top selling art on etsy

17 Top Selling Art On Etsy + Prices Sold! (2024 Update)

Are you a creative soul or a budding artist wanting to know about the top selling art on Etsy?

You might be in two minds about selling art prints on Etsy because you don’t know how to sell them or understand what art sells best on Etsy. 

I was the same when I first heard about Etsy. There was a ton of info on how much people were making with their art but not enough about the how & where to start. As I was planning to help my sister with her Etsy account, I decided to learn more about it and share with you too! Btw, here are some pics of her Etsy store!!

So, read on to know what are some of the best selling art on Etsy so you can see which art type appeals the most to you and then eventually get selling on this amazing platform! 

top selling art on etsy
me and some of my journals which I sell on Etsy!

17 types of top-selling art on Etsy

1. Abstract Art 

2. Art Deco

3. City Maps 

4. Decorations

5. Digital Art

6. Family Portraits 

7. Greeting Cards

8. Motivational Quotes 

9. Oil Painting 

10. Party Decorations 

11. Pet Portraits

12. Photographs 

13. Watercolour Painting 

14. Wall Art 

15. Wall Decal

16. Wrapping Paper Patterns 

17. Graffiti Art

top selling art on etsy

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17 Top Selling Art On Etsy

top selling art on etsy

1. Abstract Art 

In case you were wondering, the answer to what art sells the most is abstract art pieces.

Many people like having abstract art hanging on their walls at home, adding a certain sophisticated feel to their space, which is why abstract art is one of the most popular art on Etsy. 

Of course, there are a lot of sellers selling abstract art on Etsy, so it’s important to differentiate your art pieces. Use the right keywords and most importantly price your Etsy abstract art in a reasonable manner – not too low such that you don’t earn, and not too high such that no one buys. 

top selling art on etsy

2. Art Deco

Art Deco is a style from the 1920s and 1930s that features distinct and bold shapes as well as vibrant colors. It makes for some of the best-selling Etsy art because having a piece in your house is a sure statement and conversation starter. 

You can also consider selling art deco furniture pieces if you’re good with your hands and crafting, and you need not be limited to just art deco wall art. 

top selling art on etsy

3. City Maps 

We’re all guilty of having a bit too much wanderlust, and what better way to remember your travels and special places along the way than to commemorate it with a map of your favorite city? 

City maps are one of the best selling digital art on Etsy because they are a fuss-free, unique way to showcase your travels in your space. I have got a few friends who love having world or city maps as home décor in their homes – maybe someday I’ll do the same once I’m all settled from my travels. 

top selling art on etsy

4. Decorations

Decorations are also a great way for your to showcase your artistic prowess while helping others decorate their homes and events. As more people want more customized, individualized home and party decorations, they flock to Etsy for these.

top selling art on etsy

5. Digital Art

Similar to abstract art and art deco items, digital art is also a category that does well and is top-selling art on Etsy.

If you’re thinking about what prints sell best on etsy, it’s digital art prints.

Sometimes customers want the freedom to decide how they want to print their artwork and how they frame it, so buying digital art on Etsy and printing it on their own makes sense.

And when one wants to buy such digital prints, they’ll immediately head to Etsy because you can find some of the best and top selling art prints on Etsy.

You could be one of those artists with top selling digital art too!

Now, you may also wonder what type of digital art sells best, and the answer to that is printables, planners, templates, wallpapers and greeting cards.

top selling art on etsy

6. Family Portraits 

If you’re great at painting people, you might want to consider painting family portraits and selling them on Etsy because there sure is a demand for them, with family portraits being one of the best selling paintings on Etsy. 

You can differentiate your product and services by offering different portrait styles or even an express service for those frazzled family members looking for a last-minute gift. 

top selling art on etsy

7. Greeting Cards

Nobody wants a run-of-the-mill Hallmark card that you can buy off the shelves anymore. Unique, customized, and artistic greeting cards are some of the top selling prints on Etsy

If you’re great at simple designs that look good on a card, consider selling greeting cards, either physical copies or as Etsy digital art that your customers can print out on their own. 

top selling art on etsy

8. Motivational Quotes 

I love motivational quotes. They make for such good home decor and there’s just nothing like having them around you as you start your day all fired up. 

They are also highly popular among the Etsy crowd. If you can offer artwork on Etsy with motivational quotes but with a twist or a unique edge, you can surely work your way up your ranks of the top-selling art on Etsy. 

top selling art on etsy

9. Oil Paintings 

Oil paintings can be an amazing addition to any space and the Etsy crowd recognizes this as it’s one of the best art on Etsy. There’s a sizeable amount of oil paintings sold on Etsy for a very affordable price. 

If you can paint well, price your products suitably, and market them adequately, oil paintings are the way to go to work your way up to top-selling paintings on Etsy.

Still wondering what paintings sell best on Etsy? The answer is oil paintings.

top selling art on etsy

10. Party Decorations 

When you’re planning a party, there’s always the store-bought decorations you can go for. But given that people nowadays want more individuality and uniqueness to their events, they might seek out special party decorations that are customized or unique. One of the popular art that sells on Etsy is this.

That’s where you can come in if you’re good at making decorative artwork for events such as this. It could be a cheeky cocktail drink menu or an exquisite-looking display for a wedding. 

top selling art on etsy

11. Pet Portraits

Pet owners nowadays are willing to shell out a considerable amount for their pets, including portraits for them. One of the Etsy paintings that sell best are pet portraits.

If you love painting portraits but want to do something different, you can consider painting pet portraits to target paw-rents wanting to capture their pets’ likeness. 

top selling art on etsy

12. Photographs 

If you excel at taking photos, then you can also consider selling your photos on Etsy to others in a bundle for business owners or individuals who may require photos for their marketing materials, blogs, or other purposes. 

If you have an eye for picking out stunning vintage photos (perhaps from fleas and secondhand shops), you could even sell a grab bag of vintage photos. Some people love the style of these vintage photos and use them for events like weddings or general home decor. 

top selling art on etsy

13. Watercolour Painting 

Watercolor paintings are easily the top-selling art on Etsy. They’re not too expensive, easy on the eye, and make for gorgeous home decor. Watercolor paintings of animals tend to do well on Etsy. 

Take, for example, Amber Alexander is proof that you can do simple watercolor paintings and do well on Etsy. She paints wildlife and animals and has achieved nearly 27,000 sales on Etsy so far, and is one of the best selling artists on Etsy in this category. 

top selling art on etsy

14. Wall Art 

With Etsy being the home of handmade pieces, customized wall art, even if it’s not handpainted but created digitally, does very well.

Homeowners are always looking to spruce up their homes in special ways and Etsy is typically the go-to for such artwork. That’s why most popular art prints on Etsy are wall art.

The best selling wall art on Etsy are something easy on the eyes, and appeal to the everyday life at home that is timeless.

It is very possible to become the top selling wall art on Etsy with these tips.

top selling art on etsy

15. Wall Decals

If you’re great at doing simple designs or even statement ones, you could consider making your artwork into wall decals. These are the best selling art prints of all time on Etsy and you should definitely consider earning off this artwork!

Wall decals are highly popular on Etsy and are sought after by homeowners who may want to decorate their walls but are not willing to commit to a full-on paint job. 

top selling art on etsy

16. Wrapping Paper Patterns 

Another popular art on Etsy is wrapping paper patterns. Whether it’s Christmas or birthdays, everyone needs wrapping paper at some point in time. If you’re great at patterned artwork, you can consider selling wrapping paper patterns as art etsy.  

top selling art on etsy

17. Graffiti Art 

Graffiti art may usually be found on public walls, but no one said you couldn’t have a piece of it right in your own home. This is a slightly smaller but definitely growing category of top-selling art on Etsy and if you’re great at street art, you should most surely consider selling this! 

Top Selling Art on Etsy

How To Sell Art On Etsy 

Selling art on Etsy isn’t difficult, but it can be competitive, and you want to be sure that you put in place good practices to ensure that your shop becomes one of the top selling art on Etsy. These are some tips on how to sell art on Etsy:

  • Make Your Artwork Unique
  • Have Different Prices For Different Types Of Customers
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Shout Out About Your Art
  • Use Well-Researched Keywords And Tags
  • Utilize Your Etsy Listing Descriptions Well
  • Attend To All Customer Queries Promptly
  • Have Clear-Cut Shop Policies
  • Always Make Sure Your Service Is Personalized And From The Heart 

Why Use Etsy To Sell Art?

Using Etsy to sell art is worth it as Etsy remains one of the simplest ways to set up an online shop selling handmade art, crafts, and goods. It is extremely low-cost, low-risk, and has a thriving community of sellers and buyers. 

Does Art Sell Well On Etsy?

Art does sell well on Etsy, with art prints and original paintings being some of the top-selling art on Etsy. Simple yet unique paintings also do well, across digital, watercolor, acrylic, and oil mediums.

best artists on etsy

1. Krista Kim Studio

Operating her store on Etsy since 2017, Krista sells original oil paintings and giclee art prints. You can look into her account for some inspiration.

2. SugarnCanvas

Jen of SugarnCanvas creates a range of vintage and modern art prints on her Etsy store and her shop is quite popular. You can check out their store if you’re wondering what prints sell best on etsy.

3. ObviousState

Operating since 2010, Evan Robertson sells art prints inspired by literature, poetry and philosophy. Ideal for literature enthusiasts!

4. Clare Elsaesser

Clare has been running this store since 2009 and sells original paintings and prints. You can check out her account for some inspiration.


Sia provides custom hand-drawn illustrations and line drawings for your special moments. They take orders for both physical and digital art.

6. AinneStudio

Chris provides personalized art prints for weddings and other family occasions. Check out the store if you’re interested in selling custom art pieces.

7. Pixabello

Another artist providing custom paintings, John specializes in portraits in digital formats for special occasions.

8. BellasLines

Bella is a digital artist and sells digital and custom line prints on her Etsy store.

9. ConcepcionStudios

Patrick Concepcion, of the Concepcion Studios creates art prints based on modern art and is quite excellent at what he does. Warner Bros, Disney and Rolling Stones are some of their clients.

10. VictoriAtelier

Victoria has been operating this store since 2008, and is a self-taught painter who creates original abstract paintings.

Is It Hard To Sell Art On Etsy?

It is not hard to sell art on Etsy though Etsy might not be the most problem-free platform out there. However, if you’re a beginner, Etsy’s a great place to start selling art. 

You have to set up your profile well, apply Etsy SEO strategies and increase your listings, and you’re good to go!

top selling art on etsy

etsy best art sellers

Who is selling etsy paintings? And how much are they earning from their etsy artwork? Let’s take a look below at the top art sellers on Etsy at the time of writing this article:

NorthPrints A vintage Etsy painting seller, this store is one of the most popular art shop on Etsy with monthly sales of over 8k.

ArtPrintsFactory – A successful Etsy shop, they sell paintings and most popular prints on Etsy as Etsy wall art prints.

ShopEmilyG – Selling Etsy wall art along with stickers, this is quite a popular wall art store on Etsy. You can check it out for some inspiration!

Pamela Zagarenski – If you’re wondering what kind of digital art sells best on Etsy, greeting cards are one of the top answers. And this store provides best selling art prints on etsy greeting cards.

GreatLakesDigitals – The best selling art style on Etsy are sold mainly as digital downloads and this shop sells etsy art prints for different festivals and occasions, owing to its popularity.

LILAxLOLA – Quite popular Etsy artists, this store is operated by a mother daughter duo and their wall art paintings for sale Etsy are the most popular wall art on Etsy.

Top Selling Art on Etsy

FAQs on Top-Selling Art On Etsy

Which Type Of Art Makes The Most Money On Etsy?

Curious as to which type of art makes the most money on Etsy or what type of art sells best on Etsy? Original paintings are the type of art that makes the most money on Etsy. They’re also the most profitable as they can be sold at a higher price compared to other types of art. 

Is It Worth Selling Art On Etsy?

So, is it worth selling art on Etsy? If you’re selling art prints, printables, or small knick-knacks, it is worth it to sell art on Etsy. However, if you’re selling original art, it might not be worth it to do it on Etsy alone in the long run. 

You should consider investing your resources in a website or mailing list to make better profits and reach a wider audience. 

What Size Art Sells Best On Etsy?

Wondering what size of art sells best on Etsy? Paintings or artwork that are sized 8 x 10 inches sell the best on Etsy. Usually, Etsy buyers prefer watercolor artwork and they love purchasing artwork of pets and animals. 

top selling art on etsy

What Type of Artwork Sells Best on Etsy?

The type of artwork that sells best on Etsy are:

  • Watercolor paintings – they are not too expensive and easy on the eye
  • Digital downloads – they are the most versatile to be used as screensavers, or physical print
  • Reproduction paintings – as many people can’t afford to purchase original paintings, reproduction paintings are very affordable and popular for the masses. Fancy a Van Gogh painting hanging in your living room for only USD49.90?

These are the top few types of artwork that sell best on Etsy, and if you are just starting to explore, it is best to start with these types of artwork first.

What Digital Art Sells Best on Etsy?

The digital art that sells best on Etsy and the best selling prints on Etsy are:

  • Wallpaper – these are mainly downloaded for phones, laptops and desktops
  • Digital greeting cards – digital greeting cards are very popular and a quick way to send warm messages to loved ones to mark special occasions
  • Coloring pages – these are popular for children all ages AND adults too!
  • Prints – beautiful prints that can be hung on walls at home are very popular

Can You Make Good Money Selling Art on Etsy?

Yes you can make good money selling art on Etsy! The start-up costs are very low, Etsy provides an existing market for your customers and all you need to get started is a digital file!

Many sellers on Etsy easily sell between USD 500 – 1000 per month, and the average successful seller on Etsy earns between USD 43,000 – 46,000 per year. Top earners make over USD 65,000 per year! 

top selling art on etsy

What Type of Paintings Sell Best on Etsy?

The type of paintings that sell best on Etsy are:

  • Watercolor paintings of dogs seems to be the most popular type of watercolor paintings sold on Etsy
  • Watercolor painting of other animals like whales, orcas, dolphins and birds are also very popular
  • Acrylic paintings are also listed in the bestseller of Etsy

What Kind of Art Sells Best on Etsy?

The kind of art that sells best on Etsy are:

  • Reproduction art of famous painters
  • Watercolor paintings of animals and pets
  • Acrylic paintings of nature
  • Abstract paintings that can be hung on walls in homes and cafes
  • Digital art that can be downloaded for print or made into screensavers

What Is Trending In Digital Art?

There are many types of digital art. These are the trending digital art in 2024:

  1. Fractal Art
  2. Data moshing
  3. Motion graphics
  4. Bold abstract shapes
  5. AI-generated art
  6. 3D elements
  7. Inclusive visuals
  8. Surrealist maximalism
  9. Colorful Retro 
  10. Virtual Reality

What Is The Easiest Type Of Digital Art?

The easiest type of digital art is 2D Digital Painting.

The simplest way to start off with digital art for you when you want to transition out from traditional drawing or painting. 

Since you have experience, all you will need is a good computer, a good keyboard or mouse, a drawing tablet, a stylus and a good drawing software.

top selling art on etsy

How to Sell Art on Etsy?

How to sell art on Etsy – here are some tips available on Etsy:

  1. Try to stand out and provide unique offerings as it is very competitive
  2. Vary your price points to capture different markets and offer something for everyone
  3. Showcase your art by taking high quality pictures to upload
  4. Leverage tags and keywords to target wide audience and capture your potential customers’ attention
  5. Describe your product in detail by preemptively answering questions your potential customers might have
  6. Personalize customer service by making your customers happy with small business-owner approach in how you communicate and respond to them

Can you sell expensive art on Etsy?

Yes, you can sell expensive art on Etsy. Original art pieces are valued by Etsy buyers, and many look for expensive artworks because they are more detailed and demonstrate your talent as an artist.

To cater to your target audience, you can offer a mix of reasonably priced and expensive art on your Etsy store.

How does SEO work on Etsy?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps boost the rankings of your Etsy page and product listings, so that your target audience can find your products easily.

With proper research and implementation, SEO strategies can enhance the visibility as well as the sales of your Etsy store.

Is it hard to be successful on Etsy?

If you haven’t properly researched your niche and priced your products, it can be difficult to succeed on Etsy.

You must first understand your target audience’s needs, how your competitors operate, how to set prices, and how to use SEO strategies for your store to ensure maximum visibility to be successful on Etsy.

top selling art on etsy

Can you sell AI artwork on Etsy?

Yes, AI artwork can be sold on Etsy. You can sell it on Etsy as long as you use an AI platform to create or design the artwork yourself and aren’t repurposing another seller’s artwork.

Etsy does not prohibit the sale of AI artworks and has updated its policies to allow stores to do so.

Is digital art profitable on Etsy?

Selling digital art is quite profitable on Etsy mainly because the production costs are relatively low. A digital product you create can be sold multiple times without incurring additional production costs.

Additionally, customers love digital downloads, so you can make a lot of money if you properly optimize your products and profile.

Can I sell Midjourney art on Etsy?

Yes, selling Midjourney artwork on Etsy is entirely permitted. On Midjourney, you can make your own artwork that you can sell on Etsy. Etsy’s policies permit the sale of AI art, but you will need to disclose the platform or app that was used to design the piece.

How many products should I start with on Etsy?

It is ideal to have 5–20 products listed in your Etsy store at the beginning. In addition to making it simpler for customers to understand your products, this raises store visibility and brand awareness.

You will have a greater chance of finding a buyer if you keep adding new listings.

top selling art on etsy

Is eBay Or Etsy Better For Selling Art?

Even though eBay has a bigger customer base, if you want to sell art, it’s preferable to start an Etsy store because people might try to undercut you on eBay.

Etsy is a better platform if you’re looking to sell your products to people who can value them because it promotes original and handmade goods.

Is Etsy good for fine artists?

Etsy is the ideal platform for fine artists to market their work, expand their clientele, and find genuine supporters because it features handmade and unique goods.

You’ll find a large audience of people interested in and appreciative of your artwork on Etsy, as the platform caters to those searching for original works of art.

How much is an Etsy shop per month?

Etsy Standard has no monthly fees and no startup or operating costs for stores, but it does charge listing fees for the products you list on your store.

The monthly cost of an Etsy Plus subscription is 10 USD, and it offers additional tools, shop customization choices, and credits for listings and Etsy ads.

Top Selling Art on Etsy

Selling art on Etsy

If you’re looking to sell art, then Etsy’s a great way for you to start and slowly work your way up the ranks towards being a seller of top-selling art on Etsy. 

The benefit of starting to sell on Etsy is also that there have been many other sellers who’ve done the same (like me!) and we’re happy to share what we learned along the way, like in this article! 

So as long as you’re willing to put in the work, aside from making smashing artwork, you’ll have the potential to do well on Etsy. 

I hope this article has convinced you that selling your art on Etsy is a plausible side hustle and that eventually, you’ll make a good income from selling your art on Etsy. 

Who knows I may even buy from your shop someday – I’m always looking for something fancy for my house and room! 

Till then, let me know if you have questions or let me know if you found my article helpful! 

top selling art on etsy

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