Cute etsy shop name ideas

1021+ Cute Etsy Shop Name Ideas Customers LOVE In 2024!

Want cute Etsy shop name ideas? Then you have come to the right place cos I’ve got 1021+ of them for you!

I’ve used the exact step of developing these shop name ideas for Etsy for my sister’s  Etsy planer shop DesignPlanOrganise by SaffronandSerai.

First of all, kudos for being a brilliant entrepreneur and opening an Etsy shop! *claps* 

I really do feel Etsy is one of the best ways to make passive income. You can sell almost anything on Etsy – from printables to crochet to crystals and plants, and really, the list is almost endless!

With the proper knowledge of how to make your first Etsy sale, you’ll be off to a great start!

Picking an Etsy shop name might leave you stumped but don’t worry! I got tons of Etsy names ideas for you.

Think of me as a cute Etsy shop names generator and let’s take a look at my list of Etsy shop names to give you an idea of how to name your Etsy shop so you can start selling!

I’ve got everything from aesthetic business names, cool shop names for Etsy to cute Etsy shop names to sell your digital products. So you can pick one of these cute Etsy shop name ideas and start selling away on Etsy!

Cute etsy shop name ideas

Cute Etsy Shop Name Ideas We Will Cover:

  • Art Etsy Shop Names
  • Beauty and Personal Care Etsy Shop Names
  • Best Etsy Shop Names
  • Catchy Etsy Shop Names
  • Clevel Etsy Shop Names
  • Clothing And Assecosries Etsy Shop Names
  • Cool Etsy Shop Names
  • Crafts Etsy Shop Names
  • Creative Etsy Shop Names
  • Crochet Etsy Shop Names
  • Cute Etsy Shop Names
  • Disney Etsy Shop Names
  • Funny Names For Etsy Shop Ideas
  • Good Etsy Shop Names
  • Hipster Etsy Shop Names
  • Interesting Etsy Shop Names
  • Jewelry Etsy Shop Names
  • Rustic And Handmade Etsy Shop Name Ideas
  • Sticker Etsy Shop Names
  • Unique Etsy Shop Names
  • Vintage Etsy Shop Names
  • Etsy Shop Names For Digital Products

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Cute etsy shop name ideas

Aesthetic Etsy Shop Name Ideas

1. Aesthetic Fascinate

2. Aesthetic Scarlet

3. Pretty Clio

4. Aesthetic Onyx

5. Gorgeous Tact

6. Pretty Adore

7. Aesthetic Endless

8. Aesthetic Attract

9. Gorgeous Blaze

10. Gorgeous Wow

11. Gorgeous Trove

12. Pretty Magnificence

13. Look Summer

14. Look Foundation

15. Pretty Elegant

16. Aesthetic Virtue

17. Aesthetic Retro

18. Gorgeous Layered

19. Aesthetic Vivid

20. Aesthetic Dramatic

21. Look Classy

22. Gorgeous Salve

23. Look Capture

24. Aesthetic Appeal

25. Aesthetic Wraith

26. Look Luminescent

27. Aesthetic Smashing

28. Look Icarus

29. Gorgeous Adore

30. Gorgeous Luxuriate

31. Look Spring

32. Aesthetic Adore

33. Aesthetic Grind

34. Pretty Forest

35. Aesthetic Sheer

36. Pretty Click

37. Gorgeous Summer

Cute etsy shop name ideas

Art Etsy Shop Names

38. Artistry Asset

39. Artist Revolution

40. Artistic Guild

41. Artwork Ritzy

42. Artistic Sculpt

43. Artwork Flip

44. Art Nirvana

45. Artist Dash

46. Artist Empire

47. Artisttastic

48. Artwork Cup

49. Paint Resort

50. Creative Absolute

51. Creative Fixed

52. Color Jam

53. Colorella

54. Art Taper

55. Paint Drive

56. Artwork Shield

57. Creative Baby

58. Color Good

59. Artistlaza

60. Artistic Transit

61. Creative Art

62. Artistic Pro

63. Artistry Scrub

64. Colordo

65. Paint Discussion

66. Art Slide Show

67. Artistium

68. Coloristic

69. Color Access

70. Artistic Design

71. Artistry Prime

72. Creative Young

73. Creative Fuel

74. Artist League

Cute etsy shop name ideas

Beauty and Personal Care Etsy Shop Names

75. Face Plush

76. Charm Ambition

77. Looklaza

78. Beauty Phoenix

79. Face Azraa

80. Allure Harbor

81. Beautiful Renew

82. Gorgeous Ora

83. Beauty Ablaze

84. Pretty Dona

85. Face Visage

86. Beautiful Gentle

87. Beautbia

88. Charm Craft

89. Pretty Funk

90. Facehut

91. Charm Glow

92. Gorgeous Storm

93. Gorgeous Wow

94. Pretty Familiar

95. Gorgeous Phoenix

96. Gorgeous Hush

97. Gorgeous Esthetic

98. Radiant Gorgeous

99. Beautifulbea

100. Shining Look

101. Outrider Charm

102. Balaji Allure

103. Daily Allure

104. Attitude Look

105. Banish Gorgeous

106. Beautifulquipo

107. Chic Beauty

108. Beautifulverse

109. Banish Look

110. Country Allure

111. Complete Pretty

Cute etsy shop name ideas

Best Etsy Shop Names

112. Buy Optimum

113. Complete Great

114. Best Vinyasa

115. Secret Smart

116. Buy Buddy

117. Fountain Awesome

118. Best Infinite

119. Ravish Great

120. Best On-Court

121. Flatter Great

122. Trade Capital

123. Buy Infinite

124. Harmonious Great

125. Buy Manic

126. Trade Mach

127. Trade Test

128. Exalted Awesome

129. Flair Awesome

130. Best Vice

131. Buy Bless

132. Business Rush

133. Sell Marvel

134. Fascinating Smart

135. Candescent Smart

136. Chic Awesome

137. Best Paramount

138. Idol Great

139. Buy Agile

140. Sell Anchors

141. Irresistible Awesome

142. Business Push

143. Amaze Great

144. Fascinate Great

145. Trade Hatch

146. Harmony Smart

147. Sell Detail

148. Enchantress Great

Cute etsy shop name ideas

Catchy Etsy Shop Names

149. Hazard Type

150. House Love

151. Flatter Shop

152. Pro Create

153. Bunch Passion

154. Fresh Type

155. Examine Shop

156. Share Donna

157. Bay Joy

158. Cave Front

159. Passion Crafty

160. Defy Shop

161. Fun Build

162. Love Mastered

163. Foot Front

164. Nifty Type

165. Joy Array

166. Fun Arise

167. Spark Front

168. Shed Shop

169. Fun Share

170. Rider Shop

171. Growth Shop

172. Create Org

173. Joy Clever

174. Create Total

175. Gun Share

176. Art Shop

177. World Type

178. Public Shop

179. Love Ruckus

180. Focus Love

181. Share Vinyl

182. Ace Shop

183. Prima Shop

184. Farmstead Shop

185. Love Creative

Cute etsy shop name ideas

Clever Etsy Shop Names

186. Awaken Front

187. Divinity Shop

188. Beaver Type

189. Expert Best

190. Blazing Business

191. Audience Best

192. Taste Corner

193. Choir Type

194. Parade Sell

195. Munition Front

196. Accure Buy

197. Clinic Front

198. Contractors Front

199. Touch Trade

200. Titter Sell

201. Viewfinder Corner

202. Limitless Sell

203. Lead Shop

204. Restore Best

205. Butterscotch Sell

206. Pasture Buy

207. Iconic Shop

208. Trade Buy

209. Quake Sell

210. Cyan Sell

211. Shoot Business

212. All-Out Buy

213. Sweetheart Business

214. Soul Business

215. Craft Buy

216. Purifying Buy

217. Savage Shop

218. Engaged Business

219. Alive Buy

220. Mink Best

221. Bliss Business

222. Companion Type

Cute etsy shop name ideas

Clothing And Accessories Etsy Shop Names

223. Insight Costume

224. Pumpkin Vogue

225. Avid Fashion

226. Insta Jeweler

227. Modern Accessories

228. Homeland Jeweler

229. Eco Style

230. Cabin Accessories

231. Crux Style

232. Clothingio

233. Spellbound Clothing

234. Erase Style

235. Forefront Fashion

236. Crusader Clothes

237. Root Clothing

238. Talkline Trinkets

239. Clothingx

240. Bonny Clothing

241. Line Jeweler

242. Crop Clothing

243. Creator Vogue

244. Gardening Clothing

245. Aurora Clothing

246. Fauna Vogue

247. Pivot Clothes

248. Pro Accessories

249. Clotharc

250. Sawdust Clothing

251. Clothbea

252. Princess Vogue

253. Contrast Trinkets

254. Bank Shot Costume

255. Loop Costume

256. Shop Jeweler

257. Chest Jeweler

258. Agents Clothing

259. Pick Fashion

Cute etsy shop name ideas

Cool Etsy Shop Names

260. Cool Cactus

261. Savage Crew

262. Rough Self-Portrait

263. Tough Free Fire

264. Dark Farmstead

265. Cool Shiva

266. Tough Cowboy

267. Cool Express

268. Dark Goal

269. Cool Trail

270. Dark Relieve

271. Dark Foundry

272. Tough Complex

273. Cool Dine

274. Cool Beguile

275. Savage Crown

276. Rough Marvel

277. Dark Lotus

278. Dark Mount

279. Dark Clear

280. Tough Casual

281. Tough Tea

282. Dark Jumpshot

283. Cool Vendor

284. Tough Commune

285. Cool Deacon

286. Tough Radiant

287. Savage Outlook

288. Rough Paintings

289. Dark Electric

290. Dark Appetit

291. Savage Fix

292. Dark Icon

293. Dark Almanac

294. Tough Shock

295. Savage Collect

296. Cool Pick

Cute etsy shop name ideas

Crafts Etsy Shop Names

297. Artwork Cash

298. Createsio

299. Create Emporium

300. Craft Oil

301. Artistry Dove

302. Createopedia

303. Artistry Care

304. Creative Sweet

305. Art Spark

306. Creative Lavish

307. Artwork Neem

308. Artwork Consultant

309. Creative Boy

310. Create Tenant

311. Artjet

312. Trying Art

313. Craftonus

314. Creative Handmade

315. Creativeado

316. Craftology

317. Creative Conventional

318. Artbes

319. Art Journal

320. Creative Chiffchaff

321. Artwork Insight

322. Soften Creative

323. Dawn Art

324. Flex Creative

325. Backbone Craft

326. Collect Craft

327. Craftbes

328. Smile Artistry

329. Tinker Art

330. Royal Creative

331. Barons Craft

332. Astonish Creative

333. Creativeworks

Cute etsy shop name ideas

Creative Etsy Shop Names

334. Hover Passion

335. Mashed Joy

336. Joy Fly

337. Armour Fun

338. Boost Create

339. Joy Exotic

340. Central Passion

341. Create Factory

342. Able Fun

343. Share Live

344. Create Unity

345. Fun Absolute

346. Red Pure

347. Color Exquisite

348. Create Harvest

349. Create Paladin

350. Blue Meetup

351. Color Fresh

352. Paint Scout

353. Paint Stack

354. Red Aztec

355. Red Notch

356. Paint Booth

357. Blue Electrify

358. Color Development

359. Paint Bro

360. Create Blossom

361. Color Moonlight

362. Blue Eagle

363. Paint Nuance

364. Red Seller

365. Paint Finish

366. Color Galileo

367. Paint Query

368. Red Light

369. Red Asylum

370. Paint Pursuit

Cute etsy shop name ideas

Crochet Etsy Shop Names

371. Flex Crochet

372. Wagon Yarn

373. Anvil Crochet

374. Fever Needle

375. Phantom Needle

376. Force Yarn

377. Boardwalk Yarn

378. Hijack Needle

379. Active Create

380. Energy Create

381. Eco Crochet

382. Lensman Yarn

383. Yap Crochet

384. Experienced Needle

385. Electric Needle

386. Cyber Craft

387. Lust Yarn

388. Playmaker Artwork

389. Createnest

390. Data Crochet

391. Dash Create

392. Professional Craft

393. Tribe Art

394. Hunter Yarn

395. Skeptic Needle

396. Duchess Yarn

397. Connection Yarn

398. Momentum Crochet

399. Bloom Yarn

400. Enchant Yarn

401. Concept Artwork

402. Concord Yarn

403. Goliath Needle

404. Creativearo

405. Delicate Yarn

406. Mite Yarn

407. Harmony Crochet

Cute etsy shop name ideas

Cute Etsy Shop Names

408. Slide Sweet

409. Magenta Hunny

410. Patience Fun

411. Digi Passion

412. Impulse Love

413. Daydream Sweetie

414. Enviable Sparkle

415. Light Hunny

416. Wise Sparkle

417. Loan Sweetie

418. Trance Sparkle

419. Ironwood Sweet

420. Enigma Cutie

421. Sharpen Cutie

422. Misfit Cutie

423. Venom Create

424. Create Impact

425. Jasmine Cutie

426. Bear Sweetie

427. Love Hitchhiker

428. Ghost Love

429. Guidepost Sparkle

430. Click Cutie

431. Lighthouse Hunny

432. Joy Joey

433. Rings Passion

434. Enticing Cutie

435. Eternal Sweetie

436. Share Cave

437. Swank Sweetie

438. Clever Sweetie

439. Crumb Sweetie

440. Muse Cutie

441. Create Paradise

442. Lavish Share

443. Omega Joy

444. Push Love

Cute etsy shop name ideas

Disney Etsy Shop Names

445. Good Fairy

446. Princess Lavish

447. Chess Fairy

448. Disney Bank

449. Fairy Spade

450. Cinderella Amber

451. Fairy Consumer

452. Castle Universe

453. Devote Disney

454. Snow Assure

455. Snowhite Wellness

456. Fairy Profile

457. Disney Pal

458. Castle Destination

459. Castle Enjoy

460. Pop Fairy

461. Castle Laser

462. Disney Mach

463. Castle Photoshoot

464. Watch Cartoon

465. Cultivate Fairy

466. Brigade Castle

467. Disney Affinity

468. Disney Admire

469. Dynamics Fairy

470. Castle Perspective

471. Princess Awake

472. Youthful Disney

473. Princess Fortitude

474. Disney Bookworm

475. Jasmine Analyze

476. Ariel Growth

477. Disney Sacred

478. Florist Snowhite

479. Castle Depot

480. Center Castle

481. Princess Castle

Cute etsy shop name ideas

Funny Names For Etsy Shop Ideas

482. Clever Sweat

483. Gita Topsy

484. Pure Funk

485. Factory Topsy

486. Frolic Spend

487. Druid Topsy

488. Ago Gone

489. Trend Spend

490. Prairie Sweat

491. First Down Funk

492. Dark Sweat

493. Ideal Spend

494. Comman Gone

495. Buds Fly

496. Tele Sweat

497. Budget Gone

498. Split Topsy

499. Dished Fly

500. Astute Fly

501. Sharanam Funk

502. Vivid Fly

503. Lense Topsy

504. Ocean Fly

505. Deliver Topsy

506. Grasshopper Gone

507. Passion Fly

508. 100 Spend

509. Mente Funk

510. Conveyance Spend

511. Philosophy Funk

512. Philosophy Fly

513. Road Fly

514. Funny Business

515. Arcane Fly

516. Fuze Spend

517. Illuminate Spend

518. Times Gone

Cute etsy shop name ideas

Good Etsy Shop Names

519. Collab Etsy

520. Astro Front

521. Grain Etsy

522. Quality Buy

523. Vita Corner

524. Creative Etsy

525. Taffy Buy

526. Interactive Corner

527. Buddies Selling

528. Smile Shop

529. Radius Selling

530. Luxe Smart

531. Sunshine Selling

532. Master Etsy

533. Inquirer Etsy

534. Pigment Smart

535. Business Rave

536. Fuze Selling

537. Aroma Etsy

538. Companion Buy

539. Founder Selling

540. Crown Front

541. Pro Front

542. Sultana Buy

543. Elysian Shop

544. Baker Type

545. Focused Selling

546. Trade Viral

547. Femme Great

548. Regency Front

549. Patch Front

550. Select Selling

551. Corporate Etsy

552. Fascinating Buy

553. Terrace Type

554. Buy Pursuit

555. Radiate Great

Cute etsy shop name ideas

Hipster Etsy Shop Names

556. Tough Dona

557. Savage Scour

558. Savage Contact

559. Crown Front

560. Omega Corner

561. Savage Access

562. Rough Brilliant

563. Pro Front

564. Dare Type

565. Astro Front

566. Elysian Shop

567. Savage Captivating

568. Drop Corner

569. Smile Shop

570. Patch Front

571. Effect Type

572. Rough Think

573. Dark Romeo

574. Vita Corner

575. Savage Clove

576. Dark Reservation

577. Dark Lust

578. Green Type

579. Venom Type

580. Greenhouse Front

581. Regency Front

582. Dark Spire

583. Rough Dash

584. Dark Run

585. Playful Corner

586. Aura Corner

587. Luxuriant Type

588. Xanadu Type

589. Remedy Front

590. Cool Hero

591. Savage Wax

592. Terrace Type

Cute etsy shop name ideas

Interesting Etsy Shop Names

593. Selling Affair

594. Buy Secure

595. Buy Superior

596. Etsy Amp

597. Focus Love

598. Selling Antidote

599. Mindset Buy

600. Etsy Champion

601. Etsy Achelois

602. Fadeaway Type

603. Selling Cultured

604. Green Type

605. Logical Corner

606. Tough Cut

607. Etsy Haven

608. Sprint Type

609. Enchantress Awesome

610. Smart Shop

611. Overlord Buy

612. Mart Shop

613. Cool Velvet

614. Etsy Spank

615. Tap Front

616. Guider Corner

617. Selling Axel

618. Buy Breeze

619. Canister Shop

620. Shrine Shop

621. Angelic Type

622. Buy Ace

623. Etsy Frontier

624. Interactive Corner

625. Poplin Corner

626. Bix Corner

627. Buy Seed

628. Buy Hideaway

629. Envy Love

Cute etsy shop name ideas

Jewelry Etsy Shop Names

630. Affair Costume

631. Affiliate Jeweler

632. Jeweler Candy

633. Trinkets Malts

634. Jeweler Moisturise

635. Manage Accessories

636. Custom Accessories

637. Stargazer Costume

638. Admire Costume

639. Space Accessories

640. Noble Accessories

641. Resort Costume

642. Trinkets Supreme

643. Jeweler Soundwave

644. Relieve Trinkets

645. Accessories Land

646. Jeweler Chomp

647. Jeweler Premier

648. Brewer Accessories

649. Trinkets Doodle

650. Workout Jeweler

651. Den Jeweler

652. Strum Accessories

653. Jeweler Timeout

654. Terrace Costume

655. Playground Trinkets

656. Jeweler Watchtower

657. Promo Jeweler

658. Accessories Urban

659. Trinkets Advanced

660. Pursue Trinkets

661. Meditation Costume

662. Costume Catalyst

663. Jeweler Nation

664. Oasis Jeweler

665. Serene Trinkets

666. Source Costume

Cute etsy shop name ideas

Rustic And Handmade Etsy Shop Name Ideas

667. Novel Handmade

668. Nest From

669. Strive From

670. Handmade Crave

671. Handmade Beryl

672. Own Willow

673. Mosaic Rustic

674. Create Logic

675. Handmade Goodness

676. Odin Rustic

677. Own Force

678. Rustic Pup

679. Universal Rustic

680. Path Handmade

681. Juggernaut Own

682. How Rustic

683. Arrow Own

684. Handmade Neem

685. Balanced From

686. Own Atlas

687. Rustic Virtue

688. Jaded From

689. From Boulevard

690. Rustic Heritage

691. Altitude Create

692. Rustic Power

693. Own Naked

694. Handmade Journal

695. Create Trinity

696. Extraordinary Rustic

697. Rustic Rule

698. Planner Own

699. From Chief

700. From Self-Portrait

701. From Simplify

702. Grove From

703. City Own

Cute etsy shop name ideas

Sticker Etsy Shop Names

704. Torq Stickers

705. Etsy Frontier

706. Desire Stickers

707. Sticky Tec

708. Coda Stickers

709. Ironwood Stickers

710. Acquire Stickers

711. Selling Affair

712. Sticky Hush

713. Sticky Flirt

714. Sticky Step

715. Aware Stickers

716. Aroma Stickers

717. Sticky Refined

718. Inspire Stickers

719. Blitz Classic

720. Sticky Growth

721. Sticky Enlivening

722. Sticky Modsih

723. Dreams Stickers

724. Sticky Flow

725. Buy Seed

726. Buy Shanti

727. Hype Stickers

728. Good Stickers

729. Gaming Stickers

730. Kingdom Stickers

731. Hopper Stickers

732. Interactive Corner

733. Sticky Autumn

734. Sticky Ghost

735. Astro Stickers

736. Craftsman Stickers

737. Form Stickers

738. Airball Stickers

739. Glimmer Stickers

740. Velvet Stickers

Cute etsy shop name ideas

Unique Etsy Shop Names

741. Buy Trigger

742. Etsy Rainbow

743. Baker Type

744. Buy Trigger

745. Rough Aspire

746. Wavy Type

747. Buy Ace

748. Baker Type

749. Buy Crown

750. Etsy Champion

751. Cool Velvet

752. Selling Land

753. Etsy Ridge

754. Buy Breeze

755. Rough Aspire

756. Etsy Achelois

757. Buy Deluxe

758. Buy Crown

759. Buy Hideaway

760. Etsy Amp

761. Odin Selling

762. Wavy Type

763. Greenhouse Front

764. Tough Cut

765. Etsy Path

766. Beast Share

767. Etsy Desire

768. Buy Deluxe

769. Etsy Desire

770. Selling Land

771. Selling Axel

772. Exchange Buy

773. City Selling

774. Selling Antidote

775. Etsy Path

776. Grown Type

777. Etsy Spank

Cute etsy shop name ideas

Vintage Etsy Shop Names

778. Urban Oldies

779. Season Heritage

780. Share Oldies

781. Indulge From

782. Greenhouse Front

783. Savage Classic

784. Star Handmade

785. Spices Handmade

786. Coco Classic

787. Rustic Coast

788. Tight Classic

789. Odyssey Classic

790. Buy Deluxe

791. Ranch From

792. Gemini Vintage

793. Ease Vintage

794. Terrace Classic

795. Buy Crown

796. Swingman Vintage

797. Buff Rustic

798. Haven Vintage

799. Siren Create

800. Talisman Preloved

801. Reboot Classic

802. Copyist Heritage

803. Grind Vintage

804. Own Irrigation

805. Wavy Type

806. Pro Oldies

807. Dash Classic

808. Mission Heritage

809. Snuff Heritage

810. Create Rise

811. Agent Oldies

812. Owl Heritage

813. Pinnacle Own

814. Rustic Fountain

Etsy Shop Names For Digital Products

cute etsy shop name ideas

Etsy Store Name Ideas For Digital Art Etsy Shop

815. Pixel Pro

816. Downloadify

817. Digitron

818. Digiart

819. Pixi Load

820. Byte Wave

821. Download Daily

822. Digi Arts

823. Drawlab

824. Sketchify

825. Artipia 

826. Inkblot 

827. Drawscape 

828. Stitchscape

829. DreamCanvas

830. Artwaves 

cute etsy shop name ideas

Etsy Shop Name Ideas For Digital Products (Social Media)

831. MediaLink 

832. Trend Net

833. Socials Downloads

834. Digital Connect 

835. Mosaic Socials

836. Buzz Builder 

837. Social Sphere 

838. Social Marvels 

839. The Click Social 

840. Insta Social Library

841. Media Grid

842. Content Curate

843. The Insta Edit Room

844. IG Girl Downloads

845. SMT Downloads 

846. Media Studio

847. Grid Studio

848. Mosaic Studio

849. Template For Socials

850. (Insert Your Name) Templates

851. (Insert Your Name) Studio

852. (Insert Your Name) Downloads

853. (Insert Your Name) Library

854. (Insert Your Name) Digital

855. Media Kit Digitals

856. Media Kit Socials

857. Content Cove 

858. IG Boutique 

859. Content Boutique

860. Creative Media Downloads

861. Creative Media Kit

862. Creative Media Socials

863. Driven Media Downloads

864. Driven Media Kit

865. Media Kit Downloads

866. Insta Grid Downloads

867. Mosaic Downloads

868. Social Bundles

869. Social Planner Media

870. The Digital Gram

And one more Etsy shop name for digital products – Digital Element

cute etsy shop name ideas

Etsy Shop Names Ideas For Children’s Digital Downloads

871. Itsy Bitsy kids

872. Tiny Mighty Brains 

873. Learning Leaf 

874. Tiny Genius

875. Learn From Home

876. Sprouts  

877. Lady Bug Shop

878. Brain Nest

879. Think Thank 

880. Jigsaw Store

881. Little Bunnies Learn

882. Little Dinos Learn

883. Little Explorer

884. Jr. explorer

885. Junior Genius

886. Junior Learners

887. Little Learners

888. Little Sprouts

889. Little Bean

890. Maple Edu

891. Thinking Toddlers

892. Bumble Bee Kids

893. Jigsaw Kids

894. Little Art Kids

895. Jr Picaso Kids

896. Tiny Figs 

897. Little Lamb Kids

898. Digital Little Lamb

899. Noah’ s art

900. Downloads For Littles

901. Templates For Littles

902. The Little Shop

903. Adam Tiny Corner

904. Brainy Kids

905. Brainy Bunch Downloads

906. Jane’s Little Corner

907. Little Red 

908. Tots and babies 

909. Toddler Digital Nook

910. Toddler Digital Library

911. Munch Caterpillar 

912. Tiny Caterpillars

913. Baby And Me

914. Toddler And Me

915. Mama’s DayCare

916. Fun At Home

cute etsy shop name ideas

Etsy Shop Name Ideas For Printables (Weddings)

918. Blushing Bride

919. Rustic Barn Weddings

920. Modern Bride

921. Plan your Nuptials 

922. Eternity Downloads 

923. Party For Two

924. Best Wishes 

925. For You I Do

926. Happy Bride

927. Two Digital Rings 

928. Bride Box

929. Wonderful Wedding 

930. Petals And Bliss

931. Be Our Guest 

932. Forever And More

933. The Digital Wedding Planner 

934. Love Is In the Plans

935. Roses and Champagne 

936. Pastel Petals

937. Getting Married Downloads

938. Hearts And Bow Planner

939. Bridal Diaries 

940. Something Borrowed

941. Something Blue

942. Something New

943. Planned Bliss

944. Wedding Petals

945. All Things Bridal

946. Bridal Corner

947. Day Dream Digital

948. Nuptial Needs Downloads

949. Digital Bliss

950. The DIY Bride

951. The DIY MOH 

952. Happy Planning

953. The Organiser 

954. My Big DIY Wedding

955. The Veil

956. Till Eternity

957. Little White Corner

958. The Effortless Planner

959. Wedding Bells 

960. The Pink Fairy

961. The White Fairy

962. Wedding Guide Downloads

963. Marriage Co.

964. The Barn Event 

965. Etsy Betsy Bridal

966. Fancy Planner

967. The Savy Bride

968. Carnation And Roses

969. Lilac And Lavender

970. Baby Breath Design

971. Destination Planner

cute etsy shop name ideas

Etsy Shop Name Ideas For Digital Downloads – Knitting & Crochet Name Ideas

972. Digital Knits

973. Print And Knit

974. Yarns Away

975. Double Loop Knit

976. Yarn Digital Design

977. Cosy yarn Corner

978. Animal Pet Crochet

979. Yarn O’Clock

980. Stitch Knit And Crochet

981. Looped Downloads

982. Cotton Bee Knits

983. Digital Knit Kits

984. Magic Knits

985. (Insert Name) Knits

986. (Insert Name) Yarn

987. Alpaca Craft

988. Harry Coos Knits

989. Easy Knits For You

990. The General Knit

991. The General Crochet

992. Crafting Knit And Co

993. The Crochet Zone

994. Kitten Knitting 

995. Pear Loops Knit

996. Yarn Lovers

997. About Stich

998. Knits Happen

999. Ball Of Yarn Knits

1000. Wool Basket

1001. Unique Knits

1002. Crochet Queens

1003. The Yarn Barn

1004. For You I Knit

1005. The Knit Shop

1006. The Crochet Shop

1007. Little Knitters

1008. The Joy Of Knitting

1009. The Joy Of Crochet

1010. Yarns Away

1011. The Needle Loop

1012. Loop And Scoop

1013. Cosy Corner Knit

1014. Fibers and Yarns

1015. Beanie Knits

1016. Wooly Knits

1017. I Did These Knits

1018. The Crochet Place

1019. Spun For You

1020. Knit Stash

1021. Coster Crochet

Cute Etsy Shop Name Ideas – How To Start An Etsy Shop

Now that you’ve gone through the list of possible cute business names for your shop, how do you start your Etsy shop? We can do that in these steps:

1. Create Your Shop

First, you will need to create an Etsy account, assuming you don’t have one yet. This is the account you will use to run your shop.

Once you’ve created your account, you can add your profile picture and bio to let the Etsy community know who you are. 

To create your shop, head to and get started there. Once your shop is set up, you can manage your shop on Sell on Etsy app.

In this space, you can also set your shop preference and name and stock your shop.

2. Set Up Payment And Billing 

To start making money, you need to connect your bank account to your Etsy shop so that people can pay you. 

3. Turn On Two-Factor Authentication

Now, this is a super-important step to protect your account. Choose to have a verification code sent to you through one of the 3 below:

  • An authenticator app on your Android or iOS device 
  • An SMS
  • A phone call

 4. Set Up Storefront 

At this stage, you need to complete your setup and prepare to start selling.

Imagine your Etsy shop is a physical shop; you will need to set up your branding and furnishing and implement shop policies. This is the same!

Set up your shop’s aesthetic like the banner and shop logo, and share a welcome message to the shoppers.

You should also update photos and information on your product and background to give shoppers more insights. 

After that, make sure to update your shop policies like payment, shipping, returns, exchanges, customs fee, and any other information that is important. 

Cute etsy shop name ideas

5. Add Listings And Start Selling!

Listings are what we call products on Etsy. You can add them all here and then you’ll be ready to sell!

There is also marketing, branding, and promotion that you will need to do in order to sell your products better. 

Note: If you are super busy and you want to start making money selling digital products on Etsy ASAP, you can check out this and this Etsy course.

It will step up your Etsy game and start earning within 3 months! 

Alternatively, suppose you are looking for Etsy business ideas. In that case you can also check out this free Etsy Ebook that will share a list of best-selling products by month.

It also teaches you how to capitalize on seasonal trends to skyrocket your Etsy sales.

How To Choose A Name For Your Etsy Shop

Choosing a name for your Etsy shop should be the fun, exciting experience it’s meant to be.

Sure, you can always use an Etsy name generator, but I find them quite robot-ish if you know what I mean. Unless you need to generate five thousand Etsy name ideas, then a name generator is the tool for you.

But I know it gets super stressful, especially when you keep trying to find the perfect name and one-upping a name you’ve decided on. Why is finding cute Etsy shop name ideas making it more indecisive?

Been there, done that.

So let’s simplify the process and take a look at how to choose to choose the best shop name for your Etsy shop:

1. Reflect Your Business – The most straightforward naming strategy when thinking of Etsy names is just putting your product name.

For example, if I’m selling e-books on Etsy, I could simply call it “Only E-Books.”

2. Use Your Own Name – This is super easy. Just place your name and call it a day. Well, with a few more steps. 🙂

And the best part about this is that you won’t be limiting your shop to a single product. “Aisha’s Shop Corner” could sell anything from e-books to scented candles to stickers of my cat Sandy. 

3. Keep It Short And Sweet – This is generally good practice, but also limits you to 20 characters for usernames so keep that in mind when coming up with a name.

4. SEO! SEO! SEO! – Pay attention to SEO as your shop name could come up in searches too.

When trying to be unique, do not overcomplicate spellings to the point that your shop name would not appear in searches. 

For example, some good jewelry shop name ideas can be Precious Metals or The Family Stone.

5. Be Creative And Unique  – We want to be memorable in people’s minds, so creativity and uniqueness come in.

As mentioned earlier, do not mess with spellings when coming up with your creative shop names as you still want to come up in searches. 

You should check if your Etsy business name ideas are already taken or if it is too similar to other shops. Good shop names for Etsy usually are.

But fret not; you can always use different iterations of the name for your shop.

You can also use these steps to name any sort of online business for that matter, not just for finding cute Etsy shop name ideas. If you need some Amazon store name ideas, just go through these five steps.

Cute Etsy Shop Name Ideas – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Cute Etsy Shop Name Ideas – What Should My Etsy Store Name Be?

Your Etsy store name should be something that is either directly related to your product or your business style or vibe. Try pairing a product name or a product you intend to focus on with an adjective.

Names like these can be clear, suggestive, emotive, and descriptive. 

Cute Etsy Shop Name Ideas – What Are Some Cute Etsy Shop Names?

Some Cute Etsy Shop Names Are:

  • Berry Merry
  • Hand Made
  • Jeweled Treasures
  • Rustic Elegance
  • Baby Bluebird Crafts
  • Artsy
  • All Things Vintage
  • Cute Crafts

Cute Etsy Shop Name Ideas – How Do I Choose A Shop Name?

How To Choose A Shop Name: Tips For Choosing A Catchy Shop Name:

  • Get a creative domain name
  • Be original
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Consider your presence online
  • Be different
  • Find fresh ideas and inspiration

Cute Etsy Shop Name Ideas – Does Etsy Need My Real Name?

Does Etsy need my real name? Etsy does not need your real name. Showing your full name is always optional.

You may remove your name from your profile completely, or you can enter your name partially. Without a full name, Etsy will show your username to represent you as a person.

What Is A Good Name For An Etsy Shop?

If you are looking to find what is a good name for an Etsy shop, go for something creative but not too long and reflect your business. 

Here are some name Ideas for Your Etsy Shop:

  • LittleDeco
  • ItsyBitsyFinds
  • TheCrystalBox
  • SoyBeanCandles
  • PrettyInPaint
  • TheCraftyDIY
  • GreenEco
  • MarlinsChest
  • AntiquesAndMore
  • PickAndPrint
  • 15PaperDolls
  • LinensAndCottons
  • EarthCeramics
  • MittensForKittens
  • KitchenTreasures
  • LilacLavaderScent
  • HandMeDownFlips
  • TreasureShells
  • PersianGulfPearls

How long Should Your Etsy Shop Name Be?

Wondering how long should your Etsy shop name be? According to Etsy, it shouldn’t be more than 20 characters.

The names are not allowed to have any space, so utilize capital letters to distinguish one word from the other. 

Bear in mind that this name will appear as your shop’s URL, i.e.,

What If The Etsy Shop Name That I Want Is Taken?

Ops! What if my Etsy shop name is already taken? 

To prevent confusion for customers and sellers, all shop names on Etsy are unique and, once accepted, can’t be used again. 

You can try other iterations of the name or a truncated version. Another way is by adding the word shop at the end.

Can An Etsy Shop Name Be Reused?

Starting another Etsy shop and asking if an Etsy shop name be reused. No, you can’t reuse an existing shop name. 

You can’t reuse your current shop’s name even if you decide to close it.

The reason for this is so sellers can have the option to reopen their Etsy shops again at any time.

How Do I Find Out If My Etsy Business Name Is Available?

How do I find out if my Etsy business name is available when deciding on a name? 

You can easily check during the shop creation process, make sure you click the “Check Availability” button.

To ensure every Etsy store name is unique, any unavailable names chosen will be prompted to try a different one.

Why is Etsy Not Accepting My Shop Name?

Wondering why Etsy is not accepting my shop name. The first reason could be because the shop name already exists. 

Once a name has been used either as a shop name or username, it can’t be used again. The name can be a maximum of 20 characters without spacing or punctuation.

Can I Change My Etsy Shop Name?

Deciding on an Etsy name is tough, but can I change my Etsy shop name? Yes, you can change your name as often as you like before you open your shop. 

You can change your shop in the Info & Appearance under the Shop Name tab if you have already opened your shop.

How Long Does It Take Etsy To Approve A Name Change?

Wondering how long does it takes Etsy to approve a name change. 

Approval of a name change can take days or even several weeks from the submission date. 

Choose a unique name that doesn’t violate Etsy rules when changing your shop’s name. An email will be sent to you once approved.

Cute Etsy Shop Name Ideas – First Hurdle Done!

Now, was that a super long and super helpful list or what? Told you I am like a free Etsy shop name generator 🙂

Thank you for going through this list with me, a long list of cute Etsy names – I’m sure you already have an idea or two by now on what cute shop names for Etsy you would want to name your Etsy shop. 

As with any naming exercise, my advice is not to take too long and just quickly decide so you can start selling!

I would really love to hear your cute Etsy business names or if you have any other ideas for Etsy shop names- let me know in the comments!

If you have other enterprising friends and family that are opening their own shops, feel free to share this list with them.

All the best with your new venture!

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