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18 Etsy Keyword Tools That Will Skyrocket Your Sales! 2023

Hi, I’m sure you clicked on this post because you are searching Etsy keyword tool that will skyrocket your sales!

Then I’m here to tell you all about the best Etsy research tool ones that are out there! 

Etsy keyword research has taken center stage in the world of digital marketing lately. 

And to do Etsy keyword research to attract more traffic to your Etsy store, you need an Etsy keyword tool. 

As an overview, some of the best Etsy keyword tools are:

  1. Sale Samurai
  2. Marmalead
  3. Crest
  4. Makerwords
  5. Alura
  6. KeySearch
  7. eRank
  8. KWFinder
  9. Etsy Search Bar
  10. EtsyHunt
  11. EverBee
  12. Koalanda
  13. Merch Titans
  14. Printful Keyword Scout
  15. Keyword Tool Dominator
  16. Google Keyword Planner
  17. Ahrefs
  18. Keywords Everywhere

In this article, you will find all you need to know about:

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Etsy keyword tool

What Is An Etsy Keyword Tool?

If you are considering opening an Etsy store or already have an Etsy store that is up and running, then you may be wondering what the best ways are, to drive traffic to your store and increase the sales of your small business. 

Etsy is a platform for small independent businesses to sell unique handmade and vintage items.

In 2020 alone, more than 4.3 million sellers sold items via the Etsy platform.

However, if you are planning on opening an Etsy store, there is bound to be plenty of competition. 

When planning your marketing strategy, you may be wondering how to best stand out from the competition and make your Etsy store more unique and attractive to potential customers. 

This is where keyword research comes in. And the best way to do keyword research is by using an Etsy keyword tool. 

An Etsy keyword tool allows you to find the best words and phrases to describe the product that you are listing on Etsy so that it matches what people are looking for on the Etsy platform. Besides that, it also helps you to find the most popular Etsy search terms so that you can optimize your listings.

On Etsy, there are various opportunities for you to use these words and phrases such as in your Etsy tags and descriptions when you are posting an Etsy listing to sell your products.

You can see below the various words and phrases that are used to describe handmade jewelry that is on sale on Etsy. 

Etsy keyword tool

Read more about Etsy tags here!

For example, if you are selling handmade earrings, then you may want to use words and phrases that are similar to “handmade earrings” so that the Etsy search engine is able to catch any variants or related words that may be entered into the search bar by a potential customer. 

Broadly speaking, the following is what you can expect an Etsy keyword tool or Etsy keyword generator to do for:

  • It tells you the search volume of those keywords (i.e. how many people are looking for those items)
  • It tells you whether those words are high competition or low competition (i.e. how many other sellers are using those words)
  • It gives you all the related keywords 

Armed with this information, you will be able to optimize your Etsy store with content that matches what people are looking for. 

This is essentially what Etsy search engine optimization or Etsy SEO is all about. 

You are basically tailor-making your content to make sure that the search engine finds your listing and displays it as a part of the search results, ideally on the first page! 

You can find out more about the best Etsy SEO tips here when you are ready to delve deeper into the world of SEO. 

Etsy keyword tool

The Best Etsy Keyword Research Tools

Now that you have an idea of what Etsy keyword research tools can do for you, it is time to explore and discover the best Etsy keyword tool for you. 

Here you will find the key features of some of the best keyword finder tools to help you decide which one works for you and more importantly, for your small business budget! 

Keyword Research ToolPriceKey Features
Sale SamuraiUSD 9.99 per month or
USD 99 per year
Sale Samurai is probably the most detailed Etsy keyword research tool and Etsy listing tool.
The data on Etsy keywords and other relevant information  is derived from actual Etsy customer searches.
Sale Samurai also provides prices, shipping days, and views per product of your competitors so that you can take these factors into account when pricing your own products. 
Sale Samurai is easily one of the best Etsy keyword research tools on the market at the moment, primarily due to the detailed analysis that it can provide. 
NOTE- As my reader, you get a discount coupon that has to be used in the signup page. The code is outandbeyond (all in lowercase). This will give you 20% OFF for life.
MarmaleadUSD 19 per month or USD 53 per quarter or
USD 190 per year
Marmalead has a prediction feature that allows you to see how your keywords are going to perform over the next 3 months.
This keyword tool for Etsy also has a detailed comparison between different keyword variables to identify which is the best one to use for your listing at the time.
 This keyword comparison tool feature lets you compare up to 4 keywords.
The plan also comes with unlimited access to their Entrepreneur Course Library. This is a great resource for new business owners as it deals with various aspects of running your online shop on Etsy.
Marmalead is probably the most value-for-money Etsy keywords tool.
CrestUSD 12.99 per monthCrest aims to level up your Etsy business with its comprehensive set of Etsy SEO features.  The unique thing about Crest is that it is the only Etsy keyword tool that gives you location specific data on your potential customers.
Crest has a color-coded interface for key data points that will make Etsy keyword research a breeze!
More importantly, Crest gives you real-time search engine optimization. This means that you can edit your Etsy listings and receive real-time feedback on the impact that these edits may have on your overall SEO rating.
Crest has a bonus feature that will make marketing your Etsy products easier. Once you select a set of pictures from your Etsy listing and choose your transition effects, Crest has the ability to generate a video that you can easily upload to Etsy itself or any of your other social media platforms. 
MakerWordsFree for a limited time (so sign up quickly!)MakerWords is a keyword research tool that allows you to see exactly what Etsy shoppers are searching for.
This tool gives you key data such as the average amount of searches per term, as well as specific Etsy trends.
What makes MakerWords unique is that it also gives you the best keywords for Etsy that will increase the chances of your Etsy listing being published on Google search as well!
The keyword research information is displayed in a manner that is easy to read and understand, allowing you to quickly implement the results of your research on your Etsy listing. It is a straightforward tool with no bells and whistles. 
AluraUSD 19.99 per month or 
USD 168 per year
Alura allows you to register for free without a credit card when you first start using this to look for your Etsy keywords.
This free feature allows you to explore all the features of this Etsy keyword tool and it also comes with 10 premium searches. 
Alura’s interface is simple and makes it one of Etsy tools that is extremely easy to use. 
The keyword data and related information are presented in a manner that is straightforward and easy to understand. This makes it the perfect Etsy keyword tool for new entrepreneurs. 
Keysearch1-month free trial then
USD 17 per month (Starter)
USD 34 per month (Pro)
Keysearch is another keyword research tool that works very simply. With this SEO tool, you will find it extremely easy to carry out searches that return comprehensive results and data. 
Keysearch also comes with multiple SEO tools including competitive analysis.
This will allow you to see how your competition is doing and customize your Etsy marketing strategy accordingly. It is one of the best keyword competition analyzers.
Thus, make it one of the best SEO tools for Etsy.
This platform provided a 1-month keysearch free trial and also generates Etsy SEO report.
NOTE- It is 17 USD per month but if you use my discount code and referral link, (KSDISC), you get 20% off, also a free 1-month trial! Use this keysearch coupon code now!
eRankFree with limited features
Basic plan USD 5.99 per month
Pro plan USD 9.99 per month
You read that right – eRank is probably one of the most affordable Etsy keyword tools that are currently available even if it does not comes with eRank free trial.
It provides a range of Etsy SEO keywords tool.
Its keyword tool works perfectly as an Etsy tag generator and will give you all the detailed information you need to insert Etsy tags that sell.
e-Rank’s Listing Audit tool also gives you an idea of how often shoppers on Etsy are using your keywords on Etsy. This will allow you to modify your Etsy keyword use accordingly.
The eRank pro plan includes 200 lookups in the keyword tool per day  
KWFinderFree for limited search results and data or USD 29.90 per month or USD 39.90 per month or USD 79.90 per monthOne of the good things about KWFinder is that as soon as you get onto their platform, you can start conducting your Etsy keyword research!
While the search results on the free plan are limited, you can still yield sufficient information, especially if you are a new Etsy seller and are just starting out on your small business.
KWFinder can generate thousands of keyword ideas and comes with a range of SEO tools.
The Etsy Search Bar


As you enter a search term into the Etsy search engine, you will get a drop-down box with suggested searches. 
This is a great place to start if you are not able to invest in an Etsy keyword tool just yet. As it is one of the best free Etsy keyword tool in the market.
The suggested searches represent what other people on Etsy are looking for.
With this information, you can gauge which keywords or Etsy tags to use in your listing to match what Etsy shoppers are looking for.  While it may not be as detailed as the results that you will yield from Etsy keyword research, it still does give you a practical idea of what potential customers are looking for. 
EtsyHunt Free trial.
Basis cost USD 3.99 per month Pro cost USD 19.99 per month
EtsyHunt is one of the most extensive databases in the market as it offers a huge database of over 48 million products
This Etsy keyword tool is an all-rounder as it allows you to identify winning products in your niche and determine the ones that are in high demand and selling like pancakes.
This is a great place for Etsy sellers who are looking for a reliable yet affordable tool.
EverBeeHobby plan (free) with limited features
Pro plan USD 7.99 per month
Growth plan USD 29.99 per month
The plus point of this tool is that it focuses on giving sellers product ideas on what to sell on Etsy making it one of the best keyword tracker.
Besides that, it also has a Chrome extension, which displays critical product information, such as estimated sales, revenue, and listing tags.
KoalandaFree plan with limited features
USD 11.99 per month
What I like about Koalanda is it features a suite of tools for Etsy SEO, keyword and product search, competitor analysis, and shop automation.
Thus, making it one of the best Etsy keyword finder and also the best Etsy SEO tool.
Merch TitansStarter USD 9.99 per month
Advanced USD 29.99 per month
If you are looking for free SEO tool, you can look into Merch Titans as it is one of the few free SEO Etsy tools in the market today.
The downside of this tool is that it only has basic Etsy keyword search capabilities.
Printful Keyword ScoutFree plan with limited features
Plus cost USD 9.00 per month
Pro cost USD 49.00 per month
Having difficulties finding the best tags for your Etsy shop? Worry not! This keyword tool Etsy will solve your problem.
It will help you find the best tags for your Etsy shop, provides strategies for using recognized tags for your store, and also show which keywords are likely to trend in the future.
This keysearch tool lets you review your shop and check for SEO mistakes. How amazing is that!
Keyword Tool DominatorUSD 49.00 Lifetime SubscriptionThis Etsy keyword tool provides critical data, such as relevancy and search volume for its users.
It also helps you generate hundreds of Etsy tags for your shop.
There’s a free Etsy keyword tool version that allows you to do only two keyword searches daily.
Google Keyword Planner
Looking for the best free Etsy keyword tool? Search no more! Google Keyword Planner provides unique keyword ideas, forecasts, click-through rate figures, costs, impressions, clicks, etc.
It is a good platform to get familiar with Google Adwords and Etsy search trends.
The plus point of this platform is it is an Etsy keyword tool free.
Ahrefs2 months free
Starts at USD 99 per month
Ahrefs has various features that can help you improve your Etsy SEO, such as Site Audit, Site Explorer, Keywords Explorer, Content Explorer, and Rank Tracker.
In short words, it is an all-in-one marketing solution!
Keywords EverywhereCredit systemThis Etsy research tool works on Chrome or Firefox. It finds long-tail keywords, their search volume, CPC (cost per click), Google Adwords competition, and monthly trend data.
Etsy keyword tool

The Importance of Keywords For Your Etsy Shop

At this point, you may be wondering what all the fuss about keywords is about. 

Well, as mentioned above, keywords are the key (pun entirely intended!) to getting more people to your Etsy store and converting those visits into sales!

When you are doing your Etsy keyword research, you need to step into the mind of your potential customers and identify all the ways  in which they may search for your particular product. 

This is where Etsy keyword tools are extraordinarily helpful. 

They basically get that information for you so you don’t have to guess what potential customers are looking for. 

Read more about Etsy keyword research here to finetune your keyword research skills!

Etsy Keyword Tool
Photo from Unsplash

How Keywords Work In Etsy Search

When a customer types in a search term into the Etsy search bar, they will get results for all the listings that contain that search term.

If your listing contains the term that they search for in the title, tags, or description sections, then your listing will show up on the Etsy shopper’s search results. 

This will increase the chances of them clicking on your listing and adding it to their cart to purchase your product!

Broken down in this way, it is easy to see how keywords work in Etsy search and why it is so important to attract customers to your Etsy listings and eventually, your Etsy store. 

Etsy Keyword Tool
Photo by Jon Tyson from Unsplash

How To Increase Traffic To Your Etsy Store

As mentioned above, using an Etsy keyword tool to carry out keyword research is one of the most vital things that you can do to increase traffic to your Etsy page. 

Once you have your keywords for your listings sorted out, then you can focus on other ways to increase traffic and potential customers to your Etsy page. 

These can include:

1.Using Other Social Media Platforms 

One of the most effective ways to increase traffic to your Etsy store is to link your store with your social media platforms. 

At the moment, Pinterest and Etsy are the best of friends! 

You can use Pinterest to directly link to your Etsy store so that when people click on your pins, they are directed to your Etsy listing. 

Find out more about how to use Pinterest for Etsy here! 

2.Starting A Blog

This is a great way to tell people about your Etsy store. 

Of course, your keyword research from the use of your Etsy keyword tool will come in handy here. This is because you can use the same keywords to optimize your blog to ensure that people find your content. 

Your blog can contain more details about your listings and your Etsy store. 

This will also make you more relatable as a seller and allow your shoppers to get to know the person behind the Etsy store. 

Alternatively, you can share stories about your products and your process of making them. People love to read about and watch behind-the-scenes videos of small businesses. 

If you aren’t sure where to start, check out my quick and easy guide that will teach you how to start a blog.

3.Use High-Quality Pictures

Etsy marketing is all about visuals. The better your pictures are, the higher the chances of a potential customer clicking on your listing to make a purchase. 

Use props and ensure that your pictures are lit well.

 It is also aesthetically pleasing for your pictures on your Etsy store to be consistent in terms of background and theme colors. This will automatically make your store more attractive and will encourage shoppers to keep scrolling. 

Additionally, if your product is wearable, try and use pictures of it being worn so that your shoppers can gauge what the product looks like in real life. 

Etsy keyword tool

FAQS On Etsy Keyword Tool

What Is Erank?

What is Erank? Erank keyword tool is a tool that helps you collect information on the most used tags by Etsy sellers, and how frequently those keywords are used in Etsy searches.

You will be able to see price ranges for items using these keywords and other data that will help you optimize your listings.

Etsy Keyword Tool
Photo by Georgia de Lotz from Unsplash

How To Do Etsy Keyword Research?

I know you must be thinking about how to do Etsy Keyword research. The first step to start is to type your seed keyword in the Etsy search bar and see who tops the front page. Next, look for competitors with the “Bestseller” tag.

Note down those keywords that are being used by these listings.

Etsy Keyword Tool

How Do I Find Best Keywords On Etsy?

Head over to ‘Stats’ from the shop dashboard. Under “How shoppers found you”, click any metric to view additional data. For example, check out Etsy app and other Etsy pages for the last 30 days.

Under ” Search terms”, scroll down to the bottom and you can find different types of keywords to choose from.

Etsy Keyword Tool

How To Use Etsy Search Analytics?

If you are wondering how to use Etsy Search Analytics, follow the below steps:

  • Sign in to
  • Click the Shop Manager icon.
  • Click Marketing.
  • Click Search analytics.
  • Select what timeframe you’d like to look at. You can choose specific days, months, or entire years.
  • Review your search analytics on Etsy

How To Get To Top Of Etsy Search?

As an Etsy seller, you must be thinking about how to get to the top of Etsy search. For that, you need to ensure your product listings are optimized with relevant keywords in any titles, tags, or product descriptions.

Make sure to meet your customer’s expectations by responding to any issues faced by them.

Etsy Keyword Tool
Photo by Diego PH from Unsplash

How Do I Crack SEO On Etsy?

Follow the steps below and you can easily crack SEO on Etsy.

  • Use short but fully descriptive product titles.
  • Avoid using identical keywords.
  • Write up a catchy and compelling description.
  • Don’t skip the Tag section.
  • Backlink to your listings.
  • Analyze the strategy of your direct competitors to improve yours.
  • Watch out for competitors’ pricing.

Does Etsy Have A Keyword Tool?

Etsy does have a keyword tool. For any keyword that you define, a thorough analysis of the top 100 listings found in Etsy search results is performed by Keyword Tool.

This can help you collect relevant information on the most popular tags among Etsy sellers, and how regularly these keywords are used in Etsy searches.

How Do I Find Search Volume Keywords On Etsy?

How to use Keywords Everywhere with Etsy? First, you would need to install the browser add-on and activate your API Key. Next, go to Etsy and enter any item.

Once the item is entered, under the search box, the volume, CPC, and competition details will appear immediately. See screenshot above for more detail.

How To Use Erank?

Puzzled about how to use Erank? Select Tools then Keyword Tool in the Main Menu. Enter the Keywords field in the blue search bar, and enter any keyword. Use the drop-down menu to choose which country you would like to see the data from.

Check your search history through the previous searches drop-down menu on the right.

Keyword tools For Etsy exist! Start using them!

Now that you know all about Etsy keyword tools, you can start to optimize your Etsy store to get more traffic and sales!

While keyword research may seem a little daunting at first, Etsy keyword research tools will provide you with all the information you need to get you comfortable. 

Again the importance of using the right keywords in your Etsy tags and descriptions must not be underestimated. 

If you are serious about your Etsy business and want to boost traffic and sales on your store, then it is time to find the best Etsy keyword tool that works for you. 

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