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How To Get A Refund On Etsy [Personal Experience!]

Trying to figure out, how to get a refund on Etsy? I certainly did! I bought a digital product which was completely different to what was advertised!

I was so annoyed. Turns out, it IS possible to get a refund on Etsy provided you follow some basic procedures. 

Etsy is an e-commerce-based platform where people sell goods.

Similar to physical shops, sometimes us buyers may not be satisfied with their purchases. This may be because the items do not meet their requirements, or they may be damaged goods.

Again, the goods may not be as promised by the sellers or there may be problems with the size of the item.

Whatever the cause may be, there are instances when a buyer asks for refunds from the Etsy store. So there are procedures and steps that the buyer has to follow so that they can get their refund back.

In this article,  I have written down various steps on how to get a refund from Etsy. 

Now, at a glance, you can get a refund online on the Etsy website by doing the following:

  1. Login to your Etsy account
  2. Go  to your account
  3. Then click on purchases and reviews
  4. Go to the order that you want to be refunded and click on help with the order
  5. Next, go to message seller 
  6. Then type in the message to the seller 
  7. Finally, click enter to send your message 
How to get a refund on etsy

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Why You Might Want A Refund On Etsy

Etsy is an e-Commerce platform that sells goods to consumers. Buyers may ask for a refund from Etsy in the following 3 cases:

1. If The Goods Are Missing

Sometimes buyers order things on Etsy but for some reason, the goods are not shipped to the buyer. This may be a human error or a machine error.  When this happens the buyer can ask for a refund from Etsy. 

2. If The Goods Are Damaged

When the buyers receive damaged goods, then a refund can be sought from Etsy. Sometimes, goods are damaged in transit due to handling and transportation. The buyers then want a refund for such damaged goods.

3. If The Goods Are Not According To The Buyers Specifications

Buyers may also want a refund from Etsy if they receive inaccurate goods. It may happen that the buyer has asked for a particular product but has not received the specified product. 

In this case, the buyer can ask for a refund from Etsy.

How To Request A Refund On Etsy

You can request a refund online on the Etsy website. You will know how to get a refund on Etsy by following the steps given below:

  • Login to your Etsy account
  • Go  to your account

If you purchased an item as a guest, you must first create an Etsy account before filing a case.

  • Then click on purchases and reviews

You can find your previous orders here. Click “help with order” next to the order you’re not happy with to get assistance.

  • Go to the order that you want to be refunded and click on help with the order
  • Next, go to message seller 

Whether the situation involves a non-delivery or a failure to match the description, let Etsy know.

When you didn’t receive the item and the seller is unable to demonstrate that it was shipped, you should file a non-delivery claim. Alternatively, the item may have been delivered to a different address than the one you provided during checkout.

  • Then type in the message to the seller 
  • Finally, click enter to send your message 
How to get a refund on etsy

You Can Request A Refund Via Email

1. Log in to your Etsy account

You can sign in to your Etsy account and follow some simple steps to request your refund.

2. Navigate to the Contact page

The next step is to go to the Contact page on the website.

3. Select your  request type from the drop-down menu

Once you open the contact page, you will find a drop-down menu with various options. Choose the option that is most relevant to you.

4. Check out if there is anything relevant in the pop-up window

Check out the options in the pop-up window and choose the best one that is relevant to your case.

5. Select Contact Us by Email

The next step is to click on the Contact us by Email option.

6. Select the relevant topic from the drop-down menu

Check the drop-down menu for the topic that relates to your issue.

7. Type in the Subject and Message 

Type the subject of your email. The next step is to write your message clearly and succinctly.

8. Finally, select the Get in Touch button

The final step in the process of requesting a refund through email is to click on the Get in Touch button.

How to get a refund on etsy

Can You Request A Refund On A Phone Call?

While you can request Etsy to give you a call, they cannot accept refund requests on the phone.

  • To request a call, you must go to your Etsy account and go to the contact page.
  • Next check the drop-down menu for a relevant request or message
  • Lastly, select the request a phone call button and type your phone number.

You will get a call within 30 Minutes to one hour. 

How To Get A Refund On Etsy As A Guest

Sometimes you buy things on Etsy without opening an account. You may check out as a guest after purchasing your product. 

When you have checked out of Etsy as a guest and you want to get a refund, replacement, or reshipping of your product it can be done. 

For this, you will have to find the email that Etsy sent to you during the purchase of your product. Refunds from Etsy can be full or partial depending on the terms and conditions. 

The process for claiming Etsy partial refund is the same as the process for claiming full refunds.

  • You can go to your email inbox and find the email that she has sent you which contains the order number.
  • Note down the order number as you will need it while opening the  Etsy account. The order number is sometimes mentioned as the confirmation number.
  • The next step is to go to the Etsy account and open a new account or sign in to an existing account. If you don’t have an account you can open a new account by following the instructions on the website.
  • Once you have opened a new account on Etsy, your order number will be automatically connected to your new Etsy account. 
  • You must use the same email account that you used to order your product, for opening a new Etsy account.

Etsy Request Refund Through Paypal

Does Etsy refund through Paypal? Yes, it does, provided the original payment for the product was made via Paypal. It may take 30 days after the refund is approved, to appear on your Paypal account.

How to get a refund on etsy

What Happens After You Request A Refund

Etsy wants all sellers to make their refund and returns policy clear to all buyers.

It must include the following:

  • Do the seller’s issue refunds and accept returns?
  • What is the timeline for the refunds/returns?
  • In case of a return, who bears the shipping costs?

As a buyer, please check the seller’s refund policy first before asking for a refund.

If the seller does not offer a return, Etsy will only help you in case the order was never delivered or the product was misrepresented by the seller.

Once you have submitted your request to the seller, he has to respond within 3 days. If he does not respond within 3 days, then you can take the matter further.

If Seller Does Not Offer Refunds Open A Dispute

If the seller does not give refunds, you can open a dispute on the Etsy website.

  • Go to your Etsy Account
  • Click on purchases and reviews
  • Select ‘help with order’
  • Next, select ‘still need help’ and ‘Yes, I want to open a case’
  • State the reason for the dispute
  • Provide proof in support of your case and submit.

If No Refund Is Received Within 3 Days Escalate The Matter   

The seller must respond within 3 days. If he does not respond, then you can escalate the matter.

  • Sign in to your account 
  • Go to purchases and reviews
  • Select view case and click on the case you want to escalate
How to get a refund on etsy

Does Etsy Charge Sellers For Refunds? 

Here is an excerpt from the Etsy help page:

Will Etsy refund my seller fees?

If you refund a buyer through your Shop Manager, your Etsy transaction and processing fees for the refunded transactions are automatically refunded to your payment account. If you also canceled the transaction, your listing fees are automatically credited to your account.”

How To Check The Status Of My Refund

You can check the status of your refunds by going to your Etsy account

Next, go to purchase and reviews

Finally, go to Contact the shop and you will find your refund status there. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Etsy Refunds Take?

So, how long do Etsy refunds take? Typically, Etsy refunds should come into your account within 2 to 5 business days if it is local. It also depends on your card provider. For international refunds, the Etsy refund time could be a month or so.

The refunds will be issued only after the seller has approved and released the refund.

Why Can’t I Refund On Etsy?

Why can’t I refund on Etsy? After 180 days have passed, you can’t refund an order through Etsy Payments. You can make refunds to your customer via any payment system without involving Etsy. However, in this case, Etsy will not refund your seller fees.

Will Etsy Refund Money If Scammed?

Will Etsy refund money if scammed? In most cases, Etsy will refund a buyer’s money if they’re scammed. They will, of course, ask for proof about the good/s purchased and also ensure that it was not delivered to you or did not meet your requirements. Etsy could ask you to raise a dispute through Paypal.

While it may be easy to purchase items on Etsy, it may become a bit complicated when it comes to asking for refunds. However, if you take the steps mentioned above, it will be a fairly easy process. 

How to get a refund from Etsy? Well, there are many ways to get the refund- directly on the Etsy website, through Paypal, via email, or by phone. Once you understand the process, it should not be a problem at all. 

If you still find it difficult to ask for a refund, there are professional companies that offer their services to get your refunds.

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How to get a refund on etsy