how to get consistent sales on etsy

How To Get Consistent Sales On Etsy? 35 Best Tips For You!

Are you wondering how to get consistent sales on Etsy? 

Have you become scared thinking that so many people are selling on Etsy, so there is no way for you to get a piece of the pie?

Do you want to know how to boost your Etsy sales so you can start living the kind of life you are looking for optimal comfort? I am here to share that it is entirely possible to get consistent sales on Etsy. 

As you scroll through my site, you can see how passionate I am about Etsy. (Note: A LOT). As such, I have done all the research for you, so that everything you need to know is right here at your fingertips!

As a quick summary, here are the 35 best incredible tips on how to get consistent sales on Etsy: 

1) Use Social Media To Link To Etsy Account

2) Use Social Media to promote customer experiences and testimonials

3) Analyse your competitors

4) Use Keyword Research For Etsy

5) Make Sure Your Shop Name Is Your Brand Name

6) Provide Coupon Codes To Increase Revenue

7) Use Pinterest Keyword Research

8) Write Product Descriptions That Are Persuasive

9) Have Good Product Photos

10) Show Behind The Scenes Of Your Product

11) Analyze Your Different Products And Improve The Poorer Ones

12) Use Etsy Advertising

13) Take Advantage Of Seasonal Sales

14) Have Product Bundles And Discounts For Them

15) Provide Thoughtful Free Gifts

16) Engage Family And Friends

17) Start A Blog

18) Get In Touch With Influencers

19) Provide Free-Shipping Bonuses

20) Write Clear Policies That Sound Professional

21) Always Get Customer Reviews

22) Link Your Business To A Social Cause

23) Use Creative And Sustainable Packaging

24) Be Available To Speak To Your Customer

25) Use Email Marketing

26) Offer Customization For Your Products

27) Provide Express Delivery Services

28) Create A Global Brand That Appeals

29) Make It Easy To Exchange, Return, Or Refund A Product

30) Engage In Upselling And Cross-Selling

31) Always Update Your Products

32) Pay Attention To Abandoned Carts

33) Create A Story For Your Products

34) Organize Your Etsy Shop

35) Write Thank You Notes

how to get consistent sales on etsy

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35 Best Tips To Increase Sales On Ety

Without any delay, you will be brought on a journey to learn 35 incredible tips and tricks to help increase Etsy sales.

Here they are, presented in no particular order.

1. Use Social Media To Link To Etsy Account

Unless you have been living under a rock, almost everyone has at least one social media account. It could be Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or something else entirely.

By linking your social media account to your Etsy shop, you can automate some of the processes such as updating your social media when you have listed new products. 

Here are some tools you can use to link and automate your social media. One of the most popular platforms would be Canva

You can design your posts on Canva with an amazing array of preset templates and then use their calendar function to schedule your uploads.

Additionally, you can leverage your social media contacts to update them about your product, and ask them to share it with their network too.

The benefit of asking your contacts to share your products is that it puts a face to your brand. Actual people are sharing your product. That provides credibility

By doing it consistently, your brand will be at the top of their minds, and will eventually appear as a preferred choice, thereby helping you to get consistent sales on Etsy!

The best part? You can do this for free! 

Here is a summary of which Social Media is good for which purpose.

Social MediaUseful ForNot Helpful For
FacebookTo reach an older audience with more video content. 
It is easier to automate your customer service in the form of your Facebook Messenger
Not so trendy with the younger audience.
If your content is primarily pretty pictures.
PinterestThis is great for DIY products and people looking for how-to tips.
People who look at your products for inspiration, and contemplate making their own, before actually purchasing from you.
It is time-consuming to set up multiple different Pinterest Boards.
You also need to spend time creating beautiful pins. 
However, if done well, you can easily make big money on Pinterest.
InstagramIt is suitable for content that has lots of great photos, short messages, and video clips that are short and crisp.Hard to run ads on Instagram, as it is not as popular or liked for this platform.
People visit Instagram to see nice pictures mainly.
TwitterThis is excellent for reaching an entirely new audience base without running ads. 
You can easily connect with popular figures and influencers.
It is not the most popular platform, and you cannot easily engage with existing customers here!

Alternatively, if you have the cash to spare, you can always run ads on Facebook, or Instagram to promote your Etsy shop as well.

If you are interested to know more about social media marketing and advertising, you can check out some of these options on Amazon:

But there are important steps you must follow to run ads successfully on your social media account, and it does not always guarantee results. 

Hence, you are advised to try the free methods first. Keep a lookout as I will explore Etsy ads in more detail down below.

2. Use Social Media To Promote Customer Experiences And Testimonials

Have you gone browsing on any particular e-commerce store and found screenshots of customer reviews? How does that make you feel? A bit more comforted right? 

This is because, people have purchased that product or service, and felt good enough about it to review it!

I have a habit of placing my customer reviews on my sales pages too, unless they are entirely new products, in which case, I will just have to wait until I get a review.

Additionally, Facebook reviews in particular are so crucial. Because you cannot edit them, it stays there forever. So you know it is not fake. 

Check out some of my Facebook reviews below!

how to get consistent sales on etsy

Here are some of my Google Business Reviews!

how to get consistent sales on etsy
how to get consistent sales on etsy

Would you like to buy something from me after reading some of these reviews? I hope so! 🙂 

Likewise, you are encouraged to put up screenshots of messages your customers have left about your product as a form of marketing! 

If you are wondering how to get sales on Etsy, your customer’s word is one awesome way to boost it. 

Check out this helpful guide I wrote about how to get reviews from customers for your Etsy store. 

3. Analyze Your Competitors

You are just starting your business on Etsy and asking how to get consistent sales on Etsy. One of the most important things any business must do before starting is to analyze its competitors

You need to know what is happening out there. What are the best practices that you should follow? Are there any blind spots or areas of improvement you can consider adding value for?

The same goes for Etsy! There are several things you should do to analyze your competitors, so that you can grab some of their customers instead, by being better.

Here are the steps you can take.

  • If you already know what products you are selling, list those down in the Etsy search box.
  • Go through the sellers who appear at the top of the page, excluding yourself.
  • Study their products and overall set-up.
  • Open your own Etsy store in incognito mode. This means you will see how your store appears to a potential customer as well.
  • Analyze the differences between your store and the ones ranking higher than you.
  • Can you identify where you are lacking?
  • List down the areas of improvement, and make the changes as soon as possible!

Here is the list of items you should compare between your store and your competitors:

  • Photos
  • Product description
  • Pricing
  • Number of products listed
  • Store set-up
  • Any background story that touches hearts
  • Clear About Me section
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Any customer reviews? If yes, how many?
  • Dates of customer feedback to understand how recent their sales are.

Now that you have a framework, at least you will be able to clearly tell what needs improving and work on those first!

how to get consistent sales on etsy

4. Use Keyword Research For Etsy

If you want to learn how to make sales on Etsy, you must know Etsy Keyword Research. It is completely non-negotiable! 

In layman’s terms, doing keyword research for Etsy means you are researching the keywords that are most searched for, and how much content or products are available for it.

If you do not do this, you will not know what your customers are actually looking for. Hence, you will end up listing products that nobody is looking for, and then crying about your zero sales.

The keyword research tool that I am personally using is Sale Samurai! It is the best Etsy keyword research tool for you!

I wrote an entire article on how to do Etsy Keyword research for you to learn more!

Additionally, by doing this, you will get consistent sales on Etsy because trends and customer interests can change. 

Hence, you can change your products according to what your customers are looking for, if the keyword research data changes as well!

how to get consistent sales on etsy

5. Make Sure Your Shop Name Is Your Brand Name

Your Etsy shop name is another important component of your branding. You cannot write something that sounds rude, unpleasant, or totally unrelated to what you are selling.

Ideally, your store name must be:

  • Related to the product you are selling.
  • Unique.
  • Have an element of SEO included. 

This means, that if a customer searches for a product, your name has a bit of that keyword in it.

Here are some examples of Etsy stores with a keyword included in them:

Just from the name of the shop, you can tell what they sell right? And these are star sellers too, with thousands of sales! Here is an in-depth guide on how to name your Etsy store.

If you are looking for more tips to set up your Etsy brand, you can consider this book on Etsy Marketing: How to Promote your Business, Manage SEO, and Maintain a Lifelong Store: Steps Make Easy that will help you Gain a Competitive Edge.

how to get consistent sales on etsy

6. Provide Coupon Codes To Increase Revenue

There are pros and cons to giving out coupon codes. You do not want to go overboard and end up losing a lot of money in the process.

You can consider using coupon codes reasonably by following any of the points below:

  • If you are trying to build an email marketing list, and give out a one-time coupon code to first-time customers.
  • If you want to introduce new products and need coupon codes to create brand awareness and excitement.
  • If you have existing customers who purchased your product a long time ago, and you want to remind them that you are still around, then you can send them a coupon code for it.

Whatever you decide though, you must have a plan such as:

  • What is your budget? How much will you allocate for coupon codes?
  • Is it an additional expense or does it just reduce your profits? Both are different.
  • How often will you release your coupon codes? If you do it too often, you will dilute the perceived value of your product, and your customers may only wait to purchase your product when coupon codes are available.
  • You must balance what is available for first-timers and existing customers. Prioritizing one group too much will alienate the other group.

7. Use Pinterest Keyword Research

If you want to know how to get consistent sales on Etsy, this is one of the important tool you must use. I touched lightly on how Pinterest is helpful for your Etsy store above. Pinterest is a visual search engine. This means that when you go on Pinterest to find something, you will get a row of incredible images related to your search.

Hence, you can sell products on Etsy based on what people are searching for on Pinterest. 

How does it work though?

  • Do Pinterest Keyword Research
  • Find out keywords that are relevant to something that you can sell on Etsy
  • List those products on Etsy
  • Take beautiful pictures of your product
  • Upload it on Pinterest
  • Someone searches for the relevant keyword on Pinterest
  • They click on your Pinterest Pin
  • They will be brought to your Etsy store
  • They make a purchase.

Wow! All this is because you did Pinterest Keyword Research!

You can do Pinterest Keyword Research by subscribing to one of the most affordable and accurate keyword research tools out there! Keysearch! If you use my coupon code, OUTANDBEYOND, you get 30% off!

I can personally vouch for Pinterest because I focused solely on SEO and Pinterest to grow my website traffic! Using Pinterest properly has helped me gain 10,000 new visitors to my blog.

If you wish to learn more about Pinterest, you can check out my guide on Free Pinterest Courses!

8. Write Product Descriptions That Are Persuasive

Product descriptions are where you can find all the information about the product on Etsy before customers purchase your product.

Here is an example of a persuasive product description.

how to get consistent sales on etsy
how to get consistent sales on etsy
how to get consistent sales on etsy

Are you able to visualize how clear the product description is? Everything a potential customer would like to know about the product is listed. If you want to know how to sell more on Etsy, you must write a compelling product description.

It is professionally written, clear to read, and has short paragraphs, clear headers, and relevant links if I would like to find more products! The product is described so well, that it has over 900 reviews just for that product alone.

If you are struggling to get your creative juices flowing, you can consider this book from Amazon, 101 Product Descriptions Playbook.

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how to get consistent sales on etsy

9. Have Good Product Photos

Taking beautiful photos of your product is crucial to getting consistent sales on Etsy. Before your customers even read your product description, your photo is what will capture their attention in the search results.

That is the first way you attract them. Etsy has shared that 90% of shoppers shared that the photo quality of the products they purchased played an extremely important role in helping them decide whether to buy or not.

You can get an in-depth guide on how to take good photos for Etsy here.

If you want to know how to improve Etsy sales, please work on your photos!

how to get consistent sales on etsy

10. Show Behind The Scenes Of Your Product

Have you watched a movie that you liked so much and then you saw the behind-the-scenes of the film? Turns out, it made you love the movie even more, right?

Likewise, bloggers or e-commerce sellers, people tend to be impressed with the quality of their products or content.

Once you show what happens behind the scenes, like how you make your product or the tender loving care and attention you give to each craft you make. You may end up persuading customers to support you, because of HOW you created your product.

People are not attracted to seeing things that are done in large bulk. But people find joy in seeing how handmade items are put together lovingly. It is a great way for potential customers and existing ones to fall in love with your brand, and you too!

Here is an example: Saffron and Serai make sustainable homeware items. The seller provided a behind-the-scenes look at how she used natural ingredients to dye her fabric rather than using artificial coloring.

For a consumer who is conscious about how the fabric they are buying is colored, seeing a video like this will convince them that buying from this seller is a worthy choice.

11. Analyze Your Different Products And Improve The Poorer Ones,

For example, imagine if you have 3 products on sale and their results are as follows for the last 30 days:

DescriptionProduct AProduct BProduct C
Visits(Number of people who looked at that specific product listing)1005030
Source of TrafficPinterestInstagramFacebook
Conversion Rate(Number of orders/number of visits)15/100 = 15%5/50 = 10%7 / 30 = 23%

These are just sample figures to help illustrate how you can analyze your various products.

For instance, you have a lot of visits to see product A, and it is coming from Pinterest. This means you need to promote products B and C on those platforms to get more traffic as well.

Why though? Because, it appears that products B and C, have a better conversion rate. This means that these two products are doing a better job of converting the few visitors into buying customers.

While product A has the most visitors, it does not have a good conversion rate.

Why are products B and C converting better? Perhaps their product description and photo quality are better. 

As discussed above, you can assess how good your product description and photos are to make adjustments to help getting consistent sales on your Etsy shop.

This is just a sample of how you can analyze your various products and make the necessary changes to get more sales. 

If you wish to learn more about how to increase your Etsy conversion rate, I have created an in-depth guide for you!

12. Use Etsy Advertising

Etsy has its own advertising platform and it is an extremely helpful way to drive more traffic, and sales to your Etsy shop if it is done properly.

The purpose of running Etsy ads is that it helps to push your product to the top of the Etsy search results.

how to get consistent sales on etsy

I typed “Home Decor”. The first four results are Etsy advertisements. As you can see, it has the term, Ads by Etsy Seller. 

The second row has organic results due to keyword research, and how well the products were listed, and described.

It is just like using Google. When you search for a particular product, the first few results will be advertised results. The rest will be organic results.

My advice to you is to run Etsy ads when you have done absolutely everything right to make your product more visible and it is in demand.

As such, you are running ads so that your craft will be amongst the first few to be seen. Check out my comprehensive guide on how to run your Etsy ads.

If you want to know how to get daily sales on Etsy, then you can consider Etsy Ads. 

However, please do not run Etsy Ads if your products are of poor quality, with poor photos and badly written product descriptions and policies.

how to get consistent sales on etsy

13. Take Advantage Of Seasonal Sales

If your shop allows for it, do promote your items with a seasonal twist. 

For instance, if you sell home decorations, you can promote your decorations based on different festivals of different cultures (depending on where you are shipping to), public holidays, and other events.

Have you ever seen Christmas decorations being sold during Fourth of July Celebrations? No right! Because, that would be really weird, and there will be zero sales then.

When it comes to seasonal sales, do not try to reinvent the wheel too much. Making your products seem exclusive, with fewer items available, will make people want to buy your item. 

14. Have Product Bundles And Discounts For Them

If you have products that can be sold together, or are encouraged to be used together, then this is suitable for you.

Examples of such items are:

  • DIY Kits
  • Make-Up kits
  • Clothes
  • Decoration Items

For example, you may sell a handmade make-up brush, and to promote the sale of your make-up powder, you can show the effects of using your brush with your powder and how the results look more glowing.

One important reason for doing this is that your customer may not even be aware that you have a complimentary product that they can buy. 

Another kind of bundle you can consider is the pricing bundle. Pricing bundle means you provide discounts to your customers for buying more items from you, compared to just one. This is a common technique to have consistent sales on Etsy.

15. Provide Thoughtful Free Gifts

To get consistent sales on Etsy, this should be done meaningfully. If your customer bought product A, you are advised to give a sample or a much smaller version of a different, and complimentary product B that your customer can use with product A.

That way, when they come back for the next purchase, they would feel like product B added plenty of value to their experience, and they would now purchase it.

16. Engage Family And Friends

This is so important for an Etsy business owner. After all, Etsy sellers are not selling large items that are made in bulk. 

These items are generally handmade and unique. Hence, your best marketing comes from engaging the support of family and friends to help spread the word about your products to their own network.

Be careful about excessively offering freebies to your family and friends for promotion. If you really have the budget for this, you may want to engage an influencer instead, who has more following. This will be explored in more detail below.

17. Start A Blog

Blogging is my passion. It is something I do well, but am constantly trying to improve here as well! 

Having a blog is an incredible way to help your Etsy shop if you are wondering how to increase sales on Etsy.

As an Etsy seller, you may sell a certain type of product, you can then write articles about how to use those products or the benefits of those products.

Here is an example of an Etsy seller who has an Etsy store and their own e-commerce site with relevant blog articles about their products too.

The main benefit of blogging for Etsy sellers is to drive sales. 

Since potential customers may be looking for information about a product or the recommended list of products.

By writing about it, you can share more information about your item, and convince the reader to buy from you instead. The best part is that you can just write the article once, and it will continue to help bring traffic to your Etsy shop.

Check out my helpful guide for first-timers on how to set up your blog! 

Furthermore, if you wish to learn more about the technicalities of blogging, especially SEO, then you can purchase my course.

18. Get In Touch With Influencers

Almost everyone follows at least one influencer. Influencers are people who have a larger than usual following on their social media and have an engaged audience.

They are able to influence specific purchasing decisions of their followers by promoting products that are relevant to their influence and expertise. 

If you are desperately wondering how to get sales on Etsy fast, an influencer can help with this!

This means, that if a recipe blogger who has gained substantial authority online as a great cook suddenly shares about a particular blender or oven that has made her cooking better. 

It will be easy for her to promote it online and perhaps influence her followers to consider buying it.

However, if a recipe blogger suddenly started promoting a car or fitness instrument, it would not make much sense, because there is no link to the kind of followers the blogger has to the type of product they are marketing.

Here are some things to consider before engaging a social media influencer for your brand:

  • Their engaged followers are above 6%. This is calculated as (likes or comments) divided by the number of followers multiplied by 100.  This means for every 100 followers they have, they receive 6 likes and/or comments per post.
  • Consistent posting routine
  • Honest and authentic content that is relevant
  • High engagement rate in their posts
  • Relevance to your brand
  • What kind of values they have
  • Attitude and reputation of the influencer

You are advised to follow people who are relevant to your brand for a while first, interact with them as a follower and see how they can provide help to you.

If they are helpful, genuine, and offer solutions to you, then you may want to consider starting a conversation with them about promoting your brand and what it takes to do so.

On another hand, if you are looking to become an influencer, then you can consider this book, One Million Followers, Updated Edition: How I Build a Massive Social Following in 30 Days.

I have a solid following on Instagram. My policy is to behave in a way that I also expect from my followers. 

This means, being polite, respectful of boundaries, helpful, professional, and recommending items that I have used that works for me!

As a result, my followers trust what I have to say. 

I am quick to denounce fake products that have been recommended to me. Finally, I do not tolerate any form of rude or vulgar language. 

19. Provide Free-Shipping Business

One of the tips you can use to get consistent sales on Etsy is by providing free-shipping! Customers mostly do not want to pay for shipping. It is not a pleasant sight on your invoice. Hence, just provide it to your customers for free. 

You should have it included in your costing so that you do not lose money from paying out of your pocket.

Additionally, your customers will not feel surprised by seeing additional costs at the end when they check out to make the payment. 

20. Write Clear Policies That Sound Professional

Do you recall above where I shared an example of a very professionally written product description? 

Some of the positive aspects of it were the shipping terms, processing time, and delivery time. Another thing you should include is refund and exchange policies.

Preparing all these in advance and letting your customers know about them, negates the need to clarify these things with you. It also instills confidence in your customer that you are prepared and aware of everything in your business. Customers always prefer this security and will be keen to buy your products, and you will have consistent sales on Etsy.

Etsy has an area to set up your shop policies within your Shop Manager.

21. Always Get Customer Reviews

Having customer reviews is helpful to drive more sales. It is easier to trust a product or service that has already been sold and has positive reviews. This reduces the risk of trying something totally new.

Even if you have negative reviews for a particular batch of products, you can still respond effectively to these negative reviews. 

Potential customers can see how you resolved the issues and may trust you further because of how you took responsibility for the negative reviews.

I wrote a comprehensive guide on how to get reviews from customers here!

22. Link Your Business To A Social Cause

Have you felt closer to a particular company because of their (CSR) corporate social responsibility initiatives? This is a great way to make your store appear socially responsible and supportive of a particular cause.

Here are some examples of how Etsy shops can link up with a social cause:

  • Creating products that are environmentally sustainable
  • Creating products that do not test on animals
  • Creating products with zero waste or are reusable
  • Hiring a person who has a particular disability to create a product
  • Providing second chances to ex-convicts to create your product

There are numerous things your shop can do to follow a particular social cause. Just take note that you cannot do everything. 

You are advised to follow one that resonates with you and your shop. That way, the link, and relevance are clear and will be sincere.

The benefits of doing this are:

  • Meaningful to your customer
  • Your customers feel like they are supporting something important
  • Your reputation will be more positive
  • You can increase your sales revenue

You can learn more about harnessing the power of corporate social responsibility for your Etsy shop by getting this book, Small Actions, Big Difference: Leveraging Corporate Sustainability to Drive Business and Societal Value.

how to get consistent sales on etsy

23. Use Creative And Sustainable Packaging

The urgent crisis affecting the planet is the increasing amount of waste. As such, many consumers are consciously choosing to buy from shops that offer sustainable packaging.

In fact, online sellers and logistics packers are guilty of creating a large amount of single-use packaging which is growing at an alarming rate.

By having reusable and sustainable packaging, customers will actually feel better about purchasing from you.

Did you know that price is not the only reason why consumers would decide to buy from you? Environmental considerations play a large part in convincing a large number of customers to buy from you. 

So get on that bandwagon now!

24. Be Available To Speak To Your Customer

This requires a bit of time and effort. But it pays plenty of dividends and bringing consistent sales on Etsy.

Enable your chat function and be ready to answer questions promptly. In fact, after experiencing the slew of questions, you can use it to create FAQs and share them on your listing page.

That would help customers have their queries answered instantly. As such, they may reach out to you for really specific inquiries which you can give your due diligence and attention for. 

Here are some tips you can follow on how to be polite and convert your customer during a chat with them:

  • Be polite and acknowledge their concern.
  • Do not make them feel silly for asking the question.
  • Get straight to the point and provide steps if needed.
  • Ask them if there are any other ways that you can provide assistance. Do not be quick to end the chat.
  • Do not pressure them into making a purchase.

Nothing frustrates a customer more than having an AI chatbot answering their queries and failing at it. 

25. Use Email Marketing

Using email marketing is a great way to engage your sellers. You can use it in 2 ways.

Firstly, when your customers purchase a product from you, you can continue to email them with information about new products or other discounts.

Additionally, you can give them tips or other hacks that are relevant to your niche. By mixing up your emails between sales emails and informational emails, it does not feel like you are a persistent salesman. 

I use ConvertKit for my email marketing and it is just fantastic. In fact, ConvertKit is free for the first 1000 subscribers.

The second way you can use Email Marketing is to pull in potential customers to buy from you for the first time. 

Your ConvertKit can have pop-ups inviting them to insert their email to get discount codes.

They can then use these discount codes for their first purchase.  

Additionally, you can email them with other product information or tips like the above. Eventually, you may be able to convert them into regular customers and get consistent sales on Etsy.

26. Offer Customization For Your Products

how to get consistent sales on etsy

Nowadays, there are many restaurants and stores offering some form of customization

This is helpful because consumer tastes are getting more diverse. 

Here are some ways you can offer product customization and bring consistent sales on Etsy:

  • Check your customer queries. Are customers regularly asking if something is available in a different color or size? This is something you can consider if it is popular enough.
  • Check the abandoned carts. Is there a reason why your customer is not buying from you? Was there a particular feature that was not present? This is something you can consider customizing.
  • Check out your competitors. Are they offering customization on particular features? You may not want to miss out here.

The main benefit is that you are telling your customers you are capable of making changes to cater to their needs. You must be mindful of not over-committing though. 

Only customize to a level that is sustainable. Do not drive yourself out of business just to cater to every minute request.

27. Provide Express Delivery Services

Many e-commerce sellers offer options for their delivery services. As such, there are price ranges available.

Some customers may not be in a rush and would opt for the free delivery option which may take longer. This was discussed earlier and you are encouraged to include it in your costing. 

However, some customers may urgently need the item  and would not mind paying more for it.

These are the folks you need to offer a premium express delivery service to. It is not about the money. They just need the item as soon as possible. 

This is relevant for crafts that may be used for events, such as decorations or suits.

If you can handle such order requests, you are better at managing your business and can cater to urgent orders. 

28. Create A Global Brand That Appeals

Etsy is available worldwide. Of course, your search results are only visible to buyers who are located where you will shop your products. 

But your branding must appeal to all the people who can see your results. I am not saying you must please everyone.

But you are advised not to alienate your customers by branding your product in such a way that makes certain people feel uncomfortable. 

Here are some ways you can create branding with a global appeal:

  • Have good social causes.
  • Being respectful of the cultures that you are selling to.
  • Linking your product to something that is happening globally which is relevant. 
  • Highlight the variety of characters who are involved in creating your product.
  • Highlight the diversity of your products and the different stories it shares.

29. Make It Easy To Exchange, Return, Or Refund A Product

This is related to the point about having clear FAQs and writing clear policies. No matter how good your product is, it is unavoidable that there may be a request to refund or exchange a product.

Here are some of the reasons why this would be applicable:

  • Providing a satisfaction guarantee over a specific period of time, usually it is for 30 days.
  • To exchange or refund a defective product.
  • To exchange or refund a product purchased wrongly.
  • If they have changed their mind and do not see a need for it anymore. (Obviously, this is not applicable to personal hygiene items such as undergarments, or make-up)

This can cause unnecessary stress for both the buyer and seller. The best thing you can do as a seller is to first, accept that it will happen, and second, prepare for it!

This means you must make it clear how and when exchanges and refunds will be accepted. 

That way, you are transparent with your customers. Please do remember that just because you are making the policy clear, it does not mean that you are inviting every Tom, Dick, or Harry to request a refund!

Additionally, by writing policies like these, you are assuring a customer of your commitment to quality and serving them. This will easily build trust and push them to continue purchasing from you.

Imagine, if you refunded a purchase easily. They may tell about their positive experience with you to their friends and family. Those folks may end up buying from you instead of an unknown party. 

Sounds like a win-win? Yes!!

30. Engage In Upselling And Cross-Selling

Upselling means you are inviting customers to purchase something that has a higher perceived value and is generally more expensive. 

Cross-selling means you are inviting customers to purchase something that can be used complementary to the main item that you are selling.

You are encouraged to do both to boost your sales. This means, that if you are selling a particular piece of jewelry for the ears, you can then promote a similar design for a bracelet or necklace to be used on the neck or wrists. 

This is a form of cross-selling. There is value in buying the items together because it will match and can be worn together. 

It is important in cross-selling that you share how the products can be used together, if not the perceived value will not be there!

Upselling is if you are selling a form of clothing item that can be used for smart-casual, you may then upsell by promoting a clothing item that can be used for both smart-casual and formal events, such as a tie, or a jacket. 

The increased perceived value of this outfit is that it can be used for more occasion types. You can encourage customers to buy additional items from you by offering a discount on the second item or the more expensive item.

The benefits of doing these are:

  • It can help you retain more customers because they find that you solve more of their problems.
  • Your customers may find it cheaper to buy multiple products from you than separately from different sellers.
  • You can improve your customer experience and build a stronger bond with them.

31. Always Update Your Products

You cannot sustain yourself by having the same old items. If not, it will be difficult to get repeat sales. Your existing customers may already like you and trust you. 

Hence, you need to keep them coming by having one of two new items that come up during seasonal periods or just for fun!

Have you noticed how Mcdonald’s keeps updating their burgers during different festivals and holidays? Yes, the originals are still there. But they keep things fresh by introducing different flavors every other month.

Likewise, you can spice things up with your customers too.

Here are some ways you can do it:

  • Look at the type of products that sell well and then make some adjustments based on those to create something new and fresh.
  • Research your competitors on Etsy and other e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Big Cartel, e-Bay, or on their own sites. Then, please study the reviews and comments they receive.
  • For competitors with unpleasant reviews, you should see how you can rectify those issues and create something better.
  • For competitors with sterling reviews, you need to see how you are not up to mark and try to beat them as well!

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32. Pay Attention To Abandoned Carts

Next, to have consistent sales on Etsy, you must pay attention to abandoned carts. Etsy itself has a feature where emails are sent to potential customers who have left something in an Etsy cart without purchasing for more than 24 hours. As a seller, you can provide a shopping discount code to encourage them to make the purchase.

You can do this by:

  • Going to your Shop Manager
  • Click on Marketing
  • Select Sales and Discounts
  • Select Create a new offer
  • Click Setup Offer to Send Offers to Interested Shoppers
  • Click Abandoned Cart Shoppers when selecting your target audience
  • Finalize the steps based on your shop policies
  • And you are done!

Sometimes customers may have just forgotten to make the purchase, or were sensitive about the price! 

By sending them an email and offering a little discount, you addressed both those issues and would have managed to convert a customer.

33. Create A Story For Your Products

One of the important tips to get consistent sales on Etsy is by creating a story. Every successful seller, entrepreneur or company has a beautiful and captivating origin story! It is what makes you unique. Likewise, you are encouraged to do the same for your product.

Just take these two examples:

  • Example A

Hi, thanks for swinging by. This is my Etsy shop. I am a small-business owner and a single mom! I am taking care of 3 young kids by myself. 

Feel free to look around and do get in touch with me if you have any queries. I hope you enjoy browsing my products. Your kind support will help my family incredibly.

  • Example B

Hi friends! Welcome to my Etsy shop. I started XXX because I was driven to create homemade soaps that were cruelty-free and did not test on animals. 

My journey began when I visited Country A on a holiday. During my tour, I saw animals locked in cages and kept for the sole purpose of soap testing. 

It traumatized me and led me on a passionate journey to create soaps that were healthy, safe for animals and the environment, and still served their purpose. I began researching skincare and spoke to several dermatologists about their experiences.

If you ever felt upset about the amount of animal testing that was done to make soaps, I hope you would feel comfortable trying out my products. If you want to see the process by which I create my soap, you can check out my stories on my Instagram here!

Let us analyze both. While example A is polite and shares a struggle the seller is facing in being a single mom and caring for 3 young kids, there is no connection to the buyer.

There is no reason for the buyer to want to connect with you unless they simply feel like supporting you because of your difficulties. It is almost akin to a donation.

While that works for the short term, it is not a sustainable approach to getting consistent sales. Etsy shops are not a charity after all.

Example B explains the origin story and what led to the mission to create safe soaps. So the connection is with buyers who feel this pain and want to use safe soaps that are cruelty-free.

Example B also provides a bit of credibility about what steps they took to create the soaps. Additionally, if people want proof of concept, they can see the process by which the soaps are made.

I hope this is a clear illustration of why a story is so important for your products.

34. Organize Your Etsy Shop

If you went shopping, you would prefer to see categories of items together right? For example, kids, men, and women would be one way of differentiating your products.

Likewise, earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces could be another category. Likewise, when you plan your shop, you are advised to place your items in these categories together.

Here are two ways you can organize your Etsy Shop. I am using an example from this Etsy seller

how to get consistent sales on etsy

This is the main shop page. On the left, there are categories of items. This makes it clear exactly what type of item you can search for.

The second way you can organize your Etsy shop is by making sure the related items will appear at the bottom of the page after you pick a particular product to view it further.

For example, if you clicked corsage A, and you are reading the product description, there will be a section that says More from this shop.  Under that, you can see other corsages.

That way you can continue browsing until you find your perfect corsage.

Here is an example. 

how to get consistent sales on etsy

Once you scroll down, you can see more options from the same category.

how to get consistent sales on etsy

As you can see, there are more corsages. However, Etsy will not do this automatically. You need to set it up in your shop manager when you are writing your product description.

Then when you have the portion to select your categories, you should choose it accordingly.

how to get consistent sales on etsy

35. Write Thank You Notes

Thank you notes are a great way to remind your customers why they chose to purchase your product. 

You can include some of these points in your note:

  • Gratitude to them for supporting you.
  • How to use the product they purchased
  • Cleaning or instructions

If your note is a bit long, you can have it printed. But do try to make the thank you part with their name hand-written.

It will show your customer how much you value them and remind them to think of you the next time they need this product. Easiest way to get consistent sales on Etsy.


How Long Does It Take To Get Consistent Etsy Sales?

It can take around a year before you make consistent sales on Etsy. However, if you follow the tips with clear focus and pay more attention to the strategies that work, you can reach a healthy cash flow earlier too.

What Is The Trick To Selling On Etsy?

Some of the best tricks to selling on Etsy are:

  • Improving your photo qualities, by showing the story and the usage of your product.
  • Using SEO in your titles, product descriptions, and listings.
  • Promoting your items on multiple channels
  • Share the information about your product as comprehensively as possible in your product description.
  • Have an incredible story about your Etsy shop and each of your products.
  • Highlight the key differentiators that make your product better than your competitors.
  • Utilizing your categories and tags effectively.

How Do You Get 100 A Day On Etsy?

This depends on your product pricing and your income target.

For instance, if your product is $10, then you need to sell 10 of it to get $100 a day. You should go back to your current product sales, and look at which products are most likely to help you reach this target.

After that, you should pay more attention to promoting them, or even running Etsy ads and seeing whether you can attain your income goal.


I hope you enjoyed reading this comprehensive article about all the best tips on how to get consistent sales on Etsy. It may seem overwhelming that there are a ton of things you need to do to get your Etsy shop running and making you big money.

My suggestion is for you to take note of my 35 tips, write a column and then list down what you are already doing regards to each of these tips

After that, make a note about which are the easiest tips for you to work on first. Start on those, and see how your results pick up. After that, move on to the remaining tips in order of your priority.

Remember, please do not work on everything at once! You will go crazy and nothing will work in the end.

With that, I would like to wish you good luck with your Etsy shop and you can get consistent sales on Etsy. Thanks for reading and take care!

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