11 High RPM Niches – Best Niches To Start Your Blog In 2022

Are you curious about high RPM niches and want to find the best niche to start your blog?

  • Are you scratching your head vigorously trying to think of a niche that you might like and can still earn from? 
  • Are you worried that you need to be an expert in a niche to write content for it?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you are in the right place! 

This article will not just cover what are the profitable niches for you to start your blogging journey.
But there will also be factual information to highlight why they are high RPM niches that will help you earn passive income for the long term.

high rpm niches

If you are short on time, here is a quick summary of the high paying RPM niches to consider embarking on:

  1. DIY
  2. Pets
  3. Apparel And Fashion
  4. Beauty And Makeup
  5. Travel
  6. Automotive
  7. Gardening
  8. General Knowledge
  9. Hobbies
  10. Food And Cooking
  11. Fitness And Sports

DISCLOSURE.Some of the links on here are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. Hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

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1. DIY

high rpm niches

Level of Interest: Very high! 

Thanks to Pinterest and viral videos from Facebook, DIY has become so popular! People are always looking for hacks and easier ways to do something! 

Advertising agencies love their content as well, because even people who do not end up following the DIY content, are either watching the videos or reading the content just for their information. 

Hence, it is an easy way to get access to a large number of potential customers! Within DIY, there are a ton of high-paying RPM niches.

Additionally, more people are opting for DIY projects because they wish to spend more on the quality of products, rather than labour costs, when you hire a contractor to fix your stuff.

Competition: Medium

This is because there is a lot of DIY content that is readily available. But the beauty of DIY is in inventiveness. 

There is always something new and interesting that you can simplify or create on your own to gain attention as a DIY master!

Revenue Potential: High

This is because you can monetize your site with advertising partners such as Mediavine if you meet their requirements. 

Furthermore, you can also monetize it via affiliate links, such as Amazon, if you promote products and get a referral commission.

Content Production Difficulty Level: Difficult

This would be the most challenging aspect of having a DIY niche. The main reason why it works is that you are sharing a DIY process that you have tried. 

If you were simply amending a DIY method from someone else, there are not a lot of credibilities there.

Hence, if you shot your videos and took your pictures, you will easily have a lot of supporters! 

The DIY interest is not going to die down anytime soon. More people are turning to DIY as a form of stress relief.

Income Report: Jennifer Maker

2. Pets

high rpm niches

Level of Interest: Medium to High

People will spend on their pets. In the US alone, at least 70% of families own a pet! That is at least 90.5 million families! As you can see, this is one of the highest paying RPM niches.

This is a huge market to tap in the United States. Just imagine the rest of the world. American owners are spending an average of $1480 annually on their dogs’ basic expenses such as care and food.

However, please be mindful of the type of pets you write about. Do your keyword research properly to make sure you are in the right pet niche.

Competition: High

These are highly profitable RPM niches, as such, it is inevitably high in the competition. But you can find a way to navigate the topics by being very specific.

Examples are: what to feed your 6-month-old kitten, up to 12-months. Alternatives are what type of cats or dogs are suitable for (insert your housing type). 

So with all these modifiers, you can see which are the untapped parts of the pet niche.

Revenue Potential: Medium

While people are spending a lot on their pets, they are unlikely to change their purchasing habits about the food their pets eat. 

Hence, the type of products you recommend would likely be toys, pet attire, or other pet accessories.

Content Production Difficulty Level: Easy

It is not like you have to take videos or photos of your pet to maintain a pet blog. 

You just need to provide helpful information about care guides that are easy to find and research.

Income Report: Niche Blog Biz

3. Apparel And Fashion

Level of Interest: Medium

There are a lot of topics you can explore in the fashion niche. Hence, your target audience will be really specific. 

Such as people who are interested in maintaining a capsule wardrobe or what to wear for school.

Competition: High

The sites that would be more reputable would be those companies that produce fashion wear or high-profile magazines.

But you can still earn a bit from affiliate income if you try to speak about the lesser-known brands that are promoting sustainable fashion.

Revenue Potential: HIGH

You can easily recommend a ton of outfits and fashionwear when you write about them. 

However, you will have to be mindful of the amount of commission you can earn from these referral links.

Having said that, advertisers will pay high RPMS because there are lots of items with buyer intent.

Content Production Difficulty Level: Medium

To write about fashion topics, you must have photos of the outfits and apparel. It has to be specific to the type of design you are writing about.

You have to be prepared to invest in stock photos or licensed photos to get the exact designs or outfits you are referring to. 

Alternatively, you can just take a photo of the outfit you are recommending and credit it to the e-commerce site.

Income Report: The Modest Man

4. Beauty And Makeup

Level of Interest: High

As people are becoming more visual and uploading more photos, the trends for makeup are constantly evolving.

People want makeup that does not look like they are wearing makeup. There is a high level of interest in sustainable and cruelty-free makeup. 

Competition: Medium

Revenue Potential: HIGH 

You can easily monetize this by providing a lot of product reviews and recommendations. 

Advertisers will pay lots of money because there are lots of products and topics with buyer intent. 

Additionally, you can get invitations for sponsored posts to describe those products at a fee. 

Finally, it is not something that requires you to shop at the actual shop itself. You do not have to worry about sizes.

Content Production Difficulty Level: Easy

You need not create original videos or photos of the makeup. Most of these are readily available with proper research. 

Here are some recommended stock photo and stock video sites you can consider subscribing to for your visual content. 

By purchasing these photos or videos, you can freely use them for your blog without facing any copyright issues.

Income Report: Chic Pursuit

5. Travel

Level of Interest: High

With remote work on the rise, people are freeing themselves of the shackles of staying in one location to work. Hence, they are traveling and working at the same time.

Lots of companies are also allowing their staff to go on long breaks to explore new opportunities and then return as transformed staff.

Travel will always be a booming industry as you can see with a large number of available travel sites. 

Competition: High

With all this interest, there is high competition for it! But it is not a completely impossible task.

I started a travel blog just recently and it is making me decent money. The key to it is to be thorough with your keyword research.

Revenue Potential: High

You can apply for a series of affiliate links. You can promote hotels, ticketing sites, coliving locations, airlines, and tourist attractions. 

If your writing is helpful enough, be prepared to earn from your affiliate sales. These are great Instagram niches as well.

Content Production Difficulty Level: Easy

If you are writing about a location, you can easily get photos of that location online and credit the source. You are providing that area with free marketing. It is a win-win.

Income Report: Local Adventurer

6. Automotive

Level of Interest: Medium

For car lovers, this is a great topic. For those who are looking for sustainable options, this is also a helpful topic. 

There are plenty of topics to speak about such as care guides, maintenance information, workshops to recommend, tools to purchase, recommended modifications, fuel consumption, and more.

Competition: Medium to high

While there is a lot to write about. The people who would be more trusted in this niche are large workshops and automotive companies that already have these vehicles on hand.

They would have easy access to the vehicles and can highlight areas of concern smoothly.

Revenue Potential: High

Cars are high-value purchases. Your affiliate income from these could be quite valuable. As such, cars are high ticket RPM niches.

Additionally, advertisers may be willing to pay more for display advertising on your site due to the high-value purchase potential.

Content Production Difficulty Level: Difficult

If you want to look like an expert in this, the best way is to test drive and review them on the spot through your videos. 

But this would be an extremely expensive process for you. This is why it is easier for larger companies to try out this niche.

An alternative is for you to purchase relevant stock photos or videos.

7. Gardening

Level of Interest: High

This is another niche site that I own. It is incredibly popular and so many people are into gardening

There is a large variety of sub-niches to tap into for gardening such as; indoor, outdoor, house plants, small space, large space, school gardens, sustainable gardening, and more.

Competition: Medium

Do you want to know why? Because most of the experts in gardening are busy gardening! 

So the newbies who want to learn about gardening are stuck. Who can they learn from? This is where you can come in with your content!

Revenue Potential: Medium

You can easily monetize your gardening site with lots of affiliate links. 

While you provide care guides for specific plants, you can then recommend the right tools, fertilizer, and other necessary equipment.

Content Production Difficulty Level: Easy

You can easily show the pictures of the relevant plants you are writing about by linking them to the photos of the products you are recommending.

There is no real need for you to have your garden. But if you do, kudos! That shows your authority even more.

Income Report: The Frugal Farm Girl

8. General Knowledge

Level of Interest: Medium to high

People are interested to learn about new things. Some people just enjoy browsing online to watch videos of something interesting. While others like to read up on new information.

Increasing your general knowledge has a host of benefits, such as; helping you speak freely to new people, improving your public speaking skills, and enhancing your creativity.

If you have managed to find the magic sauce of providing something useful and engaging such as wildlife, climate change, and history, then good for you!

Competition: Low

Most of these topics would be found in paid publications, subscriptions, or printed books in the library. So it is not information that is readily available online.

This is an area of untapped potential.

Revenue Potential: 

Probably because the ability to monetize this may not be so high. There will not be a lot of opportunities to use affiliate links. 

However, you can always monetize it well with display advertising once your numbers reach a valuable figure.

Content Production Difficulty Level: Easy

You will not have to showcase new photos or videos much. Most of the visual content you need would be easily available online.

You can always invest in stock photos, but nothing beyond that.

Traffic Report: Hooked To Books

9. Hobbies

Level of Interest: High

Hobbies are such an extensive topic. People have such unique interests. 

You will easily be able to find readers who will be interested in your site if you appeal to their hobbies.

If you are not sure about the number of hobbies there are, check out Discover a Hobby. Everything under the sun is available here. 

Competition: Medium

You can go to Discover a Hobby and browse through the list of hobbies available. Then input them in Google Incognito mode, with your Moz Bar turned on.

If the results on page one for this hobby are mainly from Quora, or websites with low domain authority, you have hit a gold mine!

You can start writing about those hobbies and try to provide more useful value than those already ranking on page one. 

This has the potential to be a high CPC niche if you target high-ticket items.

Revenue Potential: High

People will be willing to spend on their hobbies. Do you know that collectibles are a lucrative form of investment?

If you pick a profitable hobby, you can earn a ton from display advertising and affiliate income.

Content Production Difficulty Level: Medium

It depends on the type of hobby you are going to pick. If the visuals are easily available online, good for you!

Certain sites rank higher when they showcase their own experiences with their hobbies. So this is something you may want to take note of.

Traffic Report: Unoriginal Mom

10. Food And Cooking

Level of Interest: High

People are getting more invested in cooking. A lot of people are looking for Instagram recipes, creating vlogs, and providing simplified recipe steps. 

The types of food you can write about are extensive. People in Asia may not know South American cuisine. Likewise, people in Europe may not be exposed to the various dishes from Africa.

With cooking, the world is your oyster!

Competition: High.

The main difficulty is in sustaining your food blog. While you may have a few interesting recipes that have low competition that you can write about, the difficulty is in continuing to keep up with them.

Food blogs are really for passionate creators who truly enjoy trying and experimenting with food.

Revenue Potential: Medium

You can earn plenty from display advertising revenue because of the large number of people who wish to read your recipes.

Additionally, when you recommend cooking products or equipment, especially if you use them, you can earn good affiliate commissions.

Content Production Difficulty Level: Difficult

To be a legitimate food blogger, it is best if you uploaded your own experiences with cooking the dishes you are providing the recipes for.

This means, video or photo steps. And these take time to produce and edit.

Income Report: Bowl of Delicious

11. Fitness And Sports

high rpm niches

Level of Interest: Medium to high

The number of fitness clubs and memberships is steadily increasing. With that, people are more interested to invest in the right fitness attire, equipment, and accessories.

Additionally, a lot of people are turning to home workouts to stay fit. So fitness videos and easy workout steps are becoming extremely popular. This is an easy high RPM YouTube niche.

Competition: Medium

This depends on which sport you are writing about. If you are writing about topics that have a lot of content available such as running tips, you may struggle.

But if you write very specific topics for specific audience types, for example, first-trimester workouts, maternity workouts, and senior citizen workouts, you may get some traction there.

Revenue Potential: Medium to high

You can gain advertising income from display ads plus when you make recommendations for affiliate links such as fitness equipment, and memberships to fitness clubs.

Content Production Difficulty Level: Medium

If you are a fitness buff and already spend a lot of time in the gym, it will be easier for you to just record yourself or take some photos of yourself. This will help with credibility.

If not, you can easily get workout photos online or pay for stock photos.

Traffic Report: Kath Kyle

FAQs On High RPM Niches

What Makes A Niche Suitable For A Blog Or Content Site?

The main thing is to have extensive expertise in something and you want to share that knowledge. That way, you can continue to add content as you go on and you are more likely to be passionate about it.

This is important because you do not want to talk about something where you will run out of content after 10 or 20 blog posts. To be able to earn serious money in blogging, you need to reach at least 100 search-engine-optimized blog posts.

You can easily enjoy the benefits by focusing high RPM niches using this tactic.

How Focused Should Your Niche Be?

As a new niche site blogger, it is best to be as specific as you possibly can. Try to find as many low competition and high search volume keywords as possible within a specific cluster of topics. 

You can easily find high-paying blog niches by being very specific.

For example, if you were a food blogger, you may want to write as many recipes as possible where chicken is the main dish. That way, Google will start ranking you as an authority in chicken dishes.

Once you have completely exhausted all the relevant keywords within that cluster, you can go to a different cluster of topics under your niche.

Once your domain authority starts picking up, you can slowly widen your niche.

What Are High-Paying Keywords?

High-paying keywords are the lucrative words that have a high cost you must pay to bid for on Google Ads. These are lucrative words and have a high advertising cost. Some of these words are terms such as insurance, lawyer, degree, attorney, and mortgage.

Generally, these words are from the YMYL niche. New bloggers are encouraged to completely stay away from the YMYL niche unless they have the expertise, authority, and trust in this area.

A simple test you can take to know if the words you are targeting are heavily competitive. 

Go to Google, and type them in. If the results are mainly government bodies or professional institutions. Please forget the words for your blog.

This is because Google is telling you that the sites that are being prioritized for page 1 must be of a certain standard. 

They are talking about sensitive topics such as money matters, legal advice, healthcare issues, news, and current affairs.

Google won’t just allow any Tom, Dick, or Harry to come in and start sharing pointers about this if that site does not have the relevant expertise, authority, and trust about the topic.

As a new blogger, if you start sharing about these topics, your site may be flagged and there will be numerous questions about your credibility. 

How Much Does Adsense Pay Per 1000 Views?

AdSense pays about $18 per 1000 views on average. Advertisers pay between $0.10 to $0.30. Google will pay 68% of this to you. The formula is RPM = (Estimated earnings / Number of page views) * 1000. 

Hence, if you were earning $0.15 from an estimate of 25 page views, the calculation would be ($0.15 / 25) * 1000 equalling $6.

What Industry Has The Highest CPC?

The industry with the highest CPC or cost per click is the Insurance industry. The rate is $18.87 per click. Next is Online Education which rakes in $14.04 per click. The third highest is Marketing and Advertising at $7.40 per click.

CPC or cost per click is how websites will charge advertisers based on how many times that particular link is clicked by visitors. 

The more the link is clicked, the more the advertiser will be charged for it.


Well, there you have it, folks! I hope you were able to learn a bit more about high rpm niches and understand why the listed niches are very profitable with high RPM.

Please do not feel like you need to start earning advertising or affiliate income very soon in your blogging journey.

It is good to start with high RPM niches. But it will take some time to start seeing the fruits of this endeavour.

As long as you provide quality long-form content and use all the right SEO skills to enhance your site, you will slowly rank to the top of Google and get the desired traffic!

With that, I wish you all the best in your blogging journey. Good luck and thanks for reading! 

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