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How To Get Reviews On Etsy? 11 Best Tips For Your Etsy Store!

Are you wondering how to get reviews on Etsy? Do you think there is only one way to get a review? Are you afraid of asking for reviews and think your customers must make the first step?

Are you scared of reaching out to your customers after they have purchased a product? Are you loaded in sales but have no reviews to show for all your good efforts?

If any of these questions lead to a YES, then I am glad you are here! I have overcome the hardship of getting reviews in my journey and I want to help you do the same!

Reviews are so helpful for small business owners like you and me! And I firmly believe my strategies will help you out because they have helped skyrocket my sales too!

As a quick summary, here are the best 11 best tips on how to get Etsy reviews: 

1. Ask For Reviews In Your Email Confirmations

2. Ask For Reviews In Your Order Insert Cards

3. Ask For Reviews In A Follow-Up Email

4. Provide Coupon Codes For Future Purchases

5. Provide Thank You Cards

6. Follow Etsy’s Rules To Getting Reviews

7. Always Overdeliver And Surprise Your Customers

8. Address Any Mistakes Immediately

9. Provide Guiding Questions To Writing Reviews

10. Automate The Process Of Asking For Reviews

11. Explain The Purpose Of Reviews For Future Customers

How to get reviews on etsy

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11 Tips To Get Reviews On Etsy

Without any delay, here are 11 comprehensive ways to show you how to get more reviews on Etsy!

1. Ask For Reviews In Your Email Confirmations

Email confirmations are automated emails that are sent out when a customer confirms and makes the payment for a purchase. 

Based on data, inviting your customers to give you a review helps at least 65% of them submit a review. The remaining 35% are split between not being prompted or not choosing to review even after being prompted.

But you can see here, asking for reviews in your email gives you a possible 65% success rate in receiving a review.

Here is an example of an Etsy review request template via email.

Dear Michelle,

Thank you for shopping with (insert your Etsy shop name) recently! I hope you were happy with your browsing experience.

I would love to know what you think about our product after you have gotten a chance to use it! Please do share your thoughts, good or bad, as it will help us improve.

You can do it here (insert link).

Thank you so much,

(Insert Etsy shop name)

P.S. Please remember to follow us on (insert social media links).

Contrary to what most people think, these requests do not have to be long. Nobody has time to read long emails anyway. 

If you want to know how to get more Etsy reviews, you need to ask for it!

2. Ask For Reviews In Your Order Insert Cards

Have you ordered a product online and been so touched by the card that was placed by the seller, to thank you for it? It is a nice touch, isn’t it?

Order insert cards are like the ones below. Canva is great for having a ton of these templates. The displayed samples are also from Canva.

You do not even have to print these order insert cards on high-quality paper such as wedding invitations and whatnot. You can just print it in color on standard A4 paper and cut it accordingly. 

You can adjust your templates and include a message requesting a review similar to what I shared in the point above.

How to get reviews on etsy
How to get reviews on etsy

3. Ask For Reviews In A Follow-Up Email

Follow-up emails are not chaser emails where you are demanding a review. Please remember this!

Instead, what you are doing in a follow-up email is to check in with your customer and see how the product is serving them. 

You can do it by asking the following questions:

  • Ask how their experience is.
  • Do they have any suggestions to improve
  • Is there anything that would make their experience more pleasant?
  • Is there anything that you can assist them with?

These are little touches you can do, and it helps your customer feel valued. This is because you are not treating them as someone whose money you are chasing. But you genuinely want to give them a positive experience.

At the end of your email, you can kindly request a review by writing the following Etsy review template: 

Thank you for taking the time to reply to this email. Would you also be okay to share your review online here at (insert link)? Your opinion will be helpful for future customers in helping them decide whether our services are useful.

Do not be scared! Nobody ever got bashed up because they asked for reviews. And if customers do not reply, don’t sweat it!

4. Provide Coupon Codes For Future Purchases

This is something I do with my digital products and it works brilliantly! It will easily help you get reviews on Etsy.

After a customer has enjoyed your product, you can invite them to make future purchases at a discount, after leaving a review. This method is not costly because it is only for acquired customers.

Furthermore, you can use it to increase your sales for future products.

How to get reviews on etsy

5. Provide Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are similar to order insert cards. But it can contain more information such as what is in your product. 

While you may have shared this in your product description on your Etsy shop. That is only online.

Here is an example that was found on Canva.

Your customer may have forgotten the contents of your product. Additionally, this card can be shown to their friends and family and encourage them to purchase your product.

Plus, it will contain a request for a review.

Hence, can you see that the thank you card will play many roles? 

Not just asking for a review, but it can lead to increased sales and publicity!

How to get reviews on etsy
How to get reviews on etsy

6. Follow Etsy’s Rules To Getting Reviews

Etsy’s rules are pretty straightforward and respectful regarding reviews. Customers are given a 100-day period to deliver reviews. 

The 100-day period starts from the time they receive the product (physical) or downloaded the item (if it is a digital product).

Customers can only submit reviews if they are Etsy users, which means they have signed up with an Etsy account. They cannot do so as guests. 

Hence, if your customers are guests, you can kindly encourage them to get an Etsy account by sharing that it helps them leave reviews which will entitle them to additional gifts/discounts.

You cannot solicit reviews on your main shop and product description and say if you buy from us and leave a review, we will give you so and so.

7. Always Overdeliver And Surprise Your Customers

I firmly believe in this strategy! Nobody owes you a living. Not even a single cent! If someone is interested to buy from you, please do not treat it as your right. 

It is a privilege, and it must be treated with respect! Having said that, I am not advocating for businesses and sellers to cut off their limbs to take care of their customers. 

You can find out why they are purchasing your product. Is there something specific they want to use it for or give it as a gift? 

By finding out this information, you can customize your product or provide a thoughtful addition.

Examples, where you can try this, are:

  • Someone who is buying a craft from you because they are feeling sad. You can insert a note that says, “you are amazing! Hope you feel better.”
  • Someone bought a party decoration item from you, and you have a related item that is quite low-cost. You can give it free of charge, with a message sharing, “hope this is useful! It will go great with what you ordered.”
  • If they bought something that must be assembled, and you only promised them a step-by-step written guide, you can surprise them with a video set-up guide that was not promised.
  • Delivering ahead of schedule is a no-brainer for someone who is desperately needing the item.

As you can see, the options are endless. Just by going a little out of your way and surprising your customers, you will create incredible positive feelings and increase their loyalty!

They will be more likely to give you a review after this delightful experience, without you having to beg for it.

How to get reviews on etsy

8. Address Any Mistakes Immediately

There are countless ways you can make mistakes selling online. Some of these are:

  • Shipping the wrong item.
  • Sending to the wrong location.
  • Deleting a customer’s order after taking their money.
  • Adding surprise fees.
  • Revealing customer data without their consent.
  • Sending damaged goods.
  • Not replying or updating your customer on time and accurately.

Mind you, these are mistakes that can be made after you have made a sale. 

I am not referring to common mistakes made by Etsy sellers that affect your sale acquisition, such as poor Etsy SEO or poor product photos. That is a different topic.

Now back on track, it seems weird, right? To say you can get a review after making a mistake! But it is possible. Because mistakes are unavoidable.

What matters is how you deal with it. If you take ownership of your mistakes, quickly try to rectify them, and go out of your way to help your customer out. You will have won a loyal customer.

For example, if you sent the wrong item and they tried to get a refund, you should make it instant and accept responsibility. You should also send the correct item to them while refunding them for the earlier wrong delivery.

It seems counter-productive. But your customer knows that you are trustworthy, and will very easily recommend you to others. Because you will keep your word!

They will easily share a review about their experience with you. Be prepared for the start of the review to highlight the mistake, but they will be sure to highlight what you did to rectify the mistake.

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9. Provide Guiding Questions To Writing Reviews

Sometimes, your customer is not sure what to write about. They would be wondering, “how to write a review on Etsy?”

So they would rather not say anything. By providing guiding questions in your review request, you make their job a bit easier.

Here is a list of guiding questions you can use. Feel free to amend them to fit your needs. 

Though, please do not use everything. Your customer will be overwhelmed and will give up halfway!

  • What did you like about our product?
  • How could I have improved your shopping experience?
  • Did you receive your product on time?
  • Did our product meet your expectations?
  • Did our product address your pain point?
  • How can I add more value to you?
  • How satisfied are you with our product?
  • Would you be willing to recommend our product to your network?
  • If yes, please share why.
  • If not, please share why.
  • Where did you hear about us?
  • What made you pick our product over others?
  • Have you used this type of product before?
  • Do you feel our product is worth the price?

To be honest, I could keep going with questions. But I do not want to overwhelm you either! 

How to get reviews on etsy

10. Automate The Process Of Asking For Reviews

This is simply delightful! Have you heard of email marketing? You would have received a pop-up when you reached my blog inviting you to join my email list. 

You can do the same with your customers. Once they purchase from you, you can add them to your email list with their consent or invite them to join it.

I use ConvertKit and it is spectacular! It has so many features and automated emails. This means that emails are sent automatically according to whatever timeline you set.

For instance, if you have a new customer, you can then send out automatic emails requesting reviews, follow-up emails checking on their experience, and then emails a couple of weeks later informing them about new products.

You can also send out weekly automated emails as a newsletter about your business so that you can continue to engage them.

By the way, ConvertKit allows you to have up to 1000 subscribers for free. You have to pay to use the service once your numbers exceed that. 

This is great because if you have more than 1000 engaged readers, it means that your business is likely thriving and you can afford this subscription fee.

The best benefit of automating this process is that you will not lose out on a single customer. As long as their email is in your system, they will receive a review request promptly.

11. Explain The Purpose Of Reviews For Future Customers

This is severely underestimated. A lot of customers do not bother with writing a review because they do not feel it serves a purpose.

This is where you can explain the benefits of writing a review and how helpful it is for future customers:

  • Customers will be able to estimate their experience because of reviews by others.
  • It helps other customers decide whether to trust your brand.

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FAQs On How To Get Reviews On Etsy

What Is A Review On Etsy?

Reviews are written by customers that detail their experience after using your product and about their entire shopping experience with you.

Why Are Reviews Important For Etsy?

Reviews are important because it helps promote trust in your company. Etsy places plenty of importance on customer reviews.

Even their search function allows you to sort search results by top reviews, not even top sales.

How to get reviews on etsy

Hence, they place more importance on reviews instead of sales.

On your product page, reviews will be broken down into reviews for this item and reviews for this shop.

How to get reviews on etsy

It is important because they showcase the experiences of other customers and help new customers decide on whether to purchase a product from you or not.

How To Get 5-Star Reviews On Etsy?

Getting consistent 5-star reviews on Etsy will help you win a Star Seller badge

This is a badge of honor that allows you to promote yourself as a trusted brand with established customer service.

So the goal is to keep getting great reviews and fulfill additional requirements. Then you can be eligible to become a Star Seller.

Here are some ways to get 5-star reviews on Etsy:

  • Having a 95% response rate on live chat to first messages by your potential customers.
  • 95% of your orders are dispatched within your stated processing time.
  • Providing good quality products that exceeded your customer expectations.
  • Providing personalized customer service by giving them what they want and addressing their pain points.

Once you average 4.8 stars over 3 months, you will be eligible to get a Star Seller Badge!

This is what a star seller badge looks like in the search results.

How to get reviews on etsy

If you feel like you want to learn more about getting great reviews, you can try this book, How To Get More 5 Star Reviews: Discover What Smart Business Owners Do to Get More Customers, Clients, & Patients from the Internet.

How Long Does A Buyer Have To Leave A Review On Etsy?

Buyers have a 100-day review window. The period starts from:

  • The estimated delivery date for physical items.
  • Date of download for digital items.

Can A Buyer Leave A Review If They Checked Out As A Guest?

Buyers cannot leave reviews if they checked out as a guest. You must have an Etsy account to leave a review.

However, you can still claim the order to a new or existing Etsy account within the 100-day review period. 

How To Leave A Review On Etsy?

It is a simple process:

  • Just login to your Etsy Account
  • Go to Your Account
  • Go to Purchases and Reviews to get to the Etsy Review Link
  • Pick the Item you want to Review
  • Pick the Star Rating
  • Describe your experience with the product
  • You can upload photos if you like

Where Do Sellers Get Reviews On Etsy?

Etsy reviews are only available and visible on Etsy. Reviews that are received on other platforms such as Google, or Facebook will not be linked to Etsy reviews.

Etsy reviews will appear for your shop and your product in this manner.

How to get reviews on etsy

As you can see from this sample. It appears on the bottom left of the product page. Reviews are distinguished for the product and the shop.

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How To Respond To Reviews On Etsy?

A seller can respond to a review on Etsy. It can be done privately or publicly.

To post a Public Response:

  • Login to your Shop Manager on Etsy
  • Go to your shop name using Sales Channels
  • Go to Reviews
  • Find the review you wish to respond to.
  • Select Post a Public Response

Please take note that once you respond to a review publicly, neither you nor the buyer can make any amendments or additions to it.

To post a Private Response:

  • Login to your Shop Manager on Etsy
  • Go to Orders & Shipping
  • Look for the order you and review you wish to respond to.
  • Select the Mail icon.
  • Type your message and then send it.

If you are wondering how to reply to reviews on Etsy, this is how!

How To Deal With Bad Reviews On Etsy?

There are a few ways to deal with bad reviews on Etsy:

  • Do not take it personally, keep your reviews professional.
  • Do not give long responses.
  • Be courteous.
  • Thank them for their review and apologize for their unpleasant experience.
  • Look for the specific issue they are talking about.
  • Explain how you are going to rectify that issue.
  • Do not address the reviewer and target him/her over the issue.
  • Do not use any form of rude language.
  • If there is something you can do to address the matter that will improve their experience, let them know about it in the review.

How To Navigate Bad Reviews If The Issue Escalates?

Etsy has policies in place if the reviews violate their policies. 

This is important to protect the seller against harmful reviews about things that are not in their control such as shipping issues, Etsy’s fault, or other third-party issues.

If you receive reviews that are deemed unfair, you can always report them to Etsy.

However, if reviews are posted online to other platforms, the saving grace is that Etsy will not allow for those reviews to be published on Etsy itself.

That protects you from negative remarks that are said elsewhere. It does not affect your rating as an Etsy seller.

Is It Okay To Ask A Buyer To Edit Their Reviews?

It is not okay to ask a buyer to edit their reviews. You should tread this ground very carefully. Anything you say online can be easily screenshotted and used against you.

If reviews violate Etsy’s policies, you can easily report them to Etsy. That is the safer thing to do. 

If reviews are just negative about your product, you should address them privately or publicly using the tools given by Etsy, that have been shared above.

How And Where To Use Your Etsy Reviews?

Your Etsy reviews can be used primarily on Etsy. It is displayed publicly on Etsy and visible to everyone, including those without accounts.

If you wish to share your Etsy reviews on other platforms, you can do so using the Social Media Manager. Etsy has a Social Media Manager linked to the Shop Manager.

Things you can do on the Social Media Manager are:

  • Post about your products
  • Respond to comments that customers make on Social Media
  • Share your reviews.
  • Updates about new products, and milestones of your shop.
  • Sales or discount coupons

Can You Buy Etsy Reviews?

Etsy has not specifically said this is against the law. But in general rules of e-commerce and online ethics, it is completely inappropriate to buy reviews online. Whether it is on Etsy or elsewhere.

Please do not do it! What happens if someone made a purchase that was based on positive fake reviews? 

They will provide a terrible review. Etsy may investigate and eventually, your shop could get shut down!

If you are on Etsy and thinking, about how to get reviews, please do not even consider this!

How to get reviews on etsy

How Important Are Reviews On Etsy?

Etsy reviews are very important for the following reasons:

  • It helps boost your search results. 
  • It is one of the sorting functions allowed where results are sorted according to top reviews.
  • It helps sellers get a Star Seller badge which promotes additional trust.
  • It helps an estimated 93% of online customers make a purchasing decision.


Well, there you have it, folks! I hope I have shown you all the ways how to get reviews on Etsy. I hope you feel a bit more confident about getting reviews. Do not worry if it takes some time or if you feel a bit awkward at the start about asking for it!

It is all about practicing the different methods and seeing which works best. Customers are usually happy to give reviews, so do not feel any shame in asking for them.

Reviews are free for the customer to give and priceless in benefits for you! So good luck trying these methods. I hope you get lots of sales and begin swimming in lots of helpful reviews.

Thanks for reading my article. Good luck with your journey as an Etsy seller!

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How To Get Reviews On Etsy? 11 Best Tips For Your Etsy Store