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111+ Personal Development Sub Niches That Make Money in 2024!

Looking to start a self-help blog? Here are the most profitable personal development sub niches for you to explore. 

Blogs on self development are gaining popularity and your blog could be the next big hit.

The great thing about personal development blogs are:

  1. They are profitable- people SPEND on their health and well being!
  2. You get to help lots of people with your blog!

Are you passionate about the self improvement niche like I am and wish to help either achieve goals or be the best version of yourself?

I value personal development as it is an important part of our growth as a person. It helps me to keep my life in balance between work and personal care. Like how I like to put on a facemask, with a cup of warm tea while working, it is all about keeping it balanced right? 😉 

Personal Development Sub Niches

If you are avid about practicing self development habits you can now help others by starting a blog on self development, focusing on personal development sub niches.

People are always looking for ways to better themselves, so starting a blog in the personal development niche is a great idea. 

You may be wondering, why niche down personal growth blog topics further? 

Well, personal development is a broad niche, it encompasses all areas that lead to self-improvement in some way. 

The personal development blog niche is also a profitable one too!

When you specialize in a specific subniches, it will allow you to build authority. Need some guidance on picking personal development sub niches? 

You’re at the right place, let’s dive into the self development niche and sub niches in self improvement, along with examples of the best personal development websites for you to have a peek!

personal development sub niches

Personal Development Sub Niches: Top 11 Sub Niches To Consider 

  1. Sustainable & Minimalist Living
  2. Goal Setting, Focus & Productivity
  3. Personal Awareness & Mindfulness
  4. Spirituality
  5. Emotional Intelligence 
  6. Habits Development 
  7. Health And Fitness
  8. Happiness & Success 
  9. Career Development & Upskilling 
  10. Stress Management 
  11. Money Management 

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111 Profitable Personal Development Sub Niches In 2024!

personal development sub niches

1. Sustainable & Minimalistic Living 

What is Sustainable & Minimalistic Living about? 

Sustainable living is a way of life aimed at making positive changes to our daily habits to reduce one’s “carbon footprint” or personal environmental impact on issues such as climate change.

 It also encourages individuals to minimize the use of Earth’s resources. 

The implementation of a sustainable lifestyle has gained traction over the last few years making it one of the top personal development sub niches and home improvement sub niches.

Minimalist living is a concept that involves freeing yourself of material possessions that do not serve a purpose. Minimalists intentionally believe less is more. 

These two separate ways of living are not much different from each other, they share a common goal, to minimize the consumption of goods. If you’re interested in either one of these areas, you can write about both! 

What can you blog about in this sub-niche? 

Focus on solving a problem for your target audience, you can blog about:

  • How they can reduce their consumption of goods
  • How to reduce their carbon footprint 
  • How to start living a minimalist and sustainable lifestyle
  • How to start practicing minimalism or sustainability in the city 

An example of a successful blog in this sub-niche is A Considered Life

Sophie, the blogger created the blog to inspire her readers to embrace living in a way that is purposeful by simplifying life or adapting to a sustainable lifestyle.

 She writes about simple living, sustainable style, eco habits, and slow travel. 

personal development sub niches

Sustainable And Minimal Living Self Improvement Niches

1. Decluttering

2. Zero Waste

3. Organic Food

4. Recycling

5. Solar Power

6. Sustainable Living

7. Sustainable Fashion

8. Veganism

9. Green Beauty Products

10. Waste Management

personal development sub niches

2. Goal Setting, Focus & Productivity 

What is Goal Setting & Focus and Productivity about? 

Goal setting is the process of planning to attain the desired outcome.

 Goal setting is one of the many methods used to increase both focus and productivity. 

Productivity is the measure of how efficiently and consistently we complete prioritized tasks. To be productive is to get high-quality work done in less time and effort. Focus is an important aspect of productivity, without it, you can’t achieve being productive. 

Focus is paying particular attention to something, it’s being present and involved in the moment or task at hand. 

When you write about either one of these areas, you are bound to include an element of the other, so you might as well write about all of it. 

What can you blog about in this sub-niche? 

When these three areas come together, it is a power-packed self-improvement niche. 

There is plenty to blog out, such as:

  • How to increase productivity at work
  • How to stay motivated to achieve goals 
  • What are the different types of goal setting strategies
  • How to stay focused at work

An example of one of the best self improvement blogs in this sub-niche and also my personal favorite is Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is amazing! She is an entrepreneur, has her own award-winning TV show, and has created some incredible online programs for writers and entrepreneurs. 

Her blog covers productivity & focus on areas of personal growth and building a meaningful business amongst other things. 

Goal Setting, Focus & Productivity Self Care Niche

11. Productivity Planners

12. Productivity Tools

13. Time Management

14. Calendar Blocking

15. Routines

16. Bullet Journals

17. Pomodoro Method

18. Notion Tutorials

19. Setting Up Productivity Systems

20. Vision Board Setting

personal development sub niches

3. Mindfulness & Meditation 

What is Meditation & Mindfulness about? 

People often think that mindfulness and meditation are pretty much the same things but it isn’t, mindfulness and meditation are two separate concepts that complement each other. 

Mindfulness is an ability that can be performed throughout the day whilst meditation is a technique that is practiced for a period of time. Mindfulness and meditation complement each other. 

Being mindful is having the ability to be fully present and engaged in every moment, without judgment, no matter where we are, what we are doing, and what we are thinking. 

Meditation is an ancient practice to create self-awareness and mindfulness. It is a technique used to reduce stress, and increase calmness and clarity

Mindfulness and meditation go hand in hand, being mindful enhances the quality of meditation practices, while meditation supports and increases mindfulness. 

What can you blog about in this sub-niche? 

Mindfulness and meditation are one of the most popular self development sub niches in current times.

 There is so much you can write about, for inspiration I’m sharing with you a few areas you can touch on. 

  • How to meditate? 
  • What are the benefits of mindfulness and meditation? 
  • How do you incorporate meditation and mindfulness into daily life?
  • How does mindfulness improve quality of life? 
  • Why should you have mindfulness and meditation practice? 

An example of a successful blog in this sub-niche is Zen Habits

Founded by Leo Babauta, Zen Habits has over 1 million readers. It is about searching for mindfulness and simplicity within the disorder of our daily lives. 

Personal Awareness & Mindfulness Self Improvement Sub Niches

21. Curating Emotional intelligence

22. Self-Awareness

23. Mindfulness

24. Social Growth

25. Confidence

26. Manifestation

27. Mindfulness Meditation

28. Law Of Attraction

29. Nervous System

30. Mindfulness Coaching

personal development blog ideas

4. Spirituality 

What is Spirituality about? 

Spirituality is often misunderstood as religion, however, for some people, spirituality is found in religion. Spiritualism is a facet of all religions however you can be spiritual without being religious. 

Simply explained, Spirituality is the search for meaning in life that includes a sense of connection to something bigger than life itself.

Spirituality is often interlinked with concepts like self-discovery, happiness, and finding purpose in life.

It is unique to all, an individual’s definition of spirituality may change with experiences and in each season of their life. 

What can you blog about in this sub-niche? 

You might be wondering how to write about ‘spirituality’ as it is mostly a personal practice. 

Well, you might be surprised, there are well over 100 noteworthy spiritual blogs that people are interested in. 

Here are some ideas on what to write about, for you to get started: 

  • How to incorporate spirituality into everyday life
  • How spirituality is self-discovery
  • How to find your purpose 
  • How to create meaning in life
  • The benefits of spiritual practices 

An example of a successful blog in this sub-niche is Tiny Buddha, often known as the ‘founding fathers’ of spiritual blogging. 

Founded by Lori Deschene, Tiny Buddha is a vibrant community blog featuring tips, stories, and knowledge by readers and writers from all over the world. 

It talks about simple practices, knowledge, and ideologies and shows readers how to apply them to their busy day-to-day lives. 

Spirituality Self Help Niche

31. Spiritual Mentors On Youtube

32. News About Faith

33. Spiritual Fitness

34. AM and PM Devotionals

35. Religion

36. Monastic Living

37. Yoga

38. Spirituality For Children

39. Myths And Religion

40. Spiritual Book Reviews

personal development sub niches

5. Emotional Intelligence

What is emotional intelligence about? 

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to identify, perceive, manage and respond to one’s own emotions as well as the emotions of others. Simply put, it’s being smart with your feelings

It has also been suggested by experts to be more important than IQ to be successful in life. It is so important for your relationship with others and it is a learnable skill

The ability to control, express, and respond to emotions is a necessity. 

Imagine if you are not able to tell when your partner is upset or your friend was mad at you. Being able to interpret and respond to the emotions of others is emotional intelligence. 

What can you blog about in this sub-niche? 

This sub-niche is definitely for you if you’re a psychology major or have an interest in the human mind and its functions. 

You can write about: 

  • How to master your emotions
  • Tips for managing emotions
  • How to control your emotions
  • How to let your emotions guide you
  • All about the emotional body

An example of a blog in this sub-niche is EQ Applied

EQ Applied is a blog that aims to share simple and easy methods to improve emotional intelligence, through real-life stories and scientific research. 

The founder is not a psychologist but collaborates with the psych and neuroscience community to understand the processes behind human thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. 

Emotional Intelligence Self Help Niches

41. Happiness

42. Self-Defense

43. Critical Thinking

44. Analytical Thinking

45. Language Learning

46. Survival Skills

47. How To Develop Emotional Skills

48. Empowerment 

49. Social Awareness

50. Self-Management

personal development sub niches

6. Habit Development 

What is habit development about? 

One of the most interesting personal development sub niches is habit development, the process behind the automation of behaviors.

Habits are acquired by repetition, the more times a behavior is performed, the less conscious effort is needed and thus it becomes a habit. 

Habits can be unknowingly formed and consciously formed or removed to support an individual’s self-betterment and it is one of the important areas of self improvement that impact our daily life.

Some habits can be detrimental such as smoking or spending too much time scrolling through Instagram. And they can be difficult to overcome. 

People are constantly looking for ways to improve themselves, and habits play a huge role in our lives.

Did you know that habits account for roughly 40% of our behaviors

It is essential to understand how new habits are built, how current habits work, and how to eliminate bad habits to improve our overall well-being and quality of life. 

What can you blog about in this sub-niche? 

Habits are a huge part of anyone’s day-to-day life, and there’s plenty to write about here. 

Here are a few questions to get the juices flowing: 

  • How to break bad habits
  • How to create new habits 
  • How to make habits work for you
  • What habits improve your quality of life
  • What habits make you work better

An example of a personal development blog in this sub-niche is best-selling author James Clear’s blog. 

personal development sub niches

James Clear wrote Atomic Habits and he honestly is the ‘guru’ of habit development. He shares evidence-based information on how to break bad habits and form good ones. 

Habits Development Self-Help Niche

51. Habit Stacking

52. Habit Tracker

53. Breaking Bad Habits

54. Habit Cues

55. Accountability

56. Habits Coaching

57. Discipline

58. Overcome Procrastination

59. Practice Gratitude

60. How To Prioritize

personal development sub niches

7. Health And Fitness

The health and fitness niche has undoubtedly gained popularity over recent years with the global market value being USD 70.3 billion. Almost everyone these days is being more aware of the state of their health and fitness.

You see fitness influencers recommending different workout programs and dieticians making more Tik Tok videos on how to maintain optimal health.

The engagement rates are through the roof because the public is constantly searching for answers on how to improve their health and fitness.

If you want to create a self improvement blog on this subject, you must have an extensive understanding of the medical field. There may be some health-related areas where certification is necessary. 

The health niche is a YMYL niche and it is a broad topic. YMYL stands for Your Money Your Life and it means a topic that could affect your money and your life.

Writing content in this niche without proper credibility could get your blog penalized by Google so bear that in mind before setting up your blog.

What Can You Blog About In This Sub-Niche?

If you have the proper certification and credibility to advise your readers about their health and fitness, try to write up articles like you are advising them to achieve optimal health. Here are some ideas for you to consider:

Things to keep in mind when working out with PCOS

Strength training for pregnant women

How to maintain a vegan diet

How much caffeine is too much

personal development sub niches

Health And Fitness Personal Growth Blog Ideas

61. Healthy Eating

62. Bodybuilding

63. Dental Care

64. Sleep

65. Detoxing

66. Strength Training

67. Pilates

68. Workout Scheduling

69. Holistic Health

70. Mommy Health And Wellness

areas of personal growth

8. Happiness & Success

Name one person that does not want to be happy or successful, I bet you can’t. Ultimately, we all want to live happily and successfully. 

Throughout time, humankind has devoted most of its effort to finding happiness. What is happiness though? 

I believe happiness means different things to different people, but at the end of the day it is an emotional state of mind, it is the experience of contentment and joy.

Now, many people believe that success brings happiness. 

Success, uncoincidentally is unique to each person, as well, but it generally means achieving desired outcomes or fulfilling one’s dreams. 

Whilst we can’t tell if happiness brings success or success brings happiness, it can be said with some certainty that happiness and success are interrelated

What can you blog about in this sub-niche? 

As mentioned above, the world is always trying to find a way to be happy and achieve success. 

If you’re choosing this sub-niche, try to provide solutions and action plans to concrete problems or for a specified target audience. 

Here are a few areas you can use for inspiration: 

  • How to be successful before you are 30 
  • How to find what happiness and success mean to you
  • How to find happiness in our day to day lives
  • How to improve life satisfaction
  • Motivation

An example of a blog in this sub-niche and one of my favorite personal development blogs is Elephant Journal

It is a great resource to improve life satisfaction, and redefine what happiness and success mean to you. 

Elephant Journal is a mindful community blog by Waylon Lewis designed to provide insights on everything and anything that’ll help them live a more fulfilled life. 

If you are wondering is motivation a good niche? Well, look at Tony Robbins, his whole career is cater to help others to get motivated and achieve their full potential.

personal development sub niches

Happiness & Success Ideas For Self Help Blogs

71. Optimism

72. Motivation

73. Work-Life Balance

74. Creating Success Routines

75. Goal Setting

76. Visualization

77. Purpose Of Life

78. Ambitions

79. Dreams

80. Overcoming Depression

personal development sub niches

9. Career Development 

What is career development about? 

Career development is essentially a lifelong process of self-exploration, learning, and decision-making that shapes your career. 

It involves several components. The key components are:

  • exploring careers and roles that pique an interest 
  • improving on current skill set
  • developing and growing a personal brand
  • training and education in a particular field
  • knowing how to secure a dream role or when to start a company 
  • the know-how to keep progressing in a particular field

Career development also covers important aspects such as work ethics, leadership, and what is essential in the workplace like inclusion and diversity, and workplace safety for women. 

Here are examples of areas that career development focuses on to encourage us to achieve the key components mentioned above:

  • Leadership 
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Creativity
  • Time Management 
  • Communication Skills 
  • Motivation

What can you blog about in this sub-niche? 

Career development is quite a vast topic and you can write about many aspects of it. 

You can blog about: 

  • Different industries, roles, and requirements
  • Tools to find opportunities 
  • How to make a career change
  • How to start thinking about career development in school 
  • Free training resources are available online
  • Provide professional advice and services in career counseling 
  • How to advance your career 
  • How to build your personal brand in the workplace 
  • How to write CVs and resumes

An example of a blog in this sub-niche is In Her Sight

This is a female-focused career advice blog and platform that provides readers with resources related to career development, equality in the workplace, work-life balance, and job search. 

They also have detailed reviews and a scoring system of the best companies for women. 

What’s great about In Her Sight is that it is also a vibrant community that features inspiring working women and their stories. 

Career Development & Upskilling Ideas For Self Improvement Blogs

81. Resumes And Cover Letters

82. Career Planning

83. Networking

84. Volunteer Work

85. Skills To Master

86. Setting Up A Business

87. How To Have A Side Hustle

88. Side Hustle Jobs

89. Career Development Coaching

90. Soft Skills Mastering

personal development sub niches

10. Stress Management  

What is stress management about? 

Everyone experiences stress in their daily lives, it’s unavoidable.

 Stress is a normal human response that arises from any circumstance that is considered challenging or “stressful” to a person. 

We may feel stressed when we are working under pressure, we have no control over situations, or when we have too much on our plate.

Stress materializes as mental or physical tension and can be harmful to our overall well-being in the long run. 

Many people are stressed because of their relationships, financial issues, jobs, health conditions, and even day-to-day things like schedules and mess.

It’s important to learn how to manage stress to reduce its impact on our health and lives. 

What can you blog about in this sub-niche? 

It’s somewhat clear-cut that stress management is necessary for people to lead better lives. 

This sub-niche is for you if you’re passionate about wellness, as stress management is an important aspect of leading a healthy life. Here are some tips on what you can write about stress management. 

  • How do your daily habits affect stress levels?
  • How to reduce stress in your environment
  • How to teach children stress management?
  • Relaxation techniques that relieve stress
  • How does stress affect the body and mind

An example of a great blog in this sub-niche is Simple Mindfulness, a mindfulness blog by Paige Oldham whose motto is ‘From Resistance & Unhappiness to Acceptance & Happiness’. 

The blog writes about the negativity of stress, stress management, tips to promote happiness, and of course, mindfulness. 

What I like about this blog is that you will find tips on how to manage stress in real-life situations at work, in your relationships, and in daily life. 

Stress Management Ideas For Self Development Blogs

91. Creating A Routine

92. Aromatherapy

93. Handling Depression

94. Wellness Retreats

95. Workplace Health

96. Intentional Living

97. Supplements

98. Tackling Problems

99. Positive Affirmations

100. Uplifting Habits

self improvement topics

10. Money Management 

What is money management about? 

Money management is essentially how you deal with your finances.

 This includes having a budget, or a savings plan, reducing or avoiding debt, having a good credit score, and more. 

Money management is the key to maintaining or improving your current financial situation.  It is also what will make your dream of attaining financial freedom or success, whatever it is you’re into, come true! 

Regardless of what you want to do with your money, knowing how to manage money is the secret to achieving it. 

What can you blog about in this sub-niche? 

The money management sub-niche is honestly so great. You will have plenty to write about.  Here are a few ideas on what you can blog about: 

An example of a blog in this sub-niche is Money Smart Latina, by youth development expert Athena Valentine

Athena’s story is so inspirational. She relates her story of how she was homeless while studying in high school and she shares how she overcame her challenges and achieved financial success. 

She offers insightful advice on financial literacy, budgeting, business, and financial health, especially for underprivileged communities. 

Money Management Self Help Niche

101. Budgeting

102. Investing

103. Retirement

104. Cryptocurrencies

105. Saving Money

106. Debt Management

107. Sinking Funds

108. Multiply Income Sources

109. StartUp Ideas

110. Frugal Living

111. Real Estate Investing

blog about self development

FAQs On Personal Development Sub Niches

Is Personal Development a Niche?

Personal development can be considered a niche, focusing on mental, social, spiritual, emotional, and physical areas- which fall under different sub-niches. Each sub niche encompasses a wide range of topics, from career development, habit development, health and fitness, goal setting, and more. 

What Is Personal Development? 

Before we plunge ourselves into the best sub niches in personal development, let’s uncover what it really means. 

Self-improvement, self-help, self-development, and personal growth all fall under the personal development umbrella. 

Personal development simply explained, is any activity that makes you a better person. Ultimately, it can be anything that results in self-improvement. 

As individuals, we are always striving to be better, and thus personal development is a lifelong journey.

This makes personal development the perfect niche to write about as people are always going to want to better themselves, right? 

Why Choose A Personal Development Sub Niche? 

Well, as personal development can encompass one’s whole life, I think it’s fair to say that personal development is a very broad subject matter. 

If you write about all things personal development, you won’t be able to build a concrete audience, as your target audience will be too general. 

The problem with general content is that it targets no one. 

Niching down within the personal development niche will allow you to solve a specific issue for a specific audience. And people are always searching for solutions to their problems. 

So how do you find the sub-niche for you? 

Which Of The Personal Development Sub Niches Is For You?  

Picking profitable sub-niches boils down to these 3 key elements: 

1. Pick a Sub Niche That You Are Passionate About 

Starting a blog is exciting, but if you’re not excited about the topic you’re writing about, chances are you’ll lose interest. Pick a sub-niche that you enjoy learning and talking about. 

Here’s a 5-minute activity to find out if your topic of choice is exhilarating enough for you: Take a pen and paper and list out 20 blog post ideas that come to mind. 

This should help you decide if you’re passionate about the sub-niche. 

2. Be Specific About Your Target Audience

Now that you’ve decided on the topic, ask yourself if there are people out there who’ll read what you are writing about. 

You’ll have to do a bit of research here, a free tool that can help you check if your sub-niche has an audience is Google Trends

3. Find Out If Your Sub Niche is Profitable. 

The goal is to eventually start monetizing your blog. Once you’ve determined that you have an audience, you’ll be able to do that in many ways. 

The best personal development business ideas for bloggers in any of the sub niches include selling digital products and services. 

You can create online courses and e-books and offer coaching and mentoring services related to your niche.  

If you’ve chosen a sub-niche that you’re passionate about, has a clearly defined audience, and is profitable, you’re all set! 

personal development sub niches

What Are The 5 Main Areas of Personal Development?

The 5 main areas of personal development are:

  • Mental 
  • Social 
  • Spiritual
  • Emotional 
  • Physical 

What Are Some Common Niches?

These are the 10 most common and profitable blogging niches:

  • Health, Fitness, and Weight Loss
  • Finance and Money Management 
  • Relationships and Dating
  • Blogging 
  • Personal Development 
  • Making Money 
  • Fashion & Beauty 
  • Parenting 
  • Technology 
  • Travel 

How Do I Find My Sub-Niche?

Follow these 5 steps to find your niche:

  1. Find the sweet spot where passion and skills intersect
  2. Research if it is a profitable niche and if there is a target audience
  3. Niche down 
  4. Research your competition and their content
  5. Take your niche for a test drive

How to make Money in the Personal Development niche?

Here are 9 ways to make money on blog about self development in personal development niche:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Digital Product
  3. Consultation Service
  4. Membership fee 
  5. Self improvement products
  6. Workshop & Retreat
  7. Ebooks
  8. Online course
  9. Speaking Engagement

What are the Most Important Topics of Self-Improvement People Want to Read About?

To start a blog about self improvement, there are a few topics that most people are interested to read about: 

  • Productivity- Tips about time management, planning, and working effectively 
  • Mindfulness- Meditation techniques to reduce stress, find inner peace, and practicE mindfulness techniques
  • Health and Fitness- Tips on losing weight, workout routine, healthy meal plan, gym workouts
  • Personal Finance- Information about managing money, savings, and personal investing
  • Personal Development- Tips on goal setting, motivational niche, and goal planning
  • Relationship- Methods for improving communication and connection with partner, children, and family.

Can You Make Money Blogging About Mental Health?

Yes, you can definitely make money blogging about mental health by providing valuable information that can help your readers and monetize products or services. You can sell resources such as digital products, ebooks, online courses, or services such as private consultations, workshops, or speaking engagements. 

What Is An Example of a Sub-Niche?

A sub-niche in blogging is a more narrowly defined niche on a particular topic. An example of a sub-niche in Personal development could be a blog about habit development or productivity. Each sub-niche dives deeper on the subject, addressing the targeted demographic instead of generic readers. 

Is Mental Health a Good Niche?

Mental health is a good niche to get into if you have an interest and wealth of experience in mental well-being. Additional accreditation such as a background in psychology can help to boost your credibility and be an expert in this sub-niche topic. 

With the rising awareness of mental health, many are looking to learn more about this subject, making it one of the best blogs on self improvement niche. 

There are also diverse earning potentials in the mental health niche, from selling books or eBooks, affiliate marketing, private consultant services, online courses, and much more! 

How Big is the Personal Development Market?

The personal development market is not showing any sign of slowing down. As of 2023, the global self-improvement market was projected to be valued at USD 81.6 Billion. This rising trend is likely due to the increasing awareness of the importance of ongoing personal growth.

With the increasing number of self-help apps, online services, books, and educational videos, the personal development market is expected to keep on growing in the coming year. 

How To Start A Personal Development Blog?

  • Construct Gripping Headlines
  • Be Sincere And Receptive To Criticism
  • Set Up Your Blog
  • Plan Your Content
  • Promote Your Blog

Construct Gripping Headlines

A catchy headline will draw in your readers while they are browsing, which is what you want. 

The more distinctive your headline, the higher chance of the article being read often by readers. By using a catchy headline, you can grab readers’ attention right away.

If you can consistently draw in readers, your blog may be the best personal development blog out there. 

However, refrain from using clickbait titles just to draw readers in. If you continue to do so, the readers will know that they are not getting the content they want from your articles and lesser people will visit your blog. 

You want to put up a gripping headline AND quality content to ensure your reader spends their time reading the articles. 

Be Sincere And Receptive To Criticism

Keep in mind that if someone is critiquing you, they are concerned enough to point out your shortcomings.

If you write about your own personal development along with educating your readers on how to better themselves, keep in mind that people will be interested in reading about your personal development journey.

Your ups and downs are what they want to hear. Feel free to talk about what is going on in your life right now.

You can look through examples from any personal development copywriting niche and analyze on the language and wording used to get the message across.

Set Up Your Blog

To set up a blog, simply follow these 8 steps:

  • Choose a name
  • Get hosting with Bluehost
  • Install website builder WordPress
  • Choose a theme
  • Come up with a logo
  • Download essential plugins
  • Learn how to get paid
  • Start attracting traffic to your site
  • Add personal development products to sell on your site

Through blogging, I’ve been able to help people, earn more money than I could imagine, and still do what I love, and connect with others with my desire for saving and creating additional money.

As I use WordPress exclusively, it wouldn’t be fair to leave a comment on any other platforms since I haven’t tried them.

Here are some resources on how to set up your blog to be among the best  self improvement bloggers out there:

Plan Your Content

A blog is like a business. 

Even though you do not have to write personal development articles every week if you’re feeling overwhelmed about it, and you are free to write as often as you like, you will not be earning much from the blog if you do so. 

Always plan your content around personal development keywords and continuously publish articles. 

Put the best SEO practices forward to ensure your articles rank on the first page of Google. 

If you feel like you have posted enough content and are running out of your ideas, check out your old posts again.

You can elaborate on a subject you have already discussed or bring it up again and talk about any developments. 

Promote Your Blog

Make the most of your social media channels. Promote your blog on different social media channels and get your acquaintances to link to it and promote it on their websites. 

Get more people to be aware of your new site and start getting that traffic!


What Are Some Personal Development Topics?

Whenever it comes to self-help or personal growth, it can be difficult to determine which area should be the priority to be improved.

You will not find two people trying to improve the exact areas of self-development in their life because everyone is different!

It is impossible to draw a line to the advantages of personal development. Everyone can benefit from improving oneself to be a better version of themselves. 

These self-improvement topics promote well-being and joy for a more contented and fulfilling lifestyle.

We can improve our quality of life by actively pursuing these areas of personal improvement and applying constructive techniques.

Here are some ideas on personal development sub niches topics:

  • Develop a positive outlook.
  • Boost your confidence.
  • Conquer your own doubts.
  • Create a company that has a good effect on the planet.
  • Develop your interpersonal abilities.
  • Form positive behaviors.
  • Better your own self-care.
  • Get the ability to present-day.
  • Aim higher.
  • Stop overanalyzing things.
  • Improve your understanding of oneself.
  • Focus on developing more wholesome relationships.
  • Reverse negativity.
  • More self-love.
  • Improve your ability to control or eliminate stress.
  • Learn to control your emotions.
  • Discover how to prosper.
  • Find out how you learn best.
  • Learn about your strengths.
  • Boost your digital health.
  • Create resilience.
  • Develop kindness.
  • Learn to think more joyfully.
  • Discover your mission.
  • Learn to pay attention to your gut.
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Which Personal Development Sub Niches Are For You?

Have you decided on which blog personal development sub niches you are interested in?

Whether you want to focus on personal growth topics or career development topics, make sure you have genuine interest and experience on the subject. 

Also, bear in mind that you are not restricted to one sub-niche. It would be best to start with one, but you can definitely expand into more sub-niches once you have an audience.

Besides writing self help articles topics, many personal development blogs that make money provide factual and resourceful content for the reader, along with monetization through affiliate marketing, resourceful digital products, and online courses.  

With such diverse personal development blog ideas,  there are some themes that will often coincide with one another, and you can start building another sub-niche once you build authority in your chosen sub-niche. 

So get on cracking and start brainstorming which self improvement topics you are interested in most and start that profitable personal development sub niche!

Ask yourself who you want to help and what problems you want to solve with your blog. Also, if you’ve found the niche for your blog, give this post a read to know how to get started on your blog.

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