What crochet items sell best on etsy

What Crochet Items Sell Best on Etsy: 17 Best Sellers in 2024! 

Are you starting a crochet business and searching for what crochet items sell best on Etsy?  

Now, you know I’m not the most creative person. I’ve gone on and on about this. 

BUT! In my quest to help my amazing audience find more avenues to earn a little extra cash, I realized that crocheting is a HUGE thing right now.

So, if you have been dabbling in some crocheting and are wondering what crochet items sell best on Etsy. 

I actually helped my sister set up a new etsy store and we are exploring other items to sell, including crochet items. You can check out her etsy store here: 

What crochet items sell best on etsy

I have done extensive research for you to find what crochet items sell best on Etsy right now.

With the increased interest in crocheting as a hobby, more avid crocheters are looking to learn how to crochet different items instead of purchasing ready-made crochet products. 

As a result, what crochet items sell best on Etsy right now are digital crochet patterns!

In this guide, I will unravel which crochet items are in demand, along with tips on how to successfully run a crochet business on Etsy! 

Read on as I share what crochet items sell best on Etsy so you can get paid to crochet at home!

At a glance, here are what crochet items sell best on Etsy: 

  • Best-selling crochet patterns on Etsy
    • Amigurumi Character 
    • Crochet Blanket 
    • Crochet Pet Accessories 
    • Crochet Top 
    • Crochet Toys 
    • Crochet Bag 
    • Crochet Pillow 
    • Fall Decor Crochet 
    • Crochet Flower 
    • Crochet Hat
    • Baby Clothes and Shoes 

  • Other best-selling crochet items on Etsy
    • Crochet Kit
    • Crochet Accessories and Tools
    • Crochet Yarn
    • Crochet Yarn Bowl
    • Custom Crochet Character
    • Knitting Project Bag
  • Tips on Selecting What Crochet Items Sell Best on Etsy


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What Crochet Items Sell Best on Etsy: 17 Best Crochet Items

1. Amigurumi Character 

Amigurumi is an adorable crochet stuffed toy and it is one of the top-selling crochet items 2023 on Etsy. 

The term ‘amigurumi’ is inspired by two Japanese words, “ami” means crocheted or knotted, and “nuigurumi” means stuffed doll. 

What crochet items sell best on etsy

Beyond just characters from movies and anime, Amigurimi can also be animals, food items, cute plant characters, and other adorable character designs. 

Amigurumi character patterns in Etsy charge anywhere between USD 6 USD to USD 8.

Although these are popular crochet items to sell on Etsy, to compete with other Amigurumi pattern Etsy sellers, try to create a unique design that sets your creation apart to attract Amigurumi fans!

2. Crochet Blanket 

Nothing is more rewarding than crocheting a cozy blanket, making it a sellable crochet pattern to sell on Etsy. 

The best part about selling crochet blanket patterns is you get to be creative on the design- from a cottage blanket design to a colorful flora theme or a minimal design pattern.

What crochet items sell best on etsy

Depending on the intricacy of the detail and design, a crochet blanket digital pattern on Etsy is priced between USD 3 – USD 7.

3. Crochet Pet Accessories 

Do you have a pet at home and love dressing your pet in your handmade crochet costume? 

Then this crochet niche is perfect for you! There is nothing more adorable than a pet dressing up. Pet owners are always looking for ways to have a little fun with their furry friends. 

What crochet items sell best on etsy

There are many adorable pet accessories patterns you can design, from a fancy crochet pet collar to cute little crochet hats or a Halloween crochet costume!

The best part after designing it is that you can ask your furry friend to model it and be the star of your Etsy product listing! 

4. Crochet Top 

The crocheted top is a fashion trend no matter the season- making it one of the best-selling crochet items on Etsy! 

You can design a crochet pattern for a bralette, a crochet blouse, a sweater, a cardigan, a crochet vest, and more. 

If you have a passion for fashion and love expressing your creativity through crocheting, why not sell your crochet pattern design on Etsy?!

What crochet items sell best on etsy

Something to consider while selling crochet top patterns is size inclusivity by including a range of sizes so that your customers can create a top that fits them perfectly!

When it comes to crochet pricing, a crochet top pattern can range between USD 3 and USD 10, depending on the type of the top and design.

5. Crochet Toys 

Educational crochet toy patterns are a unique niche to explore, as the possibilities are only limited to your creativity and imagination!

One interesting educational crochet toy pattern that caught my eye on Etsy is a birthing mother and baby crochet pattern

What crochet items sell best on etsy

This unique crochet pattern toy serves as a great educational tool, illustrating the birthing process to children, and stands out as one of the store’s best sellers, with over 300+ positive 5-star reviews!  

The soft appeal of crochet toys also makes them a popular baby toy choice, offering a safe play experience.

Think of any educational toys that can boost a child’s stimulation- from counting numbers, stacking, shapes, alphabet, animal games, and more!

6. Crochet Bag 

Back to another crochet fashion item, the crochet bag trend is here to stay as it makes a great stylish casual bag for an everyday look. 

Depending on your personal fashion style and target audience, analyze what type of bag is desirable and can attract potential buyers.

What crochet items sell best on etsy

For example, a teenage target group is more likely interested in bag design patterns that are currently in trend, whereas working adult target groups may prefer a timeless bag design. 

Crochet bag pattern design is usually priced between USD 3 – USD

7. Crochet Pillow 

The Crochet pillow pattern is a hot-selling item for fellow crafters who enjoy doing DIY decor projects.

The design creativity for a pillow is endless! You can choose a specific design style, or design theme pillow covers based on different seasons and occasions! 

What crochet items sell best on etsy

And who is to say you are only limited to a standard square or rectangular pillow size? Why not design a flower-shaped crochet pillow or a round pillow? Be creative and design some fun pillow designs! 

8. Fall Decor Crochet

What better way to get in the spirit of the cozy fall season than with fall theme crochet decor to put you in the mood! 

Although this niche pattern is seasonal, there is a demand with relatively low competition, making it a great crochet pattern group to tap into.  

What crochet items sell best on etsy

One of the most popular fall crochet decor items is the crochet pumpkin pattern- because what is a fall season without a pumpkin? At least with a crochet pumpkin, it lasts forever!

A pumpkin crochet pattern sells anywhere between USD 2 – USD 8

9. Crochet Flower 

The Crochet flower pattern is great for beginners as it is quick and straightforward to make. 

The simplicity of each flower pattern gives a better grasp of the fundamentals of crocheting. 

Not only are crochet flowers easy to make, but they also make a beautiful gift for someone special, mimicking the beauty of a real flower- except it will never wit!   

What crochet items sell best on etsy

The crochet flower bouquet is currently a popular trend on Etsy, so if you love to crochet flowers, give it a go and create a beautiful crochet flower bouquet design with your spin. 

A crochet flower bouquet pattern set is priced anywhere from USD 6 to USD 14.

10. Crochet Hat 

The crochet hat pattern is another seasonal item, yet it stays timeless. It is such a rewarding experience to crochet a beanie to keep you warm throughout the winter season. 

The best thing about a crochet hat pattern is that there are so many types of designs and patterns you can create! 

What crochet items sell best on etsy

Besides a beanie winter hat, you can consider designing a bucket hat pattern or a funny hat design for special occasions like Christmas or Halloween. 

Depending on the type of hat design, a crochet hat pattern is priced between USD 3 – USD 5 on Etsy. 

11. Baby Clothes and Shoes 

Parents with a newborn baby cannot resist an adorable matching set of baby clothes and baby shoes for their precious baby. 

Likewise goes to friends and family who are looking to make meaningful hand-made items as a baby gift- resulting in the constant demand for crochet patterns for baby clothes and shoes. 

What crochet items sell best on etsy

As an Etsy crochet seller, you can design charming matching sets of clothes and shoes with a specific theme, making it irresistible for parents with newborns to try on their baby.

Whether it’s a cute little romper, baby dress with matching hats, baby cardigan, baby overall, or even a hooded sweater- baby clothes just look 10x more adorable in crochet material! 

Other Best-Selling Crochet Items on Etsy

12. Crochet Kit + Pattern Tutorial

One of the crochet items that sell best is a complete crochet kit, as it makes an ideal gift for someone interested in learning crocheting for the first time. 

Besides selling only crocheting patterns of your design, consider putting together a beginner crochet kit, including all the necessary tools and materials along with the crochet pattern instruction.

What crochet items sell best on etsy

The Etsy shop Lalylala is one of the best sellers for selling crochet kits in various themes and designs, with a whooping 171k sales! 

A crochet kit is priced between USD 26 – USD 35.

13. Crochet Accessories and Tools

Having the right crochet tools can make a difference in your crafting journey!

Crochet accessories are an evergreen niche to sell on Etsy, as each crochet tool serves a function to ease your crafting experience. 

What crochet items sell best on etsy

From tension rings to ergonomic hooks, stitch markers, measuring tape, craft scissors, and blocking tools- all these tools are every crochet’s best friend! 

As long as the love for crocheting continues, the demand for these must-have accessories will remain a constant on Etsy among crafting enthusiasts. 

14. Crochet Yarn

What is crocheting without a perfect yarn? Surprise, surprise, yarn is one of the best crochet items that sell amongst the crocheting community on Etsy.

If you have access to high-quality yarn, why not venture into becoming a yarn seller on Etsy? 

As a yarn seller on Etsy, you know everything about yarn and can establish yourself as a yarn expert. 

What crochet items sell best on etsy

With your wealth of knowledge in yarn, you advise customers on how to choose the perfect yarn or pair the best yarn suggestions on your product listings.

Selling yarn is a competitive niche in Etsy. Beyond having high-quality products and exceptional customer service, learn to market your Etsy shop with SEO.

Learn more about the best Etsy SEO practices and tips to help you skyrocket your sales.

15. Crochet Yarn Bowl

A tangled yarn is every crocheter and knitter’s ultimate nightmare! But that’s precisely why a yarn bowl exists- to keep the yarn tangle-free and prevent it from rolling away.

As one of the crochet items that sell well, a yarn bowl is not only useful but also makes a charming display piece to remind you to complete your unfinished project!

What crochet items sell best on etsy

To create a yarn bowl, clay is an ideal material to start with as it offers more creative freedom to experiment and design something both functional and visually pleasing. 

The price listing for handmade yarn bowls on Etsy ranged from USD 20 – USD 80

16. Custom Crochet Character

Custom crochet characters have a good demand on Etsy, as its platform is renowned for offering personalized gifts that can’t be found elsewhere. 

When dealing with custom orders, it is important to provide clear information about the processing time, ensuring customers are well-informed about the crafting duration before delivery. 

What crochet items sell best on etsy

On average, custom crochet sellers have a processing time between 5-7 days. 

If you are providing more customization options and want to know the customer preference better, try streamlining the process with an online form. 

This way, you can gather all essential details and collect photos without having to email back and forth with the customer.  

A customer crochet doll or character is priced between USD 25 – USD 35 on Etsy. 

17. Knitting Project Bag

A knitting or crochet bag is essential for all crochet enthusiasts to keep all the tools and material in one place, and it also makes a perfect gift! 

Currently, on Etsy, all knitting project bag sellers have a distinct bag design with relatively low competition compared to other crochet-related products. 

If you have no idea what type of bag to design, look at the existing competition and analyze what could be improved to meet your needs. You can also start by designing your ideal knitting project bag! 

What crochet items sell best on etsy

A knitting project bag is priced anywhere from USD 35 – USD 42 and more. It shows that customers are willing to pay a higher price tag for a practical item! 

This makes selling handmade project bags one of the most profitable crochet items to sell on Etsy!

Once you have a bag design, the rest of the making process is repetitive. Depending on your sewing experience, you can easily produce 2- 3 bags or more per day. 

What crochet items sell best on etsy

Photo by Anete Lusina

Tips on Selecting What Crochet Items Sell Best on Etsy

Now you have a rough idea of which crochet items sell best on Etsy, here are some tips on how to make money selling crochet items on Etsy.

1. Find Your Crochet Style

Before jumping in to start a crochet business on Etsy, sharpen your crocheting skills and find your design style. 

You are more likely to stand out amongst other crochet sellers on Etsy if you have a unique crochet design. 

Analyze the current competition on Etsy and see how you can make your crochet design different with YOUR unique touch!

2. Choose a Niche

The types of products you can create with crocheting are endless. Focusing on a specific niche helps to avoid feeling overwhelmed and also for you to become an expert in making that specific crochet product! 

For example, if you’re interested in crocheting toys, you can consider niching down further to sell crochet items online related to educational toys for toddlers.  

As you add more educational crochet toy listings, it helps the Etsy algorithm to recognize your store niche and helps to boost organic traffic when a customer searches for educational crochet toys on Etsy. 

3. Create a High-Quality Product

Whether you are selling a physical or digital crochet product, maintaining a high-quality finish will encourage customers to leave good reviews on your store. 

For selling crochet patterns on Etsy, test your pattern instruction with another person and ask for feedback. Make sure it is easy to follow, has no spelling mistakes, and, keeps the file size below 20MB

Whereas if you are selling a physical product, use high-quality material and have a clean finish that you are proud of before carefully shipping it to your customer.  

4. Mastering Etsy SEO and keywords

You can have an amazing product but still not make any sales on Etsy. 

But worry not. This is where understanding how to use targeting keywords to include in the product listing can increase the chances of organic traffic growth on Etsy! 

Sale Samurai is one of the best platforms to find relevant low-competition and high-search volume keywords with real-time data from Etsy. 

If you are clueless about Etsy SEO or looking for more SEO tips, check out my in-depth guide on the best Etsy tips to skyrocket your business!

5. Run Sales or Offer Special Discounts for Customer

When you first start selling crochet items on Etsy, your priority is to get your first sale going and entice customers to leave a positive review. 

By offering a special discount for first-time buyers, new customers are more tempted to purchase a new store with no reviews. 

To increase returning customers, offer a ‘thank you’ discount for the next purchase. 

Your earnings may not be much at the beginning, but once your store increases in ranking and has solid 5-star reviews, getting organic traffic and sales will be the least of your worries on Etsy! 

Check out my complete guide on starting and selling crochet on Etsy for beginners with tips on how to make money for crochet online! 

What to Include in a Digital Crochet Pattern on Etsy

The advantage of selling a digital product on Etsy is not having to ship a physical product. Instead, you provide the customer with a direct digital download file. 

Thus it is important to guarantee that your digital product functions well and meet the expectation of the customer. 

When selling crochet patterns on Etsy, be sure to include the following in your digital download instructions: 

  • PDF Written Instructions with photos & color graph (If needed)
  • Types of yarn, crochet hook size, and other material if needed
  • Video tutorial link on YouTube (bonus)
  • Multiple language instruction (bonus)
What crochet items sell best on etsy

Photo by Miriam Alonso

FAQs on What Crochet Items Sell Best on Etsy

Can You Make Money From Crochet on Etsy?

So, can you make money from crochet on Etsy? Crochet is a popular niche on Etsy and there are various crochet products you can sell; from physical crochet products, digital crochet patterns, crochet accessories, customer crochet order and more! With crochet being a popular hobby, there is a demand for crochet on Etsy for both crochet enthusiasts alike. 

What Crochet Items Sell Best 2023?

Here are top 15 crochet items that sells best in 2023:

  1. Amigurumi Character Pattern
  2. Crochet Blanket Pattern
  3. Pet Accessories Pattern
  4. Crochet Top Pattern
  5. Crochet Toys Pattern
  6. Crochet Bag Pattern
  7. Crochet Pillow Pattern
  8. Crochet Flower Pattern
  9. Crochet Hat Pattern
  10. Baby Clothes and Shoes Pattern
  11. Crochet Kit
  12. Crochet Accessories and Tools
  13. Crochet Yarn
  14. Crochet Yarn Bowl
  15. Customer Crochet Character

Do Crochet Patterns Sell?

Do crochet patterns sell well online? Yes, Crochet Patterns is currently one of the best sellers for crochet products on online marketplace like Etsy. The perks of selling a digital crochet pattern instead of a physical product are not having to deal with the fuss of shipping and making the product- and also a great way to earn passive income! 

Is Crocheting a Good Small Business?

Is crocheting a good small business to run? Absolutely yes. Crochet is a great small business to start with the surge of interest in handmade products and Do-It-Yourself hobbies. This broadens the opportunities to a diverse group of crochet enthusiasts, as you can target a specific crochet niche, such as selling crochet toys, fashion items, crochet tools, and others. 

How Profitable is Crocheting? 

Wondering how profitable is crocheting as a business? Crochet has a huge potential for a profitable business as it only requires a low starting cost and has become increasingly popular after the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. To successfully run a crochet business, focus on a niche, pricing strategy, and creative marketing execution to stand out amongst the competitors.  

How to Make Money Crocheting?

Wondering how to make money crocheting from home? Here are 9 ways you can make money selling crochet:

1. Selling crochet merchandise

2. Design a crochet pattern

3. Start a YouTube channel about crocheting 

4. Open a crochet theme on Instagram & TikTok and earn money from sponsorship

5. Run a blog about crochet and earn money through Ad Network

6. Open custom crochet orders online

7. Sell crochet items on Etsy

8. Run a crochet workshop for beginners 

9. Earn money from affiliate marketing 

How to Price Handmade Crochet Items?

Scratching your head about how to price handmade crochet items online? Here is the simplest formula to price your crochet item:

Supply Cost + (Hours Spent x Hourly Rate) 

This easy formula is great for new crochet sellers to set up a pricing strategy. However, if you are not an expert at crocheting yet and require more hours to complete an item, reduce your hourly rate to compete with other seller’s pricing. 

Wrapping Up on What Crochet Items Sell Best on Etsy

As you can see from the list, the top-selling crochet items 2023 on Etsy are

crochet patterns.  

With the increasing interest in crocheting as a hobby, Etsy crochet sellers focus on selling crochet products according to the buyers’ needs and interests. 

This strategy led to a surge in demand for crochet patterns instead of finished crochet products.

Although it is a highly competitive niche on Etsy, you can experiment and niche down further on specific types of crochet patterns.

To learn more about how to start a crochet business on Etsy, read my guide on the top 9 tips for starting and selling crochet on Etsy!

Give it a go and turn your passion for crocheting into a fun, income-generating business on Etsy! 

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