285+ Food Blogging Names To Boost Your Traffic!

Does your heartbeat rise whenever you think of food blogging names because it is finally time to share your love and passion for food with the rest of the world!

Nothing excites me more than food. I wished I was kidding but really, food is one of the very few things I look forward to daily and your passion for food must be skyrocketing since you are on the hunt for food blog name ideas!

All food bloggers who are just starting out will face the issue of finding the best food blog name idea. 

Good food blogging names are hard to come by on the internet. In this article, all bases will be covered and you will feel inspired by the ideas presented to name your food blog regardless if you wish to be a food celebrity,share recipes or explore cultural delicacies with those who are hungry for delicious cuisine.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. 

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285+ Food Blogging Names

Cooking Blog Names

Cooking Blog Names
  1. The Budget Cooking
  2. Cooking Made Simple
  3. Fresh Meals On The Go
  4. Sandwiches Galore
  5. Italian Meals
  6. Homemade Delicacies
  7. A Forkful Of Pasta
  8. The Minimalist Oven
  9. Green Bacon
  10.  Savory And Steamy
  11.  The Sweet Adventure
  12.  The Kitchen Roots
  13.  Olive’s Kitchen
  14.  Simple Homemade Recipes
  15.  Heavenly Cooking

Food Channel Name Ideas

One Word Food Blog Names
  1.  Eating With Elsa
  2.  Cooking With Camelia
  3.  The Kitchen Jungle
  4.  Warm Delectables
  5.  Chef’s Kitchen
  6.  Cooking Both Ways
  7.  The Food Wizards 
  8.  Rainbow Aprons 
  9.  Meals For You
  10. The Tasty Hub
  11.  Diner Meals At Home
  12.  Champagne And Cooking
  13.  Cooking Treats 
  14.  The Yum Kitchen
  15.  Beyond The Bite

One Word Food Blog Names

Food Channel Name Ideas
  1.  Avocolorado
  2.   Breakfacity
  3.  Cookeroo
  4.  Bakeology 
  5.  Sweetopia
  6.  Carbdashians
  7.  Relationchips
  8.  WineOclock
  9.  Vegetrails
  10.  Fineapple
  11.  Baconneticut
  12.  Cutecumbers
  13.  Picknickie 
  14.  Phoreal
  15.  Flavorville
  16.  Oklahummus
  17.  Souperman
  18.  Bakeman 
  19.  Nebraskebab
  20.  Flantastic
  21.  Weirdough 
  22.  Waitermelon
  23.  Carrate
  24.  Spectacolar
  25.  Souperviser

Unique Food Blog Names

One Word Food Blog Names
  1.  Berry Tasty
  2.  Sun’s Out Buns Out
  3.  Just Beet It
  4.  Turnip Da Beet
  5.  Feeding Frenzy 
  6.  Fairytale Flavours
  7.  Popcorn Pops
  8.  Kitchen Hunt 
  9.  Recipe Refashion 
  10.   For The Love Of Food 
  11.  Cook On The Bright Side
  12.  Foodies Dream
  13.  A Pinch Of Flavor
  14.  The Food And The Goods 
  15.  About Fire Roasting 
  16.  Sweet Loving Palate 
  17.  Own Original Goodies 
  18.  Recipe For Days 
  19.  Krabby Patty Hub
  20.  Danny Dorito
  21.  It’s Time To Cuttle 
  22.  Lettuce Get Going
  23.  When Life Gives You Lemon
  24.  Good Food Is Good Mood
  25.  There’s Always Time For Food

Vegan/Vegetarian Food Blog Names

food blogging names
  1. Sassparagus
  2. It’s A Big Dill
  3. Veganiesta
  4. Veggies Will Make You Hap-pea
  5. The Vegan Philosophy
  6. House Of Veggies
  7.  When Vegetables Meet
  8. Veggie Island
  9. The Veggie Plate
  10. Vegan Farm
  11. Vegan Studies
  12. Vegetable Garden
  13. It’s Guac’Oclock
  14. Make Peas Not War
  15. Herbs For You
  16. The Vegan Story
  17. Vegetables Galore
  18. Plant-Powered
  19. The Vegan Fuel
  20. Holy Guacamole 
  21. Vegan Life
  22. Good Chives Only
  23. The Vegan Quest
  24. Veggies And Chocolates
  25. The Vegan Style
  26. Vegan Runway
  27. Veganism
  28. Veggie Party
  29. Veggies For You And Me
  30. Cheap And Easy Vegan
  31. Fully Raw Always
  32. Vegan’s Guide To Goodness
  33. Sweet Potato Girl
  34. Earthling Delights
  35. Soy And Beans
  36. Fun Vegan Eats

Indian Food Blog Names

food blogging names
  1. Twist Of Indian Cuisine
  2. Adventure Of Paani Puri Lover
  3. Mistress Of Spices
  4. Channa Cooking
  5. Flavourful Spices
  6. Spiced Delectables
  7. A Little Chai
  8. Thosai For Life
  9. Sizzling Spices
  10. Bombay Chutneys
  11. Puffy Poori
  12. Beeryani
  13. Tandoori Kitchen
  14. Queen Of Spices
  15. Indian Food Lover
  16. The Indian Food Detector
  17. Indian Food Guru
  18. Thali Meals For Life
  19. Not Your Plain Curry
  20. Keep Calm And Curry On
  21. In A Blaze Of Curry
  22. Tikka Chance On Me
  23. Rice Spice Baby
  24. Marriage And Mutton
  25. Ghee’t Out Of Here

Healthy Food Blog Names

best food blog name idea
  1. Serving Addict
  2. Healthy Meals For All
  3. Health Comes First
  4. Eat For Nutrition
  5. Nutritional Meals Made Easy
  6. Fit Meals On The Go
  7. Fresh Skinny Recipes
  8. In A Blaze Of Veggies
  9. Health Is Key
  10. The Daily Health Tips
  11. Healthy Cuisine 
  12. Budget Healthy Meals
  13. Healthy Meals With Heather
  14. Plant-Based Meals Made Easy
  15. Changing Habits
  16. The Meal Nurse
  17. The Kitchen Doctor
  18. Teacher Of Health
  19. Holistic Eating 
  20. Mindful Eating For All
  21. The Paleo Hub
  22. The Food Healer
  23. Simple Eating
  24. Green Physique
  25. Pinch Of Health
  26. Seasonal, Healthy, And Fresh
  27. Five-Ingredient Health
  28. $10 Healthy Recipes
  29. Market Fresh Finds
  30. Simple Meals
  31. Freshly Zest Meal
  32. Oh My Veggies
  33. Health For All
  34. Vogue Veggie

Dessert Food Blog Names

foodie Instagram names
  1. Bakers Gonna Bake
  2. Donut Worry, Be Happy
  3. Let’s Get Jammin
  4. Baking Is A Piece Of Cake
  5. Hint Of Vanilla 
  6. Mint On Cake
  7. Frosting And Feasting
  8. Breakfast Roll Is How We Roll
  9. In Pie We Crust
  10. Deliciously Occu-Pied
  11. Stackable Pancakes 
  12. Baking Addict
  13. Practice Bakes Perfect
  14. Bake Love Not War
  15. Bell, Cook, And Serve
  16. Bake Up
  17. Bake A Beeline
  18. It Bakes Two To Tango
  19. Piece Of Bake
  20. Life Is What You Bake Of It
  21. Baking For Alaska 
  22. The Cupcake Effect
  23. You Deserve Butter Than This
  24. Captain Apple Pie
  25. Yeast Mode
  26. Call Me Cupcake
  27. Biscuits Party
  28. Muffin Mercury
  29. Plump Berry 
  30. Dessert Is Happiness 
  31. Baking Made Easy
  32. Whisking Blinders
  33. Getting Baked Up
  34. Desserts And Dates
  35. Willy Wonka’s Guidance
  36. Crumbs And Crusts
  37. Pecan Patchouli 
  38. Lilly Bakes
  39. Gourmet Baked Goods
  40. Baking Love
  41. Icing And Chocolate
  42. Sugar Cookies Galore
  43. Prints And Cakes

Instagram Food Blog Name Ideas

Food Vlog Channel Names
  1. Slices And Spread
  2. Finger Lickin Feast
  3. Confessions Of A Cooking Freak
  4. Cook On The Bright Side
  5. Closed Cook
  6. Don’t Judge A Cook By Its Cover
  7. First Come First Served
  8. Cuisine Minutes Of Fame
  9. Famous For Cuisine Minutes
  10. The Cuisine Meals
  11. The Jungle Cooks
  12. Dude And Sandwich
  13. Cooking Up A Mess
  14. Confusion Cooking 
  15. Queen Of Pie
  16. Queen Of Tarts
  17. Fishing King
  18. Driving For Food
  19. Travel Meals
  20. Sweet Hub Of Mine
  21. Italian Feast At Home
  22. Learning The Art Of Pizza
  23. Dribbling Spoonfuls
  24. Grandma’s Authenticity
  25. Journey To Goodness
  26. The Titanic Of Recipes
  27. Frozen Mixes
  28. Run Away With Dill
  29. Breakfast Club
  30. Eggs And I
  31. Meals For Her
  32. Meals Alice Eats
  33. Sushi Susie
  34. Plant-Based Traveler
  35. Cookeries
  36. Hungry Banana
  37. Hunger Haunts
  38. Foodie On A Flight
  39. Feast On Dishes
  40. Feast On Veggies
  41. The Hungry Buddy
  42. Chips For The Soul
  43. Quirky Meals Everyday
  44. Eat Bake Love
  45. Healthy Fit Anna
  46. Pancake Away
  47. Muffin Gawd
  48. Omg Foodies Galore

Food Vlog Channel Names

Food Vlog Channel Names
  1. Whisking You Away
  2. Uncork & Unwind
  3. Catch You On The Flip Side
  4. Let’s Be Grateful 
  5. With Friends, Good Food
  6. Good Food, Good Life
  7. Bon Appetaco 
  8. Life Begins After Coffee
  9. Espresso Yes, Depresso No
  10. May The Fork Be With You
  11. The Art Of Food
  12. Wine Not?
  13. Graters Gonna Grate
  14. Skinny Cook On The Go
  15. Rural Adventure
  16. Lick The Spoon
  17. Food Hunter Business
  18. On Delicious Hunts
  19. Cooked By Her
  20. Eat And Escape
  21. Food Book By Mimi
  22. Foodie On The Road
  23. Brewing Foodie
  24. The Forgetful Food Lover
  25. Constantly Hungry Anna
  26. Basic Recipes On The Go
  27. Waffle Battle
  28. Eat Your Heart Away
  29. Intuitive Eater
  30. Balanced Healthy Foodie
  31. Living And Loving Food
  32. Deliciously Simple 
  33. Food Rangers
  34. Feast And Fun

How To Choose Food Blogging Names

So you have taken all the necessary steps to set up a food blog but now you have been staring at the wall for 37 minutes trying to name your blog.  You are thinking that all the good food page name ideas are taken and now you have hit a wall.

Push the stress aside and go through these few tips to get your creative juices flowing again!


I know, a bit of cliche advice, is it not? Hear me out, what makes your food blog different? Before you get discouraged thinking there is nothing different about you and that there are thousands of food blogs in existence, stop right there and know that it is not true. 

If you are passionate about food, trying out different recipes, and going to different places to experience culinary delight, then you have something to offer as well! 

Take a moment to sit and jot down the reason behind wanting to create a food blog. When you have figured out your ‘why’, that will be the driving force for you to remain authentic in delivering food blog content that will excite your readers. 

Try to describe the way you feel when you think about setting a food blog and narrow it down to a single word. Is it excited? Is it euphoria? Is it happiness? 

Whatever the word may be, you can incorporate it in among other Instagram food page name ideas!

Do Not Overthink It

Once you have gotten a rough idea of how your blog is going to be, simplify the ideas into smaller chunks of words. Trying to overthink a name can get exhausting real fast. 

When you overthink food blog names for Instagram, you will feel as if no name will be good enough, or perfect enough. You want to ensure that your name rolls off the tongue easily, throw in some humor, a pun or two, or just keep it simple. 

Do not overthink it and choose a name that clicks or resonates with you the most. 

Look At Your Competitor’s Blog 

If you feel like you have hit a wall with your food blogging names inspiration, how about looking into other blogs for some ideas? 

Definitely do not copy their names but if you are seeking some ideas to jolt the creativity in you, then spend some time online to scout ideas through different blogs.

Switch It Up

Say you have come up with the perfect name for your blog, but then you find out that it has already been used. Yeah, it sucks, I know. 

Instead of being bummed, try out different word arrangements, or using similar words to come up with an alternative! For example, if the name “thehungryblogger.com” is registered, how about “everydayhungryblogger.com” or “onehungryblogger.com”?

Get creative and hit up our olf friend, the thesaurus for some word substitutes to embody the idea behind your food blogging name.

Food Blog Name Generator

If you think you have truly hit a wall and for some reason, the options presented above do not resonate with you in any way, you can try any food Instagram name generator!

Some of these sites only require simple information on the type of blog you are writing and within seconds you will be flooded with food Instagram name ideas.

You may try these options above to gain some food blog names for Instagram as inspiration. These blog name generators remove the hassle of thinking of food blogging names and all you have to do is pick one!

Who Are The Best Food Bloggers?

The best food bloggers have one thing in common, a fiery passion for food. 

Even if you are looking to make something as comforting as a burger, food  bloggers often find creative ways to express their food with perfect recipes and methods. From a small home kitchen to a professionally-equipped studio, these food bloggers are dedicated to delivering excellence in their work. 

Food blogging is no easy business, and these food bloggers have taken the time to take the perfect photograph, craft delicious recipes, and educate their readers along their food journey. 

foodie Instagram names
The picture was taken from minimalistbaker.com
food page name ideas
The picture was taken from ourfoodstories.com
best food blog name idea
The picture was taken from pinchofyum.com
best food blog name idea
The picture was taken from saffrontrail.com
food blog name ideas
The picture was taken from sproutedkitchen.com
food blog name ideas
The picture was taken from tartelette.com
food page name ideas
The picture was taken from skinnytaste.com
food blog name ideas
The picture was taken from spoonforkbacon.com
food blogging names
The picture was taken from deliciouslyella.com
food blogging names
The picture was taken from cookieandkate.com


There you go champ! 

Over 285 food blogging names are at your disposal for you to embark on your food blogging journey. Choosing a name is an important process but bear in mind that the name you choose should be unique and simple to remember so that others can relate to it. 

Add in sprinkles of your personality and you are set. This article covers foodie Instagram names, cooking blog name ideas, and even one-word food blogging names for you to choose from.

Take your pick and remember to have fun. All the best!

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