO Experts in 2024:

  1. Aleyda Solís
  2. Barry Schwartz
  3. Bill Slawski
  4. Brian Dean
  5. Danny Sullivan
  6. Joost de Valk
  7. Matt Diggity
  8. Neil Patel
  9. Omoseye Alebiosu
  10. Rand Fishkin

These experts have developed techniques for increasing a website’s ranking and visibility, and even the best SEO coaches follow their strategies.


If you wanted to know the best SEO keywords for coaching, this article should have been helpful. 

I hope you now understand SEO for coaches and know how to use the right keywords to optimize your coaching website.

With the tools and tips you have learned, you will be able to get ahead of your competitors and get more coaching clients.

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61 Best SEO Keywords For Coaching

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