Side Hustles For Single Moms
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Side Hustles For Single Moms (Earn Over $25 An Hour)

Side Hustles For Single Moms (Earn Over $25 An Hour)

Once you start looking, you realize that it isn’t that hard to find side hustles for single moms that allow you to be at home and still work. It takes a special kind of side hustle to fit into the lifestyle of a single mom. 

Wouldn’t it be great if the side hustle you found was a job that fit your skillset? And was profitable, rather than only bringing in a few extra dollars at a time. How amazing if it was also a job that you loved!

One that can work around your children, that you can do from home. One that fits around your full or part-time job, as well as school hours or childcare arrangements. 

I’ve done the work for you and have compiled a list of my top fifteen side well-paid hustles that would suit single moms who need to work an extra job from home. 

Heck, some of these could eventually become a full-time, work-from-home job!

Fifteen Side Hustles For Single Moms

  1. Freelance Writer
  2. Virtual Assistant
  3. Proofreader
  4. Graphic Designer
  5. Pinterest Manager
  6. Social Media Manager
  7. Sell your own online courses
  8. Teach with Outschool
  9. Sell your own products on Etsy
  10. Sell your photographs
  11. Podcasting
  12. Make money as you shop
  13. App Developer
  14. Bookkeeper
  15. Consulting work

Let’s start examining an excellent list of possible single mom side hustles


Some of the links on here are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. Hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

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1.Freelance Writer

Writing is a skill that many of us possess and that some of us enjoy. What we don’t always realize or know how to do is to find clients who will pay us well for that skill. This one of the perfect side hustle ideas for working moms.

Freelance writing is huge right now and has so much potential as one of the simplest side hustles for working moms to get started in.

Between the constant growth of the internet and online services, and the pandemic of 2020, demand for skilled writers has gone through the roof. Writing well is a discipline, but one that is within reach for many creative single moms looking for a side hustle.

The biggest issue for many aspiring writers is how to find clients. 

Now in this instance, I am not talking about writing that book you have burning within you. Here I am talking about writing for online publications as a freelancer.

  • Those blog articles you love to read in the evening.
  •  Or those pieces you look for when you’re after advice on a topic.
  •  Those top ten ways to do something. 
  • Or how to upcycle your favorite piece of furniture.
  •  Or cook a crock-pot meal for your family.

Websites, bloggers, and online magazines often hire freelance writers to create their content. Why not become part of that growing movement of stay-at-home parents who are carving out new careers for themselves alongside family life?

I have a library of articles on my site about freelance writing, covering a range of topics. Please have a read through to find out more if this is a side hustle you might want to pursue.

If you can afford it, take this incredible writing course I took. It helped me find 3 new clients in 3 weeks! 

2.Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant (or VA) is someone who comes alongside a business owner and supports them in specific areas of their business. 

This could be in:

  • email management
  • customer support,
  • graphic design, 
  • website management, 
  • diary management, or 
  • many, many other aspects of business life.

This niche is wide open and exploding right now, as more people shift to working online and more people start and grow their businesses. 

You can be a VA from anywhere in the world and work with anyone in the world. As side jobs for moms go, VA work could be one of the more flexible ones that you can work around the other commitments you have. Thus, it is of the perfect side hustles for single working moms

This is an article I have written about working as a Virtual Assistant, with details about the role, how to get started, and great training courses to help you on your way. 

And another I have written about how to get started from scratch as a VA.

You can take this course I took to help me become a fully-fledged VA.

Here is a FREE virtual assistant workshop that teaches you all the skills you need to start!


Proofreading is incredibly in-demand at the moment, as people are creating more content online than ever before. Even with the advent of online checking tools such as Grammarly, human eyes are still essential to check for accuracy and simple errors.

Proofreading is checking a document or manuscript for errors of punctuation, grammar, and spelling. If you have an excellent grasp of the English language and love to spot errors in published works or online content, then this might be the side hustle for you.

You can start as a proofreader without any formal training. There is no central register or professional body required for proofreaders. However, I do recommend getting some basic training, as it will help you to formalize the skills that you already have.

This is a brilliant proofreading course that covers all of the basics and they have a free webinar training to help you learn the proofreading ropes!

Also, here is a FREE workshop that will teach you how to become an online proofreader!

I’ve written before about proofreading, as it’s how I got my start as a freelancer a few years ago. 

Click on this link to have a look through my other articles about how proofreading could be one of the most effective side hustles for moms.

4.Graphic Designer

Graphic design is an excellent niche to move into if you have any kind of experience or talent for e-design. 

It might be that you use Canva for fun when you design cards for family, or you love to create logos in your spare time. Or that you’ve learned how to use Adobe Indesign or Illustrator.

Convert this into a paying side hustle by marketing your skills through sites such as:


Cafepress is an excellent site that allows you to upload digital designs onto their site, which they then add to physical products to sell. 

They make all of the physical products and they do the marketing. You simply create and upload your designs.


On Etsy, you can sell both your digital and physical products. Etsy works as a digital shopfront for individual sellers, where people can browse your online shop and purchase items directly from you. 

Bear in mind that you would be responsible for the packaging and mailing of your products as well as creating and marketing them.

Here are a couple of articles I have written about getting started as a graphic designer and places to look for graphic design jobs.

 This is one of those good side hustle ideas that can seem so obvious to someone with the right skills, once it has been pointed out!

5.Pinterest Manager

For those of you not 100% familiar with Pinterest, it’s basically a visual search engine. 

Think Google with pictures! More than 200 billion pictures have been pinned (saved by a user). As side hustles for single moms go, this one feels like it comes with a ready-made audience!

In 2019, Pinterest grew by 26% to 335 million users. 

More than 50% of Pinterest’s regular users log one at least once a week. It grew to become the third-largest social media platform in the US by the end of 2019, even though technically it’s more search engine than social media platform.

So, people who know how to work Pinterest and how to use it to drive traffic to blogs and websites are like gold dust to online entrepreneurs and businesses with websites. This is the perfect side gig for single moms who are creative.

If you want to know more about how to become a Pinterest Manager, have a read of this one which shows you how to become a Pinterest manager or this one which shows you how you can earn up to $50 an hour. 

Side Hustles For Single Moms .
Side Hustles For Single Moms

6.Social Media Manager

Most businesses and online entrepreneurs today fully understand the power of social media and how key it is to have an online presence. 

Many simply don’t have the time or expertise to run their own social media channels. 

If you love social media and are skilled at writing, scheduling, and organizing social media posts, visuals, and graphics, this is a great place to spend your time and resources. 

Social media channels would include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Pinterest would fall into the search engine category and has its own category (see post above).

Some social media managers come from marketing backgrounds with degrees in communications or marketing. However, this is NOT essential to be a successful social media manager!

I wrote an article earlier this year that covers everything you need to know about getting started as a social media manager. It also includes links to great training in various price brackets that will set you up to earn well.

7.Sell Your Own Online Courses

Online courses are huge right now. 

They are one of those apparently complex and yet not so simple side hustle ideas that people can be afraid to dive into.

 More people are learning from home than ever before and this is driving the need for online content that helps people to move forwards from their current situation. 

That current situation may be learning how to crochet, or how to cook healthier food. It may be people looking for how to work from home. It could also be people looking for an online anxiety management course.

Whatever the driver, online courses are a fantastic niche to get into at this time. When you start to look for where to start with this niche, you need look no further than these sites to start you off:

James Wedmore

James Wedmore is a forerunner in the world of course creation. His website is packed full of tips and advice, along with the free training resources that he offers to readers. It’s highly likely that the online course that you have been seeing pop up in your Facebook ads, or that you took when you wanted to learn how to write and publish your ebook was influenced by James Wedmore’s training.


Foundr also offers excellent in-depth and free training resources on how to start from scratch and create your own online course. Even from beginning with what your course could be about. You could even create a course in ‘ how to make extra money as a single mom’, once you figure it out!

8.Teach With Outschool

When it comes to side gig ideas, teaching on Outschool can be an excellent side hustle for single moms. 

Some of you will already be familiar with the concept of Outschool and may have purchased lessons for your children through the platform. Others may not have heard of them yet.

Outschool is the largest online marketplace for live classes for kids. Hop on over to their site and have a look round to see the variety of classes and topics available.

 If you love working with kids and have a penchant for ancient Greece, or are skilled in speaking Spanish, or are the biggest Harry Potter nerd, then you might want to think about offering classes in those subjects on Outschool.

The range of topics available is huge, with some being incredibly niche but wildly successful and popular! 

You decide on the price you want to list your class at and Outschool will take a 30% fee from enrollments.

9.Sell Your Own Products On Etsy

Etsy often makes it into the top ten lists of side hustles for women. And the reality is that successful Etsy sellers make significant amounts of money! 

You can sell physical products on Etsy’s platform, such as hand-crafted items like jewelry and other popular products including party accessories. Here’s a link to my article on: 

A fantastic way to make your Etsy shop work for you is to create a collection of printable downloads and list them. 

This could easily become a passive income for you, alongside another side hustle that may require more of your time.

 Some of the current popular printables on Etsy include planners, educational printables, and seasonal items.

Here’s another guide I have written about Selling Printables on Etsy. It’s a how-to guide that explains everything you would need to know to get started.

Also, here is a FREE Etsy Ebook that will share a list of best-selling products by month and teach you how to capitalize on seasonal trends to make sales.

So if you’re always creating things that family and friends drool over, be they physical or digital, get on over to Etsy and see how you can make this side hustle work for you.

10.Sell Your Photographs

This one works well for any mom with a cell phone, which makes it one of the best side hustles for single moms.

 Content creators (such as people who write blogs or contribute to online magazines) and many other online businesses are always on the lookout for shortcuts to make their lives easier.

One of the most common shortcuts is to use stock photos in their online content. These photographs are downloaded from stock photo libraries, such as:

People are looking for photos of all kinds of subject matter! 

Here’s my guide to where you can sell your photos online.


Podcasting is on the rise and is increasingly lucrative as a side hustle. Some people create their own podcasts about an area of their expertise.

 Others go into podcast production, offering their services to podcast creators. Both sides of podcasting can attract good rates of pay.

There are some excellent courses out there if podcasting is piquing your interest, including:

12.Make Money As You Shop

One of the best side hustles for moms is making money as you shop as usual.

 Ibotta is an excellent way to make some extra money, whilst doing an everyday task that you needed to do anyway!

Ibotta is a cashback rewards scheme where you use the app to make your purchases and receive a reward in exchange. 

However, it probably isn’t a good hustle to go for if you are on a low income or a tight budget, as you have to spend to make any money.

Most larger retailers are signed up to Ibotta’s scheme, so you can usually find your favorite retailer in the app. 

13.App Developer

If you are tech-savvy and love apps, this could be an excellent niche for you to explore. Needless to say, app development is a huge growth industry and one with room for one more developer. 

Buildfire is an innovative mobile solutions company, offering a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform to individuals and businesses who want to develop apps without needing to go into custom coding. They have an excellent start to finish how-to guide

You can go the freelancing route of creating accounts on job platforms such as Upwork

Or you can go directly to companies such as Exadel and Apadmi, who work with businesses and individuals wanting to develop apps.

14.Virtual Bookkeeper

Here’s an interesting fact: you don’t need to be good at math to be an awesome bookkeeper! 

Bookkeeping is about creating order from chaos. So don’t dismiss this possible side hustle before you’ve considered it.

Bookkeeping is potentially one of the most lucrative options on the list, with full-time bookkeepers being able to scale their businesses to upwards of $50,000 a year.

There are a multitude of bookkeeping courses you can take, ranging from low cost to more pricey.

 It is worth getting some training so that you know which standards you need to meet and how to keep your clients’ financial information secure and legal. This isn’t a self-starter of a side hustle!

Here are a few great places to start:

Here’s my guide to becoming a virtual bookkeeper, which will give a great place to start down the bookkeeping road.

15.Consulting Work

This is a generic name for something very specialized and with that specialism comes an excellent freelance rate! 

Click over to this article in Entrepreneur to find out more detail.

Consultants are specialists who come alongside businesses and provide them with the expert knowledge that they are missing in a specific area.

As with Virtual Assistants, this could be in several different areas including:

  • social media management, 
  • bookkeeping skills, 
  • graphic design, 
  • website development, 
  • or problem-solving within a particular niche or market

Create a way to market your specialist skills, write and sell an online course that solves people’s pain points, ask businesses in your niche what they would most like help with and fill that gap. 

You set your rates, you solve their problems, they pay you what you are asking. All without needing to leave your home or computer! Boom!

So Which Are The Most Profitable Side Hustles?

So, if you are looking for side hustle ideas to make money fairly quickly, using existing skills and requiring little up-front investment, which of our fifteen hustles would be the most profitable?

When we’re trying to work this out, however, we need to consider two aspects:

  • How much that job could potentially pay you,
  • How much time that role will take from you.

You will need to consider things such as:

  • What is the initial investment and how quickly can you work that back?
  • Is this something that you can do alongside your main job without it having too great an impact on your family time?
  • What is the potential to scale your side hustle, if you chose to?

In curating this list of profitable side hustles for single moms, I have tried to focus on roles that can be carried out from home, businesses that you can scale (even a little), and some of which you can do without any start-up training. 

Even those requiring some upfront training should see you bring home more than your investment before long.


So there you have it, my complete list of 15 great side hustles for single moms! Some of which could easily evolve into full-time, work-from-home jobs, bringing in a great income for you!

There are so many jobs out there in 2020 that can be carried out from home, whether side hustles or more full-time roles.

 I’ve tried to capture a good cross-section of roles that could interest people who love words or design, or craft and creating, or those who love numbers and coding.

If you have any other side job ideas that have worked for you, please do let me know in the comments section – I would love to hear from you!

Good luck with your job search!

Side Hustles For Single Moms (Earn Over $25 An Hour)

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