most popular keywords on etsy

101 Most Popular Keywords On Etsy To Drive Traffic

Looking for the most popular keywords on Etsy because you’ve already set up your very first Etsy shop and you’re now looking to make some serious money? 

Setting up your shop was the easy part, now you’ll need to put in the work to look for what Etsy customers need, and what they’re searching for.

It’s a bit like search engine optimization for Google, but not quite. If you’re a little confused, don’t worry I’m here to tell you more about keywords. 

I’m also going to share with you 101 of the top Etsy keywords in the various categories so you’ll have a head start on your Etsy shop.

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Sale Samurai is easily one of the best Etsy keyword research tools on the market at the moment, primarily due to the detailed analysis that it can provide. 
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most popular keywords on etsy

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101 Most Popular Keywords On Etsy

Personalized Gifts

There are more than 2 million listings for personalized gifts on Etsy, which can be quite competitive so you want to make sure you’re using the trending keywords on Etsy to ensure that your listing gets seen by your potential buyers.

Under this category, you’ll find personalized gifts for almost all occasions and for almost everyone, from your parents, to besties to your pets.  Read on for the top search terms on Etsy for personalized gifts. 

1. Personalized Gifts For Him

2. Personalized Gifts For Her 

3. Personalized Gift Bags

4. Personalized Gifts For Baby

5. Personalized Gifts For Baby Girl

6. Personalized Gifts For Dad

7. Personalized Gifts For Mom

8. Personalized Gifts For Kids

9. Personalized Gifts For Girls  

10. Personalized Gifts For Boys

11. Personalized Gift Box 

12. Personalized Bracelets

13. Personalized Wallets 

14. Custom Portrait

15. Custom Neon Sign 

16. Custom Stickers

17. Custom Mug

18. Custom Stamp 

19. Name Necklace

20. Name Keyring

21. Name Bracelet 

most popular keywords on etsy

Home Decor 

In this section, you’ll also find that customized, personalized, and handmade items are popular. Potential customers on Etsy like home decor that is unique and would fit their ideal aesthetic. 

Therefore it is important to reach these shoppers by tapping on Etsy keyword trends and ensuring that you also utilize your tags to make sure they land on your listing. 

1. Handmade Home Decor

2. Home Decor Wall Art

3. Home Decor Modern

4. Home Decor Wall Art Prints

5. Home Decor Boho

6. Wall Decor

7. Wall Art

8. Farmhouse Decor

9. Housewarming Gift

10. Macrame Wall Hanging

11. Macrame Wall Decor

12. Abstract Wall Art 

13. Home And Living Rug

14. Home Decor 2022

15. Home Decor Vintage 

16. Nursery Wall Art

17. Bathroom Decor

18. Handcrafted Soap

19. Motivational Quote

20. Wall Hangings 

most popular keywords on etsy


Selling clothing on Etsy can be rewarding when you spot shoppers in your design.  However, with more than 8 million listings, you’ll need to zoom into the right Etsy search terms, to ensure that your ideal shoppers see your listings.

Here are some of the most popular searches on Etsy in the clothing category that you can use:

1. Handmade Clothing

2. Clothing Women Dress

3. Clothing Women Trendy

4. Clothing Women Plus Size 

5. Maxi Dresses For Women

6. Maxi Dresses For Women With Sleeves

7. Maxi Dresses For Fall

8. Festival Clothing Women

9. Dresses For Women Formal

10. Dresses For Women Summer

11. Linen Dress

12. Shirts For Women Trendy

13. Kids Clothes Girls

14. Kids Clothes Boys

15. Tops For Women

16. Tops For Leggings

17. Jumpsuit Women Formal

18. Jumpsuit Women Wedding Guest

19. Wrap Dress

20. Wrap Skirt

most popular keywords on etsy


Jewelry, primarily handmade, is very popular on Etsy. There have been many jewelry makers who have used Etsy as a platform to introduce their craft to a wider base and have thrived. 

Some of the popular searches on Etsy in the jewelry category include handmade jewelry, adjustable rings, bracelets, pendants, and crystal jewelry. Here are some most search keywords on Etsy that you can also use:

1. Name Necklace

2. Dangle Earrings 

3. Everyday Necklace

4. Bohemian Earrings

5. Handmade Bracelet 

6. Thin Beaded Necklace

7. Monogram Necklace

8. Thin Gold Chain

9. Minimalist Necklace

10. Minimalist Earrings

11. Meteorite Ring

12. Personalized Jewelry

13. Handmade Jewelry

14. Adjustable Rings For Women

15. Crystal Necklace

16. Pendant Necklace

17. Rings Set For Women

18. Jewelry Organizer

19. Delicate Necklace

20. Layered Necklace

most popular keywords on etsy


While you may know Etsy for selling smaller products like clothing, crafts, and trinkets, there are a sizeable number of furniture shops on Etsy that do well as people are searching for unique, quality furniture items. 

If you excel at handmade furniture, you’ll want to make sure you target the right shoppers by first using the most popular keywords on Etsy. 

Thereafter, you also use popular Etsy tags in the furniture category to ensure that anyone looking for similar items may also chance upon your items. 

1. Handmade Furniture

2. Wine Rack

3. Furniture Transfers Rub On

4. Rustic Home Decor

5. Leather Pouf

6. Modern Coffee Table 

7. Coffee Table

8. Wooden Shelves

9. Bedroom Chair

10. Office Desk

11. Kitchen Island

12. Kitchen Table

13. Leather Furniture Handles

14. Furniture Handles

15. Furniture Knobs

16. Bookends

17. Table Legs

18. House Numbers

19. Chair Covers

20. Minimalist Table Lamp 

most popular keywords on etsy

What Is A Keyword On Etsy?

Keywords are essential terms added to your listing to help shoppers find your listing when they key in words into the search bar. Keywords help shoppers find your unique products and eventually purchase them. 

Keywords should not be confused with tags. Keywords refer to the terms that shoppers type into the search bar.

Whereas tags are not keywords, they are not for customers and they are instead metadata that helps Etsy recognize what you are selling

How To Decide On A Keyword To Use

While I can give you top Etsy keyword searches, your best bet in determining the best keywords for Etsy for your shop would be to use an Etsy keyword tool.

  • Etsy Keyword Tool 

Using an Etsy keyword tool like Sale Samurai or KeySearch will help you find the most suitable words and phrases to describe the unique product that you intend to list on Etsy while ensuring that it aligns with what others are looking for. 

The tool will tell you the search volume, which refers to how many times the term is being searched for, and whether it is a high competition or low competition keyword. 

If it is high competition, it means many other Etsy sellers are also using this keyword, and vice versa.

  • Etsy Search Bar 

Other ways to find the most popular keywords on Etsy, could also be just using the good old search bar and typing out a potential keyword, and then seeing the other relevant keywords show up in the drop-down box. 

These keywords tend to be what others have searched for prior and tend to also be commonly-searched terms. 

If you’re selling a dress, you can type in the word “dress” and see which long-tail keywords such as “dresses for women summer” come up and tailor your long-tail keyword of choice accordingly.

  • Other Sellers’ Listings

While I do not advocate copying keywords or products sold by other Etsy sellers, it always pays off to be aware of who some of the top Etsy sellers in your product category are, and to pay attention to what types of keywords and tags they use.

They are top sellers for a reason and studying how they have gotten buyer traffic and increased Etsy sales through their keywords will help you also narrow down on your suitable keywords eventually. 

most popular keywords on etsy

FAQs On Most Popular Keywords on Etsy

What Are The Most Searched Items On Etsy?

Some of the most searched items on Etsy include items in these categories:

  • Clothing And Textiles
  • Craft Supplies And Tools
  • Handmade Cosmetics 
  • Home And Living
  • Jewelry 
  • Spa Products
  • Personalized Items
  • Wedding Items 

Are Long-Tail Keywords Better on Etsy?

Wondering if long-tail keywords are better on Etsy? Yes, long-tail keywords are better on Etsy because they increase your chances of making a successful sale. Etsy has said this themselves. 

A long-tail keyword is a search term that combines several keywords, so instead of the search term “wedding dress”, a long-tail keyword would be “wedding dress long sleeve minimalist”.

You could be a lot more detailed, but the longer the search term, the more you narrow your target audience. 

In using a long-tail keyword, you want to be in that sweet spot where you eliminate people who don’t know what they’re looking for (for example, “wedding dress”) but also target people who may be looking for what you have (“wedding dress long sleeve”).  

A customer who chances on your listing using a long tail keyword typically has an idea of what they want, and hence there’s a higher chance they might buy your product. 

Aside from targeting buyers who are more likely to purchase, using long-tail keywords also ensures that your potential competition is lower. Just think of how many sellers would be listing “wedding dress”!

How Do I Find The Best Tags On Etsy?

Thinking about how to find the best tags on Etsy? On Etsy, you can add up to 13 phrases to describe your listing. In order to find the best tags for Etsy for your listing, you should:

  • Use All Thirteen Tags 

This is to maximize your chances of showing up when a shopper searches for a similar item

  • Make Use Of Multi-Word Phrases

So “rose gold necklace” would probably lead to someone looking for rose gold necklaces landing on your listing than if you used the individual phrases “rose gold” and “necklace”.

  • Use synonyms and alternative spellings 

To capture shoppers in different countries and regions. For example, if you’re selling swimsuits, some countries like New Zealand and Australia use the term “togs” or “swimmers” to refer to these items.   

  • Always Analyze Your Shop Stats

Look at what’s performing well and what isn’t, and refresh the tags for the items that are not performing well. Take a look at popular tags on Etsy and see if those work for your items, then use them. 

  • Use Long Tail Keywords

While I’ve provided some of the most popular keywords on Etsy, which tend to align with the most popular Etsy tags, it is up to you as a shop owner to customize these keywords and tags to something that fits your product listing best.

Using long tail keywords will help you land potential customers a lot quicker. For example, someone looking for an “adjustable minimalist diamond ring” is likely to know what they’re looking for and is keener on buying than someone just searching “minimalist ring” for example. 

most popular keywords on etsy

How Do I Increase My Visibility On Etsy?

So, how do I increase my visibility on Etsy? Increasing your visibility on Etsy is quite straightforward. Just apply these tips:

  • Utilize Attributes For Your Etsy Listing
  • Use All Thirteen Tags 
  • Use Suitable Keywords
  • Make Sure You Have High-Quality Images
  • Think Like A Shopper
  • Review Your Shop Statistics
  • Reoptimize Your Tags, Keywords and Attributes According To Which Items Perform Well 


Setting up an Etsy shop is really the first step. Once you’ve got your shop set up, it’s a continual process of utilizing suitable keywords by studying the most popular keywords on Etsy, using tags, and making sure your listings are relevant.

And once you notice your listings are doing well, look at what you’ve done right, rinse and repeat. And if it’s not performing well, you always have room for optimization.

Pretty much like trying out a new recipe actually – you’ll need to first try it out before knowing whether you need a little more salt or less pepper. 

All the best in your Etsy selling journey! Let me know if my article helped you with traffic to your Etsy shop, I’m rooting for you! 

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101 Most Popular Keywords On Etsy To Drive Traffic

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