23 Jobs for Lazy People (That Pay REALLY Well!)

Looking for the easiest and decent-paying jobs for lazy people? 

That’s a nuanced question -depending on how lazy you are or what you’re willing to (not) do, there are plenty of good careers for lazy people.

Work isn’t always fun and the grind is not glamorous. Maybe you’re unhappy with your job or you have to stifle a yawn just thinking about work.

if you agreed to either of those statements or you just want to make some cash with minimal effort, this article will help you do just that. 

Get ready for some of the easiest jobs out there for lazy people.

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22 Best Jobs for Lazy People 

So, you’re on the prowl for jobs for lazy people, eh? 

Well, you’re in luck. I’ve got a whole list of jobs perfect for the average couch potato or even sleepy heads. 

To make it a bit more exciting, I have rated these jobs in terms of laziness on a scale of 1 to 3.

The lazy scale:

1 -requires interaction and movement

2 -requires minimal interaction

3 -the ultimate lazy job

1. Professional Foreigner

Job Title: Professional foreigner

Description: Attend events

The lazy scale: 1

Certifications/Education: None required

Necessary Skills: Look exotic, acting skills

Estimated pay: $60 to $200 per gig

The perfect lazy but outgoing people do exist!

 You can get paid to attend events if you’re a foreigner in China. I’ve read of people getting paid 1,000 yuan (US$145) each time to attend dinners. 

The ‘rent a foreigner’ industry is huge in China. Chinese companies sometimes pay foreigners to attend events, open houses for sale, event grand openings, or just act like they’re a celebrity. 

Something about an exotic foreigner attending an event apparently makes it seem more successful.

2. Professional Mourner

Job Title: Professional Mourner aka Moirologists

Description: Attend funerals to mourn the deceased

The lazy scale: 1

Certifications/Education: None required

Necessary Skills: Discretion, acting skills, cry on demand

Pay: $30 to $120 per funeral

According to Job Monkey, professional mourners can make roughly $30-$120 per funeral or wake. As a professional mourner, you are essentially a hired actor to grieve at funerals.

This may sound odd and a bit morbid but the practice has actually been around for centuries. 

The practice dates back to China’s Emperor Wu of Han in 100 BC, and spans across the globe to ancient Greece, Rome, and ancient Egypt too. 

3. Beer Taster

jobs for lazy people

Job Title: Beer taster

Description: Taste beers

The lazy scale: 1

Certifications/Education: Depends on the job vacancy

Necessary Skills: a passion for beer

Estimated pay: $23,000 – $31,000 a year

Beer tasting should be a level 3 lazy job, right?

 It’s not as easy as it sounds, you will actually need to identify the traits of the beer for sales and marketing purposes, rather than offering up your personal opinion.

Breweries tend to hire professional beer tasters who are able to characterize and identify a beer’s unique features and say whether it’s a quality product or not. 

If you want to be a professional beer taster, then join a course or two online that will give you certification in craft beer technology. 

4. Movie Extra

Job Title: Extra

Description: Stand in the background

The lazy scale: 1

Certifications/Education: None required

Necessary Skills: Possibly some acting skills

Estimated pay: An average of $13.50 a day but it depends on the job

This is a level 1 on the lazy scale if you’re an introvert and you don’t want to leave the house. 

But if you enjoy going out, hanging around, doing nothing, and getting paid for it, then this may be a level 3 job for you. 

All you’ve got to do is stand around, pretend to talk, be another face in the crowd, or play dead. 

5. Dog Walker

jobs for lazy people

Job Title: Dog walker

Description: Take dogs out for walks

The lazy scale: 1

Certifications/Education: None required

Necessary Skills: None required

Estimated pay: $50 an hour

Did someone say ‘easy jobs for lazy people?

 I mean, this one is literally a walk in the park. The only reason that it’s a level 1 lazy job is because of the walking and possible pick up. 

But if you love dogs and walking, why not get paid to take them out around the block or to a park a few times a day? 

You can schedule your own hours and fix your own rates too.

Where can you find dog walking jobs?

6. Tester

Job Title: Focus group participant

Description: taste or test products

The lazy scale: 1

Certifications/Education: None required

Necessary Skills: Opinionated, descriptive

Estimated pay: Varies depending on the company

Do you have an opinion about everything you try? Do you want to get paid to try things and give your valuable feedback? 

Then register at companies like Contract Testing Group or Focus Group.com to make your dreams come true.

Contract Testing Group pays you to be a product tester in exchange for money. 

They want to hear what you have to say about various food, beverage, household, and personal care products for a minimum of $20-$25 per session. 

Focus Group.com does the same thing but offers participation online, on the telephone, and in-person at any of their friendly and informal focus group venues. 

The difference between the two is that you earn reward points that can be exchanged for money.

7. Sports Fan

jobs for lazy people

Job Title: Sports fan

Description: Cheer and yell for the right team

The lazy scale: 1

Certifications/Education: None required

Necessary Skills: Enthusiasm, knowledge of sports

Estimated pay: Unknown

This one might involve a lot of cheering, fist-pumping, sports talk, and jeering but if you love sports to the very core and you have a passion for it, then there’s a job for you. 

People actually hire sports maniacs (a.k.a. you) to watch games with them. Companies like Rent A Crowd hire people specifically for events like this and more. 

8. Delivering Food or Groceries

jobs for lazy people

Job Title: Delivery person

Description: Drive around delivering people’s orders

The lazy scale: 1

Certifications/Education: None required

Necessary Skills: Vehicle of any kind

Estimated pay: Varies depending on the company rates

While this is one great job for all you lazy introverts since you’re essentially driving around, I’ve ranked it a 1 on the lazy scale because you still have to go out, drive, cycle or walk. 

It is a low-stress job and companies like Instacart, DoorDash, and Postmates are always hiring.

If you are not interested in delivery and you want the ultimate lazy job? 

You can opt for renting out your car. This is the perfect job for lazy people because you literally don’t have to move and you’re making money. 

Sign up to websites like Get Around to get a move on (or not).

9. Be a Friend

jobs for lazy people

Job Title: Friend for hire

Description: Be the friend someone never had 

The lazy scale: 1 or 2

Certifications/Education: None required

Necessary Skills: Friendly, personable

Estimate pay: $10-$50 an hour

Whether you’re lazy or not, you’ve got to admit, this job is right up there with the best jobs of the 21st century. 

According to a variety of friend renting platforms, you charge between $10 to $50 per hour as an online friend. 

In this case, the more hours you put in, the more you earn. So how much you make really depends on how lazy you are.

Looking for some companies to start renting out your services?

Rent a friend is the most popular platform and they’ve got a large database with over 600,000 people looking for a friend daily.

They focus on in-person meetups but also allow you to limit yourself as a virtual friend only.

Rent a Local Friend is another company worth looking into as it is recommended by Tripadvisor. 

Your potential friends or clients would be the people who are traveling to your city.

Want to know more? Read this article and learn how you can get paid to be an online friend. 

10. Get Paid to Chat

jobs for lazy people

Job Title: Chat operator

Description: Get paid to chat with people online

The lazy scale: 2

Certifications/Education: None required

Necessary Skills: Customer service oriented

Estimated pay: $10 an hour on average

The next job on our list ranks on level 2 on the lazy scale. 

If you don’t mind talking to people and you’re always online, then why not get paid to chat? 

Companies like Needle will pay you to do just that. 

Needle specifically pays people who love to shop and have wast knowledge of various products available in stores. 

Once you register with the website, you can start answering the customers’ questions.

11. Get Paid to Give Advice

jobs for lazy people

Job Title: Advisor

Description: Get paid to give advice

The lazy scale: 2

Certifications/Education: None required

Necessary Skills: Descriptive, opinionated

Estimated pay: Point system or cash

Did you know that there are companies out there that will give you new and up-and-coming products to test and then pay you for your feedback?

Pinecone Research is one of those companies. The company rewards every piece of advice with points and these points can be redeemed for cash prizes. 

All you need to do is give feedback and advice on new products. You are required to detail your experience with the product -advise if you found it enjoyable and if you didn’t, why not? 

Want to find more jobs and get paid to chat? Have a read this article, “Get Paid to Give Advice,” for more information.

12. Get Paid to Flirt

jobs for lazy people

Job Title: Adult chat operator

Description: Flirt with people and get paid

The lazy scale: 2

Certifications/Education: None required

Necessary Skills: Be comfortable flirting with strangers

Estimated pay: Point system or cash

I think the best career for a lazy person who loves to chat is flirting online. 

Think about it, you don’t even have to leave your home, get dressed, bat your eyelashes -nothing. All you have to do is sign up for websites like Chat Recruit and get paid to flirt with strangers. 

On Chat Recruit, men chat with women for a fee. 

If you want to get paid to flirt online and get paid for it have a look at this article I wrote, “Get Paid to Chat: Tricks To Make Money Talking Online,” to learn more about flirting online.

13. Sleep Study Participant

jobs for lazy people

Job Title: Sleep study participant

Description: Get paid to have medical facilities study you while you sleep

The lazy scale: 2 or 3

Certifications/Education: None required

Necessary Skills: None required

Estimated pay: Depends on the study

You might need to leave the house and go to a facility but if sleeping is what you do best, then why not get paid for it? 

Medical facilities have been experimenting with sleep theories and they’re always looking for people to study. 

These studies can be age and lifestyle specific, so make sure you meet all the requirements, know the procedures and equipment before you sign up.

14. Apologizer

jobs for lazy people

Job Title: Professional apologizer

Description: Apologize to strangers on your client’s behalf

The lazy scale: 2 or 3

Certifications/Education: None required

Necessary Skills: None required

Estimated pay: Average of $250-$400 face to face apology

“Sorry seems to be the hardest word” or so the song goes. Apologize to a complete stranger for something that you didn’t do and get paid for it. 

I’d say that’s one of the best jobs for lazy people, wouldn’t you?

This article by Japan Today details accounts of people who are professional apologizers. 

Apology prices depend on the nature of the apology with one-time face-to-face apologies ranging anywhere from $250-$400 to email apologies that start from $99, and hourly rates of $35

Want to make a little extra? Some agencies will pay more for an “apology while crying.” 

15. Professional Cuddler

jobs for lazy people

Job Title: Professional Cuddler aka Professional Snuggler

Description: Provide a professional cuddling experience

The lazy scale: 3

Certifications/Education: None required

Necessary Skills: Cuddling skills, Safety conscious

Estimated pay: $40 to $80 per hour, plus tips

Did you search for “job for lazy person” on Google? Here’s the perfect level 3 job perfect for the laziest person; a professional cuddler. 

According to Job Monkey, you can actually get paid to cuddle and spoon with strangers. If you don’t mind touching strangers and you love staying in bed, then this is the job for you. 

Where can you find cuddling jobs?

16. Hotel Sleep Tester

jobs for lazy people

Job Title: Product Tester

Description: Test products

The lazy scale: 3

Certifications/Education: None required

Necessary Skills: None required

Estimated pay: Up to $120 (£85) per day

Talk about a career for a lazy person. Imagine strolling into a fancy hotel, jumping onto the soft (or not so soft) cushiony mattress, spending a night there and getting paid for it.

Did you know high-end hotels hire people to spend a night or two in their rooms and test out their beds?

 According to Salary.com, professional bed tester jobs pay an average of $39,052 per year. All you have to do is provide feedback on your stay at the hotel and the quality of the bedding.

17. Video Game Tester

jobs for lazy people

Job Title: Video game tester

Description: Test video games

The lazy scale: 3

Certifications/Education: None required

Necessary Skills: Gamer

Estimated pay: $10-$18 per hour

If it’s a level 3 on the lazy scale, you know it’s up there with good jobs for lazy people. Picture this -you spend the day lying on the couch playing video games, only this time you’re getting paid for it.

Doesn’t that sound good? 

Video game companies hire gamers to try and break their games before they go to market. You need to be playing games and fill in a report on any bugs or errors in the game.

18. Binge-watcher

jobs for lazy people

Job Title: Tagger (Netflix)

Description: Watch videos

The lazy scale: 3

Certifications/Education: None required

Necessary Skills: None required

Estimated pay: Unknown

One of the ultimate jobs for lazy people, this level 3 lazy job requires nothing but binge-watching. And get this, you could do it for companies like Netflix.

Netflix hires people called ‘taggers’ to watch a whole bunch of shows and provide information. You don’t get to pick what you watch but who’s complaining? 

Keep an eye out for this vacancy as it’s a pretty sought-after job.


Don’t worry if you can’t land a job as a Netflix tagger. There are companies that will pay you to watch videos online and Swagbucks is one of them.

19. Survey Taker 

jobs for lazy people

Job Title: Survey Taker

Description: Fill in surveys 

The lazy scale: 3

Certifications/Education: None required

Necessary Skills: None required

Estimated pay: Varies based on company rates

Taking surveys is easy and breezy. If you think about it, all you have to do is fill in the blanks and with auto-fill, and the next thing you know, you are earning money. Even the laziest can do it.

Here are a few of the more reputable survey companies that are always hiring:

  • Paribus
  • Shopkick

They pay you to walk into the stores, scan bar codes, shop online, submit shopping receipts, and so much more

  • Neilsen Computers 

All you have to do is install their app and voila, you get paid. How does it work? They conduct research on your phone usage, browsing habits, and other internet related activities for their study

20. Fortune Cookie Writer

jobs for lazy people

Job Title: Fortune writer

Description: Create messages for fortune cookies

The lazy scale: 3

Certifications/Education: None required

Necessary Skills: Creative

Estimated pay: Unknown

Have you ever wondered who came up with those vague messages you get encased in that cardboard thing people call fortune cookies? 

Wonder no longer because it could be you.

 Manufacturers often hire freelance writers to do this job and come up with new phrases -so keep your eyes peeled on job boards like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, or Guru.

21. Luxury House Sitter

jobs for lazy people

Job Title: Luxury house sitter

Description: Stay in lavish homes while the owners are away 

The lazy scale: 3

Certifications/Education: None required

Necessary Skills: None required

Estimated pay: $45 a day

Have you always wanted to stay at a lavish home? 

Dreamt of inhabiting a mansion for a week or a month? Forget house sitting and throw in the pool boy because you can become a luxury house sitter and get paid for it. 

As a luxury house sitter, you will be paid to sit for clients when they are away for a holiday. 

Don’t believe me? Check out this luxury house-sitting website for yourself.

22. Professional Slacker

I wanted to end this article with a bang, not just the best job for a lazy person but the best careers for lazy people. 

Behold ladies and gentlemen, the ultimate job for lazy people: the professional slacker.

Did someone say a free holiday with no added responsibilities?

Job Title: Professional slacker

Description: Go on vacation 

The lazy scale: 3

Estimated pay: Unknown

The company TUI was on a search for a fakeation specialist to basically laze around all day on the beach, read a book, and get paid for it.

Not convinced? Look at their requirements below:

Key Qualifications:

  • Not at all able to think outside the box
  • Feel extremely uncomfortable hearing words like “productivity” and “deadlines”
  • Like to sit or lie down
  • Impressive ability to focus on your own relaxation regardless of external distractions
  • Truly prioritize your own relaxation

Primary Responsibilities:

  • None

What you will do:

  • Sit in a beach chair wearing a summer outfit (not only swimwear) with your feet in the sand. Alternatively, lie on a beach towel if you find that more comfortable
  • Have a well-needed nap, read a book of your choice, listen to your favorite music, do some meditation or other similarly relaxing activity
  • Completely ignore stressful bypassing commuters and focus on your own relaxation

I wasn’t sure if I read that properly when I saw that for the first time but my bags are packed and I’m ready to go wherever TUI wants me.

23. Get Paid to Review Websites

I know someone that does this, he says its relatively easy.

You can learn about companies hiring here


How Can A Lazy Person Make Money?

These are some of the ways a lazy person make money:

  • Sleep
  • Research Subject
  • Renting
  • Food taster
  • Sell body parts

There are plenty of ways! And with these, your laziness won’t be problematic anymore!

1. Sleep

This is undoubtedly the dream job of many.

NASA offered USD19,000 for 24 participants to take part in their sleep study. This job honestly takes the cake when it comes to the laziness scale.

According to the study goal, they were looking for participants that could spend at least two months in bed to investigate the changes a body goes through under weightlessness. Talk about a low stress job!

There are a variety of ways that sleeping can help you earn money. Some researches study the brain waves and pulse rates. However, depending on the type of sleep study participants may have sleep difficulties, depending on the type of research being conducted.

So, scout away for this job opportunity that require minimal effort.

2. Research Subject

One of the best ways to make extra money is to sign yourself up as a research subject.

No, you do not have to volunteer yourself to a mad scientist. However, companies are constantly on the look out to find people to test their products on – think lotios, sunscreen, pillows, case studies, etc.

For example, in a medical research, before deciding whether or not to join, you are allowed to a time of deliberation. Even after signing a consent declaration, you will still be given time to back out.

People who desire to join are subjected to requirements set by researchers. In the medical field, they ten to look for people who have certain type of illnesses such as high blood pressure or diabetes, as well as healthy research subjects.

3. Renting

This is a great source of passive income for individuals who have a busy day, but it can also be a source of cold cash for those who are lazy and have anything to rent.

All you need is some things to rent out.

Think baseball bats, TV, clothes, jewelry, cooking appliances, books, anything goes!

This may necessitate a professional background in order to make a career renting your previously purchased items. You could even hire a salesperson and turn it become a full-time job.

For example, you can start renting wedding accessories and dresses without ever leaving the house!

4. Food Taster

This can turn into a full-time job that may be done from home or at a workplace, with no surveys or life-threatening challenges.

You would have to try and assess numerous food and product samples that were provided to you. There are a number of government-approved food testing firms, as well as research institutions, that pay very handsomely for their services.

Imagine being paid as an ice cream taster. What an easy job!

They have contracts with food and nutrition firms that require human testing in order to bring their goods to market. Consider the coffee testers, who are tasked with tasting a variety of coffee tastes and spitting them out while enjoying and evaluating the product.

This allows the company to figure out what is going on with their new product and ways to improvise them if needed.

5. Sell Body Parts

Here me out.

Do not be fooled by the phrase; you are not required to chop off and sell your body parts. This strategy is used by a lot of lazy people to gain money. This is legal in some nations, but you should check to see if it is in yours.

For example, you may sell your unruly yet gorgeous curly hair to places like styling schools and be rewarded!

Even though this is an unconventional method, it is still an option to make money.

What Is The Easiest Job On Earth?

These are some of the easiest job on earth:

  • Pet Sitting Jobs
  • Drink Beer
  • Security Guard

An easy job does not have to be uninteresting or undemanding and it does not mean that it is completely stress-free.

Easy work is a subjective word in general. It might indicate that you like your job and do not find it stressful. It might also suggest that it does not need a great deal of specialized expertise, making it a viable alternative for almost everyone. It is possible that managing the responsibilities seems natural and pleasant in some instances.

Here are some easy and fun jobs for you to check out.

1. Pet Sitter

Pet sitters often look after pets when their owners are unable to do so, eg if the owners are off on a holiday. They usually stay in the owner’s house so that the pets may stay in their accustomed surroundings.

As a pet sitter, basic tasks for the owner, such as taking the pets for a walk, feeding them, and cleaning them are expected of them.

2. Drink Beer

Many people are taking up beer tasting as a pastime. It’s no surprise that individuals are seeking methods to make money by tasting beer.

Here are 10 Ways To Make Money Drinking Beer.

3. Security Guard

I am not talking about being a security guard for banks because that kind of job requires special training.

I am talking about guarding your local grocery store or pet store while the owner is out for errands. It may not bring much, but if you strike up a conversation with the stores around your neighborhood, you might be surprised by how they appreciate the help!


Hopefully, you haven’t had to stifle a yawn or fall asleep (unless you’re getting paid for it) while going through the list of jobs for lazy people. 

There really is something for everyone out there. So what are you going to try out? 

Professional cuddler, foreigner, mourner, or are you going to charge someone for an apology?

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Jobs for Lazy People (That Pay REALLY Well!)

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