How To Use Pinterest For Etsy To Increase Your Etsy Sales!

If you are a small business owner with a shop on Etsy, then one of the best things you can do as a part of your marketing strategy is to learn how to use Pinterest for Etsy. 

Pinterest has become so much more than just a place to look at pretty pictures. 

In recent years, Pinterest has gained traction as one of the most invaluable marketing tools that can be seen to drive traffic to blogs, websites, and of course, Etsy stores. 

In this article, we embark on a detailed exploration on:

  • What exactly Pinterest is all about
  • Why you should start using Pinterest to promote your Etsy shop
  • How to start using Pinterest for Etsy
  • How to effectively link your Pinterest account to your Etsy account

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how to use Pinterest for Etsy

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What Is Pinterest?

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest or if you have heard of it and are wondering what the point of Pinterest really is, we’re here to tell you all about it.

Pinterest is essentially a virtual search engine. 

Users with an account usually scroll through the Pinterest feed looking for things that match their interests. This can include:

  • Ideas
  • Tips and tricks
  • Short video tutorials

Pinterest allows you to create as many virtual vision boards as you want and so you can easily categorize the pictures that interest you and label them accordingly. 

If you were scrolling through the Pinterest feed and found something that you like or an idea that you want to use later, you would pin it on one of your own Pinterest boards. 

Once Pinterest gets an idea of what your interests are, the platform then generates more content that is similar to what you have. 

For example, I love cats and I’m always looking for tips and tricks to keep my indoor cat, Sandy entertained. 

Once I start looking for entertainment ideas for indoor cats and pin them onto a board that I may have named “Cat Stuff”, Pinterest is likely to generate more similar content from other users and display it on my Pinterest feed. 

You may be wondering how exactly this is going to help with your Etsy business.

Well, if you are selling eco-friendly cat toys for example, and you pin pictures of your products and other similar products on your Pinterest board, these cat toys are likely to show up on my Pinterest feed whether I specifically search for them or not. 

This means that your Etsy business probably just gained a new customer! 

how to use Pinterest for Etsy

That is the fundamental basics of how Pinterest can be used to promote your Etsy shop and market your products!

You can use your Pinterest boards to post pictures of your products, label them with the appropriate keywords, and let the Pinterest search engine algorithm do the rest!

You can find out more about the best keywords to use for Etsy here!

Also, if you are interested in learning how to create stunning pins that will increase your sales on Etsy, then you should check out this amazing course by Carly Campbell called Pinteresting Strategies

Pinterest Manager training

What Is the Difference Between Pinterest and Etsy?

While both Pinterest and Etsy are certainly a sight for sore eyes with stunning pictures and attractive ideas, there are some core differences between the two platforms. 

As mentioned above, Pinterest is a vision board where people put up or ‘pin’ pictures that are related to their interests and ideas.

Pinterest is also a wonderful platform to get inspiration if you are embarking on a particular project. The level of creativity that can be found on Pinterest is quite frankly, breathtaking. 

That being said, you are not able to actually sell your items on Pinterest. It can only direct people to your website.

In the context of using Pinterest for Etsy, it is best to think of Pinterest as an unlimited virtual notice board that serves to tell people what you are selling. 

Etsy on the other hand is an online marketplace where small businesses are able to open an online store to sell their products or services.

Etsy is rather unique in the sense that it is a marketplace for unique items that are handcrafted or vintage in nature. It is a wonderful eCommerce platform for those who may not want to invest a lot of money or effort into setting up their own online store from scratch. 

Some of the main items that sell like hotcakes on Etsy include:

  • Artworks
  • Prints
  • Handmade items such as home decor or jewelry
  • Supplies for making crafts
  • Customized digital art

The core factor about Etsy is its focus on unique products by independent sellers. You won’t find any generic or bulk items for sale here! 

How To Use Pinterest to Promote Etsy Sales

Now that we are clear on how these two amazing platforms operate, here are some top tips on how to use Pinterest to promote your Etsy shop.

1.Create A Pinterest Business Account

Pinterest has the option of creating a personal account and a business account. 

You will only enjoy all the perks of being able to use Pinterest to drive to your Etsy store if you are on a Pinterest business account. 

Ensure that your Pinterest username on this account is exactly the same as your Etsy business and that the profile pictures or logos are the same. This allows for easy identification of your Etsy business. 

More importantly, it allows for customers to be able to connect your Pinterest account to your Etsy shop from a visual perspective. 

2.Create Multiple Pinterest Boards

Here lies the magic to your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Create multiple boards with various categories. What is important here is the name that you label each board with.

Ensure that the appropriate keywords are used. 

This means using the same or a variant of the keywords that you have used for your Etsy listings. 

You can also find related keywords underneath the Pinterest search bar at the top of the page. All you need to do is conduct a quick search on the types of products that you sell on your Etsy shop, and voila, Pinterest keywords at your beck and call! 

how to use Pinterest for Etsy

A great place to start is to create a board for each category of item that you sell on your Etsy store. 

3.Create Good Quality Pins

Pinterest is all about the visuals. The more attractive the images are, the higher the chances of a potential customer clicking on the pin. 

It is also equally important to ensure that you describe your products as accurately as possible, using the keywords that you have used to describe them in your Etsy shop. 

One way to stay on top of your keyword game when describing or captioning pins is to observe how other users with similar products are doing so. This will ensure that your pins reach the relevant audience. 

Also, ensure that your logo or shop name is located somewhere on your pin. 

This makes it easier for potential customers to find you and it is also a great branding strategy. 

If you’re interested to know more about pinning and creating attractive pins for your Pinterest boards, check out this article that discusses Pinterest Courses That Will Transform You Into A Pinterest Expert.

You will be well-versed in Pinterest in no time! 

Note- If you are super busy and have no time to read it, then just take the Pinterest course that helped me get 10,000 new visitors a month to my website, within 3 months!

4.Start Pinning! 

It is worthwhile to note at this point that pinning as a business account requires a whole different strategy than if you were randomly pinning items on your personal account. 

Some common strategies include:

  • Pinning Items Related To Your Etsy Business

While you most certainly have to pin your products with the appropriate product description and details, including the price, it is important to also pin other related items. 

For example, if you are selling handpainted ceramic bowls on Etsy, you could also pin other topics that your viewers may be interested in. 

This can include:

  • Other hand-painted items
  • Behind-the-scenes pictures or photos of the process of making your items
  • The types of materials that go into making your ceramic bowls
  • Pinning Your Competition

No, no. Not literally pinning them down.

In the world of Pinterest, sharing is indeed caring.

Pinning your competition’s pins, increases the chances of viewers coming across your products as a related item. The more you pin, the higher the exposure of your products and your Etsy business

  • Pin Regularly

Like most things, consistency is the key to success when dealing with Pinterest for Etsy sellers. 

Try to pin at least once a day across all your boards. While it may be tempting to do more than this, especially when being on Pinterest can result in endless scrolling, try not to as this may annoy your followers and they may report you as spam.

how to use Pinterest for Etsy

Why Should You Use Pinterest For Your Etsy Shop?

Lately, one of the more successful strategies that have been used to drive traffic to and increase the views of Etsy businesses has been the use of Pinterest. 

There are multiple reasons for this, including:

  • Prime Exposure

Pinterest exposes your Etsy shop to a brand new range of audiences from all over the world. This ultimately means that you can attract hundreds of potential customers, including those customers that you may not even have considered!

  • Pretty Pinterest Pictures Bring More Customers

Potential buyers are generally attracted to images of products that they may be looking for and Pinterest provides a great platform for this.

  • Free Marketing, Anyone?

Pinterest operates as a free marketing tool. You don’t need to pay for anything to pin. Once you grasp the concept of creating boards, pinning pictures, and utilizing the correct keywords, the platform does all the work for you!

  • Etsy and Pinterest Have A Love-Love Relationship!

Etsy and Pinterest have a working relationship that helps sellers to promote their Etsy business on Pinterest. 

Some examples of these are:

  • Etsy listings have a Pinterest button that allows customers who are on your Etsy store to pin something that they are interested in on their own boards. This then allows for the opportunity for their followers to see what they have pinned, giving you a brand new audience!
  • Etsy listings are automatically converted into “Rich Pins”. These are pins that display the details of your Etsy listings on your pin description on Pinterest, including the cost of the product of your listing.
  • Etsy listings show up as the first few results of a search on Pinterest. This makes it easier to quickly capture the attention of potential buyers and direct them to your Etsy store. 

How To Link Your Etsy Shop To Pinterest

This is also sometimes referred to as ‘claiming’ your Etsy shop on Pinterest. 

While you cannot link Etsy to Pinterest, you can link Pinterest to Etsy

This can be done as soon as you create your business account on Pinterest. All you need to do is:

  • Go to your Pinterest settings
  • Click on “Claim”
  • Click “Etsy”
  • Follow the easy instructions on how to link Pinterest to Etsy!
how to use Pinterest for Etsy

If you have been thinking about how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to Etsy, then this is one of the best ways to do so. 

Some of the perks that come with connecting your Etsy shop to your Pinterest business account include:

  • The ability to view detailed stats of how many times your pins have been viewed, repinned, or clicked on
  • You can easily promote your pins
  • As mentioned above, your pins will automatically be converted to “Rich Pins” that will have all the details that are attributed to your Etsy shop
  • It also makes it easy for viewers to click the pin and be directed to your Etsy shop
how to use Pinterest for Etsy

And there you have it! Some of the top tips that you can implement immediately if you have been trying to figure out how to use Pinterest for Etsy!

While it may seem daunting and intimidating at first, especially if you are new to Pinterest and have no idea how to create boards or pins, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. 

Once you have mastered the art of creating boards and pins, you will be able to seamlessly promote your Etsy business on Pinterest at lightning speed! With that, your Etsy sales are bound to skyrocket. 

Using Pinterest for Etsy is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your Etsy shop, increase your views, and ultimately, your sales. As such, the effort is most certainly going to be worth it. 

Happy pinning! 

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