how to make money on pinterest without a blog

How to Make Money on Pinterest Without a Blog In 2024 (Personal Experience!)

Do you want to know how to make money on Pinterest without a blog?  

Perhaps you need to make money, but don’t have the time or money to set up a blog!

Or maybe you love Pinterest and want to make money from your passion and don’t want the hassle of fighting out how to set up a blog and all the stress that comes with it…..

I was in your position a few years ago and am here to tell you it is possible!  And not only is it possible but there are lots of ways to do it!

Here are 12 ways I found that you can make money with Pinterest.  

I know it’s possible because I have done it myself! And I am going to show you how.

Here is my Pinterest account, where I used the exact methods in this article to make money online with Pinterest.

how to make money on pinterest without a blog

I’m putting my money where my mouth is, by showing you not only several ways I have succeeded myself but also giving you examples of others who have tried and succeeded.

So what are you waiting for? Learn how can I make money on Pinterest without a blog.

Read on to see which of these 12 ways is the best way for you to monetize Pinterest! 

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Pinterest Creator Program
  3. Creator Inclusion Fund
  4. Sell Digital Products
  5. Market And Your Sell Services
  6. Sell Physical Products
  7. Create Your Own Pinterest Course Or Ebook
  8. Create And Sell Pinterest Template Pins
  9. Become A Pinterest Virtual Assistant
  10. Advertise And Sell Your Skills
  11. Get Paid To Pin On Pinterest By Companies
  12. Become A Pinterest Employee

Affiliate Link Disclosure: The links on this page may be affiliate links, from which I earn a small commission if you click on them, at no extra cost to you. Hope you find the information here useful. Thanks!

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    How To Make Money On Pinterest Without A Blog (12 Ways)!

    1.Affiliate Marketing

    In my opinion, affiliate marketing is the best way to make money on Pinterest without a blog.  

    Are there people making money from affiliate marketing on Pinterest without blogs? Absolutely!

    I regularly make $500 per month from Pinterest, I track the sales and they come directly from Pinterest, not from my blog! 

    But then, how do you use Pinterest for affiliate marketing without a blog? And more importantly, why would you want to?  

    In brief, affiliate marketing means you get paid a commission for recommending other people’s products and services.

    Another great reason to make money using affiliate marketing without a blog is that you don’t need to spend time creating products or services.

    Ok, I’m sure you’re wondering, how on earth do I get affiliate marketing to work on Pinterest?  

    Don’t worry, I gotchu:

    how to make money on pinterest without a blog

    How To Monetize Pinterest With Affiliate Marketing?

    To make money with affiliate marketing Pinterest without blog, follow these steps:

    1. Choose a niche
    2. Find affiliate programs in your niche
    3. SEO optimize your profile 
    4. Create your pins
    5. Create SEO optimized pin descriptions
    6. Add affiliate link to your pins
    7. Join group boards
    8. Create boards related to your niche
    9. Promote your pins

    If those steps are making your head spin and you still feel like you have no idea where to start with affiliate marketing for Pinterest, how to make money with Pinterest creating affiliate linked pins, and you want to know more….

    Head over to my blog to check out this article to learn all about affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a website:

    Top Tip- Think of any courses or products you have bought and find out if they have an affiliate program because then you can share real results!

    I did this for a freelance writing course and woke up to $1,000 in sales once a pin went viral overnight. Try it, you have nothing to lose!

    Now you know my exact way how to earn money on Pinterest without a blog by affiliate marketing.

    how to make money on pinterest without a blog

     2. Pinterest Creator Program

    Are you wondering how to earn money from Pinterest by creating content?

    Pinterest will now pay you DIRECTLY through the Pinterest Creator Program!  

    According to Adage, the size of the Pinterest creator fund is $20 million!  

    In the same article, they also mention that Pinterest’s Chief Marketing Officer told them they “will offer to pay to develop content, especially if it’s content that isn’t easily found elsewhere”.

    So how do you become a paid Pinterest creator?  

    1. Apply for Creator Rewards through the Pinterest app
    2. Update your Pinterest app to the latest version to use Creator Rewards
    3. Sign up to the Creator Rewards Program
    4. Make sure your content meets the eligibility criteria and goal requirements
    5. Use the app on your mobile
    6. Be over 18
    7. Have over 1,000 followers
    8. Make content that’s original
    9. Have over three pin ideas
    10. Be based in the US (but it will go global)
    11. That’s it!

    If you combine this method with the other methods mentioned above, you could get paid twice for your work! 

    Here’s what Pinterest creator Cescavie has to say about the Creator Rewards Program:

    “Creator Rewards is going to change the game for all of us here on Pinterest. I’m excited to inspire people with my ideas and get paid for it.”

    Update for 2024! The Creator Rewards Program is no longer available.

    how to make money on pinterest without a blog

    3.Creator Inclusion Fund

    How to make money on Pinterest creator fund? Pinterest introduced the Creator Inclusion Fund in 2021.

    This fund is aimed to help creators from underrepresented communities grow.

    This fund is for a six-week incubator program that will guide participants on Pinterest’s best practices. 

    You will be taught how to utilize Pinterest Predicts and how to make the most out of Pinterest’s tools.

    In addition to the hands-on learning sessions, participants will also receive an undisclosed grant.

    This fund is open to creators who meet the following requirements:

    • Identify as being part of an underrepresented community 
    • Based in North America with a Pinterest business account
    • 18+ years old
    • Have followers between 500 – 10,000 
    • Monetization on Pinterest is not over $10K
    • In the fashion, beauty, art, lifestyle, home or food content category

    For updates on the 2024 Creator Inclusion Fund, sign up for the Pinterest Creator Newsletter.

    how to make money on pinterest without a blog

    4.Sell Digital Products

    Do you; write eBooks, create online courses, digital art, budget trackers, digital planners, sewing or knitting patterns or other digital products?

    Then, you’re in luck!  Pinterest is the perfect place to market them.  

    So, how to sell on Pinterest without a website?

    Just like you would with physical products, you link to wherever you store your digital products.  

    This could be an eBook on Amazon or a website dedicated to hosting digital products.

    Examples Of Digital Products You Can Create For Pinterest

    Here is a list of digital marketplaces you can link to from Pinterest, along with Pinners who link directly to digital marketplaces!

    Why Should I Create Digital Products?

    There are so many benefits to creating digital products…  

    Yes, I earn great money from other avenues (display advertising on my blog, affiliate marketing, coaching etc.)

    But selling my own digital products gives me another avenue to make passive income (once the product is created of course!).

    It’s also something no one can ever take away from me!  These products have come from my blood, sweat and tears and I can sell them on Pinterest no matter what else happens.

    My first month of selling digital products I bought in over $6,000 and that was only one digital product! My ebook about how to become a freelance writer

    Once I started selling video content, I started to make a consistent monthly income.

    So, yes, it took work to create the product.  But now they’re created, I continue to earn money from them in my sleep.  Just last week, someone bought almost every single one of my courses in one go!

    A few other benefits of creating digital courses include:

    • No physical products taking up space in your home or costing you money sitting in a storage unit
    • No need to worry about charging people for shipping
    • Did I mention you can make money in your sleep? 😉
    how to make money on pinterest without a blog

    How Can I Create Digital Products?

    Knowing where to start with creating digital content can feel overwhelming, I 100% get it…  I felt way out of my depth when I first started thinking about doing it.

    Getting that first product out there was one of the scariest things I’ve done… 

    BUT, it was totally worth it, and honestly, I now kick myself for not having done it earlier.

    So how did I work out how to do it?  

    First I thought about what I’m good at, for me, it’s teaching people… How to write, how to do SEO, Pinterest etc.

    So it made sense for me to create an eBook and video content. What about you?  What are you good at and how can your skills help someone? 

    For example, If you’re arty, then think about digital art or beautiful printables, planners & templates. If you’re like me and have a skill you can teach, then eBooks or online courses may be your jam.

    Here is the course I used to make $6,000 with my digital products:

    how to make money on pinterest without a blog

    5.Market and Your Sell Services

    Just this week, 3 students approached me for Blog Coaching. 

    They said they found me on Pinterest! I have also been approached by clients needing freelance writing – there is money to be made selling your services my friends! 

    According to our trusty friend Forbes, it’s definitely worth considering Pinterest to market and sell your services. 

    They have a great article about how to analyze your business to decide if Pinterest is right for your business.

    Forbes notes thatwomen make up the majority of Pinterest users at 60%....” but that in recent years the platform “saw the fastest growth in both men and Gen Z”, hence…

    “If you have a product that transcends both women of all ages and younger men, Pinterest should be considered”.

    Here are a few examples of people selling their services on Pinterest:

    • The Caker – “One of New Zealand’s most prominent cake businesses and an internationally recognized brand”
    • Magnolia Kitchen – “Come to enjoy old-fashioned memory-evoking treats and be inspired by our new creations at the forefront of food fashion.”
    how to make money on pinterest without a blog

     6.Sell Physical Products

    Do you create and sell your own products? Are you allergic to technology? 

    Well, help is here!  You can market your products to a huge Pinterest audience ready to buy your beautiful wears, without ever having to wonder what HTML or WordPress mean!

    As long as you can upload your goods to a platform such as Etsy, Amazon or post them on Insta, then you can share them to a huge audience on Pinterest!

    How do you do this? Simple.  Use the product photos you probably already have, to create pins.  Then link to the product listing and voila!

    Here are some fantastic products people are selling on Pinterest: 

    how to make money on pinterest without a blog

     7.Create Your Own Pinterest Course or eBook

    Have you already had success with Pinterest? 

    For example, are you a successful Pinterest VA or Manager? Have you gained a large following on Pinterest? Or have brand partnerships and are making money from your work on the platform?

    Then congratulations! People will pay you to learn how to earn money on Pinterest (even without a blog).

    I’ve held successful Pinterest workshops myself!  

    Here are some brilliant courses people have created after having success on Pinterest:

    how to make money on pinterest without a blog

     8.Create And Sell Pinterest Template Pins

    You may be asking yourself, why and who would want to buy Pinterest Template pins?

    Well, there are lots of reasons why someone would buy these templates… The main ones being; time-saving, making life easier and not having the skills to create beautiful pins. 

    Don’t believe me?  Check out the reviews on this Etsy listing for Pinterest templates.

    HayleyAmeliaCreative has had almost 5000 sales from one Pinterest pin template product she charges up to $16.50 for!  Even when it’s on sale at $8.25 that works out to over $40,000!

    BloggingGiftSHop has had close to 8,000 sales.  She is charging $14.99 for each sale.

    That works out to close to $120,000.  Cha-ching!

    For more inspiration and ideas on how to set this up, check out this post by Maliha who makes over $2,000 per month selling Pinterest pin templates with just a few hours of work a week.

    Even if you’re not a designer, keep reading to find out how easy it is to create and sell Pinterest template pins!  

    No doubt you’ve heard of Canva, but if you haven’t, find out more here.  

    In brief, you can use Canva’s premade templates and add your own personal touches.

    A colour change here, a font change there, maybe swap one image out for another, and hey presto, you have a unique design of your own!

    You also have other options besides Canva. For example PLR templates and creative market commercial templates

    Creative Market allows you to sell up to 5000 end products.  If your sales exceed that you can purchase the extended commercial version to sell up to a whopping 250,000!  

    Here’s an example from My Social Boutique.  

    As with selling any other digital product, you need a place to store it.  Try Payhip or Etsy for example, then create pins for them and you’re done!

    Check out Etsy for inspiration.  Some sellers have sold thousands of Pinterest template pins.

    how to make money on pinterest without a blog

     9.Become A Pinterest Virtual Assistant

    Can you make money on Pinterest without a blog?

    Whilst you may not have your own blog, you can become a successful Pinterest Virtual Assistant working for other bloggers.

    How do I know this?  

    Well, I am now a blogger, who was once a Pinterest VA who made money off Pinterest (way back when I started out freelancing).

    I was paid $500 per client and really enjoyed the work! It was flexible, I could work wherever and whenever I wanted and use my creative skills! 

    Since then I have trained up my own successful Pinterest Virtual Assistant who makes money from Pinterest.  

    I have a lot on my plate just working on my blogs. I don’t have time to do Pinterest so hiring a Pinterest VA has been one of the best decisions I’ve made as a blogger.  Why?

    My Pinterest views and more importantly click-throughs to my blog have skyrocketed since I hired her.  

    Why does this matter?

     More click-throughs = more money, honey! This is because I have more visitors coming to my blog, so I make more, through display advertising and affiliate sales.

    If you would like to learn what I taught my star Pinterest Manager and the techniques she uses to bring me so much traffic.  Check out these posts and Pinterest Workshop I created:

    If you’re not sure how to get clients as a virtual assistant:

    Check out:

    And if you’re inspired by my story from Pinterest VA to full-time blogger.  Read these articles to answer the question: how to make money on Pinterest WITH a blog:

    Aside from myself and my Pinterest VA Star, here’s a list of some talented Pinterest VAs:

    how to make money on pinterest without a blog

     10.Advertise and Sell Your Skills 

    If you have skills that are focused on a creative niche, Pinterest is a fantastic place to promote and sell your skills. So how do you make money with Pinterest without a blog and with just your skills?

    Well, you can create boards of beautiful photos and videos to show off your workmanship and skills

    Do you make cakes?  Clothes?  Knitwear?  Are you a photographer?  

    Then use Pinterest to your advantage by creating mood boards around your different skills.  

    For example, if you’re a cake maker, you could make different boards for kids’ birthday cakes, wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, etc.

    Do you create clothes or knitwear?  Then create different boards for your tops, bottoms, dresses, or even OOTD boards with a combination of your pieces.

    If you teach any of these skills to other people (or even if you don’t), be sure to add video footage of you in the act of creating.

    If you’re anything like me, you love to see an expert at work and feel confident in their skills before you hire them.

    Key information to add to your profile includes your location, phone number, and other contact information so people can reach out to you.

    Here are some talented people getting loads of monthly views to their businesses on Pinterest:

    how to make money on pinterest without a blog

     11.Get Paid To Pin On Pinterest By Companies

    So how do you get sponsorships on Pinterest?  By being a “Pinfluencer”! 

    If you want to become a Pinfluencer, you need a large audience.  If you already have one or are willing to put the time into growing one, then being a Pinfluencer can be lucrative…

    How does it work? 

    Brands will either pay you or give you free merchandise in return for your pins of their product or latest sales campaigns!

    Here is a list of Pinfluencers that are killing it:

    • Keiko Lynn – she has over 2 million views a month!
    • Oh Joy is a huge Pinfluencer who has boards on homeware, cooking, travel etc
    • Maryann Rizzo is a textile artist who inspires people to create

    It pays to be aware of the pitfalls though: 

    Many of Pinterest’s top influencers have told Business Insider that they still earn more money, with less followers, on Instagram.

    If you’re keen to find out how you can make money on Instagram with a small Instagram following, check out this article.  

    Why Would I Get Paid To Pin On Pinterest By Brands?

    Brand sponsorship is another way how to make money with Pinterest without a blog.

    Brands often have large budgets to put into marketing their products.  

    It’s a drop in the ocean for them to pay you to pin and get in front of your Pinterest audience.  This allows them to kill two birds with one stone. 

    • Sales and lead generation – They want your audience to click through to their website and BUY
    • Increased brand awareness – they are paying you to get in front of your fans!
    how to make money on pinterest without a blog

    12. Be A Pinterest Employee

    Pinterest has more than 2,200 employees worldwide, including remote positions!  

    They have a diverse set of roles available from admin and tech to marketing and PR, plus a whole lot more.  

    Check out their careers page to see if there might be a role there for you. And just look at these interesting profiles on LinkedIn of people who work there… So many options!

    Can I Make Money On Pinterest Without A Blog?

    The answer is a resounding “Yes”! The best option in my opinion is affiliate marketing. But if you have a business, sell a product, or provide a service, then these are also great options for Pinterest. 

    Plus, If you’re a talented content creator then take advantage of the Pinterest Creator Inclusion Program.

    Does Pinterest Pay Pinners?

    YES they do!  They have a $20 million creator fund to invest in Pinfuencers who create unique content that’s hard to find on other platforms. 

    Read the section above on becoming a Pinterest Creator to find out if you are eligible.

    How Do Beginners Make Money On Pinterest Without A Blog?

    To make money as a beginner on Pinterest, SEO is king!  Yes, that’s right…  Pinterest is a visual search engine after all!  Along with SEO, make sure you create appealing pins that will stand out to viewers.  

    How to make money on Pinterest for beginners is all about fully optimizing your Pinterest account.

    If you aren’t familiar with the platform, get familiar with it. 


    1. Choose a niche that works well on Pinterest (think crafts, cooking, photography etc)
    2. Set up your BUSINESS Pinterest account
    3. Create a killer profile
    4. Join relevant group boards and even think about creating your own
    5. Design your pins then get publishing!
    6. Use Tailwind to schedule pins

    Does Pinterest Pay You For Followers?

    Does Pinterest pay you for followers? Well, Pinterest will not pay you directly to create or share platform content. 

    Can you make money from Pinterest in other ways? 

    Yes! Using the abovementioned methods, you can make money through affiliates, digital products, and brand sponsorships.

    How Many Followers Do You Need On Pinterest To Make Money?

    You don’t need many followers on Pinterest to make money. Focus on monthly views to your profile rather than follower count.

    I mean just look at my profile… I get over half a million views a month, with only 1.8k followers!

    How to get eyes on your profile?  SEO baby!  Remember Pinterest is a visual search engine…  So you need great-looking pins + SEO and targeted keywords.

    Check out this course by Udemy to learn more about Pinterest SEO.

    How To Use Pinterest For Blogging?

    Want to learn how to use Pinterest for blogging? Here are steps on how to start a blog on Pinterest:

    • Create a Pinterest Business Account.
    • Maximize your business profile.
    • Make boards for your blog.
    • Design Pins from your blog posts.
    • Optimize your Pins.
    • Use the Pinterest business features.
    • Drive traffic to your Pins.

    How To Make A Blog On Pinterest?

    Want to know how to make a blog on Pinterest? Here is a beginner’s guide to Pinterest for Bloggers:

    Step 1: Sign up for a Pinterest Business Account.

    Step 2: Claim your website under settings.

    Step 3: Optimize your profile.

    Step 4: Create Pinterest boards.

    Step 5: Make pins!

    Step 6: Upload the pins.

    How To Make Money Off Pinterest?

    Learn how to make money off Pinterest using these strategies on how to make money on Pinterest:

    • Get traffic with ads.
    • Use affiliate links.
    • Brand partnership.
    • Join the Pinterest Creator Rewards program.
    • Join Pinterest Creator Fund.
    • Enable direct purchase on Pinterest.
    • Make the most with Pinterest’s Creative Best Practices.

    How To Become A Pinterest Creator?

    Want to know how to become a Pinterest Creator? You can follow these three simple steps to become a Pinterest Creator:

    1. Create your Pinterest business account.

    2. Make Idea Pins (multi-page pins).

    3. Sign Pinterest’s Creator pledge (Creator Code) on their community guidelines.

    4. Officially a Pinterest Creator!

    How To Monetize Pinterest?

    If you want to know how to monetize Pinterest, here is a summary of how you can make money with Pinterest.

    • Start a self-hosted blog.
    • Write quality articles that are relevant and unique.
    • Sign up for a Pinterest Business Account.
    • Direct traffic to your eCommerce.
    • Become an affiliate marketer.
    • Sell with Product Pins.
    • Creator Fund or Creator Rewards.

    How Do I Grow On Pinterest Without A Blog?

    Are you trying to figure out how do I grow on Pinterest without a blog and make money? You can make money on Pinterest without a blog by joining affiliate programs. 

    You can earn commission promoting products when people use your affiliate links. 

    Do this by looking for relevant affiliate programs and making pins for them.

    How Many Pinterest Followers Do You Need To Get Paid?

    Want to know how many Pinterest followers do you need to get paid? Can you make money on Pinterest with minimal followers? 

    You don’t need a specific number of followers on Pinterest to make money. 

    Although making money with Pinterest does not fully depend on your followers, having more followers does increase your engagement and reach.

    Does Pinterest Pay You For Views?

    Does Pinterest pay you for views? No. There are no payment facilities from Pinterest for the view you gain. 

    Any product tagging, brand partnership, or affiliate links payment will need to be organized directly with your brand and affiliate partners.

    Can You Make Money From Pinterest By Posting Pictures?

    Wondering if you can make money from Pinterest by posting pictures? Yes! One of the best ways to make money on Pinterest is to promote your products by posting Pins.

    There are different strategies that you can implement to make money from Pinterest.

    Either by affiliate marketing, brand sponsorship, or driving traffic to your e-commerce business.

    How To Use Pinterest For Business 2024?

    Are you thinking of ways how to use Pinterest for business in 2024? Pinterest is a visual search engine with over 400+ million users, so it’s the perfect place to market your business. 

    You can create Pinterest pins that link to your business and drive traffic to your pins with ads, which can drive sales and increase revenue.


    So, pop quiz time – have I answered the question: how to make money on Pinterest without a blog?  

    I think I have if I do say so myself!  And the answer is: Yes. You can get paid for Pinterest, without a blog!

    My number 1 tip to making money on Pinterest is to use affiliate marketing, as once you get set up, it’s very straightforward. 

    Just remember to choose the right niche for yourself and for Pinterest and learn SEO for Pinterest.

    However, if you are just wanting to advertise your products or services to local or international buyers, there is definitely space for you to monetize Pinterest.

    Whichever option you choose, if you’re eligible, you should absolutely take advantage of the Pinterest Creator Inclusion Program to boost your Pinterest earning potential.  If you don’t, you’re leaving money on the table!  

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