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31 Blogging Jobs For Moms [That Pay Well in 2023!]

Have you been on a hunt for blogging jobs for moms?

Are you a full-time mom who also happens to have some mad writing skills and wants to earn a little extra money while enjoying the flexibility to focus on your family?

Well, Mama – I’ve got a list of the best blogging jobs for moms that are going to give you plenty of opportunities to do just that! 

It is an almost universal truth that being a mom is the toughest job on the planet.

 So if you are a current mommy blogger looking for blogging opportunities or it is something you are looking to delve into, I’m here to tell you that blogging is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make money

31 Blogging Jobs For Moms: At A Glance

If you’re short on time or need to run out to pick up the kids, a quick summary of mommy blogging jobs are:

Blogging JobPay range
1. Money Pantry$30 to $150
2. Freelance Mom$75 to $100
3.RomperDepends on Assignment
4. MediumDepends on number of views
5.MotherlyDepends on Assignment
6.Her View From Home$10 to $100
7.The Green Parent£75 per 1000 words
8.ADDitude MagazineUnpublished
9.Just ParentsUnpublished
10.Zift Parent Portal$100
11.On ParentingUnpublished
12.Mommyhood 101Unpublished but depends on writing experience and expertise
13.MotherfigureUnpublished but negotiable at competitive rates
14.Pregnant Chicken$100 per article
15.Lisa Tanner Writing$50
16.Your Teen MagazineUnpublished
17.Baby ChickUnpublished
18.Family Story$100
19.A Fine Parent$75
20.Family Fun Magazine$1.25 per word
21.YMC Motherhood UnfilteredUnpublished
23.New York Times ParentingUnpaid
24.Healthy LivingUnpublished
25.FiverrDepends on Assignment
26.UpworkDepends on Assignment
27.ProBloggerDepends on Assignment
28.Blogging ProDepends on Assignment
29.MediaBistroDepends on Assignment
30.Freelance WritingDepends on Assignment
31.Social Media Networks such as Facebook & LinkedInDepends on Assignment

Affiliate Link Disclosure

This article contains some affiliate links which means that I may earn a small commission when you click on them, at no additional cost to you. I do hope you find the information in this article helpful!

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blogging jobs for moms

31 Best Sites That Have Blogging Jobs For Moms

Blogging jobs are essentially where you write for other blogs as a freelance writer.

Starting and maintaining a blog can be quite intense and if you are a mom, you may not necessarily have time for that. 

While there are some mommy bloggers who do this, if you find that it’s not something you want to delve into, you can always do freelance blogging jobs or freelance writing jobs for moms. 

You get to : 

  • Learn from bigger mommy bloggers and how to run a successful blog
  • Get paid for your writing skills
  • Also find out the best tools, tricks, and mistakes to avoid for newbie bloggers 

Here, I tell you all about the best paid blogger jobs for moms and where you can find them. 

You will see that while plenty of them cover blogging jobs for moms, it is not always necessary to confine yourself to the topics of motherhood and parenthood or “mom blogging”. 

So let’s get right into it!

1. Money Pantry

Jobs For Homeschool Moms

Money Pantry is first and foremost a personal finance blog. 

However, as a mom, you can contribute ideas and perhaps your own personal experience on how to save money on groceries, buying kids’ clothes, and budget-friendly activities for the whole family. 

They also provide paid blogging jobs and are extremely welcoming of contributors. You can get paid between $30 to $150 per story if they decide to publish it on their blog. 

Check out their guidelines and tell them what you know, mama! 

2. Freelance Mom

Freelance Mom is an amazing resource for moms and for online blogging jobs.

It provides detailed information and guides on areas ranging from business, personal development, productivity, and working from home. 

It is essentially a one-stop center by moms for moms to help each other out and share their knowledge. 

You can start by guest posting for them. They have strict guidelines and expectations from any contributor so make sure you read them in detail first. 

If your article is chosen to be published, they will pay you between $75 to $100. As a bonus, if your article is at the top of their most shared articles, you will win an additional $150

3. Romper

Romper is part of the Bustle Digital Group, which is the fastest-growing publisher in modern media. 

They are constantly on the lookout for unique stories and essays. They also accept how-to articles, listicles, and even expense reports! 

Check out their “How To Pitch Romper” page on how exactly you can get started on these blogging ideas for moms!

The pay will depend on the type of article you write for them so make sure you sort that out with them before you submit it.

4. Medium

If you are a freelance writer, Medium is one of the best places to look for blogging jobs for moms.

With Medium, you can either write for free to gain exposure. Or, you can get paid when you join Medium’s partner program

This program pays you based on how long readers on the platform spend reading your content. 

The more time they spend, the more money you can earn. 

Additionally, you can also earn money when you refer readers to the Medium membership program. 

Check out the details here!

5. Motherly

mom blog post ideas

This site is well-known in the mommy blogging world. It is a safe space for modern moms who are trying to figure out what motherhood is all about! 

They are also one of the mom blogs that pay!

You can write for Motherly by sending your article to them directly. They will then determine whether to publish your article or not. 

Ideally, they are looking for personal experience or expert opinions if you are indeed an expert. 

The pay per article is currently unpublished so you will need to check with them on the rate. 

Generally, they will usually expect you to submit a couple of unpaid articles first and may pay you for subsequent articles but this is something you will need to negotiate with them. 

6. Her View From Home

Visiting this website is such a pleasant experience. While it is faith-based, you will be pleased to learn that it is also a no-judgment zone. 

You can submit your article to them here

Do note however that you are required to send them an invoice for payment and payment for original articles ranges from $10 to $100 depending on the number of views. 

7. The Green Parent

The Green Parent is a UK-based publication that has readership from parents from all over the world. 

From the name of the magazine, you can tell that they welcome issues on eco-friendly ways of raising children, environmental issues, and alternative health perspectives.

They take this very seriously and will not consider articles that may come across as undermining their core values. 

They also provide paid blogging jobs for moms. You can submit your article to them via email and by following these guidelines

The Green Parent pays £75 per 1000 words

8. ADDitude Magazine

This online publication specialises in parenting for children with ADD or ADHD. So if you have experience in that area, it is bound to be invaluable. 

They have very specific writer guidelines and are always on the lookout for contributors. 

The rate of pay is unpublished but they have made it clear that they will pay you if your article is chosen for publication so you can add it to your list of paid blogger jobs! 

9. Just Parents

best blogger jobs for moms

This is another UK-based publication that focuses on first-time parents and pregnancy. 

Share all the wisdom that you gained during pregnancy here! 

Just Parents’ submission guidelines can be found here

Payment rates are unpublished and so you will need to discuss this privately with them. But they do pay within 24 hours of your article being approved.

10. Zift Parent Portal

Zift is a company that provides parents with tools on how to manage their kids’ screen time. They help parents to balance technology and face-to-face quality time with their kids. 

Their blog is all about being practical and realistic parents. 

The company’s blogging arm is constantly on the lookout for original content that provides actionable parenting advice and tips, ideally related to technology and the use of it by families. 

They also welcome listicles, infographics, and visual media such as animations or videos. 

If they select your article for publication, you will be paid $100.

blogging jobs for moms

11. On Parenting

This publication is the parenting arm of The Washington Post and they also provide mom writer jobs. 

You can submit your articles to them by email. Do be mindful that there is a word limit of 1200 words. 

Their payment rate is not officially published on their site. It is dealt with on a case-by-case basis depending on the quality of the article. 

12. Mommyhood 101

This mummy blog specializes in reviewing baby products. They also have publications on pregnancy, childbirth, and everything that new parents would need to know. 

They have a panel of authors but are welcoming of external authors as well and let you do blogging jobs from home.

They have some base requirements for articles that are submitted so do make sure you are familiar with them before you start writing. 

The amount you will be paid upon publication depends very much on your level of experience or expertise and this mummy blog encourages you to contact them for payment rate negotiation.

13. Motherfigure

mommy blogging jobs

Motherfigure aims to be a one-stop resource for pregnant women.

From pregnancy to birth, to breastfeeding, and overall postpartum recovery, you can feel the support the moment you arrive on the landing page. 

If this kind of community-driven support publication is more up your alley, write for them!

Writer’s rates are not published but the website states that they pay their writers at a competitive rate and that fees are negotiated individually when the article is accepted for publication. 

Perfect if you’re looking for work from home blogging jobs!

14. Pregnant Chicken

This blog takes a lighter approach to pregnancy. The articles are witty and relatable and they cover everything about pregnancy and first-time parenting. 

You can email your article directly to them. Paid articles need to be more than 300 words but there is no strict word limit as such.

Pregnant Chicken pays $100 for each accepted post.

15. Lisa Tanner Writing

Lisa Tanner is a busy mom of 9 who loves to help other busy moms! Her blog’s tagline is “helping busy moms balance diapers and deadlines”. How cute is that? 

It truly is wonderful to see such a supportive community for mommy jobs at home.

She accepts guest posts from fellow mummy bloggers. You can pitch to her following her submission details and she will pay $50 per post.

16. Your Teen Magazine

A lot of mummy blogs focus on pregnancy, babies, and toddlers. Very rarely do you find a quality blog that talks about raising teenagers. I reckon that would be harder, especially in this day and age!

Your Teen Magazine is one of the rare gems on the internet that takes a practical approach to parenting your teenager. 

So if you have some useful insights and unique parenting strategies in this area, share them here! 

Their pitch guidelines are clear and they even send you a writer’s contract. Rates are negotiated on an individual basis so you can definitely rely on this for blogging jobs that pay. 

17. Baby Chick

best blogger jobs for moms

Baby Chick is a resource for motherhood as a whole. From pregnancy to anything related to motherhood, you will find useful and comprehensive information here. 

They are also always looking for regular contributors if you’re on the lookout for blogging jobs online. They have an application page that you can fill out to get started on your next side hustle job for moms!

18. Family Story

Family Story is a modern parenting blog that discusses parenting arrangements of all kinds including raising kids in multi-generational households and non-biological families. 

They deal with deep issues such as racism and sexism as well. Diversity is at the heart of this blog. 

So if you have an impactful story to share, Family Story is on the lookout for submissions. Apply via email and get paid $100 per published post.

19. A Fine Parent

This publication believes that great parents are made, not born. With a holistic approach to parenting, the focus of this blog is on raising good people.

They encourage fellow parents to share all their parenting wisdom on the blog and they will pay $75 per article that gets published! 

They do not review pitches so you can submit your completed article to them directly via email. 

20. Family Fun Magazine

Family Fun is all about curating experiences for your kids. While it may not be your typical mommy blog, it has tons of resources on how to make the most out of your vacations and adventures. 

There are also some really cool craft ideas that you can do with your kids and guides on how to teach your kids to save money. 

So if you are an adventurous mummy or have a creative side, this would be one of the best side jobs for stay-at-home moms!

They pay $1.25 per word once your article of between 850 to 3000 words is accepted. Check out their writer’s guidelines before you start work! 

21. YMC Motherhood Unfiltered

how to become a mummy blogger

The Yummy Mummy Club is a Canadian-based publication that covers all aspects of motherhood. They are on the lookout for honest stories from other moms. 

There are some pretty amazing articles on this site from a range of contributors and you can be one of them too!

They have some pretty strict editorial guidelines that are in line with the publication’s values so make sure you are aware of them before you pitch your article.

Writer’s pay is currently unpublished but they do pay for original, unpublished content. 


This is a wonderful contemporary parenting blog. They’re not afraid to hit the difficult issues and spur challenging conversations. 

Being a supportive community, they are always on the lookout for passionate mums who are able to write strong, engaging content. 

They have a pretty basic hiring policy. You will get credit for your contribution. And more importantly, you will get paid! You can pitch to them via their form and they will get back to you! 

23. New York Times Parenting

So, I will be upfront about this. The New York Times does not pay for guest posts. 

But I say write them a guest essay on parenting anyway. It will definitely add to your credibility as a blogging mom if you can say that you have been published by the New York Times!

They have high standards so make sure you comply with them

24. Healthy Living

If you’re a mom who loves anything to do with healthy living, then this is a great blog to contribute to. 

It’s not just about parenting and motherhood. Rather, there is a wide range of topics including beauty, general lifestyles, and healthy recipes. 

Their writer submission guidelines state that they accept articles on health-related topics and provide you with a list of chapters as well. 

Do take note that this magazine is extremely particular about how articles are written, down to the word choices. So if you are planning to write for them, make sure you adhere to them strictly. 

Their rates are currently unpublished but you can discuss them in private before submission. 

Freelance Marketplaces To Find Mom Blogger Jobs

If you are looking for more opportunities on how to become a mummy blogger, and more importantly, if you are looking for paid blogging jobs from home, you can always check out one of the following job boards. 

All you will need to do is create a profile for yourself as a freelance writer and list out your services and the kinds of topics that you can write about. 

blogging jobs for moms

Some of the most popular freelance marketplaces are:

1. Fiverr

2. Upwork

Job Boards To Find Blogging Jobs For Moms

Job boards are essentially websites that list jobs. You can scroll through them to see which mom blog jobs suit you and choose the one that is right for you. 

Job boards are great for substantial and recurring blogging jobs for moms. 

Popular job boards that specialize in blogging are:

1. ProBlogger

2. Blogging Pro

3. MediaBistro

4. Freelance Writing

blogging jobs for moms

Social Networks To Find Blogging Jobs For Moms

With regard to social networks such as Facebook, you can join groups on freelance writing. 

There are many groups that you can apply to join and post your services. It works both ways because you will also find people posting jobs for freelance writers. 

Relevant social networks are:

1. Facebook

Some groups where you can find blogging jobs for moms are:

2. LinkedIn

To get started with looking for blogging jobs for moms on Linkedin, you will first need to set up a profile. 

Once you have established your Linkedin presence, the most popular groups on Linkedin for freelance bloggers and writers are:

Blogging Topics For Moms

This is an area where the sky is truly the limit!

There are some who think the mummy blog niche is saturated. That couldn’t be further from the truth. 

The fact is, every mom has a unique experience. And this makes it one of the best niches to get into. 

side hustle job for moms

Some popular mom blog post ideas are:

  • Easy Recipes for Picky Eaters
  • Birth Experiences
  • Tips and Tricks to Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night
  • Breastfeeding Tips and Tricks
  • Getting Your Toddler Ready for School
  • How to Get Your Pets Used To A Newborn
  • Jobs For Homeschool Moms
mommy blogging jobs

Honestly, this is just the tip of the iceberg! Share your experience. You will never know who it will benefit! 

How To Become A Blogger Mom?

All you need to do to become a blogger mom is put yourself out there! You can apply to any one of the mom blogs above.

Alternatively, if you want to explore other opportunities, you can insert the following into the Google search bar:

“Mom blog write for us” or, “freelance mom write for us”

The search results will give you a list of mom blogs you can write for.

blogging jobs for moms

If you are feeling a little ambitious and want to take your blogging job one step further, you can start your own blog! 

If you’re not sure where to start, check out my detailed guide on How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners

Who says your side hustle can’t be a lucrative business. All it takes is a little time and patience! 

Is Blogging A Paid Job?

There are some blogs that do not pay for contributions but for the most part, blogging is a paid job and can be extremely profitable

In fact, this blog makes me enough money to sustain my life and much more. 

I’m not saying this to brag. Rather, I want to show you that you can make a full-time income just from blogging alone. 

So yes, I think it is safe to say that blogging is in fact a paid job!

blogging jobs for moms

How Do Beginner Bloggers Make Money?

Here’s a quick cheat sheet on how beginner bloggers can start making money:

Display Advertising

If you’ve started your own blog, you can get advertisers to display their ads on your blogs where you will earn a small commission for every ad that is viewed by readers.

Join Affiliate Marketing Programs

Alternatively, you can even enter into affiliate marketing programs with giants like Amazon. This way, if you recommend any product from there, you are entitled to a commission!

Write Sponsored Posts

You can also write sponsored posts. This is when you publish posts on behalf of companies where you promote their products or services and get paid for them.

Freelance Writing

You can write for other blogs and publications and offer your services to do this. Check out this list of 21 Best Freelance Writing Websites To Get Paid For Beginners to get you started.

blogging jobs for moms

Become a Proofreader

I made decent money as an online proofreader and its super flexible ! Here is a FREE workshop that teaches you how to become a proofreader

Become A Pinterest Manager

Bloggers can also make money by becoming a Pinterest manager. Since you will be familiar with content creation already, you will have the necessary skills to manage Pinterest accounts.

Sell Your Photos

You can also license or sell the photographs that you take. Websites such as Shutterstock and Snapwire are great platforms to do this. Check out this comprehensive list of the best places to sell your photos online for inspiration!

Provide Virtual Assistant Services

Bloggers can also make money by providing virtual assistant services. You can manage the email lists of other bloggers or even remotely sort out their tech issues from them.

This is the perfect choice if you’re not ready to take the blogging plunge yet and just want to try out blogger assistant jobs!

Blogging Jobs For Moms FAQs

blogging jobs for moms

And there you have it, mama.

There is no end to the list of blogging jobs for moms online. Your experiences (parenting or otherwise) have value so share what you have learned with other moms! 

As long as you can write engaging and relatable posts, you will have an audience and you can do your blogging jobs remotely. This can be seen from the wide range of blogging jobs for moms that are available. 

Go tell your story!

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