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21 Lifestyle Blogs That Make Money [2024 Update]

You’ve probably read a lifestyle blog recently, but did you know that there are a lot of lifestyle blogs that make money? 

In fact, the blog that you read probably makes some money – especially if you clicked on and purchased a product or service that they recommended. 

Don’t believe me? I was once in your shoes wondering, how do lifestyle bloggers make money?

 But I’ve been blogging for a while and I’ve since learned that you absolutely can make money blogging.

But don’t just take my word for it, I share with you some lifestyle blogs that make money as examples together with solid evidence of a couple of lifestyle blogger salaries. 

lifestyle blogs that make money

And if you’re convinced and want to try your hand at it, I’ll even give you some lifestyle blogging ideas.

Read on if you want to find out more about the 21 lifestyle blogs that make money and how much do lifestyle bloggers make.

1. Out And Beyond- $10,000+ a month 

2. Just A Girl And Her Blog – $40,000+ Per Month 

3. It’s Claudia G – $2,700+ Per Month 

4. Chasing Foxes  – $19,000+ Per Month

5. Anna In The House – $10,000+ Per Month 

6. Fit Mommy In Heels – $11,000+ Per Month 

7. Living The Dream – $8,000 Per Month 

8. Imperfect Idealist – $14,000+ In A Year Or $1,100+ Per Month

9. The Bettered Blondie – $9,000+ Per Month

10. Another Mommy Blogger – $4,000+ Per Month

11. Mostly Morgan – $1,900+ Per Month 

12. Practical Wanderlust – $10,000+ Per Month 

13. Kate Kordsmeier – $23,000+ Per Month

14. A Passion And A Passport – $73,000+ A Year / $6,000+ Per Month

15. The Savvy Couple – $11,000+ Per Month

16. Adventure In You – $19,000+ Per Month

17. Fit Mom Journey – $10,000+ Per Month

18. Affordable by Amanda – $4,000+ Per Month 

19. The Sunshine Suitcase – $100+ Per Month 

20. Gathering Dreams – $3,800+ Per Month

21. Lifestyle With Leah – $500+ Per Month

Affiliate Link Disclosure

Some of the links on here are affiliate links, and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. I hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

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21 Lifestyle Blogs That Make Money

1. Out And Beyond– $10,000+ Per month 

Yes, that’s this blog right here! Out And Beyond is a lifestyle blog that also focuses on finance. I want to help my readers save money, make money, help them work remotely and explore location-independent lifestyles. 

I started this blog to help people love Mondays and live life on their terms after experiencing the same for myself! 

2. Just A Girl And Her Blog – $40,000+ Per Month 

Just A Girl And Her Blog was started by Abby, a mother of two toddlers who was frustrated by the mess in her house and wanted to help others organize their homes better, especially those with families. 

She provides practical advice on implementing these tips in her own home, and the best part is that she doesn’t try to portray a spotless and perfect home – it’s all about creating a sustainable and smart system to help you enjoy living in your house. 

As someone that’s been featured in high-profile publications like Forbes and Huffington Post, it isn’t surprising that Abby and her blog command a staggering $40,000+ a month

3. It’s Claudia G – $2,700+ Per Month 

It’s Claudia G is a twenty-something blogger who wanted to combine her love for writing, fashion, and photography into her blog. She wants to use her blog as a platform to help students like her lead healthy and successful lives. 

4. Chasing Foxes  – $19,000+ Per Month

Chasing Foxes is a husband-wife duo Grace and Silas who enjoy sharing their lives and tips on finance, health, DIY home improvement, and how to earn money online. 

After living below the poverty line, they wanted to turn their lives around and chanced upon a blogger who was making good money from blogging

After months of preparation, they managed to earn enough money that superseded Silas’ corporate job. 

Read their blog to see how they did it and learn how to make money with a lifestyle blog.

5. Anna In The House – $10,000+ Per Month

Anna is a Polish-born mom blogger who shares tips with her readers about motherhood, parenting, DIY home design, fashion, and how to switch up your career on her blog Anna In The House. She also runs a clothing store, designs toys for kids, and owns a mini animal farm.

If it sounds like a lot is going on in her life, there is! She wants to show everyone how she created the life she has now through her blog. 

6. Fit Mommy In Heels – $11,000+ Per Month 

Mother of three kids, Lauren started her blog Fit Mommy In Heels to help women get into the best shape of their lives and to reclaim their love for fitness post-partum, and just feel good in anything they wear. 

Lauren is a personal trainer and also teaches group fitness classes, so you know she knows what she’s talking about. But she also loves fashion so the blog is a culmination of both!

7. Living The Dream – $8,000 Per Month 

Living The Dream is a travel blog set up by self-proclaimed travel addict Jeremy who initially planned to do a round-the-world trip but ended up wanting a lot more, so he kept going. He later married and continued traveling with his wife. 

Both of them pride themselves on providing actionable advice on their blog from people who’ve traveled the road, who’ve been there, and who’ve done the challenging things and lived to tell the tale. 

8. Imperfect Idealist – $14,000+ In A Year Or $1,100+ Per Month

Lily is a lifestyle blogger who likes to run races, go places, and blog about all these places, and is all about mindful and active living. She wants to help others by writing guides and articles on her experiences and her research. 

She showcases her commitment to helping others in the community in this breakdown of her blog income in a detailed post and shows you exactly how to monetize to qualify as one of the lifestyle blogs that makes money. 

9. The Bettered Blondie – $9,000+ Per Month

Sara started her blog The Bettered Blondie from the ground up when she was a nurse working long shifts. She wanted to have more time with her kids and also to pay off her debts, so she started blogging. 

She blogs about healthy meals and recipes she serves her family, to help others in similar situations.  She also wants to inspire others in their journey toward health, alongside her journey. 

10. Another Mommy Blogger – $4,000+ Per Month

Sierrah is a mommy blogger who blogs to share what she knows and learns through parenting and motherhood. She hopes to support other mothers in their journeys, sharing what works and what doesn’t. 

At Another Mommy Blogger, expect to find parenting tips, DIY projects, home, and decor advice, and even what she cooks up in the kitchen – kid-friendly recipes, anyone? 

11. Mostly Morgan – $1,900+ Per Month 

Morgan is a twenty-something content creator living in the Quad cities documenting stages of her life – her wedding, owning pets, traveling, and building up her career. 

If you found her familiar, Morgan is also a mini Tik Tok celebrity. Her video on vintage baby names went viral and she is known on the app as a baby name influencer of sorts – potentially even a niche blogging topic, right? 

12. Practical Wanderlust – $10,000+ Per Month 

Lia and Jeremy are Americans who quit their jobs to travel the world and in the process end up growing their blog into a self-sustaining income source. Now they’re still traveling but they’re also wildly passionate about helping others travel and earn while at it.  

13. Kate Kordsmeier – $23,000+ Per Month

Kate is a working mompreneur and educator who also writes and coaches. She has actual kids and furkids and was always a freelance writer until she decided to create a wellness blog after being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). 

Since then, Kate has managed to turn her blog into a profitable hustle and decided that since she found success with her blog, she wanted to coach others to do the same. 

14. A Passion And A Passport – $73,000+ A Year / $6,000+ Per Month

Jess is a thirty-something living in the Bay Area who is a travel blogger and get this – a working professional. Yes, she has a full-time job but that hasn’t stopped her from earning a substantial income with her travel blog. 

While Jess’ blog is a living-breathing answer to the question, do lifestyle blogs make money, she also shows that you don’t always have to go into blogging full-time and you can just start off taking baby steps in your current jobs – you just need to work hard on that hustle after hours! 

15. The Savvy Couple – $11,000+ Per Month

The couple behind The Savvy Couple is Kelan and Brittany Kline, a couple that wants to help couples and families make personal finance approachable and easily comprehensible. 

They share with you tips on how they paid off their student loan debt, how the blog now pays for their lifestyle full-time, and how they’ve managed to save and grow their net worth. 

16. Adventure In You – $19,000+ Per Month

Tom and Anna are the travelers behind Adventure in You and they’ve been traveling the world for years while blogging so you know they’re solid proof if you want to know how to start a lifestyle blog and make money. 

Both of them started as solo travelers and were working regular jobs. After they met on their travels, they decided they would start a travel blog together and that has led them to now earning a full-time income from their blogs and being able to work and live from just about anywhere in the world. 

17. Fit Mom Journey – $10,000+ Per Month

Gretchen is a fit mom with a very sweet tooth. Her blog Fit Mom Journey focuses on sharing with others her Ketogenic recipe creations, and her love for fitness, and the outdoors. 

18. Affordable by Amanda – $4,000+ Per Month 

Amanda is passionate about sharing budget-friendly finds with those around her age and has since gone on to also share about style, beauty, and her travels. She always remembers to stay on a budget of course. Currently, she is a digital influencer and has turned her hustle into a money-making career. 

19. The Sunshine Suitcase – $100+ Per Month 

A lifestyle blogger who lives in sunny Hawaii, Summer gives a detailed look into how she’s building a life which she doesn’t need to take a vacation from and hopes to inspire others to do the same. Her blogging income may be small, but her dreams most certainly aren’t. 

If you’re wondering as a beginner, how to start a lifestyle blog and make money, you’ll be encouraged by Summer’s upbeat and can-do attitude as she navigates this blogging world. 

20. Gathering Dreams – $3,800+ Per Month

Gathering Dreams is a creative lifestyle blog by Sara, who calls herself the dreamer. Once a tired corporate professional, Sara decided enough was enough and she wanted to forge a new path and make her dreams a reality.

Now, together with her sweetheart who photographs for the blog, she teaches others about financial freedom and making passive income work for them, just like how she did for herself. 

21. Lifestyle With Leah – $500+ Per Month

As her blog name suggests, Lifestyle With Leah is all about her lifestyle, her family, wellness, recipes, and tips and tricks around life. She is also a mother to two girls, and enjoys a good coffee and shopping online on Amazon. 

What Is A Lifestyle Blog?

lifestyle blogs that make money

A lifestyle blog is a blog that shows the blog author’s everyday life and things that interest them, but with entries and content that provides value to its readers.

Lifestyle bloggers blog with the main intent of chronicling their lives, but in doing so, to also connect with like-minded readers and bloggers, and also to hopefully inspire others.

Lifestyle blogs are different from personal blogs. Personal blogs are more of a day-by-day narration, often with a lot of detail, and not meant for a wider audience.  

If you want to know how to make money as a lifestyle blogger, you want to first start by starting a lifestyle blog in the first place. It’s a platform where you could blog about trends, travel, food, finance, fashion, or even your family. 

Lifestyle blogging, however, is extremely competitive so you need to make sure you blog quality content, but also employ good SEO strategies and SEO-backed content to help you get views to your blog and rank higher on search engines – because more views, more money! 

Reasons To Start A Lifestyle Blog 

There are so many reasons why you should start a lifestyle blog, but I’ll give you ten quick ones on why you shouldn’t wait any longer:

  • To share lifestyle tips with others
  • To inspire others who might need help or advice
  • To get better at writing
  • To pick up brand-new skills by starting a blog 
  • To build up your online persona
  • To earn good money
  • To meet like-minded people
  • To document your life
  • To help others with similar problems 
  • To gain access to new opportunities and things 
lifestyle blogs that make money

How To Start A Lifestyle Blog That Makes Money

Starting a blog is simple and isn’t as complicated as you think it is. I can assure you that this can be all done in one weekend or if you’re hardworking enough one day! Don’t believe me? I’ll tell you the steps:

1. Choose a blog name

2. Decide on your hosting. I use Bluehost but you can go with whatever’s within your budget or region. 

3. Install a blogging tool like WordPress. Bluehost comes with WordPress hosting.

4. Pick a blog theme. Don’t spend too much time on this but remember to pick a mobile-friendly one!

5. Design a logo, but again don’t spend too much time on this.

6. Install essential blog plugins for your blog, for things like SEO and spam protection.

7. Research and implement monetization options for your blog. For example, you don’t need a minimum page view count to get started with the display advertising platform Ezoic

8. Drive traffic to your brand-new blog! You can do so via SEO, blogging more frequently, or mastering the platform Pinterest

Lifestyle Blog Name Ideas 

But what if you’re stuck even at the first step and can’t even go past that because you can’t think of a creative lifestyle blog name? 

Honestly, I’d say don’t sweat it and just go with something that isn’t too cringe-worthy for you, yet catchy and something you wouldn’t regret years down.

Depending on your personality or likes and dislikes, you could go with catchy, creative, unique, or just something fun-loving. In fact, I did the thinking for you and I’m giving you more than 200 lifestyle blog names here.  

There you have it, the first step on how to start your blog done and dusted. Easy, wasn’t it?

Lifestyle Blog Topic Ideas

Because it’s about lifestyle, generally everything goes. Have you already seen my article where I share 251 (yes, 251) lifestyle blog topic ideas

lifestyle blogs that make money

Blog about anything under the sun, really! You can easily find topics in these areas for your lifestyle blog: 

  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Travel
  • Food And Drinks 
  • Parenting (if you’re a parent)
  • Pets (if you’re a paw-rent)
  • Home and decor (if you’d rather have plants than a kid or a pet, no judgment) 
  • Health and wellness
  • Fitness
  • Music
  • Books
  • Special seasons (like holidays!)
  • Technology 
  • Hobbies 
  • Finance
  • Art & Craft
  • Sports 

How Does A Blog Make Money?

You’ve seen that it is possible to have a lifestyle blog that makes money. These lifestyle bloggers have made money through their blogs in these ways:

FAQs On Lifestyle Blogs That Make Money

What Kind Of Blogs Make Most Money

Aside from lifestyle blogs that make good money, there are other types of blogs that make serious money. The blogs that make the most money include:

  • Finance Blogs
  • Travel Blogs
  • Health And Fitness Blogs
  • Parenting Blogs
  • Mom Blogs
  • Food Blogs 
  • Fashion Blogs
  • Pet Blogs
  • DIY Blogs
  • Sports Blogs
  • B2B or Marketing Blogs 

Can A Lifestyle Blog Make Money?

Yes, a lifestyle blog can absolutely make money. According to SEM Rush, the average income of lifestyle bloggers is $5,000 and up. 

lifestyle blogs that make money

I don’t know about you but even $5,000 is serious money, so trust me when I say it’s entirely possible to earn money from blogging. 

How Do I Make My Lifestyle Blog Successful?

Lifestyle bloggers can make use of a variety of ways to earn money and to make their blogs successful, but affiliate marketing and sponsored posts are hands-down the best way to make your lifestyle blog successful. 

You can use your lifestyle blog to promote products and services, especially if you have a substantial audience.

 These readers could then click on affiliate links to purchase these products and services. How it works is that these sites and networks then pay you a commission for recommending these products to your readers. 

For sponsored posts, companies or individuals pay lifestyle bloggers to write about their experiences with products and services. 

Sometimes you can also get a commission or a small cut if readers then go on to purchase products and services using a code or a link you provide, similar to affiliate marketing. 

There are a lot of lifestyle blogs around and it’s perfectly normal that you’ll wonder if there are lifestyle blogs that make money, because the reality is, that not all lifestyle blogs do. 

lifestyle blogs that make money

Some lifestyle bloggers try for a few months and then give up because like what I said earlier, lifestyle blogging is an extremely competitive niche

But I like a good challenge and I saw an opportunity with my blog Out and Beyond – I niched down, I took good search keywords with low competition and high search traffic, and then I found success.

 I then applied the same strategies to my travel blog and it worked.

So I’m here to tell you that you can make a lifestyle blog and earn from it, but starting a blog is just the beginning. 

If you want to learn more, definitely stick around here or subscribe to my e-mail newsletter. (I promise not to spam you – it’s just a weekly one!) 

All the best champ, you’ve got this – I look forward to seeing your blog online! 

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