Best seo keywords for interior design

Best SEO Keywords For Interior Design

Has it been challenging for you to get the best SEO keywords for interior design? 

Worry no more! You will find in this article keywords to help you optimize your interior design website. I will help you effectively use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to increase your website traffic.

Also, both my sisters are interior designers! 

They have been great influencers on my interior design choices. Together with their interior design expertise and my SEO knowledge, let’s help your website have an edge over your competitors. 

Let’s get working on getting you the best SEO for interior designers!

Best SEO Keywords For Interior Design

The best interior design SEO keywords you can use are the ones that answer the customer’s intention to purchase.

 This group of customers is ready to narrow down their options as they are already looking to engage a designer’s services. 

You may want to target customers from your native city, to begin with. 

If you are based in Brooklyn, replace the “City” with Brooklyn in the below keywords:

  • City + Interior Designer (e.g. Brooklyn Interior Designer)
  • City + Interior Design Company (e.g. Brooklyn Design Company)
  • City + Kitchen Interior Designer  (e.g. Brooklyn Kitchen Interior Designer)
  • City + Bathroom Interior Design Company (e.g. Brooklyn Bathroom Interior Design Company)
  • Best Interior Design Firm + City (e.g. Best Interior Design Firm Brooklyn)
Best seo keywords for interior design

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What Are SEO Keywords For Interior Design?

With SEO keywords, you will want to answer your customer’s questions. 

As an interior designer, you will want to target customers who are looking for you to help them solve their problems. 

Here are some ideas on the SEO keywords you can use for your interior design business:

  • house interior
  • famous interior designers
  • interior design firms
  • interior design services
  • restaurant interior design
  • commercial interior design
  • interior design company
  • interior design near me
  • interior designers
  • interior design
Best seo keywords for interior design

How To Use SEO Keywords 

1. Strategically Use SEO Keywords

SEO keywords should be strategically used to answer your customer’s question. This can result in your website appearing at the top of the result page in the search engine. 

To know what question you should be answering, use keyword search tools to find out. 

Free tools like Answer The Public or paid ones like Keysearch can help you quickly find these questions. 

NOTE- It is 17$ per month but if you use my discount code and referral link, (OUTANDBEYOND), you get 30% off!

2. Mobile Device Optimization

In this age of mobile-first, your website needs to be optimized to be viewed on mobile devices. Your customers may well be searching through their mobile devices while on the move. 

Your website content needs to be mobile-friendly and not just accessible through a desktop. The responsive design of your website can be easily achieved if you are using WordPress

Optimizing your website for mobile devices may be the key to achieving SEO keyword success on the search engine result page. 

Best seo keywords for interior design

3. Meta Description Optimization

Google Snippet or widely known as a website meta description, appears on the search engine result page as a summary. These words may very well be the first impression your customers have of your website or interior design company.

When writing your website’s meta description or Google Snippet, keep the following in mind: 

  • Only the first 140 to 160 characters will be visible on the search results page, although Google has allowed up to 320 characters
  • Pique your customer’s interest by using relevant information to answer their question
  • Use specific yet quality customer-intended descriptions like, “Get your interior design questions answered for your next home renovation”
Best seo keywords for interior design

4. Images Optimization

Images have “Alt Text” tags that can be used to your advantage. 

Optimize your images with SEO keywords for design within your website. Avoid placing your exact keywords as the Alt Text as Google may flag your website with “keyword stuffing”. 

Describe your photo with words that fit your customer’s intent. 

For example, a photo of someone who is looking at a floor plan can be described in the Alt Text as, “interior designer pointing to floor plan held by homeowner” instead of “person pointing to floor plan”. 

Best seo keywords for interior design

5. Topic Tags Limit

Your website content can have topic tags. 

However, it is best to limit the topic tags so that search engines will not flag your website with duplicated content. Do not tag your content with common singular words, but use a couple of words for a topic tag instead. 

You use your SEO keywords as your topic tags to optimize your content. 

Best seo keywords for interior design

6. User-Friendly URLs 

Your website URLs should be user-friendly and easy to read. Naming the subpages of your website should be determined by the content. 

If for example, your website is named, having spaces or hyphens to separate your content’s titles will be helpful. 

You can name your About page as and your Contact page as 

When your content has long titles, the hyphens ease the reading of your URLs. 

 For example, will be much easy to read if you compared it to this one without hyphens:

Best seo keywords for interior design

7. Related Posts List

You will want to keep your customers engaged with your website content. 

Have a list of related posts for customers who may want to find out more about your interior design services. 

Include links to posts that are relevant to the current content. Within the content that may be talking about “choosing the right colors for your bedroom”, you may link it to another post that’s giving “tips on decorating a small bedroom”. 

Avoid linking to posts that have no obvious relevance to one another. 

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8. Metrics Review

It is said that what you don’t measure, you can’t improve. With the metrics of your website, you will be able to measure and improve over time. 

Learn from content that does better than others. 

Take a look at the keywords that were used in the content that does better and compare them to those that do not. These comparisons should then be used for your next content. 

You can use Google Search Console to review these metrics. 

Ps; want to know how to use Google search console to get LOTS more traffic? Take this training

Best seo keywords for interior design

9. Featured Snippet 

Google Featured Snippet will display your answer to a specific question at the top of the search result page. You may find these common questions for you to answer in the results page section called, “People also ask”. 

With the correct structure using an optimized answer, you can get your website listed at the top spot. You need to understand what your customers are seeking to find. 

Tools To Help Find SEO Keywords

  • Answer The Public
    This is a free tool where you can find keywords based on questions asked by the public. It shows data based on visualization, so you can see which questions are frequently asked compared to others.
  • Uber Suggest
    Having both free and paid versions, Uber Suggest has a clean interface which makes navigating through it easy. You can easily see the suggested keywords and their respective difficulty score. 
  • KeySearch
    I have been using KeySearch for my keyword research. It has been very helpful and I find it to be the best tool among the others I have tried. Use my link here and code OUTANDBEYOND, for 30% off, also a free one-month trial.
Best seo keywords for interior design

Tips On Using SEO Keywords Effectively 

  • Research the primary keyword using an SEO tool
  • Put your primary keyword in all the right places 
  • Add secondary keywords 
  • Add FAQ section in each content

You may get overwhelmed without knowing where to start with all of these tips and tools for SEO keywords. Don’t be alarmed! 

You can get my 11-Step Essential SEO Checklist for free here.

 I also have an SEO training course where you can learn to optimize your website. I will teach you how to use those tools and drive customers to your website. 

Further to the above, you may want also want to work on the following SEO strategies: 

1. Focus on people-first content

Focus on your customer’s questions. Research the search engine results page and look for “People also ask” to learn more.

With a focus on people-first content, Google is smart to know where people are located. 

Thus, having your keywords specific to your local area is very important. So when people from your locality are asking questions, your content will be shown on the search result page.

2. Have A Mobile-friendly website

The ranking of your website on the search result page depends heavily on whether your website is optimized for mobile devices. Google’s Mobile First Indexing will affect your website’s performance on the search result page. Also, with most people using mobile devices now, it is only vital for websites to be fitted for viewing on them.

Mobile-friendly websites should be showing content easily readable on mobile devices. 

Visitors to mobile-friendly websites should not need to zoom into information or text that is either too small to be read or images that are not responsive to a mobile screen. 

3. Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness: The EAT concept

Google has defined the concept of EAT – Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness,  as part of its Search Quality Rater guidelines. There are Your Money, Your Life (YMYL) topics that can be shared only by relevant experts or organizations such as finance, medical, safety, and news. 

However, if a person has life experience on a certain topic and then creates content on that topic, Google will value the person as an “expert” – even without formal training. 

4. User experience (Google Core Web Vitals)

Google’s Core Web Vitals guidelines state that user experience will have an impact on your website. Not going too technical on it, your website should focus on:

  • Mobile-friendly 
  • Low-sized images (where files are best saved as .jpg)
  • Informational page content
  • Technical structure and page speed

5. Search accuracy based on user intent 

Google released an update in August 2022 where they now focus more on people-first. This brings us back to point one. People-first here means search results are based on what the people want; they want their questions answered. 

You must look more into “People also ask” questions to understand people’s intent. 

Best seo keywords for interior design

Common Keyword Mistakes To Avoid

I wished I had someone telling me the mistakes to avoid when using keywords. It would have saved me a lot of time and money. Read this list of common keyword mistakes you can avoid before you get started.

Avoid these common keyword mistakes: 

  1. Using only one keyword
    You need to have 1 primary keyword and not more than 10 secondary keywords. These keywords need to be used scattered within your content.
  2. Using highly competitive keywords
    High competitive keywords will drown you out against your competitors. Look for keywords with scores below 30 with a search volume of at least 50.
  3. Not doing prior keyword research
    You will need to find out which keywords have the right customer intent. Research on frequently asked questions that may not have reliable or many resources available to answer them.
  4. Overusing keywords or otherwise known as keyword stuffing
    Do not overdo your keywords. Google will blacklist your website if you overuse keywords throughout your content. 

FAQs on SEO keywords for Interior Design 

What are keywords for interior design?

Here are some ideas on the keywords for interior design:

  • house interior
  • famous interior designers
  • interior design firms
  • interior design services
  • restaurant interior design
  • commercial interior design
  • interior design company
  • interior design near me
  • interior designers
  • interior design

Who is the No 1 interior designer in the world?

Philippe Starck is listed as the number 1 interior designer in the world. Philippe Starck is known for his innovative product designs which include the famous Louis Ghost Chair. 

How can I promote my interior design business?

  • Write How-To articles with SEO keywords on your website
  • Use SEO keywords to optimize your website to answer your customers’ intent
  • Share your content on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. 
  • Be your authentic self
Best seo keywords for interior design


That’s it! With that, getting yourself the best SEO keywords for interior design should no longer be challenging.

Your website traffic should increase with the effective use of SEO keywords in your articles. More homeowners who are looking to beautify their homes should be landing on your website. 

While it won’t be happening overnight, as long as you are taking action and updating your content consistently, your website traffic will increase. Your content will rank on Google. 

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